You have become an independent soul with independent thoughts.

Accepting Your New Being

Dear Ones,

This is a new day, for you no longer have a need to follow the dictates or even interests of others. The result is belligerence that surprises even you.

Your need to please others seems to have evaporated. When you return to that posture, that clinging need to be accepted, you discover a painful internal discomfort. As if a wire loop is tightening in your chest when you move outside your self-love boundaries.

Such is so for several reasons, including the need for you to travel your path instead of paths selected by others. But it is more profound than mere social acceptance. That tightening tells you – and others once they discover the same for themselves – that you are no longer the malleable being others expect.

You have declared your independence. Not only within yourself but to your outer-world.

Some people you interact with during this tumultuous time might easily accept, even applaud your independence. Others, who do not yet understand this new you, will attempt to push you into who they want you to be.

You are not willing to step gingerly through the 3D potholes of acceptance, for you no longer care. You have perhaps felt something similar before. The difference now is your lack of concern about letting others go.

Your inner-being is sending louder and more direct information to you. Before, your inner-being whispered thoughts and actions. Now it is shouting.

The time to dance between two worlds is over.

Perhaps you wish to continue some relationships despite receiving those loud messages. So you attempt to function in this or that milieu only to have physical reactions that might even frighten you. This is a new world. Yet, many pretend that such is not so.

Those of you at a reduced interaction level because of COVID-19 are discovering some you interact with are not who you believed they were. Perhaps you are discovering heart-warming qualities that negate irritating features. In a sense, falling in love with their personality and actions once again. Or that they have a hard edge that does not compute with your new heart-opening. That the two of you have diverged to such an extent, you are not compatible.

All of this forces you to process bits and pieces with new sensations. For your heart is opening in ways you could not have imagined before the imposed isolation of this pandemic and the Easter, Passover, and Ramadam seasons.

You have become you.

So it is you are experiencing a different flow of action and reaction. That which mildly disturbed you before is now almost painful. And that which you hoped to feel months ago is now your daily reaction.

You are a new being in a new world.

Others have not opened as deeply or as quickly as you. So it is that some who feel wrong now might feel different in the future. But in all likelihood, you have created a new being that is ready to initiate new relationships and actions.

This shift is similar to what was true for you once you left your earth home of origin. Perhaps you had a group of friends you outgrew – or your family of origin values.

You have become an independent soul with independent thoughts.

Your independence ensures you will build new norms and societies. Such was not possible when everyone’s values were attached to 3D. You have broken the 3D societal molds. The indicator that such is true is your extreme discomfort when you ignore your inner voice.

You are not who you were even two months ago. Granted, you will continue to evolve, as is true for 3D adults. The difference is your new thoughts and actions will rebuild society from the bottom up.

Very few of you reading this material are of the 3D leadership class. Such is so for a reason. The current leadership base was designed by you en masse to be so uncompromisingly 3D you could no longer justify following their lead. You are the mavericks of society now – but will be followed by millions within weeks. In a sense, you are the starting volley.

Many of you have experienced something similar – the thoughts and actions of the 1960s young adults. The difference is that this new spurt of inner-directed energy will not die out or end. It will grow and expand until freedom to the people is the norm.

Perhaps you believe that such was always so. But if you explore 3D history, you will discover 3D humans required a leader at the top of the pyramid. No more – as more and more of you declare your freedom from such leadership.

So it is there will be a group over here developing this. And another group over there developing that. Projects that will be team efforts. And those who want or need a leader will discover that the majority does not.

Perhaps this discourse sounds unbelievable, for you have never experienced such in 3D. Even those times when a 3D group project felt wonderful, a closer review informs you that one or two persons were responsible for leading that group.

You merely need to follow your inner voice to discover new actions and new groups. For you have completed the difficult and necessary step of removing yourself from those who wish you to be as you were in 3D.

Even though you have not been of 3D for months or even years, you felt the need, until now, to play the 3D game so you would not be lonely. The pandemic isolation many of you are experiencing has hardened your inner voice actions to who you are instead of who others want you to be. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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When individuals – and hence communities – are choosing what they are passionate about in terms of pursuing how they contribute, then you have healthy communities… then you have Cities of Light… then you have Global Peace.-AA Gabriel-

This deeply inspiring gem is shared with us by Roxanne from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Gabrielle ~ You Are Competent & Free To Create Without Restriction or Constriction

Roxanne:  More and more people are awakening. Are there some core things upon their awakening that they need to know and that I [we] can help teach them?

Archangel Gabrielle: The biggest thing that the humans need to know is that they are competent – that they literally do have the power to create and to bring forth for themselves and for their communities (whether it is a community of two or two million); that they have the ability to bring forth, not through just sitting back and wishful thinking, but through planful approaches; that they have the ability esoterically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to do what they need to do.

Now, the red flag in this… and this is what they need… this is an excellent question, child… is that they need to know – and we are talking directly to your heart – that there are no restrictions; that that sense of limitation is gone.

Now, there are two reasons why this sense of restriction/constriction has been very present in the human collective:

One has been the issue of abuse, control, abuse of power, etc. which restricted and constricted the greater part of the collective’s ability to actually birth, bring forth and create what they wanted. That is going by the wayside.

The other has been self-imposed restriction/constriction in not wanting, not only because they feel limited, but not wanting to do harm – not wanting to stray too far and become abusive or controlling or cruel or hardened.

So what you are doing is reminding people of their competencies and that the restrictions/constrictions are removed, but that the boundaries of a heart-intelligent individual and community are those that are respectful and kind and considerate… all those words that we have used.

And then the next thing… and this is, again, very representative of your experience… is this idea and the practice of freedom, again for much the same reasons. What people think of particularly as personal freedom, let alone collective freedom, has been quite limited – and we do not mean in terms of civil rights, although when you expand it, it becomes that – but it is the freedom to choose what people truly want to pursue, how they really want to live.

Now, you have seen the opening of massive floodgates in terms of these freedoms, but there is still much further to go. For example, you have said, “I would like to do X, but I know I have to pay the bills.”

So what you are participating in and what you are teaching the humans is that, in fact, it is not the either/or; that through their freedoms and the exercise of their freedoms – not in lazy ways, not in ways of non-involvement – they are free to create pathways, whether traditional, standard or alternative; that they are free to create their pathways.

And in that, what they are doing is creating communities, nations, planets which encourage, because when individuals – and hence communities – are choosing what they are passionate about in terms of pursuing how they contribute, then you have healthy communities… then you have Cities of Light… then you have Global Peace.

This is what they need to know; this is what they need to be reminded of, both in a very particular [way]. And you will find, particularly as you work with individuals and very small groups (or individual healings or small healing groups), is that this practice, this introduction of the practice of freedom, of independence, is very often a singular choice-by-choice-by-choice process that you will guide them through.

R: I know not how. I’m teaching self-care to a group of 35 leaders right now, who don’t even know how to put themselves first in terms of taking care of themselves, so I’m struggling to find ways to help them incorporate that into their very busy lives. So I’m really unsure how to do what you just said, which was powerful and beautiful, but I’m not quite sure how to pull that one off, to be honest.

AAG: Because you start with the principles – and you start with the principle that they can intellectually agree with and emotionally desire – and then you translate it quite literally into a practical to-do list.

For example, this group that you work with… highly proficient offerings that they give each and every day… but there is something very ‘inadequate’, let us put it that way, about [being] inauthentic – about the individual who preaches and believes in the efficient running of an organisation, about communities becoming healthy, about caring for families, children, adults, elders, but are not willing to lead by example. No!

Be very clear, this is not about shaming and guilt, for those are the old ways. But it is incongruent if you are not willing to give yourself 15 minutes – start small – 15 minutes a day, or an hour a week, or two hours a week, oh, a day a month. So that is how you start. It is by highlighting and making them realise that they are not practicing what they are preaching.

There are a million excuses and there is only one excuse: “I am not worth it!” So what you are doing, sweet one, is truly bringing them to that core issue – and there’s no way around it.

R: No, there really isn’t.

AAG: So this is the bridge between what you know within your spiritual work and the practicality of a community. It does come back to self-worth. And if you are not worthy of it, then you are not giving your best because it is incongruent.

This issue of congruency, this issue of balance, and this issue of worth are going to be front and centre in your future endeavours, sweet one. And that is why you have walked through this process and you know how hard it is, you know the lump in your throat, you know the terror.

Many of these beings are terrified of giving themselves even 15 minutes because they’re terrified of what they might find. They want to think of themselves as good, worthy people, but underneath is the terror of what they might find.

And the truth of it is: what they will find is the brilliance, the shining light, of who they really are! (1)

So your watchwords in this, dearest heart, are what the Mother has been saying, which is heart speaking and heart listening. And if they are not heart listening and heart speaking to themselves, then they cannot be doing it elsewhere; there is a disconnect.


(1) Steve: I can vouch for this. When I travelled into the heart, all the way to its deepest part, which we call the “seat of the soul,” I stood in the presence of the Self. The experience of it was one of an innocence and purity such as I’x never felt before.


Get innovative. Get creative. And get into your imaginations. Get into your workshops where you throw ideas up against the wall to see what sticks, where you dream big, where you believe in magic, and where you invite others to join you in the consciousness evolution on your world.

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The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, April 12th, 2020

creating the rest of 2020 with the newly awakened - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael

Creating the Rest of 2020 with the Newly Awakened ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are interested in the many avenues that you are in the process of creating for yourselves that involve the rest of your calendar year of 2020. We are still calling this the year of mass awakening, and we do see that people are awakening in larger numbers because of the pandemic. The crisis there on Earth has caused a lot of soul-searching to be done, and as a result, people have started to recognize that they have a soul and that they are a soul, that they have a mission, and that they want their lives to have meaning beyond mere survival.

And so, the number of you who are awakened is increasing, and that means you have more power as the awakened collective to co-create something beautiful that can take place in the remainder of this calendar year. You all have an opportunity to band together with your collective intentions, your collective power, your collective connection to Source, and you can do the things that many others are waiting around for someone or some group of individuals to do.

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – you are the ones. Therefore, there is no need to wait for a secret, white hat group to clean up the human collective. You are the ones who are raising the vibration of the human collective consciousness. You are the ones who continue to be the black sheep in your soul family, quietly inviting others to come join you in the light, to join you in the knowing of who you really are. You are there to create a better reality, and now is the time to recognize that the creation of that reality doesn’t involve mass arrests.

The creation of that reality is about mass meditations, prayer events, healing circles, coming together in the light to spread more light and to make that invitation to the rest of humanity more attractive. That’s what you are all about, and that’s what the newly awakened are going to be eager to participate in. Remember yourself when you were newly awakened and how you wanted to join every group and become reiki certified, how you wanted to learn as much as you could and put what you learned into action.

You are there now on Earth to guide the newly awakened so that you can create that powerful collective of awakened souls and create a beautiful end of this year of 2020 on your world. Get innovative. Get creative. And get into your imaginations. Get into your workshops where you throw ideas up against the wall to see what sticks, where you dream big, where you believe in magic, and where you invite others to join you in the consciousness evolution on your world.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”