Matthew’s Message, April 2, 2020

April 2, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Beloved brothers and sisters, please take a deep breath. Exhale slowly and let your hearts feel lighter. Now envision Earth glowing in golden-white light, then “see” people of all ages and skin colors joyously hugging each other and the animals in their midst.

You have just sent forth an abundance of healing energy to your world. We thank you and we love you!

Now then, media are reporting information about the coronavirus and continuously updating statistics of cases and death toll from its disease, Covid-19. Each death is a personal tragedy for affected family and friends, whose grief would be as profound if their beloved persons had died from any other cause. Every day many other causes are claiming the lives of many other persons who are dearly loved, many other families also are mourning their loss.

Compassion and empathy are inherent in the high vibrations at this station and sorrow is no stranger to Earth’s peoples. However, never before have there been heart-wrenching interviews with family whose dear ones died nor has isolation prevented goodbyes.

Never before have media aired films of medical teams in protective gear tirelessly working to save lives. Never before has the world heard sickness and death-number projections from infectious disease specialists or analysts speculate about a global economy in collapse.

While some of that is repeatedly emphasized to purposely evoke fear, factual information is being disseminated worldwide.

What is not publicized because it is known by only a few is that the intention of the coronavirus was to decrease the world’s population by billions. That will not happen because [galactic?] family members reduced the laboratory-designed virus’s potency to the greatest possible extent.

Now let us speak about something else that is not known, how soul contracts fit into this. Deaths of the elderly are in accordance with contract choices of longevity and cause of the physical body’s loss of viability.

Contracts have a degree of flexibility regarding exact life span as well as the terminal illness, and these souls fulfilled those provisions by contracting a disease to which they were particularly vulnerable due to prior health issues that themselves soon would have been lethal.

Some of the younger people who have succumbed also had fulfilled contract provisions and others amended their contracts in conjunction with all others in the pre-birth agreement. In the latter cases, it was known at soul level that the persons could more effectively help the world from Nirvana, where they can beam light to the planet more powerfully than they were in physical bodies.

By no means does that imply that light being generated on Earth is weak—it is stronger, more intense, than ever before!

The persons who chose to amend their contracts did so because it also was known at soul level that fear and depression had seriously dimmed their light. They were stuck in anxiety about loved ones who were dealing with some adversity, their own unemployment prior or due to the virus, current or looming financial straits, or preoccupation with dire “what ifs.” Not only did that mindset negatively affect their immune systems, but more so, by choosing to uplift life on Earth from your spirit world, these souls leaped forward in evolvement.

Younger people who did not leave via amended contracts will enjoy in Nirvana all positive experiences they missed; if any hardships had been chosen for the purpose of achieving balanced experiencing—the goal of every soul in every lifetime—credit will be given automatically. As the coronavirus continues to spread, those same contract provisions or soul evolvement will apply to all who transition due to the disease.

It is the same with all others who chose Earth lifetimes of any duration during this unprecedented era in the universe. Thus there is another factor in Earth’s overall death toll. Many souls have embodied, whether briefly or for many years, to complete third-density experiencing and evolve. Most chose to live in substandard conditions that severely compromise the body’s ability to withstand any disease, and, if not Covid-19, another malady would be fatal.

Now to answer your most frequently-asked questions. We don’t know when the virus will be vanquished. In Earth’s energy field of potential there are innumerable streamers with disease attachments—these are not emanating from each individual, but rather those are combined into dense clusters from areas all over the world.

At this moment a few streamers are losing strength; some are slowly gaining momentum; and many are gaining rapidly. What we cannot determine in the field, much less in linear time, is when all of those streamers will weaken to the extent that they will be overcome by streamers with the high vibrations wherein microbes cannot exist.

No, emissions from 5G devices are not spreading the disease—its highly-contagious nature is doing that. However, people in areas where that technology is in use are more at risk because the emissions compromise immune systems. Universal family members are reducing to the extent possible the harmful effects of those emissions.

And no, dear ones, other civilizations cannot intervene and stop the spread of the virus. Not only are they not authorized to take charge of a situation that you yourselves are handling, but conditions in your world are not safe for crews in your skies to land or those living among you to disclose their identity. Even national leaders who know those extraterrestrials will not publicly acknowledge the existence of other civilizations.

But, if one of your universal family members were asked to describe what is happening on Earth, it would be “people are helping each other.”

You are seeing this in the courage and exhaustive dedication of medical professionals and first responders around the world. Leaders in villages, regions and countries are issuing wise guidance to keep residents as safe as possible. Individual acts of kindness, the sharing of resources, business closures, and masses observing common-sense directives to stay at home are stemming the tide. Governments are financially assisting citizens who are incurring extreme hardships.

You are seeing improvisation and innovation coming to the fore. Field hospitals are being erected to supplement hospital rooms; companies are foregoing or adding to standard production lines desperately needed supplies for medical staff and patients; homebound individuals are fabricating masks and gowns; countries with surplus are providing to countries that lack.

There are online studies for students whose schools are closed. Comedians are performing from their homes and concerts with musicians participating from their respective homes are being aired on television.

People young and old are finding unique ways to express gratitude to all who are serving in the trenches: doctors, nurses, other hospital staff, and medical personnel who came out of retirement; police and firefighters; teachers who are devising online classes for their students; pharmacists, newscasters, trash collectors, plumbers, electricians; farmers, grocers, food-bank operators, chefs, delivery folks; veterinarians, employees and volunteers at animal shelters; national military forces helping in numerous ways.

Others may have slipped our mind, but not the minds of all who are so very grateful for the services and stability those individuals are providing during these troubled times.

“Social distancing” is offering the opportunity for parents and children to be together as well as time for introspection, meditation, prayer and appreciation of the goodness and beauty in your world.

It is so that anxiety, grief, confusion and finger-pointing are part of today’s world, too. But in far, far greater measure are optimism, hope, caring about and assisting others, and unified determination to keep on keeping on until this virus is conquered.

Like the pathogen itself, unity of spirit doesn’t differentiate as to national borders, gender, age, nationality, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social or financial status, level of education, field of employment, philosophy, or political ideology.

This unified spirit, the countless acts of kindness, multitudinous methods of assistance and expressions of thankfulness are love in action. This is why the light on Earth never has been brighter and why the aftermath of this pandemic will bring about the healing of society’s deep wounds caused by rampant unjustness, deception and divisiveness.

Many speak about “when things return to normal.” “Normal” will not return. Your world is destined to be and will be dramatically different, incomparably better. It is not laws or money or technology that will make the difference, it is the will of the people and the ranks of lightworkers have increased ten million-fold. As an aside here, my mother would say gazillion-fold.

Social, economic, religious, political and cultural separateness will give way to peaceful cooperation and mutual respect. Darkness in all of its diabolical forms will come to light and those who are responsible will be held accountable.

The transition of the global economic system—computer transactions that let the wealthiest few control all others—to a system based on precious metals will be done as smoothly as possible to alleviate further disruption in commerce and trade. The Illuminati’s illegally and immorally amassed fortunes will be retrieved and distributed to end the unconscionable disparity between the haves and have-nots.

Suppressed technologies will come forth and be conscientiously applied to energy, medicine, manufacturing, communication, agriculture, transportation and environmental restoration.

The dangers of vaccines and 5G emissions will be exposed; the former will be eliminated and devices using 5G will be redesigned so as to prevent harm to your health and the planet’s. Many millions will be employed in rebuilding cities in ruin and replacing decaying infrastructure.

What was intended to devastate the populace has instead resulted in a unified desire to create a better world. As efforts move forward in your concept of time, your mission in this lifetime already is triumphant—that glorious world you are helping Earth’s people manifest is flourishing in the continuum.

Beloved family, we honor and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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”The one known as Trump has been in communication with all world leaders. He is speaking to all of them. He has even pronounced this publicly that he is talking to all world leaders about this movement and, as he speaks to them, he is attempting to unite them with a common cause to raise the vibration of humanity to a higher level. He is doing this…Trump is the unifier that has been foretold many times. He is the unifier…” -Shoshana-

When i post something it is because i resonate with it 100%,you may like the man called Trump or not.But you can’t take away from me what i know in my heart that it is of the higher truth.Peace.Love.Unity. -Nikos-

SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.  I am here at this time to once again continue to bring you understanding, understanding that will continue to help you move through these times.

And yes, for many of you, it seems like trying times.  For many across the planet now, it seems like trying times.  But for those of you, the Awakened Ones, you, you are all aware that this is so much more than all that is being portrayed by your media, all that is being shown that it is a process of to fear, to shy away from, to feel like this is the end.

Many at this point are feeling like,  ‘is this the end of the world, is this the biblical prophesies coming true?’  It is not the end of the world.  But it is the biblical prophesies coming true.  Not the destruction in those biblical prophesies, but the construc-tion.  The New Age of Higher Consciousness that is a part of those biblical projections and prophesies.  You are in those moments now.  In the new higher consciousness now.

And when we say you have arrived, you have arrived—not at the final destination, and indeed there is no final destination to arrive at.  But you have arrived now at the cusp, beginning of the Changeover that is going to bring everyone forward, everyone that is ready, everyone that is a conscious-knowing part of themselves that is prepared for this.

And as we have said many times, we have been preparing this group, Ancient Awakenings, for some time now, as well as many other groups across the planet, and many individuals are coming into their awakening consciousness, coming into their knowing of who they are.  And everything is coming together now as it is meant to, being orchestrated as we have said also many times.  So it is up to all of you, each and every one of you, to realize that you are the awakened ones and the awakening ones at this point.  And you are the ones to continue to help to spread the Light—not the fear, but the Light.

You are the calming ones, the calming influence within all of the storm that is now beginning to rage around.  And I say now beginning, because this is not the full brunt of the storm yet.  But it is the beginnings of it.  And if you can remain calm within the storm, then you will weather through it.  You will find yourselves just as you would in a storm that is raging all around your home.  But you are safely within your homes, and everything continues to rage around you.  That is what you are doing now.

That is what this is all about, as you are preparing for the higher consciousness to be coming in, just  as it has been for some time, now, the waves of energy that have been increasing consciousness across the planet, increasing the spread of light across the planet so that light overcomes darkness everywhere.  And those of the dark forces are running.  They are running scared to every corner of the world that they can.

But notice that those that are coming down with this virus, those are the ones that are in the lower vibratory frequencies within themselves.  They are the ones that are getting sick.  They are the ones that are succumbing to this virus.  But those of you that have strong immune systems and remain more and more at the higher vibratory frequencies of the higher dimensions, fourth and even fifth dimensions, you are not getting sick.

Who do you actually know at this point that has become effected by this virus?  Not ones you’ve heard of, but ones that you know personally.  And the answer would likely be no one yet at this point.  Now that is not to say that that will not.

But it is to say that you, all of you, are strongly protected through this.  Not because of what we have done with you, but because of what you have done with yourselves, that you have continued to follow the higher guidance that is coming to you from those of us and from your own higher God-selves within you leading you, guiding you, bringing you into the higher vibrations more and more.

And yes, even we find sometimes kicking and screaming, because you do not want to leave your comfort zones.  But you must leave those comfort zones at times.  But as you leave those comfort zones, you will find that you will be more and more in that neutral point, in that moment of neutrality within you.

And that in itself will become a comfort zone to you.  So you will no longer need contrivances and the contraptions and the technology that has brought you to this point.  Not that technology is bad.  It is certainly not.  Technology is whatever it is to the individual that is using it, whether for purposes of providing support to all of mankind, or for bringing all of mankind down.  Technology can be used in whatever way that person is being for it to be.

So we are saying here, I am saying here, that technology that is coming, the higher level of technology, higher consciousness technology, is coming to you, and you will be able to use this technology in many ways to help your fellow brothers and sisters.

And also those of you will come into an understanding, again, of who you are and once again be able to utilize those forces within yourself so that you can somewhat become a super human being.  Those are the gifts of Spirit that are coming back, that are returning to all of you.  And you will have these abilities beyond the ideas of physics now today.  That will become a thing of the past.  That is a part of the Changeover that is occurring and is in process now.

Have you fully arrived now at this point?  Most likely no.  But you are arriving.  You are coming to that next station, we will say.  If you think about a train that is traveling along and moving from station to station.  That is what you are doing now.  But as I said earlier, there is no final station to ever arrive at.  It is always the journey.  You are always and always will be on the journey, the journey to come back to the complete realization that you are ONE with the God-source within you, have always been, and always will be.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in love, and peace, and harmony, and order, and oneness within you.  And know that I, and all of those that work with me, are here with you now, and will always be with you, and have always been with you.

Peace and love be with all of you.

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here.

We are ready for your questions if you have any.

Just to let you know that we are rarin’ to go for this Changeover that is in process.  We, just like you, have been waiting for this, have been preparing for this, in various segments of the Galactics, and those of us, the Ascended Masters in many different realms.  We have been preparing for this for some time now, and have known this was coming.

And [we] have known that not only we are going to be a part of this, but that all of you are a great part of this.  You all have a great part of the missions that are coming for you.

And everything, again, is in process now.  And you must always continue to understand that.  It is a process.  It is not an overnight sensation.  It is not something where you are here now, and there in the next moment.  Although, it could be.  That is somewhat of a paradox, we know, but you need to just go with it, here.  Go with the flow.  And you will understand more of this when that Solar Flash occurs, when The Event comes, you will understand what we speak of when we say it is both a process and an immediate momentary sense.  Okay?  That is what we have to say here.  Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to add here?

Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We do not.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we are ready for your questions.  We know that there are those from the e-mail first.  Then we will go from there.

Guest:   Yes, thank you.  This is the one from the e-mail:  We are being told that the White Hats have the global lock-down for mass arrests, and is this really happening, and are these celebrities and world leaders really getting the virus, or are they being arrested?  Can you tell us really what is happening?

OWS:   Yes.  We can tell you that the answer to that question is yes.  The arrests are occurring.  They are happening, just as has been said that they would.  It is not happening as fast as some would like it to.

Some would like it to just be all over in one night, and they all be taken away, and that type of thing.  But that is not going to happen, because it cannot happen.  What would that do to the population of the planet if that were to occur in that respect?  They would not understand.  Those that are the unawakened ones at this point would not understand.  But it is occurring in process, here.

Again, it is another process that must occur over a period of time and, even more importantly, as the frequencies continue to increase.  And as these frequencies continue to increase, those that are of the darker persuasion, those of the dark forces, those of the deep state, cabal, the Illuminati, all of this, they cannot be in the higher vibration frequencies.  We tell you this many times.

They cannot withstand those frequencies, and they will run to attempt to get away from them.  But how do you get away from a frequency, other than attempting to lower the frequencies around them.  And that is what they are attempting to do now, to bring the frequencies down so that they can be more comfortable again and be in control.

But, as we have said before, and many have been saying, that is not going to happen.  What is coming cannot be stopped at this point.  It is beyond.  The Light has won.  And everything is going to continue on from that understanding that the Light has won, the Light is taking over at this point, and the dark forces are taking their last gasp, you might say.

Now, at that last gasp, they still have an opportunity to turn to the Light.  We will always take their turning from the dark to the Light and take them in and be able to assist that process for them if they wish.  But, as we are finding it, many have turned away from the Light because it is too bright for them.  It is too high a frequency, and they cannot handle that.  They cannot handle it, and they will not allow themselves to be able to handle it, you see?  Okay?  Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  And we have a perspective that perhaps has not been given before.  Our perspective is this:  it is interesting that the term is ‘arrest.’  Because ‘arrest’ means ‘to cease,’ ‘to stop.’  To quell the progression of anything that is happening is to arrest it.  So we will tell you that this term that has been given so many times is a broader term than just arresting beings, it is arresting a mass movement of destruction that has been occurring for many, many, many thousands of years on your planet.

So you must understand that this is a mass movement to stop dehumanization, to stop evil things, to stop inhumane activities, and this is occurring on a mass movement as we speak.  If you have eyes to see, and ears to hear, and a heart to comprehend and understand what is truly happening, all things are being shut down because the arrest is the arrest of the inhumanity to man.  That is what is really occurring on a mass level.   Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful perspective.  Would there be other questions, here.

Guest:   I have a question.  I am wondering if you can tell us anything about any announcements.  Are there going to be announcements, or are we just going to have to try and continue to wake up people around us on our own?

Shoshanna:   We can share.

Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we have a perspective to share with you.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   There have been many announcements.  You see, it is all about how you listen.  Do you listen as if the movement is moving forward, or are you listening in a compartmentalized way?  You must see as an individual how you are listening, because there have been many, many announcements moving humanity forward.  There are many aspects to this, and your vibration and your understanding of movement and consciousness will have you understand or not understand these announcements.  You must listen carefully, you see, because it is all being announced.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes, and we would add here, as Shoshanna has given, it is all in the process of announcement for some time, now.  But what you are speaking of are more major announcements where those of the world population become aware that something is really happening, here.

Guest:   Exactly.

OWS:   We could say here that this particular process that is occurring now with your viral contamination across the planet, and everything that ensues as a result of this process, that it is all happening at this point because it must.  It must come to an end, meaning the old paradigm, the old three-dimensional paradigm illusion, here, must come to an end.  And this is the process that is being used at this point, as those of the Forces of Light have, as we have said before, co-opted this entire virus so that it can be utilized for their own purposes rather than the purposes of the dark forces which has been shifted greatly, here.  And the announcements that are coming as a result of this are going to be many.

We have given to The James before that he has not yet shared.  That those of you that go on your internet and are often anxious to see what is next, and what is happening, and hearing the newest rumors and reading about it, and all of this, and we have given to The James that it is coming very shortly here that it is going to be one thing after another, after another, after another, and is going to be so overwhelming to those of you that are looking for the truth.  The truth is out there, and you are going to find it more, and more, and more.  And it is going to become more and more prevalent to not only those of you that are looking for it, but those that are even not looking for it.  It is going to be so out there, in their faces, you might say.  So those announcements that you are speaking of are coming.  We cannot say exactly when or how they are going to be, but we can say that they are certainly going to be quite profound in many respects.  Okay?

Guest:  Thank you.

OWS:   Would there be other questions, here?

Guest:   I have actually one from the Facebook group, and then one from me if that’s okay.  Someone in the Facebook group wanted to participate with Cobra meditation, but she was told by somebody whom she thought was a Lightworker-type person that that was not a good idea, that they were not really doing the work of Light-work.

I also sort of stopped taking them, just on a side-note, stopped doing it because of the top-up issue, because he does put some focus on top-up bombs, which I thought we were told we didn’t want to do.

So anyway, she wanted to know, should she participate with Cobra or not, and what is the situation?

OWS:   What we can say here is, look at the situation, to answer this question.  Look at the mass meditation, the global mass meditation that is coming into effect, here, that many are working toward.  And it was largely started by this one, Cobra.  It is being translated into many languages across your planet, and many, many of your websites have taken this on, and are spreading the word, just as your group, Ancient Awakenings, is spreading the word, here.  So how can one say that this one is not of the Light, if he is wanting to spread the Light?  You see?  That is how we would answer that part of the question.

Guest:   Okay, thank you.

OWS:   Shoshanna, anything you would like to add?

Shoshanna:   Well, we can share on this.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   This is an individual pursuit for the truth, you see.  We will tell you that the best advice that you can give anyone is to tell them to discern through their hearts what is appropriate for them in their movement of consciousness is not necessarily the same for the next person.  They must use their own discernment.  They must attempt to move forward based on their own understanding and their own path of consciousness and evolvement, you see.  So this is the advice that we would give them:  use your own discernment and do not reach out to others that may or may not give you the answer that you are seeking; look to yourself.   Namaste.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you, thank you.

OWS:   Very good.

Guest:   Okay.  So to ask one from me.  I had one that I wanted to ask, and then JoAnna brought up a good point.  So I am trying to [decide] which one.  But let me go with JoAnna’s, the one that she had questioned.  Because as we were talking about these 10 days of darkness, but at that time theoretically we are supposed to have videos out that will be telling us what is going on in our country, well, is that happening in other countries?  Will they be doing the same thing?  Or how is that expected to spread and make it work globally?

OWS:   The answer is yes, it is going to occur across the planet.  But we would say that it is largely to start her with this nation.  That this is the nation, this is the country that is beginning the changeover, we will say.  That is the way we can look at it.  Not that others are not a part of this—they certainly are, but this is the one that is leading the front, here.  And, your president, your President Trump, is the one that is championing the movement for the Changeover.  Okay?  Shoshanna, anything to add?

Guest:   Okay, great.

Shoshanna:   We can share.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes, please.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:  The one known as Trump has been in communication with all world leaders.  He is speaking to all of them.  He has even pronounced this publicly that he is talking to all world leaders about this movement and, as he speaks to them, he is attempting to unite them with a common cause to raise the vibration of humanity to a higher level.  He is doing this.  And what you will see, as the One Who Serves has given, is that this nation, called The United States of America, is leading the cause.  They are leading the world to this changeover, you see. And your leader is leading the others.  That is how it is development.   Namaste.

OWS:   And we would add here also that the one, the Trump, is, as we say, he is leading the charge, and the different countries are all coming in on this as it is happening.  He is the one that is involved with the Alliance.

And the Alliance, if you begin to understand who they are, they are not just human beings here on the planet.  They are associated with those of the Galactics and the Agarthans below the earth as well.

And all of this, the one, President Trump, is fully aware of.  He has connection, or contacts, with many of them.  And that is what we can say, here.  We cannot give more information on this at this point, but it will come out directly who this one is.

Shoshanna:   We can add one more aspect, please?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Trump is the unifier that has been foretold many times.  He is the unifier.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you.  Wow, amazing.  Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, I have a question.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I have a question about something that I saw in a vision.  I was in the front yard of the home I grew up in as a child with two other relatives.  I looked up and I saw the Northern Lights, and I said, “it’s beginning.”  My question is, was I seeing a representation of the Solar Flash, or are the Northern Lights going to be a prelude to the Solar Flash?  Or what was going on?  Thank you.

OWS:   We cannot tell you directly exactly how it is going to look, because it is going to look different for many people.  But we can tell you that the Solar Flash itself will be seen across the entire planet all at once.  So it is a huge event, here.  We can tell you that.  How exactly you will become aware of it, as different colors in the sky, this will be for many who will experience this.  Not directly from the flash itself in that moment, but after a period of time, as it filters, we will say, it filters through the atmosphere, and it will create much of this color as you are saying, here.  But not colors as you understand them directly today.  Colors that you have never seen before.

Shoshanna:   We wish to share.

OWS:  Yes.

Shoshanna:   May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:    Our Dear Sister, you are in the process of allowing your gifts to surface.  You have the gift of prophecy.  You have known this for many, many, many days of your life you have known that you have the gift of prophecy, but you have not allowed it to surface, you see.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Absolutely yes.

Shoshanna:   And we will tell you, our Dear Sister, that what you saw is what many will see, as the effects of a Solar Flash will cause a variation in your sky.  It will cause colors that you have never seen before, as One Who Serves has indicated.  But we will tell you, our Dear Sister, the vision that will occur in the sky is for those that have eyes to see, and many will not even look up!  It will still occur, but many will not really notice, you see.  So we will tell you the most important message that has been given to you is to use your gifts of prophecy in these times.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Yes it does.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.  Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other questions here?

Guest:   Yes.  My daughter had a dream yesterday where, with the Solar Flash, our sun flashed from yellow to a blue-green, a beautiful bluish-green, and it was surrounded by rainbow light in a magenta sky.  So my question is, will our sun flash up to the next chakra color with the ascension?

OWS:   What you are speaking about here is a much higher consciousness level than the population of the planet at this point.  You are finding yourself at a higher frequency vibration more and more, and therefore you are having that type of understanding more and more.  And also your daughter, as you are saying, here.  And others also, many others across the planet are also beginning to have this more higher understanding of what is occurring, and what is going to occur, here.

We cannot tell you as far as exactly how it will look, but we can tell you it is going to be quite amazing, we will say, here.  Beyond amazing.  Beyond anything you can possibly imagine yet at this point.

Even beyond what you can dream, at this point.  Because when you dream it, you do not necessarily feel it deep within yourself.  But when you experience this, you will feel it deeply.  Okay?  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We can share.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes please.

Shoshanna:   Our Dear Sister.  Is your Loved One listening to this call?

Guest:   She is in the other room.

Shoshanna:   Well, would you mind giving her a message for us?

Guest:   I’d love to.

Shoshanna:   Your sweet girl is a leader of her generation.  She is a quiet leader.  She is an influencer.  She will influence those to expand their minds through her gifts, through her art, you see.  You see, she is an appointed one to lead in this movement for her own kind, for her own generation, and she has been hints of this through her dreams.  When she sees these colors, these are colors of higher vibration and an ascended consciousness that she is incorporating into her own level of understanding so that she can move this forward into her generation.  As what we find is that those that are of her age will begin to listen to her because she is their age, you see.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Yes, perfectly.

Shoshanna:   This is coming, Dear Sister.  Please give her this message for us, and tell her she has the courage of a dozen lions!  She does have to know that.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you very much.  That’s beautiful.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Is there any one final question, here, before we release channel?

Guest:   Yes please.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I would like to get a different perspective from what I have adopted a couple of terms, and I would like to offer this as a potential understanding for those who are listening.

The first term is ‘human aprovia.’  My understanding of it is like a cloud of dark energy that hovers over a city, hospitals, prisons, things of that nature.

And then the other term is another perspective of ‘bicameral consciousness.’  And what I’ve learned recently is that it is old thinking, and old ways of being led, and not thinking for one’s self.  So that is what I’m asking for.

OWS:   What you are speaking of is a sense of the connectedness with the current paradigm, here, with the current three-dimensional paradigm.  And it will not be in the higher vibrational dimensions that you are moving toward.  So to understand the term itself is, as we would say, irrelevant, here.  It has no bearing.  But you are correct in the understanding that there is this attempt to raise the darkness into the collective consciousness, raise the fear, to lower the vibration as much as possible and create a dark atmosphere, we are saying here, and this was the plan for those of the cabal, the deep state cabal, as you call it here more and more now.  And this was their plan to lower the frequency across the planet so they could continue to hold control.  But, as we have said many times, that is not happening.  It is not going to happen.  And they are losing control, and they are losing also the vibratory frequency they are attempting to create.  Yes, fear is spreading, but also love is also spreading and overcoming the fear.  You will notice that more and more as this continues on.  And your President Trump, who is attempting to keep all of this fear down as much as he possibly can, is the catalyst to bring this up into the higher vibrational frequencies permanently, here.  Okay?  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We do not add to this.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   We take one more question, and that will be it, here.  We need to release channel.

Guest:   Thank you.  I have a wonderful meditation that I would like to share, and to ask a question.  I traveled to the sun, and I finally arrived to the Central Sun.  I immediately was so attracted to the Central Sun, that I became completely part of it.  Then, when I was coming back to my body, I went back through the sun and the other sun, and to the planet Earth.  I also experienced how I was part of that energy that came to the planet.  I created that flow, that flash of energy that totally changed the planet.  And then I became part of my body.  But my body was conscious of all the darkness that was destroying around.  But I was so centered on myself and so bright, so rounded by bright fire and bright light that I said, “who cares?  Look how in bliss you are, you in total bliss, so don’t worry about it, everything is okay.”  And I was just so centered.  And it was so beautiful.  I felt great bliss.  When I said that, I immediately remembered Sananda was saying, “remember who you are and who you have been.”  And then I saw all these bodies that were all in alignment with me.  And when they were all in aligned with me, I exploded into what I would think was a planet or a sun.  And that is my question:  I don’t know what it was.

OWS:   Please ask your question directly. What is your question?

Guest:   Why was that image that I exploded into either a planet or a sun?  I didn’t see myself anymore as a person.

OWS:   Because you are experiencing the full totality of your consciousness beyond the personality that you are now into the full dimensional frequencies of who you are and who you have ever been.  As to say that you were a planet, or that you were an exploding star, or anything of this nature, we cannot say directly at this point, but you have a knowing within yourself as the connection there, and the connection to the Universal Creative Source, here.  And that is your connection, as well as everyone else’s connection as well, you see?  So you will come to feel the full essence of who you are when you allow yourself to go so deeply as you did, here.  And that is what you have accomplished in doing so.  Okay?  Shoshanna, anything to add?

Shoshanna:   We do not.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we hope that that was a sufficient answer for your question.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.

OWS:   And we need to release channel here.  Do you have anything you wish to add here, Shoshanna, as a final [comment]?

Shoshanna:   We do not have a formal message.  We will just say to each that is listening, and that may read the word:  to stay unified, to stay united, to love one another, and join each other in a celebration of this process.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  And we would say here to remain calm yourselves, and help others also to find the calmness within themselves so that the continued vibrations go up, rather than down, as the cabal wants to happen, here.  We want the frequencies to continue to increase, the Light to continue to increase.  And this is up to you, all of you, the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors throughout the planet, here.

Shoshanna:   We would like to add one thing, please?

OWS:   Very good.

Shoshanna:   We would like to remind all, and please remember this, that fear is a 3-D matrix program that is false!  It does not truly exist, you see.  So do not buy into it!   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  That is why it is ‘false evidence appearing real.’  Whoever came up with that was ‘right on,’ as you have your saying, here.

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   So we are needing to release channel, now.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

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“Believing is seeing!”

A Great Dispensation Has Just Been Granted -Mikos of Hollow Earth-

For a long time our planet has been quarantined from interacting with other planets and star systems because our barbaric and war-like nature was a virus that was not allowed to spread.
  Now, we find ourselves quarantined on our home planet before we destroy Her. For this virus we are experiencing is nothing more than an out-picturing of the virus that we as a civilization have become. 

This pandemic that has disrupted our world is our WAKE UP CALL to see others as ourselves, and treat others and our planet as we would like to be treated: with Love, Reverence, and Gratefulness!

~ Dianne

A Great Dispensation Has Just Been Granted
  Greetings from the Library of Porthologos inside the Earth’s interior.
We come today to talk about the Angels on Earth and their work with humanity. These are great Beings of Light from many Star Systems that are visiting your Earth, and staying to help bring in the great waves of Light
that are descending onto your planet. These Beings are most known to
you as Angels—God’s helpers in the evolution of mankind. These Beings
sweep your planet with their light and wisdom, encapsulating the dark
spots until the darkness fades back into Light again. The Angels are the bringers of all that is good, and they are here. And you, our dear Lightworkers, are these Angels. You are these great Beings who have come from afar, to help Earth and humanity, and now it is your turn to be helped. A great dispensation has just been granted to all the Lightworkers on Earth, allowing the Host of Heaven to intervene to completely and totally heal your physical bodies, so that you can withstand the coming climatic and Earth
changes looming on the horizon of your planet. You have all called for
help, you are always calling for the healing of your bodies, and now this help has been granted.
  In a magnificent turn of events, this dispensation was unanimously
approved by the whole company of heaven, and Mother/Father God of this Universe, in gratefulness for the dedication and sacrifice of all the Lightworkers on Earth—and it is time. Time to heal all aspects of yourself and time to manifest your physical strength, health, mental acuity, and emotional balance. This is the gift of Heaven to its “Ground Crew”. As the days and weeks go on, you will find yourself getting stronger and stronger, and all the old pains falling by the wayside. You will see and feel events clearer and clearer and come more into focus with the unseen world around you. This is truly an unprecedented gift, and it is yours.
  Now, dear Lightworkers, live each day fully, in the presence of the “now”, and know that tomorrow is in God’s hands, and have nothing to fear, for the Divine Plan is already accomplished and this is just the last “play-off” of the game. All is being readied for the great “lift-off” into higher realms of light that are waiting your entry. You have much to look forward to as you leave your old world behind and enter the new. So gird yourself with the steel of your determination and know that all that is of the Light has a glorious future and it is just a breath away—just waiting for the next deep in-breath from God.
  Here in the Library of Porthologos, we have always maintained our health, strength, and youthfulness inside the protective cover of the Earth’s mantle. You, too, will soon be able to accomplish the same physical feats and will have the same endurance as we. For we don’t get tired or sick or angry or worried, and neither, now, shall you. For these qualities are not of life—they are of illusion and miscreation and darkness—and are not part of a life supporting system. Your current system does not support life; hence you have sickness, fear, and death. It has been decreed that these systems can no longer exist, and will be confined and quarantined like a sick patient, in a separate room. Only this time, all the sick
patients will be in a ward by themselves, so they don’t infect the others. No one again will have to suffer from their control and destructive contamination.
  As all this is occurring, you are imperceptively being lifted higher and higher into the light frequency that you left when you came to Earth.
Your bodies are being renewed and regenerated at a level you do not physically feel, and yet it is occurring moment by moment, until such a frequency is reached that you will suddenly explode into the diamond light
that you are. It is all about reaching critical mass and timelines. The timelines for all this to occur are closing in on your Earth, and converging
from every direction and dimension, until they all close in upon one
another and explode into NOW. And then you are there! There with Us in consciousness, and there with all life, located everywhere in all universes simultaneously. What an event to be able to witness, let alone be a part of, as you all are. This has never been done before, anywhere in all existence. This is why there are vast numbers of beings from great numbers of universes here, circling your Earth, watching all this happen, and waiting for the great moment of synthesis to occur. And when it does, there will be great rejoicing throughout all the multiverses and beyond.

Mikos ~ Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos
Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

this amount of compassion shows your readiness for extra-terrestrial contact.

Critical Mass for E.T. Contact Has Been Reached ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the movement forward that you have been making as a collective at this time, and we are particularly pleased with the way that your hearts have opened up to include people who are being affected by the virus and who live far, far away from you. People that you have no association with whatsoever have been in your prayers, and you have been sending them healing love and light. And this is what humanity needs right now, more than anything else.

While there are doctors feverishly working on getting a cure of some sort for the virus, those of you who are awake are brewing up more compassion than there has ever been on planet Earth before. Your numbers are a factor here. You can look around at the world, which is filled with more people than it has ever had upon it before, and you can see that there are some very bad people doing some very bad things. And you might even believe that they represent half of the human collective. You might still believe that half of humanity is operating from a place of darkness, and only half of you are coming from the light.

But those who are operating from the light within them are far outnumbering those who are playing the role of the dark. Therefore, you as the collective of light, are generating enough compassion to push humanity into an even higher vibrational frequency than if something good was happening all around the world, affecting every single person in one way or another. And we want to point out that this amount of compassion shows your readiness for extra-terrestrial contact. It shows that humanity as a collective has gone beyond where you needed to go vibrationally in order to be seen as ready for that full, open e.t. contact that you all want so much.

And so, that is another byproduct that is a positive thing, a positive outcome, coming from something that could only be described as negative in nature. It is, however, how you respond to something negative that defines you, and you as a human collective are taking what is right in front of you and spinning it into gold. You are responsible for taking humanity further than the collective has ever been before, and you are doing so with the light, love, and compassion that you are holding within you right now.

As we said, the numbers matter. There has been a critical mass that has been reached, and you are going to be living on a much different planet very soon, because of what is happening right now. These are very interesting, chaotic, and exciting times for humans on Earth, and we promise you that you’re going to start to see evidence of what we are talking about, and you will recognize it as your own handiwork.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Archangel Michael – The Tide has Turned

AAM Channelled Gem – Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Nova Earth is not a place of exclusion. It is a place of inclusion where all the misdeeds, all the mishaps, all the sorrow, all the grief are healed – and where all are welcomed into the creation and co-creation of a world of love.

At the behest of Archangel Michael, Andrew lovingly shares this beautiful channelled gem from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Michael. … Welcome to you, old friend, new friend. Welcome to this Council and to this Circle of One.

And yes, I come as always as brother, as ally, as friend, but I also come as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love – and it is critically important, in all matters great and small, that the sense of peace, the sense of calm, the sense of centredness and balance not only be maintained, not only be anchored, but expanded and shared throughout the planet.

This is a time of the death of drama. That does not mean, nor has it ever meant to be, that this is the end – in any way shape or form – but it is also not the end of what one might think of as personal or global or planetary or Universal challenges. But ‘challenges’ when we use that word means growth; it means expansion; it means the anchoring and the living, the engaging, in a higher dimensional reality and in a more fluid interdimensional reality.

Drama is a vibration that in fact freezes and attempts to tether one into the lower vibrations of the old third, and that would be – in your terms, in terms of your science – like being jettisoned into outer space and simply attempting to tether yourself on air. It does not work that way in terms of practicality.

The Plan for this Ascension, as has been planned for eons and eons by the Divine Mother, is about being tethered by choice, by free will, by divine authority, on planet, in form, in community, in the unity of heart, of heart intelligence, of heart speaking, of heart listening, and in the sharing in the unity of community.

When we speak of community, as you most recently have experienced, we are not talking about a hierarchy. We do not operate within a hierarchy. The old paradigm of human hierarchies, where some are privileged and some are not, is a misconstruing of uniqueness of individual roles; it is a denial of the supreme authority of each and every being.

So when we speak of unity, we do not speak of ‘some in, some out, some guilty, some privileged.’ This is important. All are equally forgiven. All are equally being given the opportunity directly from the Heart of One to be reborn – and to be reborn into the balance, above-below, within-without, of various bodies and chakras and energy systems.

Nova Earth is not a place of exclusion. It is a place of inclusion where all the misdeeds, all the mishaps, all the sorrow, all the grief are healed – and where all are welcomed into the creation and co-creation of a world of love.

There is not one being… well, there are a couple actually… but there are no beings upon the planet that do not have the strength to fulfil this mission. And there is no being upon this planet that has not misstepped, or misdirected their divine authority and mission at some point in time, whether it is 10,000 years ago or yesterday.

Hence, those who have been, shall I say, engaged in egregious, offensive behaviours are doing so, yes, out of egoic self-interest and lack of true vision. But they are also doing so that the collective can come together in a level of clarity – not of jealousy or envy or punishment or guilt – where the community of Gaia can come together and say, “This is not what we choose. This is not the way that our community operates,” and then you enfold those into a new realm of being.

Now, there are many upon your planet – not merely those who have, shall we say, taken ‘scenic detours,’ but those who are simply tired, those whose contracts have been completed – there are many who are coming Home, who are travelling a different trajectory and are choosing to work, to witness, to participate in this rebirth of Nova Gaia from this side.

Is this a reaction of Gaia to rid herself of those that injure her? The answer in fact is “no.” Does it give her relief to see some who have perpetuated wrongdoings, to have them leave the planet? Well, the answer in fact is mixed because, while there is the physical release of someone not completely hammering on you constantly – and let me be very clear, evil deeds hurt Gaia – it is not merely those who are polluting or creating climate change, etc.; it is those who behave poorly.

So is she, Gaia, happy when people leave? The answer is “yes” and “no” because, for those who leave to come Home and have already been in the light, she is happy for them; and for those who have not had the breakthrough to achieve that level of understanding, there is an element of sadness, of grief, of lost opportunity. Gaia has been extraordinarily patient – as only an Archangel can be! – because she is fully aware of her role in this unfoldment.

So be very careful, my brother, [brothers and sisters] to make sure that the doorway to inclusiveness is kept open. Yes, poor behaviour – and that is putting it mildly – must come to an end. Well, that is already underway, but there has need to be individually, collectively, globally, and certainly universally, always room for forgiveness.

Now you know this. As sacred physician, if someone comes to you filled with dis-ease or injury, that they have crashed their car and they have broken bones, you do not say, “I will not treat you because you were drunk!” Of course not! You heal them, you assist them in the emergent and urgent situation, and then you address the underlying causes.

The addiction to poor behaviour upon this planet, that is usually masked by massive egos, is not truly because people feel superior. It is because in fact they feel inferior; they feel lacking in self-worth and self-love, and therefore are incapable of loving anybody else or acting in ways of love.

So the tide has turned and, yes, it is washing up upon the shores of the Mother’s Gaia many who need triage. But you don’t simply tell them to go back into the ocean and drown; first you aid them and then you allow them to heal. Is this difficult for many? Of course, it is!

But that is also why so many of you who have been engaged previously in the Intergalactic Wars are here on Gaia at this time – because you know the devastation, the destruction, the hatred that caused and resulted from those wars, and you know how long it took for those wounds of war to heal. But those lessons have been learned, and so there is a collective impetus to not repeat that level of cruelty and judgement, of penalising those.

There is only one planet called Earth – Archangel Gaia – and that is the Truth.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at]

Reminder :Global Meditation on 4/5 April 2020 (4:45 AM Central European Time On Sunday April 5th)

We Pray in Gratitude,We Receive in Gratitude!

Here are the instructions of this meditation:

(Suggested duration of this meditation is 20 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to shift the planet into the most optimal timeline and as a tool to completely remove the coronavirus.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining coronavirus on Earth, disinfecting all infected areas on the planet, healing all patients, removing all fear associated with this epidemic and restoring stability.

5. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, shifting away from all epidemics, away from all wars, away from all global domination. Visualize white, pink, blue and golden Light healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

In the meantime, please also participate in our meditation to stop the coronavirus outbreak every 4 hours.

Finally, here are a number of flyers/posters you can share on social media or in your local area if it is feasible. If you feel guided to create flyers for this meditation as well,  please contact for more information.


It’s Time To Choose – St. Germain & the Goddess of Liberty (2 April 2020).


Beloved I AM, St. Germain & Goddess of Liberty, thank you for being here with us today for this important Light transmission – especially coded to assist us in successfully anchoring, integrating and mastering the Violet Ray of Freedom into all aspects of our lives, and, into ALL life/places on Earth, whereby Divine Freedom is still either severely limited or non-existent.

Today, on behalf of the Collective, we, your beloved chelas, gratefully request for the Flame of Freedom to blaze so powerfully within ourselves; within our lives, so that we fully become the ‘Torchbearer’ of this flame wherever we go, until this planet can successfully liberate itself from all remaining influences (coming from within/without) that seek to oppress, limit or restrict our/others’ Divine Freedom to be/to do/to create/to exist/to speak our truth, or, to live in perfect: happiness, health, peace, harmony and abundance of every good thing.

We now declare our readiness to finally be free, by first:

agreeing to, constantly, demonstrate our willingness to give the same Freedom that we have been seeking for, to ALL around us (e.g. to other people, the animal & plant Kingdom, and planet Earth).

For we now have come to deeply understand, that when we give ALL the Freedom that they deserve to have, we are actually giving ourselves that same Freedom, in equal measure.

Many of us here had come to remember that we had lived too many lives here on Earth where we had experienced our freedom taken away from us, or, where we had directly, or indirectly, restricted/taken away other living beings’ freedom to be, or to do.

The lack of freedom in our past/present lives and/or, the suffering that we had endured, was oftentimes mirrored and regrettably displayed in our own behaviours towards those around us (e.g. in the mistreatment of Mother Earth, in the mistreatment of animals, or, in the exploitation/injustice those weaker than us had had to endure).

Of course, most of the time we might not even realise what we were actually doing – the behaviours could be so automatic/deeply ingrained within us, as though we were a computer with faulty programming. We might even convince ourselves that we did those things because we cared about/wanted to save others, and everything we did was ultimately for their own good – thus perfectly justifying our behaviours (that limited another’s freedom) to our own liking. Does this sound familiar, loved ones?

For example, if you’ve been feeling trapped in a loveless marriage not of your own choosing (back then you’d had to obey your parents), there is a high probability that one day, you may cause your children to go through the same experience – by you perhaps feeling driven to choose their life partners and not allowing them to choose their own.

These types of behaviours had undoubtedly trapped us in an endless karmic cycle of our own making for thousands of years.

We now also declare our readiness to:

permanently break karmic cycles of any kind (especially with those closest to us), and, always strive to create a peaceful, harmonious environment where ALL beings can one day live on Earth, in Eternal Freedom from fear, cruelty, oppression, slavery, or other limiting conditions of any kind.

Thank you beloved St. Germain (the God of Freedom) & the Goddess of Liberty, for constantly helping us to manifest Eternal Freedom into all aspects of life on Earth.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

And so it is.

This message will be focusing on all aspects of freedom, not just Financial Freedom, as They will be sharing with us all how to manifest unlimited Well-Being (in all of its forms) that is the Divine Right of every single embodied soul on Earth.

‘How to manifest financial freedom and infinite abundance’ is certainly a hot topic that has occupied people’s minds for a very long time. There had been a lot of books written on the subject, as well as videos, blogs, articles, seminars or workshops created in the past, to help people master the art of creating and living an abundant life.

However now that many things that we used to take for granted have become: scarce, out of stock, or expensive (due to their high demand), and, our basic freedom to go outside seemingly taken away from us due to the draconian measures the people/government/authorities in power have put in place to ‘fight’ the virus – there is a need for us to better understand exactly:

1) what exactly is happening right now (from a higher perspective);

2) how long this situation will continue;

3) how to adapt to this situation with ease & grace, and most importantly,

4) how to play an important part (as the powerful Receivers, Conductors and Transmitters of Divine Love, Light & Freedom Energies that we are) in resolving it.

These will be my questions for the first half of this message.

Nowadays, the entire global population cannot easily escape from being continuously confronted by all the fear-based news; oftentimes showing images of empty supermarket aisles/the long queues at government welfare offices (looking after the newly-unemployeds).

Even if one (such as myself) had deliberately stayed away from watching the news for many years, one still could not help but discover the many 3D dramas unfolding right now as we speak.

Many light-workers who are ‘in the know’ have long realised that this pandemic situation that humanity has (subconsciously, or, supraconsciously) created, is now being used as a powerful Higher tool, to permanently purge all deeply-rooted 3D beliefs, wounds, or traumas that had previously been ‘swept under the rug’ & remained largely unnoticed, or, unresolved for a very long time.

The following are examples of just a few of the 3D programming (based on fear, scarcity, lack of freedom, or, power-over-others), present within our Collective consciousness, that are being released and transmuted into Higher Light right now as we speak:

– Money (and many other things that can be found on Earth) are limited sources. There is never enough for everyone and thus, we have to fight, compete, or hoard as much as possible, to survive.

This ‘survival of the fittest’ instinct that stemmed from a strong, deeply-rooted belief in scarcity/lack that is currently at play, has recently induced many people to take action to eliminate their fears, in a way that they had been so conditioned to react for thousands of years.

– We can either: make plenty of money, by doing what people normally do, or, do what we love for a living but not making as much and settling for less.

– As long as we have plenty of money/profits, we can: have, or, do harm to, anything we want (e.g. by exploiting/allowing harm to come to other people, animals, and/or, the planet), without caring much about the long-term consequences.

– Financial freedom belongs only to the minority group. The rest of us have to slave-away, struggle in our own rat races, and work hard for a living.

– Death is the single, greatest tragedy that can happen to someone, and thus it is something that should always be prevented from happening.

(I loved the following video of Abraham-Hicks, that had debunked this great fallacy of death, in the clearest and most beautiful way:

– Our physical, mental or emotional health is highly dependent on what is happening (externally) in our lives and, in the outside world. We may occasionally have control over our health; but never all the time. Thus we must never drop/lower/let down our guard; we must remain constantly vigilant, for we have long believed that planet Earth is a dangerous place to live on. This belief is after all continuously proven ‘right’ every time we turned on the TV & watched the news.

– We do not have the luxury nor the freedom to do whatever we want in life, since the banks partially own our houses, and/or, we are morally ‘obligated’ to support our family. Following the call of our hearts, to do what we love to do in life, is thus a potentially dangerous/risky endeavour that may cause the financial freedom we have been seeking for, to remain forever out of reach.

– There is nothing we can personally do to liberate our lives and win against ‘the oppressive system’. We are now living a reality where our basic rights to move about, or to live our lives the way we want, have been taken away from us, under the guise of protecting the public/containing the virus. Any resistance is futile and will only potentially create negative consequences for ourselves.

– The world is a dangerous place. We are now required to ‘socially distance’ ourselves from others, in order to keep our (and other people’s) physical bodies healthy and, virus-free. (Thus inadvertently keeping alive the 3D Separation paradigm, instead of ushering a new golden era of Unity).

– Following our inner guidance, may cause us to lose our precious freedom to choose what to do with our time/lives. What if one day, our I AM Presence requires us to do something that we do not wish to do/we are not prepared to do (just yet)? Are we truly ready to surrender control of our lives over to God?

Can you truly see what is truly happening here, dear friends?

The entire world has been so deeply longing to experience Complete, Eternal Freedom of Self; i.e. the experience of everlasting Freedom from ALL debilitating fears and, from ALL limiting conditions (both imposed by ourselves, by others and/or by ‘the system’).

Within humanity’s psyche, we have been feeling ‘safe enough’ and thus are now finally ready to re-claim our Divine Birthright – the Eternal Freedom that we (in the past) had often given away (by Higher choice) to others, for the purpose of experience, expansion and soul growth.

We have been yearning to re-emerge back into the Light of our God-Self, who has remained forever free from all of the limiting stories that we had continuously created for ourselves, in many of our past/present lives here on Earth.

This is truly going to be THE lifetime where we successfully claim our Eternal Freedom and once again become someone who is as limitless as God, the Creator.

Earth will in the end become a planet ruled by God’s Cosmic Laws, where Divine Rights of ALL living beings reign supreme“ – (the Goddess of Liberty).

I had cried many happy tears today, as I read (over and over again) what the Goddess of Liberty had just promised us all, in the above sentence.

And now, external situations are ‘forcing’ many people to finally face their deepest fears; their shadows and scars, coming from current & past lifetimes when/where their basic Freedom had, oftentimes, been taken away from them.

For example, the basic freedom to live/prosper on this planet; the basic freedom of speech – to express their truths; the freedom to have beliefs not approved by powerful religious authorities; the freedom from wrongful imprisonments by those with wealth/political/military powers, etc.

Although our present-day governments’ original intention may very well be well-meaning, (depending on the ones making all the decisions – they might even be part of the Forces of Light who have been secretly tasked to keep Earth citizens safe with these global lockdown measures, thus allowing many ‘clean-up’ operations to take place behind the scenes), unfortunately, the loss of much of our basic Freedom right now has become an undeniable fact; a manifested physical reality – successfully bringing out much of the Collective’s traumas out into the Light, for a major healing.

We can only begin the process of healing our bodies; healing our lives (i.e. our Individual and Collective Consciousness) when the presence of ‘that which is holding us back’ from ultimately experiencing the Eternal Freedom we seek, gets exposed and completely revealed in its entirety.

For example, if you do not know that your body has a hidden, yet-undiscovered illness of any kind, how can you then take immediate actions to prevent it from getting worse before it is too late? Early detection of any and all imbalances is always better than later on trying to cure an illness already in its advanced stages.

Just like a lot of light-workers had (mostly) completed an intense purification period throughout 2019, and now that the Human Collective’s turn to go through the same Awakening, Purging and Deep Healing/Realignment Phases has finally arrived, it’s our job to simply maintain our high, 5D vibrations wherever we go.

Living on an Ascending planet is truly not for the faint-hearted. Together we can do this!

St Germain:

Greetings beloved Masters.

We, the Light-Beings in charge of Earth’s Ascension, are extremely pleased with the progress of your individual and collective’s journeys back to the Light-of-God within.

Many of you reading this message, had expressed in different ways, your heartfelt requests for visible, major global changes to occur faster.

Over the years you had prayed, or, expressed similar thoughts such as these:

‘Enough is enough – let all wars be permanently stopped on Earth’;

‘Let the positive changes begin now – bring them on’;

‘Please God, grant unto us permanent, everlasting peace and harmony on Earth’;

’No matter how hard we work, we just can’t seem to get ahead/save much money. Please God, show us the simplest, and most effective way to liberate our lives from the financial shackles that seemed to have enslaved humanity for a very long time‘;

or, my favourite:

‘Dear God, thank you for the Infinite Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Freedom, Oneness and Abundance that are ours to have, and to share, always’.

Most of you here have immediately understood why the last one was my favourite, and the answer is simple.

A statement of gratitude such as this, when backed by the emanation of your genuine, positive feelings, is the most powerful form of prayer.

When making this type of statement, you are in fact expressing your desires as though they have already been manifested in your physical reality, and thus, it will guarantee the speedy manifestation of such a reality in your life and in the world around you.

Never underestimate the Mighty Power of your prayers, thoughts, words and feelings, loved ones, provided that they are all expressed in the energetically-expansive (rather than energetically-contractive) manner that supports your ‘Act of Creation’.

Rest assured that they had ALL been heard, and, answered by the Universe, by God, and by all of us here who are always working hard to help you manifest the grand dreams that you have for yourselves, for Earth and humanity.

Here comes 3 powerful mantras that We highly recommend for you to mentally/verbally recite often, daily, in your spare time. Of course if you already have your own set of mantras that never fails to lift your vibrations, then please keep doing what you are already doing. Your loving service to ALL in this manner is very much needed right now.

In these times of uncertainty, the following Sanskrit mantras can help you to transcend ‘the small-self’, merge with your I AM, and in the long run help you to manifest the physical reality that you deeply desire for yourself and ALL on Earth.

Let us gently remind you, beloved Masters, that Sanskrit is one of the very few ancient languages on Earth that can powerfully activate the state of ‘Higher Consciousness’ within, thus greatly accelerating your spiritual growth.

Chanting, singing, speaking these mantras often, will thereby focus all of your energy, time and being, on what you wish to create/embody whilst on Earth, rather than just focusing on ‘What-Is’.

They will greatly assist you and humanity, to create & maintain high vibrations of love, peace, perfect bliss, and freedom daily, during these amazing times of transition that you are all going through right now.



May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

2) The Moola Mantra:




OM – We are calling on the Highest Energy of All

SAT – The formless, the Unmanifest Potential, the Truth

CHIT – Infinite Consciousness of the Universe

ANANDA – Pure Love, Bliss & Joy

PARABRAHMA – The Supreme Creator

PURUSHOTHAMA – Manifested in every living being

PARAMATMA – Who comes into my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask

SRI BHAGAVATHI – The Divine Mother, power aspect of creation

SAMETHA – Together within Non-Duality

SRI BHAGAVATHE – The Father of Creation, Unchangeable & Permanent

NAMAHA – I bow in deepest reverence. I thank you and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times.

3) The Gayatri Mantra:

Let us now answer Adele’s four questions as previously mentioned above.

Her Higher Self had partially answered the first question herself when she explained that humanity is currently in the middle of the biggest healing and transformation period never experienced before, in the history of this planet.

The greatest ‘show‘ ever created by mankind has now started on Earth, and your victory is NOW here.

Remember loved ones, that in the great, eternal moment of NOW, your Ascension and that of Mother Earth’s, have already occurred.

However from your 3D linear perspective (in this specific NOW moment that you have labelled as ‘April 2nd, 2020’), the story that you may wish to, one day, tell younger generations about ‘how it all happened’ is now unfolding as we speak.

Humanity, as a collective, currently has a number of different realities/timelines available – whether or not you will end up choosing the Optimum Timeline for yourselves will greatly depend on your own individual/collective intentions. However, it is perhaps reassuring to you to know that ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’, i.e. the timelines currently available for humanity to choose from, all lead to successful completion of the Ascension process for Earth & all Ascending-souls on it.

Father God Himself has recently stepped in and chosen to ‘come into the physical realm’ to get more involved, and personally lead or oversee Earth’s Ascension process from the front lines, so that our success will arrive at the perfect Divine timing for ALL. For all of you, and, your Earth Mother, had suffered long enough.

And just like many of you here had had to go through your individual awakening, clearing, healing, or, God Self re-alignment phases to get to where you are today, the time has come for all ascending, and, non-ascending members of humanity to do the same, in the manner of their choosing.

Many non-ascending souls are now facing their final, decision-making moment of whether to stay here, do the compulsory clearing/purging/healing required to raise their vibrations & ascend in this lifetime (i.e. merging with their God-Self whilst in the physical realm), OR, to leave the planet (i.e. merging with God back in the non-physical realm) & ascend somewhere else later (at their earliest convenience).

And many souls had chosen the latter, using the Exit ‘Tool’ that has now conveniently appeared – arriving in the form of this pandemic. The death of their physical bodies is in fact part of their ‘Act of Creation’ as God, and, with God, to expand and move forward in the directions that they have actually CHOSEN (on a higher level) to go.

By transitioning back to spirit; back to our eternal Home in Heaven, they had in fact chosen to take the ‘express way’ of re-aligning themselves with their God-Self.

This is always a very joyful experience (for the returning soul) that is actually cause for a celebration!

Your knowing, believing and rejoicing in the following Highest Truth that states:

ALL deaths happen BY CHOICE, and, NEVER by accident

will NOT fail to, vibrationally, alleviate much of the fear, drama & self-imposed (often unhealthy/prolonged) emotional/mental/physical suffering that humanity has long created, when impacted by: the death of people close to them, or, the potentially-scary news of rising death toll happening around the globe.

It is time, loved ones, for the entire planet to permanently leave behind the 3D fallacies, beliefs or programming that Adele had mentioned above, including everything else not specifically listed there.

If you have now personally arrived at a place in life where all of those 3D beliefs can no longer be found within your consciousness, e.g. when reading the ones Adele had listed above, you can honestly say that you have zero resonance with all/most of them, then congratulations, loved ones.

We are happy to announce that you have now successfully arrived at the Final Stage of your ‘I AM Integration-Process’. A stage that will soon be completed by many of you here whose Light Quotient Level is already very high -> you are in fact moving, ever closer each day, to 100% perfect resemblance or resonance with the frequencies of your own I AM Presence.

2020 will soon be the year when you can finally have your ‘graduation party’, as you will: become the full embodiment of your God-Self; the Holy Christ-Self, and, successfully triumph over all limiting conditions present in your life at the moment.

Simply be ready and, be completely open to receiving the many wonderful surprises that We have got in store for all of you this year!

And now that you have arrived in this final leg of your I AM integration journey, you will find that it has become so easy, and so natural, to maintain your high vibrations lately – no matter what is going on with the people/world around you.

The heavy, dense news reported daily (e.g. about the virus, the lockdown, or the world economy) will often feel as though there is ‘no weight’ to it. In other words, this type of news no longer has the power to: incapacitate you, lower your vibrations, or, put you back in the tight grip of that very same fear that has dominated this beautiful planet, for thousands of years.

Those of you here who had perhaps in the past refrained from watching/following news from the mainstream media, are now finding it easy to do so without feeling negatively affected in any way.

Beloved Masters of Light & Love, you are now vibrationally holding the space, for humanity to release and heal everything that has been holding them back (individually & collectively) for a very long time. This is exactly why you had been awakened earlier than the majority.

All ascending souls have (for quite sometime now) been feeling ‘safe enough’ to do whatever is necessary, in order to rise even higher in vibrations and, once again be capable of creating/manifesting magic in their physical reality, everything that the God I AM within them has always been capable of doing – without limits.

And how can these ascending souls have ‘the time’ to do so – i.e. to focus on themselves; finally face their personal life challenges (that they perhaps have long run away from), and, focus on their own spiritual growth – if they are always so busy; so inundated with work or, occupied with any other modern-day commitment/activity that had oftentimes successfully turned their attention away from their own I AM Presence?

The answer to this question is so simple, dear ones.

You (collectively) have successfully, and, powerfully, created an experience/an event known as COVID-19, so that you can all enjoy a lot of time off (from ‘normal’ life) and focus on soul growth instead.

Is this not an empowering, life-changing, Higher perspective to have about the virus?

This, loved ones, is the higher perspective a powerful Creator/Master should always adopt, when faced with all unexpected life challenges. Knowing that everything (both labelled as good or bad) always happens for a reason, and the reason will always be: greater self-love, or, soul growth.

And by this stage of your spiritual awakening, there is not a single light-worker here (who is in the Final Phase of mastering your mastery) who actually prefers to adopt the polar-opposite, ‘victimhood/powerless’ perspective instead.

We encourage you all to be so in love with the virus, and, so genuinely grateful for its presence on Earth – for what it is currently doing to help with the implementation of sweeping, positive changes on Earth that you have all been praying for.

However, please remember to follow your intuition at all times, before you go on encouraging others to do the same. Not everyone around you is ready to hear this Higher solution on ‘how to effectively eliminate the virus’ that has always been waiting there; staring at humanity in the face. The solution that most people had been too blind to see.

Knowing that these challenges are oftentimes the keys that will successfully spark greater soul growth movements for yourself/others around you, and, sending the energy of Divine Love to the virus (and, to all other existing challenges you may have in your life right now), will effectively put you in the right vibration required, to come up with the perfect solutions needed to eradicate the virus, and, eliminate all of your challenges once and for all.

Love and gratitude create your solutions, whilst fear is the energy that will (very effectively) keep you stuck or engrossed in the problems – you will find it difficult to discover a way out of your challenges, until you are ready to let go of all fears.

Nowadays because of the virus, you all have a ‘legitimate’ reason to stay at home, enjoy the peace & quiet that you have (on a higher level) chosen for yourselves, clear everything 3D within you that has been holding you back, and, prepare for what will be coming soon (i.e. the movie that will soon be playing in ’theatres’ everywhere on Earth).

The greatest movie ever created by mankind, titled: ‘Creating Heaven on Earth’.

Isn’t this experience of pandemic & global lockdown/quarantine, a truly ingenious ‘plan’ that you had all come up with, for, and, by yourselves?

Believe it or not, there is not a single soul currently on Earth, who (on a higher level) has NOT agreed to this coronavirus plan, prior to it being fully activated.

This ’pandemic event’ has been the biggest, Higher collaboration (between all souls who had chosen to embody the Dark or the Light in this lifetime – for both equally represent the Divine/the 3D Duality of physical life on Earth) in the history of Mankind, in modern times. The last time you all concocted a similar, large-scale collaboration was back during WW2 (i.e. collectively creating a physical life experience called ‘world-war‘ that was affecting major populations/many countries around the globe at the same time).

This pandemic event is now allowing and, giving ALL (humans, animals, the planet) the opportunity to take a break, slow down, heal and press the ‘re-set button’ from all the stress that you have continuously created/inflicted on yourselves, on one another and, on your Mother Earth.

This virus is doing exactly what it had been engineered to do – helping to eliminate many susceptible, long-corrupted ‘files’ (e.g. the Cabal) in this complex computer system (i.e. your beautiful planet) that is undergoing massive, permanent, and amazing upgrades.

Otherwise, how else would you destroy all corrupted files, without actually destroying the system itself and potentially, all who live in it as well, loved ones?

And for those people affected by the virus who have not been part of the Cabal, you need to simply hold an awareness that they have (on a higher level) chosen to be infected, to receive the assistance they need, to either: re-set themselves (and thus they will recover after being infected), or, exit the system/the planet and transition back to the non-physical for a different kind of adventure.

Adele had also asked the following questions ‘How long will this situation continue? How to adapt to this situation with ease and grace, and how to play a part in resolving it?’

Our answer to the first question is very straightforward, loved ones.

’How long is a piece of string?‘ – laughed*

This whole COVID-19, lockdown/quarantine situation will continue for however long you all, individually/collectively, need or want it to continue – within the bigger group/locality that you are living in right now (e.g. the village/suburb, town, city, state, country).

For example, if the majority of citizens in one particular country right now were to decide, declare and believe with all their hearts, that the time has come for this situation to be fully resolved, then the situation will come to its timely end, not long after such a strong declaration of intent has been made – coming from the collective members of that large group, or, the citizens of that country.

And then, the after effects of such a success in this one country will reverberate globally; energetically ’inviting’ the rest of the world to follow and manifest similar success – creating a strong momentum of positive change; a chain reaction that will, in a short period of time, banish the virus forever.

You can think of the whole creative process like falling dominoes – once a global event of this magnitude has been set in motion, you need to first observe and let it play out a little (knowing that there are higher, very important reasons for it happening).

The virus had set off a powerful global chain of reaction, not long after affecting many citizens in Wuhan China, and now, it only awaits you, our powerful Masters of Light & Love, to decide whether:

a) you are ready to play the ‘Reverse Game’ to this.

b) you feel that Divine timing for everyone (whose life has been affected by this whole situation) has arrived, because this doesn’t just involve you. Take Adele for example, she has been feeling so grateful and completely at peace with the virus‘ presence in this world, however, she hasn’t been intuitively guided to play an active part (as either a healer/creator) in eliminating the virus completely. So in the last few weeks, instead of setting an intention for a permanent cure to appear, she’s been focusing her efforts daily on helping to raise the collective vibrations of the planet.

She trusted her I AM Presence to tell her when the world (and, the Forces of Light who are doing their best to help humanity from behind the scenes) are finally ready for the whole situation to come to an end. i.e. when the virus has fully served its higher purpose, and, when she will finally be called to assist in creating a new momentum; a new chain reaction that will put the entire planet back on track – thus manifesting the Optimum Timeline, to then get ready for what needs to happen next.

You all have the power to consciously create a powerful chain reaction that will end this ‘COVID-19 story’ that you (on a Higher level) had previously set in motion before. And of course, just like Adele, only do so if/when you feel ready, or, strongly feel that ‘it’s time’.

Unfortunately, this kind of powerful ‘Conscious Act of Creation’ (i.e. to eradicate the virus) can only be made by:

1) embodied souls who strongly believe themselves to be aspects of the Great I AM; to be powerful Creators of their own life experiences, or,

2) embodied souls who believe strongly enough that God (the Higher Presence governing physical life on Earth) will ‘save’ humanity and resolve this pandemic very soon.

In other words, the first group of souls represents those who believe that God is within them and they will take action to save themselves, whilst the latter group represents the souls who still believe that God is a loving force, high above and outside of themselves.

No matter which side of the wall, you/your loved ones, are standing on, as long as the majority of Earth citizens possesses a strong belief and powerfully declares that ‘this will ALL pass & be over soon’ then, it will indeed be over soon – provided that the second group of people no longer buy into what the mainstream media is daily broadcasting on their loud, 3D, fear-based channel.

It is now our turn to ask you all the following questions:

“What is your intention, loved ones? Would you like to actively participate and contribute to the process of creating and manifesting an effective solution to this whole situation?

Or, have you been mostly ‘swept up by the current’; the fear craze; going with the flow/with the majority, and thus been spending most of your time lately just reacting, rather than creating the ideal reality for yourself, and for the entire planet?”

If, just like Adele, Divine Timing, inspiration, and perfect alignment are what you have been waiting for (before taking action), then let this message act as a strong and loud ‘Call to Action’ for you.

As most of you here have already heard, there is a powerful 4-4-4 Ascension Portal opening up soon. We ask that you invite as many people as possible, to meditate together this weekend, and powerfully choose to manifest the Optimum Timeline for yourself and for humanity.

By choosing to participate in this weekend’s meditation; by always maintaining your high vibrations no matter what; by always being the voice of love, joy, peace, harmony, unity or, abundance to the people around you, you are in fact putting yourself on the powerful ‘God-Creator’ mode.

And whenever you are in this mode – the mode of acting like God, with God, and as God, you will successfully move Heaven & Earth, and will not fail to magically create the most wonderful physical reality that you desire to experience.

And thus Adele, there is never any need to ‘adapt’ to a situation that you have deemed to be negative, or, that which you have decided to change/no longer experience in your physical, both individual & collective, reality.

Whenever you all encounter an event/an experience that successfully provides the contrast necessary; the clarity that you need between ’what-is-wanted’ and, ‘what-is-not-wanted‘, what do you think you, as a powerful creator, should do next?

You need to first decide and choose to create a different experience (after recognising that on some level, you had individually created/collectively co-created the unwanted event, for it to have manifested in your reality). Afterwards, with complete trust and faith, simply follow your inner guidance as to what you should do next.

And this, loved ones, is how you can play an active, and powerful, part in resolving the unwanted event.

Adele has also asked us to briefly explain to you all here, (in preparation for this weekend’s powerful 4-4-4 Gateway Mass Meditation event) what it actually means to ‘choose the Optimum Timeline’ and, a simple way to do it, during the upcoming meditation.

In every moment of every day (even when you are not meditating) loved ones, you are constantly and very actively choosing your individual and collective timeline/physical reality that you wish to experience – both in that present moment and in your future.

In other words, your every thought, word & feeling that you radiate into the world is part of your powerful ‘Act of Creation’. You are creating either:

* an optimum timeline that will take you to what you wish to experience faster (with ease & grace), or,

* several variations of that timeline (e.g. slower timelines – depending on whether detours are required to get you to the desired destination), or,

* a non-ideal timeline (that may take you a long while to get to your destination, through unwanted routes) especially if your thought and feeling worlds have been mostly low-vibrational lately.

Your sustained beliefs; your dominant thoughts/words/feelings about yourself, about the world, and/or, about the virus, will determine which physical reality/which timeline you (and the Collective) are inhabiting in your present moment, or, which timeline you will soon create, manifest/inhabit in the ‘future’.

You do not need to wait until whenever you happen to sit down and meditate, or, until this weekend, to create and manifest your desired timeline/reality!

Get into the habit of always, and very naturally, aligning your powerful Tools of Creation (i.e. your thoughts, words & feelings) with the Highest, Optimum timeline for yourself and for the Collective, every moment of every day.

And the easiest way to do this, is to make a powerful intention (every morning as you wake up & at night before sleep) to be the full embodiment of your I AM Presence and for your I AM to take over control of your thoughts, words & feelings, so that they always represent the all-loving, all-wise God within.

During the upcoming Mass Meditation this weekend, how to choose the most positive timeline for humanity is equally as easy.

The following is our advice, and then simply choose which ones resonate with you the most, always following your own inner guidance.

1) State all of your intentions, i.e. what do you wish to create today, both for yourself &

the world? What is the entire purpose of this meditation?

e.g. to create optimum timeline for all humanity; to eradicate COVID-19; to create a

world filled with joy, love, peace, unity, freedom & infinite abundance for ALL, etc.

2) Spend however long you need, to get yourself to a state of feeling so relaxed,

peaceful and powerful – completely at ONE with your I AM Presence.

3) Make the intention to ‘connect‘ your heart chakra, and/or, the energies of your

meditation, with that of the Light-workers Collective’s. Thousands of light-workers

have planned to participate in this weekend’s mass meditation.

4) In this step, you can choose to do the meditation your own way. Some of you will

prefer to stick to the guidelines (previously given) and visualise powerful Light coming

from the Great Central Sun of this universe, travelling to all the galaxies and arriving in

the Central Sun of your galaxy. Once there, this Light will then travel to all solar

systems in this galaxy and all the planets in it. When it finally reaches Earth, visualise

the Light eradicating the virus completely and sparking further powerful movements

of Great Change & Transformation. Visualise everything taking place in the most

peaceful & harmonious manner, everywhere throughout planet Earth.

Others may simply wish to visualise as though you and humanity (all next to you) are

standing in front of a major crossroad/a major intersection. There are several paths

or roads to choose from, and then, by the power of the intention you have set prior,

your Higher Self will guide you and humanity, to choose the ‘Right‘ path/timeline that

is most aligned with your set intentions (this is very similar to the image Adele had

provided above). Afterwards, simply visualise yourself & humanity walking that path.

5) Simply send Light, Love & Healing to ALL on Earth and stay in meditation for as long

as you are feeling guided to do. And then when you are feeling ready to finish, simply

radiate Gratitude – that comes from knowing that everything has now been granted

unto you, or, has now been manifested in your physical reality.

There is no right, or, wrong way to meditate here. The important thing here, is that you need to feel free, to do whatever your own heart is guiding you to do, always.

For those of you here planning to participate in this weekend’s meditation, we thank you for your continued dedication in the creation of New Earth.

Your sacred mission is also Our sacred mission – we are truly in this together.

Look for and feel Our presence next to you especially this weekend, as We will definitely be there joining in the fun, to co-create New Earth exactly the way that you are envisioning it to be!

With Our love and devotion,

St. Germain & Goddess of Liberty.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2020.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.