those of you who are awake and aware that you create your reality are the ones at the helm, steering the ship into calmer and gentler waters.

the beginnings of the major changes - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael

The Beginnings of the Major Changes ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited about the evolution of your consciousness. We have been observing the progress that you have made as a collective consciousness, and we are happy to report that there is much more movement forward towards your ascension than you might be seeing on the surface at this time. A lot of what you see out there in the world, in terms of the major stories, reflects what has been and what is crumbling right before your eyes. It seems as though humanity is not making progress, because you don’t see the changes that you want to see in the external world.

But all of those power structures that are in place are crumbling. The people who have been working in the dark, behind closed doors, are being exposed. You are seeing the beginnings of the major changes that are coming, and all of that is due in large part to the awareness that you all have of the world that you are living in and what has been going on behind the scenes.

Now, initially, you have that moment of awareness of just how much darkness there is in the world, and that can become overwhelming, especially for an empath. But so much that has been a secret to the mass consciousness is no longer a secret, and the initial hit that you all took emotionally from becoming aware of the injustices has now morphed into a healing process that we see humanity going through at this time.

In that healing process, you are creating something new, something better, something that is more all-inclusive. You know, as awakened souls, that you must include everyone in this process. You know that the goal is not to separate the bad from the good, the dark from the light, the ones who disagree with you from the ones who agree with you. You know that this journey goes much further than that, and those of you who are awake and aware that you create your reality are the ones at the helm, steering the ship into calmer and gentler waters.

This is happening vibrationally and energetically, and soon enough you will see the results physically, but you do have to give this process time. And you do have to endure all of the exposure of the darkness in order to get past it. The light that you shine from within is enough to make those massive changes that you want to see, all across your world. And remember that your numbers are growing every single day and that the support from higher dimensional beings like ourselves is unwavering, and the scope of that help that you are receiving is unimaginable to your physical minds.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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I am.I am the Way, the Truth and the Light. YOU ARE.You are the Way, the Truth and the Light.-Sananda-

Sananda via Kerstin Sisilla, 5 mars, 2020

I’m Sananda. I am.I am the Way, the Truth and the Light. YOU ARE. You are the Way, the Truth and the Light.

You don’t need a guru to find yourself, your Higher Self, your essence / core. You are your own guru, your heart has all the truths of the Universe within it. My friends, beloved people on earth, brothers and sisters – the time has come to walk the Heart’s path. Self-empowerment, total isolation or various initiation rites are no longer needed to be inaugurated in the secrets of the Universe. Just step into your heart.

Take my hand and follow me and we go towards our origin, towards the Source and the Light. With both Mother Earth and Father Heaven in the heart of your heart, the journey goes so easy, so easy. The portal is opened, the gate is at the gavel so take my hand and we go together you and I – and you and you and you … Hear the angels ‘fanfares and friends’ cheers for now is the time of reunion.

I love you, everyone on earth, so much. Welcome to a life on the Golden Planet Gaia, a transformed and liberated planet.

In love. Your faithful friend, Sananda

Joy will become as contagious as fear has been.

Dear Ground Crew:

The following is a message from Apollo on March 3, 2020: “The time for comfort has come for life has been suffering too much for too long. The long-lived legacy the of the dark forces is about to be erased from the earth. Humanity will be able to take a massive deep breath and breathe freely. The time for celebration is near. You will be free from evil, corruption, fear, greed, power over others, service to self, and all wrongdoing. The light prevails. There is going to be a complete exposure of the dark ones. The light will shine through and you will live wonderful lives. What has been created in heaven will be created on earth.”

On March 3, 2020, in my “Monthly Meeting with the Master’s Class,” Mother Mary who represents the divine feminine energy, came to be with us. This is an experiential class, so we all go into deep meditation several times and we get information. This is what Mother Mary said through me: “These are the times of the Great Awakening. Have no fear, my children, for I am with you. You are loved and protected on your journey home. Let go of what no longer serves you. Your new world is being created before your very eyes. Behold a new day is coming and I will meet you there. I hold you in my arms and my heart. You are safe and protected. There will be magical moments as the final days of the old earth play themselves out.”

“The results of the elections will still leave you in a place of wanting. You know there is something much better for your country. The wolves are at the back door, but they will not get in. Humanity has some karmic lessons to complete before it is over. The truth is that you need a new system, and this is what it has all been leading up to. You are in a state of grace. Let the changes come along with the new consciousness so you can have the embodiment of a new way of living on the planet. You will live from the bottom up not from the top down. Your lives will be more for fulfilling. You have the knowledge and the wisdom to do everything in the light of a new day.”

Linda C. got this message last night, “Joy will become as contagious as fear has been.” “Sally K. heard that “We will be living in our own highest potential.”

The three-ring circus is continuing to play itself out. The coronavirus seems to be center stage globally. It is impacting lives substantially as well as business and finance. Who would’ve thought that by focusing much of our production in China that we would end up with such a disaster? Is this a part of the endgame?

One thing that is certain, the mainstream media is forging ahead with fearful messages. The coronavirus gives them ample ammunition to play with people’s emotions and their lives. It is almost like another form of terrorism psychologically like the fires we have had California and other places.

In The San Francisco Bay Area, there have been stories of people buying up supplies like lots of toilet paper, water, and paper towels, to the point where one Costco is ordering 10 times the amount of toilet paper than normal. One lady was heard saying that she would not drink anymore Corona beer (a Mexican beer) due to the coronavirus.

For me, one of the lessons in this is not to make fear our beer! By being in fear we are essentially feeding the dark forces. They live off of our fear-based energy and most of you probably already know this. Yes, it is necessary to have provisions for oneself and one’s family. Backup plans are always helpful. We need to be resourceful and think of ways that we can have what we need. (I just wish the Galactic’s would give us our replicators as soon as possible. Replicators are like 3-D printers and it’s what they used in “Star Trek.” I understand that they have them for everything like food, clothes, and even houses.)

Here are some tools that we can use to manage through these wild and crazy times:

  • Surround yourself with your favorite things
  • Watch funny movies
  • Play with children and animals
  • Take walks in nature
  • Listen to beautiful music
  • Do things that touch your heart
  • Give to others
  • Practice gratitude
  • Be with your cherished friends and family
  • Pray and meditate consistently
  • Continue with your life and make plans even if it requires flying, etc. You have to keep living your life. (Clove oil on the bottoms of the feet can help prevent illness.)
  • Keep beauty around you
  • Speak loving and kind words
  • Pause and enjoy the special moments that happen daily

As a favorite thing, I like looking at my beautiful orchard plant that bloomed after seven years!

Your Ascension and the Ascension of the earth are a given!..Please continue to think for yourselves…-Mira From The Pleiadian High Council-

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

through Valerie Donner, email, March 4, 2020

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with love in my heart and promises from the light.

We know what you need and how you are being affected by the forces impacting the earth at this time. We are beholden to you, ground crew, for all that you are doing to hold the light in place and for the Ascension of the planet.

What you are doing is quite remarkable. Since we last spoke with you a tremendous amount of progress has been made. Even though you are not aware of all that we can see, we want you to know that your work and your dedication are making a profound difference for all of life.

Your DNA was programmed to be completely activated at this time and it is. You are stepping into your true empowerment and will not let anything prevent you from accomplishing what you came here to do. This is why I mentioned “dedication” for opportunities have come your way to do away with your life on the earth, yet you have weathered the storm.

So, what is happening now with the chaos, the communicable diseases of viruses and fear, along with the other violent attacks from the dark forces, will not to be a deterrent for you in any way. Your Ascension and the Ascension of the earth are a given!

We envelope you with love and a mighty force from the Light Alliance, including a magnificent Galactic presence. The dark forces already know that it is over for them. This is one reason they are stirring up their nastiness. None of their operations will be successful.

Do not let them fool you and please do not believe some of the trolls that would attempt to mislead you. Read deeply between the lines when you garner information. Anything that brings in fear, horror, hopelessness, or depression can be a sign that something is off. We understand your situation is not a pretty one, however, we will tell you that our Creator is in charge and this is changing.

The truth is the dark forces get great pleasure in seeing humanity respond to their fear-based tactics. You have little idea about how much they laugh at humanity and how well they know how they can manipulate you. We know our ground crew think more for themselves than most of humanity because you have been put to the test many times and have strength and wisdom that most humans lack. The dark ones do not favor this gift that you have.

Well we say this is another one of the main reasons that we need you here at this time. Please continue to think for yourselves. Rise above the multitudes and to make your own choices according to what you know and feel. Soon you will be free to fly the skies with the Angels and your Galactic family and friends. We are waiting for you and we will have much to celebrate!

I am Mira sending you love and admiration.

Equinox Prep, Divine Protection and Singing to the Stones

Blessings Beloveds ~

Gaia has shared that she would reveal the new realms this year, with our ability to focus on the higher expression and learn to be Divine Creator beings again. The Golden Race DNA codes which have been dormant since post-Atlantis are getting activated in Embodiers. Our Higher levels repeat this message for the last five years: Show that you can be a responsible Creator, and the codes will reactivate the Creator State.

Embodiment requires a pure field of highest intent. Shift your focus to fine-tuning your expression if you desire this activation. Gaia reveals the next steps through the quantum effect of our DNA; revealing what is already created and recorded on our future/higher timeline.

Place your hands on the ground and ask her to reveal your highest trajectory. You might receive this gift from her, or feel the new cosmic stargate system. Same with the SUN and the solar flashing activity already in progress; connect your heart to Solaris and ask. These activations feel like THE event is happening in your cells, as if your cells and light body expand outward into effervescent diamond stardust.

Singing to the Stones: A Reminder to Utilize Sound

A few years back, the Pleiadians reminded us to Sing to the Stones and open the field with Sound. This is a frequent practice for Gatekeepers/Gridworkers, using sound in our activations and Gatework.

The use of our light signature via our own voice becomes a powerful tool during this passage. We notice this in gatherings; the harmonics and tones produced when we tone, chant and speak light language or Sanskrit together creates an altered space. We did this on the 12-12 in Sedona, creating a palpable field for DNA activation and a direct experience of an open Gateway to the Higher realms. The more we practice this skill together, the more we activate the NEW skills of altering the physical with unified intent – and sound.

Use toning, chanting, light language, singing and decrees in your personal journey to operate as your Higher Self. Become comfortable with the vibrations as they shift and purify your fields. For me, the open conduit has become louder and clearer with practice over the years, and can be a strong veil-piercing activation.

Most importantly, when we sing to the stones, elementals, plants, animals, mountains, or any aspect of Gaia with the intention to call forth the Crystalline expression, they respond as if they were awaiting our permission. Keep that in heart and request for the Crystalline/Christed/New Earth version to express right through that tree, crystal, rock, stream, animal, moon, or whatever you cross paths with. Ask to see it, they will show you.

Use your light signature through your voice, open your heart, and interact as we do in the higher realms. Reunify with the cosmic fabric of Oneness;  dispel the distortions of the old Earth – all is one in peace, harmony and Ascension. We recognize that all of Gaia is going through Embodiment, and we may assist in speeding up the process of revealing the higher expression in this Now.

Decrees for the Now

I AM still sharing DNA Decrees on Social Media, right through the early June Gateway. You may view them even if you don’t have an account.

Here are a few decrees for Interacting with the New Stargates, and protection from the fearful thought forms getting amplified and physicalized by the dismantling energies. (Note: All is amplified/physicalized to sort out timelines and choice of experience. Direct your thoughts, words and choice of reality wisely. Shut down or shift the irresponsible creation conversations.)

Take a breath. Feel the sacred gateway of the heart. Unify all levels and layers of Self in this now moment.

Infinite Creator, Pure Source consciousness; witness this. Feel this. Divine DNA within me, unlock the Cosmic Stargate activity which unifies me with the Divine Cosmic light of the pure organic Ascension Stargates. Amplify this activity in Divine Unity with my heart center and Higher Levels. Align, align, align.

I call forth the transmutation of all duality into Divine trinitized perfection. I send pure Love to the Higher realms, merge with them, and call forth the Cosmic Christ ascended white flames, the Diamond shining light, into all Sacred Gateways and New Earth Crystalline grid systems now.  Divinitize and activate the Divine Freedom codes for peace, harmony, unity, divinity, unconditional love and the pure and true organic Ascension to the maximum amount allowed by Cosmic Law in this now.

I call forth the highest levels of love, light, Divine harmonics and Ascension activations to pour through the Christed stargates, flow through the stargates within me, amplifying my Divine DNA as an interface for the great raising activity and the revelation of the pure and true organic Ascension. I offer myself as a conduit for this Divine activity in this now.

Beloved stargates of Ascension within and without, I send you my heartfelt gratitude, love, and Divine service and open myself as pure conduit of Source consciousness through these realms, shining as a beacon of light, amplifying the frequencies of pure Divine love, through every thought, word, deed, action as my Divine Presence in this now.

Infinite Creator, Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, Paradise SUNs of God, Great Central SUN’s purity and power, seal me in the Cosmic Armour of Divine Diamond Light. Surround my Ascension Column and BEingness in this pillar of Sacred Fire Love. I walk in these realms protected, empowered, and surrounded by the illuminating cloak of Sacred protection. I AM an immortal Divine BEing of the Light, and I ordain all of my realities to reflect this.

Diamond Shining Rays of Christed Mastery, blaze into every timeline, parallel reality, and realms of Gaia seen and unseen. Remove any remaining discord, limitation, disharmony or distortion which has ever registered in these realms or my beingness. Surround and seal Beloved Gaia and all of her Life in the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning and the Diamond Rays of Protection. Reveal the New Earth and Ascended realms to all willing hearts with ease and grace.

I ordain this under all graces, forces and pure source of consciousness. So be it. And so it is.

SUNday Unity Meditations and Equinox Prep

As a collective, we consciously receive influxes and produce outfluxes of this new level of Diamond-Christ light. We have some powerful passages coming up for Embodiment and Ascension, triggered by Equinox Gateway. Pay attention to where you are called March – June. This is an intense year of change, empowerment and freedom. Visualize and feel freedom, take any small physical action to light-ground that freedom for your journey and the global Ascending collective.

The March Equinox Gate is already in our field, and that Solar connection is open. The new stargate system consistently amplifies the New Earth Crystalline grid. The upticks in Solar activity and crystalline amplification in April and May pave the way for the Divine Gift of June transformation for Embodiers.

Join us on SUNday March 8 at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDTfor our #SUNday UnityMeditations[Note: Pacific Time changes this weekend. Use the time converters to match the synchronized global meditations.] Details HERE.

The Crystalline Convergence is a month away! Tickets for Saturday, April 11 are still available. Easter SUNrise meditation is free. See the event site for updated details and housing suggestions.

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Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,