I Create 3,333 € Basic Universal Income For All.

Now you know why there are four 3’s in our LOGO 🙂

It is not a charity,it is a Human Right.

the universal basic income counters the
cruelest effects of economic violence
the basic income makes us the masters of
our own lives the universal basic income
shows us that our community takes care
of our well-being and that of our loved
ones …

We Co-Create this together in this now visualizing the joy and freedom of each and every citizen on our dear lovely planet for the highest good for all.

And So Be It.And So It Is.

Feel More Than Fine

sometimes impatience is also a good thing!-AA Michael & AA Gabriel-


When you see the genuine, deep, profound transformation, applaud it, laud it, transmit it across the airwaves. Celebrate it!

A fabulous channelled gem shared by Susan from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael: Pay Attention To The Transformation And Celebrate It!

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, beloved.

Susan: Welcome to you, Michael!

AAM: Sweet angel of light, sweet angel of blue, patience is and has been your standard, your strength, your bedrock – patience and hope and trust – and for this as always I commend you, I reinforce you. But, as my beloved sister Gabrielle will say, sometimes impatience is also a good thing!

S: I have enough of that, that’s true!

AAM: And it is good because what it means is you also see, feel, know, inhabit, embody, welcome the vision, the Plan. And in that impatience, balanced with patience, comes the spur to activity, to engagement with others – with us – but I mean with the humans as well.

And so it is this sense of balance, sweet one, and it is this teeter-totter/seesaw effect that you will go from impatience to stillpoint to patience to stillpoint – but it is not travelling to the end of the seesaw, ever. And I only say this, not because that is what you are doing – you are in the centre, and it is in the centre of all of this where you anchor and, beloved dear heart, where you belong!

If the centre point, if the lighthouse, if the cell tower, if the beacon of hope is not clearly anchored in the centre, beaming out, providing light and energy and the transmission of love and, yes, patience and impatience, then people do not know in the human realm which direction to move in, how to proceed, where to look. And you provide this, and you provide it in a way of balance, of equilibrium.

You provide it in a way that is not the blinding direct light of a halogen beam, or the dim light of a 20 watt bulb. You do this in the measure, not only… let us be very clear about this… not only in the measure of who you are, but in the measure of how someone else – yes, this collective you call the humans – how they need and require it.

So let us explain. Sometimes there is a being, a person, known or unknown, that needs the 125 megawatt bulb and that is exactly what they get from you. And sometimes the same individual, who is tired and weary and feeling exhausted, only wants a 70 watt bulb and that is what you give them. And it is simultaneous!

We want you to understand the magnitude of how you are working on the subtle levels. At the same time as you, as the lighthouse, and many are performing this function, someone else, elsewhere across the planet in India or China or Australia, needs the 1,000 watt bulb and that is what you give them… or the 10 watt bulb, or the flickering candlelight, and that is what you give them!

You are not only demonstrating, beaming, at the rate of who you are; you are transmitting to others at the level that is compatible, acceptable, able to integrate to other people. And that, sweet one, is an enormous gift.

And let us say something further. Sometimes… alright, let us concede – often! [laughing]… you may feel that a certain situation, environment, collective behaviour, or individual behaviour requires a 1,000 watt bulb. That is your own soul inclination; you would like to beam the light so brightly that it brings into clear focus rigidity, strong relief, to the attention of not only those involved but to everybody.

Now, there are times when that occurs, but by and large, sweet one, the sweetness of your nature – the bringer of peace; you, the peaceful warrior with me – brings to the people, to the environment, to the situation, to the behaviour what is not going to cause discomfort, what is not going to cause rebellion, what is not going to cause rejection.

So, sometimes… alright, often!… it is softer than you would think would be useful. But you aren’t doing – and we aren’t doing – what we think we want; we are giving what is needed to that individual. Now, does this sometimes create a longer, in your reference, timeline? The answer is “yes”.

But when you attack – because a brilliant light sometimes is viewed as an attack – so when you attack recalcitrants with the brightest light, for example, then what occurs? The person becomes more recalcitrant, more resistant. So we turn it down in ways that are soft and encouraging and non-threatening, but deeply deeply effective.

Now also at this time – we are just talking about what you and my blue warriors are doing – at the same time, do not think that there are not multiple approaches on multiple fronts because, at the same time, bright angel, they are without reserve being penetrated by the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. And that is transforming them right down to the cellular level in a very practical, not merely esoteric, but in a very practical way. And they are seeking kindness and gentleness, and they are exhausted of cruelty and abuse.

At the same time, they are being gifted and penetrated by the Star Beings and their energy of Porlana C. Never has this been stronger upon the planet. So there is a multifaceted approach to this transformation that is well well well underway. And yes, if you think, beloved one, that you are impatient, have a look at me! [Laughter]

But – now there are some that are receiving that 1,000 watt bulb because the time, yours and ours, for subtlety is over. And in many of these situations, what you will witness is that the individual, many individuals, are simply choosing to leave and that is fine. They are returning home to the light, to the love, to be reintegrated, reflect, work from this side because many… it is not because they are deficient or recalcitrant… they are simply tired.

So there are those that are returning, and there are those that – in the bright light being shone either on the individual or the situation or the behaviour, or all of the above – are truly before your eyes transforming. And this is what we are asking you – and all of you, by the way – to truly pay attention to.

Yes, you see the recalcitrants, but also see and witness… and credit… the transformation where it is obvious – not make-believe, because many are simply making up stories and it is make-believe transformation, and that is not of truth or peace or anything that is of love. But when you see the genuine, deep, profound transformation, applaud it, laud it, transmit it across the airwaves. Celebrate it!

We have talked to you many times about celebration but one soul, one being, not just those in the public eye – one being who rises above the pain and suffering – this is to be celebrated!

Too many upon your planet live in what we can call ‘squalor’ – and we do not simply mean dirty or poverty; we mean emotional, intellectual and, yes, physical squalor – and this is transforming. And it does transform with the collective and individual actions that are being taken quietly and publicly, it matters not.

In fact, very often the quiet actions, the quiet interactions, are by far the most effective. And it is not that they go unobserved or unnoted; it is just that they are not headline events – but on our side, they are headline events!

So do not forget, when you see these little shifts and these massive shifts, to celebrate!


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

Citizen’s Basic Income

An unconditional, nonwithdrawable income paid to every individual as a right of citizenship.

(A Citizen’s Basic Income is sometimes called a Basic Income (BI), a Citizen’s Income (CI), a Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Social Dividend, or a Universal Grant)

A Citizen’s Basic Income is

  • ‘Unconditional’: A Citizen’s Basic Income would vary with age, but there would be no other conditions: so everyone of the same age would receive the same Citizen’s Basic Income, whatever their gender, employment status, family structure, contribution to society, housing costs, or anything else.
  • ‘Automatic’: Someone’s Citizen’s Basic Income would be paid weekly or monthly, automatically.
  • ‘Nonwithdrawable’: Citizen’s Basic Incomes would not be means-tested. If someone’s earnings or wealth increased, then their Citizen’s Basic Income would not change.
  • ‘Individual’: Citizen’s Basic Incomes would be paid on an individual basis, and not on the basis of a couple or household.
  • ‘As a right of citizenship’: Everybody legally resident in the UK would receive a Citizen’s Basic Income, subject to a minimum period of legal residency in the UK, and continuing residency for most of the year.

Every week, or every month, everyone would receive their Citizen’s Basic Income into their bank account. It would start when they were born, and it would stop when they died. The amount would change as someone’s age changed, each year the amount would rise slightly, and while someone was a child their Citizen’s Basic Income would be paid to their main carer, as Child Benefit is now – but otherwise no changes would be required between birth and death.

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Basic Citizens income

Greece’s Former Finance Minister Explains Why A Universal Basic Income Could Save Us


Next time you’re having an fight with somebody who doesn’t like the idea of a universal basic income, you might employ some of these arguments from Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s former finance minister. In an interview with the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger, he not only refutes the usual arguments against the concept that the government should give everyone a minimum check every month, but he makes them sound quite ridiculous.

The interview was published ahead of the Switzerland’s vote on a universal basic income (or UBI) in June. If successful, all Swiss adults would get $2,500 per month, and kids around $625 per month, whether or not they have a job. Here are some of Varoufakis’s best answers. First, on the need for a UBI:

For the first time in the history of technology more jobs are destroyed than created. Technical progress means that more and more high-paying jobs will disappear and thus shrink the middle class. This will in turn cause a further concentration of income and wealth in the upper classes. That’s why I fight like a basic income for sociopolitical reforms.

The robotization [of work] has long been underway, but robots don’t buy products. Therefore, a basic income is needed to offset this change and stabilize a society which has an increasing wealth inequality.

Asked if a UBI encourages unemployment, Varoufakis pointed to experiments in 1970s Canada that show people not only don’t sit at home all day, but they don’t even leave their jobs. Also, “In Switzerland, to my knowledge, only 2% of survey respondents have said they would stop working.”

As an example, he gives this zinger:

In Switzerland there are already many people who do not work, or hardly work: the rich.

Then, on why you need a UBI if you already have a good job:

What good is a well-paying job, if you are afraid to lose it? This constant fear paralyzes.

The interviewer then asked Varoufakis about a statement from Swiss corporate union Economiesuisse, which warns that the Swiss people would quickly turn to idleness.

It’s just a shame that the trade association has such a negative image of the Swiss people. And apparently Economiesuisse has no problem if, for example, children of rich factory owners and managers turn to “idleness” thanks to their inherited wealth.

They don’t work in order to survive, but in order to realize themselves. For example, by engaging in foundations, to work on projects, or to continue their education at first-class schools. Why aren’t children from less privileged backgrounds allowed a fraction of these opportunities? Less competition and angst will make people more creative, thus creating new wealth.

Varoufakis agrees with one problem–with $2,500 a month on the table, wouldn’t everyone move to Switzerland? He advocates for regulation, which is almost certainly what will happen.

The Tages Anzeiger interviewer then veers off topic, into a discussion about immigration, refugees, and xenophobia, but if you’re looking for clear answers to the questions most often asked about a universal basic income, the first half of the article is fantastic, and well worth a read.

experience and enjoy the transitions fully-Lord Merlin-

The Magic Of This Time Revisited by Lord Merlin

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

The world that you currently acknowledge as your reality is ablaze with magic. The very air you breathe into your body is filled with the presence of magic and your body is preparing to act out the energy of magic in your daily life.

Magic is a label for the life force energy, the essence, and truth of the Creator. It is an active energy. Magic is the process of intentions and energy that creates miracles, possibilities, and potentials. There is so much magic on the Earth now as the attention of all aspects of the Creator’s universe is upon you and the humanity of the Earth. Everyone is watching the miracle which is the Earth at this very moment. Even your soul, the essence energy within your physical body is watching you, observing the Earth and looking for the beauty of magic as it manifests. With so much attention being placed upon the Earth, there are vast quantities of energy, intentions, and light being focused into your reality. This truly is a blessing; you are being supported by the entire universe of all aspects of the Creator. The energy that is being anchored acts as a magnifier to develop your intentions and encourage all your truth to blossom.

It is not only the Earth that is attracting attention, all aspects, stars, and civilisations within the Creator’s universe are looking to each other, waiting, wondering and feeling the support that they send each other. They like you are acknowledging the lift in vibration, the increase in light, sensitivity, and awareness as well as respecting the wisdom within them which indicates that positive change is on the horizon. Those who are not aware or sensitive to energy may not be aware of the great magic that is occurring, but there is excitement, anticipation and hope building in the energy of many, creating a tremendous power of magic where anything is possible, where dreams can truly manifest. Many of you have longed to be on the Earth at this time, you have waited patiently for this time to come and it is here, so there is a need to continue to awaken your being as much as possible and allow your soul to guide you forward.

Your soul in itself is a form of magic; it is the only energy that can truly guide you through the transitions occurring now. So much light is being anchored onto the Earth, it is throwing the sunshine into all dark corners, the energy of negativity is being shed by all. The heaviness of the Earth is being altered into a higher vibration, it is impossible to hide from the power that the light currently holds, and this light is naturally igniting as well as magnifying the light within your being. It is appropriate to realise you can no longer hide the light within you, who you truly are, what you believe in and how you wish to exist on the Earth. If you continue to hide your truth even a small amount you will find your experiences thrust you forward to awaken and ignite your light further. You may wonder why you have been waiting for this time on the Earth?

The Earth is being re-coded to manifest a greater source and vibration of the Creator. Many new energy patterns of love are activating flowing gradually into the reality and consciousness of humanity. Some may feel it as an abundant wave of love extending from their being connecting with all. As new energy patterns activate from within your being, you may find a deep desire to first embody the energies before expressing them. You will be guided to delve deep within your being to explore the unique and diverse energies awakening through you to serve your reality and humanity. As the energy activates from your DNA and from your soul it will change your programming, the way in which you think, the way in which you perceive the world and your reality. As many people experience this, they will naturally alter the reality of the Earth into an expression and experience of the Creator. This process to me, Lord Merlin, is like magic. You couldn’t ask for a greater magic as the activation and the expression will be totally blissful for many. Some may not even realise the transition that is occurring but will naturally change their mindset to hold and express greater love and an expression of the Creator. Thus, greater unity, respect, honour, and truth between people will manifest, however, it may take time to be perceived and manifested.

A shift in consciousness may be experienced as many are encouraged to align with the Creator’s light and source, as well as, the Creator’s numerous aspects in order to encourage a greater awareness, understanding, and perception of what is occurring. Greater sensitivity to your soul and your spiritual being is being guided. You may, therefore, experience a shift from physical thinking and perceptions to spiritual soul understandings and expressions. The shift in consciousness is also to incorporate a greater unity between humanity, as every soul unites their energies to create what they truly desire and feel inspired to manifest on the Earth. Each of you is missing parts of your consciousness, your wisdom, and understanding. This is because you haven’t recognised these parts yet. With the uniting of humanity’s consciousness, aspects and parts of your consciousness and wisdom will be restored as you show to each other the information you need to acknowledge. Not only will this make humanity stronger as a united energy, it will allow for a true blossoming of the understanding humanity holds. This action in itself will pave the way forward for a greater embodiment and manifestation of love.

This time will activate a feeling of power and leadership from the soul. It is almost as if the souls of humanity are presented with a tool or a certificate that offers them permission to become leaders in their own reality. This is not to allow the personality or ego to lead as it has done before, it is to allow your soul to take a greater role of leadership in your reality. This will only occur when the individual is ready and has achieved a level of acknowledgment of the soul. For those who already feel a strong connection with their soul, then this will be magnified as new experiences and understandings of their soul and soul group manifest.

Through my communication today, it is my wish that you grasp the magic and the wonderful experiences that are manifesting into your reality. There is a need to acknowledge and appreciate the time you exist in and how you have placed yourself in the very centre of this experience for a reason, this reason is for you to experience and enjoy the transitions fully. Many of you feel as if you do not know what you must be achieving now, the spiritual practices that you need to integrate into your reality, I would say to you at this special time:

  • Acknowledge the magic, the beauty within everything and everyone, including yourself.
  • Focus on embodying love as this will mean that when the new energy patterns of love activate your experience will be greater. And it will be easier for you to recognise the activation taking place within you.
  • Constantly align your energies to the Creator and ask to accept the consciousness that is most appropriate for you.
  • Send love to the consciousness of humanity.
  • Bring your attention to your soul, listen to and radiate the light of your soul in preparation for the greater role it will play in your reality.
  • Take time to focus within on feeling the power and leadership from the soul waiting to blossom.
  • Call upon my energies, Lord Merlin, to assist you in recognising the energies activating within you with ease as well as, embodying these same energies with ease. Ask me to assist you in then expressing these activated energies appropriately through your being into your reality.
  • Meditate with the intention to remember the magic within your being, remember the magic within your reality and remember the magic of this time.

With love always,
I am Lord Merlin

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You are our leaders. We sent earth our best.-AA Michael-

Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart, March 2nd, 2020

Archangel Michael: Lightworkers Are Here With God

I posted: Lightworkers are here as representatives from the galaxy, not victims of earth’s ignorance.

This is Archangel Michael with a message for the lightworkers, those of you who have descended to earth in this now are the Bearers of Truth, not victims of your circumstances.

Soul connection is required for you to switch over to this new enlightened way of being. Without soul connection you remain what you have learned, a role or roles you are playing. Authenticity is what you seek in yourself – your own truth, your own inner Light.

This is a journey of courage. The courage to change everything you have learned, everything you thought you knew, everything you believed you were, to stand on new ground, the new ground of truth, the new reality that is coming to your planet now.

We stand behind you as you take steps to change. Change is difficult for those who have been indoctrinated into lies but they are nonetheless important. The energies of renewal support your journey, pushing you on while your soul pulls you towards them. You are the leaders of humanity now, not your presidents, not your social figures – it is you that hold this responsibility to your people – it is you that have chosen to do this so long ago.

You have studied, you have prepared and you have incarnated on earth during other lifetimes in order to help to change the course of humanity during those eras. You got a feel for how lower dimensional bodies and minds think and feel, you got practise at feeling the lower energies and acclimating to them. Then you left. You went back to the higher realms, other worlds and other dimensions, where you worked and studied more to prepare for your ultimate challenge – life on earth at a time of near death of a species.

Yes, your people are demoted to double stranded DNA beings. This is near death for a human as the human body can enact 12 strands of DNA with no difficulty, in fact, blissful joy. You prepared to come here, you prepared to understand what you were to fight, you prepared to be here at this crucial time in the history of the galaxy.

You came to be truth holders. You came to fight the dark. You are powerful beings, moreso than you ever would understand coming from your low frequency perspective, but you are. You are the darlings of the universe right now as you have taken on the fight that so few wanted to. You knew it was important for this planet and for all of humanity – because we are all One. Humans are one family, one body in a larger body called God. When part of the body is destroyed, then the rest suffers.

It is decreed that you rise from the slumber that others live under. It is decreed.

Change your minds. Question everything you encounter and ask, “Is this loving?” You’ve been given the wrong impression of what love is by your fearful minds, but love is pure, love is forgiving, love does not attack, love is happiness and acceptance of all.

Your minds have been dominated by evil for so long you don’t remember love. So you don’t remember yourselves. These next few years will be a huge awakening for all of you as you soldier forth into the Light. It is coming. The epiphany is coming. The cleansing of all to a more pure form. When you all remember yourselves again.

We support you in your work to remember yourselves and to change your minds to higher Light. We are all One. We work together as a strong unit against evil, against the dark.

You are our leaders. We sent earth our best.

I remain,
Archangel Michael of the highest Light


YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

The Most Valuable Currency of All.

The financial means of each and everyone in our societies , past , present or future have been dominated in their majority by belief systems that do not reflect where abundance and prosperity in all ways truly originate from.So much talks and discussions happen from all kind of gurus and financial specialists that while i am not judging at all, rather have been observing for quite some time now and from my perspective in this now moment i know it is their truth from how they see things taking place based on studies they have done.They speak about financial crisis and they speak about melting down of the financial current system to be replaced by a new one.And indeed i believe in a new financial system where we each and everyone on our lovely planet have access easily with grace and flow to : Free Universal Health Care System Respecting our Ascension process including Non Invasive Technology from the stars , Basis Universal Income ,Free Energy in all uses and Mobility ,Homes of our wildest dreams and Abundance of whole organic foods and clean water that allow each individual to continue their Ascension journey without being preoccupied of having to work for a living rather do the things that makes their heart sing.A new financial system to assist each and everyone on their Ascension journey is something that Ashtar Command has been talking about in one of channeled messages.I have produced a dance track on 432 Hz in 2014 that you may enjoy at the end of this blog named N.E.S.A.R.A. which are the initials of National Economic Security And Reform Act and for which you may find information on DuckDuckGo ,to not name always the one you already know.And sorry for taking us away from our subject, it just feels right to share some valuable information along the way.

And yes while the world and media speak about crisis ,deeply in me I know that there is no crisis and that the only crisis there is as Krishnamurti said it is a crisis of consciousness that is coming to the forefront to be seen with many faces :politics , finances ,science ,religions etc. I come to know deeply in me that indeed the most valuable currency of all is Love and Light .And one of the most powerful invocations i know of is : I Am The Love, I Am The Light. The power of words ,especially as the vibrations continue to rise on our now 5th dimensional Earth or New Earth , in thought form or better spoken out with firm conviction using the emotion of anger transmuted to love to express our self create around our Aura a field that attracts only exactly where our focus remains.And why would i choose to listen to any financial guru or other guru out there when I have in me all i need to create this field and radiate it out wherever i go repeating in the back of my mind :Everything always works out good for me as Abraham Hicks insists in her workshops.And when i say these words combined during my daily activities i create a field of energy where i am rendezvous-ing only with those that are in similar vibrations.Sometimes it is humans ,other times it is trees , animals , flowers , mountains and stars in the sky knowing that wherever i am in my financial means all is being taken care of and i do not need to allow in my system any worries that originate from environments i may find myself online or in real life.

The most valuable currency of all is Love and Light indeed!

And all my thoughts and feelings that come from this knowledge deeply integrated within my being only lead me to have ,be or do anything i desire in my individual life and collectively as more of us deeply know and grasp the value of what i am sharing with you here.In Being The Love and Love that I Am there is no crisis and there is no fear.There is only joy.There is only prosperity and abundance in all ways.There is manifestations and magic of all kinds that i witness for each breath i take.And that creates a field around me where of all the GOod stuff comes to me.I become the magnet of all the things i desire with ease, grace and flow in a state of non resistant desire appreciating and feeling the awesomeness of non resistant thought in every now.And since i occupy my mind writing this blog for more than 68 seconds more of the GOod stuff appears in my life.Universal Law of Attraction applied in real time in this now.

And you reading these words and practicing in your own this 68 seconds exercise create also a powerful field around you attracting all the good things in your life and together many of us doing this work we Co-create a reality that is For The Highest Good For All.That is what Love and Light guides us to do.We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, we know for sure that this GPS system of ours is a 100% secure system that can not be taken down and can not be disturbed by any noise out there.

To Feel More Than Fine is an inside job!