We can see a huge number of new healers emerging on Earth at this time to activate their Pleiadian DNA and to be the healers that humanity needs at this time.

Pleiadian Upgrades, DNA Activations & Healing ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been investigating the effects of the pandemic on your consciousness there on Earth, and we have determined that you still have a lot of growth experiences ahead of you. But we can also see that you are going to take the growth that is available to you, and you will be the most highly evolved and advanced human collective that has ever roamed planet Earth. No matter how things look on your world, you will always be on an upward spiral in terms of the evolution of your consciousness.

We know that you are capable of looking around and seeing where you still need improvement as a society and as a human collective, but what you cannot always tune in to are how you have been able to bring in so much high frequency energy as a result of the virus. We can, however, feel that shift that you have all made. Those of you who have wanted to become healers for quite some time have been receiving tremendous and activations from a variety of Pleiadian groups, including your own soul family members who are incarnate in the Pleiadian star system at this time.

When there is a need for healing on planet Earth, there will always be those who are awakened, ready to step up and play the role of the healer. You have been accessing the memories of what you have done as healers in previous lifetimes, and you have done so in large part because of the asking of the human collective consciousness. You are ready to take the next steps forward now. You are ready to inject more of that Pleiadian energy and that Pleiadian wisdom into your society.

Right now, those of you who believe in using vibration, sound, water, and crystals to help someone heal are the ones who exist on the fringe, but that is all changing. We can see a huge number of new healers emerging on Earth at this time to activate their Pleiadian DNA and to be the healers that humanity needs at this time. It is your desire to serve and your compassion that is helping you all to transform. You are all at the heart of the movement forward that humanity is making right now, and we are very proud of you and look forward to see what you will do next.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


partial transcript:

”….the coronavirus is serving a greater purpose and the purpose is not to kill millions of people with an excruciating illness the coronavirus is being used to get humanity’s attention to force us to stop doing what we are doing and to make us change the focus of our attention from the same old self-absorbed way of doing things to a new and hopefully heart-based way of doing things that will take everyone on earth into consideration for lifetimes…”

Divine ones, be Christed in this energy. Add your energies to our own and be united with the higher dimensional realities, be aligned with the cosmic wave of love, with the out breath of the Mother-Father, the divine All that has decreed this planetary liberation.

Seraphim Collective via Galaxygirl | March 30, 2020

Seraphim Collective 3/30/2020

Beloved ones. We are the Seraphim. (I am seeing them come through the portal of Alcyone, our great central sun, descending down in a pillar of white light, surrounding Gaia in a circle. We are a collective consciousness and yet we are one. We are orchestrators of love, of divine planning. We implement with divine focus and intention the will of Creator. Thus, we are the architects and directors of change. Your human words do not quite have the ability to hold the capacity of this meaning. We are the breath of life of creator, our breath is the creator’s breath, just as your breath is as well. We operate at a high level of dimensional activity. We are all completely focused on the success of Gaia’s rebirth and the liberation of this realm. Make no mistake – there are no mistakes. Creator has decreed it and it is done, it shall be done and it will be done. The breath of our love is to finally be fully felt. (I am seeing a great flash of light blast through the matrix, crumbling it. I am seeing the personal matrices of fear and pain that look like black legos surrounding each human collapse into smoke). Yes, we are the bringers of change in that we usher in the energies. We direct the flow of the cosmic breath to the most appropriate divine willed locations.

We move energies, we are love. We wish for you to join in meditation with us and join our hands in your hands as we encircle Gaia with light. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, who is to come, who is here now in this precious moment of cosmic inbreath and out breath, who guides this momentum for change in exacting detail. We are a manifestation of the presence of the divine, as are you. This is not blasphemous, this is truth. You are Source fractals who have bravely volunteered to be placed in a realm to promote healing and great change, the liberation of humanity is nigh. We see this as occurring now. (I am feeling breath on my back. In this circle around Gaia the seraphim are blowing onto Gaia. Great light is glowing now from within her body and the darkness melts away. I am invited to blow my breath as well). Divine ones, be Christed in this energy. Add your energies to our own and be united with the higher dimensional realities, be aligned with the cosmic wave of love, with the out breath of the Mother-Father, the divine All that has decreed this planetary liberation. Such has not occurred in this fashion before and we are all on the precipice of something divinely new. You are honored to participate. Hold this space of love, of light. We send it into the heart of the light workers, of the grid workers, of the world leaders who are being upgraded in new and tremendous ways, into the plant and animal kingdoms of Gaia and in turn all of Gaia’s systems, so that the light flows unhindered. (I am seeing glowing rocks and waterfalls, moving the energies, processing the healing, the change).

Rest little ones. Ground this light. Hold our hands during this turnover from dark to light and know that the light within you is stronger than anything the dark could conjure up to throw at it. The light and love of Creator are the fabric the universe, and it is within you. Many of you are becoming accustomed to our seraphim energies as we breathe on you. We are fully offering our assistance to the light workers and to Gaia’s ascension in this time. We are always in utmost service to the All. The divine has decreed this shall be done swiftly, with great purpose and tremendous love. As you watch your news programs send this tremendous love of the higher dimensional energies into your TV screens, into your news networks and like electricity it shall spread across the entire globe of media. Send light and peace to your friends who are unawakened and perhaps beginning to rub their eyes and ask the hard questions. Be aligned with our energies, with the Christed light inner glow first, before you answer, and beam them love purposefully first. This will put you in a wiser space and energetically provide that healing they are really seeking. We are with you. We are the Seraphim Collective. We are many. We are one. We are here. We love humanity.

~ galaxygirl

Art Work :Mark Eden.

You no longer require the man behind the curtain who does not know or particularly care about you. There is no wise man or woman who knows your needs as well as you do. And there is no wise man or woman who can create the safety net that is now your new life.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are concerned about catching the virus. Perhaps not. It does not matter for your role continues to be light in the darkness.

Of course, you think we are too positive or too something – your world is in chaos. The chaos is the result of the earth needing to shift quickly. There is no time for you to linger in sadness, fear, or retribution. For just as quickly as this virus appeared, it will disappear, only to resurface later if you and those awakening so desire

The world is focussing on one concept and only one concept – the virus. In the past few months, you and those awakening have tried to introduce other events for the same purpose to little or no avail. For you, en masse, have transitioned beyond fear.

So it is beyond time for fear-based, earth structures to crumble. Your earth structures are catching up to your inner workings.

Something similar could have happened earlier – perhaps an earthquake or other earth fear-based activity. But then, this is a different time of fear-based cleansing. So instead of opening their hearts in recent earth traumas, many indicated those people affected were not important to them.

The entire globe needed to react, to change, to care for one another.

Perhaps you worry that others do not care as much as you would expect them to, given the circumstances of this virus. Ah, such is so for a reason. As more and more humans work through their 3D fears, they will have the energy and need to care for others – as well as themselves.

You are now experiencing an overflow of 3D fear – most definitely displayed by those you have come to trust as your caretakers/leaders. That lack of caring displayed by those you have labeled as caretakers/leaders makes you even more frightened. Forcing you – and particularly those just awakening – to discover your inner strengths.

It is as if a baton has been passed from the caretakers/leaders you assumed cared for you, to you. Of course, such delineation is not necessarily obvious. Many of you continue to play the game of, “Why doesn’t he or she care enough to take care of me and others?” That game is over.

You are discovering you must ensure you have the supplies you desire or feel you need. For those at the top of your 3D power pyramid are no longer willing or capable of taking care of anyone but themselves.

Your leaders have accepted the complete fear package and are displaying such through this virus. They feel no one but themselves is important. They are incapable of thinking otherwise. For their role is to fully display the illness of 3D fear.

You merely need to read or observe your news feeds to understand that the majority of your local, national, and global leaders are incapable of displaying love as you now are beginning to understand it. They are replaying roles that have become outdated. A bit like horse-driven carriages. Even though you can travel in a horse-driven carriage, such is no longer the fastest, most comfortable, or most accessible travel system.

Your leaders are, for the most part, outdated technology if you will. So it is you are developing new methods of action and reaction. Not based on what you hear from those who continue promoting horse-driven carriages, but instead from those moving from their heart.

This is a new time. You have shifted beyond the old systems and ways of functioning. But your leaders do not yet understand that such is so. Which is no different than those insisting on only horse-driven vehicles after the automobile became a mainstay of the world.

Perhaps you think such leadership is a choice. So it is. But you are a different person. You no longer need or want a parent without any computer skills telling you how to operate your computer. This is a new world that calls for new responses to actions and places.

The majority of your leaders believe that all will be well as long as they are in charge. They do not expect you to have answers or actions, because that has never happened before in their 3D memory bank. The 3D rule of thumb is that there will be a leader or leaders who take charge – whether they understand the situation and have acceptable results or not.

A 3D case in point that has been repeated over and over is a leader deciding they need more land, power, money, slaves, etc. and as a result send their followers to war. For they believe, as you once did, that your leaders are wise. Even if you pondered the cracks in their personalities, you still felt the need to fight for that ambiguous entity called your community, state, or country. And if the boundaries changed in any of those areas, it was likely your leaders expected you to change sides and again fight for what they felt was important.

Now that you are the leader of you. Who are you? What do you want or need? How can you activate your inner being during this tumultuous time?

You no longer require the man behind the curtain who does not know or particularly care about you. There is no wise man or woman who knows your needs as well as you do. And there is no wise man or woman who can create the safety net that is now your new life.

You who have moved beyond 3D are going to find solutions as ingenious as the automobile, airplane, or computer. In the past, those who invented such items were considered geniuses or unusual. The pyramid of power was from the top down. So those at the top likely gave medals and accolades to any who improved their reign of power. Now, inventions or new thoughts will be the norm as you rapidly transition from follower to leader.

Does that mean every one of you will invent something? No. It merely means you no longer have to wait until someone allows you to be unique. You are not a follower. You and all those who transitioned beyond 3D are leaders in all aspects of your life.

So forget your frustration with your current 3D leaders. They are doing what they need to do to push you beyond your former complacency that someone will take care of you.

That someone is now you. So be it. Amen.

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You are the ones to remind those who are playing the role of the dark forces that they are in fact also Source Energy Beings and that the light within them can never be extinguished. That is a big part of the role of the lightworker at this time.

This Isn’t About Light Forces vs. Dark Forces ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

This Isn’t About Light Forces vs. Dark Forces ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very well informed about regarding everything and everyone there on Earth. We understand why things happen the way that they do, and we want to be very clear about something. It is always consciousness that is creating, using vibration. That’s the reason why everything that is happening has been happening, and it’s the reason why everything that is not happening has not been happening.

Now, you live in a physical realm on a physical planet, and so you look for a physical cause, you look for responsible parties. You look for who did what and why, and it is your right to do so. But change comes through the evolution of consciousness, and you are living in a time when there is a great opportunity to evolve. There is a great opportunity in front of you to work on yourselves, clear past life and current life trauma, and help one another in your times of need.

And so, we want you to know that there are always going to be forces of light and forces that are playing the role of the dark. But even those forces are really coming from the light, as we are all Source Energy Beings. We also want you to know that in the universe right now, which we are all a part of, there is far more light present. The light far outweighs the dark, and we also want you to know that this truth that we are giving you right now has not always been the case in this universe.

We have all surpassed that tipping point, and we did so several years ago as a universal collective. You, who are receiving this message, are a part of the force that represents the light. You are recognizing yourselves as Source Energy Beings, and you also recognize that you have an enormous amount of help coming from other beings representing the light, including ourselves. Therefore, we recommend that you not put your focus on the dark minority.

We recommend that you not give away your power by wondering what they are up to. We recommend that you look for more opportunities to band together and shine that light that comes from within each and every one of you. We also recommend that you acknowledge how powerful you are when you tune in to the light within you, instead of turning over every rock that you can find, looking for the dark and trying to figure out their agenda.

Now is a time to open yourselves up to the help that you have coming in as well, because those of us in the higher realms are amplifying the light, and only those who are looking for that light are going to receive it. You are the ones to remind those who are playing the role of the dark forces that they are in fact also Source Energy Beings and that the light within them can never be extinguished. That is a big part of the role of the lightworker at this time.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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March 28, 2020, visionsofheaven.com


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Right now we honor each and every one of your upon your earth, for you are making history – spiritual history – ushering in a new era of light, cooperation, connection, harmony, and truth. Amidst the darkness, a great love and great light continue to arise. The human spirit is strong beyond measure. Your love is coming to the surface as never before.

That said, there is still a great deal of fear upon your planet. Those of you who are empathic, even though you might not be afraid of the virus, may feel the vibration of fear. Any little fear you might carry in your own spirit can easily be amplified right now. If you are feeling your emotions a bit more intensely than usual, that is absolutely normal. If you are feeling a need for comfort lately, that is normal too.

You can, in the midst of all of this, find peace.

You can find peace by remembering that you always have God, grace, and streams of well being available to you simply through your intent to tap into these energies, and through your intent to be a blessing to others.

You can find peace by praying for the light of love to rise up within your own heart and the hearts of all humanity.

You can find peace by envisioning your body filled with light as well as the bodies of all those for whom you care.

You can find peace by sitting in meditation, or by sitting in the silence of nature, listening to the birds, or watching the clouds go by.

You can find peace by wrapping a blanket around you and inviting your angels to hug and hold you as energy through the material form of the blanket.

You can find peace by realizing that God is always God. Love is always a power greater than fear, and it is through your love most of all that you remain impervious to the lower vibrational effects upon your earth.

Dear ones, this will not last terribly long. Your love will prevail and in less than a few months things will begin to dramatically and surprisingly improve. We see that in your future, your hearts have already prevailed over the darkness.

Instead of driving you further apart, humanity will crave deeper connection. Instead of making you fear and hate, it is driving you to love. This virus has failed in its attempts to separate and isolate you for the long term.

Instead dear ones, more than ever before, you are becoming aware of your beautiful, loving, unity. More than ever before, in spite of status, salary, race, color, or creed, you are realizing you are one human race. More than ever before you care about your neighbors, your families, your friends…and people on the other side of the world, whom you will never meet.

You, dear ones, are the lights shining brightly. You are the ones ushering in a new era of connection. You are the brave ones saying to the universe and all around, “FEAR IS NOT REAL! I rest in the light of Divine Love and that is the only truth I will embrace.”

We are here for you. We are guiding you. in safety. We celebrate your beautiful hearts and your amazing awakening light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

David Wilcock: Mass Arrests to Happen in Early April

Transcript below this video.

David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic III: New Briefings, Restitution and the Big Picture!


Transcribed by Kat from Golden Age of Gaia

3 Days without Internet and cell-phones:

“Interesting moment in our Timeline. We have received new briefings and those briefings are very amazing.

2:00 We are going to get 3-days without internet and without telephone. You will be able to call 9-11 or emergency services. Basically it’s a shutdown of the phone and internet for 3-days. [We will have power, electricity, water, etc.]

The Timing on when is anywhere from today or tomorrow (March 29th or 30th) or before Good Friday. During those 3-days is going to be the arrests of the bad guys. This is a very wonderful thing.

3:16 Apparently it doesn’t matter if the bad guys hear this INTEL cuz there’s nowhere for them to go. What we heard, we got authorized to tell you this is going to happen.

5:00 The 3-days are very exciting if you understand what’s going on. I’ve been telling you for 11 years that you were going to need 2 weeks to a month of stored food and water, and you would need to stay inside… We knew that arrests would be taking place.

5:31 When the Mafia got arrested in the 1970’s they had to come up with a law in order to cross State lines and arrest a number of people at once… the RICO law—Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act… which meant that many people in various states could be arrested. And they create sealed indictments.

6:20 A sealed indictment is where a Grand Jury has been convened… (explanation of sealed indictments) County, State or Federal prosecutors present evidence to a citizens panel of jurors, to get the indictment…

7:40 We have a lot of sealed indictments, and during those 3-days many of these indictments will be unsealed and many of those people will be arrested and this is a very good thing… these people are Satanic… they created this virus… but they didn’t get it right.

8:30 The virus is not that bad… not a big deal… respect social distancing… it’s not the big deal the media is making it out to be…

9:30 If the fatality rate was 10% or 20% then you’d have a real disaster… that’s not happening. The Health Care system has been tested, people getting care they need… auxiliary hospitals being set up… USA is handling it… Italy is not cuz they’re too strapped…

11:00 We are authorized to leak that 3-day blackout INTEL. When you can’t get online or your phone doesn’t work, you gotta wait 3-days… when the lights come back on metaphorically… we’ve been told that every news channel, all the websites, all the tv shows are going to have this 8-hour chunk of information and play it 3-times a day… this is going to be information that tells you the planet was being run by a Satanic cult…. I know it sounds crazy… like a bad stupid horror movie.

12:00 There are people on this planet who have been here trying to plot against us for many many years and they have not succeeded they have lost decisively. If you really want to understand what’s going on I’m going to talk about some archetypes today.

12:30 One of the archetypes I’m going to talk to you about today is “the Father”… I’m going to lay something on you about Trump… on an archetypal level Trump is dad… We end up bonding with politicians as family members… Trump is America’s dad… if Trump is dad, then a lot of people are having dad issues…. We all have projections of what we want heroes to be… I haven’t fit in with people’s projections… people say I’m too arrogant… I really do try very hard not to have an ego… or try to promote myself…

15:20 What is really going on? This has escalated to a Biblical scale… the scope of what’s going on in the news is really heavy…

16:12 A bill was signed into law where people get $1200. If you make $75k or less a year… a check from the US Treasury… one of those refund checks… as long as you paid your taxes… $3600 for your family…

17:00 China is 95% back up into production

19:00 Recap of the meeting of Billionaires, including Bill Gates, trying to figure out how to combat over-population?

21:00 A very secret meeting… because they don’t want to be seen as a global cabal… over-population was their priority… population growth would be tackled as a… threat. They think that humans are a disastrous threat to planet Earth…

23:00 These guys have wanted the planet to be where it is right now… everything shut down… but it won’t last very long… maybe to the end of April.. but when the phones and internet shut down that’s when EXCITING stuff is happening…

24:00 Right around the corner these people are going to get arrested… but they wanted to get rid of us with vaccines … each pledged a total of $46 Billion dollars to make vaccines… they designed Covid-19… they got it to be highly contagious but it is NOT highly lethal… nonetheless this thing is very contagious… this is not normal everyone would have to stay in the house… this is designed… not something Nature would do… cost them $46 billion dollars but have only killed 25,000 people… they spent $1.5 million dollars of their money per death…

27:32 I propose… how about you give a grant to 25,000 people who are up and coming, who have proven that they have a cool idea… something that could change the world, something positive… and you hand out grants for $1.5 million dollars… would the percentage of 25,000 people do something greater than whatever this thing is?

They’re just screwing with everybody’s heads… They’re screwing with our peace… they’re just trying to show one last time before they get defeated, that they’re masters of the universe… that they can keep everybody home… but it’s not that dangerous… not really killing that many people… as we’re going to see from Michael Levitt, biophysicist, the Jimi Hendrix of epidemiologists… who should be respected. (2.)

30:00 [Discussion of coronavirus] Coronavirus designer, Zaosong Zheng … arrested on December 9, 2019… trying to smuggle 21 vials of C-19 … into Wuhan, China…

33:00 China is in a war with the Deep State… [long discussion of vaccines, C-19, Bill Gates, Q Anon, etc.] David is verifying information on how it was created, who paid for it, what they intended, and how it ultimately failed…

40:00 Please understand that the Electoral process got hijacked… we didn’t get the results from Iowa and New Hampshire screwed up… it might have been Sanders, but all of a sudden it’s Biden?…

The Alliance and the illuminati explained:

41:00 In the last show I presented to you the history of something called the Alliance… in Russia it goes back 300 years they’ve been trying to defeat this so-called illuminati… here in the U.S. it’s been going on since The Korean War which is from 1950-1953… [very important explanation] American Generals realized the United Nations was actually killing off our soldiers and they’re supposed to be our Allies… this also wove in with Aerospace tycoon, Howard Hughes…

42:00 Howard Hughes hired some couriers… female sex workers actually, who were Intelligence agents, to have sex with other people in the Aerospace Industry… who were talking about this “illuminati”… women got them in bed… women got them talking after they’d have sex and they revealed that do they believe themselves to be the descendants of an extraterrestrial race going back to Atlantis… I know it sounds crazy… they really do believe this… they don’t think they’re humans they think that they’re something more… they think that they’re magical blood… very attentive to their bloodlines… to who is in the right of succession… who was the king… who was the queen… much of the people wo are now in the illuminati believe that they’re direct descendants of key families that you read about in the Old Testament… they believe that they’re Old Testament Royal bloodlines that are still around…

43:15 Howard Hughes gained a lot of information about this because he wanted to know why Hughes Aircraft was constantly being washed out by other companies that had inferior products and not as competitive prices for their bids… but they always got the bid… well because it was a good old boys network all working for one agenda… he learned a lot of this… and fed that information into The Alliance…

44 The war between the Alliance and the cabal… how long it’s been raging… at certain times the Alliance almost succeeded… Eisenhower tried to invade Area 51 and did get some information back… Kennedy was trying to defeat the Federal Reserve… he got assassinated… Watergate… Reagan getting shot when he wanted to tell the truth about UFO’s… Iran/Contra scandal 1987, where we found out the government was dealing cocaine and arming terrorists… Oklahoma City bombing, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building that was blown up actually had all the documents that were going to be used to arrest and destroy the illuminati… they were clever in stopping that from happening… then 9-11 where the Pentagon was hit was right in the office of the Naval Intelligence Operations with information that was going to be used to arrest the cabal again…

45:23 It’s been 19 years since 9-11 and there’s been this vicious war behind the scenes… which I first learned about in 2009… from Dr. Pete Peterson… he was telling me he was having meetings in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility rooms… SCIF rooms… you cannot get a cell phone call… radio waves don’t go in there… can’t listen to you with surveillance…

47:30 A lot going on here folks… it’s not easy to be the guy that tells you these things… I feel obligated to do it because I don’t want to see these people to succeed… The Alliance is a really cool things… in 2009 I started to find out about SCIF rooms… and the Military is discussing these Satanic group that’s trying to kill everybody on Earth and how can they defeat them… Pete Peterson was brought in on that… and I was getting briefings from him… there have been plans to try and get this mass arrest done since 2009… I’ve been talking about it for 11 years saying it was right around the corner…

48:53 During the Obama administration they were going to do this Military takeover… power goes off… a surprise… a lot of fear… at the last minute they pulled the plug on this plan… the Alliance doesn’t have a lot of money… the Alliance is actually a grass roots efforts… don’t have an enormous amount of resources to do what they’re doing… so they needed someone who could self-finance… they wanted an Alliance candidate to run for POTUS… weren’t very many choices… they needed somebody who could self-finance, who was not a Satanic pedophile blood drinker… needed somebody who could actually find out what was going on and be repulsed by it who wanted to do something about it… so they brought in Donald Trump…

Before he ever decided to run he was brought in by Military friends of his… he got briefings that lasted for two weeks… where they showed him really horrible horrible stuff… and he started talking about stuff that never was talked about before… what’s actually happening… remember it was supposed to be Jeb Bush vs. Hillary…?!? snore… Trump was the Wild Card… if you’re only paying attention to what the media is telling you you’re missing this huge thing that’s going on…

51:05 Because I’d been getting these briefings about what was Trump was really doing here… then I start to see these briefings come out on 4chan in the year 2017… through a source called Mega Anon… I published her on October 11th… I became friends with her… and she was talking about the idea that the reason why Trump got into office was to arrest these people and he was working with the Military and the International community to do that… after I publicized this on October 11th the Q-Anon stuff started October 28th… only 6 days after my second update after Mega Anon… started on 4chan then to 8chan and now 8chan is on the Dept. of Justice server… the Q post definitely appears to be coming from the President’s administration… Trump and Q will tweet things as close together… Trump will say something that Q already said… Trump talks about the 17th letter of the alphabet which is “Q”… the media has spent an enormous amount of time trying to debunk Q…

53: If you read the Q-Anon stuff it is literally like the full on conspiracy theory… a very very comprehensive body of information quite amazing in its scope and depth and it’s the truth…

54:07 What about what’s going on right now…. AVOID media fear-porn… the coronavirus numbers are all off… [Discussion of C-19]

1:00 Here’s the deal: 5X more likely to affect Asians… 80% likely to be men… that means that the numbers you’re getting from the MSM is wrong… most of the death rates in the countries I’m looking at is 0.003%… allay your fear… you’re not getting confident reporting of people telling you it’s OK… you’re getting fear-porn and I’m trying to fighting back…

1:01 Wall Street Journal gave us some honest facts… 1. Current Charts instill fear deliberately… charts aren’t relevant… 2. Cases per million are very SMALL… 3.Affected Countries are showing regular ongoing decline… 4. Virus follows a bell curve and it declines fast after it peaks… 6. Virus burns off in the Summer Heat… few cases of coronavirus in Africa, doesn’t like the heat…

1:05 The virus was man-made… traces back to Bill Gates and this over-population thing they wanted to do… the truth is awful… 8. Fatality rate declining quickly… Nobel Chemist Michael Levitt says this will end very soon…

1:08 This whole 18 month prediction is not true… they don’t have deaths in China at all… blames the media for causing unnecessary panic by focusing on the increase of cases of the virus…

11:10 We should get the country up and running…

1:12 The real story is the defeat of the Deep State… [aka cabal, illuminati]… description and history of it

1:13 …The illuminati… covert power and agenda… a sadistic Satanic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world… it is largely homosexual and pedophile, and practices animal sacrifice and ritual murder… works hand in glove with the with the CIA and Freemasonry. It is Aryan supremacist (German is spoken at the top) but welcomes Jewish apostates… there are Nazi’s at the top level….

1:14 In light of what [the illuminati] has done with the economy… you guys get shut down over 3-weeks… and you need these gigantic bailouts… we bailed you out in 2008… playing the same games you did before… … Federal Reserve was taking a $trillion dollars a day and were going to do that to the end of the month…. But that all changed.

1:15 But I want you to hear about what [the illuminati] were planning to do…

[Long explanation of who the illuminati are and what their plans were and what is NOT going to happen… keep in mind, the cabal is being defeated…]

1:17 They wanted to destroy the planet… they wanted to reveal that they are Luciferians… and if you don’t want to go along with it they’ll put you in a concentration camp… they’re as serious as a heart attack…

1:18 Q-Anon and Trump presidency is intended to STOP this thing and it’s working…

[David continues to tell you who the illuminati were and what they were planning. Too revolting to transcribe.]

1:24 This is being stopped. Thank God…

1:26 The illuminati have quietly and covertly fostered their takeover plan by their goals of the infiltration of:

1. The media

2. The banking system

3. The educational system

4. The government, local and federal

5. The sciences

6. The churches…

1:32 The illuminati plan has not worked…

The Alliance has successfully countered this plan… I’m very very happy to report this to you:

The Federal Reserve as of March 27th in the new $2.2 trillion dollar bill has been taken over by the United States of America. This was Kennedy’s dream and it has now happened. Kennedy was working so hard to defeat the cabal, in Executive Order 11100, when he stopped the Fed from selling off all of America’s silver because if we keep that silver we have collateral… Kennedy said he intends to expose the plot to enslave every man woman and child… and was assassinated… and shortly thereafter they stopped making our coins out of silver and they just tried to sell it all off… but now Kennedy’s dream is official… and the MSM is already portraying it in a very negative light…

1:33 The federal government is Nationalizing the Fed, the Treasury, not the Fed, is buying all these securities and backstopping of loans; the Fed is acting as a banker and providing financing… believe me they’re probably not doing it willingly except that the Alliance has forced them to… the Fed hired BlackRock Inc. to purchase these securities and handle the administration of the SPV’s on behalf of the owner which is the Treasury…

1:34 This is NOT something that they wanted to do… this is not the plan that the illuminati had… Remember, the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE corporation that took over the financial system as of 1913… and we’ve lost 99% of the value of the dollar since that happened due to inflation…They are not our friends. They are a Foreign Entity. They’re not even in the US…

They’re mostly British Bankers and they are part of the too big to fail banks… so the Federal Reserve is literally these wealthy British Billionaires controlling our currency… with the intent that at some point they would to reveal themselves and what their religious beliefs are, they have this weird cult… that they wanted to take over the planet… well that’s all gone away they’ve lost that power…

1:35:17 Trump has taken back the control of the Federal Reserve. It’s so amazing… the Nationalizing of the Federal Reserve that we’re going to get Treasury Notes not Federal Reserve notes… it actually happened because the Alliance’s plan is succeeding….and this is a big big part of it… if America is in control of its own currency that means that these guys are not… the Alliance is going to come out very soon, after the 3-days and tell you what’s really going on… and it’s very very AMAZING….

1:36 “In other words,” it says in this article, “the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets. The Fed is providing the money to do it. BlackRock will be doing the trades. This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.”… the media can’t stand it… there’s a lot more going on here…

1:36:45 There’s a very strong likelihood that mass arrests are about to happen… “On March 3, 2020, the U.S. sent 20,000 troops to Europe… the 20,000 soldiers beginning to arrive from the U.S. in European ports and airports for the Defender Europe 20 exercise is the largest U.S. troop deployment in Europe in the last 25 years. Including those already present, about 30,000 U.S. troops will participate in April and May, flanked by 7,000 troops from 17 NATO member and partner countries, including Italy.”… this is a HUGE 18 country effort to save the world…

[discussion of the Military equipment]

1:38:27 I was thinking that the arrests were already happening with that exercise… that was not true… we got briefings on that… they are in position but they’re not doing the final stages yet… what we now know is that there will be a shutdown of Phone and Internet… and it’s going to be 3-days…. We’re calling this the 3 days of darkness… remember Q said it would be Biblical?

1:39 I never thought I’d be able to talk about this briefing… the final stage involves about 3-days without Regular phone or internet… you can make emergency calls 9-11… and they want you to know about this so you don’t freak out… there will be the Emergency Broadcast System…

1:40 During these 3 days they believe they will be getting everybody… they’ve got it all planned out… probably will get it done in 3 days…

From Corey Good text: “With the Virus scenario they may not need to take comm’s down or shut down electricity in regions… we are not hearing they will turn off electricity and that’s very important… this virus, the cabal’s last ditch effort… may be the perfect screen to do the arrests… I am also hearing that there are very strange troop movements, Nat Guard but also elite Marine units that specialize in breaching compounds have been seen moving about in a frantic manner on their base (Can’t rem which one.)…”

1:41:33 Here’s another thing… these Military Units have been planning to do these arrests for YEARS… and they have been in warehouses where they have lines of tape and they’ve taped out… how to get in, how to get out… how to get the people out alive and safely… they don’t want to kill people… they want these people to be on trial… this is not a mass murder… this is an arrest… and apparently there’s nothing that these guys can to do run so it doesn’t hurt anything for me to be leaking this intel… so this is very exciting…


5-different sources who independently said the same thing to Corey Good… 5 different sources have said there will be 3-days with no phone or internet other utilities will be on… your phone will do that loud buzz on the Emergency Broadcast System… they’ll say something like “please remain calm. Stay inside your house.”

… They’re not going to tell you this is the Mass Arrests… so some people are going to have a serious dark night of the soul when we go through these 3 days… they’re worried this is the end… this is Martial law… that it’s a government takeover… that’s not what it is… the real takeover was going to happen if the illuminati had not been opposed by this amazing group of Military and Intelligence officials not just from the U.S. but all over the world that are working to make sure these plans don’t succeed…

1:44:26 After only 3 days what we’re hearing is everybody’s going to get the truth… there’s these 8-hour chunks of data… they’re going to run 3 X a day… you gotta watch the whole 8-hours to get the data and once you’ve done that and you’ll be aware of what’s really going on…who these people are… what they were trying to do… how they were stopped… I cannot begin to tell you guys how f’in excited I am about this…


[more explanations]


We have to re-wire and re-boot the internet that’s why it’s gotta go down for 3 days… because there are major nodes, major choke points that all the traffic is flowing through… these nodes are very dark… and they must be removed… after those choke points are taken out of the internet, cutting the cords, rewiring everything… then they turn it back on so that now all these very evil and dark places that the cabal was using for censorship for surveillance… all those tools are being taken away from the cabal now…. We get a new internet doesn’t have the bad guys being able to watch you through your camera phone anymore…

1:49 The Alliance does not want you to be afraid during these 3 days they want you to be excited… this is not Martial law… don’t go running out side with a gun… stay inside and be happy that we’re going to get this thing… after it’s over we get the truth coming at us from everywhere…

1:50 New briefing on Saturday March 28th…

We have no idea IF or WHEN this happens…

1:53 Many sources say: 3-days darkness, no phone or internet, after 3-days you get the truth… A text from one of David’s sources: “I heard something about a media shutdown between April 1-10, when a lot of indictments will be unsealed, ending on Good Friday. I’m hopeful.”…

The Alliance wants to reduce panic… the Alliance has authorized David and many to release this info so no one will freak out when we go into the phone internet lockdown part…

[Lots of stuff about The Law of One and Ascension]

1:59 What is happening to us as we are going through this Covid shutdown… I’m very sensitive to the idea that you may feel that you are screwed for life, your business is screwed, your finances are screwed, you have no hope you have no future… but they’re already going to be paying everybody $1200… and they’ve said they’re going to do more if they need to…

and when we get out of this we’re going to have a Global Financial Reset which will have much greater prosperity… there’s literally trillions of dollars that the cabal stole that the Alliance has frozen… and that money will be released… this is actually in alcoholic terminology “we are hitting the bottom” and we don’t have to go lower than this as a planet…

[More stuff about The Law of One and Ascension and Angelics]

2:46 I believe we can get through this thing without major Earth changes…

3:23 I hope that now I have greatly allayed your fears…

2:57 Group meditation with Tibetan Bowls – beautiful –

When the phone goes down, don’t freak out

Pray for the Alliance, pray that all goes well
When the internet goes down or the phone goes down, don’t panic.
Don’t worry.
All is well.

Stay home and let the Forces of Light do their very important work.

Meditate, contemplate and seek the Creator.

Once the 3-days are done, massive arrests will have taken place all over the globe, the internet will have been completely re-wired, the spy-ware completely removed, and then, 8-hour videos have already been prepared that will let everyone on Earth know what the Truth is. Those 8-hour videos will be played repeatedly so everyone will be able to see it and receive the information.

This is the passage from the old systems that were imbalanced and did not work for the planet, her kingdoms and humanity — into a lighter world, without all the darkness.”

Ashtar via Sharon Stewart, March 29th, 2020

This is Ashtar Sheran with a message for all on planet Earth.

We are deep into this process of liberating your people. The Storm has begun, as you’ve noticed, and military is being engaged in order to help protect you from deep state retaliation. They still have their own allegiants who back them; remember there are military forces who are not human and are completely controlled by the deep state. These forces have no compunction and will harm anyone who enters their path. Although they may appear human, they are anything but that.

I am pointing out to you that this war has now landed upon your soil and in your cities and it could be an ugly war if not dealt with quickly and efficiently by your Alliance forces. Your light militaries are skilled at what they do, but outsmarting a machine with no moral character is something they may not have experience with.

These battles will be staged within your city limits. Being the last strongholds of the elite, your cities will be vulnerable to battles. This is why you’ve been asked to stay home – most do not live within the inner cities because your inner cities are the homes of the rich. The center of your cities have been structured to be safe havens for the elite but they are no more as your tanks approach their homes.

Remember there are underground tunnels that link all these homes together and it is easy for their forces to move under the surface where they won’t be seen by curious eyes. At the moment, they are guarding elite homes in the inner cities. Remember, rumours of elite arrests can be exaggerated.

We are also ferreting out elites from their outposts in New Zealand. They have gone underground as they have bunkers there and there is battle ongoing as well. Most are on the run, attempting to escape capture. We have your world surrounded; there will be no egress available to them.

We appreciate the work of those who spread the messages provided to you by channelers. However we ask that you have consideration and name your sources so that they too, can benefit from the hard work that they do. Those who are high of Light are shadow banned by your social media and although they work tirelessly, never seem to gain the popularity of others who are less targeted. Having the skillset of channeler, with connection to the beings who are sworn enemies of your dark controllers, is a very targeted position for a Lightworker to hold. We guard our channelers carefully so that they are not murdered, harassed or hit with DEWs as has been the case with Sharon. Attempts have been made on her life and she has prevailed to be available to do this work for us.

Now for those who live upon your surface, who are afraid of the virus as this news continues to be put in your view, please turn off your television sets and limit your exposure to the news. Your news is propaganda, which tells you that which the elites want you to believe, not the truth. They are telling you because they want you to believe in it so that it is in fact the reality that will be created. Your news is lies and your media are liars. We are overtaking the media but you have a large system that, unless we block all transmissions through our QFS, is hard to regulate. We are also cognizant of the non-interference clause on our contract with the dark. We of the Light have sworn not to interfere with their surface operations in order to help keep you alive. That was the trade-off we made. That’s why it’s important for all to wake up. Until the elite is locked up and the dark ones are halted in their reign of terror, we of the Light are still limited in what we can do to help you lest retaliation be provoked.

On that note, this current leg of the collective liberation process has been about learning to take responsibility. Your governments bore much of the responsibility for your lives as they were controlling you,. Now as this control is beginning to relinquish, you will gain more of your responsibilities back, and this must be taken in steps. Many were not able to secure food rations and many hoarded too many rations. Collectively you must work out your responsibility to self and to others and you’ll have more opportunities to do so in the coming months. Many still respond with fear, some are more level-headed and some are not aware at all of the crisis that is looming on your planet, but I am warning you now: There will be hard times coming for you as you take your collective responsibility back from the deep state, as you face battles in your inner cities, and as more viruses may be unleashed upon you. Any retribution on the part of the deep state/the dark ones will be directed at you and you need to prepare for this as best you can. We of the Light will always be here to help to the utmost extent that we can.

I have said it before, and will repeat myself here: There is a war on. It was a war on your minds and this is lessening, but there may be retaliation and you need to prepare for this. Listen to anything that is asked of you by government agents and do not fear a governmental take-over. There is no take-over by anyone – this is a process of releasing you to your eventual freedom.

Thank you for your cooperation.




Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

The Art of Turning The Other Cheek.

This pandemic will vanish from the face of the planet much faster than any ‘specialists’ out there speak of.Exactly like chemtrails (you remember maybe?) in the skies that we don’t speak of any longer ,same will happen here.How do i know?it is a question of exponential Quantum Physics that happens with prayer and meditation.Love and Light is stronger than any 3dimensional mind out there can conceive,Love and Light is the mightest strength in the Universe.Nothing will be the same in our societies any longer, nothing will bring us back to what it was.Only better and social distances will remain for a while for the highest good for all.Humanity will come out of stronger and before not too long all will recognize their oneness with the Supreme Creator as individuals and as a collective.It is an inner job to feel more than fine at all times and to always practice the art of turning the other cheek so we can laugh a little longer ,especially when someone is lashing out to others, not being aware that they are actually lashing out to his/herself and only his/herself. You are responsible on how you feel any moment of the day and it is your job to yourself out of self love to remain peaceful , calm and loving no matter what you see or you face or arises.You don’t need to face reality, create one that works for you.No need to react to anyone. Act be creating in your mind before hand what is that you want to see. Do not believe any human out there what they tell you, including me.Take from what they say and follow the inner guidance that makes YOU happy and feel if there is resonance.This how community is created.And when everyone does this work ,we can be sure that we all are going to be on a planet that is loving and forgiving that works for all living creatures in reverence for all life and for the highest good for all.What you feel and think you create.As within so without.Focus on the joy and contemplate your worthiness.Value yourself as much as you deserve it.And Watch the miracle unfolding before your eyes.Only you can do this in your world.And Always ask to be assisted by the beings of Light of the unlimited unconditional love.When you ask for something it is given.Always.Allow this to come to you be receiving more Love and Light.S.TA.R. SURRENDER,TRUST,ALLOW.RECEIVE. You are Sacred.You are Divine.Feel it!Feel it Now.’’Be Silent and Know That IAM GOD.Be Silent and know that IAM.Be Silent and Know.Be Silent.Be.’’ We are in this together changing what no longer serves us any longer from the bottom up!



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What stifles compassion? The codependent tendency (compulsion) to want to fix someone.

Your Spiritual Eyes | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

My Post: I was shown. All my life I was shown….. Every minute of every day I was being shown something….

– drug addicted alcoholic boyfriends – reflected my own addictions back to me, yes, but also with compassionate eyes I see how men (not all men, but many) are stifled in this world. There are female drug addicts of course, but I didn’t know any so I guess it wasn’t part of what I had to be shown.

– I was shown firsthand dirty corporate tactics and how they fly in the face of the legal system. How they are there for themselves and not the employees they so loosely term “family”. I was fired off a sick leave and then screwed over by the insurance company that was to give me long term disability benefits (deep state).

– my own experience as an oppressed woman, child abuse survivor, daughter of two narcissists – I was shown what passes for child rearing in some circles, and I was shown on a smaller, personal scale how the Matrix works

– I was shown pedophilia when my nieces were abused by their grandfather

– I was shown the depravity of the toxic male in the workplace through personal experience

– I was shown how “trusted” medical professionals are anything but that

– I was shown how corporations “overlook” some of their own “values” with respect to environmental issues, because they’re making money

– I was shown how the worker is not valued in the workplace except as an expendable source of revenue

– I was shown how the medical system doesn’t work for some people and I turned to holistic medicine

– I was shown how people on the street live, how they think and how they don’t fit in with the rest of society

– I was shown the futility of the normal 9-5 work week, and of working in general

– I was shown that money basically means nothing. Sometimes you have lots of it and other times not so much and I’m still here regardless

– I was shown the futility of some people’s lives. My neighbors showed me this as they are basically addicted transients, moving from one place to the next as money runs out to pay the rent

– I was shown the system doesn’t work for everyone

There’s more. That’s all I can think of right now. If your eyes are open and you meet the right people, you can learn a lot.

Me: Ivo, I’m going through some awareness here.

Ivo: You are.

Me: I just post or blog about it but it’s my life’s process really. Here’s how I see this:

At 28, I dated a guy who just hated women, because he’d had such a hard time and was so let down by his mother. Of course, I got the brunt of it, and we broke up 3 months later. He got back into doing hard drugs again probably because of everything he’d revisited from his childhood from our relationship. This is called projection by the way and it can heal you or create misery for you as you re-experience your traumatic past. It depends on how you want to use it. But it is not living in the moment. It’s living in the past.

My response could be:

3D (shadow): That stupid jerk. He made my life miserable. Why did I waste 3 months dating that guy? I can do better than that!

3D: I need to find a man. Everyone has one but me. I have to have one too.

4D: Man, he was really going through a lot of stuff, but then so was I. I had my own stuff to heal from.

5D: This poor guy had a miserable childhood. He had a mother who did who knows what to this guy. He suffered as a child. Children shouldn’t suffer. They should be loved. He told me some things about her, clearly she was going through some stuff as well. I feel for this guy. He was just re-experiencing the emptiness of his childhood, over and over.

The point of my post wasn’t even what it ended up revealing to me. The point of it was that I went through Hell so I could see the hell people were living here on earth. I was being shown by my higher self, that’s all. It was information I needed to do this work now.

It turned out that I ended up feeling a lot of compassion for other people who are going through these things. My ex-boyfriends, my parents, everyone who is going through the hell of life on earth right now, self-created or not, but they’re going through a lot of trauma and I ended up feeling for them.

Then I posted, “Until you see with compassion, you are blind,” no offense to the unsighted, there’s just no other word to use.

I just intuited that seeing with compassion is your spiritual eyes opening.

What say you, Ivo?

Ivo: This is correct, my love. All who are of higher vibration see with these spiritual eyes of compassion. There is no judgment. There is no comparison, no hating, no revulsion towards others, no wish to punish. There is compassion for their hard journey. This is something you have touched on and shut down, touched on and shut down, and now it seems to be within your grasp to hold on to, my love. But it takes willpower. You must want to stay away from the ego who cries that your life is not fair. Your life is of your choosing and your experiences are also of the choosing of your soul.

Me: Yeah, I’ve gotta talk to her. LOL

Ivo: You have chosen to see these things in your life and you had teachers such as Glenn who showed you life on the streets of Toronto. He actually instructed you and showed you the ropes.

Me: Yes, I remember.

Ivo: It was because you wished to know. It is your ego that stands in the way of your feeling compassion for life on earth as you harbor resentment towards this person.

Me: Well, Ivo, he used to throw glass objects across the room, he harassed the neighbors and the landlord, he made my life hell for 3 years until I finally left him.

Ivo: And had you had compassion for yourself, it would have been much sooner.

Me: So who do you have compassion for, yourself or others?

Ivo: Both. You can have compassion for someone yet not tolerate their ruining your life. You also realized that codependent behavior was behind your lack of boundaries. You must have compassionate boundaries for self. We will get on to the subject of sacred boundaries soon enough. This is a prelude to this.

Life is about compassion. Life is about reverence. Life is about feeling joy as you live in these states. Your desire to help all those who do not feel this way is at the root of your will to live. Because we know that in order to live, we need others. We are not creatures who walk alone, we are social creatures who are all of the One.

The goal is to experience balance and when living with open hearted compassion for others, and for self, with reverence for all life, then you achieve this balance.

What shuts it is fear. Fear closes the heart, and closes the spiritual eyes of the soul.

Yes, the chakras. The root is the body chakra, the sacral is the emotion chakra, the solar plexus is the mental chakra. The heart is above the body because heart comes from higher frequency. The first three chakras are about existence. It is possible to exist. But heart is needed to create a spiritual life in the physical. It must be open.

The fourth dimension is about learning to keep the heart open and not to close it out of fear.

Then one will access the spiritual voice as you have in the throat chakra, the spiritual eyes – the third eye and the spiritual mind which is the crown chakra. The spiritual mind aligns with all other minds of higher consciousness.

To be able to live with compassion means the third eye is open because you see that life is about compassion for all. This is why we of the galaxy and the universes above us, work to help those in the lower dimensions.

It is tantamount that you know which voice you are speaking from. Are you speaking from your wounded shadow? Are you speaking from a third dimensional egotistical perspective, are you speaking from a heart that is opening to understand that all is love, or are you living from the perspective of understanding that all is love and all need compassion?

Me: That’s cool, Ivo. I’m all over the map some days. Depends on how I get triggered.

Ivo: And to learn to see your triggers with compassion for yourself, and compassion for those who had triggered you is the point, for they are learning as well.

It is easy to measure where you are spiritually by the lessons you attract. You can see how much love you have for others and how much compassion you have for others, when you understand your immediate reaction. In the case of yesterday, someone stole from you and you went back into your wounded ego.

Me: I hate being stolen from!

Ivo: That person gave you that lesson to help you heal. We discussed this in our video, “Life is Love in Action.” Understanding the message in this video and applying it to all situations in your life will put you firmly into a fourth dimensional frequency.

Having compassion for those same people will put you firmly into a fifth dimensional frequency. It is that simple. Compassion for all including oneself is unity consciousness, it is unconditionally loving because you have removed all conditions that your lower mind would have applied to this person, such as they stole from you.

Me: Aha.

Ivo: When you see with compassionate eyes, you see that a particular family member who you have fallen out with is reacting from her wounds. She is also going through her own ascension process and because you are familiar with how rocky that can be, you understand her with more compassion.

Me: True. This is being shown to me.

Ivo: Yes. Bear in mind that pity and compassion are not the same thing. Compassion reveres the personality of the other, it does not degrade it into a sorrowful mess. Compassion feels wonderful, pity does not feel good.

Me: Got it. Thank you Ivo. I think our viewers who are carefully going through all the video’s will enjoy this spiritual lesson.

Ivo: Compassion must be awakened upon your planet if you are to gain unity consciousness. There is no other way. Your survival depends upon it.

And your other post is correct, which will follow here. Your wounds will stifle your compassion. Your ego will pull your frequency down so that compassion will not be felt. To feel compassion is to be set free of your own ego traps. When there is compassion, no rancor is held.

Me: Yes, it felt freeing.

Ivo: It is. I thank you my love, for this opportunity to serve you and all listening.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

What stifles compassion?

The codependent tendency (compulsion) to want to fix someone.

Why do we want to fix others? So we don’t have to see them go through uncomfortable circumstances, or that we as empaths don’t have to feel their pain. Also so we don’t have to be reminded of our own pain perhaps, or that we don’t want to be reminded of the fact that living here is not always so nice.

It’s hard sometimes to stop yourself from interfering, but universal law requires that you don’t. I’ve “had my hand slapped” (figuratively) by guides for interfering in others’ lives, for doing for others what they should be learning to do themselves.


YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

Divine Mother ~ Ask for the antibody to be downloaded into you and all

March 28, 2020, jennifercrokaert.blogspot.com


My beloved children,

I address you all in a solemn manner today, for I see the pain, hardship, turmoil and fear that rages in so many of my children’s hearts. Even those among you who are the bravest, clearest and most steadfast have had moments when you have wobbled.

This is entirely natural and normal. There is a great, indeed the greatest ever, explosion of stored negativity rushing out from humanity and Gaia at the same time. And it is you, my beloved children of light and love, who are clearing it.

No matter how spiritually developed you are, you will have moments where you feel overwhelmed, apprehensive or uncomfortable. It is so, because the last shreds of your lineage’s clearing is also happening through you.

Never have so many done such powerful, such invisible or such courageous work, all in plain sight yet utterly cloaked. You are my light bearers, dissolving the darkness of millenia.

My love for you, my appreciation for your work and my joy as your adoring mother knows no bounds. When you feel weak, dissolve into my arms, I will hold you, nurture you and bring you back to full strength, that is my promise to each and every one of my children.

I have come here this day to share with you that this man made vehicle of hate cannot exist in the higher dimensions and frequencies of love. It feeds on negativity and causes so much pain so that it can exist.

But hate not the virus, that was not born, but constructed. It is not ‘organic’ in that sense. If you hate it, or fear it, you create negative power channels, which was the ulterior purpose for which it was created – apart from the painful loss of life.

Its secondary purpose was to create an energy for those who feed off negative energy. They believe that they are feasting now, but it is an illusion.

There are two ways that I invite you to become ‘first responders’ to this emergent moment. The first is to send love to the virus and to all within its field of influence. This practice, with dedicated attention, can dissolve the spread of the virus, the severity of the symptoms and the death toll, because it effectively cuts it off at its roots.

The second way is to invite the download of the antibodies into your system and into the population in general. At a certain frequency, a specific light quotient, this is entirely possible, because you are crystalline and not carbon, therefore you may alter your DNA at will. The more of you who consciously invite in this attunement, the faster you will reach what has been called the ‘hundreth monkey effect’ or ‘herd immunity’.

My beloved children, you are no more a herd to me than your loved ones are to you. Each and every one of you is precious to me in a way that is beyond your wildest imaginings. For this reason, I am giving you concrete ways that you may begin today, to halt the spread of this sickness in a much briefer time-frame than the experts predict.

The experts are focusing on the 3D to make their assumptions and calculations. You are calling in and igniting the 5D, you are activating the crystalline element of the holographic matrix of your entire universe; because you are taking quantum action, your results will have exponential effects that defy the experts’ opinions.

You have this power to change life on earth now. I have not gifted it to you. The Father has not given it to you. It is Yours, because We Are All One. I am YOU. You ARE Me. We are One.

With my infinite love to you all, my dearest hearts.


We understand your numerous disappointments and the necessity of finding new ways to meet your needs. Trust this will come to pass and the inconveniences that you are experiencing now will lessen so that you can thrive in the future.-Mira from the Pleiadian High Council-

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner March 26, 2020


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and also a member of the Earth Council. I greet you today with love and the utmost respect for all of the brave ones going through the turmoil on the earth right now.

We are concerned that many of you are stretched at this time. Little did you know that you would be experiencing the crossroads of Ascension in such an extreme way. However, we have faith in you, ground crew, and know that you are up to the task. You are the most masterful Masters of creation and the most angelic ones with courageous hearts.

We on the Earth Council take your temperatures, measure your emotions and blood pressure, and are constantly assessing your well-being. We know what you are going through and we have compassion. We are intervening where you are stretched and have needs. Please understand that with this monitoring as long as you stay out of fear you will have everything you need. It is your job to spread the blessings of love, calm, peace, and joy in your daily life. You live in higher dimensions than most of those on the earth. You can do this and meet the requirements as further steps along your Ascension pathway.

The Gateway is open and there is a separating of the wheat and the chaff. Most of you have completed your souls’ desires in the third dimensional experience. As a result, your work is in the higher dimensions. We appreciate all that you are doing with us in the dream state as well as in the awakened.

Due to the rising consciousness, we will be able to show more of our presence. Please feel free to call upon me and your other Galactic friends to show themselves and to be of assistance. We are in this together. As this process continues, you may have your ups and downs. Please be assured that the downs be few compared to the ups.

We are pleased to see the healing that is occurring on the earth with out the trampling around. The earth needs to rest and so does humanity. You can take part of what is going on now with the confinement as healing for all. Even though there is fear and stress with much of humanity, you will get through it. The third dimensional lifestyle has taken its toll. It has only served those at the top although there has been a benefit for others, it has not served most of humanity.

Adjustments are necessary. For many they are being made begrudgingly. We understand your numerous disappointments and the necessity of finding new ways to meet your needs. Trust this will come to pass and the inconveniences that you are experiencing now will lessen so that you can thrive in the future.

I am Mira sending your, love, assistance, high level healing energies, truth and support. We are one.

this is a Sacred passage of Global transformation… Of course the globally-imposed physical distance works to our benefit. Now everyone has the opportunity for self-examination, focus on mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health, and to be with loved ones – or alone – to receive the light waves with less distraction and time to integrate.-Sandra Walter-

Content is light-encoded to assist your journey.
Blessings Beloveds ~
  The external global circumstances are purposeful and predicted. In the moment, while it is unfolding, we migrate willing, activated HUman hearts to the higher timelines. If you need to hear it again: this is a Sacred passage of Global transformation. There is no need to make this a rehearsal for a later activation. We may call forth our embodiment, resurrection, Global revelation and intensify stargate activity (aka Solar flashing, already in progress) in this Now. We may migrate our realities to the already-Ascended realms of Gaia. Embodiment changes everything, and we shift all willing hearts – this year. This beautiful Mastery-level situation allows us to witness our progress in the stillness, and the reunification of HUmanity despite the ironic physical separation. Of course the globally-imposed physical distance works to our benefit. Now everyone has the opportunity for self-examination, focus on mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health, and to be with loved ones – or alone – to receive the light waves with less distraction and time to integrate. Many are reaching their limit for information, advice and media. This allows for a level of surrender to the present, which is a necessary state for reception of something new. Direct your heart compass to the New Earth Now; live it, feel it, decree it, and you will be able to receive the unexpected activations of the Christed timelines and the New Light. Kindwhile, the Great Central SUN has a gift on the way Our brand new organic Stargate system is delivering Divine New Light influxes. We are poised for change, people have been consistently connecting with Gaia, and our Gatekeepers have been experiencing the more intense flashing-reset activity since December. The experience of turning into effervescent-stardust (Crystalline-Diamond Rainbow Lightbody) via the frequencies coming thorough Solaris (the SUN) has been anchored into the collective consciousness. Unity Consciousness is a very different experience, and is overriding and overwriting the flotsam of the old realms with this global situation. As we say, expect the unexpected with a calm clear heart. Apply your inner wisdom to what deserves your energetic support during this transformation. Timeline divisions are physicalized. The dismantling is clear. Choices of the heart and unity during these global circumstances are clear. No judgment, everyone receives their own creation in Zero Point energies. The new light amplifies thought, word and deed, so you may discern better choices. That is part of the revelation: what has been created, what is being created, and what your trajectory/timeline alignment will provide. Assist with a kind, patient and pure heart. Preparation and Utilization of the Next Wave During the Equinox, several Christed Diamond-Light Octahedrons were installed over key locations by the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods in service to the organic Ascension. These are massive Diamond-shaped Crystalline structures that will assist with the next influxes which begin March 29.

They look like giant Lightships (similar unified creation tech) and have been parked over key areas in the United States in order to assist with the revelation frequencies, freedom codes and Ascension templates that have been kept here. This is our Higher Levels in action. That is all I can say at the moment. They are appearing in other countries as the energies intensify, spreading the original organic blueprints for Ascension through the New Earth Crystalline grids. They work with the new stargate flows, and will temper the next wave at a DNA LEVEL via unified DNA SuperRadiance. The intention is to activate Golden Race codes flowing from the Great Central SUN as a Cosmic Divine Dispensation during this transformational passage, and prepare us for the resurrection of Embodiers in the next months. A Divine antidote to fear, and an opportunity to show HUmanity the alternate reality which Gaia has promised to reveal this year. It certainly feels like that activity is stepping up. The Higher realms have been non-stop with Gatekeepers since Equinox. I have been receiving blissful Resurrection ceremonies in meditation and dreamstate; similar to past ceremonies, with a New Earth twist. To connect with these Diamond structures, light up your crowns (a pass key) and request access from the Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Divine DNA decrees help (I AM still sharing them on social media.) I know many are seeing or sensing this influx already. The DNA prep has us sleepy-dreamy in the last few days. Allow yourself to rest whenever needed, and join us on SUNday as we open the flows with our synchronized service. Key Unifications: Operating as One, as we do in the Higher Realms SUNday March 29: Join in the SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM Pacific Standard Time (UTC-7). Connect with the stargates through your heart. Say a few DNA decrees. We receive and anchor this new light as ONE Unified bridge of consciousness. March 29-31:Initial wave, growing stronger as the week progresses. As always, remain calm. Gatekeepers are calling in the stronger flashing activity while folks are at home. These are blissful, veil-lifting frequencies that dissolve fear-based agendas simply by elevating (upregulating) Golden Race codes and New Earth revelation. Those guided to this level of service are calm, responsible Creators. Go Direct: Meditate with the Stargates (SUN, Galactic Center, Star Systems, Great Central SUN, Source) as your I AM Presence, Highest Self. We are all resurrecting ourselves into something brand new, and the outside world will reflect this. This is what we trained for: Be the Presence. I AM still in Mount Shasta, working with these transformational light waves. It is lovely to be here (and profoundly still) during this global transformation, and I have been guided to stay through this next influx. If you desire quality guidance, or to learn something new, during this stay-at-home phase, all of my classes are on sale this week. Details on the flash sale below or go here. Sending everyone Divine LoveLight and support during this transformational passage of our Ascension. This is such an exciting moment for all of HUmanity, I can barely contain my joy and bliss. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! Create well, dear hearts. See you in the field on SUNday.
In Love, Light and Service,

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You are coming out of the lower vibrations and rightly so, as it is your time to leave them behind and concentrate on all that is destined to take you all the way to Ascension. It will be a well-deserved achievement and we congratulate all concerned. By focusing on it you will help bring about a speedy path to completion.

27th March 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Mother Earth is in the course of cleansing it and cannot wait any longer for Man to grasp the truth of what is coming. Man’s ways are destroying the Earth and it must now be stopped before it is too late. However, there is no judgement involved as Man has been given freewill but has repeatedly ignored helpful warnings as to the result of his activities. Whilst it is true that some positive changes have taken place it is as you might say “touch and go” as to whether they will be sufficient to avoid a series of dramatic changes that are now needed. Certainly in one way or another Mother Earth has no option but to take whatever measures are necessary, as the situation is becoming urgent. Certainly enough warnings have been given as to the possible outcome, and strong actions have to be taken to keep you on track for the beneficial changes that are soon to take place.

The days of the Illuminati and their followers are numbered and already their power is diminishing. They can no longer control events on Earth to achieve their aims to reduce the population to a manageable number. It means that those of the Light can go about their business with full confidence knowing that the power of the cabal has been greatly curtailed, and in fact the arrests of their followers has weakened their plans. Their chance of success has come and gone and they can look forward to having to answer for their acts against Humanity and slowly but surely that day is approaching. The road to success has been cleared for the Light and preparations can commence to set the scene for a successful conclusion.

Meantime keep your eye on the goal that has been set for which your present actions are intended to lead you ever onwards. Know that events are “organised” so that your progress can continue and fully prepare you for your growth in consciousness. You are great beings that are beginning to wake up to your full potential, having come this far with a lower level of consciousness. You knew intuitively that having passed the marker success was to be yours. It may be hard to visualize with all of the difficulties you are facing but know that the Forces of Light are helping to pave the way for you so that you are assured of success.

Try not to look back and know that the changes are taking place to bring the new into being as the old ways are no longer appropriate. So keep an open mind and give your whole hearted support to those who lead the way, and we give our assurance that we have always been with you since you passed 2012 are allowed to ensure you achieve total success. The fact that you have done so is a remarkable achievement and at times it did not look as though you would succeed. Credit can go to the Lightworkers who with confidence did achieve success, and are set upon ascending to the higher vibrations.

Once things settle down you will find that a new way of progressing will be adopted, ensuring that all of your efforts are put into the right channels that should hasten the coming of the changes that are really overdue. From our side of the veil you may be assured that we are already setting up a plan that will put you on the right path. You are coming out of the lower vibrations and rightly so, as it is your time to leave them behind and concentrate on all that is destined to take you all the way to Ascension. It will be a well-deserved achievement and we congratulate all concerned.

By focusing on it you will help bring about a speedy path to completion. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

The Impact of Covid – 19 by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings with love and truth enfold your being now, as I draw close to connect with you in the truth of the Creator. I am Saint Germain speaking to you, although I am accompanied by the entire Universe of the Creator. We are all expanding our love and support to each being upon the Earth and in fact all aspects of the Earth. Please know and remember how much you are loved and valued by us and the Creator. We are simply expressions of the Creator, as are you.

You Are Worth More Than Your Imagination Can Conceive

Please take time to contemplate your worth, because you are magnificent and unlimited. The more you can contemplate your worth from a space of being centred into your awareness the more you will learn to love yourself and humanity unconditionally. This will awaken new understandings and insights as to what it means to be a human being living in the physical reality. Changing your perception of how you wish to experience life on the Earth from the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your being as well as your soul in action. You will discover through this simple practice how to be with other people in a truthful and loving way, and how to create in your reality from a space of divinity. This practice will support you in staying grounded during this time of change upon the Earth and beginning the awakening process for yourself and humanity that is taking place now.

A Multidimensional Shift is Taking Place Within Your Being and Mother Earth

An ascension shift is taking place for the Earth predominantly, although it will impact the entire Universe of the Creator. The Light Blaze of 2020 has anchored a light magnification designed to energise all that is light upon the Earth and within humanity. This has created an eruption of fear and negativity which has been buried and locked into the Earth, waiting for a time when humanity is ready to transmute the energy. The fear and negativity are both from the present day and previous lifetimes. There are unresolved energies from Atlantis which have been waiting to be transformed and completed. As fear and negativity arise so they continue to be and create their original intention. Some people on the Earth are using the energy to create control and further experiences of fear to try to suppress the spiritual awakening process taking place for all.  Covid – 19 is a product of the negative and fearful energies arising to be released and transformed. The virus and its impact upon the world is allowing humanity to recognise the presence of fear and negativity within their being, to recognise suffering and to begin to create positive shifts within their beings to create something beyond fear and negativity, something that will empower all.

Covid- 19 is encouraging everyone to seek within themselves to discover their connection with each other, their relationship with the Creator and the power that is theirs to wield. A multidimensional shift is taking place for the Earth and her humanity; it is taking place within each person. As each person is connected to and an expression of the Creator and Universe of the Creator. The benefits of this multidimensional shift and what will be created from it have yet to be fully realised or glimpsed by humanity. As more people seek within their being for answers and truth amidst chaos and fear, they will glimpse the value of the multidimensional shift taking place.

The ascension shift taking place upon the Earth now is major, many have been waiting for this shift for lifetimes. As with any ascension shift some souls choose to depart their physical body and return to the inner planes to be of service. This is a contract made by their soul before their birth and not a decision made by the personality. The experience of loss by those who remain on the Earth breaks open the heart chakra to allow for love to swell and expand, brighter and more powerfully than ever before. Humanity’s heart chakras are awakening now as they see the devastation occurring on the Earth. Thus, as if mirroring humanity, Mother Earth’s heart chakra is expanding and revealing her depth of love, which is unlimited. The evolution of love from a source, point and essence of purity within the universe of the Creator is emerging from within each being and Mother Earth.

While the shift taking place due to the presence and impact of Covid-19 is occurring predominantly for the Earth. Each person will begin to recognise that the Universe of the Creator resides within them, therefore, they will bond on a deeper level with the dimensions of the universe residing within. This will offer humanity a glimpse into the fullness, completeness and wholeness available to embody and express.

A New Collective Pure Intention for The Earth and Ascension

Covid-19 is encouraging a new collective intention to arise from within humanity, created through humanity recognising the unity of their souls, their eternal connection with each other and the Creator. This collective intention is being born from the purity of each soul and the Creator. It is untainted by the personality or ego, instead, it glows with the brilliance and innocence of the Creator. As humanity activates the pure intention within their beings, merging it with their personal divine plan, so new intentions for the Earth and the evolution of humanity are born. Humanity will begin to recreate themselves and the world around them from the space of purity of the soul within. With illusion of separation dissolving so humanity will create their lives from a space of unity, connection and oneness with all, allowing all beings to step into their power. A new human being, a new reality and a new Earth is forming as humanity is encouraged by current situations on the Earth to delve into the source of truth within their being.

You are a valued part of this spiritual revolution of pure intentions manifesting on the Earth now.

Healing the Shock Within the Core of Humanity  

Within the core of each person on the Earth and within the consciousness of humanity there is a wound of separation with the Creator. The physical reality especially promotes a feeling of being separated and isolated from deep intimate unity with the Creator. This wound vibrates throughout each person’s being and reality like an echo which often goes unnoticed.

The presence of Covid-19 and its impact upon the world has reactivated the wound of separation and brought forth a sense of shock. Many people are also experiencing a deep-seated shock at the suffering, fear, and chaos occurring on the Earth now. This presence of shock both from separation with the Creator and the current situation of the Earth is causing feelings of disbelief, distress, numbness, emptiness, depression, judgment, desolation, anxiety and anger. Humanity is being asked to trust or rediscover their trust in the Creator, in the world within and around them, as well as, the reality they are creating. To rediscover a deep-seated presence of trust there is a need to journey through the shock impacting your being now, whether you are aware of it or not, in order to begin the first step to regaining your liberation.

I, Saint Germain, invite you to take time to contemplate whether your being, body, emotions or mind are feeling shocked or overwhelmed by the current situation unfolding on the Earth. Allow yourself to feel into or bring your attention to anything that may resemble shock. As you connect with the energy, let it fill your entire being, so you may recognise and acknowledge its presence fully. Through your acknowledgement the shock and distress will begin to disperse and dissolve. You may wish to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth to encourage a release of the shock. Do not be afraid to experience the shock and upset. In doing so you will set yourself free, being able to act and react with greater clarity. You will be achieving this for the Earth and her humanity as well. The shock of separation with the Creator and the current situation on the Earth is causing many to feel off balance, distracted and uncentered. With the healing of shock so clarity and compassion will be magnified as will the light of the Creator. Each person will be able to connect on a deeper level with the love available to them, thus nurturing and nourishing their being. Many are unaware of the shock they are experiencing, and which is influencing their way of life currently. It is time to bring healing to yourself and all.

My eternal love is yours eternally,

Saint Germain

The Changes

by Jennifer Farley, March 26, 2020, thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com


Imagine being in a dark room for a very long time then suddenly you walk out into the bright sunlight.

You stand there for a moment, blinking while your eyes adjust, then you start seeing what is really around you. When your Earth finishes moving through this challenging time, you will be walking into a different world. Perspective and ideologies will have changed.

What was important will seem minuscule in comparison, human connections will be celebrated. Now is the time to expand on this base change, adding whatever else you would like to see for yourself and the world around you.

This is your chance to be the change you would like to see in the world!

~ Creator

Photo Credit :Mark Eden.

Ascension report: White hat Earth Alliance is in full control 4.4 portal aligning

Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high,

We come forward now on this Powerful day with time Important news to share to those of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words.

As we spoke about in our last ascension report, we are currently in the time period that will be remembered as “The changing of the guard”.

For many many thousands of years, the earth and humanity Have been under the rulership of extremely unimaginable evil, dark, and nefarious beings, that have sought to keep humanity profoundly enslaved, disempowered and spiritually asleep to their perpetual and eternal glory as mother-father Gods direct offspring.

These beings have been able to get away with these extreme atrocities due to their links with the highest echelons of political and governmental power in this world, that has made it impossible for the victims of these heinous crimes to come forward to share what has happened to them, as every part of the old system Was created to protect the abusers and ignore and shame the victims.

This is why “The changing of the guard” has been necessary. The old guard refers to the Satanic elite groups that controlled every single aspect of our society – from the mainstream media to all religions, to the education system. politics. And health care. There is absolutely no aspect of society where this evil has not reigned.

The New guard refers to the White Hat Earth alliance which is a global group which is partly comprised of ex-members or you could say awakened members of the Illuminati who split from them at the highest level of the pyramid- and joined forces with many galactic beings such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Tall whites and some fractions of the Nordic galactics who were part of the Galactic Federation of light.

These human beings that split off were part of the high-level military, and thus had access to extremely high-level secret information that the cabal had on humanity. With this information and the will to liberate humanity from the clutches of this evil force- these white hats joined what is now known as the Global Earth Alliance with many off-planet planetary elders who are part of the Galactic Federation of light.

For many years the Earth alliance has been preparing to take back the Earth from the evil forces who have perpetually been creating evil plans to harm and enslave humanity.

The covid-19 pandemic was originally created by the black hat Illuminati fractions who wished to harm humanity using extremely advanced biological warfare, however, their nefarious plans were halted by the white hats who already had access to the project looking glass technology which was reversed engineered from the Roswell crash in 1947.

With this technology, the white hats were able to time travel to see clearly the plans the elite had to destroy the world, and indeed they saw the timeline of the release of this virus, then with all of this information they were able to create a counter-coup to masterfully utilise this time to go out there and begin the process of arresting and un-sealing the 500,000+ indictments pertaining to rounding up and arresting truly the evilest child sacrificing human beings on this earth.

This pandemic has proven to be highly effective for the white hat earth alliance, whose sole priority is the protection of humanity at all times, The white hats were able to utilise this time (with the fear porn put out by the mainstream media) to ensure that everybody stays inside their homes, as all of these evil people are being rounded up for military trials – with most of them being sent to Gitmo, to live out their remaining days in a governmental Concentration camp, where they will be able to reflect on the heinous crimes they perpetuated to the most vulnerable beings in the universe- human children who have been stolen from their families or who were part of the foster care system.

Please know that it is a very sad thing to have to write and speak about these atrocities in these sacred writings, but it is absolutely imperative that everybody who is vibrationally drawn to these words understands the higher perspective of what is occurring right now and it is imperative that everybody becomes empowered researchers. Gone are the days where we are spoonfed information from the mainstream media or in fact any individual person. Now is the time that we must all go out and research for ourselves what has been going on in our world with regards to human and child trafficking and child Satanic sexual abuse. (which is what this whole time is about- ridding our world of this evil)

Very soon this pandemic will be over and the world will be freed of all darkness that has sought to harm children. It is absolutely impossible for this realm, for this planet to ascend to the fifth dimension whilst horrific crimes to children are taking place, and this is why I Jen am devoting all of my time,to waking up the masses to prepare them for the great “REVEAL”which is imminently aligning on our current timeline, which refers to the white hats taking over all emergency broadcasts to once and for all reveal to the whole of humanity what the powers that “were” allowed to take place to the most terrified and vulnerable precious children in our world.

For the first time in modern history, EARTH has been taken over by the White Hat military alliance, that is comprised of high-level galactic beings hand-picked and hand-chosen to fulfil these monumental roles at these times.

The Pandemic will be over soon, and GESARA will be released for all beings and this will Herald the beginning of A new world FOR ALL…. Health, Wealth, happiness, freedom and safety for all children.

Without a doubt the most important and powerful thing that we can all do in these monumental times is come together in our global Ascension groups on powerful important numerological portal dates. The greatest threat to the old powers that were is unified humanity. One person’s consciousness is all-powerful in its AWAKENED state, and when one or more gather in alignment with Gods will, this activate all of the powers of the universe.

We are all being called to come together on the 4.4 portal dates in order to support the White Hat Earth Alliance in their final cleanup operation, and offer essential Groundcrew support in the implementation of the GESARA timeline.

We will also be working with the fifth-dimensional timeline whereby all off-planet technology has been instantly and immediately returned and restored back to humanity, and we will be working with the collective unified intention that all children that have been rescued from trafficking and horrific abuse get primary and immediate access to these miraculous celestial Chambers.

There is more that will be revealed in due course with regard to the 4.4 transmission and please see below for full details on how to book.

It is absolutely imperative that star beings stay calm right now whilst keeping our awareness on the bigger picture at play, knowing that this changing of the guard is absolutely necessary and is everything that we the awakened ones have been praying for.

There are many in your families and communities who will be experiencing fear due to the mainstream media’s narrative about the virus. Please let them know that all is well and that humanity is safe… this is all part of Gods great plan to birth the golden age, and all of the players of the white hat earth alliance team are working on behalf of our highest benevolent creator Mother Father God, heralding the end of darkness and evil on this earth.

We are all collectively on the verge of a brand-new world.

2020 is the year of disclosure

2020 is the year all trafficked children will be freed and healed

2020 is the year we angelic humans get our beautiful world back

In eternal love and light jenji in the white wolf tribe

4.4 transmission

The next transmission will take place on the 4.4 portal date (4th april) at 20:20 pm Uk time.

In this transmission, we are all being called to come together in order to support the White Hat earth alliance in their final cleanup operation, of all the DUMBS and offer essential groundcrew support in the implementation of the GESARA timeline.

We will also be working with the fifth-dimensional timeline whereby all off-planet technology has been instantly and immediately returned and restored back to humanity, and we will be working with the collective unified intention that all children that have been rescued from trafficking and horrific abuse get primary and immediate access to these miraculous celestial Chambers.

This is, without doubt, the most important work spirit Has ever guided me to do as we are In the time of the Great Storm.

There are no words that can adequately express how essential it is that the ground crew Step forward now to ground their energy on their grid points in order to offer our earthly and galactic Alliance brothers and sisters the long-awaited and prophesized support that we all promised we would send at this time in order to insure the Swiftly implementation of the new earth timeline that is currently aligning as we speak.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the core group where the transmission will take place.

This powerful and sacred work is offered on a donation basis and is a way to support me for all the endless and tireless work I do for all the children.

I wish that you could see my journey through my eyes.Only one has experienced this journey fully and that is God within me.This same God is within you experiencing your journey through your eyes.And yes, it would be very amazing to see your journey through my eyes.Is this possible while in our physical bodies?the answer is yes and it demands practice and focus within.Do we have technology that can do this same thing?yes, we do.It has been used to delay the process of evolution of humanity and now this same technology is in the hands of the good guys, human beings that work hand in hand with the Galactic Federation of Light to release the collective of humanity from slavery.I have shared countless times here the power of collective meditation and praying and how it assists the light to do the work,especially when we do this collectively and synchronistically.There is a special page for this on my website.Now is the time to do your part of spiritual work.Sharing our energy for the highest good for all is never lost energy since this energy comes back to our being 10 x stronger.It is a win win deal.And the biggest currency one can invest on is more Love and Light in their being.Cause when more Love and Light fills our being, one knows that He/She is already FREE.It is so beautiful up here.I have already done 2 meditations this morning ,one around 1 hour and another one of 15’ listening to 40Hz music creating reality for the highest good for all.My ears are buzzing ,i am flying and i feel like hugging each and everyone of you.For now i am giving you a virtual hug, can you feel it? #FeelMoreThanFine