it is essential that you daily set the intent to be only loving in your thoughts, words, and actions. When you do that your intention affects all of humanity, and all of humanity is then mightily assisted in moving away from fear, judgment, and blame, and into a loving mindset from which to interact lovingly and respectfully with each other just as God does. -Saul through John Smallman-

The momentary choice you made to experience separation is about to be reversed.

Humanity is riding the wave towards its moment of awakening andthis is very close now.  Let go of your doubts and anxieties because all is well.  Your awakening, as you have been told so often, is inevitable!  It seems to you that you have been waiting a very long time for this magnificent event, but in truth it has been but a moment, an instant.  Separation from Source never occurred, it could not occur because there is nowhere to separate to, there is only Source the infinite field of Love in which all that is created has its eternal existence in peace and joy.

However, for a moment, for a tiny instant, you imagined separation, and because you are imbued with the infinite power of Source, what you imagined seemed to come into existence, and it seems that you are trapped, ensnared, and immobilized within a vast Universe of physicality, of form.  It is completely unreal, even though to you it seems very solid, because in form you are always in contact with other objects in form – from the ground beneath your feet to everything with which you interact during your daily lives.

Life appears to be very physical as your bodies interact with other physical bodies and objects.  BUT, if you pay close attention to your feelings, to your sensations of consciousness or awareness, it becomes quite clear that you are not your bodies.  There is within you a knowing that you can depart from where your body is physically – for instance while sitting, walking, working, driving a car – in any moment your mind can be somewhere far removed from the space in which your body is present.  You are not your body but you move it and manipulate it, or parts of it, by intending to do so.

Who is it then, that sets that intent?  It’s the sense of awareness in your field of consciousness through which you know that you exist – your ability to imagine – and it is that which makes the decision to act on what you imagined.

In truth you are far freer than you think you are, but you choose to be limited by your bodies.  Over recent decades many people have been able to make their bodies faster and stronger, both physically and mentally, through various kinds of training, and the results of this can be seen in the new records being set in athletic and academic contests all over the world.  Nevertheless, bodies are limiting because you intended them to be, but you yourselves are not limited except in so far as you believe yourselves to be.  And because humanity generally believes itself to be limited, restrained, restricted, that is what people generally experience.

To awaken is to let go of and discard limitations, and in so doing to set yourselves completely free from all limits or restraints.  Your true state is one of absolute and complete freedom, and deeply buried memories of this are what drive you to push boundaries, to seek more from life than seems possible to humans in form.  Many reach a level of freedom that is far advanced from what their parents experienced, and they are then often happy to settle for that higher level of freedom.  Others believe that they can never achieve the level of freedom their parents experienced, and settle unhappily at that lower level.  A few believe that they should not be limited at all, and spend their lives pushing the boundaries of human abilities and freedoms to ever higher levels.  Your individual beliefs set your limitations for you, and those beliefs are strongly influenced by the collective beliefs of the culture and society in which you are living.

Now is the time to release those invalid and limiting beliefs, beliefs that anchor you in the past, in past memories of limitation – “I can’t possibly do that, what would people think?” “I could never learn how to do that now, I’m too set in my ways.” “The way I’m living my life is working for me, so why risk changing it?” – that appear to offer safety and security.  Limiting beliefs are like veils or screens that prevent you from seeing the enormous possibilities that life offers you because, out of fear, you refuse to question them by opening those veils and screens and looking beyond them.

Fixed and unquestioned beliefs are self-imposed limits that further add to the basic limitations that are a major aspect of being in form as humans.  These are most easily seen in others – who support religious persuasions, economic views, philosophies, or political convictions different from your own – whereas they are often extremely difficult to see in oneself.  That egoic and fearful need to be right, with which so many are infected, has led humanity into vicious conflicts overthe eons, conflicts that cause endless pain and suffering for vast numbers of people, and which never lead to resolution of the issues that appear to have led to the conflicts in the first place.

Experience is gained when mistakes or errors are made and the reason for them is investigated and understood, and there are numerous situations occurring daily in which this happens.  One of the lessons that is learned over and over again is that humans do make mistakes and errors.Learning what caused them, and then taking steps to prevent their re-occurrence, leads to wisdom.  Unfortunately, mainly out of fear, defective or dishonest judgments are often offered in attempts to fault others for errors that occur, in order to shift blame from those responsible to those others, so that they themselves can avoid being shamed and punished.

In recent decades much progress has been made in understanding the reasons for human error, and new laws and guidelines have been introduced to reduce and, where possible, prevent errors from occurring.  However, when mistakes are made, those responsible – often people who are at the senior management levels of the organization involved – are almost invariably filled with fear and horror, and will engage in almost any kind of subterfuge to avoid being held responsible.

The way forward is to change the way mistakes are dealt with, so that those responsible can file truthful reports about what has occurred in the knowledge that they will be lovingly assisted in dealing with the sense of horror and guilt that arises within them as a result of their mistake, and thus helping enormously in the prevention of further occurrences of a similar nature.

Obviously, if criminal negligence or criminal intent is found to be the cause of the event, those responsible must be called to account, then, after a full investigation has been carried out, they must be given the loving support necessary to enable them to change the misguided beliefs that led them to behave as they did.

Remember, you are all – and there are absolutely no exceptions – beloved children of God, perfect, just as you were created.  The momentary choice you made to experience separation is about to be reversed so that you awaken.  Until then it is essential that you daily set the intent to be only loving in your thoughts, words, and actions.  When you do that your intention affects all of humanity, and all of humanity is then mightily assisted in moving away from fear, judgment, and blame, and into a loving mindset from which to interact lovingly and respectfully with each other just as God does.  This is an essential step on your path to awakening, and it is the way in which Mother/Father/God, Source, Love, always interact and engage with all of creation.  It is how you will experience life when you awaken, and thus eternal joy will embrace and envelop you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Hallelujah, Sparkles, Laughter, Joy, Fun!You are no longer a social follower, you are a Universal leader.A leader the world now requires to rebuild broken structures and to shine brightly for those who wish to follow.

Dear Ones,

You have read the words that all is well, that the world is now filled with joy, and that the light is dominant in your life and the world. But you have likely not yet experienced that light to the depth you thought probable a few days ago. For your life seems as it always has. You work. You eat. You sleep.

What you have not yet addressed within your belief system is that you function and think differently than before.

Perhaps you noted little indicators such as not worrying as much, perhaps not. But know without a doubt that you are different than a few weeks ago. But then, such a statement means little to you if you do not recognize your different approach to life and the resulting interactions.

You are comfortable with milestones that include celebrations from others – a birthday, wedding, graduation, new baby, new community, etc. But you do not yet understand that such celebrations are outer-directed indicators of your role in society instead of personal markers.

Your parents told you when you were born and how best to mark that occasion. And so it is for all other personal celebrations or changes. Society tells you when and how to celebrate. Pieces that are not a celebration – perhaps an earth death or trauma – are also be noted year after year. Not necessarily because you need to do so, but because others feel you should. Decorating gravestones or memorializing an event such as an earthquake or war.

You have essentially depended on society to determine when and how to mark events.

Such is no longer true. You are not the puppet of society you once were. So it is you completed the largest earth event ever conceived without trumpets or congratulations.

Even though you feel different, you do not trust those feelings, for no one is celebrating new you. So you wonder what you did wrong or did not do.

So we, of the Universes, will provide that celebration now. Hallelujah, Sparkles, Laughter, Joy, Fun!

Perhaps some of you are laughing. How silly. How can we, of the Universes, provide you with a celebration to prove you graduated from 3D, 4D, and are now mastering 5D? Ah, that is the rub, is it not? For only you can determine your level of completion. And if our words ring hollow, perhaps you might ask yourself why. Is it because you are waiting for society to tell you that you are right within yourself? Or is it because you do not trust yourself?

There is nothing more for you to chant or ask. You graduated far above your expectations. In truth, the past few days have been a rigorous final exam you created for yourself. You are done. You can move out of your dorm. That is, the dorm in your head as you say to yourself, “I can’t be ready for the world yet because I don’t know this or that.” And we respond, clean out your dorm room and apply for the Universal job that fills you with joy just thinking about it. Know that you are the only one applying for that job, and you are more than qualified.

You are no longer competing for a job, a community, or anything. You have shifted yourself from an earth social being to a unique Universal creator within the earth ethers. Even the sky is no longer your limit. Who are you? What gives you joy? That is your new and only path.

If you continue to believe that such a path is only possible in 3D terms of being SOMETHING or SOMEBODY, you have forgotten rule one of this new life – you are unique and, therefore, uniquely qualified for any role you fancy. You prepared for this role for eons.

You are no longer a social follower, you are a Universal leader. A leader the world now requires to rebuild broken structures and to shine brightly for those who wish to follow.

As we stated time after time, even though most of you have yet to fully believe that such is true – someone tending their small garden in joy is as valuable as anyone creating an environmental piece that shifts the thoughts or actions of millions.

This new tapestry of joy is not made up of gigantic gold and silver threads. Instead, it is a multi-colored piece that brings joy to all who view it or participate in its creation. The threads are not the same, even though each thread is of the same weight.

Please remember that Henry David Thoreau lived in isolation with a need to write his personal philosophy. Even though he was pitied and scorned because of his self-induced isolation, he did more to change the world than would have been probable had he devoted his life to his families’ prosperous pencil factory.

So it will be for you. What gives you joy? It does not matter what it is now that you are no longer of 3D or 4D. Your new joys have been honed to produce that which is necessary for you and therefore, the earth and the Universes. You have selected those segments from your past, present, and future to best create that skill, interest, or playtime. And you have done so within the confines of what you want to do and what the earth and the Universes need.

You cannot make a mistake. Nor can you take a wrong path. Follow your joy and all will be as you wished before you entered earth in this lifetime. Continue to wait for confirmation from society or anyone that you are the right person in the right place and you will remain frightened, bored, listless, angry, or any emotion that does not include the joy you pine for. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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