Before the December/January energies, you were of the earth with Universal segment additions. Now you’re a Universal being with minimal earth attachments. So both negative and positive earth memories are fading. You’ve created a Universal superwoman/man entity because your personal earth structure crumbled just as is true for all earth structures. The difference is you’ve rebuilt yourself the past few days, and other structures will do the same shortly.

urgent meditation every 4 hours to stop the pandemic from spreading in China.

Instructions (Suggested duration of this meditation is 15 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to stop the pandemic from spreading and to remove the virus from the surface of the planet.
3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
4. Visualize the White Fire of AN purifying all people and locations involved in the pandemic outbreak, especially Wuhan, Shenzhen and the Hubei province.
5. Visualize the virus being stopped from spreading out and being removed from the surface of the planet.
6. Visualize everyone infected by this virus being healed completely.
You may also include this pandemic outbreak in our daily Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC.
Victory of the Light!

Ashtar via Sharon – Corona Virus, January 24th, 2020

Me: Ashtar, What’s going on with this Corona Virus? I hear that there’s a patent out for it which was approved in 2018. Now there’s an epidemic in China, which of course is going to spread to all other parts of the world because every big city has a Chinatown. Same thing happened with SARS. This virus isn’t even animal to human; it’s human to human so they’ve eliminated the middle man, so to speak. We interact more with each other than we do with animals. How bad is this going to be?

Ashtar: Not as bad as you think, Sharon. The news reports are spreading news of this epidemic in China all over the world. How often do you hear what happens in China?

Me: Last I knew of was when the Olympics were held there.

Ashtar: Exactly. You don’t hear about what’s happening in China unless the Deep State wants you to hear about it. The media takeover is one of first priorities because they are primarily responsible for spreading fear and panic around your world.

Me: Well, it is mind control. Imagine a world with no newspapers, magazines or TV news?

Ashtar: Not none of these, Sharon, we’re saying a takeover is necessary. To spread the REAL news and not incur mass pandemonium. Your news is fake. Most of it is just blatant lying, and the focus on insipid subjects such as the lives of movie actors is downright ridiculous and an insult to the viewer.

Me: What would the real news encompass?

Ashtar: The truth that the Corona Virus, for example, is being spread as a means of wiping out humanity on your earth.

Me: Like that wouldn’t spread panic?
Ashtar: You need to know the truth, Sharon. Ultimately your truth will be more bearable than the truth of pandemics being deliberately spread. They would also spread solutions in dealing with these pandemics.

Me: Okay.

Ashtar: Your postulation that the reason they’re causing pandemics instead of warring between countries is correct. They’re not allowed to use nuclear devices because they will then incur immediate consequences from our Light forces for doing so. We have most of their weaponry disarmed so they aren’t usable. But I say most, not all. Those that have already fired upon others on your planet, nuclear or not, have incurred consequences for doing so.

Me: Like the missile that was launched at Hawaii a couple years ago?
Ashtar: Exactly. Hawaii is a favourite target because it is part of the remnants of Lemuria. Lemuria was a feminine manifestation on earth and attacking the divine feminine energy is what the dark is about. It’s not for no reason your people call it a paradise – it is one of the last vestiges of the feminine upon your planet that survives, a tribute to its strength. You notice that it was the first point of attack in the war in the Pacific, as well. Yes. There was no reason to attack the Americans in the second world war as they were not active, except for a desire to dominate. Hawaii was the real target. Having a strong military force defending the feminine island and pushing the dark invaders back to whence they came was accomplished, so Hawaii lives on.

You’ve been in bases in the South Pacific and you understand that there is still much clearing to do of negative energies. You were contacted by earthbound souls wishing to return home, soldiers of the second world war, and in releasing these souls to go home, the energies of war were lifted from these areas. War energy is a manifestation of pathologically toxified masculinity. All areas need to be cleared of these historic remnant energies, Sharon.

Me: Wow!

Ashtar: When you think of your wars as a battle to oppress the feminine, then you understand so much more about what is going on on your earth. There are feminine energies still present upon your earth and they are under attack as they are under attack within yourselves. Oppression of the feminine is the only way the dark ones can rule your planet. With her at full strength, they can’t survive. And the divine mother is returning.

Me: So what do we do about the Corona Virus?
Ashtar: People will die. We hold the timelines to minimize the damage. Some are choosing to exit your earth, as it was said, using the catastrophes that befall you in these times of transition as their chosen exit points. Others who have chosen to forge on will remain alive. Understand this is part of Agenda 21, the “culling of the herd” as you call it, and understand that it is being committed as an atrocity against humanity on earth by your dark controllers. This deed as well, will not go unnoticed. There will be consequences for those spreading the virus and all involved in its inception will also be tried. All of these events, including SARS, are indictable.

As for the virus itself, stay away from areas of infection.

It was started in China because China is the most populous country in your world. The likelihood of it spreading before detection is great.

Me: How is it spread?

Ashtar: Through respiration so it can survive in the air for longer periods of time.

Your “super bugs” are simply viruses that have been fashioned to eliminate more and more of the population. Your weakened states as a result of the poor foods you eat, mind control and the spread of lower frequency EMFs work together with these bugs to kill you. It’s all a plan where one part will complement the other. Your vaccinations, your flu shots, all prepare you to be susceptible to these viruses that are spread. This is how they become pandemics – because your bodies can’t fight them. Unfortunately, you are being engineered to die off. The more you partake of your poisonous foods, vaccinations and unhealthy products, the more likely it is you will become diseased or die. It is being engineered, Sharon, these things are all interrelated and deliberate!

You understand that fear attracts negativity, so the spread of disease is caused by your fear of it. Not fearing this virus will leave you immune to it. Fear lowers your resistance. That’s why the deep state spreads it all over the news and creates panic. You have to be one step ahead of them, Sharon. Fear lowers your vibration, which makes you more susceptible to the virus. The dark can only affect you if you’re in a lower vibratory state.

Me: Diabolically clever. Yeah, I didn’t worry about SARS either, even though I used to meet up with my 12 step friends at a hospital that was treating SARS patients. I’m still here.

Ashtar: And indictable. Practise the best hygiene possible and stay away from infected areas. There is a war on and these psychopaths are attempting to kill you. So you have to be cautious – not fearful, just cautious.

Me: Thank you, Ashtar.

Ashtar: Thank you Sharon. Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

Synchronicity and Alignement with Source.

When one is aligned with source, there is an ever increasing number for synchronicities that show up on one’s experience and some even across time and space reality.
And here is a solid proof of what i mean:
About 8 years ago, i made a choice of colours for the walls of one of my spaces that goes from yellow wall then purple wall and then orange wall in this sequence.
And then about 2 years ago, as i read a channeling about our perfect human DNA and the activation of it with a powerful invocation from Saint Germain i discover within this invocation that the magma of Mother Earth is Yellow,Purple and Orange.This means that without my awareness Mother Earth was already communicating with me about choice of colours i selected and in exactly the same sequence as the invocation which then not only confirms that the invocation is the right one and also confirming that all is interconnected, all is one.
Here is the full invocation,I have integrated this every morning in my meditations and i can clearly feel tangible results in the way my DNA is being activated towards its original perfection of twelve double helixes with the ever increasing energies now pummelling Earth and all living beings.One can choose to just allow energies do their work and one can also choose to do active meditation with focus towards manifesting our highest good.

”I call upon Mother Earth and Archangel Uriel, the Fire of God the Light of God, the Archangel of Divine Wisdom in the North, and the Ruler of Elements of Earth. I project gratitude, Love and Light, I project my being, my energies, my thoughts deep into the magma of Mother Earth, yellow, purple, orange in color, asking for the assistance in bringing the energy of the creative magma iup through my feet, up to my root chakra or coccygeal Plexus, nto my second sexual and sacral chakra, the Plexus of Creation. I call on Divine Creative Source and Archangel Jophiel the Beauty of God, the Archangel of Creative Power and Illumination, The Guardian of the Tree of Knowledge with Archangel Uriel. I reach and project gratitude, Love and Light, high into the heavens, calling forth the golden-white light from Source Energy, bringing down the golden-white light through my cerebral chakras, down through my heart chakra adding love from my heart, and down to my sacral Plexus or creative center just above the pelvic bone. I call forth Archangel Zaphkiel, Keeper of the Orange Flame of Creation, the Angel of Ecstasy and Compassion to bring the creative energy of the orange flame into my sacral Plexus, with the intent of creating 24 strands of perfected DNA. For the Celebration of our Existence I call in the Star Children, Keepers of the perfected 24 strands of perfected human DNA, with the intent to manifest the 24 strands of DNA in my Sacral plexus, the second sexual creative chakra and in every cell in my body. As I place the 24 strands of DNA into every cell in my body, I intend to perfect my body, bones, blood, lymphatic system, nerves, organs, hormones, glands, proteins, telomeres, organelles, carbohydrates, arteries, veins, immune system, adipose tissues, cell membranes, mitochondria and every other cell in my body at a quantum level, manifesting the perfection of the original humans. I reform the 24 strands into 12 double-helix, connecting 2 strands each, into rotated, connected, perfected, spiral, double-stranded DNA, with perfected telomeres at the ends acting as little antennae, transmitting perfection from the quantum field and Source Energy, into each and every cell of my body to rejuvenate and revitalize my body to a perfected, eternal state of health and fitness. I braid these 12 double helixes into 24-stranded rope DNA in every cell in my body, making me strong, invincible, indestructible and impenetrable to all the toxins, petrochemicals, nanobots and radiation and all forms of low vibrational energy. My 12 double helixes connect me to the quantum energies of all other celestial realms. I am now connected and integrated to all my Divine Interdimensional Beings in the Multiverse. I AM now an enlightened Being of Love and Light ! (Saint Germain Invocation for 24 strand DNA activation to be invoked daily for best results) ”

Feel More Than Fine