I Command.


if you like and feel the heart call please repeat this invocation with me:

Through the God Being Creator Source Energy Being that i know I AM and with the help of all Light Beings of the Angelic and Archangelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters and the Galactics, Mother Father God and all company of Heaven that is only of the pure unconditional Love and Light that I am asking humbly for support in a gratitude state in this now moment that we have entered officially in the Golden Age of Aquarius I Command:

1.The Release of Financial Funds destined to assist Humanity and Mother Earth to reach the higher dimensions of existence in 5D and beyond smoothly with ease, grace and flow
2.The Release of Free Energy Technologies to replace all other ways for energy in all levels and domains of use.
3.The Release of Non Invasive Healing Technologies of Light for rejuvenating all people and healing all diseases from cancer to diabetes and all in a minimum of time with ease, grace and flow experienced in a wonderful pleasant way that alleviates any suffering and allows the activation of DNA to its original perfected state of 12 double strands.
4.The Highest Good for all,Abundance and Prosperity in all ways always for all!
5.The best possible life for myself, my families, my communities and all of almost 8 billion sisters and brothers on the planet and all animal kingdom and all plant kingdom.
A life where each and everyone lives in harmony and peace with one another accomplishing their life’s mission through what gives them joy and speaks to their hearts.
6.The Reforestation of all Mother Earth out in nature or in small or big cities and towns.
7.The Total Cleansing,Erasing and Releasing of all memories, causes and cores that serve Humanity and the planet no longer.A new Now is created where past is shifting to an exclusive joyful experience and future is created with each and everyone doing what gives them joy serving in this way their highest good which in turn serves the highest good for all
8.The Creation of New Earth Educational Systems where all children and all adults learn the true history of our existence as Humanity : amazing beings called Terrans in playful and fun ways easily absorbed by each student.
9.The use of artificial intelligence serving exclusively the highest good for all humanity and the planet.
10.That each and everyone discovers their connection with the Love and Light within each and everyone is ,that each and everyone has and always is enough as He/She is, the truth that each and everyone is Source Energy Being,God Being Creator, God and with God creating a loving and forgiving planet that works for all and in reverence for all Life.

And So Be It.And So It Is.

Thank You and Bless You for your service dear Heart,

I Love You.

One Love.

Feel More Than Fine


Art Work by Mark Eden

Sober Bars Are The New In Thing For Recovering Alcoholics To Enjoy The Social Scene In A Healthy And Booze-Free Way

Everybody visiting this website knows my passion about 100% healthy celebration ,about a holistic approach in the way we celebrate and about dance music attuned on 432Hz that you listen on all the links posted below this post.In 2020 our Party Sober events are going to be our direct contribution and action in creation towards this goal.Our next event will be on March 28th in the city of Antwerp,you can find all information about our event here. In that line i see the appearance of sober bars all across the world as a direct manifestation of what has been taking place in my vortex for already 10 years now in this blog that i repost here

Posted on: December 24, 2019 at 8:29 am


Bars are an integral part of our culture. For decades, people have gathered at their local watering hole to have philosophical (and not-so-philosophical) debates, to check in on the local gossip, and to simply kick back with a pint on a friday night.

Yes, bars can be fun places to meet up with friends and be a part of the local crowd, but for someone who is a recovering alcoholic, they can be toxic environments full of temptation.

Luckily for them, there is a new trend emerging in the bar scene: sober bars.

An Alcohol-Free Bar

That’s right. Alcohol-free, or “sober” bars are becoming increasingly popular across the United States for recovering addicts and alcoholics who still want to have fun on a friday or saturday night [1].

These bars look and feel like the real thing- right down to the dim lighting and dingy booths, except the usual shelves filled with beer and liquor have been replaced with non-alcoholic substitutes like coffee and kombucha [1]. Guests can sit back and listen to a local musician or join in on a round of karaoke while sipping on virgin cocktails and Heineken 0.0 [1].

“I Can’t Stay Sober, But We Can”

This is a popular saying at Alcoholics Anonymous [3]. If you are recovering from addiction, it is extremely important to have a community around you- you need people to support you to stay clean. Without this support, addicts tend to isolate themselves which can lead to depression, and make them more likely to relapse [4].

Unfortunately, it is imperative in the beginning stages of recovery to avoid places and situations where you might be tempted to relapse, which of course means staying out of pubs and bars [5]. 

It is necessary, then, to seek support in other places and other circles. In recovery, other sober individuals are the best people to have around you during vulnerable times [4]. Recovery is about moving forward, and establishing new, sober relationships based on a foundation of recovery encourages healthy changes and communication [4].

A Step In the Recovery Process

For many recovering addicts, it can seem difficult to imagine having an active social life again, since a majority of their past activities revolved around alcohol and drug use [4]. This is where a concept like a sober bar becomes so valuable.

Paul French is the owner of one of these in Barstop, Texas, called Cherokee Recovery Village. A former addict himself, he now works as a licenced chemical dependency counselor and says that his bar is a crucial help for people recovering from alcohol dependency [1].

The bar-like environment exposes you to triggers to potentially weaken them, which will hopefully allow you to eventually go into places where there’s drinking and partying without it affecting you so much [1].

These bars also provide a community for people recovering from addictions, and helps them to stick to their recovery programs.

Recovering alcoholic Ember Zenchyshyn has been sober for three years and frequents Cherokee Recovery Village.

“I can’t do this alone,” she says, “I need to have the people walking through this with me and kind of be a part of something.” Zenchyshyn often feels like she misses out on fun times with friends. She reveals, “I didn’t want to give up the fun lifestyle. I didn’t want just to go home and go to sleep at 10 and not do things.” [2]

Not Just For Recovering Addicts

These sober bars are not exclusive to people recovering from addictions. They are also great spaces for people who simply don’t partake in any substance use, but still find the bar atmosphere to be fun [1].

Lorelei Bandrovschi, co-owner of Listen Bar, a monthly alcohol-free pop-up bar in New York City, want non-drinkers to have a space that is “theirs”.

“Nondrinkers have been made to feel like the odd ones out,” Bandrovschi says. “We are here to say that [they] deserve their own space and to be the star of the show.” [6]

Interestingly enough, only one third of the bar’s guest identify themselves as non-drinkers. The rest are occasional or regular drinkers, who just want a night out without the hangover the next day [6]. 

Sober Bars Popping Up Everywhere

The concept of an alcohol-free bar is becoming more and more popular across the United States. Here are a few more sober spots that have popped up in the United States:

  • Sans Bar in Austin, Texas is a weekly pop-up bar. They have taken their concept on the road, and done pop-ups in Nashville, Kansas, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, among others.
  • The Other Side in Crystal Lake, Illinois, has ping pong, pool tables, and more, and offers karaoke, open mic nights, comedy and dancing.
  • Listen Bar in New York City is a monthly pop-up that focuses on making amazing alcohol-free cocktails.
  • Getaway in Brooklyn, New York features cozy couches and chic decor that make this spot perfect for Instagram.

Whether you’re recovering from addiction, you simply don’t drink, or you just feel like having a night out without the consequences the next morning, perhaps a sober bar is just the thing you need.