Feel the joy and celebrations that are coming and be pleased with yourselves for all of your hard work…In essence, at this time we are our own projects.

Straight from the Heart from Valerie Donner | January 7, 2020

Straight from the Heart

January 7, 2020

Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the message from Apollo, January 3, 2020:

“Your notoriety as a planet will become even greater as you finally conquer the forces of evil. You are in this process now and we are completely with you. All of the plans are being activated now. If you breathe deeply you can begin to feel the changes. Focus on what heaven on earth will feel like and breathe in truth and the light. There is no escape for the dark ones. Their time is over. Expect to see them acting out through anger but turn your backs to them. They no longer have a stronghold on you. You are in a new day and a new era. Your true purpose in life will be revealed. Stand tall and courageous because you are the brave hearts of creation just for being on the earth at this time. Feel the joy and celebrations that are coming and be pleased with yourselves for all of your hard work.”

Now that 2019 is officially over, you might be finding some relief. Last year was a tumultuous one for most of us. It is all right to be optimistic about 2020. It is the time when we enter into the Golden age and say goodbye to the darkness. Even though the dark forces are trying to instill fear of war in the Middle East, please do not go into fear. The United States has already been at war with Iran economically with sanctions and other financial controls to make life challenging. Instead, focus on creating our new future of heaven on earth. Consciously remove yourself from fear and do not give the mainstream media much access to your consciousness.

Soon you will begin to notice the miracles that are happening in your life. You will begin to see the ease with which you manifest things. You will experience the beauty, ease, and grace with which you can live when you are in higher dimensions. You might find yourselves seeing UFO’s or meeting some ET’s. Last month in my Meetup group of other like-minded people, we had two Pleiadean’s come to our meeting. One was a man and the other was a woman. He was tall and blonde with beautiful eyes and nice facial structure. She was also pretty and sweet but not as tall. Both of them had energy that was light, not as dense as ours, and this is how I would be able to recognize Pleiadean’s again. I anticipate that we will be interacting more with our Galactic friends and family. It is exciting and reassuring so please be on the lookout.

As we begin to realize our own power and who we truly are, we will be more confident in all aspects of our lives. We will remember most importantly, that “Spirit has our back”. Many of my clients, friends, family and others are being seriously challenged. The only way that I can accept what is occurring is to remind myself, “They are doing it their way.” None of us knows what each soul is trying to experience, and hopefully, they learn from the experience, so even though we might think we have solutions for them our solutions might not be appropriate.

In essence, at this time we are our own projects. Our job is to focus on divine love and divine oneness, to live from our hearts, to stay positive and not get caught up in the dramas. Whatever we need to do like meditation and prayer, is of the utmost importance. As we open to being more of our divine selves and step into our mastery, everything we need will come to us.

We will see the old systems falling apart because they no longer serve most of humanity. The energies of the fifth dimension are not compatible with the 3-D, materialistic, service to self-behaviors. Although most humans are resistant to change, they will see how much change is needed. They will understand the darkness under which they have been living. They will be shocked and angry when they find out the truth. New and far improved technologies and systems will be introduced into our lives. They are waiting in the wings.

On December 29, 2019, I received a phone call from Kymberlee Ruff. Grandfather Martin, from the Hopis who is on the other side, awakened her at 4 AM that day and told her he had a message that he wanted posted on the website. It had been about three years since she had written. She promptly got out of bed and wrote what he told her to write down including the pictures with her writing. It was posted in the “Prophecy of the Lights” section on my website. Please read it. You will see that the children will be involved with helping to clean up the planet. They are raising the consciousness of the other generations about the earth.

For the most part, the way we have been living on the planet, is not sustainable. There is too much suffering, sacrifice, fear, greed, and disregard for all of life. The United States is trillions of dollars in debt and this continues. The truth is coming out about where our money is going. It is not where most of us think it is going. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area the average commute is about 1 1/2 hours, the rents are outrageous, homelessness is beyond despair, and the rest of the cost of living is too high except for the many rich people who live here. This has to change not just in this microcosm but on the rest of the planet.

You are the Masters who came to the earth at this time with such light and power that these dark ones will no longer be able to exist.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner

January 6, 2020

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you today with matters of importance. As a part of the Earth Council, I am privy to what is occurring on the earth, much more than some other parts of my team. Humanity and the earth are being lambasted by the dark forces due to their fear of losing power. They are attempting to instill and paralyze humanity. This is particularly originating in the Middle East. The United States, being the power that it is, is a focal point and a trigger of this fear.

There are dark beings who are profoundly corrupted running governments on your planet who are being removed. This applies to every aspect of the corporate world, and all of the other institutions that have held sway over humanity for far too long. We are declaring that this is the end of it! The earth is ascending along with the humans who choose to rise in consciousness and be in the fifth dimension and higher. You are the Masters who came to the earth at this time with such light and power that these dark ones will no longer be able to exist. Please accept this knowledge about your selves for it is true.

The lower forms have lost their foundations. They have little to hold on to and represent some of the foulest beings of creation. This is why they are no longer going to be allowed on the earth or to have any contact or affect with the earth and humanity. All of the money that they have processed, the laws, the secrets, weapons, contamination, and their ill will to life and respect for the earth, will have little bearing on future of the planet. This will be wiped clean as they continue to be removed. If there is hope for them, they will be on another planet, otherwise, many of them due to their evil ways, could end up having their soul’s memories removed and having to start all over.

As you can imagine, this is frightening to the dark forces. They already know that their identities are going to be revealed with dire consequences. The public will find out as part of disclosure what they have been up to and it has not been good. Humanity will discover the facades that they have kept and the many lies they have told. Life on earth is not as it has been portrayed.

All of the forces from the Galactic’s, the light realms, forces of creation, are working together for this cleansing. It is happening quickly because everyone with heart and soul, goodness and mercy, has had enough. Today I’m making this pronouncement because it is timely. I am telling you there is no more room for switch and bait, lies, quid pro quo, service to self, abuse, violence, or any other destructive operations. Everyone has their trajectory as a part of their path. The gateways of departure are open. Everyone will be where they are destined to be.

As this process progresses there will be many revelations. Along with this, there will be miracles, manifestations, collaboration, cohesion, balance and harmony. Love and heart will govern humanity’s actions. Living from the heart with joy, happiness, and love, will expand freedom of the earth and all of life. You will be celebrating. Progress is being made that you will not hear about in your mainstream media.

Your Galactic friends and family are looking out for you. There are numerous reasons for us to stay focused where our help is needed. The terrible man-made disasters that are occurring now must be stopped. Too much life is being sacrificed for the greed of the others. You will learn more about this later.

Today we have painted a picture that will lead to a glorious future for you and the earth. Please hold this future for heaven on earth in your hearts and know that we are with you. We always have you in our hearts and we love you dearly.

I am Mira in service to you and the earth’s Ascension.

Jennifer Crokaert: Divine Mother ~ Australia and the Call to Love

January 8, 2020, jennifercrokaert.blogspot.com


My dearest children,

Consider this, that the invitation offered by the fires in Australia is not a call for water, or for rain, but a call to love.

Consider this, that the fires that burn to clear and purge, to transform and renew, are not just for the benefit of Australia, but for the entire planet.

Consider this, that meditations for rain are good, but meditations for love are even more powerful. Why is that, you may ask?

Consider this, that every ‘purge’, like this fire is a mechanism for increasing the vibration of humanity. It scorches out the lower vibrations, cleansing and purifying all that is not of love, transforming it into love.

Consider then, that with every seeming ‘purge’, the aim is not to transform the past, but to increase the love and light on the planet in the present.

As you come together, in compassion and love, you are achieving just that goal. The more love there is, the higher the vibration and the faster the fires burn themselves out, because their purpose is to raise the vibration.

Can you send love to the fire? It is my messenger. It comes in my service. Hating it and fearing it, especially for those who are distant from it, is adding to the darkness of the planet, not to the light.

Transcend the darkness. Love the fire as much as you love the rain. Love the perpetrator as much as you love the victim.

To truly take your place as Galactic Beings, higher dimensional beings, duality needs be transcended. Beyond bad. Beyond good. Only love, pure love, for ALL That Is.

The purge is Australia, as the purges you see across across precious Gaia are all the same: they are The Call to Love.

You may meditate on rain for Australia. You may meditate on healing for your sick friend. You may share a smile with a stranger. You may open a door for the elderly. It matters not.

All actions, and let me be very clear about this, all actions that increase the love on my precious Gaia, are creating raindrops of healing, raindrops of blessings, for ALL That Is.

you are Source Energy Beings, that you are all-that-is, and that all dimensions and vibrations exist within you.Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and before you take a very deep breath, we invite you to consider how you want to feel. And with that intention, that focus, and that deep breath in, we know that you can find that feeling. Go ahead and do it.

the universe your spirit guides & your higher self - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangels

The Universe, Your Spirit Guides & Higher Self ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been doing our part to encourage you to seek within yourselves what you must know, intellectually, is within you. We have told you time and time again that you are Source Energy Beings, that you are all-that-is, and that all dimensions and vibrations exist within you. We will continue to point you towards that truth, and we will not be alone in this endeavor. Your guides, your higher self, and the entire universe will always be co-conspiring to get you to go within to find something that you’ve been seeking outside of yourself, in some cases, for your entire lives.

That means that when you experience disappointment, loss, or you do not manifest what you have sought to manifest, you are being nudged ever so gently to that inner world, that realm, that contains it all. We want you to experience a taste of what we are talking about right now, because words are one thing, but experience is so much more. Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and before you take a very deep breath, we invite you to consider how you want to feel. And with that intention, that focus, and that deep breath in, we know that you can find that feeling. Go ahead and do it.

Now, some of you are bound to be closer to that feeling going into this little exercise, and therefore, will have found more success. For others, it will take more than one breath, but we know that you can get to that place of inner bliss, inner love, inner excitement, and inner everything. When you demonstrate to yourself that you have this power, you become less attached to what’s happening out there in the real world.

And when the real world has less of a hold over you, that’s when you know you are free. And when you are free, you are free to create. When you are dependent on circumstances being a certain way, you are in bondage, even when you have everything that you want, because then you have to keep it. You have to maintain it. You have to make sure it doesn’t run away or get stolen. We want you to feel this freedom because we know that it is the path to feeling the way that you want to feel regardless of the circumstances of your life, and we also just want you to be happy and to live the life that you want to live.

And this is the path to creating that life. This is such a simple and easy-to-follow exercise that we know your minds will doubt its effectiveness. We also know that it can be more interesting to a mind to go out and do something to get what you want or to feel how you want to feel. And so, you will do those things, and all of the entities that we have mentioned that are co-conspiring will notice that you do not feel satisfied, and they will use that lack of satisfaction as an opportunity to nudge you back within, again.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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