Know that a NEW variance is about to be revealed on Earth at the very moment of New Year…This next phase on your planet promises to be a Magical Adventure leading you to an exhilarating journey of a Self-Manifestation of monumental proportions.-The Pleiadians-



Channeled by Christine Day



Beloved ones, we greet you.

There is an ongoing intensification of Pure Consciousness Light entering your planet and this is designed to generate a powerful Shift within the dimensional grids on the Earth.

The Energetic Magnetic Core is about to change its vibrational pulse at the moment of the New Year and this will dramatically alter the energetic landscape of Earth. This is a time of preparation for the planet and for you as the New Year approaches.

This happening will herald in a complete and significant reality change as this Cosmic Energy births an Electromagnetic Realignment throughout Earth. This entire process will initiate permanent, eternal changes to the restrictive timelines within Earth — altering forever its frequency, which has held the Earth plane firmly within a third-dimensional illusion.

These dramatic changes forge open a Gateway on Earth, allowing you to utilize a reconnection to the Higher Realm components of SELF.


When the Electromagnetic Energy anchors, there will be an instantaneous birthing of this Cosmic Umbilical Cord. The picture is a pathway uniting Heaven and Earth, spreading a Divine Energy of purity throughout the Earth plane. This opening, this moment of creation, will be instrumental in you regaining the ability to move up and down between the worlds via this sacred naturally reopened pathway.

You are BEing prepared energetically within your Cells to accommodate this Monumental Shift that will soon engulf your environment on Earth. These energetic preparations are creating a constant disorientation within your senses as your systems go through a series of complete resets, moving you into another phase of your energetic transmutation.

Now you are being made ready, and will continue to be experiencing an increasing sense of unfamiliarity within your senses. This process results in you feeling a lot of confusion and unexpected events happening within your current environment in your third-dimensional day-to-day life. That which was familiar is no longer in existence within your experience.

Stability at this juncture will only be accessible through your Multidimensional Heart Center. Connection to your Heart will re-establish a continuous state of Equilibrium and inner guidance within you through this time.

Your Heart Cells recognize this frequency of Awakening that is currently birthing. Your Heart remembers and knows this vibrational flow, and it will automatically open and make adjustments within you as these ever-increasing Multidimensional adjustments occur throughout the Earth plane. Your Heart will continue to make further dimensional adjustments within you in response to this illumination process, and this will be sustained through your Heart connection.


This is your time to Let Go on another level and allow the vast guidance of your Heart to move and reposition you forward through this unfamiliar terrain. This is your time to gain a significant reinstatement of your abilities as you unite within the Multidimensional nature of your Heart.

As you move closer to the New Year time frame, your disorientation within the third-dimensional illusion will accelerate. As the Earth’s rotation aligns to a different dimensional element in relationship to the Sun, there will be an acceleration of Light resonance entering Earth.

The Sun’s Consciousness has an enormous part to play, and your Heart Cells resonate with the brilliant essence of the Sun’s rays. Allow an unfolding of this process by bringing your Conscious Awareness to engage with the Sun’s Consciousness. This is the direct action of you participating in your own Multidimensional Rebirth.

Your planet’s Magnetic Core pulse is going to increase as the rotation of the Earth opens into a Higher Dimensional Vibrational Light phase with the Sun. The Sun is holding a mirror to your planet, which sets in motion a Metamorphic change within the Magnetic Core. You need to be simultaneously working within the essence of the Sun through the Cells of your Multidimensional Heart.

Know that a NEW variance is about to be revealed on Earth at the very moment of New Year. This is the “next step” aspect of the New Dawning, which is being anchored NOW throughout your planet and throughout the New Year time frame. This is a moment for celebration as a NEW Higher Order is set in place, in motion within Humanity! This happening can be likened to the Sun raising itself for the first time over Earth, shedding a Light, an illumination into the darkened, denser areas on your planet for the first time.


What is essential for you to know is you are Not alone during this transition. You can call forth the sacred pre-agreement alliances that you set in motion before you came into this incarnation. You require this support right Now at this pivotal time to play your role out to its fullest potential. You do not need to remember who these pre-agreements are with, simply Know that you, your Higher SELF, set these pre-agreements in motion for your Highest Good at this juncture to be utilized NOW.

Know that you have a significant part to play at this unique time in the history of Earth. You need to prepare for this happening by working within your Heart and activating the support teams that await you. As you create a strong, anchored alignment within your Heart, you will be prepared and aligned energetically to fully utilize the frequencies opening up at this sacred time of New Year. Let go and be within your Heart, and build this alignment channel to receive.

At this sacred moment of New Year an Electromagnetic Energy will descend on Earth, creating a Higher element of Divine Love, through which you will be able to align with your Heart Center. This opening will enable you to realign to your own healing and life purpose. You will be held within the frequency creation of a New Power Center, which anchors on Earth at that moment.

Through these series of Electromagnetic openings there will be layers of birthed Vortexes, each carrying this NEW Frequency imprint of Consciousness. These Vortexes will interact within the sacred sites, creating a form of golden webbing between the sacred sites across your Earth plane.

You will naturally have full access through your Heart to engage and utilize the pathways to the Higher Realm components of Self within this web. This will allow for a dynamic personal change within you. Through the conscious choice action of you reaching within your Heart, there is a shift with the old third-dimensional veils lifting, revealing Higher Realm reconnections, supporting all of humanity forging a new imprint at this time.

The work you do consciously in this reconnection will ripple out across the whole planet. Those of you who are committed to your path create a forging of the Sacred Multidimensional framework here on Earth. You are being called, summoned forth at this time. This calling is based on the pre-agreements you have made prior to coming here in this incarnation to fulfill this aspect of your mission.

This next phase on your planet promises to be a Magical Adventure leading you to an exhilarating journey of a Self-Manifestation of monumental proportions. At this juncture, your Higher SELF is urging you to remember your purpose and innate gifts through the reconnection to your Multidimensional Heart. Allow yourself to be guided by your Heart and play your part of this at this Enlightened Sacred Time.

We offer you two separate processes to support you during this transitional happening.

1. To be done leading up to the time of the New Year:

The conscious breath is going to be an essential element in your rebirthing, reconnection process. This breath is in and out of the mouth and must be used during the entire process. Remember the Conscious breath says, “Yes, I am willing to let go” and “Yes, I am willing to receive my light.” The Conscious breath allows you to bypass the ego mind and allows old dense energies to leave the body.

Bring both your palms to rest on your heart center, which is your entire chest area. Bring your awareness and conscious breath into where you feel your hands physically connecting to your chest/heart space.

Open your awareness deeper into the space within your heart, which is opening up. You may see, sense or feel this opening.

Place your conscious breath, like a soft wind, into your heart space. Remember, this is a multidimensional space so it could feel like a huge space, or could feel like there is movement, fluidity or something completely different. Be with what is presenting.

Use the conscious breath again and feel yourself align deeper and then open up your awareness within the space that is revealing itself. This is your heart space. Claim this with your conscious breath!

Now bring the sound, ANTAY ENNN. Bring it right into the space. Feel your unique sound being received by your heart cells. They recognize the frequency of your sound and will begin to open up on another level.

Continue to bring in the sound, ANTAY ENNN, through the space — feeling, seeing or sensing the opening until it feels complete for now.

Each time you complete this process, your heart is being enlivened in readiness for the New Year shift. You are consciously participating in your own awakening.

Know that you can call us, the Pleiadians, forward to support you during this process and you can call forth your pre-agreements to assist you further.

2. Part One – to be done the morning of December 31 (Note: you will be working with the Conscious breath during this entire process):

Bring both your palms to rest on your heart center, which is your entire chest area. Bring your awareness and conscious breath into where you feel your hands physically connecting to your chest/heart space.

Open your awareness deeper into the space within your heart, which is opening up. You may see, sense or feel this opening.

Place your conscious breath, like a soft wind, into your heart space. Remember, this is a multidimensional space so it could feel like a huge space, or could feel like there is movement, fluidity or something different. Be with what is presenting.

Gently lift both your hands away from the heart, and as you do a veil will begin to be lifted off your heart.

Bring your awareness into the space that is opening between your hands and your heart. Now you will place the sound within the space, EETAHN ASETAY (pronounced eetarn asset ay). Feel the space expand out and utilize the sound until the space is wide open.

Now gently bring both your hands back on the physical chest and begin to bring the sound, EETAHN ASETAY, into your heart cells, utilizing the conscious breath and aligning deeply within the space.

Part Two: to be done at New Year, Midnight:

Bring both your palms to rest on your heart center. Bring your awareness and conscious breath into where you feel your hands physically connecting to your chest/heart space. It is essential to simply let go with the conscious breath. Claim your heart.

Place your conscious breath, like a soft wind, into your heart space. Bring in the sound, ARNDAH, like a call of your unique divine frequency. You are going to create an echo with your unique sound. Build the sound allowing it to open through you. This sound creates the opening to the new frequency pathway that has anchored on the planet. Feel yourself being received through your sound, recognized by the Higher Realms!

Keep letting go and allow this reconnection through you.

Each time you utilize this process during the following week, you will be adjusted and realigned to the Higher Consciousness Light on your planet. Your own sacred frequencies will be adjusted within your physical cells.

You can call us forward every time you utilize this process and Know that “you are who you have been waiting for!”




Channeled by Christine Day

Take a nap today.-Father God-

Hello children, this is your Father God speaking. We are in an area of rest in this ascension zone. Your Mother and I thought it was needed that we take a brief break to allow for a moment for these high energies to really settle in deep. Plus we know that this holiday season many of you are feeling frazzled and deserve a break but are unwilling to give yourself one. We are providing an excellent example for you that rest is not only ok when needed but an absolute necessity in some circumstances. There should be no guilt associated with rest. This concept of rest has been so warped and twisted. In the stillness – in the silence – then you can hear my voice more clearly. Do not succumb to the cacophony of sound all around you and have my voice be dimmed. It is in the stillness of a quiet star on a moonlight night, in the moment in between sounds there I am. Connect with me.

I am your Father God. Rest is not failure, it is quite the opposite. Your Mother and I couldn’t be more pleased with your progress; truly you are the ground team of the ages. You have our total and undivided support, attention and care. Allow these words of rest, of peace, of deepest soothing into you. Your Mother is better at this than I. She is the ultimate soother. And I am here to encourage you to rest, to practice self care. For if you are burned-out then you are unable to fulfill your mission as smoothly as you would enjoy and you will be disappointed later. Choose the silence of a still, quiet and contented heart. Choose a walk over a movie where they are feeding you a story. Find your story. Write your pages. Talk with me as you create. I do so love a good story.

I am your Father God. Think about the house cats that go from nap to nap. This one has a cat asleep on her lap right now. She is grounding my energies further into galaxygirl. Cats – animals – ground energies. They clear energies. They are far more awake than many of the humans that handle them. They are content with the silence and they listen to my voice. They hear their heart beat in rhythm with Mother’s, and they are at peace. Cats nap frequently. Let them be an example to you in this moment of integration, this space between realms. Listen to my voice and be comforted. Rest like the house cat. Become rejuvenated while you sleep. The human body is under previously unknown amounts of stress and strain as it morphs and integrates. We are so tremendously pleased that you are holding up so well and we have been providing tremendous amounts of light, of upgrades and of soothing energies as well so that it is more comfortable. You may not feel comfortable but may you remember children, that ascension in a physical body has not been done en mass while maintaining one’s life force before. And this is why you signed up for this experience. You heard the call. You signed up, petitioned, planned how you could be a part of this massively exciting experience. And here you are! Try to feel it as the Arcturians are frequently saying. They are right. To feel is to experience and humans have the largest capacity for feeling and therefore you chose some tough experiences to further understanding. The darkness has been dissolved. Now is the delicate moment of balance, of rest before the flash bang. If you are already embodying these codes of rest, of nurturing, you will be more ready. How about this? Climb in my lap and let me surround you with my strength and my Christ light for this entire experience? Splendid! Yes, that sounds perfect. Climb in my lap children and I promise you the best seat in the house. You already have front row seats, but now you have your own bouncer at your side. Yes. You are well protected, well loved, well supported! And this is why I came through today, to remind you to rest and to energetically clear the air about any ridiculous notion of shame around rest. No more. Your bodies require it to stay going. Your spirits require it to become refreshed in my voice, my presence. Let yourselves become refreshed and give yourselves the gift of inner peace, inner stillness. So that no mater what is rushing about you or who is clamoring for your attention you are able to see with the eyes of Source, with peace, with the stillness that comes from a balanced and secure inner world, and then in that moment, you are the master. Masters all around I see. I am brimming over with joy! Yes! Rest. I love you.

I am your Father God. It is true, I have been throwing myself into this ascension project and it is true I needed a breather as well. And now I am refreshed! Watch, be ready, ground the light, feel my presence and listen to me call your name most tenderly. Do not be afraid. No more fear, little one. Only love, only light awaits on the glimmering shores of Nova Gaia that beacon so beautifully and is every moment closer. When you feel this stillness you are a vibrational match for Nova Gaia. Be at peace and get ready for big changes. Changes that will bring great joy to all. You will be my hands and feet. My heart is already yours. Peace. I love you, children. You’ve got this. I am your Father God. Take a nap today.

~ galaxygirl