New Moon Today

New Moon Today at 16h05 CET and Unified Consciousness Meditation.If you have the Heart Call please go within in your now,breath and read with an open heart the following :I will state this
meditation in the first person so we
will all experience it personally but
know that we are serving as surrogates
on behalf of every son and daughter of
God on
earth and we begin: I am my I am presence
and I am one with the I am presence of
every person on this planet through all
levels of consciousness I know that
divine gratitude is an expression of
light that lifts my heart and opens the
floodgates of heaven to assist me in my
earthly sojourn divine gratitude
transforms my life experiences into
frequencies of divine love enlightenment
harmony and balance gratitude is now
flowing through my heart flame in
response to the gift of light I am
receiving from My Father mother God and
the gift of light that all humanity is
being blessed with at this time divine
gratitude is lifting my very soul and as
it does I begin to see with new eyes and
hear with new ears a vision of the new
earth is appearing before me and I am
able to understand more consciously than
ever before the monumental moment
unfolding on this blessed planet it is a
wondrous time great changes are taking
place everywhere on earth in my mind’s
eye I see that the earth is becoming a
planet of exquisite beauty and harmony
her majestic mountains
Daisy splattered Meadows billowing
clouds golden desert sands and sky blue waters are beginning to once again
reflect their exquisite beauty
birds are singing children and animals
are playing men and women live love and
work together in harmony peace respect
and acceptance the sun is shining and
gentle rains kissed the ground with
sweet blessings it is a time of
transformation for unto earth is dawning
the age of great enlightenment our
father mother God and the company of
heaven see that all nations of the earth
from east west north and south are
developing in the theories of light
these precious light workers from all
nations religions races and creeds are
joining together to contemplate study
research learn and explore viable
solutions that will improve the quality
of life for every person evolving on
this sweet earth within the divinity of
every person’s heart they know that the
new earth will not just happen
it will begin within the heart and mind
of each person and be co-created through
our heart based thoughts words feelings
and actions our beloved godparents are
observing the awakening taking place
within the hearts and minds of humanity
they witness peacemakers embracing the
combatants of the warring nations in an
invincible force field of pure divine
love this force field of divine love is
softening the hearts of the combatants a
new level of reverence for life is
within the deepest recesses of their
hearts new positive ways of solving
their differences begin to flow into
their conscious minds and they realize
that divine reason and practical
negotiations are far more effective than
arms the leaders of all nations begin
seeing understanding and talking to each
other they join hearts minds souls and
strengths for the benefit of all
humanity the visionaries the souls who
are the architects for the Earth’s
Transfiguration are actively working
toward the highest good for all
they hold the immaculate concept for
Mother Earth and all life abiding upon
her they do not see the limiting
illusions of humanity’s miss creations
they peer beyond the veils and mists of
doubt and uncertainty and pierced the
walls of time our father mother God
observed the awakening taking place on
earth and rejoice in the truth that
Humanity is beginning to remember our
oneness with all life through humanity’s
unified efforts hunger disease ignorant
war and suffering are being eliminated
each person is co-creating a rich and
fulfilling life greed corruption and
wealth and power of the few at the
expense of the masses is no longer a
viable option a new level of
understanding is awakening within the
profound truth within every soul that
the infinite abundance of God is
humanity’s divine
birthright a consciousness of right
thinking feeling speaking and acting
among all people is assuring the
fulfillment of the divine plan for
planet Earth and all of her inhabitants
the flame of divinity that blazes within
every precious person is expanding in
size and brilliance people are living in
harmony and peace with each other and
their planetary home they are revering
all life and honoring the resources of
Earth now the majestic angel of renewal
and restoration descends into the
atmosphere of Earth with the assistance
of this magnificent being of light the
emissaries of light from all over the
world travel to every land touch every
nation bless all people by spreading the
word of the dawning age of enlightenment
and the birth of the new earth
fragrances of the light of truth blossom
wherever their footsteps fall a clarion
call sounds and a mighty trumpet
reverberates throughout the universe
calling all great beings of the cosmos
to come and see the miracle taking place
on earth these great ones behold
humanity experiencing an awakening into
God awareness this new level of divine
consciousness is reflected in every
person’s life through their heart based
thoughts feelings words and behavior
patterns the rejoicing is tremendous the
heavens ring with the songs of angels
and humanity the earth has donned her
seamless garment of light and reclaimed
her rightful place in the universe she
is now a planet of light with infinite
gratitude our omniscient omnipresent
omnipotent father mother God respond how
magnificent you are beloved sons and
daughters welcome home I now return my
consciousness to the room I become aware
of my physical body and I allow this
vision and the full momentum of divine gratitude to be assimilated into my
physical etheric mental and emotional
bodies and so it is dear one this week
as you bask in the radiance of our
father mother God’s love and divine
gratitude go within and ask your I am
presence how you can add to the light of
the world in the most powerful way
during this critical time
God Bless you

Patricia Cota Robles

Transcript :Nikos Akrivos

As a 5D leader,I decide what is best for me.IAM Not Selfish(even if it might perceived so),IAM Honoring my Inner Being.Following my inner voice is my holiday gift.

Dear Ones,

This is a difficult time for many. Not necessarily because of the energies now pummeling the earth, but because of 3D expectations.

So it is many are discovering what once was important is no more. As if you have turned a corner from what you wished would be to what is. Those years of hoping this would be the year of a “Leave to Beaver” holiday season no longer haunt you.

In truth, past holiday seasons were more likely about anxiety than a loving reality. Finding the right gift. Preparing the right food. Saying the right words, so no one was upset.

Such discourse is not to negate those loving encounters throughout some or all of your holidays. But instead, to point out, you no longer need to pretend that life is what it is not.

Perhaps you spent more than expected to ensure those receiving the gift believed you were wealthier than your reality. Or your food preparation cut into your personal time far beyond what you wished. But given 3D expectations, you accepted that discomfort, to ‘properly’ celebrate the holiday.

Most of your past holidays have likely been a charade. You move this way, and I will move that way. Neither party willing to acknowledge that the gift or food portion of the holidays was as important as a loving connection.

Some of you believe our comments are jaded. Such is true to a certain extent. But then, watch as the media, your family, and friends hype the importance of two or three days beyond all other days of the year. As if those two or three days represent all you mean to one another.

Lovingly being with others is not what we are addressing. Instead, we are pointing out the falsehoods your society has perpetrated holiday season after holiday season. Until those without a family or friend group to celebrate with – most commonly with gifts and food – are somehow less than.

So it is that many of you visit with those you are not terribly enamored of or gift those you do not care about just so you have something to report to others in terms of social acceptance.

Many of you deny such statements. Not because such is not true, but because such is peeling a band-aid off a wound, you are not quite ready to heal.

New you does not need to do something because you should. Yet, many of your holiday traditions have less and less to do with who you have become. Such a thought is frightening for that means all you have come to expect, all you have declared right may no longer be.

So it is we are addressing issues you are afraid to address. Are you completing your holiday preparations in joy and laughter? Or as a ‘should’ that curtails your joy activities? A question you may not have contemplated. For to do so is to turn your world upside down – as well as that of those with whom you celebrate.

The love projected during the holiday season does increase your inner spark. But only if that love is true. You cannot manufacture love as most have attempted to do for decades – pretending that the holidays were as reported in the media and social circles.

How often have you listened to others – and your inner voice – fighting the need to shop for gifts, prepare food, send holiday cards, and generally spend six weeks or so in a tizzy just so you can celebrate a few hours? That is not to say love is never shared, but that the preparations required do not equate to the results. Why must you wear certain clothes, eat certain foods, exchange gifts, and all the other preparations during this season just to pretend love is the key element?

Yes, love might be, but why do you need to complete all of the aforementioned preparations to experience that love?

Many of you love the Thanksgiving gathering, holiday lights, cards, smells, or gift exchange. But are you doing all of that in hopes of someone rewarding you with love or acceptance; or because you wish to?

Such is the crux of this channel. Which preparations are completed with love for yourself and others? And which are you doing despite your exhaustion for acceptance from others? Who are you? What is right for you? Not your relatives, neighbors, or friends. What is right for you?

If your holiday preparations are truly a loving effort that makes your heart sing, spend as much time and energy as you can completing those preparations. But if those preparations are exhausting and overwhelming, STOP!!! That is not who you are.

Two or three days a year are not your security blanket. Your security blanket is you. If you are in joy, you are in the right place. If you are exhausted, angry, frustrated, or feeling financially drained, you are merely doing what others think you should.

As a 5D forerunner, any activity attempted because you should will be exhausting this holiday season and forever.

You are no longer a follower, you are a leader. And 5D leaders decide what is best for them. That is not to say 5D leaders are selfish, but instead that they honor their inner-being.

Believing in and following your inner voice is your holiday gift to yourself.

The energies you incorporate the next few weeks will cause you to limit your actions and activities. So it is, you will not have the energy to please others at the expense of yourself.

If you had had surgery this holiday season, no one would expect you to perform as you have in the past. Just because your major shift is internal will not make a difference for you. Allow yourself to perform those tasks that seem joyful and ignore the rest. Knowing that the significant changes you undergo the next few weeks will not be visible to others.

You have a choice. Pretend that all is well in an attempt to walk the 3D/5D tightrope, and you will likely fall into an illness or anxiety that prohibits you from performing as you have. Or honor yourself and perform that which provides joy, and is within your energy limits.

This is not going to be an easy time for many.

You are of 5D and becoming more so daily. Allow that to be. And allow your physical being to adjust without adding the holiday fever of activity you have experienced for decades. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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