There is not going to be a separation of the good from the bad.

energy from mother earth - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have focusing our attention and energy on the ways in which all of you have been responding to the waves of energy that have been coming up from the Earth’s surface recently. We always want to know what is working on you and how you are affected by the various energies that come from physical and non-physical sources. Now, we have just recently discussed the crystalline energy grid and how you can tap in to that. Now we want to talk to you about the Earth herself and what she is doing as a being right now to support you. This beautiful planet that more and more of you are reaching out to with heartfelt compassion is the co-creator of this experience with you. She is what makes all of this possible for you, along with others, of course.

But on the physical level, you could not be having this Earth experience without your Mother Earth right there beneath you, and she is as interested as we are in your evolution of consciousness. And she is not interested from a selfish perspective. She is not worried about herself at all. She wants to be of service, always, to the evolution of your consciousness.

And so, the energies that she gives off at this time are about getting you to pay more attention to your physicality, while at the same time getting you to expand your consciousness to get you to feel like you are a part of a global community. It is not just your televisions, phones, and internet that are informing you of what’s going on all around your planet. Mother Earth herself is sending you those messages to let you know where help is needed, and also to lure you to her spiritual hotspots.

She wants you to benefit from the places where the energies feel particularly good, and at the same time, she wants you to know where things are not going so well for humanity. Those are the agendas of the planet that you live on, because she knows that it will be through sharing in the experience of the good and the not-so-good that you will become the collective that she knows you will become.

And as you may know by now, you’re not going to ascend without the rest of the collective. We want that to be very clear. There is not going to be a separation of the good from the bad. That is such a slim possibility in terms of timelines that do exist that we can confidently say that it will not happen.

So, your planet, your mother, your co-creator, wants you to see the person living in Nigeria as your brother or sister, and to see the person living in Brazil as your co-creator, and to see the person living in Ireland as one of your long-lost friends and soul family members, because you are a collective. And what you do affects all of those individuals, and more, just as what they do and experience affects you.

And so, your planet is the great unifier of humanity, while at the same time supporting you and helping you to expand your consciousness. Feel for those energies coming up from beneath your feet, as well as the crystalline grid, and you will stop telling people that you are from Sirius, or the Pleiades, or our star system, and you will start acknowledging that you are an Earthling, right here and right now, and that’s what matters.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Let me assure you that even if your body is awake, at work or even driving a car that you are perfectly safe. You are multi-dimensional beings!! We all are! A small part of you can astral travel to Venus and your Gaian life will still continue without harm or without missing something. We are indeed miraculous creations of Mother & Father God!

ASHTARA “Your Astral Travel Visits to Our Starships”
Ashtara of the New Jerusalem ship of Ashtar Command
Your Astral Travel visits to our Starships

Saturday, November 23, 2019
Hello, dear Lightworkers of Earth! This is Ashtara speaking to you again today from the New Jerusalem starship of the Ashtar Command. I have much to address today, let’s get started!
For those who do not know me, here is my introductory message:
Firstly, I am ever so pleased that my messages have reached so many Lightworkers around the world, your Gaia. Thank you to everyone who has shared them. It is vital at this time for all Lightworkers to connect to their StarChildren, or blended children. Many, many of you have at least one blended child and they are waiting very patiently for you to remember them and to communicate with them. Please do not be concerned, their births were a sacred covenant between you and your God. If you do have a StarChild, you volunteered your genetic material before you were even born. You consented to this glorious gift. Nothing was taken from you without your will. Some parents donated their genetic material while others had sacred relationships with another Being. This may be ‘too much information’ as you all like to say, but I just wanted to get the point across that there are many ways that our births came about. For instance, my Mother does not know my Father in any way. Their genetic materials were joined together to create me. The blending of various Beings is done with the consent and approval of Mother and Father God. I AM a child of God, just as you all are.
Let us proceed. I would like to talk today about dreams. What do you dream about? Do you remember your dreams? I am referring to sleeping dreams, not visions of grandeur or your life goals. Your dreams are very important. They are telling you something. I admit, some are just non-sense but others, the ones that feel very real to you may have been instances where you were astral traveling. Do you dream of visiting a place where you are loved? Where there are many Beings around you, laughing, playing, learning and loving one another? Please consider that you may be visiting one of our starships at night while you sleep or during the day even while you are at work!
Astral traveling is an exceptional way to travel. You leave your body right where it is and a part of your Soul flies away to where ever you want to go! Time has no hold over you while you’re gone. You may travel for hours or days and then pop back into your body a few seconds before you even left! Yes, this is the cause of “deja vu” as you term it. I am bringing this up to you because I am aware how alone may of Gaia’s Lightworkers feel. You are so different than others around you that you cannot relate to them nor them to you. Their 3D “trivial pursuits” are absolutely boring to you, right? You are aware of much more going on than they ever will be because your are awake! They are still asleep. So, the best and most perfect remedy is to go where you are appreciated and loved for who you are! To find community with your family and real friends!
As a resident of the New Jerusalem I routinely see Astral Spirits and embodied Gaians visiting our ship. For it is their home too! We know this and welcome you home whenever we see you!! Yes, we know you by name. Most all of you come so often that you have your own quarters to rest in. We have dolphins here, gardens, healing chambers, recreation areas and big meeting rooms where you all are briefed on Gaia’s Ascension. Does this sound familiar? You may spend “hours” or “days” here and then leave and jump right back into your body. Sometimes you even return into your body so fast that you make yourselves dizzy! And you think: “Wait, I’ve lived this before! I knew you were going to say that!” and you have the deja vu feeling. Time is fluid and you return closest to the time you left as you can manage. But still, some seconds overlap.
Let me assure you that even if your body is awake, at work or even driving a car that you are perfectly safe. You are multi-dimensional beings!! We all are! A small part of you can astral travel to Venus and your Gaian life will still continue without harm or without missing something. We are indeed miraculous creations of Mother & Father God!
Today I wished to bring you words of comfort, dear Lightworkers. We know how hard you are working and how exhausted you all are feeling. For some, depression is very real and difficult. This is why I wanted to remind you of your joyous astral journeys! Your flying dreams! Your visiting friends and family on-board our ships!! Here you rest, relax, get healed, swim with the dolphins, play and even sing with your friends and family. You are refreshed! You may consciously ask that you begin to remember your astral journeys and you will begin to remember your experiences. Your minds are very layered and these memories are stored in your sub-conscious part of your brain where you don’t normally access them. But intention is everything!
Dear Lightworkers, we see you all shining brightly on Gaia. We know you! We salute you all and say BRAVO!! We work with you on bringing forth the Ascension of all Gaia’s Beings as your Ascension helps us to raise up as well. We are all connected as you know.
I send you all bright moonbeams of Love from your StarChildren! I AM Ashtara.
Please feel free to share! Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

Charge! Charge forward! Embrace your light!

Merlin, the Wizard  ~ galaxygirl~ 11/22/2019 (Part 2) 

(I am seeing Merlin riding on the back of Elthor, flying high. He is summoning the ascended dragons and the ascending ones – you and me). Greetings! Arise! From dust into light! (I am seeing Merlin’s staff send moonbeams of bright light onto the dark places).

I am Merlin, returned. For eons I have been the seer of the unseen, the elder of time, the alchemist of change. I am igniting you, ground team, to do the same, to be this, in this most pregnant of times, of possibilities exploding into light. Do not be timid! For the time of timidity is as faded as an old shirt. Now is the time to stand tall, staffs in hand, surrounded by the angels, the ascended dragons, the elementals who all stand at the ready. Lend your light. Charge! Charge forward! Embrace your light! For the dark is diminishing, retreating into the darkness of itself. Send it light! Extend your right hands in service and feel the flame through your fingertips. For too long has this realm been in the shadow grips! It is now in the embrace of the light! No longer!

I am Merlin. Feel your power. Feel your strength rush through you. Timid no more, warriors once again. Be in joy, be in peace, be in perfection of grace. Feel the pulse and spin of your inner galaxies explode into yet more light. Ignite your light body. Ignite the light body of Mother Gaia. We send rainbow light, igniting the codes. Feel the magic in the air.

I am Merlin. This is not a cheap parlor trick. This is you toe-dipping into the lake of old memories, of time beyond time when you were strong and free. Be strong and be free once again, human friends. There are no shackles on your feet. Pronounce your freedom and it shall be so. The matrix is crumbling, the shadows being exposed for the smoke and mirrors that they always were. We send the light of the Christed flame to all archon programming, shattering it. We blast the yellow cube with the violet fire. We blast the programming of all of ages past, of darkness and despair into the light of the Christed one. Be the Christed one. Be the creator that you are. Be the fierce warrior god or goddess of love that you have always been. Your weapon is love, is light.

I am Merlin. There is a disturbance in the force, as you say. That disturbance is love, is you. The energies swirl and spin, like a bubbling cauldron pot. It is time to spice up the magic in this sector to remove the sludge and to replace it with golden possibilities. I am an alchemist, as are you. It is time to remember. Your slate before you is a beautiful blank one. You can create on it what you wish. See, your palate is full of the most beautiful colors. Mercury retrograde is at an end. It has been a brutal chapter for many as the darkest of sludge has come up for staring at, for clearing. Many of you have had rough days and nights. Send the memories – your teachers – light. Send the darkness – your memories of lifetimes resurfacing for clearing – light. Send the lost ones – your brothers and sisters – light. Send healing to the realm.

I am Merlin. (He is no longer with the dragons, he is sitting, smoking a wizard pipe.) Yes, galaxygirl, I do love my wizard pipe. I do love that phrase. In the higher realms you can enjoy all sorts of habits that do not cause harm, of course. You dare devils reading this will be delighted to know that there are no blown out knees in the higher realms. Healing is quick and effortless. I choose to smoke my pipe with violet fire mixed with unicorn steam. Yes, they stream a bit when they are angry, it adds a certain spice to the mixture. (I am seeing white horses steaming in the sunlight). I like things hot and spicy. When embodied I enjoyed the foods that created a reaction. For life is all about reactions. How are you reacting? This beginning message shows that we are lending our light, our magic, our power, our strength to create a reaction. It is better to create than react to a situation of someone else’s creation to control or manipulate. That is the old way. Creators arise. I am puffing my smoke over your crown, reigniting your ability to see and feel magic. For magic is all around you. (I am seeing dark blue smoke with points of light like a starry night sky).

Become en-magic-ed once again, children of the light, of the way, of the breath of the Mother and Father. Have you noticed now that more puzzle pieces are fitting into the the final picture? Have you appreciated the depth of change on the global scene today? Know that all is proceeding quite nicely. (He is lying back puffing his pipe in huge circles, with pictures forming in them. (I am seeing viking ships). You are seeing the old way. (I am seeing flying ships). You are seeing the new way. For humanity was meant to fly and shall fly high again beyond the constraints of this society of darkness. No more darkness. Let there be light. (The smoke becomes yellow golden light with sparkles and now white). You see the solar flash is to become a turning point, but the tipping point must be reached first and we see this as happening quite nicely. (I am seeing the sun in the middle of the smoke circle suddenly expanding out so that the entire circle is white light. I am seeing Mother’s pretty face and hands around it, with Father standing behind). You see truly. Now, what was it that you were fretting about today? Is it really so big as being beyond healing? Ah, yes. Trust. It is time to trust the grand design. Mother and Father have this in their very capable hands. And so, you see that is why I am not worried. I grew rather tired of worrying in my incarnations – what a waste of energy, when one could be tinkering up new spells, new creations, new joys to be had. I gave that up long ago. Perhaps you too are ready to give up the enticement of worry? For worry is a creation of a false projection or reality you do not want. Why would you lend your energy to this? It does not suit a child of the creator, I can tell you that. It is easily manipulated by those who would delight in your pain, this I know. Their days are coming to a rapid demise. (He is laughing.) And you were worried? Why? No more. People will feel pain in this time, some will feel anxious. Send them light. Transmute on the spot and you will help many more than you know. That is your job, light workers. It is light and it is work. It is not easy work. That is why you were chosen. Remember, that is why you came. You came to lend your light, and lend it, you have, you are, and you will continue for it is your very nature to serve the light, for you are of it.

I am Merlin. Have I given you enough to think about tonight? Did you like my grand entrance? I do so love partnering with Source in all forms. Such excitement! (He is rubbing his hands together, and opening them. Inside is a beautiful electric blue butterfly). This is an Arcturian butterfly. It is lovely isn’t it? So many are near to help you, to guide you, to love you. Just let them. I am Merlin. My class is about to start. Will you join me ?

~ galaxygirl

Look into your own eyes in the mirror and witness the Source itself looking back… for each one of you is that and only that.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Can you imagine, dear ones, that the creator of universes imagined you? The Source of all being wondered what it would be like to be the unique soul that you are, and in that one moment of dreaming, your soul was born.

You, and we, exist within the Divine mind. We are thoughts molded into form. We are the vehicles through which the Creator experiences itself and all that it can become. You and we are as fingers on a hand, waves upon an ocean, and colors within a spectrum of light.

You were gifted with free will. Imagine a hand allows the fingers to move independently, or an ocean that allows the waves to move as they please and you will understand the very great love that is present for you at all times. As a mother or father loves their children and shares both their joy and pain, so too the Source lives in you and loves you, feels your joy and your pain.

Take a moment and ponder the fact that you are Divine Love in form. As such, you have free will and the chance, in this body, to experience your true Self in the diversity of all creation. You are given the ability to love, to touch, to taste, to smell in ways that feel far more tangible and real than the virtual reality you experience in the heavens. You can see your light in the setting sun. You can experience your vastness in the expanse of the sky. You can know your turmoil in the storms, and your peace in the stillness of dawn.

Dear ones, being human is a gift. Touch your own hands with love and appreciate the sensations that you feel. Taste your food today and marvel at the explosion of pleasure in knowing your Self this way. Look in the eyes of a beloved and realize that God is looking at itself in both of you. “Mind blowing,” you might say. “Heart opening,” we reply.

Drop into your heart and feel the appreciation of the Divine for the experience it is being given, through the way you choose to live your life, and through what you choose to create.

Many of you celebrate Thanksgiving during this season. Many of you give thanks for family, food, and friends. The beauty of your light and gratitude tipples into the cosmos and into the heavens. We feel it. We appreciate you.

Perhaps this year you can also take time to drop into your heart and feel the appreciation the Divine has for the experience of living as you.

Perhaps you can take time to be very present, to taste, to touch, to smell, to see, to feel the amazing diversity that you are all around you.

Look into the eyes of another and witness the Divine. Look into the beauty around you and know Divine love. Look into your own eyes in the mirror and witness the Source itself looking back… for each one of you is that and only that.

It is there upon your earth that you can both experience the great diversity of the true Self, and as well, experience yourself as an individual embodiment of Divine love. You can interact with others as unique souls, and yet you can also dive deep within – through love, through appreciation, and through Presence – to know yourselves as One.

Give thanks for this gift of life. Whether easy or challenging, energizing or exhausting, loving or not, you are always, as is all of creation, the One in the many.

We, the angels, love and appreciate you and your work to find unity in the diversity, far more than you can possibly imagine. As the healthy cells nourish the body, so too, your joy, your love, your kindness nourishes the entire “Body of the Divine.” We love you. We feel you. We appreciate and give thanks for each and every one of you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels