US Military officialy announced in September 2019 Fully Operational Anti Gravity & Free Energy Devices-David Wilcock-

On September 16th, 2019, the US Military formally acknowledged that UFOs exist. On one level, this is THE moment we’ve been working towards since I began posting disclosure articles online in 1996.

It has been very surprising to see how little our society has changed since we got the “Formal Acknowledgement” we’ve all been waiting for in the UFO community.

Disclosure is only one of a constellation of very exciting events showing us we are heading into civilization-defining changes in our very near future.

These are the very changes we have been working to produce for over twenty years now: anti-gravity, free energy and a world free from genocidal cults wishing to destroy almost all life on earth.


Salvatore Cesar Pais generated exciting controversy on June 28th, when the media discovered he had filed a patent for an antigravity flying triangle craft — on behalf of the Navy.

The pictures in the patent look exactly like witness descriptions of the TR-3B “flying black triangle” that we all know and love.

On August 2nd, we discovered that that this anti-gravity Hybrid Air-Underwater Craft (HAUC) is already an ‘operable’, fully-functioning device…

According to U.S. Naval Aviation Enterprise’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. James Sheehy… and others.

So then, where is it, guys?

Just six weeks later, on September 16th, the Navy admitted that some type of UFOs are regularly operating in our airspace — as we will discuss.

The UFOs being discussed could very well be some version of the HAUCs the Navy disclosed patents for just six weeks earlier.

Just ten days after the Big Disclosure Announcement, on September 26th, the US Navy published a patent for a literal free-energy compact fusion reactor.

This device can generate massive power — up to a terawatt (a trillion watts) — for as little as a thousand watts of input power!

The new reactor can be as small as a foot across (0.3 meters). By comparison, the US’s largest nuclear power plant, Palo Verde in Arizona, ‘only’ generates four gigawatts. A terawatt is a thousand gigawatts.

This story was broken exclusively by The Drive, an online publication tracking military matters, as of October 9th.

Very strangely, the free-energy device was patented by the same scientist who filed the TR-3B anti-gravity patent — Salvatore Pais!

The obvious implication is that you could drop Pais’ free-energy device into his HAUC anti-gravity ship — and away you go!

This exotic new free-energy system is made possible by a room-temperature superconducting piezo-electric film, made of lead zirconate titanate, which Salvatore Pais also patented, and was published on February 21st, 2019.

Then, less than a month after we found out free energy is coming, the enigmatic and controversial Q posts resumed on November 2nd, 2019... thank God!

We had briefings revealing that Q’s internal communications had been compromised, and elaborate workarounds were required to regain proper security.

We have since discovered that the new ‘8kun’ website is hosted on the DOD’s own server, so it cannot be taken down again!

This is yet another of many very obvious indications that Q is being run by the Alliance — a group within the US military and intelligence communities working to defeat the Deep State.

Q is now talking a very big game about imminent indictments, before the end of 2019, in post 3587. I do not believe we are going to be disappointed this time.

The first massive wave of DECLAS is now expected to drop any day in the now greatly-enhanced FISA report. Leaks indicate it will be far more damaging than anyone expects.

The Q team also directly mentioned Project Looking Glass in post 3585. Looking Glass is a reverse-engineered future-viewing technology we have leaked intel about for twelve years now, since March 2008.

The obvious ‘hint’ was that technologies like LG were used to assess the future and time these Alliance operations for maximum impact.

My webmaster Larry Seyer uploaded The 2012 Enigma originally on Google Video, and later YouTube, before I even had my own channel.

With countless stolen copies that generated hundreds of thousands of views, and the original Google Video version that had millions of views before being shut down, 2012 Enigma is still the most popular video I’ve ever made.

Looking Glass was the star of the show — an Atlantean technology that reverse-engineered the human pineal gland into a future-viewing technology.

When we add it all up, it very much looks like the long-awaited indictments are about to unseal, and we will then get UFO truth and working technology much faster than we might have hoped!

And on a more personal note, our new movie The Cosmic Secret debuts tomorrow, November 19th, 2019!

This is the first-ever feature Hollywood documentary film to blow the lid off of the greatest cover-up of all — that we are moving through a planetary awakening event known as Ascension.

The camera quality, background music and CG animation is significantly better than our last film. It is truly a must-see!

Ascension has always been the core of our work, and this film is our greatly-improved sequel to Above Majestic!

Your support in enjoying this mind-blowing film is urgently needed to keep our mission on track. With your help, let’s try again to shoot for #1 — and smash through all the lies and censorship!

As yet another sign that Q may be paying attention to our work, in post 3599, they used the same terminology for Ascension that we see in the Law of One series.

The exact quote was, “The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public.”

Having finally finished the epic ordeal of writing my new book Awakening in the Dream, just two days ago, the timing couldn’t be better.


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Chatting with Taygetean Pleiadian Pleiadian Live.

It has been said in previous post that the disclosusure of the presence of our Galactic Family will take a little longer to reach the masses.Well while the masses are not there yet,you have the opportunity to be educated on so many subjects about our close Galactic Family in this Live Q&Q Chatting with a Pleiadian Pilot.Quite an achievememt i must admit at this stage.

Here are the 2 videos,3 hours of your precious time,worth every moment of it,enjoy including the moments of excitement from Gosha,this are truly historic times we live in Ladies and Gentlemen.

And not only that,to this comes another update from David Wilcock which i am posting in next blog about official disclosure from US NAVY about fully operational Anti Gravity and Free Energy Devices.

A Disruption of Energy Serves to Bring More Clarity. Bless it.

November 17, 2019,

A Disruption of Energy Serves to Bring More Clarity. Bless it.

Most of the time I have received this card with more irritation than gratitude. Usually this message comes at a time when something I consider disturbing has occurred. When the card shows up, it almost always makes me smile.

I wish I could say that I welcome this card and gracefully begin to bless the situation around me that caused my upheaval. Often I may grumble a bit, even though the mere reading of the card has already caused me to surrender and shift from my position. It is just so TRUE. I cannot argue with the premise that certain situations can act as a wake-up call to spur me back into alignment with my most divine self.

There is a certain element of freedom in the awareness that my blessing the situation will cause it to vibrate at a higher frequency. To bless means to confer energy upon. When we bless something, it brings the Infinite Intelligence within the field of Divine Light to the circumstance. It also gives us the opportunity to ask for a Creative Solution when the situation seems so dire that we can’t see our way through it.

The Divine always offers a solution inherent in every problem, as long as we raise our frequency to match our desire.

Our prayers act as a beacon to call to the energy that we want to experience. Those who have had near-death experiences report seeing brilliant streamers of light shooting off the earth as people pray. They were even shown the angels waiting to fulfill those prayers. That is one of the jobs Angels were given to do by the Divine Presence. This is very reassuring information for me.

So when discordant situations arise in my life, I am committing to remember to bless the situation NOW, thus bringing some beautiful light into it. I also want to be grateful for the clarity that comes to me when I am shown what I do not want. It is abundantly clear that I become VERY aware during the disruption what I would prefer to experience. That is a gift.

My next step may be to write down my intentions for what I really want in my life and send blessing energy to this clear awareness. At that point I can invite the Universe to come and open the way to graceful and easy fulfillment of my prayer.

And it is very beneficial to remember to give thanks in advance, knowing that all my needs are being met as long as I am a vibrational match for what I truly desire in my life. I can trust this process because I have seen it work so often. Only now it is even more exciting, because the change that comes when I bless the uncomfortable situation is often amazingly quick. There must have been an angel just waiting for me to ask…

Divine Presence,

Thank you for bringing more clarity into my life. Please soothe my nervous system, healing any waves this wake-up call presented, with a flow of beautiful Golden Light through my being. Let my heart be filled with Compassion for myself and all others as we evolve together in expanded consciousness and anchor new frequencies of Love, Freedom and Harmony on the Earth. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
November 17, 2019

Oh, Anchors, Lightholders…holding, holding, holding…you lifted. It was astonishing to behold, as you reached up and anchored these two Rivers one over the other. To Bridge. Two opposing vibrational gradients you hold so that all who choose may cross. You hold as two diametrically opposing Rivers work against one upon the other, like two magnets fighting to separate. Within that space of the cross-over are reverberations so powerful, it is felt within the fabric of ALL, shear force as the lower Timeline crumbles. It will be when the Anchors let go –the Snap. And you WILL know just when, for it is in your very being. You will let go.

C.L. Day ~ ‘The Nuts and Bolts’ -A Vibrational Engineers Handbook, November 16, 2019

Multi-dimensional self, Seian (See-i-ehan).

I enter into form first through the Royal House of the Pleiades, and please let me explain that the word royal does not mean what one thinks of it on Earth, most accurately it means a lineage that is unbroken. So, my lineage works, builds and designs vibrations, one might think of us as vibrational engineers.

It has been requested by council that light messages are to be offered, with the intention of providing new concepts and practical information to the newly minted ‘Unity Consciousness’ of Earth, to assist you in acclimating to your new realm. Welcome all!


We would like to speak of Timelines, for this is a most auspicious moment, a moment that calls to each.  In this node point is a space to choose, for here Timelines converge, merge and cross, one over another.

For Timelines are powerful organic structures.  These massive light worlds flow as expressions born of Source. Timelines are the space in which we move, that we call home.  When outside of these structures, there is what is known as Zero Point, or ‘The Event Horizon.

Timelines are born.  They bubble up from the core of the central sun.  Some become mighty, some do not.  Many rise, only to collapse early within their course. It is not unusual for a Timeline to falter; they may lose integral support or reach a dead end, and yes, some endings can be catastrophic in nature. But all Timelines are held in great reverence, for they are the highest form of intent.  They are pure expressions of Source-being, gifted to the Dreamweavers.

We are the Dreamweaver’s, and we ride upon their expressions and navigate them. We weave within the weave, for these massive highways and byways present as the largest of grids you see, on the grandest of scales, if one could only look down upon them. Grids within grids, mirroring, one grid within another, going deeper, ever inward.

Mighty Light Rivers

May we ask that you set in your mind ~ a Timeline ~ as a Light River, for the components of a river act and move in much the same manner. We show you now ~ Rivers of Light potential that are not bound by terrain.  Up and down they twist and turn, hemmed by nothing but a match in gradient.

The Event Horizon holds their space, like the banks of a River.  Should one be breached, a stream is formed.  Though small, they too can be a delight to navigate…for they flow into and out of other Timelines.  They may move through quiet pools where one might rest.

Where should one flow then? Well… isn’t that the fun bit?

Born is a word we have used with deliberate intention, for each Light River born will present uniquely.  Each will hold particular characteristics, magnetic properties, and carry individualistic spaces. One of these spaces will feel like home to you. You choose where to express your beingness, for you, like the River, are light, and bound by nothing but vibration.

You have navigated these Light Rivers throughout time.  You are very skilled in this, our boots on the ground.  In fact, you are Masters of movement.

Let us speak now of the ‘The Event’, for it is the reason we are all present. There is a level of anxiety that is unwarranted in this now. For the word ‘Jump’ implies that you are being expected to catapult yourselves onto a speeding train.   (laughter) You are not!

You are wading into this Light River now.  You have not missed it, for it is seeping in like a tide. At this space in time, a new beautiful Light River is beginning its presentation.  The convergence is seeping in and lapping up against you. You take with you from one flow to another what is aligned within your life, and leave what is not.

Light Rivers are natural flowing organic spaces born through Source to give us space.  Spaces to create are revered by those who themselves are light.  We flow, light to light.  It is most natural.

But we must say this Light River that is presenting now is of vast importance, for it is in fact A Rescue Mission. Under what conditions would the ALL deem it necessary to alter the course of a Light River, or even be allowed by Source to do so? For altering the course of a Light River is tampering with the ALL That Is.

What if a once-natural flowing Light River had lost all in it that was organic?  What if lightbeings had become trapped, dammed in, their light funneled and taken without consent, in whirlpools with no exit?


The ALL That Is came together: the architects, builders, engineers, councils, gatekeepers, beings of a planet, nations, the magical ones, and the holy ones — ALL came together for this project, this rescue, this undertaking of Universal proportion.

We came together to divert a mighty Light River of the highest caliber, and run it right into and over the top of a different river that had been mistreated. By turn defying the rules of vibrational gradient; and to pull it down, against its own nature into a density that was low, without losing its light quotient in the descendent.  From the river below, our star seeds, our coverts, our sleepers of Light would lift up and reach out, to grab on and to Anchor these two Rivers.

Oh, Anchors, Lightholders…holding, holding, holding…you lifted. It was astonishing to behold, as you reached up and anchored these two Rivers one over the other.

To Bridge.

Two opposing vibrational gradients you hold so that all who choose may cross. You hold as two diametrically opposing Rivers work against one upon the other, like two magnets fighting to separate. Within that space of the cross-over are reverberations so powerful, it is felt within the fabric of ALL, shear force as the lower Timeline crumbles.

It will be when the Anchors let go –the Snap.

And you WILL know just when, for it is in your very being.

You will let go.

C.L. Day