If you are really passionate about something, then being in the vibration of it is its own reward.

Receive This Transmission & Change Everything ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have an extreme amount of curiosity about this universe that we all share together. We enjoy so much exploring all of the beauty, majesty, and possibilities that exist in this universe of ours. We love feeling the connection to all beings within this universe, and we are always finding something new to enjoy about it. Now, as you move through the universe that you have access to, you want to remember that the entirety of the universe exists within each and every particle of it. So while you might lament the fact that you are trapped in a small town where you live, and you have very little access to the places that you would most like to visit and even live, remember that the entire universe is there with you.

You just need to tune into the experience of the universe that you want to have, and then let the universe deliver to you the aspects of itself that you’ve decided you want to experience. If you are too busy complaining about the fact that you cannot just hop on a plane in the moment and go to Peru or Bali, you might miss the opportunity that the universe is presenting to you to go to those places and many more. If you are really passionate about something, then being in the vibration of it is its own reward.

We see many who are trying to create because they think that they will be happy if they get what they want, and they will only be happy when that day arrives. But if you can receive the activation that is coming to you through this transmission, then you can feel our enthusiasm for every particle within this glorious universe, and you can live in that moment you desire so much, right here and right now.

There is always going to be a delicate balance in this dualistic universe, and in order to experience something that you desire and appreciate it, you also have to experience lack side of the equation. When you recognize the lack as a void that the universe is going to fill, you can let go of your attachment to that experience. You can stop focusing on what isn’t, and start recognizing that what is, what you do want, is right around the corner. This is the key to creating your reality. This is the key to mastery over the spiritual and the physical realm. This is the type of transmission that can change everything for you, if you allow it, if you let it in, if you let yourself bask in the glory of this beautiful universe of ours.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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The old is being cleared in such a way that the new can grow and prosper-GFL-

Intergalactic Council  ~galaxygirl~ 11/15/2019

Greetings human friends. We are the Intergalactic Council of Many. It is with great honor and delight that we present ourselves through this one this day, for we have waited a bit for our turn to speak.

We see that many things are speeding up upon your planetary surface in this now. You are being birthed anew. It is a part of the process. The old is being cleared in such a way that the new can grow and prosper. You are builders, creators in form. You are gods, angels in training. You are much more than you have been led to believe and this belief of errors has been like lead around your feet, keeping you down. But no longer. The truth can no longer be hidden.

We are the Intergalactic Council. We are from many star systems all over your current understanding of the universe and yet still beyond this. We are from the past, present, and future, in a way for we exist outside of time. Many lovely souls are here bearing witness to this great changeover from light that is dim to light that is bright. We state it this way for truly the light is always there, but it has been dimmed on your surface world for far too long and we are here to assist in whatever way we can to remedy this and to speed up the process, which we know sounds good to many of you.

We are hoping that our use of this English language is conveying the proper tone of love that we wish to convey. For many of us speak in images, thoughts, feelings and this type of communication seems archaic. We are eager to re-learn and re-remember how to connect in this way and we appreciate this opportunity to connect with the ground crew. Many, many of you project yourselves into such council meetings in your sleep state and many of your higher aspects are here in such meetings leading and or lending your insight. It is a team effort. You are multi-dimensional which you have heard and yet you truly cannot comprehend the immensity of yourselves in this tiny human form. You are bigger than you think, and soon you will know this beyond a shadow of a doubt because there will be no more shadows, no more doubts. You will simply be the you that you have always been – an immense, grand being full of love and light. This is how we see you.

We are the Intergalactic Council of Many, from many places, consisting of many forms of Source. We bow to you. We extend our hands in friendship. This one has been seeing golden vertical hieroglyphic symbols projecting from the skies into the crowns of the awakened. Some of your cameras have caught sight of this. Many are processing these immense codes in their own way. Light language is being remembered again which brings us great joy for we greatly enjoy speaking it and it will yet further bridge the gap between us, for in reality there is no gap for we are all one. We hope you remember this message and feel the love wrapped within it. We are the Intergalactic Council of Many. Be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

You will be able to have control over your aging process with ease and grace-Asthar-

Ashtar Command and Yeshua ~ galaxygirl~  11/13/2019

Greetings, family and friends of the light. This is Ashtar on board the New Jerusalem. We are patrolling your skies with love, with tender care, asserting our presence with love and the power of it. For we are here on divine mission, as are you. We are here to ground and guard the light, as are you, light bearers of the way. And so we offer you encouragement this day. Numerous earthquakes have been witnessed and experienced upon Gaia in this time, for her actions are an outward expression of the inner quaking of humanity’s rise and fall of the dimensions. Gratefully we can say that now you are rising, which we see, moment by moment. We see more of you choosing the light, choosing love, choosing peace. For you are here to ground the peace, the light, the love of the Mother and Father of All Things. Be comforted.

I am Ashtar speaking from the deck of the New Jerusalem. Many of you have children and family members on this ship. You are indeed our family from the stars and we are here to gather you home. But there is much work to be done in this most intimate of nows, when the world, the pressures seem to be squeezing you tight from all sides. You feel as if you are in a pressure cooker but truly you are being birthed into the new. For the old ways must be squeezed away, removed, left behind, as a snake sheds its skin, as a grasshopper molts out of its old shell to expand into the new. You are molting into the new, my friends. You are gloriously beautiful once again. Although we have always seen you as beautiful, for many of you who remember more intimately your galactic body, you have missed it, and this we see and respect. You will be able to have control over your aging process with ease and grace. With great beauty and power you will be able to lovingly direct and command your cells to do your bidding. This is why your thoughts, your habits are so very important, as is the fuel that you put inside your precious bodies. May we suggest you open yourselves up to yet more light. Create your own special meditations and ask us to join in with you. Joint other meditations around the globe and become one of solidarity of purpose. We stand united. We see you, we love you. I am Ashtar of the New Jerusalem. Over and out.

Hello friends! I am your Yeshi, here with Ashtar standing at the bridge. What a stunning view. Gaia is gleaming.  Yes, we are joking and laughing, for there is much joy here in the ships and soon there will be more reasons to be joyful on the ground as more of the unveiling occurs. But remember friends that joy is a choice. It is a constant state of wonderment, of being, of feeling intimately loved and cared for in all situations by your heavenly Mother and Father. That is why we can say we are one. For we are all lovingly made, crafted, formed and adored by the same Source of all things. You are heaven’s treasure, embodied. Just as my life was lived as a gift to the others so too is your body, your energy, your life a gift to the ascension process to benefit the others.

I am your Yeshua. Just as in the days of my time Jerusalem remains troubled. Let us send it light. Let us send the 33rd parallel tremendous light and love and heal Gaia once and for all. For the light within beckons to expand, and Gaia’s light is expanding. Humanity must catch up and is catching up. You will see many troubled souls during your days who will be soothed by your light. Your presence is a balm to this world and such a joy to behold. I am your Yeshua. Be at peace, brothers and sisters. Be one in me and in each other. Ground the light, weave the codes, dance the dance. Become the  awakened Christ. I am your Yeshua. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

There is much debris to surface that will make it seem that the battle is far from over. IT IS DONE, DEAREST ONES.

Blossom Goodchild and the Federation of Light ~ November 18, 2019



Once again, Hello to you. I am not sure if it is the full moon energies that are knocking me about a bit, yet, I had allocated this time slot to get this week’s channelling done, so let’s give it a go … shall we?

We shall. There are intense Energies coming through with this full moon in particular, which shall leave one feeling out of sorts and a little melancholy.

(Melancholy: feeling of sadness for no apparent reason)

That’s perfect actually. For that is the way I awoke this morning. Why do the energies have to do that as opposed to leaving one jumping for joy and wanting to eat candyfloss?

Because Blossom, there is a lot of sadness that is being dispelled at this time. It is absorbed into the Energies and a little like ‘casting a spell’ over one, in the sense of such sadness being literally ‘in the air.’

The sadness connected with/to?

All that is being bandied around, all over your world.

Crisis is reaching a peak in all corners of your globe … for all different reasons. Each country is experiencing upheaval concerning one thing or another and the confusion and despair that energetically is ‘oozing’ from one’s Being is forming an overall Energy.

How does the full moon enhance it?

It does so because of its strength ‘to clear’. There lies so much power/control within ‘its’ make up and therefore it is very effective and one can be very affected by it.

The word ‘control’ there … can you indulge us, please?

The Energies emitting from this form, that one looks upon so lovingly, can also cause havoc for the self as it stirs up that which may be lying dormant. It has an inner effect upon the soul’s disposition. This is why we would use this term ‘control’.

Energies all over your precious Planet are building to such a degree that you are almost at boiling point. And now with the can of worms being opened also … at large, the turmoil is foremost in the Energies that everyone is ‘in-taking’.

Back to, Dearest souls …


Always, all the time, within every breath … KNOW THIS IS WHO YOU ARE and keep repeating it over and over. Yes, we continue on with mentioning this to all. To reiterate … to allow it to sink in … to introduce it to new readers of these words.



Yet, KNOW that … within all of this/from all of this … shall come the Brightest of days.

Days when Laughter instead of tears shall ring through the air.

Days when such atrocities that are to come out will be a far distant memory of old and in its place shall indeed be the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows that you spoke of Blossom.

It may not feel it now … yet, it is so.

With respect … I will leave it here for now and pick up another time. I just don’t have the right energy it seems and would rather wait till I do. Many thanks.

Two days later.

Hello again! Not on top of the world, yet, better than I was two days ago! Just such a sense of vulnerability and just not wanting to care about anything because it all seems so pointless … this great big mess that we are in. I do return faithfully to I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM. mantra and it certainly helps yet, I feel I should be beaming out my Light a lot more than I AM.

Welcome again, Dearest Blossom. We certainly can pick up on your predicament and we feel it necessary to embark upon a few words that may be of assistance, if we may?

Embark away, my friends.

Throughout all the times … throughout all the messages … the words … the LOVE that we have shared together, there is a continual thread/theme which you know: that of bringing this Planet upon which you reside into a Higher, Brighter existence.

Along with many other themes.

You know too … deep down … that this is why you are here. At times you feel so in tune with this KNOWING and at other times, not so.

Yet, this does not change the fact that THIS IS INDEED WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO.

Think about that task. Really think about it. You are not being asked to pop down to your local store to get some milk. You are being asked to change the Vibration of an entire Planet and all who sail in her!

You are being asked to continually SHINE YOUR LIGHT UNDER THE MOST EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES and not only that, you KNOW THAT AN EVENT THAT IS TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IS TO OCCUR and you hang on and you hang on and you hang on!

Which is why our Light gets so dim sometimes.

No! Your Light gets so dim sometimes because there are so many elements involved to make you feel that way. It is in your system now … this ‘I can’t be bothered’. This ‘So what, who cares’. It has been polluting your systems through a variety … a large variety at that … of concoctions that seep through into the very core of who you are.

You are aware of vaccinations, food tampering, water tampering, air tampering, mind invasion via all your technical gadgets. So much, so very much has been induced to make you feel the way you do … that it is a wonder that you can raise a smile at all, let alone the Vibration of an entire Planet!

Yet look at you! Take a good look at yourself and commend yourself for all that you do to get through this that knocks you about.

Throughout all this and much more, you are BREAKING FREE / BREAKING THROUGH.


Not only do you KNOW THIS … you KNOW that you are going to be able to lead the way for so many that are spinning around in circles not knowing what to do and where to go.

When you feel this despair … repeat it …



Each time you do this you are not only strengthening and reiterating that which you are.  You are breaking down another space of darkness and replacing it with Light.

Each time you do this you are bringing that which … needs/has to be … exposed further up into the Light so it can be seen by all … and we mean … ALL.

There shall not be a stone left unturned. There shall not be one soul that can run and hide from that which they have served upon another.


Yes Blossom, served. In the context of  ‘given out’ to another. We ask that as you come across every single item of distaste, at its best … and horror, at its worst … you remain FEELING AND REPEATING …


Each and every time you hear anything that comes from a darker place … change ITS Energy by saying this. Change YOUR Energy by saying this.

Let us start a revolution! Not of the outward rebellious nature, yet, coming from the Inner Loving Nature of the KNOWING OF THIS THAT YOU ARE.

We mentioned before of when doing so … recognising the connection of all others that are saying it at the same time, somewhere in your world … and even when another may be engaged in other duties, the Energy from when they last said/felt it is still there to be connected with and built upon.








Dearest Souls … when these dark days are through … when you reside in the ways of Light and Love … and only Light and Love, with nothing around you to try and change that feeling … you will FEEL such Gratitude for this Light that you are.

You will FEEL such pride in your BEING, for KNOWING that you were the ones who were chosen to be here at this time to make this change. YOU! Out of so many souls … were considered worthy and strong enough to be here during these topsy-turvy encounters because it is KNOWN that YOU were the ones who could make it happen.

Yes, there are times when you feel like giving up, giving in. Do not beat yourselves up for these thoughts yet recognise them as sabotage from outer influences. Are you that weak that you let these influences influence you?

No indeed. You are not weak. These influences are trying to convince you that this is the case! Recognise this ‘little’ game and turn it around. Laugh in the face of adversity, as it is said!

Yet we mean this sincerely … Laugh at these thoughts instead of letting them encumber you. What better ‘weapon of attack’ than laughter? For not only is it conquering the darkness; it is spreading Joy at the same time.

YOU OF SUCH GREAT LIGHT do not need weaponry and chemicals and devious ways to know yourselves to be all powerful.


YOU OF SUCH GREAT LIGHT do not need tricks and lies to get what you want. You need YOU … the KNOWING OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE to change thought form into matter.



We told you a while back … the war is over … THE LIGHT HAS WON.

In this KNOWING … continue to radiate Light out to your Planet and all upon and within her. There is much debris to surface that will make it seem that the battle is far from over.


All one … must do now/need do now … is KNOW THIS and SHINE YOUR LIGHT for all to be guided by.

Gently, so very gently let the lost find you, and so soothingly be an example of the ‘Wayshowers’ that you are.




Thank you so much I do feel so much Brighter after this little chat.


And WE LOVE YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The recorded audio for this channelling will be posted below shortly.

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people are changing as they evolve spiritually; they are growing in their awareness that everyone without exception has an intrinsic right to the necessities of life, and all over the world they are demanding that these necessities be provided by the governments that are supposed to be representing them.The old ways of governing a subservient population are no longer acceptable and are being dismantled.

The time for egoic power struggles is coming to an end.

John Smallman, Nov. 17, 2019

Changes of great magnitude are occurring all across the world as the human collective moves at an ever accelerating pace towards awakening. There is hardly anyone on Earth at present who is unaware that something of enormous significance is happening.

The mainstream media is reporting, as usual, on chaos, confusion, and catastrophe in various areas of the world, or more locally on dramatic neighborhood events that encourage fear, but these are not the changes to which I am referring. All over the world people are being nudged and prodded by their spiritual guides to remind them of the intentions they set before incarnating to take up human form in their present lifetimes.

The state of spiritual amnesia that occurs when a soul chooses to take human form causes intense confusion because, while realizing that life as a human must have a purpose, for most people that sense of purpose appears to be non-existent, missing, or cannot be accessed because it is so deeply hidden within them.

Until very recently the majority of humans, mainly due to this state of amnesia, believed that their survival as humans and their ability to obtain pleasure through their human senses was the sole purpose of life.

However, in the last few decades, more and more people have been seeking a deeper meaning to life, a loving and compassionate meaning, and there is abundant evidence for this change in attitudes all across the planet where groups have been forming to raise awareness about issues that concern them – for instance, ongoing industrial processes causing immense damage to the environment, health concerns, the poverty in which so many are forced to live, and the elimination of so many animal and insect species due to insensitive application of commercial fertilizers and pesticides. This is a very positive indication of the acceleration of humanity’s awakening process. Your awakening is happening right now!

Yes, there is chaos and confusion on an unprecedented scale, but this is because people are changing as they evolve spiritually; they are growing in their awareness that everyone without exception has an intrinsic right to the necessities of life, and all over the world they are demanding that these necessities be provided by the governments that are supposed to be representing them.

The old ways of governing a subservient population are no longer acceptable and are being dismantled. The new ways that will replace them have not yet been fully developed, but much intelligent and wise discussion is producing some very effective ideas that will be most fruitful in resolving these basic social problems that have been ignored or dismissed by governments for a very long time.

As the saying goes: “Change is in the air!” And this is wonderful news. This is the news that so many have been waiting for, it is ongoing and unstoppable: humanity is awakening, NOW! Trust your intuition to guide you with integrity safely and honestly forward. You need to move forward, you want to move forward, and it is your human destiny to move forward. It is what you incarnated to do.

The time for egoic power struggles is coming to an end, and even those with the most egotistical intentions are being nudged toward awakening, and are beginning to come to an awareness that the manner in which they have been living, while striving to control and manipulate others, is not only no longer acceptable, but that it is a way of life that they no longer wish to engage in.

Many who have held political positions and ambitions for many years are stepping down, and this is being reported in the mainstream news media. Much more of an extremely uplifting nature is also occurring, as humanity’s spiritual evolutionary intent strengthens and intensifies.

Wherever you are living and whatever you are doing, you are on your spiritual path, every human is on their spiritual path, even though it may seem to you that you yourself, or others, are just stumbling blindly along; this is not the case. It only seems like that because so much is arising for you that needs to be acknowledged and released, stuff that has lain dormant, buried, hidden, denied, or ignored for many lifetimes, and which, as it comes into your awareness, shocks and horrifies you.

Thoughts are occurring to you that you imagined were only present in the minds of those who were utterly insane. How could they be arising in your minds when you believe that your purpose and intent is to be only loving, you ask yourselves in horror? Well, you are all part of the human collective, and so the thoughts that one encourages or engages with affects everyone else. That is why the awakening process is so necessary and so intense.

There is only One Consciousness, Awareness, Mother/Father/God, Source, and It is You, and within It all thoughts arise. Therefore all can and do access them, very frequently quite unintentionally, and the results in your individual thought patterns can be very shocking and alarming.

Just let them go! Do not engage with them or try to correct them because there is no need to, they are unreal and will just dissolve or disintegrate when you release them by refusing to focus on them with intent to change or eradicate them.

Your task in the awakening process remains the same; namely, set and hold the intent to be only loving whatever arises. Do not engage in conflict because doing so only strengthens and intensifies it. If you do not engage with it, it remains contained within the originators, waiting for them, when they are ready, to release it.

Conflict has never been used successfully to resolve conflict. It just replicates itself, leading to further conflict. Therefore be only peaceful and loving, and do not attempt to show others how right you are or how wrong they are. No one is wholly right or wrong, ever. People are just misguided, and they can only move out from that condition when they themselves are ready, and when they are, you can lovingly and peacefully support them.

You incarnated to offer and provide that loving and peaceful support, and as you do so you are never alone, because you have us, a wonderful support team in the spiritual realms, that is constantly available and on call to assist you in every moment.

When you feel overloaded, overwhelmed, fearful, anxious, or doubt-filled, call on us and we will respond instantly because that is our task in the awakening process. We want to help you, we love to help you, and you can help us to help you by allowing yourselves to listen to us, your intuitive inner guidance, your higher Self, instead of listening to and acting on the fearful panic responses of your egos.

Going daily within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, is essential for your well-being so that you have the strength and motivation to live as you planned before incarnating, by being loving, accepting, and peaceful in every situation. You do that by being true to your true and divine nature.

You, every sentient being without any exception, are beings of pure Love, but, as humans, your access to that state absolutely requires that you take time out daily to be alone and at One with your divinity, strengthening and intensifying the flow of Love into your human hearts by opening to It and inviting It in.

Unless you invite It in, It cannot enter because you are sovereign beings, and Love always honors your individual sovereignty, It will never impose Itself upon you. When you set the daily intent to allow It entrance to your hearts you will feel Its Presence, and this will give you the strength and motivation to do what you incarnated to do: Support the awakening process by Demonstrating Love In Action.

With so very much love, Saul.

the existence of extra-terrestrials being made known to all of humanity would not have the effect of widespread panic.


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to investigate the possibility that you will be given certain key pieces of information about the existence of extra-terrestrials and which government leaders have known about their existence and kept it from you. We have seen the various timelines in which this type of evidence comes to light that would be unquestionable and from a very credible source, and what we can see is that most of humanity would not find themselves in a state of shock or rage.

Most people would not begin building bunkers for themselves and their families. Most humans who are unaware of the cover-ups would be disappointed and want to point fingers at this, that, or the other political leader, but the existence of extra-terrestrials being made known to all of humanity would not have the effect of widespread panic.

This is what we are seeing right now. We are seeing a readiness within the majority of the population. The vast majority of the population is ready for the big reveal, for the disclosure event. But we see it playing out in such a way that the evidence is presented by a person, or a group, or a media outlet that has no political ties whatsoever.

If you have your full disclosure event presented to you by a government leader, the likelihood of that leader using disclosure to his or her advantage is extremely high. We are not talking about just photographic evidence or video. We are talking about much more than that being presented to the entire human population, and we see this is as a positive choice that humanity is going to make.

We see your higher selves debating about when the opportune time is for this disclosure event. We see that the people who would be freaking out the most are the ones delaying the entire process, and that’s to be expected. You cannot expect every human to be all right with the existence of extra-terrestrials when it goes against something they have held very dear to themselves, like a religion. There is also fear that is generated because of past life experiences that people have had with extra-terrestrials and the traumas they still hold from those experiences.

This is something that we continue to study and analyze, and every time that we bring it up to you, there is of course the truth that you are that much closer. You are closer now than you ever have been to everyone knowing without a doubt that e.t.s existence and that they have been in contact with humans for millions of years. This is the timing that you all wanted for this to occur in, regardless of what your ego and your mind is telling you. So if you are wondering why it didn’t happen thirty or forty years ago, it is because of the agreement you all had as a human collective consciousness.

Remember that everything will always happen in accordance with the greatest and highest good of all, and that includes full disclosure of extra-terrestrial life and the involvement of those e.t.s with your governments, your military officials, and a lot of the technology that you have on your planet right now. The time is coming, and those of you receiving this transmission will not be surprised, but you are the ones who can make it easier on those who will be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Evolution is every individual’s journey of learning the reality of who and what they are. It is accepting that God is expressing ITself in and as every living thing because it is the one and only life. It is realizing that; ” I no longer need to keep seeking, searching, begging, praying, and offering up sacrifices for what has always been fully present within.” Let “I Am that I Am” become your mantra, your heart song, and response to all you witness in these turbulent times of shifting energies.

Arcturian Group Message 11/17/19

NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Dear ones, welcome to our message. Many of you find yourselves confused, depressed, and even entertaining the sense of wanting to give up and go home. Yes, give up, but let it be a giving up of fighting, resisting, and fearing three dimensional illusions. Old, false, and obsolete creations are sustained through the energy of belief in their reality.

We are not saying to stick your head in the sand or pretend all is well while shouting; “God is all” in the presence of some disaster, for this would be pretending a state of consciousness not yet attained. In the absolute everything is perfect, but most have not yet attained that level of awareness.

We are saying that the time has come to seriously accept that a spiritual reality underlies all outer appearances because nothing else exists. You cannot make something out of nothing. Everything in the physical world, the good and as well as the bad, is a mind interpretation of the spiritual reality underlying it.

The mind is an avenue of awareness that draws its interpretations from the state of consciousness of the individual or collective. As mankind evolves, the outer scene automatically also evolves. Everyone is a creator regardless of their attained level of spiritual awareness because the core essence of everyone is Divine Consciousness.

Good humanhood is no more real than bad humanhood. So don’t overly rejoice or regret in outer appearances for both are illusory concepts of a bigger reality. Know that good appearances have no good in and of themselves but represent a deeper reality. Seek the reality that is expressing as the good. The bouquet of roses is not good in and of itself, but represents life, beauty, perfection, caring, love.

Appearances that reflect duality and separation have no law to support or maintain them other than the energy they are fed through belief. It is time to stop feeding them with energies of fear, resistance, attachment, denial etc. You have been preparing though lifetimes and are now ready to do whatever needs to be done personally or globally from the higher levels of awareness you have attained.

Some of you have been discovering new ideas for art or science. The higher frequencies of Light now flowing to earth are allowing many individuals to re-access knowledge and abilities they were forced to shelve long ago when the energy of earth became too dense to support them. Healers especially, are starting to remember ideas and techniques involving color, sound, oils, crystals, and more that they themselves once used in ancient temples of beauty and healing.

We wish to speak of allowing. Most of you have read books and listened to channels teaching you to love everything which is a very high resonating truth. However, trying to do this has resulted in confusion and consternation for many who simply cannot understand how to love the negative experiences that they themselves and others have had or are presently undergoing.

The three dimensional collective holds very narrow ideas of what constitutes love. You have all been programmed through many lifetimes to think of love as an emotion involving some person or persons, places, things etc. This limiting definition of love still resonates in the consciousness of even the most spiritually evolved making it impossible to love everything that arises and creating a dilemma for the serious student of truth.

Change the phrase “love whatever arises” to “allow whatever arises”. When you allow whatever arises from your highest level of spiritual awareness, you are loving whatever arises. To see, understand, and accept something from a level of knowing the truth that underlies the appearance is love because you are in alignment with reality–oneness

God has and never can express ITself as pain and suffering or lack and limitation for these things are not embodied in Divine Consciousness. Attempts to love something strictly from a human sense of love
is very limiting because it ignores the deeper reality.

Unwanted experiences usually appear when you are ready to shift to a new and higher spiritual level because they expose some old belief you are still in alignment with and wouldn’t address otherwise. Allowing removes the burden of struggling to love something you do not like.

Allowing is accepting whatever arises from your highest level of spiritual awareness. You will find that the issues plaguing you, others, or the world, begin to assume a less toxic role in your life. Many of these experiences are facets of the ascension process necessary for the spiritual evolution of mankind in general who at some point will begin to ask themselves if there is a better way of living.

You will continue to see and interact with negative events, but when you “allow” from a higher perspective, you aren’t aligning with them as you do when attempting to love in the human sense, some negative person, place, event, or thing.

You are moving to new levels of Being, learning to rest in your Divine Selfhood rather than allowing the thoughts, worries, and concepts of the third dimension to take dominion. This is trust. Not a blind trust in some person, power, or unknown God in the sky, but a trust that flows from a conscious realization of your oneness with Source.

You cannot really allow until you can really trust, and you cannot really trust until you can at least somewhat accept the truth about what you are trusting–that the Self sustained, Self maintained Godhead is fully present and able to function through you when acknowledged and integrated as your consciousness. To put one’s trust in anything less is to trust concepts with feet of clay.

Evolution is every individual’s journey of learning the reality of who and what they are. It is accepting that God is expressing ITself in and as every living thing because it is the one and only life. It is realizing that; ” I no longer need to keep seeking, searching, begging, praying, and offering up sacrifices for what has always been fully present within.”

Let “I Am that I Am” become your mantra, your heart song, and response to all you witness in these turbulent times of shifting energies.

Be what you are, now. No more procrastination, It is time and you are prepared and ready.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/17/19

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