We’re creating a world that works for everyone by Jan. 1, 2023.

‘Global equality, universal basic incomes, universal medicare, global free energy. How will we do it? I don’t know. Agai, I expect miracles.” 

I’d ordinarily wait for Werner’s booklet (1) to finish being posted before writing this article, but, just as I couldn’t stay a moment longer in the hospital, (2) having read the document, so I can’t wait another day before beginning to outline where I and this blog will be going.

As you’ll see if you read ahead (going to the website the booklet is located on), I’m now convinced that positions generate opposition.

So Judy likes President Trump and Ralph doesn’t.  When Judy expresses her position of liking Trump, Ralph responds with his oppositional dislike. Judy then doubles her opposition to Ralph’s opposition and Ralph doubles his opposition to Judy’s opposition and they both sink into quicksand, locked in combat – or get lost in “pea soup,” as Werner calls it.

I have no more interest in position/opposition.  I don’t care to discuss whether Trump is “good” or “bad.” Such a discussion will go nowhere and use up our energy. At the end of it all we’ll have accomplished nothing important.

What I’m interested in is creating Nova Earth and I’m going to give a deadline. We’re creating a world that works for everyone by Jan. 1, 2023. (3)

Placing a deadline on these occurrences allows everyone to coordinate their efforts to bring the desired result about.

By creating the context of a world that works by Jan. 1, 2023, I leave behind ideas that have no power in them and choose to create an idea whose time has come. (4)

Now we’re focused not on whether President Trump is good or bad, but on how we build a world that works for all.

Do I know how to get there? No, I don’t. Werner says to expect miracles. I do.

Does a caterpillar know how it could fly? No, it doesn’t. But, once it’s morphed, the butterfly can tell you how a caterpillar did it.

Similarly, once we’ve created this world working, we’ll look back and we’ll be able to say how we accomplished the journey. But we can’t say looking forward how we’re going to do it.

So my declaration is that we’ll build a world that works for all by Jan. 1, 2023.

That means that we’ll have peace throughout the world on – or before – Jan. 1, 2023. How will we do it? I don’t know.  But nations will no longer speak or act belligerently towards each other. All wars will cease. Countries will cooperate – and why not? They’ll have what they need to support their citizenry because that’s part of building a world that works.

We’ll have global freedom by that date as well. No more religious conflict. No more slavery. No more sex trafficking. No more forced marriages and so on. How will we get there? I don’t know. I expect miracles.

Global equality, universal basic incomes, universal medicare, global free energy. How will we do it? I don’t know. Agai, I expect miracles.

One by one the unworkable situations will be addressed and turned into workability because the solutions are contextual or holistic and so leave no one (willing to come along) out.

So no good writing me and saying that this message said something you don’t agree with. I’m not focused on “lefties” and “rednecks” or “good” and “bad” politicians any more. That isn’t where my attention is going.

Where my attention is going is following the steps towards making the world work by Jan. 1, 2023.

And we will do it.

What can you do? Make this declaration and its commitment your own.  Take it on as the context of your life and activism.

Not as if you’re a part of something, but as a whole and complete Self whose purpose in life at this moment in time is to contribute to making the world work for all by Jan. 1, 2023. Then see what arises that contributes to the global outcome.

After that, let the good times roll.


(1)  Werner Erhard, The End of Starvation: Creating an Idea Whose Time Has Come. 1977, at http://www.wernererhard.net/thpsource.html

(2) For a triple bypass.

(3) The phrase “a world that works for everyone” was originally declared by Werner Erhard.

(4) On creating an idea whose time has come, see Erhard, ibid.

A little child thrives when she is adored and encouraged. The same is true of our inner spirit. We need to be our greatest cheerleader and supporter in life

November 10, 2019, ShantaGabriel.com


The Gabriel Message Card for this Week ~ Give Yourself A Fast From Negative Thoughts About Yourself

This card always shows up at opportune moments when I notice I am being less than compassionate with myself. This attitude is a very old habit.

Over the years, it appeared as if I thought being relentless in my criticism about myself would somehow make me better. My ego must have wanted to ensure that I was doing “it all correctly.” This made me live in a very contracted state, and of course I attracted people that would step right in and add more judgments in case I relaxed my vigilance.

It was during the millennium shift when I received a brilliant gift from the Universe, disguised as the loss of everything I held dear. At that critical juncture, I realized that if ever I needed compassion, that was the time. I also started giving myself more permission to be authentic and live in my truth. I noticed that when I would back off from my critical mind, my heart would open, and I felt more love for all things — including myself. It was a new experience.

It is clear that if being very critical and hard on myself could create my enlightenment, it would have happened long ago. What my spirit needs is tenderness and support. It takes a different kind of vigilance to be aware of my habitual thoughts about myself and my world.

My feelings let me know. When I’m hard on myself, I feel awful. There’s the first clue. I go out of my way now to be as kind to myself as I am with others. Usually, I am very kind to other people and give them the benefit of my love and compassion. This is what I need as well.

Sometimes I just put my hand on my heart when I notice my thinking has gone off the love track. (This is the Quick Coherence Technique from HeartMath.org.) That simple gesture brings me back into a loving place with myself and helps me attune to the One Heart within all beings. Just touching myself kindly in this way is also very soothing to my inner self, as well as my mammalian body.

Synchronicity was demonstrated beautifully after I wrote the above paragraph. I went to my email, and there from HeartMath was an article about the importance of self-love. When this happens, I love it. It helps me to know that I am in tune. Here is a portion of the article:

Self-love means being more compassionate, patient and accepting of ourselves. It means choosing to make self-care a priority. The idea of self-love might feel a bit awkward, but it is not selfish. It is necessary. As we get better at self-love, we feel more confident and understand that self-love and loving others is simply a reflection of our deepest essence.

A little child thrives when she is adored and encouraged. The same is true of our inner spirit. We need to be our greatest cheerleader and supporter in life. The steps we take to give ourselves the benefit of our love and reassurance will lift our vibrational frequency, making it safer and even easier to feel love about ourselves and the world.

It begins with our thoughts and our intention to stay in a loving, accepting place with ourselves, honoring the tender innocence within us. Often all it takes is the willingness to give to us the compassion and kindness that we truly deserve.

Know that you are totally lovable and worthy of all that is good. If that does not resonate with you, here is an easy three-step process to change your thinking:

  1. Place your hand on your heart and breathe.
  2. Now into your heart, on the in-breath, receive Love and Compassion from the Source of all Life, from the Angels, and most of all, from yourself.
  3. Exhale, then check inside and notice how much better you feel.

Divine Presence,

May I always remember how much I deserve love. Help me to bring that love into my heart and use it to care for myself in new and empowering ways. May I be as patient with myself as I am with a kitten and take care of myself in the same way.

Inspire within me compassion and respect for all life and especially help me to be accepting and compassionate with me. May I remember that as I give more love to myself, the way opens so that all of humanity will have the ability to give themselves more love.

From that place of Love in our hearts, all of life benefits. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
November 10, 2019

Simple and easy are your current inner directives.You are the first complete 5D toe dippers in the New Earth waters of change…Of course, we have long told you that you were of 5D. And so you were and are. The difference is that you are honing your 5D being from a rough cut diamond to a glittering stone with multi-faceted sparkles.

Dear Ones,

You probably lack energy and enthusiasm for the activities that once felt as if they were the cornerstone of your life. Your disinterest in all but a limited amount of activity is far beyond what you expected when we announced that new energies were shifting your interior.

You are even frightened you might have something medically wrong. Something 3D society enhances by creating new fear ailments almost daily.

So it is you are entering the most active time of your calendar year with a lack of enthusiasm or interest. Simple and easy are your current inner directives.

You wonder who you are. For those pieces that created enthusiasm, no longer matter. And the few pieces interesting enough to get you off the couch are only so for short bursts of time.

The internal shifts you are now experiencing are similar to the maturity differences between a toddler and a teenager.

Your difficulty is existing in a 3D world surrounded by those beginning to shift, or somewhere between your achievements and those starting to shift. So it is you have friends and family questioning your lack of enthusiasm. While others no longer wish to be with you because you are so different.

Perhaps you were a giggler in 3D, but are now more serious or the opposite. It does not matter how your being is adapting. Just know you are not who you were yesterday and will be more estranged from October 2019, you, tomorrow. Minute by minute, you are sloughing off the 3D cells that held you on the tightrope between 3D and 5D.

Until recently, it was fairly common for you to adjust to either 3D or 5D as the need arose. You could work in an office filled with 3D beings and yet absorb 5D information at home.

You are discovering such dimensional shifts are no longer possible. Something quite frightening on many levels. For even though you are becoming a new entity, you continue to exist in a 3D world.

So it is you are displaying the new, the different, the unknown. All of which will become known in 2020.

You are the first complete 5D toe dippers in the New Earth waters of change.

Your new world feels uncomfortable, perhaps frightening, and so you might lash out (you think) at someone you like or love. Only to discover they did not realize you were doing so. Almost as if you have a cloak of secrecy surrounding you. What you believe to be your worst actions or words are not noticed by others – they continue to sense you of yesterday.

You are in the midst of a shift only possible, you thought, in science fiction materials. But then, many science-fiction concepts have become a reality. Such is so because when it is time for something to become a reality, those thoughts are communicated en masse. So some elect to write about or design those items, and others invent them. In the 1400s, Leonardo Da Vinci designed many imaginary pieces, including helicopters. For he could float in and out of thought clouds at will, as have others that society ignored or laughed at.

You are now living the science fiction you once read about. Becoming a new being in a new world. It is just that you, like Leonardo Da Vinci, are moving into place more rapidly than those following. And by so doing, you are finding that the 3D interests that once held your attention not that interesting. And 5D interests that will hold your attention, not yet available.

Perhaps you will better understand this time if you imagine this as an early teen stage in which you dream of dating but are not yet allowed to do so. Oh, the angst of that early teen stage! So it is now. You are no longer a 3D toddler, nor are you a full-fledged teenager. Such will occur in 2020.

Your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are merely preparing for that shift. Allow yourself to float in and out of exhaustion, interest, and activity. For others, not yet at this stage, will not notice the difference – any more than a toddler notices the shifts of their teenage sibling.

Suffice it for you to know you are in the midst of a significant transition that will reach fruition after the 12/21 energy burst. Shifting you from a 5D wannabe to a full-fledged 5D being.

Of course, we have long told you that you were of 5D. And so you were and are. The difference is that you are honing your 5D being from a rough cut diamond to a glittering stone with multi-faceted sparkles.

Each phase you complete allows you to sparkle more as has been true since you first entered your new 5D being. But this phase is the difference between night and day. Even though both are earth expressions, day time is so much brighter. So be it. Amen.

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