Dear Ones,

You probably feel that all is not well in your world. Even though we have addressed this issue on several occasions, you continue to worry about your future and that of the earth. For indications are that leaders you once held in esteem are not worth the energy to help them maintain their status. And those you once feared are more evident daily.

So it is there is little for you to attach to other than your inner-world for all else seems counter-intuitive, mean, and self-serving. You assumed that at this stage in your transition, you would be encased in a bubble of joy that excluded those who did not agree with your beliefs.

Even though you no longer believe that separation is possible, such is yet to happen.

You completed each difficult transition phase with hopes that joy would be evident with the next step. But you are so worn out now you no longer expect joy, merely more struggles as has been true for earth eons. Your current reality is that your life is not as pleasant, as was true before you initiated your transition. You are noting the underbelly of the earth and its inhabitants without the sunshine you once believed was a requirement.

Surely, you could not suffer as much as you have during this transition, including the loss of family and friends, without a reward. So it is you no longer care if that reward is of 3D or 5D. You merely need some indication that all you achieved is worth a reward.

Instead, you feel lonely, sad, angry, and yes, fearful. What if there are no rewards? What if the remainder of your earth life is to be in this nothingness without highs, joys, or fun? What if you pushed yourself almost beyond endurance to this flat life that is opposite of what we and others prophecized?

Such is not true. But until you receive some indication to the contrary, you are losing faith that anything is changing. So it is you are becoming surly in your inner anger. Anger and angst, directed at yourself. “Why was I such a fool to believe that I changed the world?”

Those of you in a different place – either before reaching this emotional block or after doing so – cannot understand the angst of your spiritual brothers and sisters. For you are cool, calm, and collected, knowing that all is well.  All is well, but extremely difficult to prove if you are experiencing your dark night of the soul or clearing of your final fear dust bunnies.

You forerunners are in the midst of the earth’s sea change from 3D to 5D. Yet, you are sensing or experiencing a more in-depth 3D than you once thought possible. Part of your discomfort is sensing the general upheaval of all earth beings.

Your views are so different from the general population that you have little in common with them, nor do you wish to find commonalities with most outside your circle. Even those within your circle are starting to demand your help – if not, physically, then emotionally. Those followers expect you, caretaker supreme, to help them through their phases. The same phases you struggled through without knowing where those struggles would lead or end.

Of course, you are angry and fearful. For not only are you in void time, making final preparations for 2020, but those followers connected to you, physically or emotionally, want you to carry them across their finish line. So it is, that whenever you sense a sparkle of joy, a follower either within your immediate circle or those you connect with empathically, call out for help with their issues.

So it is you are having difficulties believing there is a finish line.

Both your rest and nurturing time is limited. Exhaustion similar to your experiences during the first years of your child’s life. When your child cried, it was your duty to determine why they were crying, no matter how tired or busy you were. You were on-call 24/7.  You are falling into that same pattern believing you must care for others – even if you merely sense them – 24/7.

Stop caretaking. Stop feeling sorry for followers. Make them pick up their toys (clearing their fears) instead of doing it for them.

Of course, this command seems nasty, given that no one seems to be asking for your help. Need we remind you that you are both a consummate earth caretaker and Universal sensitive? So it is you are likely sensing cries for help more than you are physically experiencing them. You, with your sensory portholes wide open, catch the emotional cries of beings who do not wish to do their transition work.

Transition work is not easy, as you well know. But you completed your work so that those following were capable of completing theirs WITHOUT your assistance. They are not frail infants who must be cared for. Followers are earth adults and Universal beings. They, just as was true for you, want the easiest route possible – which they know you can provide. For you are capable of holding their pain as they explore their new life. But doing so is harming you emotionally and not helping them complete their transition.

Many of those following are looking for helicopter parents like you to pull them through difficult pieces only they can complete. So it is those of you who are overly sensitive are in a quandary for you are natural caretakers.

Both you and those following must leave this enabling path.

You have created the superhighway those following can branch off of. By doing so, you completed the most difficult part of 5D path creation. Stopping to create a unique path for those following reduces the number of 5D forerunners completing their roles.

Stop caretaking – emotionally or physically. You cannot create a reward for yourself if you are enmeshed in the progress of those following.

Nurture yourself knowing those following are no longer infants, but instead middle school children who want you to do their homework, and cook, and clean for them. They want you to do it all.

It is time for you to say, “NO.” A loud NO that needs to reverberate to those surrounding you physically and those leaking into your empathic being because they are frightened.

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Peace is the natural fruitage of a consciousness that knows; “There is only One”.

Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele | November 3, 2019

NOVEMBER 3, 2019

Dear readers, welcome once again to our message. We are very happy to see so many of you beginning to release fear and move into your true nature as sons and daughters of truth rather than continuing to live as human beings at the mercy of every three dimensional concept and belief still resonating in three dimensional collective consciousness.

You are evolving more quickly as intense high frequency energies increase. These higher dimensional energies are causing those who do not understand what is taking place to lash out with fear and panic in an attempt to return changing physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual issues back to the status quo that they are familiar with.

Change is happening and you are going to witness it become increasingly more intense. Fire and the other elements are Gaia’s tools for clearing old and dense energy. Know that the many dear ones suffering from these things at this time volunteered to go through this–not consciously, but pre-birth. Fire is a powerful tool for clearing old energy, allowing and often even forcing a person to examine their belief system with new eyes.

Those who have held mankind in bondage for eons are being exposed, These people go back a very long time continuing to function in service to self as “power over” from generation to generation. The energy of the collective is becoming too bright and high for them to continue as they always have. It is a new time dear ones. Hold to your center at all times and in all circumstances despite outer appearances. Know that much is taking place behind the scenes that you are not yet aware of. All is as it should be.

We wish to speak about personal peace. The peace that can only arise from where it exists–within. A peace that expresses consciously and unconsciously through words and actions that reflect oneness.

You are all aware of people who live ordinary lives from a consciousness of oneness and yet who never even think of it in terms of spirituality or unconditional love. It is simply who they are.

Peace consciousness is attained through living, learning, and experiencing in many, many lifetimes. This is why those who automatically live from unconditional love are often referred to as “old souls”.

Most humans are as of yet unaware of the higher dimensions. This is because three dimensional energy cannot align with the higher frequencies. This is why many remain “stuck” (ghosts) and do not move on after death. Because they continue to align only with third dimensional energy, they remain attached to familiar people, places, and things, unable to see their Guides and those waiting to assist them into the next phase of their journey.

Once a certain level of spiritual awareness is attained and becomes a state of consciousness, the person can never revert back to their previous or outgrown state. Many on earth at this time incarnated having already attained a very evolved state of consciousness. They appear to be living ordinary lives and can be found quietly serving the ascension process in ordinary ways and in all professions and belief systems.

They are you.

Three dimensional solutions for peace between individuals are always birthed from concepts of separation. Globally, attempts for peace also based in separation have the added elements of “power over” and force considered to be acceptable. The energetic clearings taking place at this time personally and globally are necessary because the dense resonating energy the world has always known can never align with the peace and love it seeks.

Problem relationships believed to be resolved and cleared are surfacing once again for many. Energy clears in layers as an individual is spiritually prepared to do the work. This is especially true with intense and long buried cellular memories. If an issue with some person, place, or thing has reappeared in your life it indicates that you are now ready for its next and usually final clearing. See it as a graduation, not a failure.

Karmic situations between people begins when negative experiences either from long ago or the present remain alive and well in cellular memory. This energy is then carried by both through many lifetimes and becomes what is termed karma. Karma is not a punishment as so many believe but is simply an energy imbalance needing to be cleared or brought into alignment.

The attempt to bring peace and resolution to some problem relationship from a higher level is often met with resistance from the other or others who prefer continuing to live from victim consciousness. If this happens do not align with the other’s lower resonating energy in an attempt to meet them at their level of awareness for this simply feeds and prolongs energies that may go back many lifetimes. This does not mean you cannot speak to them at their level of understanding, but means that you do not align your energy with theirs. This is spiritual empowerment.

If peaceful resolution is not possible because the other simply refuses, it can be done without them. A spiritually aware individual can clear an existing karmic situation without the permission or cooperation of the other who is not willing or ready. This is how you do that–

Set aside a specific time when you will not be interrupted. Center, meditate, clear your energy field, and firmly state your intention; Example–“In the presence of my Higher Self and my Guides, I choose to once and for all clear all remaining negative energy with…state the name.” Use your own words because it is your intention. Make it as long and inclusive as you want. Silently acknowledge the other person’s Light as a Divine Being even though they may not be interested or ready to know anything about this. Visualize the reality of them as pure Light. When you do this you are acknowledging their true nature and not the illusory sense of them you have come to know.

Remove any and all energy cords to the person. Ask your Guides for help if you want. Visualize your hands as Light entering into the solar plexus area and removing and all cords and their roots. You may or may not become aware of a long and very old cord. Simply allow the process and when it feels complete, lovingly hand the cord back to the other and fill the empty space with golden white Light.

You are now ready to let it go and move on. You will soon discover that further interactions with the person/persons are not so draining or difficult as they once were because you will no longer be carrying this dense energetic burden.

If the other continues to seek negative interaction do not be afraid to speak your truth from a place of spiritual empowerment and remove them from your life knowing that if you indulge the situation again at its original old energetic level, you once again create energetic cords and karma.

For a period of time the mind will continue to remind you of old hurts because it is trying to help you but is doing it from levels you have since outgrown. Think of your mind as a friend walking by your side who is trying to help you from an incomplete level of understanding. Mind automatically reprograms as a person spiritually evolves because mind draws from and forms the outer from the person’s state of consciousness.

Because like attracts like (One always seeking to be whole), thoughts and beliefs floating around in the collective that are in alignment with your energy will be drawn to you. These thoughts are impersonal and never become yours unless you accept and claim them as yours. Everyone still carries a bit of old energy that will act to attract similar energy from the collective.

Your job is not to panic and go into resistance when some unwanted thought floats through, but rather to simply recognize it as being impersonal and that somehow you attracted it. Replace the thought with the truth about whatever it represents and examine your belief system because there is no unexpressed consciousness. Even the little hidden bits will continue to express until cleared.

Example; A hypochondriac will attract all sorts of random impersonal thoughts and beliefs about disease. When they claim some or perhaps focus on one in particular they firmly establish it as their state of consciousness often creating the disease for themselves while adding more energy and power to their already established consciousness of disease.

Never resist negative thoughts when they come floating through (and they will), because that only gives them a power and substance they do not have. Simply recognize them for what they really are. One day you realize that you are no longer attracting many old familiar thoughts and ideas.

Karma is not always between people, but can be about the need to move beyond an old belief system that has governed throughout many lifetimes. For example– If a person has lived many lifetimes strongly attached to the teachings of a particular religion and pre-birth realizes that they are spiritually ready to move beyond it, they may choose to incarnate into a family that holds those same beliefs in order re-activate them once again. Now sufficiently prepared to see the old belief system from the level of a more expanded consciousness, he/she is able to release the energetic ties and move on.

Always know that real and lasting peace is a state of consciousness that cannot be acquired through effort and actions from outside of self although at this time some human footsteps remain necessary. Always remember that real peace is already fully present within every person whether or not they are aware of it.

Peace is the natural fruitage of a consciousness that knows; “There is only One”.

Claim the infinite peace that lives in and as you just awaiting recognition– that which will “never leave nor forsake you” — That which you are.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/3/19