It is simply time for this entire universe to shift

You Are Not Making the Shift Happen ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been noticing how much pressure those of you who are awake put on yourselves. It is a different type of pressure than what most of humanity is experiencing. You have your normal pressures that align you with everyone else, but then you have that extra pressure of feeling as though you are the ones who are making all of this happen. You are the ones who have to right all the wrongs – that is how the story goes within you. You are the ones ensuring that humanity does not have another false start in the ascension process.

We want to take that pressure off of you by letting you know that you are just accessing trauma from past experiences like Atlantis and Lemuria. Everyone who is on the Earth right now was a part of those highly evolved civilizations, and for those of you who are doing the math right now, don’t bother. We could explain it, but that would be an entirely different transmission. Just take our word for it that every human was represented in some way in Atlantis or Lemuria, or you have taken on those memories as your own as you would if you were to walk in to another person’s life.

So given that you are all carrying those traumas within you, it is no surprise whatsoever that you are putting so much pressure on yourselves to carry humanity forward into the fifth dimension. You want not only to let go of that trauma that you experienced when Atlantis fell and when Lemuria fell, but you also want to do everything in your power to make sure humanity does not go through another cataclysmic event like those. What you are doing now will actually be an even greater accomplishment because there are so many in physical form now and because all of humanity is involved in this shift in consciousness.

It isn’t just about one civilization. It’s about all nations across the world, and you are there as the awakened ones, holding the light. You are there making the shift easier on yourselves and others, but you are not there to make it happen, and you are not there to make sure that it is free of any and all cataclysmic events. That’s a decision that you will make as a collective, and you can also rest assured that this is a very natural thing that is happening.

It is simply time for this entire universe to shift. So even though we tell you that humanity and Earth are going to be that first domino that falls and has that ripple effect for the rest of the galaxy and the rest of the universe, we don’t want you to take that on. We don’t want you see that then as your responsibility. You are doing it. It is a guarantee, and what you want to do now is have the best possible experience of it. So that is the challenge in front of you. Everything else is already taken care of.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Keep the positive energy rolling in the dance of forgiveness and the knowledge that there is a wide-open new way of sharing this planet with all of those who are here, and in the movements of the Love that is all there is.

Wake up Call: St Germain, May 31, 2019

There’s going to be a time in these coming months when all of the issues that are now in the residence of being finished will be not only finished but will be recreated in widespread use for the restoration of this land. It is a matter of being able to repair all of the hurdles that have been in place for so long, and now are being removed and given over to the consciousness of the ones off planet who know how to assist the ones who have been outside of the energy of Love.

It is a matter of them being able to go through the process of restoration and then being able to return to this planet and go into the mode of Loving action for the restoration of the planet and of their own souls. It is a matter of being able to step into the places that they were able to see could be the way to live on this planet, and then to be harbored away from that inner knowing and listening too much to those on the planet who came to destroy not only what the people were to be doing, but the planet as well.

The destruction is not going to happen. This planet earth is in the process of being restored, and not only that but to be able to welcome back those who have returned in the original state of beingness that they originally came to the planet to be in, and the destination of that which can be the essence of Love in every move that is made.

I am here to let you know that the last few steps have been seen to be in the process of being restored to that of the energy of Love, Joy and Peace. There will be many steps and occurrences that will be broadcast around the world as the ones that are being created to bless this planet with the energy of the way to live with all of life and to understand the harmony that is being recreated as I speak.

I am St Germain, and I wish to repeat one thing today that I have announced before. It is matter of all of you knowing what is the best you can do for yourself, and the others in the same way. Harmony is the answer to all of the movements that are bringing this planet back to the origins that carried forth the idea that it can be done, even after the deadly movements have been stopped and restructured as movements in Peace, Joy and Love in all instances.

Go now into your inner knowing and listen to what is coming forth for you to realize what is taking place around the world these days. It is a matter of feeling the wonder of the changes that are still in progress and bringing about the new energy that was in the process when this planet was created. In the essence of all who came here and are now here is the example of what it means to spread forth that which has been deemed impossible, and is now in the process of being created in every moment. Love is all there is and it is being recovered in many of those who had lost their way.

Keep the positive energy rolling in the dance of forgiveness and the knowledge that there is a wide-open new way of sharing this planet with all of those who are here, and in the movements of the Love that is all there is. I am with you in every step you take and every movement you make. Love is the answer.

Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much love,

Nancy Tate


The wealth of the world is such that no one needs any longer to suffer hunger or deprivation.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

May 31, 2019

From our standpoint we see a world that is struggling to come to terms with problems that do not respond to the old way of working. It is clear that you are not going to solve them until you are prepared to look at them from a new perspective. The people as a collective are beginning to realise that a new pathway must be opened up and due consideration given to changes that need to be introduced if you are going to overcome your present problems. The answers are awaiting you immediately you show willingness to move into the new paradigm without any preconceived ideas, and are open to solving your problems in ways not considered before. As always your Guides are ready to assist as they are already aware of the answers to the problems you face.

The time for making important decisions has arrived as you must find your way out of the mess that you are in as a Human Race. There are new people ready to assume positions of importance with the foresight to set you upon the right path. It should be an easy transition as the help you need is awaiting your presence, and will put you on the path to the fulfillment of your needs whilst at the same time linking you with other souls that will also assist you. These are the times that so many souls have been waiting for as they are already primed for the work to be carried out. Realise that age is not an important factor in this present time, and that the souls making up the “New forces for good” are those of more recent incarnations. They are those Light working on your behalf who have been preparing you for this time that is the most important period yet, as it leads to your fulfillment directly to Ascension.

Progress is speeding up and already pointing the way to a future of the most exciting changes. What has been held back from you will soon come into being, and in fact has already made a start that involves moving on from the old ways of living. The net result will be a fairer way of distributing the wealth of the world so that living standards are raised and poverty eradicated. It may take time to become apparent but the seeds have already been sown. The wealth of the world is such that no one needs any longer to suffer hunger or deprivation.

The weather has been changing for some time now and will continue to have its ups and downs, but with modern methods of forecasting it should be possible to anticipate what problems are coming, and deal with them satisfactorily. Whilst the dark Ones continue with their aim to control other life forms within your solar system, humankind can progress in its own way to achieve a peaceful existence that will be supported by the higher powers. Freewill is at its best when sympathy and caring are supported by Universal Love, and Humanity is just beginning to realise that it is the only way forward. You are all brothers and sisters regardless of colour or creed and should support each other in their times of need.

In the rising vibrations more people are becoming extra sensitive to each other’s feelings and needs, resulting in more compassionate help being given. It is going to grow and in consequence it will bring people together in higher levels of companionship and understanding and will overcome any previous difficulty in accepting each other for what they are. You must have realised by now that all souls are equal on one level, and in essence are the same as you and because they are of a different colour or of religious beliefs, does not alter their relationship to all souls. It might be as well to remember that for experience and growth, all souls move around in their many incarnations so you should not look upon them as really being different to yourself.

The biggest currency changes that are coming are hovering in the background and still await the “right” time to go ahead. There are many factors involved and the most pressing is in respect of the false value that some currencies carry. There are moves to get the currencies to reflect their true values and the main reason is because some are greatly overvalued. In time your need for money in its present form will change, and become less and less needed. It is not new to you as in bygone times barter and exchange were the means of doing business. The money markets are often manipulated and false values shown by those speculators who operate it for personal gain. You have an expression “that money is the root of all evil” and that is very much the case, so a change for the better in the way it is used would help those who are poor and many who live in poverty.

Matters in general will change for the betterment of mankind when it is recognised that every soul is deserving of having sufficient of the Earths wealth to enjoy a comfortable standard of living. Education has gone a long way towards improving matters and reducing the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”. People should now expect an upliftment in their living standards, and it should continue to progress until poverty is completely eliminated. Bear in mind that all situations are of value inasmuch they offer experience that helps a soul evolve, and with a succession of incarnations gain from many different levels of living.

The Blue Avians continue to monitor Earth and ensure that your experiences are not unnecessarily interrupted, as every soul has a life plan that when fully played out will contribute to their evolution. It is not given to other souls to know the reasons for another ones incarnation, and it means that matters can progress normally in accordance with each souls freewill. Know that many Higher Beings are present who will ensure that the change goes according to the greater plan for Humanity, They are ever present and sending waves of love and blessings to see you through this period of turmoil so that you can rise up again.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.