You are discovering that you cannot serve others unless you love yourself…Once you truly love yourself, you will have no need to separate yourself from anyone fearing that their strength or ideas will overtake yours…You are no longer responsible for lighting the world. That responsibility has been taken on by those who follow.Your only responsibility is to love yourself – an action you accelerated the past few weeks.

Dear Ones,

Hello, to those who feel refreshed and new. Of course, many of you will respond you feel no different. And such might be true even though most reading this message have undergone massive internal changes.

Your personal acknowledgment of such is that you see the good or the sunshine in your life despite indicators to the contrary from media and those with whom you interact.

Perhaps your interactions seem the same except you are uncomfortable when others relay negative thoughts or actions. Listening to them list how terrible life is or using negative terms has become similar to hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. Something you have not necessarily experienced before the past few weeks of energies and shifts.

It is not that you are unwilling to accept negativity, but instead that you no longer wish to be mired in those thoughts. Similar to what you felt when your teen-ager pouted for the thousandth time about what he or she could not do. Did you not wish to run from the house screaming or place tape on that teenager’s mouth even though you loved them?

So it is for you now. You are part of all that is of the earth and the Universes, but you no longer wish to hunker down in fear and compliance just because others do. You have become your own person. Someone who does not answer to anyone, yet someone cognizant of all.

A completely different stance than you have ever experienced while of the earth. For you were trained to think of yourself first and others as an afterthought. An indication of this is the ongoing 3D counter-training that classifies those who serve others before themselves as heroes or unique.

You are discovering that you cannot serve others unless you love yourself. Not in the “I’m better” or “Everyone is out to get me so I must protect myself” modes that have been the earth norms for eons. But instead, “Because I love myself as I am, I have the energy and need to experience we are one.”

Before this transition, your self-protection mode was that everyone is an enemy unless proven otherwise. Your new mode of operation is that everyone is part of you despite differences of opinion or action. Beliefs and emotions that are not possible until you love yourself.

Many of you are countering that you do not feel that acceptance of others. Do not worry, you will. You are now “testing the waters” by accepting those of your inner circle with differing opinions or actions.

Perhaps someone in your inner circle has a much different view than you of religion, politics, self-help, child-rearing, or money. Even though you do not agree with all their beliefs, you love them. Such is what we are speaking of.

You no longer view life as black and white, right or wrong. Instead, you view the larger picture of what others hold in their heart. A view expanding daily despite your disclaimers to the contrary.

For once you fully accept that you are in control of your life, you have no need to divide yourself from others. It is only when you are afraid others might taint your thoughts or control the masses, that you need to vilify those different from you.

Once you truly love yourself, you will have no need to separate yourself from anyone fearing that their strength or ideas will overtake yours. Such is what created the original 3D fear. You hid your true power to be of 3D earth. As you did so lifetime after lifetime, you forgot you were in control of your life instead of some puppetmaster somewhere.

Some of you will respond that even though you are in control of your life, most earthlings continue to dance to a puppetmaster who is neither loving nor honorable. Ah, those thoughts inform you that you do not yet truly love yourself. For if you did, such would not be a concern for you would know that all will transition in time. Just as you knew without a doubt that your son or daughter would outgrow childish toys.

Your current fear is that you are new you, but such is not true for most. Which means that the earth fears of today will continue forever. That even though you are wise and loving, there are not enough like you to shift the earth from fear to love. We remind you that every 3D generation felt the same about the generation following for after watching them play childish games they had difficulties imagining those youngsters growing beyond childishness. So it is now.

Your image of you is more loving daily. You know you are maturing into 5D and beyond in thoughts and actions. But you do not yet trust that those who follow are taking their transition seriously or even able to transition.

Do not fret. Think of this transition as a lighthouse coming to life – slowly in your thoughts – and rapidly in ours. You turned your lighthouse beacon on months or years ago which began lighting sections of the water UNTIL the action ramped up to include larger sections of water for greater lengths of time.

Once a section is fully lit, there is no need to have an outside beacon for it becomes a lighthouse of its own. So it is happening now on earth. Instead of one lighthouse, there are millions of lighthouses spreading more and more light.

So it is you are no longer responsible for lighting the earth. You completed that phase some time ago even though it has been difficult for you to accept such is true. As if you graduated from high school and refused to acknowledge you were no longer a high school student.

You are no longer responsible for lighting the world. That responsibility has been taken on by those who follow.

Your only responsibility is to love yourself – an action you accelerated the past few weeks. So it is that those different from you are becoming less threatening and more loveable – if not today, then tomorrow. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Synchronicity IN & OUT.

So much is taking place right now, it is impossible to follow everything.And yet, when one truly captivates in the present moment what is taking place withIN, it is much easier to be an observer of what is happening OUT.The more time that one dedicates to truly feel what happens within, the easier it becomes to understand what is happening OUT.From a place like that one understands it is a win win situation.It is a moment to moment story to write through own thoughts , feelings and visualisations and dreams

From a place where one looks ONLY what is happening out there in the now moment,allowing the exterior to dictate how one feels, you guessed it:It is a lost lost situation.Now one who is aware of thoughts and feelings within understands a little bit more clear why so much suffering is taking place.It is the cleansing of the old memory cells that serve no good any longer.Do we choose to go down this process smoothly with ease, flow and grace or do we choose to ignore it and keep on living life as it has always been?Do we embrace Change all the time or do we want to remain in the same old same old?One has free will to always choose and yet nothing can stop the acceleration of Humanity’s and Earth Evolution that is taking place in the now.This is the life time we all consciously chose as pure souls to incarnate in.Each one of us has unique talents and gifts waiting to be found out and also sculpted from our will and free will choice in our current life time.Each one of us is a Creator God Being attracting what we think and feel.And all Synchronicity that one witnesses shows how much one is aware of the positive changes taking place OUT.The more one consciously focuses withIN in creating reality serving The Highest Good, the more Synchronicity one witnesses OUT.And i will give you one short example that i experienced just yesterday as i have posted in previous blog a message from Kryon.Just a few minutes later, i was guided by my Higher Self to turn on the TV and choose a movie to watch.Now ,one thing you have to know about me, is that i am not a big fun of TV ,in fact i don’t watch TV for over a decade now.So to make it short, i choose to watch an italian comedy called:Like A Cat On A Highway.I will not go into the full story of the movie, just the Synchronicity about it which is the following:Kryon was speaking in his message about Compassionate Politics.Please listen to it, it is worth all of it!And just a few minutes later there was a moment towards the end of the movie where the main actor who works in a Think Tanker speaks compassionately to the European Community about less developed areas of his country.Instant Manifestation in my reality, the universe showing to me that it really knows what is taking place in my vortex.And i have a proof of that for myself!Now do i want to consciously choose all the feelings and thoughts and visulizations that serve my Highest Good(which in return serves the Highest Good For All)?Do i want to be responsible about my creations?Do i want to feel Love,Joy,Well Being,Abundance,Prosperity,Freedom and see it manifesting around me and for all?Am i not the only one responsible of my creations?including even the behaviour of all those that i meet around me?Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes and Yes!And so i choose to Feel More Than Fine Always no matter what is taking place around me as i know ”one person connected to source is more powerful than millions who are not”(Abraham Hicks).

Feel More Than Fine Always!