Daily Global Mass Meditation


“Jared Rand’s Daily Global Mass Meditation Call”


Friday June 1, 2018 #110

Notes by Juli Joy

Jarad Rand states: I’d like to welcome everyone, all the new people and the people that have been coming from the beginning and in between. Today, on our meditation… We think a lot about… All of us I know, think a lot about what we would like to do, for our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity. What we would like to do for the planet. There is a constant and the constant is: To give a Deep Love, an Unconditional Love, to all that there is, and all that there ever will, and all that there has been… on this planet and with the human race, all living, all life.

I think that when we concentrate on a deep love, an unconditional love, which means there’s no stipulations, no requirements, no pressure, no control factors. It’s just freely, openly, deeply, sincerely, and honestly given, to all. To all that there is. And when we look at humanity, and we look at the entertainment, so to speak, that’s on the front and all the chaos and the fear and the stress and the worry is a good time to pull back all humanity, to know and be in love. A great, deep, unconditional and unending Love. And not just for a period, not just for a short thought, or a short distance, but into a perpetual, in motion, in a perpetual thought process and heart feeling process that keeps us there. That’s a key.

So in today’s meditation, we talk about Unconditional Love, of course with Prime Source Creator God and Unending Love but we wanna apply that, as strong as we can, in communication with all of everybody’s Higher Selves, so that we can saturate all of humanity, in that unconditional unending love. To just absolutely soak, in complete repetitiveness, over and over and over again. To eliminate and disintegrate and transmute and vacuum off,all of the ill feelings. And I know a lot of you know, that the feelings that we have, the thoughts and emotions are creating a field around us and that field is lower vibration. Whether you like it or not, whether you argue it, it’s true…. That the more we stay in a lower thought-emotional area, the stronger the field around us becomes. It becomes stronger and stronger and stronger. So, therefore, it is a magnet to attract particles of the same nature.

So of more anger, more frustration, more fear, more ‘upsettedness,’ a more worry, more anxiety, and it builds. That’s so important, because humanity, all of us…. Were meant to enjoy and be at peace. Love creates peace. Love creates compassion, contentment. It eliminates greed, it eliminates deception, it eliminates anger and aggression. It eliminates lies. It totally wipes out all of these energies, that play so much havoc with humanity. We all know that, we deal with it every day. All of us do, from one time or another. We could get upset at the littlest things. We’re feeling each other and a lot (of folks) don’t know that. We feel sorrow, pain, anger, sorrow. We feel happiness, we feel joy.

So all of these energies, all of these Vibrational Frequencies, that we are either emitting or creating and emitting. We should be aware, cognizant to that, we should be in control of that. So when we do get bent or wrinkled, to speak. We step back and we say to ourselves, ‘Wait a minute, my energy is going in the wrong direction’ ‘ I’ve got to get myself back up. What can I think of or feel about, that will put me back in a Higher Vibrational Frequency?’

We all have moments in our lives, that are blissful, they’re joyous and happy. All of us have, at one time or another. There’s a depiction of time, that we can pull and have that vibration, and build on that vibration to take us from lower vibrational frequencies to the higher ones of Unconditional Love and Deep Love and Unending Love. For each other, for this planet Earth Gaia, for our solar system, for our galaxy, for the universe. For all life.

We concentrate here on planet Earth, because so many… There are so many people that, if they only knew? That they are an emotion and a thought away, from being in bliss. They are one emotion, one thought away from being in bliss. That’s how close humanity is, from being in bliss. So many people are so ‘garbaged up’ with all of this goop, that keeps them weighted down. Keeps them in a place of discomfort, in a place that keeps them unhealthy, unhealed, discombobulated and confused. Misguided, misdirected. And it’s a continual process, that keeps that frequency low.

All of us, are working on the increasing, increasing, increasing, and rising that energy field, so that everyone is happy. Everyone is blissful. And people can argue that, but the point of fact is, is that, that’s the only way to go. That’s the only way we are going to create a Higher Vibrational Frequency, is by emitting our love, our emotions, our thoughts, of higher vibrational thoughts and feelings and frequencies to increase the entire field of humanity, in this planet. Planet Earth-Gaia…”

Once again, I remind you that this is not a complete transcription. I’m merely trying to help raise the world’s vibration, by sharing information about this Mass Meditation process.

Many blessings to you all…. May all of your dreams come true!

Juli Joy

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Higher Trajectory Attained: This is Huge.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe~

After an intense focus during the last half of May, our June higher trajectory has been attained. Infinite gratitude for all Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and beloved ones in Service who diligently ushered in these higher frequencies on behalf of all.

I AM bathing in these new frequencies at the moment, so this is a brief update. Our key shift points were May 17 evening when the Creator Gates opened, May 19 as the Cosmic Trigger opened the stargate system to flood us with Solar activations, massive fields of Source-encoded crystalline plasma rushed in on May 26, and then the purifying Full Moon which transitioned collective lower timelines.

Our intention was to ensure the higher trajectory of June Solstice, and that is accomplished. We are now on track for the June migration of realities, already in progress.

Most of you are already experiencing the beautifully intense consciousness-shifting influxes which will be consistent all throughout June. Our beloved SUN is also adjusting; this acceleration into crystalline embodiment happens on a quantum level. As within, so without. Alignment with pure Creator dynamics is key. This is affecting all realities; the opening of the Creator Gates is changing the way in which global HUmanity creates in the Now.

New Earth Now Experience: Free workshop replay

The intention of these New Earth Nowevents is multidimensional, I AM sure most of you realize the impact of unifying the Light Tribe to Divine Co-creation in the Now. Yes, it assists in the accelerated timeline shifts. It also aligns more hearts with the higher realities, which speeds up the migration of the collective. We assist everyone in catching up to what is occurring. Shed the illusion of density, it’s already gone.

Gratitude for the beautiful feedback about the heart-cleansing and healing effects of this experience. The more awakened ones who can align with their Creator State in the Now, the easier it is for all. Embrace this Service, follow along, pause the video when you need to, write down your creations and grid them, tone out loud, speak out loud … be with us in the no-time zone of Now.

If you are attending Part II on June 9, your prerequisite is to go through the experience at least once. Note it is different, more expansive, every time you engage.

New Earth Now Part IIwill be presented online June 9. Part IIdives into applying Creator State dynamics and timeline resonation to your service work and personal lifestream. Unity consciousness has so much to offer us, and our collective consciousness becomes more coherent, there is Divine opportunity to accelerate freedom for all willing hearts.

Watch and participate with the New Earth Now Part One video HERE

SUNdayUnity meditations will be strong this week.
We are sending out these new Creator Gate codes to upgrade the collective to the Now. All willing hearts desiring this new level of Light and Peace for all, join us. Details and guided meditation available HERE.


Infinite blessings to all of Creation!

In Love, Light and Service,