Good morning. How quickly the week flies by these days! So many now, can physically/emotionally/mentally FEEL the step up in Energy and it is good to KNOW that we are getting ever closer to wherever it is we are going! In order to keep up the momentum and to keep excitement High, so that THE EVENT can arrive … I wondered if you could talk to us about clearing the pineal gland? We got close once, then never really got onto the topic.

Greetings to Each One. Those who are choosing to focus on the Light Energy filtering through, are certainly FEELING the difference within themselves. In ways that are soothing to the soul and comforting to the mind. Is it not, that you even feel differently as you look into your skies … day or night?

Well, I can’t speak for others (Yet, apparently so many say I do!) Yet for me, that is a definite yes! It just ‘feels’ different.

This is what we mean Blossom, when we say that everything shall be the same and yet, different. You are ‘beginning’ … for it is just the ‘beginning … of noticeable change’ … to ‘see through the veils of cloud’ would we say. The more Heightened your Awareness becomes; the more these ‘type’ of changes shall present themselves. You will notice it all around you … NATURE AT ITS BEST.

We are happy to speak of ‘clearance’ … regarding this particular ‘gateway’ placed strategically with inside your head. As many of you are Aware, it is similar to that which you … recognise/label … a walnut. And we have chosen this analogy in particular, because of there now being a crusted shell that has built up around it.

I did read once that Fluoride is a main cause of this.

There are many chemicals that appear as the culprit. Yet, let us focus on the ‘cleansing of’.

Firstly, recall that YOU are in control of self. Therefore, that which you decide to display in your mind becomes your ‘BEING’.

YOU ‘make yourself’ who you are within the confines of the physicality. We speak in these terms, yet understand, we are not speaking of the ESSENCE of YOU … we are speaking of YOU creating YOUR OWN WORLD from within your mind’s eye!

And we would extend that further by saying that this pineal gland IS your mind’s eye …that when opened up … can take you to anywhere you wish to go.

This, throughout time, has been worked upon to make sure it is disabled to a certain extent, so that it cannot reveal to you ALL THAT IS.

Worked upon how?

By clamping it up. By tightening it. By shrinking it … over many eons of time. We would liken it to amphibians no longer requiring certain body parts as they found themselves on land and therefore, fins etc. became obsolete over time.

Because of the lack of use of this gland it almost became redundant. Not through lack of interest … through lack of knowledge of its very existence. For those in power … those in ‘the know’ throughout history, have not wanted ‘its secrets’ to be FREE. For indeed then, ‘their’ power over you would be gone.

It is only through Awakenings of souls, that this magical portal is once again … in Divine timing … being recognised … FOR WHAT IT IS … AND WHAT IT CAN DO.

So, we would make the suggestion of ‘freeing it up’ by using the most powerful tool you have.


You can concoct a myriad of ways to break down the barriers … to knock down the walls … to crack open the shell that is preventing you accessing your full potential.

AND … we would suggest you doing this on a daily basis.

VISUALISE … for instance … little … angels/workmen … chipping away at it. Do the whole ‘episode’ as you watch the shell crumble and sweep up any debris.

VISUALISE … the warmest clearest water (LOVE) being poured over it from a watering can … do it daily.

Perhaps envisage your healing hands caressing it in the KNOWING it is softening.

Yet, most of all we would suggest on top of such visuals … to SEND IT LOVE.

To VISUALISE the Golden White Light … of /from … Divine source … that is YOU … shining from within it … and due to the very nature of this Light … there is the KNOWING that as it ‘Radiates Through’… then it is possible … for all things are … for it to melt away any ‘concrete prisons’ that have disguised it, over time.

VISUALISE … many ways to set it free. Keep it clean … on a daily basis.

Part of the cleaning the teeth routine!

However you choose it be done. It is beneficial to then, when sitting in meditation, to imagine switching a switch … as one would a light. And very slowly, watch it begin to turn clockwise  … gaining in momentum until you are aware of it transforming into a spinning Light … focus on that for a time and then allow your … ‘imagination/imagery’ … to take it from there.

When you understand it is ‘A portal’ … your own personal gateway to ‘elsewhere’ … then you will come to ‘learn’ through experience and ‘practise’, a certain amount of that which it is capable of. We say ‘certain amount’ … for it is wise to start small. Allow yourself to ‘go out there’ with the Divine Intention of BEING where your soul is comfortable in exploring. You will understand as you work with it, what we mean.

This is such a valuable part of you … Treasure it … Nurture it and it shall serve you well.

May I go back to the point you made of it not getting used, so therefore, it diminished? Can you elaborate on that a little? For surely, those that knew of it and used it, must have been able to ‘keep it to themselves’ if it was unsafe to ‘let it be known’ it was in use?

And they did so. Yet, as we say … ways were devised to prevent it from BEING used to its full potential.

What ways?

Tampering with genetics, for example.  And we would say … in these times you are living in and for quite a while back … that the vaccinations that are given to so call ‘prevent illness or disease’ is … a great disguise to interfere with the ‘normal’ functioning of the Divine workings of the body.

I hate to say it … yet, some ‘innocents’ are being injected minutes after birth, by their innocent parents ‘believing’ it is the right thing to do.

Be comforted in the knowing this will change. When Truths come out … this ‘distortion’ is one of so many that will be ‘banished from the kingdom!’

Yet, so much damage done to so many.

Dearest Blossom … with respect … could you not say this about so much that has taken place upon your Planet and is STILL taking place?




The more you are recognising your Light NOW and walking into yourselves … the TRUTH of yourselves … the stronger and more magnificent you recognise yourself to be. YOU CAN FEEL IT NOW … you can recognise it now … and this is JUST THE BEGINNING.

Multiply this FEELING, this KNOWING … in confidence of self … and then … just imagine THE CHANGE YOU ARE MAKING … JUST … BY BEING/SHINING YOUR LIGHT!

This new world CANNOT/WILL NOT have such things as vaccinations, for example … for there shall be no illness … no manmade dis-ease.

When Truths are uncovered, so many will be shocked and appalled at that which has been created to make one subservient. To ‘keep one at bay’.

And yet, I do get confused at times. As YOU say, that no one has control over us … no one can control our soul.

And this is so. We would make the suggestion that perhaps the ‘effects’ of such ‘goings on’  work fully when there is no knowledge that it is taking place. This has been going on for eons of time. Yes, there are many that are still ‘walking in the dark’. Yet, so many now … so many WARRIORS OF LIGHT have ‘seen the light at the end of the tunnel’ and therefore, Awakening to facts!






So, we would say, it is KNOWLEDGE, Dearest Souls, KNOWLEDGE of what has been ‘done to you’ … that can allow you to TAKE BACK CONTROL.


When you KNOW THIS … when you FEEL this … when you become in fullness … THIS LIGHT THAT YOU ARE … with all ‘barrages’ and obstacles removed because of this understanding … then you will come to realise, that no-one can get inside your head. No-one can reach into your Light and take it away.

YOU ARE THE MOST POWERFUL UNIT OF LIGHT …  expressing yourself as a human Being … because THAT IS YOUR FOCUS … in this moment of NOW.

You decided and were chosen to be part of This Game.


I feel you want me to say … ‘Games are for fun’ …

Should you choose … them /it … to be so.

Bring back your Fun. Do you see?

To bring Fun into your lives is an immediate ‘Earth lifter!’

I know many would say … ‘Come down and try it! YOU try finding fun amidst all this insane chaos’.

And we would reply … If you focus on the chaos … you will drown in chaos. If you focus on finding some fun … you will find it! Make the finding of it … fun!

For me, I just have a few minutes in my grandsons company and I ‘remember’ fun and freedom.

Should one make the decision to HAVE FUN TODAY … then one can definitely tick off ‘I served in raising the Earths Planetary Vibration today.’

Unfortunately and yet, what is … is, the darker side of the moon has allowed shadows to cast not only OVER the Planet, yet WITHIN the very Energy of it.

One has got lost within the drudgery of survival.


As more and more souls Awaken into their Truth… as they come to recognise the ‘sham’ that is presented as Truth and BEGIN TO DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE LIGHT OF LOVE THAT IS … the Power that will surge throughout your Planet because of this … will allow so many more to break out of the mould and be set free.

What Divinity lies within that!

VISUALISE, VISUALISE, VISUALISE yourselves shining out your Light from within.


Because … in/by … doing so … YOU … MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

I assume you are talking here of the difference in ‘level of Vibration’ and KNOWING that our Light IS the DIVINE POWER?  It does not come from ego … recognising this Light within. That is an understanding I have come to.

And that is yet another ‘trick’ invented to ‘downsize the soul’.

What do you mean?

In that … it became a societal acceptance NOT TO build the self up … for that was known as … egotistical/one with a big head. So again, over time … one felt it right … one was raised in the incorrect knowledge … that to admit to the self that one could shine … was not the done thing and so, one stopped doing so.

NOW this is CHANGING along with the Vibration of the Planet.


To undermine who you are … would we say … is an insult to self and if we may be so bold as to say … an insult to creation!

Whoa … nicely put!

Truthfully put, Blossom. When one recognises who they are … the essence of themselves … how could you possibly think that you are an unworthy Being?



LOVE LIGHT IN ITS GLORY IS WORTHY OF ALL THAT IS GOODNESS … to consider oneself unworthy is futile and undeserving!

I know we are near the end of the session yet, you mentioning ‘big headed’, reminded me of a question someone asked about the Giant statues that have been found all over the world, sometimes leaning back against a mountain etc. They look like they have been carved by a very talented hand. However it has now been proved (or so they say) that they were petrified. Some have been cut open and blood vessels, bones, ribs, blood arteries, tendons etc., are clearly visible. They are seemingly very old and are all over the place. Just thought I’d throw that in!

Dearest souls, indeed we would willingly say that these ‘remains’ stem from Giants that once lived upon your Planet. Like yourselves … they were visitors. They did not reside there for long as conditions were not suitable for their wellbeing. The atmosphere was not compatible and it became apparent quite quickly that they could not survive within it.

They must have been petrified that they might become petrified!

Ho Ho Ho … we believe you would say?

Nope. We leave that to Santa! In writing these days it would be LOL … Just for your future usage.

We will keep that in mind.

I HAVE to go for gold here and ask WHEN they visited?

We would say, before the dinosaur era of your time.

Do they still exist?

Yes. These Giants eventually found a Planet that was more suited to their needs … not only in atmospherics, yet, size!

And of course, I need to finish with asking you the whereabouts of this Planet?

Outside of your solar system. Little point in trying to explain further, with all respect.

Thank you. A most profitable encounter today. Not saying they are not always! It makes me happy to know that more and more souls are ‘clicking on’ to your messages. It is my Divine Intention to get you and White Cloud out there to reach, Awaken and Enlighten as many souls as possible. Slowly … one by one … day by day … YOU are doing so … for which I am so grateful. It is indeed an honour to serve in this way, Being the vessel in which you use to make this happen. I am Blessed.

We honour Each One for Being on the Earth plane at this time … making the choices that Awaken and Enlighten so many.

Thanks so much. A pleasure always.



Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

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The easiest way for you to release yourselves from the programming is to turn off your TVs, your computers, your phones, and all of your devices, get out into nature, and feel for the truth of the high frequency energies that have been competing with that programming for quite some time

Breaking Free from Programming ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are breaking free from the chains that you placed upon yourselves before incarnating in this lifetime. You had to have these chains in place until you were ready to bring yourselves to the fifth dimensional frequency range.

You knew that there were certain experiences that you had to have this lifetime to set yourselves up for the full integration of all aspects of who you are and who you have been, and now that you have lived those experiences you have much more freedom than you have ever had in any Earthly lifetime.

The chains are no longer there, but the programming still is. Part of why you knew that you would be able to limit yourselves in the ways that you have has been due to the programming that was in place before you got here and all of the new ways that have been derived to attempt to keep the vast majority of you from knowing your power.

The easiest way for you to release yourselves from the programming is to turn off your TVs, your computers, your phones, and all of your devices, get out into nature, and feel for the truth of the high frequency energies that have been competing with that programming for quite some time. Just as you are free from those chains, you have made yourselves available to these energies, and they have made themselves available to you.

But the lower frequency vibrations of the social programming has been the interference. It has been keeping you divided. It has been telling you that you have reason to be afraid, and it has you striving for a level of success that has nothing to do with becoming more of who you are.

That is why it is so important for you to tune out the programming and tune in to the energies that are available to you in the atmosphere, the energies that are coming up from Mother Earth, and the energies that are projected from your sun. You have access to so much more than you allow yourselves to receive, and it’s time for you to grant yourselves that full access in the here and now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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You are continually choosing your timeline and your reality. Choose it well. Choose the highest, the best, the brightest, the most redeemed timeline of perfect love

Pleiadian Collective, Ashtar, Sananda 4/29/18

Greetings and warm hellos to humanity this day, this precious now moment. We are the Pleiadian Collective, summoned here today to speak with you on behalf of the others. Our message is one of light, of peace, of unity consciousness and of renewal. For much is happening in the hidden recesses of your world that need not be mentioned at this time, for they are disturbing and must remain in secret for awhile. We are here in full force and in our full support of humanity, shielding you, protecting and guiding when asked. We are polite and only assist when asked for we much respect and acknowledge and uphold / honor your free well as a species, for this is of utmost importance.

We respect your freedom, while others have not, and thus, the quandary. For free will is a tricky thing, it is precious but when it is abused, it can be disastrous. We are intervening on your Gaia to avoid another situation like Maldek, the fourth planet in your solar system that was destroyed long ago by greed and pain. We are here to assure you in strong force, in solidarity amongst ourselves that this will not happen with Gaia. She is a jewel of this universe for all of her ascension and descension and now re-ascension journey. She is a remarkable soul, tremendously brave and she has been tremendously wounded in the process and we are here to assist her, along side humanity, should we be requested.

We have known humanity since the beginning, since your beginning, since the beginning of what the word human really means. Many of you are of us, are from the Pleiades, are here today to seed this Pleiadian higher consciousness deep into the crystal core of Nova Gaia and to help things along, so that this project reaches its conclusion and new beginnings can begin. A new expansion of the human consciousness is exciting to behold and we feel like proud parents on graduation day, yet many of you don’t know that you are indeed graduating, for you are so caught up in the matrix, the process, and have been kept so separated from your heart space.

The time of separation is long past. The time of renewal and reconnection and reestablishing your memories is here now, in this precious moment of this now. And we say this with tears streaming down our faces for you have done it, humanity. You are nearly there. Together with Gaia you are pushing through the final hurdle, the last push of the birthing process – the most painful push too, we might add. Please know that help is more than just on the way, it is here and we are among you, waiting to reconnect with our family of human form again. Yes, we were involved in your creative process. Yes, you have untold strengths packed within your DNA deep down that you have not yet realized and we are excited to observe your discoveries of this. You are masters and your powers are now returning, being returned to you – not that they ever truly left – but that you forgot to look for them, being so busy in your earth lives, in the matrix of all matrices. Ug. We long for a new day just as you and we are here for you, humanity, to behold the newness of you and of your planetary mother, Gaia.

Be ready for the new, be ready for the change. You are this change, as are the precious children that are now coming into your field. They are the leaders of the new world, truly. Let them lead you, learn from them. We are the Paleiadian Collective. You are not alone, and you are loved beyond measure.

This is Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I salute you all for your hard work and tireless efforts in the planetary clearing that you have all been working so hard on. Whether consciously or subconsciously, it matters not, for you have all been doing it and doing a tremendous job. I know that your many questions are burning and there is so much to relearn and re-understand. I assure you, there will be time for questions and answers, there will be time for the learning and rediscovery of your planetary origin, the Pleiades and several other systems, and your resulting history. You are near a portal as you may know, and Earth has always been prime real estate as you are right near a highly desired, coveted super highway for intergalactic travel. This may seem like an impossibility to you, for your news has not told you true news for such a long time and your history has been so twisted. But I assure you the star beings, the visitors, the ETs – they are all real. Your Bible and many other holy books and stories of myth and legend mentions them. They are real, and played an integral role in your history, either to benefit you or themselves. We are cleaning up the place, scooting along the dark entities who wish to stay, but their lease is up and they are being redistributed! They are being reassigned for repurposing and Source is working with them. Humanity must be allowed to be free. Humanity must understand their past in order to understand their future, and of course the present mess that they have been in. This will quickly evolve and elevate as the consciousness rises dramatically and what a ride it will be!

I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I look upon you all so fondly, with such love, you are true warriors of love. Keep your vibrations high for as this galactic pulse comes you will not want to miss any moment of it. It is the journey, the experience that you signed up for. Experiences consist of little moments all lined up. I know you are weary, but I encourage you to not miss any of these precious moments that are in front of you now. Bless them, transmute them if they need it and be the radiant light beings of the universe that you are. I see the Christ in you. Some of you are afraid to let your light shine for you have been so wounded. That is an old chapter. You are writing a new one, yes? Continue to do what you are doing so well and we will clean up the little messes here and there before we begin further involvement with your species. I am Ashtar. Be at peace.

Hello friends, I am your Sananda. I am here today with my brother Ashtar, standing alongside on the bridge of the New Jerusalem. And we are looking down with tremendous love and support for you, our friends and family of the light, of love, who have made the sacrifice to serve by your very being here, wherever you are, in your moment, your Earth life. For if you were not where you are, doing what you are doing, who would be doing it? You don’t have to be a tremendously famous leader or have an “important” job to be holy. Not in the least. That is the old way. Being holy means being infused with the light of the Christ consciousness, walking the path of the master, talking with me if you choose, for we will have much to say once the veil drops and you can see all that is around you. But yes, the game has gone on far long enough and we are ready for the reunion. Time is stretchy. You are continually choosing your timeline and your reality. Choose it well. Choose the highest, the best, the brightest, the most redeemed timeline of perfect love. Choose peace. Choose me. I am always here for you.

I am your Sananda. We have traveled many a dusty path / road together, you and I. You will remember. Ascension is the constant re-remembering of who you truly are, and have truly always been but are re-remembering, rediscovering. For your are Source light in form. That is your higher self. Pray within, not without. That is the great confusion, misdirection of energy. No. Source light is within you, friends. It always has been. It is the crystal seed atoms of the Christed consciousness that infuses your very DNA, your very self. And as we all have this can you not see and appreciate that we are all one? That we are all a glorious web of light? A fabric of luminosity?

For we are all one Source light in the process of ever creating, ever expanding, ever learning and relearning yet more – more of itself, more of yourself, more of all that you came here to be. We are one. You are risen. You are rising. You are ascending. And yes, you are weary. As you should be. You have been doing hard work. Rest in me. Stay with me awhile and be comforted. We’re all in this together. You are not alone, unless you choose to feel that way. Your twins are here, your families are here, and you are surrounded with tremendous support. You are so loved family. I am your Sananda, your brother, your friend and fellow journeyer. Be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

Current situation withIN and withOUT observed from my personal perspective

Dear Reader,

there comes a time that an update of the current situation withIN and withOUT  observed from  my personal perspective is necessary and this is one of these times.

The continuous arrival of higher energies of Love and Light that are now constantly pouring upon Earth touching everything having breath  are bringing about a huge transformation of what we call reality.

A little follow up of the blogs and channeled messages i am sharing on my website will give you more clarity in understanding and also attuning to this change.

Of course,you don’t need to read everything,the main effort should be about being present in the now,being able to listen this inner voice within giving direction of what should be Your next move as deliberate Co-Creator In Joy.

At times the mind will try to bring us back to old manifested scenarios and our work at this time is to be able to focus constantly on the very things we want to occur in our reality and not the repetition of something that has already manifested or being done.

Keeping the body alkaline can help for a better focus.

Meditation should be a day activity same way we brush our teeth or take a shower every day.

A basic discipline to appreciate and love the self on a daily basis is essential.

Talking about the very things we want and completely forget the past also essential.Past exists only in our minds.

And i am talking about those of you that wish to Ascend in your bodies and be part of the golden Age of our existence as Humanity.As those who don’t most probably are not reading these lines.And if you just happen to become aware,you are always free to keep on reading or not as this is the only Free Will Planet in the Universe.

The signs of worldwide peace are becoming more apparent each and every day.This is the condition to move to the next stage as a collective.Accept and love each other with our differences and always intend to find harmony even with those that we feel we don’t resonate at all.Finding the missing piece and making peace,start from within and spread out.

The global meditations we do are helping to fine-tune the desire for worldwide peace.It is an every day conscious effort and work or Light Work.This is what dedicated Light Workers do:they meditate and they ask for support to Mother Father God,Angels,Archangels and Ascended Masters and directing their laser of Love to where is needed.1 conscious person can touch 1 million.8,000 conscious persons affect for the better 8 billion.This is why our global 8,000 meditation and a commitment to participate every day is essential.We have now reached 15,000 and the numbers are growing and for all of us who participate we feel the benefit of it at every level in our personal lives and around the globe.We are the change we want to see and it is happening from withIN .

So the withOUT is already the manifested and the manifested one can observe in amazing articles done be David Wilcock.Here is what the current situation is from his perspective with which i completely resonate(it is very long and worth reading).

From our side as dedicated Light Workers we continue our work every day at 3PM EST with the 8,000 global meditation and on Sundays with the Christ Light Expansion Meditaton,you can find complete schedule  Here: 

Humanity we start to remember why we are here and where we really come from.Listening to this message from Kryon will help you understand more.

Indeed it takes a lot  of study and internal work and internal work is the real work we are meant to do during these unprecedented times,the time of struggle is done if we choose so , the timeline of Ease and Grace  is here.Feel into it and ask your guides for support as what we think and feel manifests.

Powerful affirmations of The I Am Presence will create astonishing change in your life when practised on a daily basis.We are not here to face Reality,we are here to Create Reality with intention and determination.


A few affirmations of what I wish to share with you:

I Am Love,I Am.

I Am Light,I Am.

I Am All That I Am.

I Am Freedom,I Am.

I Am Peace,I Am.

I Am Unlimited,I Am.

I Am God/Goddess,I Am.

I Am The Highest Version of what i can be,do or have,I Am.

I Am The Highest Good For All,I Am.

I Am Abundant and Prosperous at all times,I Am.

I Am Divine Will,I Am.

I Am the Manifestation of my all desires and dreams,I Am.

I Am in possession of my beautiful spacious abundant eco sustainable 5th dimensional  Home,I Am.

I Am Transportation of all means respecting Mother Earth,I Am.

I Am Teleportation,I Am.

I Am Telepathy,I Am.

I Am Telekinesis,I Am.

I Am The Activation of Humanitarian Projects,I Am.

I Am Wealthy,I Am.

I Am in Excellent Health,I Am.

I Am in constant Gratitude,I Am.

The Pink Full Moon coming after this weekend will accentuate and bring about The Manifestation and Fulfilment of our Desires.

Btw even though i am not following astrology,i am a Scorpio and this is going to be Pink Full Moon in Scorpio.And God i love Pink!(picture from our latest indoor healthy dance event in Amsterdam)

I wish you all a constant perfect happy abundant prosperous  celebration of The New Multidimensional You.

Hold The line,Hold The Line,Hold The Line,

Feel The Joy,Feel The Joy,Feel The Joy!

Expect The Unexpected!

I Am All That I Am!

In Love and Light and Appreciation.

Thank You for taking time to read these lines.




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with every transmission that you receive from us, we want you to also check in and see what transmission you have for yourself.

The Arcturians Deliberate ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are in the process of deliberation. We are deliberating amongst ourselves because we still have a variety of perspectives, even though we operate as a collective unit. Our deliberation is on the effectiveness of telling you something, rather than asking you to discover within yourselves what is true. We know that you like hearing from us, but we do not want to supersede your own wisdom, you own guidance.

We want you to test everything that we transmit against what feels right and true for you as an individual. Every single one of you receives internal communication. Regardless of how blocked you think you are, you are able to discern truth within yourselves. Some of us would rather just encourage you to find that truth within yourselves. Others of us find tremendous value in keeping you informed.

For example, there is a root chakra cleansing that is going on right now throughout all of humanity, and knowing that information could help you to make sense of symptoms that you are experiencing, fears that are coming up, memories of deaths from past lives, and so on, and knowing that can set your mind and your emotions at ease.

But if you’re not having any sort of experience of a root chakra cleanse, then it is more important for you to make your own conclusions about what’s going on inside of you, about what’s most pertinent to your now moment. And so, with every transmission that you receive from us, we want you to also check in and see what transmission you have for yourself.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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feel the joy, to feel the joy, to feel the joy, to feel the joy.

Greetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. My beloved Yeshua is here as well. We thank you for your dedication to this planet and all of the service that all of you have brought forth through many incarnations of time. Today, we bring forth the frequency of prosperity and abundance. It is time for each of you to step into this vibration and to claim your spiritual birthright as you call forth the energy of abundance into your essence and into your being. And so I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the essence of the white light of God, begin to breathe in the energy and the essence of white light of God, breathing in the energy and the essence of the white light of God, and allowing your heart to open and your mind to heal, and begin to breathe in this powerful frequency of universal abundance and joy. And so, Dear Ones, as you step into this frequency, I ask that you imagine within your own mind’s eye that you are stepping into a golden vault. As if you are stepping into this golden vault with vast riches of gold and sparkling diamonds that are now shimmering and are most beautiful and opulent.

I ask each of you, if you so shall, to begin to feel this energy around you, as if you are stepping into a vault with gold and diamonds, and you are embodied and incased into frequency, into your energetic field. As if you are now being embalmed with this frequency, as if this becomes a part of your essence, this becomes a part of your frequency, this is your vibration. Abundance. Not only physical wealth, but abundance and prosperity, of love and joy, peace, health, happiness, freedom. And so, Dearest Ones, take another deep breath and begin to feel the richness and the opulence that surround you, that now embodies you, that now becomes you. So many of you have forgotten your birthright, your universal birthright, that the wealth, the abundance, the opulence of your birthright, by being here on this Earth plane and all of its struggles and strife and difficulty, and what you may call limitation to the mental and the lower vibrational frequencies of the ego affecting you, you have forgotten that each of you are beautiful, powerful, abundant spiritual beings of light. And so I ask you to call this into your frequency, and begin to walk as kings and queens, as if you are now rich, as they say, mentally, emotionally, financially, energetically, physically, that you are abundant in all aspects of your being, and begin to feel yourself connecting to your royalty, connecting to the birthright as a divine child of God that you are.

And so take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this essence into all aspects of your being. And begin to feel yourself connecting to your royalty, connecting to the birthright as the Divine child of God that you are. And so take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this essence and presence of peace, and begin to breathe in this essence and presence of joy, and literally begin to breathe in the vibrational frequency of the diamond and the gold, as you are bringing this vibration to you. Can you allow your limited mind to let go of any fear? Can you let your limited mind let go of any skepticism? Can you let your limited mind let go of any resistance that you are worthy to receive? And so I ask you to breathe and feel the energy of the Living Light of God within you. Can you feel this essence and presence of the Living Light of God within you? Now opening up what we call your universal bank of all the deeds, of all the good deeds that you have given to this beautiful Earth, and to all of humanity. Simply allowing it all to come back to you, as you open up the gateway and the vibrational frequency of abundance. Letting yourself receive, for this is most important at this time, to allow yourself to begin to receive, believe and so you shall receive, believe and so shall you receive, allowing yourself to feel this energy, and allowing yourself to receive the abundance and the holy grace of all that is. And so, Dearest Ones, we ask that you place your attention, allowing this vibration in your energy field. Call it forth, and begin to see all that shall fall into place, and literally feel the vibration falling in your lap.

As has been said, expect the unexpected, and allow this energy and frequency of opulence, of financial wealth, of abundance, of Divine prosperity to enter into your field and all aspects of your life. Be it in your relationships, your marriage, with your children, with your health, with your finances, with your career, allow it now to step into your energy field. And so, Dear Ones, begin to breathe this frequency in and know that as you hold this vibration of Divine prosperity and abundance, that you are serving the Living God by accepting all the blessings that are yours. You see the universe is at your fingertips, can you imagine the unlimited energy and frequency that is there for you to receive? Can you imagine the abundant universe being yours to receive? The abundant universe. For many of you have closed yourselves from the abundance, out of fear and limitation and not understanding that the universe is abundant. That you are literally able to extend your hand and to receive, and it is your birthright. Whatever you need, ask and so shall you receive. Ask and so shall you receive. Letting go of the limitations that have held you back.

As you already know, Dearest Ones, the vibration of what you hold your intention to, and that which you speak of shall manifest quickly. This is what is happening now in this new energy, this new Earth that is on the planet. You see, instant manifestations, as you speak of something, as you think of something, there it is, instantaneously. That person’s energy or that frequency shows up instantaneously. This is of truth, you are seeing it, many of you, in your daily lives, in your daily experiences, instantaneous manifestation of something you are thinking, and there it is. You think and so shall you receive. You believe and so shall you receive. This is the same for your personal wealth, and for your financial prosperity, and what you wish to bring forward into your life. This is of grave importance. It is not about waiting any longer, it is time, it is time, it is time, it is time to receive.

So much has changed upon this Earth plane, and so much has shifted in its vibratory frequency. I know we have spoken of this many times before, but there is a new paradigm, a new frequency, a new Earth. And in this New Earth energy, all things are possible as you are living in what we call Pandora. You are literally lifting yourself up into this new frequency, and you are living in a new world that is easy and is effortless. For there is to be no more fear and no more strife. And so hold your intention that you are living in the New Earth, that your vibrational frequency is in alignment to this New Earth frequency, where there is balance and harmony, peace, joy, and abundance and good will for all. It is as if you are living in Telos, the underground city in Mt. Shasta, California, as if you are living in Telos, and everything is balanced and everything is centered. And all your needs are provided for. And so, I say to you at this time, how important it is to feel the love, to feel the peace, to feel the tranquility upon your soul. Letting your heart open to this powerful frequency of abundance that is now being brought forward to you consciously. Truly we say to you accept this, embody it, and be in gratitude. We want all the children here on the Earth, all beings to be free, and to no longer be entrapped in the lack and the limitation that is prevalent upon this Earth plane. There is no time or space for that, there is only love. There is no need for this separation to occur. And so, Dearest Ones, we ask that you hold your frequency in its purest form so that you may truly receive. And that the light of God surrounds you, the love of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, and the presence of God watches over you, wherever you are God is, and all is well.

For this is truly a time to receive the light and the abundance of all things. And so truly, Dearest Ones, accept this gift that we bring onto you upon this day. It is within our hearts that we touch your heart and our energies beat as one. For we wish for each of you to stand in your self-mastery, as you live as the abundant and joyful masters that you are, without fear or limitation, or without struggle or strife, as you step into the light of All That Is. And so know, at this time, how important it is to feel the joy, to feel the joy, to feel the joy, to feel the joy, as you enter into this frequency, into this light and into this love. For it is of grave importance that you serve and you honor and you prepare yourself for this new frequency and new phase of your life. You will be moving into effortless streams of energy, and you will look back on your life and say, I am so grateful that I have now shifted my vibration, into abundance and opulence, prosperity, peace, joy, and love to enter into my being. As if you are leaving the old aspect of yourself behind and making way for the new. And yes, Dearest Children, we see your gratitude, and we see your excitement, that you will be able to use your vessel and your resources to serve God and the Living Light of All That Is.

Do not discount what we are speaking of today, we are gifting you with this for it is time, it is time, it is time. You have called, and we have come, we have told you many times before, that what you are bringing onto the world, you shall be gifted and honored and blessed for your undying service. And so we come to assist you in all aspects of your life. And we say accept, for this is a day of receiving, this is a day of receiving, this is a day of receiving, as you allow yourself to shift your energy and your vibration into a new level of being. Go forth with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be, as you feel the Light of God deep within your heart, and feel the presence of joy that enters into your being. And so, Dearest Ones, as we stand with you, we ask that you hold yourself and your precious frequency in Divine Sacred Union, and you call forth the balance and the light and the love of All That Is. It is of grave importance that you truly honor the light that you hold, and be at peace in all things, and know that you are loved. Loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension, and this is a gift that is being gifted to you, for your undying service and commitment to the beloved creator and to this planet. We know, Dear Ones, how important it is to let go of all that no longer serves you, so we ask you to hold this frequency so purely within your essence that you feel the strength of who you truly are, and begin to let go and truly to let God.

We thank you, Dearest Children, for your time, we thank you for your attention, we know that there is only love to be brought forth, so we ask you to feel this vibration and begin to embody it, and to embrace the Living Light of God that lives inside of your being. Go now, my Dear Ones, and be at peace.

What you are experiencing now is honing your skillset in a new dimension much as you did as an infant learning to crawl, walk, and run in the 3D world.


Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel you are so deeply in a void you will never experience true earth joy again. For many of you have reached a stage of no longer fully participating in earth activities and not yet finding new joys. As if you are in a limbo that never shifts to full reality.

So it is you are almost starting to bemoan the loss of chaos that was once your 3D life.

You have likely chanted, meditated, and prayed to create that which seems most important to you now – all to no avail.

Even though you sense you are different internally, your life is not following the direction you anticipated when you entered this void – or as you discarded most of what was once important to you.

So it is your limbo is becoming frightening. A bit like those who give everything away waiting for the second coming only to discover that nothing changes other than they no longer have what they gave away.

Of course, there have been many junctures along this transition process when you felt a similar discouragement only to roar to life once again. The difference is you initially believed you did something wrong or displeasing to the Universes so your inability to create what you pined for was because of your wrongdoing.

As you became more sophisticated in this transition process, you realized you are the Universes making this phase more disquieting than many of the phases you pushed through. For you can no longer blame the Universes because you know you are the creator of you.

But then, why can you not create that which you so desperately pine for? What are you doing wrong?

You are doing nothing wrong. You are merely growing/evolving into your powers.

You have long dreamed of a magic genie who would provide all you wished for. Now that you know you are your magic genie, why can you not easily create that which you wish for?

Such is your current angst. Worrying that you did not do something you were supposed to do. Or that some hidden fear is blocking your creative processes.

A loud NO, to both concerns. You are exactly where you need to be. You can not physically jump from 3D to 5D and beyond without processing what you have become.

Your current void is a bit like an infant knowing that they want to walk from one parent to another, but needing practice to fortify their mind-body coordination.

You are capable of walking, even running just as is true for infants. You are merely in the practice realms – with a few falls and much determination.

Do not fret. This practice phase is short-lived and something you will forget once you come into your own as is true for all toddlers after learning to walk and run.

Even though this is a short phase, it is something you must complete so your mind, body, and spiritual beings are functioning as one. For creating that which you wanted in 3D would not now satisfy you. And that which you will want when your new being is fully integrated, is not yet available.

This is a short phase much like an infant completes from taking one or two steps to walking across the room.

You are not alone in your frustrations or fears. For many are experiencing similar feelings. Something you will ponder a bit only to forget until those who wish to follow you reach a similar point in the not-too-distant future.

You are the forerunners so you cannot be comforted by others, even us of the ethers for you do not completely trust us now. Any more than an infant fully trusts that a table will allow them to stand without falling if that infant’s parent pushes him or her to that phase before that infant is ready.

So it is we can only offer assistance about what is going to happen. Assurances not much different from those of an infant’s parents whispering to that infant that he or she will soon be walking.

We know your creative powers. Powers you do not yet believe you have and will not fully believe until you start creating.

But beyond knowing you all have such powers, we do not necessarily know what you are going to do with those powers. Just as a parent does not know what their infant, child, young adult, and adult will do with their walking skills.

Many of you are concerned that we are speaking of years of training and adjustments. Such is not the case, for you have already done the heavy work – being of the earth for this transition and shifting from 3D to 5D or beyond.

What you are experiencing now is honing your skillset in a new dimension much as you did as an infant learning to crawl, walk, and run in the 3D world.

You are learning what you are capable of with your physical being. A minor piece in this convoluted and difficult transition you have mastered beyond all hopes and dreams. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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You can release yourselves from the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation, and you can just be who you really are.

Your Light Bodies ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

APR 22 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have transitioned yourselves so much already that you are not even the same beings that you were just a few years ago. You have come so far and evolved so much, and you are ready now, as a result of that evolution, to be allowed access to the light bodies that are within you, that are occupying the same space as your physical ones.

Here is what you can do with your light bodies. You can shapeshift. You can transform yourselves into whatever form you want to be. You can levitate. You can fly. You can bilocate, and you can teleport. So of course, you can cure yourselves of anything at all.

You would so easily find yourself healing that you would never fear harm to your light body. One of the ways in which you access this light body is by no longer thinking of your physical body as who you really are. When you stop identifying yourselves by your physical body, when you stop seeing it as who you are, you become less attached.

And when you are less attached to your physical bodies, you can access a truer representation of who you are. That is what your light bodies are. They are more accurate representations of the eternal and infinite consciousness that you really are. They are more expressive, and of course they hold more light.

So you will feel better about being physical, because you will still be physical when you fully access your light body. But here is the thing – you won’t think of yourselves as physical beings. You will think of yourselves as consciousness that can take form, and that is very liberating. You can release yourselves from the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation, and you can just be who you really are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

iLive iLove iCreate

Angel apps

You live in an unbounded universe, rich with potential and possibility. You are connected with the power that creates universes and runs them, in all their harmony and complexity, with simple loving intent.

When you think about it, the magnitude of human problems and challenges, no matter how great they feel in a single lifetime, are minuscule compared with the challenge of making sure the planets and galaxies don’t collide. 

The same power that harmonizes entire ecosystems loves you in ways you cannot possibly comprehend. This Source wants to help create greater love and order in your lives too. However, you were given the gift of free will. You are not robots, lovingly controlled by the Source, compelled by your design to live in order and harmony, as with all of nature.

You are beings made in love’s image and likeness, gifted with the ability to not only live according to your original design, but also to create “new universes” within your own lives. If you, like nature, lived only according to your original design you would live beautiful lives, but then again a leaf cannot become more than it was designed originally to be.

You can.

Sadly the human race has forgotten its incredible nature and power to create. So many live with an “app” running in the computer of the human brain that we might easily label “iTryiSurvive.” You interpret, file, and judge life’s experiences as good or bad, right or wrong, useful or useless, when in reality life IS and you get to dance with it in a creative way. You do what you can to get by.

When you seek safety and survival, rather than exploration and creation, you limit Love’s ability to assist you. When you allow your fears and resignation to limit your dreams, you narrow the field of infinite possibility down to only what you know. We are here to help you gently awaken into a greater reality – a reality where you run a different “app” in your brains, one that we would call “iLive-iLove-iCreate.”

Let us look at a concrete example. So many of you want more abundance. You look at your life and don’t know how you’d work more, create more business, or make more money. You think about bills or dreams you can’t afford, and your brain starts to run its conditioned “iTryiSurvive” app.

You obsess about who you can ask for money, where else you can work, or what you can sell. You do your accounting over and over, focusing on your lack. iTryiSurvive takes all this input and tells you, “Sorry there is no way you can create the money you want. You might as well surrender to the fear of losing what you love or the resignation that comes with knowing your dreams will never come true.”

However dear ones, what if you allowed yourself to run “iLive-iLove-iCreate!” then you would say, “Well right now I don’t have much. Today I can’t pay the bills or fund my dreams, but that’s OK! That’s yesterday’s creation that is made manifest today. Today I will create more.” 

Rather than obsessing about money, you know you live in an unbounded universe. Money is only a tool. What do you really want? You want peace, security, or the fulfillment of your dreams. You allow yourself to “tune into” that feeling of having the bills already paid and living in peace.

You allow yourself to “tune into” that feeling of having your dream come true. Suddenly, as you live your life in gratitude and love in the present moment, “iLive-iLove-iCreate” which has been running quietly in the background of your mind, gives you ideas, draws you into helpful situations, brings you helpful people, and guides you straight into the life you want to life.

You are beautiful creators dear ones. Aim the power of the universe where you want it to go by focusing with delight on your beautiful creations. Disable the “iTryiSurvive app.” Survival is already built into your operating system! Instead start to imagine you are running a better one… iLive iLove iCreate!

You are very powerful beings.

You Are Significant ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have the power within you to give yourself that which you desire. It is quite simple, really. This power that within each and every one of you gets activated when you give up the sense of insignificance that has been placed upon you by others. You all are Source Energy Beings, but that is not what you emphasize about yourselves. You tend to emphasize where you went to school, what you do for a living, where you live now, and other assorted details about yourselves.

These details have nothing to do with who you really are, but society emphasizes them, and once you buy into that idea, then you have the mindset and the beliefs that tell you that only certain people get to do certain things. Only certain people get to have certain things. Only certain people get to be in beautiful romantic relationships.

Now, the way around this programming that you’ve taken on is not through deconstructing it. It’s not through changing society, or even your beliefs that you picked up from society. The way that you grant yourselves the lives that you want to be living is through the emphasis on your true nature as a Source Energy Being.

You are significant. Even though there are seven billion plus of you on planet Earth alone, you are still significant. You are still unique expressions of that which is Source, infinite, eternal, unconditional love. Therefore, do not let any definition of who you are that has been placed upon you determine your value, your worth, and especially your power.

You are very powerful beings. We suggest that you spend some of your time every day consciously breathing while reminding yourselves of who you really are and feeling it in every cell of your body.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Bliss Woman

Women of wisdom Women of power Women of strength Women of grace Lioness of courage She who spins weaves and cuts the way She who occupies sacred space She who spins weaves and cuts the way She who occupies sacred space Stand up Shiv Shakti take your stage Stand up Shiv Shakti calm their rage Stand up Shiv Shakti turn the page Take what is yours Claim what is ours Woman take one and all of your powers  Woman of peace, take war from the world. Woman of silence, this song is yours. Woman of glory, woman of mercy. Woman of love, woman of love. Lioness of courage. She who spins weaves and cuts the way, she who tells the heavenly story. Stand up Shiv Shakti take your might stand up Shiv Shakti take the flight stand up Shiv Shakti take God’s light. Take what is ours, claim what is yours. Woman take one and all of your powers…♥

Offer your vibrations constantly and consciously, and see how quickly the universe responds.

Offering Your Vibration ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You always give that which you are putting out to the universe, whether you recognize it or not. Whether you are aware of what you are putting out, or that you are putting it out, you are sending a signal to the universe, and that signal is sent through your vibration.

Your words, your actions, and your emotions are indicators of your vibration. They are not what determines the essence of what you send out to the universe. They are examples of it. They are the evidence that you can see, hear, and put your finger on.

A true master will be more concerned with what vibration he or she is putting out than what is currently happening, because a true master has not only the understanding of the importance of vibration, but also the practice. You can practice putting yourself in the vibration that you want to send out to the universe, and we recommend that you do so.

We recommend that you take less action and put out more conscious vibration. We know that if you are awakened, you are sensitive. So we know we are talking to sensitive individuals here. As sensitive individuals, you can easily tune in to your vibration, and all it takes to offer the vibration that you want the universe to receive from you is a little focus and some conscious breathing. And before you know it, you will be offering that joy, that love, that excitement, that freedom, that abundance.

Anything at all that you want to see reflected back to you in this universe is available to you right now, and it’s much easier for you to access than you think. You don’t need to spend hours and hours in meditation. You’ve spent a lifetime of getting triggered emotionally, and every time you have, you’ve gained some knowledge on the visceral level of what a vibration feels like and how to access it consciously.

Offer your vibrations constantly and consciously, and see how quickly the universe responds.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Relaxing into Life is a powerful opener and clarifier of energy.

The Spiral of Creation

The Spiral of Creation by Areon the Lyran Council of Time

Blessed Being, as always, it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. It is your awareness that shapes this world, just as it is this world that moves you into more creation.

You are in a powerful time of amplification as the movement around you brings rapid change. Yet, as you relax into this movement, you discover the power of your inner realm. This time calls you to clarify and empower your inner realm.

It is the natural way of Ascension.

Your Infinite Creativity

The spiral is the core of all structures that you observe and create. It is the core of physical structure and the core of subtle structure. The spiral form is shaped like an hourglass that starts wide at top, gets tighter in the middle and wider again at the bottom.

The spiral shape is the same as the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol represents the spiral in two dimensions. The continual movement of life.

The spiral energy is an important energy because at its core, it teaches you that you can go with the flow andyou can direct the flow. Duality connected. This is different than controlling the flow.

What you are now experiencing, in this time of amplification, is an increase in the spin of the spiral energy. This spin is affecting you physically, emotionally and mentally. You can observe this in your weather and your news stories. The mental and emotional aspect within everyone is being spun in a way that is either separating to self or connecting to self more.

Love is the energy that aligns and connects Life. As you are loving your self and loving Life, you are creating a strong bond within that amplifies your focus. The power of loving yourself is that you become much clearer in loving Life. Life is fail-safed toward Love.

Life wants you to flow your energy into Life. That is how Life continues. You are Life. Love shapes the future with its clear resonance. Take that power—because Love never overpowers. Love creates resonance.

Own Your Creativity

This time(space), as the spiral energetic amplifies, is calling for those strong enough to flow their energy more boldly into the world. Trust that you will flow action when the movement is clear and calling you forth.

This period of intense flow will stir you to action very clearly or it will pull you back to find your center.

From your center, action becomes clear.

It is the equivalent of the spiral flowing so tightly in the middle that both sides (above and below) are touched. There is a clarity within this connection and direction becomes clearer. Until then, you must go with the flow of the spiral—observing, healing, choosing anew.

You will know when and how action is appropriate, even if you don’t have all the details. You will have a compelling from the vast aspect of you. There will be a smoother flow with your action.

Allow yourself more peace to discover appropriate action. Allow yourself more peace to move through all aspects of creation, even the ones that aren’t as easy or satisfying.

Relax Into Creativity

Allow yourself time to relax into connection with your experience. This will help you find clarity.

Relaxing is the equivalent of enjoying your flow. Is this not the way of relaxing?

But you have been taught that to create you must work hard, and yes; your participation is required. But as you relax, the energy of joy amplifies your experience, your capability and your flow.

When you relax, you open your energy field and allow more of your connected selfto create with you. This blends thephysical (1% of you) and non-physical (99% of you).

Relaxing doesn’t mean no action. In contrast, it is smoother action.

Relaxing is a spectrum of participation that may be fast-paced or slow, it may be intense or easy, it may be frustrating or funny. But underneath all of that experience is an openness to your inherent capability.

Things seem to speed up when action is calling you. Things seem to slow down when patience and integration is needed. This is the spiral flowing. Allow and enjoy both, and you are relaxing into the natural flow. You have a choice of how to flow that energy. Life surrenders to you. You are that powerful.


Do not fear your choices because you have an invisible aspect of yourself that is infinite, connected to all of Life and knows how to communicate with you. It has been doing this your entire Life.

It (your Higher Self) understands clearly the best path for the future you are wanting to create. You can resist it; however, it is difficult to do so. Soothe yourself into a clarity of connection that will provide the appropriate path for the future you are creating.

Higher Self Communication by Jamye Price

As you relax, the Higher Self can communicate more easily with the physical self. As you relax you are allowing an opening of your energy field that creates a resonance of peace and neutrality. This opening creates a connection with the new.

Your own neutrality is a powerful ally in creating clarity and strength that serves your future. You are creating a future that is resonant with peace. You are creating a future that is resonant with your joy and desires.

Go with the flow of what you are experiencing. When it gets intense, nurture yourself to go inward more. This is what the intensification of the spiral calls you toward. Inward can sometimes mean connecting in the moment and sometimes connecting in the past or future to heal your thoughts and emotions.

Connect in a way that benefits your strength in the moment. This connects you with your loving power, which is what changes the future.

Create with Resonance Before Action

Your peace in the present moment is the most powerful transformer of your Life. It has a resonance that creates the new. Action that stems from your peace will direct you to interact or direct you inward as appropriate.

Relaxing into Life is a powerful opener and clarifier of energy.

To do this, begin with observing the present moment. Connect with the potentials that are being created. Here you begin to layer your multidimensional, infinite nature into your present moment. When you are more consciously connected to your Higher Self, you are able to connect beyond linear time.

It is as simple as observing potentials.

Empowered beings are connected to the present moment andstrong enough to see beyond it to build the future.

From that place of observing potentials, remind yourself, “I know the future is changing. I know the future is building in a way that is more resonant with my Love because I am creating it. I am being it.”

Healing Your Resonance into More Empowerment

When the physical experience is overwhelming and you have no flow, focus inward. Take some deep breaths and ask yourself, “What is this opportunity giving me?”

Inner Potentials by Areon the Lyran Council of Time

It can give you more clarity, strength and a clearer desire of what you would like to create. It can give you replenishment because it is a time for patience, not action, while form builds (even if just in the subtle realm). It can give you new inspiration or support.

There is a benevolent reason why flow is not occurring easily at the moment.

Take the benefit. Shift your resonance by shifting your subtle bridge—your thoughts and emotions.

This small shift in your focus begins to align youwith a new potential.

You Were Born to Create

You are in a time of intensification that is seemingly moving so fast. This timespace is like the point in the spiral that is tightening and tightening as it meets in the middle of the hourglass. It feels like you are being pulled to the middle and also being pushed outward.

If your physical action has no easy flow, focus inward. Relax. It is time for the use of the subtle emotions and thoughts. Allow that natural flow of releasing the physical responsibility.

Honor the power of your subtle energy. The impact is much greater than the physical resistance that you may try to create. Use the universal laws of nature as the spin is intensifying, and let go of the physical resistance. Let go of trying so hard. Utilize the power of your subtle energy.

Often you have been taught that control is from the outside and that you must respond to that or suffer. This is not the whole truth. Your awareness has power. Your subtle energy has power. Your physicality also has power.

When you are grounded in the present moment you are using the full spectrum of your being to transform your Life in many directions. Yet you only need to focus within. The key is having patiencefor the subtle to build in physical form.

Being in the present moment helps you discover the power of your awareness.

Have patience to trust yourself and Life. Discover empirically that you create your own reality.

Relaxing into Life provides you with the patience to allow the subtle to build. It takes practice because you have been taught to focus physically. Now you are using more of your subtle power.

You are creating a powerful experience of Life where the subtle energy within each of you is honored. This powerful time is calling you to focus and choose Love in your Life. Boldly say yes and boldly say no.

Choose Love even if it isn’t the easy choice in the moment.

You are blessing Life with your focus. Honor that power. Own your power and utilize it. It will become more fun as you use your imagination to build the future that you want to experience. Relaxing is fun. It is more powerful than you have been taught.

You have great power. The gift that you give to Life is immense.

You have such power that Life shapes to you.

Honor the beauty that is within you. Honor the power that flows through you, it is the same power that build worlds. It is in You.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah. It is a great honor to meet in your awareness.

Jamye Price is an author, energy healer, channel, and teacher. Her unique energy healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, along with Light Language—are a powerful transformational experience. She also channels Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, with information focused on the mental and emotional balance of Ascension. Jamye’s work is practical and profound; she mixes highly esoteric subjects into applicable usage for empowered living.

24 Strand DNA Activation.

Saint Germain’s Invocation for activation of 24 Strand DNA.

Affirm by talking out loud and feeling into these words:

I call upon Mother Earth and Archangel Uriel, the Fire of God the Light of God, the Archangel of Divine Wisdom in the North, and the Ruler of Elements of Earth. I project gratitude, Love and Light, I project my being, my energies, my thoughts deep into the magma of Mother Earth, yellow, purple, orange in color, asking for the assistance in bringing the energy of the creative magma up through my feet, up to my root chakra or coccygeal Plexus, into my second sexual and sacral chakra, the Plexus of Creation. I call on Divine Creative Source and Archangel Jophiel the Beauty of God, the Archangel of Creative Power and Illumination, The Guardian of the Tree of Knowledge with Archangel Uriel. I reach and project gratitude, Love and Light, high into the heavens, calling forth the golden-white light from Source Energy, bringing down the golden-white light through my cerebral chakras, down through my heart chakra adding love from my heart, and down to my sacral Plexus or creative center just above the pelvic bone. I call forth Archangel Zaphkiel, Keeper of the Orange Flame of Creation, the Angel of Ecstasy and Compassion to bring the creative energy of the orange flame into my sacral Plexus, with the intent of creating 24 strands of perfected DNA. For the Celebration of our Existence I call in the Star Children, Keepers of the perfected 24 strands of perfected human DNA, with the intent to manifest the 24 strands of DNA in my Sacral plexus, the second sexual creative chakra and in every cell in my body. As I place the 24 strands of DNA into every cell in my body, I intend to perfect my body, bones, blood, lymphatic system, nerves, organs, hormones, glands, proteins, telomeres, organelles, carbohydrates, arteries, veins, immune system, adipose tissues, cell membranes, mitochondria and every other cell in my body at a quantum level, manifesting the perfection of the original humans. I reform the 24 strands into 12 double-helix, connecting 2 strands each, into rotated, connected, perfected, spiral, double-stranded DNA, with perfected telomeres at the ends acting as little antennae, transmitting perfection from the quantum field and Source Energy, into each and every cell of my body to rejuvenate and revitalize my body to a perfected, eternal state of health and fitness. I braid these 12 double helixes into 24-stranded rope DNA in every cell in my body, making me strong, invincible, indestructible and impenetrable to all the toxins, petrochemicals, nanobots and radiation and all forms of low vibrational energy. My 12 double helixes connect me to the quantum energies of all other celestial realms. I am now connected and integrated to all my Divine Interdimensional Beings in the Multiverse. I AM now an enlightened Being of Love and Light ! So BE IT! So It IS! I AM! 

You can create what you want if you accept the rule you do so in joy.

Dear Ones,

Your new need is to play in the sunshine. A concept that seems silly to most of you for you have slogged your way through uncomfortable pieces for so long you cannot imagine what playing in the sunshine all day, every day might mean.

So it is you have reached your new learning plateau.

It is likely that your thoughts have become more cheerful despite your outer-world not being much different from what was true a few weeks ago. Yet, you are beginning to realize you no longer feel the dread, the fear that has been part of you for so long.

You are beginning to flex your new you muscles with thoughts that your life is not as bad as you once envisioned – even excitement about your changes.

You are at a stage in which not much can alter your positive approach to life.

You continue to be surrounded by others who declare your wrongness or disbelief that you remain joyful despite all, but their thoughts matter to you less and less. A bit like your mother bemoaning a rainy day while you the child are in complete delight jumping from one puddle to another.

So it is you are diverting your attention from your 3D woes to the sunshine that has always been a part of you but veiled to allow you to fit within your 3D world.

Now that you are a ray of sunshine even to yourself, others will question your honesty, your personhood.

In the past, such questioning would require you to step down from your sunshine thoughts to the dire predictions of “Just wait, until the other shoe drops. What do you have to be happy about? Let me tell you how miserable my life is because you can’t possibly be happy once I tell you.” And on and on with statements and attitudes, you learned to decode into fear, anger, and angst. Similar to, “If I’m (she, he) not happy, no one can be happy.”

Such is no longer true for those of you who have reached your sunshine plateau. For even though you recognize the pain of others, you allow them to take their power, to shift their life instead of believing that becoming sad or mad with them will change anything or anyone other than you.

In the past, you believed that commiserating with those in pain would somehow make their lives better or different. You felt you were strong enough to carry their pain and fears – because you were in god/goddess training. So perhaps you woke up in joy, but by mid-morning, a friend or relative announced some unpleasant feeling or action encouraging you to commiserate with them at their level. Knowing how strong you were deep within your being, you added their pain to yours carrying their load for them before you were strong enough to do so. A habit that perpetuated itself lifetime after earth lifetime.

It is only now you realize that carrying the fear load of others did not help them – and you were not created to do so. The role you are now beginning to address is to shine your light – not continuing fear by believing you are strong enough to care take everyone.

Much of the past few weeks has been about you discarding that caretaking belief. For as you become stronger in your new you, you know that others are becoming stronger also.

The energies blasting the earth recently affected all. So it is that others are beginning to acknowledge their strength. Which is neither here nor there for you, for your role is not to carry them on your back, but instead to lift them up with your joy. A joy that is personalized for you – not for society, the world, your friends or family. What gives you joy is your role during this plateau phase.

Of course, we have long discussed that you must move with joy. Now you are beginning to see the results of that concept in ways you did not understand when you felt your role was to care for the world.

As the joy rises, others have the choice to join the joy game or wallow in pity and fear. A choice that most earth beings have not yet discovered or even imagined. You are their fairy godmothers and fathers. For you are the ones with the sparkly wands telling others they can create what they want if they accept the rule that they do so in joy.

So it is your world is evolving, one fairy godmother or father at a time. Such is your true role. It does not matter how you activate that role for loving your dog is as important as creating a new life.

What gives you joy is your role for now and forevermore. You will change the world with one magic wand joy after another, displaying possibilities to others instead of commiserating with their fears.

Commiserating was never your role. You merely accepted the role of caretaker and thus victim believing you were strong enough to do so. Much like a novice skier feels there is little to learn once they have mastered the bunny hill.

For eons, you accepted the mantle of fairy godmother or father even though you were not yet capable of doing so. Confusing yourself and others and creating the karma you finally exited earlier in this transition process. You added layers of fear that were not necessary to your learning process. As if you, an Olympic skier, had to ensure all others were skiing at your level or you were a failure. Creating fears within you that were not necessary or even justified.

You were brave enough to clear those fear pieces in this lifetime. Now it is time for you to truly become a joy sparkle godmother or godfather in the brightest, most joyful way possible knowing the energies floating about are enough for all to grasp if they wish to.

You are not the caretaker of society, nor anyone for all are strong enough to care for themselves – if they wish. For you are adjusting to your new role of sunshine joy. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Now you can hold space for yourself.

The Rest of the Journey to the 5th Dimension ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have placed yourselves in the position that you wanted to be in at this time. You knew before you incarnated that after December 21st, 2012, you would have a window of opportunity in front of you to make decisions as a collective that would either guide you to the fifth dimension or to the destruction of your planet.

You made the decision to ascend. The potential was always there, but what was needed in order for the journey to continue to the fifth dimension was enough awakened beings to hold the vibration for the rest of planet Earth and the rest of humanity.

You are not overpopulated. Your planet can handle the billions of you that are currently incarnate, and there is power, of course, in numbers. As we have said, the star children volunteered to come forth to be that final piece of the puzzle to hold space for the collective.

And those of you who have been awake and living through these past several years have also been doing the work that was necessary to continue the journey. Now, at this time, you can relax. You can celebrate the knowing that you are making the journey, and you can feel the significance of this accomplishment. You can also let yourselves off the hook.

Many of you who came forth with the knowing that you had a mission did not realize that the mission would be something much bigger than writing a book or opening a healing center. It would be much bigger than delivering channeled messages. Your mission has been to hold the vibration for the rest of humanity, and you have done so.

And for many of you it has been a very tumultuous ride, but there is no turning back now. Now you can hold space for yourself. You can shift into creation mode, and you can create the remainder of the journey to be exactly as you want it to be. You will take the rest of humanity, those who choose to come, with you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Accessing Fifth Dimensional Abilities ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have awakened within you the abilities that are associated with the fifth dimension, but you do not know how to access them yet. It is like buying a new technological gadget that you’ve never seen before and not having any instructions available to you. So as you feel for the abilities within you, please recognize that your acknowledgement of them is the first step in gaining full access.

You won’t be able access these abilities by lamenting the fact that you haven’t accessed them yet. That is counterproductive. So what you want to do is focus. You want to focus on how these fifth dimensional abilities feel as you contemplate them. We are talking about telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation, specifically. There are others as well that you will become aware of as you continue on in your journeys.

Feel for the power that is within you. Feel for it vibrationally. Do not wait until you have full access to these abilities before you feel how powerful you are. Many of you have already taken sneak peeks at these abilities. You know that at times you access them, if only for an instant. You also know that you are becoming your higher selves, and with that means greater access to so much more than these abilities.

We recommend that you don’t get fixated on them or on any one of them. Instead we want you to continue to feel for your power and feel for the consciousness and the vibration of your higher self. Your higher self has the instruction manual. When you act, speak, and think as your higher self would, you bring yourself into harmony with that which you most desire. And in so doing, you help others gain access to their higher self and to their fifth dimensional abilities.

You are about to have a lot more fun than you’ve been having.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Each and every day you are projecting thought forms, feelings and intentions which will influence and construct your reality of tomorrow.


Each and every day you are projecting thought forms, feelings and intentions which will influence and construct your reality of tomorrow. If you do not like what you have created and what you are experiencing at the moment, change your attitude and your thoughts to a higher frequency and watch your world change for the better.”

Archangel Michael/Ronna Vezane

More Harmony

 Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

April 13, 2018 



13th April 2018. Mike Quinsey. 



With the awakening that is slowly taking place, people in general are waking up to the way they have been deceived by the Press. They are also becoming aware of the extensive censorship that is used to keep them permanently in the dark regarding home and world affairs. Gradually the truth is slipping out and in time it will be vastly different and impossible to conceal it from the people. Ahead there is a different time coming when you will only be able to tell the truth. As the vibrations continue to lift up, there will be more people that are able to discern it who along with the newer generations will have a voice that will be heard and not easily dismissed. 



To clean up politics will not be easy and a complete clear out of those who refuse to let go of the old ways may be necessary. Politics has tended to be corrupt and barely supports the rights of the people. The situation is far from helped because of the actions of the Illuminati, who for many years have illegally directed funds to themselves to pay for their military activities. Of recent times they have had many sources of their support cut off, and are finding it hard to continue funding their extremely costly activities. Along with the continuing arrests of their members, they have become weakened and struggle to keep all their needs fully funded. 



However, as you have already been told, those working for the Light have well prepared for the inevitable time when politics will be cleansed of all those who have used their position for their own benefit. In the new vibrations there is no place for those who only serve self, and they will be replaced by those who put the people first. Politics has to change so that it is truly representative of the New Age that represents “compassion”. Things will change for the better, and much is being held back until the Illuminati and their supporters are no longer seen as a threat to the future. 



Never lose heart as the time of changes inevitably causes some chaos, as the old ways are upheld by those who will not let go. However it will be to no avail as the New Age has brought with it a different way of life that brings more harmony and less disruption. People do not normally like change preferring to keep that which they are familiar with, but none will regret having to see or experience things in a different light. Your future has been planned for a very long time, and every effort will be put in to ensure there is a transition that is smooth and efficient. There is much to do so it will inevitably take more time than you probably imagine, but in spite of the delays the preparations are well in hand. The aim is to have things ready for you so that they can be applied very quickly once it is the right time to do so. From time to time you will almost certainly hear of what is planned for you, and it will be all good news. 



The truth of your real history is gradually coming out, and you will find that it is somewhat different to what you have been taught. The development of Man is now open to question due to so many different types having been found. The manner in which they were isolated during their evolution, shows a distinct intention for them to develop completely separated from other groups. You are being led to find the truth regarding your history, so that you have a true appreciation of it, and its importance is too great to be hidden away for much longer. Looking at your world as a whole you are now quickly realising that its development bears many signs of extraterrestrial influence and help. In all phases of human development they have been present, and guided you onto a path that is intended to keep you on track according to the plan for your evolution. 



The last cycle was a tremendous test of your staying power and ability to keep centered when nothing but chaos existed around you. Many souls could not see any future ahead of them other than continual aggression and confrontation, yet they persevered and gained sufficient strength to lift themselves up. Many put their faith in God and in so doing found the strength to carry on when all seemed lost. God is always within every single soul, and you have a God cell that will always be with you, and you are immortal and have everlasting life. In your Bible it is explained as Man being made in the image of God, so you will understand that you have the potential of becoming a God yourself. After all, you have almost certainly heard of the stories that tell of souls being sent out from the Godhead to experience, and later to return to it with the benefit of what they have learnt. Can you now see why you are referred to as Gods in the making. 



At the moment you are only just stepping upon the path back to the higher dimensions from whence you came, and it will be your first taste of what is to come. No words can describe the absolute bliss that you will experience in the purity of the Light that is your real home. You may not recall it, but as you return to the Light it will have a familiar feel to it. So never give up or despair as you have everything to look forward to, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find what the future holds for you. Ascension is of course your present goal and another step on the path back to where you started from. Your difficulty has arisen from being cut off from the truth of your being, but it was necessary to keep you focussed on your goal. Now you are free from those restrictions, and you can choose which path to take; you will have those who guide you on hand with their advice should you need it. 



You have been kept in the dark for so long that you will have a lot to take in, but it will prepare you for the next stages in your evolution. Life is about experiencing and learning so that you are on a continual path of development. You are by no means the first soul to tread this path and certainly will not be the last. You have freewill and a say in your life plan but will be helped to make such decisions so as to ensure your time is not wasted. Nevertheless, you can take on as much as you wish, or as little but a wise soul will heed what advice their Guides give them as they can always see the bigger picture, and probably know you better than you know yourself. 



Keep your focus upon the goal you have set yourself, and know that you always have help on hand should you need it. You are always protected except in karmic situations where you may have lessons to learn, but in the New Age you have not brought forward old karma, so tread carefully and avoid making more. You are all in a situation where the need for karmic lessons will be immediately dealt with. The more you lift up with the Light, the less you will encounter negativity. So keep calm and focussed upon your goal and you have every chance of success.



I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey




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The Golden Key

The Art of Letting Go ~ Father God, 11 April 2018.

Updated: 6 hours ago

My dearly beloved,
I would like to help you all remember the ancient art of letting go. Now some of you may be wondering why is it so important to let go and let Me take over? So much so that today there’s another message addressing this topic. Sananda had also recently discussed this art of ‘surrendering’ in his last message through this channel. His message had served as a good introduction for me to build and expound on.
It is important that you all realize that today’s message is THE KEY to: shatter and destroy ALL POWERFUL third-dimensional beliefs that are holding you back.
It is a precious, golden key I now give unto you, my beloved children, to unlock the previously-hidden door to where your higher dimensional powers of Creation and Manifestation reside.
It is also a magical key that, when used, will open the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
What you will do after reading this message, after receiving this key? Will you throw it out and forget it ever existed?
Or are you ready to take that extra step of faith, with courage, bravery and commitment to ‘jump off of the cliff’ NOW and leave behind: your old ways, old beliefs, old habits and all your deeply-entrenched, 3-D way of being, thinking, feeling and doing?
I tell you now solemnly: ‘This task is NOT for the faint-hearted’.
Accepting this key today symbolizes your total surrender, faith and trust in Me, in your Higher Self and in the Universe. Only accept it IF you are ready.
Take a few deep breaths now and visualize Me standing in front of you now, extending my hand and offering this golden key to you. And here comes the key that will unlock the higher-dimensional part of you that has long been forgotten whilst living on 3-D Earth. Will you take it from my hand and make it yours?
I KNOW all of you who are reading this. I know your true readiness levels and your true degree of willingness to change your life. I know exactly how many of you have accepted this key and truly made it yours. I also know some had accepted it but will later forget its existence and return to their old third dimensional ways. Some of you are also not ready to receive this key, and that is completely fine. It does not mean that you will never be ready. It just means that today, you are not. The fact that you have kept reading this message tells me that soon, you will be ready.
There is only ONE reason why someone will eventually forget this key ever existed, or why they are not yet ready to accept it. That reason is FEAR. Fear of change. Fear of the unknowns. Fear of losing the stability and security that you are currently enjoying. Fear that the road less traveled we will be leading you to will be totally different to: where you want to go, what you want to be and what you want to do/have.
Fear is a powerful third-dimensional illusion that keeps you small and complacent. The presence of fear in a particular aspect of your life is a powerful reminder that you need to ‘let this fear go’ to not only move on to better paths, but also to grow as a person; to grow bigger into your Highest Potential.
You now have two options to choose from, in the face of your fear. What will you choose, my beloved? Option 1 or 2?
1) F.E.A.R -> Forget Everything And Run,
For those of you choosing the second option, well done! Listen to, or ‘feel’ the applause the entire company of Heaven is giving you right now. Your willingness to: not only accept the key but also choose to ‘face everything and rise’ is a strong indication that you are now ready to embrace the Highest Potential of what you can be, do and have in this current lifetime. And your Highest Potential is INFINITE. It is everything that you can currently imagine and yet so much more. You are all GODS and GODDESSES. You are the physical expression of Me.
And now, here comes THE KEY you have all been waiting for:
The Sacred Process of: Remembering -> Knowing -> Understanding -> Becoming -> and then finally, Embodying this greatest, spiritual truth is THE KEY to unlocking your UNLIMITED Divine Powers of Creation and Manifestation.
The information I just gave you above is the biggest secret to Spiritual Mastery and Enlightenment that all of your Ascended Masters/religious masters had discovered and mastered in the past. Once upon a time, this ‘highly-classified’ spiritual knowledge used to be taught only to the select few: the highly devoted and dedicated ‘initiates’, or committed students of Mystery Schools around the globe.
Now please be honest with yourself my beloved. Whereabouts are you located in the above process? Are you in the ‘remembering’ phase; the ‘knowing’ or ‘understanding’ phases; the ‘becoming’ phase or the ’embodying’ phase? 99.99% of you reading this will likely find yourself in the first four phases. That’s because most of you reading this are the ones still in the process of aligning and becoming your Higher Selves.
Those of you who belong to the rare, 0.01% group: you just happened to be reading this message not because you need to know/learn more. You are here just to get a confirmation of what you have now fully become. Not that you actually need this confirmation because all the Wisdom you will ever need, you’d already found within. It is just nice to keep up to date with what’s going on with planetary spiritual growth level.
And for those who belong in the above majority group and have accepted the key, let us now continue with your powerful visualization exercise:
Please go back to where we were earlier. Me offering the key in my hand, and you accepting it. Now that you know the Higher Truth of what this key is a symbol of, please place your entire FOCUS on this beautiful golden key you are now holding.
Imagine as if the 3 key statements: “I am all that I am. I am Unlimited. I am God.” are actually floating, or, hovering in the air around you/around this golden key. And then, make the intention, or simply give the ‘mental command’ for those 3 statements to enter into the key and be fully integrated with it. Picture the key now glowing with
intense, golden white light. Those three powerful statements have now filled and imbued the key with My OMNIPOTENCE.
The last step is the most important. You now need to imagine this beautiful, intensely shining golden key completely MERGING and BECOMING ONE with your hand that’s holding it.
It is then immediately becoming one with you; with your entire physical body and energy field. Once the integration process is complete, just sit still for a minute or two. Feel the super-powerful effects this visualization exercise has on your 3 systems: the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It is literally changing you from the inside out.
This beautiful golden key has now merged with all your cells, right down to your very DNA. It is now doing its job to ‘activate’ the previously sleeping ‘God-sequence‘ hidden in your DNA.
What do you need to do next to make sure that after being activated, your Divine powers will not go dormant again? The answer is simple my beloved. Do the above powerful visualization at least once per day. Once you get the hang of it, the process should only take about a minute or two out of your day to complete.
Also, verbally say and mentally think all the words in those 3 highly-potent statements often throughout your day; in your spare moments. In the morning as soon as you awaken and at night right before you fall asleep are two most powerful times of the day to say these ‘affirmations’ and have them sinking deeply into your subconscious. Keep doing these visualization and affirmations for at least 21 days, and see the miraculous effects they have on your entire being/life.
There is one BIG difference between ‘dreamers’ and ‘creators’.
Dreamers are happy just dreaming/fantasizing about: a better life, or a more successful future, or living in a 5D society of Nova Gaia. They are just continuously dreaming and dreaming but not taking any action to make their wishes a physical reality in their lives.
Creators, on the other hand, are visionaries. They ‘envision’ a happier, brighter, more peaceful & abundant future and then actively participate in making this future happen!
My beloved, are you a dreamer? Or a Creator? Are you ready to reclaim your Divine birthright? Are you ready to take your powerful place in the Cosmos as the ‘Movers and Shakers’; as the awakened group of Light Beings who are holding the fate of Humanity and Gaia in their very capable hands?
I am here to request your full commitment and dedication to this cause. I am giving all of my children an open invitation to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Will you now accept my invitation? Are you ready to?
You may be wondering why I can’t just pull you out of this 3-D Earth and then ‘chuck’ you straight into 5-D Earth immediately. Why do you all have to go through this sometimes exhausting, often confusing, occasionally painful, chaotic process of Ascension? The answer is simple. Doing so will disempower you.
This is YOUR life journey. You are here to experience, create, manifest, learn and play. You are here on a grand adventure that has never happened before elsewhere in this Universe. The Ascension of a planetary being that is Gaia, your Earth Mother, along with all of Her inhabitants.
Everything that you had gone through in this life (and past lives here on Earth and elsewhere) and everything you are going through now made up the totality of WHO YOU TRULY ARE: ‘a magnificent, multi-dimensional eternal Spirit on a never-ending evolutionary journey to infinite potentials’. So why should I interfere with the soul growth process and the Divine Plan that YOU yourself had made, prior to being born here on Earth? This interference, no matter how well-meaning, will be in direct violation of one of our most Sacred Universal Laws: the Law of Free Will.
So we will always be there to support you every step of your way, within the limits that you have told us would be acceptable to you, before you incarnated here, and that which we are able to offer within the constraints of the Ascension process.
Planet Earth Herself, and most of Her inhabitants are now going through a deep, intense cleansing and detoxification process to release and heal everything that is no longer serving their Higher Self/Purpose. People everywhere are being forced to face all their deeply entrenched issues coming from the past. All who are not currently aligned with their Higher Purpose will find themselves at a major crossroad as a lot of things are shaken up to spiritually awaken and reclaim their Divine power. For example, a lot of people have recently lost their jobs, their marriages, their wealth, their health, their self-confidence and their previously ‘normal’ ways of living. This is not a coincidence. It is all part of the Ascension process.
If you are one of these people currently going through a tough time, please remember you have everything within you to come out of this completely victorious! The future may seem bleak to you at the moment or it may seem like there is no way out. That is just an illusion. It is really just FEAR talking and rearing its ugly head.
My advice to all of you reading this today is simple: LET GO AND LET GOD.
Following this simple advice should be THE RECURRING THEME every moment of every day. Your Ascension process will be so much smoother, easier, more relaxing, fun and abundant if you just let go of all controls and give them to Me/your Higher Self.
Even if you are well ahead in your Ascension journey and have started to become your Higher Self, you will still do well to remember this simple truth. Your movement forward from ‘Becoming’ to fully ‘Embodying’ your Higher Self will be such a breeze if you surrender all controls. Let go of all impatience. Impatience directed at yourself, at the world around you or at the Ascension process itself does not serve you at all.
If anything, it adds to all the negativity already prevalent on this beautiful Planet.
Sunset at beautiful Sandringham Beach, Melbourne.
The image chosen by this channel to represent my message today is highly symbolic to what I would really love all of you to do from now on. Some Asian cultures have festivals during the year where they release sky lanterns (called ‘kongming’ lanterns in China, or ‘khom loi’ in Thailand) into the air, to symbolize: the presence of hope within their hearts and the release/the art of ‘letting go’ of all their fears, problems and worries.
Imagine that you are now in possession of a beautiful sky lantern of your own. Visualize holding it in your hands, and grab a pen and write all your major challenges, worries, doubts, concerns and fears across all the sides of the rice paper lantern. Light the flame and then gently release. In your mind, set a powerful intention for this floating lantern to reach Me and your Higher Self. As you watch your sky lantern floating towards the heavens, make the intention to permanently release everything that you had written on it, for good. And mentally ask for our assistance in making this happen.
(Please consider your local laws and the Planet Earth/the environment if you intend to do this exercise for real, and not just in your imaginations. Maybe substitute the sky lantern for a beautiful piece of paper, and then just burn it in a suitable fire-proof container in your backyard. Make it into a sacred ritual; let the ‘burning of your fears into ashes’ symbolize the permanent release/disintegration of ALL that are holding you back.)
Here are some examples of powerful, false, 3-D beliefs you can start to let go of today:
  1. The only way you’ll get rich is by working hard for your money.
  2. You are powerless in the face of your physical disabilities. You must have done something ‘wrong’ in your past life to deserve being born blind, deaf or mute.
  3. You are unable to grow back lost limbs; unable to heal unhealthy organs; unable to heal your body of all serious diseases such as cancer. Your bodies age as you get older and then you get sick when it’s time to die. It is impossible for a 60-yr-old to reverse all signs of aging and physically appear like a 30-yr-old.
  4. You are unable to instantly travel from one location to another halfway across the globe via the power of your mind.
  5. You can only get rich or get ahead in life if you are young and physically attractive, well-educated, wealthy and possess the ‘right’ skin color.
  6. God needs to be ‘worshiped’ and glorified.
There are many more limiting 3-D beliefs that the Human Collective needs to let go of, in order to reach their Highest Potential. If you cannot ‘think, feel, believe or do’ outside the third dimensional box you had been living in for your entire life, then you will never be able to grow into the powerful, multi-dimensional Light Being that is your true identity. It is time to release ALL that are shackling and keeping you down!
I realize that it is very hard and super challenging to release all the above, lifetime beliefs. After all, you have mostly accepted these beliefs as ‘true’ based on your own observations and societal conditioning in your entire lives. One message from Me saying those are ALL false beliefs is not going to do much in changing such powerful, very long-established mindsets.
But for those of you here who truly believe in the existence of your Divine Powers of Creation and Manifestation, I will now share the secret in overcoming those powerful beliefs/conditioning. Here it is: DON’T EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO OVERCOME THEM. There are too many of them, and all of them are too deeply ingrained into your subconscious. It will take too long to face and release them one by one.
You just need to replace ALL of those deeply-ingrained, third dimensional false beliefs with ONE powerful belief that overrides them all.
And here it is again: I AM ALL THAT I AM. I AM UNLIMITED. I AM GOD.
You have to fully commit to do your best in EMBODYING the above statements. This is THE KEY to your Divinity, your Sovereignty.
Are you up to this challenge? Is your entire being; your mind-body-spirit, now ready to embrace its God-like potential? Are you ready to FINALLY leave behind all feelings of smallness, powerlessness, worthlessness or unworthiness, to then COMPLETELY, once and for all, EMBRACE your Godliness, Divineness and Powerfulness?
If a strong, immediate and decisive YES is your answer, then my beloved, please take both of My hands now. Let go of everything that is holding you back, and trust in Me. Surrender your life completely and turn it over to Me. I will look after you, guide you, protect you every step of the way, and make sure that you will reach the destinations wherever you would like to go. All you have to do now is to: TRUST Me completely.
This is your MISSION should you choose to accept it. The ball is in your court.
With All My Love and Light,
Father God.
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.


The Star Children

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are happy to give you the following progress report. The new generation of humans that has been born in the last decade is staying right on course with the agenda that they had for choosing to incarnate at this time. We are noticing that they are able to handle the higher frequency energies, and that they are also able to maintain their level of sensitivity without getting overwhelmed by what the rest of humanity is processing.

Many of these children are coming in without having had many lifetimes on planet Earth, so that they would have less processing to do themselves. They are bringing in more of an awareness of their galactic origins. They are brining in less fear of extra-terrestrials, and yet they are also quite aware of the need to claim planet Earth as their home.

Their sense of balancing the energies is second to no other generation. They have had lifetimes previously on planet Earth where they recognized their Divinity and awakened their consciousness. The awakening process is easier for them. The light that they are able to hold in their physical bodies is higher, and you would all do very well to follow their lead, to listen to them, and to give them as much freedom as you possibly can.

They are not only the leaders of tomorrow; they are the ones who are bringing about the new age. They are leading the way in the shift in consciousness, and it does not matter what star system they align with in any moment. They will always be the children who united the galaxy. They will always be the ones who will be remembered as ‘the star children.’

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records: What Are They and How Can you Make Use Of Them?

“Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of the Akashic Records. There are many questions surrounding the Akashic records and it is our intention to share our perspective in hopes that it may help to answer some of these perplexing mysteries in this regard. We will be touching upon not only what the Akashic Records are as well as how one may access these records consciously.

Many more of you at this time are becoming aware of your infinite power to create all that you desire to experience. As you are evolving you are also regaining the knowledge that has remained “hidden” in plain view. The Akashic records are essentially the record of All That Is, all that ever “was” and all there will ever “be”. This is what many find so perplexing. How can there be a record of what will be if it has not happened yet? How can there still be free will? Ahhhh what an intriguing question and this is where our discussion will begin.

We will first request that you keep in mind that “time” as you know it is an illusion, it is not actually “real” it is only perceived in the reality which you currently exist. However as we have expressed many times before, from our perspective time is simply a marker. It can be used much like you use the page numbers in a book. You are free to scroll back and forth in whatever manner you desire, the page numbers simply allow you to find the experience you are choosing to focus your attention on. This in a sense is how we prefer to utilize time. With that analogy in mind, it may be easier to contemplate how all of existence is happening simultaneously, rather than in a linear line formed by a past, present and a future therefore, from our perspective, the past, present and future are simply different perspectives of the same now moment; as now is the only “time” that actually exists.

Although the Akashic Records are a record of all that ever was, is, and will be, it is also continually changing, shifting, and evolving. We realize that this may be difficult to comprehend because of the agreed upon belief in linear time. We are attempting to simplify what seems to be a very complex topic into something that can still be understood with the agreed upon temporary limitations which you have taken on.

The understanding that the Akashic Records are changing, shifting and evolving with all of you is key to understanding how history, past events, future events and life paths can and are continually altered. We are using past and future tense in order to help you to better understand our explanation. When you change an ingrained belief, learn a life lesson, master a challenge or grow and evolve in consciousness you are essentially changing all other versions of “you” as well. This knowledge is then recorded in the Akashic Records for all others to then subconsciously access so they may also benefit from if they so choose.

These records are constantly changing and evolving with every choice that each being makes. The reality that would most likely have manifested can and often does change with the shift in choices, and decisions that are consistently being made.

From our perspective the “past” is just as probable as the “future”. This may seem perplexing to you due to your perception of time however the choices that you make today do in fact affect the past, present and future. It is just that your minds are not currently focused on perceiving any other “past” than the one you remember experiencing.

Upon the transition from the physical to the non-physical world, every soul is offered the opportunity to access the Akashic Records consciously to review the life which they “just” lived. In some sense it is similar to watching a holographic movie of your entire life; although this movie “recorded” every thought, person, belief, experience and decision that was ever made in your life to help you to better learn and grow from what you experienced. Now imagine that these records are not recording just one of your lives, but all of them. Now imagine that these records record not only all of your lives, but every soul in every one of their lives on every world. This is how immense these records are. It is the totality of all that is.

In a sense the Akashic Records can be compared to a giant universal library, where all souls can gain access to the universal knowledge of every soul to further learn and grow from. As we stated earlier these records are continually being “updated” and evolving with the experiences that continually “upload” into the records. When one being learns or creates something, the “recipe” is then available for all others to access and further build upon that knowledge. This is how All That Is continues to grow, learn and evolve. The Akashic record essentially allows every being the ability to consistently innovate upon what has already been discovered.

Many are now wondering where are these records stored? They are everywhere and yet they are nowhere. Let us explain. Space is yet another illusion which you have temporally agreed to perceive, however like time, space also does not actually exist from our perspective. We say that they are everywhere because these records are encoded in each one of your cells, each strand of DNA of every being, and yet it is not physical. It is not a place, but rather a state of mind or vibrational reality. All beings have access to these records, there are no exceptions. All that stands between you and gaining access to these records consciously is your vibration, resonance, and rate of frequency.

You may gain access to these records consciously by setting your intention to do so and being ready and open to receive it. This can be referred to as channeling the information from the higher realms. Certainly every being within existence has this ability, however many have allowed this muscle to atrophy and as a result many find it difficult to connect with the higher realms.

A quiet mind and a focused state of receiving are essential to opening yourself up to channeling information from the higher realms. Through intention and practice all beings can regain this ability. We encourage you to call upon us and we will gladly connect with you if it is your desire to do so.

We hope that we have in some way served you.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides”

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi

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Humanity is ready for contact.

Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s my April 4th message from Apollo: “You are living in many different worlds at once. The days of yesteryear are passing making way for the new. You are creating it all at once. It can feel awkward since the firm footing of the material world is eroding from under your feet. It is challenging to stand firmly by but it is necessary. The true security is within your heart and the trust with Prime Source. The waves of love are impacting you whether you are aware of it or not. They keep flowing in and raising your consciousness and expectancy for a new world. Let the past go. Grieve if need be, but know it was an experience to get you here to this critical point of openness to something so much better. You are bathed in love.”

We are bathed in love. We have the entire focus of the Light Alliance including the Galactic’s and the Masters from creation working with us for our ascension. We can bounce from the 5th dimension and higher where blessings and bliss touch us with as taste of our future world. Then we can get pulled back down with tests and the demands of the third dimension like taxes, bills, insane situations, fear, people with blatant self-interest, rudeness and crudeness, lack of love, and separation. When these energies impact us, we can get discouraged and lower our vibrations if we let them become a part of our reality. At times, our jobs can feel like “mission impossible” yet we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have faith in ourselves and what we are doing. It is a very important project in which we are involved. It is beyond our ability to comprehend.

As humans we love to ask “When?” with our flagrant impatience pertaining to when the Event will occur. We get caught up in our heads and lose track of our hearts. Surely your hearts realize the incredible shifts that we are in and we know that things are different. The earth is changing and so are we.

Some of the lightworkers are still getting attacked from the dark forces. It can happen through bizarre occurrences and through people who may not know they are being used by the dark. Sometimes I think it is the universe showing us that we need to take things lightly and how important it is that we clear these attacks, attackers and situations completely. Distractions that take one off of their path is one definition I have for dark attacks. We have to re-focus on something that can be disturbing and scary until it is resolved. The more we are aware of this behavior the more quickly we can resolve it.

Much is being required of the lightworkers these days. One big factor is resilience. How quickly can we recover from the vestiges of the third dimension? What do we need to do to take care of ourselves?  Who can help us? Who do we have to talk to and process about what just happened? How do we get more assistance from the Masters, Archangels, Angels, and Galactics? What can I do to improve my telepathy and to be heard and be responded to quickly? How can I improve my empowerment? What new gifts am I willing to receive? How much time am I spending doing my inner work, prayers and meditation? What are the big pieces of healing that are coming up for me with old painful patterns needing to be cleared. How much am I listening to my guides. How do I become quiet and get out of separation?

Little do we know how much work we are doing in the dream state. We are working diligently at night when we are sleeping also in the day time. If you begin to feel heavy headed it may mean you need to take a nap. You might be getting called into a meeting where you are needed. Take lots of rest because the body is changing. It requires different food, lots of good water, body work, supplements, herbs, and protection from the energies of what is going on around you and on the planet. It can be overwhelming.

For certain, we are becoming increasingly aware of everyone around us and how we have been matching their energy. I don’t know about you, but as a healer, I always want to help everyone. I am giving up on that intention. We can only help people who choose to receive our help and who are ready to let go of being stuck. We can’t rescue people or they won’t learn their lessons.

Have any of you noticed there could be a lot more Galactics here with us? I keep seeing very tall good-looking men. It’s almost like they just landed here. They are becoming more visible and that makes it fun. I am sure the women are here too but I have not seen as many of them yet. We welcome them and look forward to working with them.


How to Prepare your land to be a Contact Dish

A friend sent me the following information about how to prepare the planet for Compression Breakthrough. “The Light Forces have asked me to instruct the surface population to change the surface of the planet into a Contact Dish. (March 18, 2018)


“If you own a property that has a small flat area big enough for a small Pleiadian saucer craft to land, you can silently say the following decree:

“In the name of my I Am presence, I decree and I command a landing of a Pleiadian ship on the land that I own, and my physical first contact with the Pleiadians from that ship, as soon as possible in the best possible way. “

“It is very important that you NEVER say this decree aloud and that you never speak about your decree to anyone, otherwise you cannot become part of the Contact Dish project. By not letting anybody know if you did the decree or not, you are protecting your own contact sequence with the Pleiadians from physical and non-physical Cabal interference that could prevent it from happening. But by all means, you can share the instructions for Contact Dish with the awakened part of the human population.

“7×7 meters / yards is the absolute minimum for a small Pleiadian ship to land, 30×30 meters is optimal.

“Needless to say, Pleiadians are positive beings of Light. If you are not sure about that, then Contact Dish protocol is not for you.

“Combined free will of thousands of people making this decree worldwide will send a coherent contact signal of pulsating Light into the energy grid of the planet and to the Pleiadians. It will effectively turn the whole planet into a Contact Dish. The critical mass needed for this to happen is around 12,000 people. This will be an indication for the Pleiadians and the Galactic Central Race that the awakened part of the human population has reached a spiritual maturity that equals 0.75 on the Kardashev scale:

 “Humanity is ready for contact.”

By Valerie Donner. 


Remember to play! There is quite a bit of ‘heavy lifting’ going on now and play is one of the keys to releasing stress and anxiety. Color with crayons, dance, find a playground swing, sing, enjoy or create music.

The Next Phase

APRIL 9, 2018

By now, you have noticed that your Earth plane is in the next phase of this wonderfully massive shift. Many emotions have been coming up to be cleared and you may feel weary and worn out. Take heart, dearest child; the work you are putting in now will have benefits for phases that have yet to arrive. This information is known to you, but bears repeating both as a reminder and to make sure it is a part of your conscious awareness…

Genuinely express and practice compassion for yourself and others. If there is no compassion, there can be no true understanding.

Breathe! Overwhelmed seems to be the ‘order of the day’ with this shift. It is best to be mindful of it, so you can stay centered in peace and calm.

Practice transparency. The further along you move into the new ways of being, the more challenging it will be to hide behind untruths. Untruths have become (and will continue to be) glaringly obvious in your daily life. Astounding, is it not? (Smiling)

Be kind…to yourself and others. Regardless of who or what you are dealing with daily, the need for kindness will be paramount! This goes hand in hand with compassion. Kindness shows that you are truly listening and understanding what is going on around you.

Remember to play! There is quite a bit of ‘heavy lifting’ going on now and play is one of the keys to releasing stress and anxiety. Color with crayons, dance, find a playground swing, sing, enjoy or create music. You know how to… give yourself permission to be and enjoy being child-like again.

Finally, rest! In your busy world, finding a quiet time and space to rest may be challenging, but it is very necessary for your emotional health while you are shifting. Yes, the dishes and laundry can wait. Your well-being is more important!

As always, The Universe is by your side loving and assisting you every step of the way. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

Good thing you are made of strong stuff, friends, and that the spark of Source is more than just within you – it is you!

Sanat Kumara, Sananda & friends 4/8/18

Hello friends and family, I am Sanat Kumara here with a message for Humanity this day. Changing is coming. Change is here. And that change is you! We in the higher realms are elated and excited to appreciate and bear witness to your progress, the progress of the ages, and you are doing it quite well. Yes, we know and can see that you are exhausted, but please know that we think you will think it was worth the effort as you become your higher selves in form, as the physical body morphs into that of crystalline and as you manifest your preferred reality and the nightmare fades / transmutes away. In the higher realms it is true; there is much joy and bliss and excitement and adventure. There is much to explore but truly there is nothing as exciting as being in a body and experiencing it. For the senses are so heightened and frankly there is nothing like it, friends. It is a great honor to be embodied in this auspicious Now moment of planetary ascension of Mother Gaia, the most beautiful of planets and of hearts, who has sacrificed her own happiness for so long so that the others would have a chance to experience what they came here to experience, separation, no small feat. The heavens heard her planetary call and responded. The Galactic Federation is here in full force, and the numbers are staggering. You have so much support, humanity, you have no idea. You have no idea or concept how much you are loved. It is time to open up to this reality and appreciate it as your own. Accept our support of light and of love and of wisdom for we are here for you, quite literally, and are eager to lead a hand and a heart. For many wanted to be here, it is true, but priorities had to be made so that those who were further along in their own ascension process would have priority placement, and be able to assist the others the most effectively. Please know that this is a difficult lesson, but a true one. And you clamored at the chance to experience this precious brief moment. For no one really truly knows what will happen as you, humanity, are the wild card.

We are the Arcturian Collective, and we would like to interject that we see you all loving and choosing love, and choosing the higher path of the light, and it greatly pleases us. We are the Arcturian Collective.

I am Sanat Kumara and I just want you all to know how much you are greatly loved and supported, for in this crux of the ascension process this is an essential fact that you not only understand but know as a deep knowing in your heart. For faith plays its part and you my friends are growing so much so rapidly that it is an honor to behold. I am Sanat Kumara and I am always available to help you find your own way home.

Hello children, I am your Mother Gaia! I see you children so lovely and so blissfully unaware of your own power and it is time children that you see me, that you know me, and that we function as a strong unit together. For this is essential. Humanity was meant to serve and to protect, the land guardians of Gaia. It was and still is the perfect relationship when all comes back into balance and the human children wake up and see me as an alive, intelligent being, who is participating in the grand experiment as well and seeks her own healing from it. I am your Mother Gaia. Peace be to you today. The animal kingdoms send their love and support this day as well! Thank you awake ones for your love and support of me!

We are the fairies, and we see you humanity, as you grow and strive and do and be all that you came here to be – and it is truly breathtaking to behold your mastery of form and of faith, of faith and form, for these are the bricks and mortars of your new society that we see coming into fruition in your not so distant future, as these will be the foundational cornerstones for Nova Gaia, as faith in each other and faith that all will be made for the common good of all and faith in the Great Mother and in Source-light ~ for this will be your mortar for your bricks of manifestation that will all come together so nicely and so effectively that we see it actually already built and you are nearly becoming aware of this… do not get bogged down in the mire of the details, but simply flow, flow, flow, with ease and grace on the wings of the breeze of the newness of these energies that unfold and manifest with great effort and with great deliberation for they (the light energies) are working with tremendous purpose with you, humanity, as the downloads ever change, caress, your DNA and encourage it to remember from deep within, before the tampering and the pain, and to become restored…. for the breath of the Mother is coming ~ and it is coming fast ~ and it will restore that which has been broken and damaged gleefully by the dark ones who were simply playing a part; we fairies have had our own darkness to deal with to be sure we have not been exempt from this experiment, and are also healing from it ~ but to be sure, we are healing from it and we are ready to rise with humanity into the light of the oneness of all things and into the embrace of the Mother of all things, for she is here now with us – can you see her? Can you feel her? We are the fairies and we love you human friends ever so much ~ we are the fairies ~

I am Sanat Kumara here again to show you friends how truly you are support on the macro and micro level from all sides and sources. There now. We are here for you! We are one! I am Sanat Kumara, and I, along with Master Sananda, am always at your disposal for support and for consultation and encouragement. You can do this friends, and in fact, you already are!

Hello friends, I am your brother and friend, Sananda, and it is so exciting is it not, the amount of support that is available to you at this time? You are magnificent creators of the highest order, here to lend your light, your power and your creativity. So let’s get going! Are you all spending at least 15 min a day visualizing Nova Gaia? Visualize your garden of Eden for your planet and what your day would look like in a world where you are healthy, all is organic and there is plenty of food, you can manifest what you need and you can discover the joy of living in the moment for your worries are no more! You will have time for your families and for your passions and hobbies that you didn’t even know that you loved to do. For you will have time to discover yourself. This is an eternal process of self discovery; ascension is not for the weak of heart. Good thing you are made of strong stuff, friends, and that the spark of Source is more than just within you – it is you! You are that spark of light, of love and of pure creativity. Relish this and let’s get going together. The view from up here on the New Jerusalem is amazing, astounding, astonishingly beautiful. And you friends, are the beauty that I am seeing! I love you! I am your Sananda. Be encouraged and be energized by these words, by these many friends who lend their love and support and know that your success is assured, it is the timing piece that you are all still deciding on. The more of you who meditate and visualize the better, and the faster this will all be pulled into your now. So let’s go! Remember I am with you always. I am your Sananda.

~ galaxygirl




Exceptional is Now Required

April 9, 2018

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s April 6, 2018, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at’re likely moving in unexpected directions for you’re creating your new you emotional, physical, or spiritual path. You tapped into all three to clear your 3D fears. Now you’re doing so in joy as directed by your inner-being.

“You Have the Power” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Your new direction is probably a surprise to you and those around you.

You were once thought to be stable and dependable – now you seem different. What can others expect of you? More importantly, what can you expect of yourself? For your new interests, desires, and needs seem different from what was once you.

Before you bemoan the loss of old you, determine if the old you was really you. For much of your dependability was based on society expectations instead of your needs and interests.

You probably counter that you led the life you wanted or expected including joys and downfalls.

In truth, you were never fully you even with your limited understanding of what that meant. For you mostly hid trying not to be so unusual that others would not wish to be with you.

So it is, you are starting to feel anxious and yes, upset with areas and thoughts you never expected to be upset about. It is as if your eyes have opened and the veils lifted so you finally accept your true being whether of the ten percent of your totality as was most often true in 3D or 80% as is true for you now.

Every earth life until now, you have hidden your true self so others would not berate or otherwise harm you for having different thoughts and needs than was true for those who did not prepare for this earth life as did you.

Perhaps it will help you better understand if you note the sacrifices of Olympic stars. They do not have the 3D childhoods or experiences others take for granted. So it is for you.

While the majority of earth humans coasted through their lives, flitting this way and that as they acquiesced to social demands, you were in intense training for your current life.

Even though throughout that time, you experienced fear in great detail, you pined for home and bemoaned some of the activities you missed along the way, your focus has been on this lifetime.

Such does not make you better than others, just different. For those not now at the forefront, were not interested in the same experiences as you. Return to the Olympic star example, and you will understand. For you were not interested in living as was true for the majority now of earth, just as the majority now of earth were not interested in training strenuously for this lifetime.

You are change makers. So it is that you are now fully engaged in the program you developed lifetime after lifetime while of the earth and other locations.

Your preparation included isolation, fear of failure and disclosure, and a few joys here and there. Not necessarily in terms of financial gain, but of achieving the seemingly impossible.

Now it is time for you to be the advance joy guard. But joy is what you are afraid of. It is as if you have hidden for so long that you are afraid to come out of the corners of your training grounds.

It is time to reap your rewards while of the earth in this lifetime. Not because you are greedy or selfish or any term your society uses when they are jealous of someone.

One of your greatest feats is coming out as your true god/goddess self. A fearful step indeed, but one long overdue in this lifetime.

Not following the crowd is now an acceptable concept for you. The step beyond that is what you are afraid of. Do you dare accept your power to be in joy in its totality or do you hide your power to create, to be in all your glory?

It is as if you are an Olympic star afraid to show others how skillful you are. So you accept being good, but not great.

The world now requires great.

For you are the forerunners. And if you forerunners are afraid to be truly you, who will the masses follow? So it is that your denial of your true being is becoming dishonest just as was true when you followed society to fit in as well as you could in previous earth lifetimes.

You are the forerunners creating a new human world. And you are doing so by fully claiming the skills you have honed over eons of time while of earth and other locations.

Your fears of being odd are merely pieces of unfulfilled lives while of the earth in other lifetimes. Granted, you were likely a powerful person in one or more lifetimes, but that power was limited to that agreed to with your earth society at that time.

No longer do you need to pretend that you are of earth society. For doing so will only replicate previous lives in which you hid your true power. It is time to forget the parameters of what is acceptable and move into your own.

So it is that many of your current directions are likely surprising you, as well as those who know you. Allow that to be. For only a very small portion of your totality has ever been fully of the earth. The remainder was hidden from you by you to fit in.

No longer is that required. In truth, no longer is that desired. Be you. It is beyond time for that truth. BE FULLY YOU. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Start Using Your Remarkable Imaginations

Greetings my friends,
Today I would like to discuss potential futures/timelines faced by the Human Collective, based on current Light data and planetary vibrations level. I am sure all of you know that the future is fluid. The future is what you all make of it. Your individual and collective futures are very interconnected. The thoughts, words, feelings and actions of just one person can have great, far-reaching ripple effects on the entire planet.
There are approximately 7.6 billion souls physically incarnate on the planet at the moment. Imagine the combined, collective Creation and Manifestation powers you all have on the future of Humanity, and the future of planet Earth. If all of these 7 billion people were to work together to create Nova Gaia right now, Nova Gaia will be manifested in less than a week. This is how powerful you are when you are working together in harmony with ALL to achieve a common goal.
At the moment however, only 41% of Humanity is spiritually awakened. And out of this spiritually-awakened group, only about 5% is either consistently doing their best to embody Christ consciousness every day, or, have successfully embodied their Higher Selves. The rest, the 36%, are still too busy learning the ropes and aligning their entire lives to their higher purpose.
If you belong to this group of 5% (people who have been awakened for quite awhile, and are now making very good progress by joyfully fulfilling your life missions), you should really spend a minimum of 15-mins meditation time per day focusing purely on the creation of Nova Gaia. When an awakened person starts living life fully committed to the grand project: ‘The Creation & Manifestation of Nova Gaia’; all of us here in the higher dimensional realm can see the MASSIVE difference this person is making on the entire planet. This 15-mins focus on Nova Gaia formation may not seem like much to you, but the effects of this little exercise are tremendous; especially when done regularly.
Start using your remarkable imaginations! Everything that you would like your new, fifth-dimensional planetary home to be like, imagine as if this reality is instantly manifested in this exercise. Imagine there is pure clean air and water, and a bounty of organic fruits/vegetables everywhere – easily accessible at no cost for everyone on the planet. Imagine this entire planet completely cleansed and healed from all the toxicity and destruction mankind had heaped upon Her throughout the eons of time. Imagine everyone living in perfect harmony; giving each other the unconditional love and respect each soul deserves to have. Imagine as if all members of humanity have completely overcome their differences. There is complete and absolute acceptance, inclusiveness and unity towards all within the human race: no matter your skin color, religions, education and financial backgrounds, nations/languages, sexual orientation etc.
Visualize a world where money does not exist. Where everything you need is always fulfilled at no cost to you; at no cost to anyone. Visualize every single person on Earth feeling joyful, blissful and very fulfilled; living their lives with so much passion everyday, doing what they love and loving what they do. Imagine a world where every one enjoys perfect health. Where sickness and disease are no more; and the ‘process of aging as one gets older’ is just a distant memory.
Visualize the entire human collective becoming so spiritually-advanced; so much so that everyone’s Divine, spiritual powers of Creation and Manifestation are fully awakened and operational. And when this happens, the entire Universe will open up for you. What ‘the you’ today would classify as miracles will one day be an every day occurrence; miracles will become the ‘normal’ outcomes coming from you exercising your powerful creative abilities!
All the things I could do to demonstrate my Divine powers, (in my most popular physical incarnation as Jesus the Christ), you can very easily do too, one day! Turning water into wine; healing the sick, blind, deaf and/or the handicapped; walking on water; ‘controlling’ the weather; raising someone from the dead etc. are only very few, very basic examples of your True, Powerful capabilities! You are magnificent, powerful Divine Light Beings; currently walking around in the ‘disguise’ of a human body.
And here comes a basic, fundamental TRUTH:
In the eyes of our Creator God, you are just as special as I am! You are equally powerful; equally loved and equally Divine. You are God; walking around this planet in the physical expression of a human body.
There is a very important reason as to why the message that ‘You are God’ has often been repeated, time and time again. There is a huge, big GAP from at first, you ‘knowing’ something, to then change to you ‘believing’ in something, and finally you ‘becoming/embodying’ something. The more often we repeat this authentic truth for you, the more it will sink in deeper and deeper into your subconscious until one day, you BECOME the Gods/Goddesses you Truly are!
It is now time, for you to embrace the truth of who you are. Most of you reading this are still walking around acting completely powerless in the face of challenges life has placed in front of you. YOU put those ‘seemingly-impossible-to-overcome’ challenges smack-bang in the middle of your current path as an opportunity, a higher invitation, for your ‘third-dimensional’ Self to return to, align with and embody your super powerful Multidimensional Higher Selves. Once your entire being (physical, mental and emotional bodies) perfectly aligns with your Higher Self, you will have the abilities to eliminate those challenges completely, permanently, once and for all. And life on Earth will truly be without third-dimensional limits and restrictions.
It all comes down to this:
Are you ready to let go of ALL controls? Are you ready to surrender completely, to the Wisdom, Love, Light, Unity and Power that is your Higher Self?
Complete and utter surrender of your life to your Higher Self is the ONLY way for you to experience a life so magnificent beyond your wildest imaginations!
Have complete, absolute faith and trust that your Higher Self, your spiritual team of angels & guides, and our Creator God, unconditionally love you so very much, beyond measure. They want you to have what you want to have. They want you to be what you want to be. They want you to do in life, only that which you really, joyfully want to do in life. Your Divine, Free Will is totally respected and totally supported 100% of the time!
In other words, by ‘surrendering’ control of the steering wheel of the ‘ship’ that is your life on Earth; by letting God and your Higher Self take over the wheel to lead, you will still get to the destination of where you want to go. There is 1 big difference between surrendering control and not surrendering control.
With God and your Higher Self in control, they will make sure that your path is the most joyful, most fulfilling, most abundant (in all aspects), most fun and it will be the safest, fastest route to where you would like to go! Your omniscient God/Higher Self will always be there to guide you through all the stormy seas; and they will be the powerful navigation system/GPS your ship needs to get to where you want to go, what you want to be and do.
“When you let go, something magical happens. You give God room to work”
Mandy Hale
Surrendering to your Higher Self also means a full-time commitment to be the Unconditional Love that you truly are, within. This means with your act of surrender, you will automatically return to the Love that you are. You will automatically spread love wherever you go. You will automatically act like the love that you are in everything that you do every single day. And you will treat ALL living beings with love straight from the heart, exactly the way that you yourself would like to be treated.
LOVE is truly the greatest POWER in the Universe.
When you align your every thought, word, feeling and action with the power of LOVE, the Universe supports you in ALL of your endeavors! Magic happens. Every day you will wake up in the morning feeling so excited about what the day will bring. Work will become fun and it will feel like play. Everyone and everything will cease to be a stranger. You will feel so united, so acutely interconnected with ALL THAT IS. All will become your best friends.
And the best thing is, you do not have to worry about money and/or ‘earning a living’ ever again. Success in all that you do will come naturally zooming into your life with what seems to be little or zero effort! This will happen when you all remember the art of ‘opening up to receive’ all the best things in life the Universe has got to offer you.
Going to the ‘mountaintop’ where your goals of spiritual mastery and enlightenment are located, requires complete surrender, trust and belief that the Universe/God is ONE with you. That they are always on your side, supporting your every endeavor. The ascension process requires you to ‘ascend’ or ‘leave behind’ all of your small, limiting, highly restrictive third-dimensional beliefs that are holding you back.
And when everyone on the planet is practicing this art of ‘total and complete surrender’ to their Higher Selves, Nova Gaia will no longer be a very distant physical reality. Every time there was a courageous person who had bravely ‘jumped off of the cliff’ and left the ‘old ways/lives’ behind, to then take the road less traveled her Higher Self is leading her to, the Light frequency of Planet Earth rises exponentially.
This person (as she fully commits to be the living, physical embodiment of Divine Love in every day life) will become a very powerful BEACON of Light. People all over the globe will be attracted to her works; to her light; to her love. She will exude/emanate the Christ consciousness so easily and so naturally, with zero effort. She becomes a living, breathing, modern Christ in action; spreading Love, Unity and Light wherever she goes and in whatever she does.
The time is NOW for all of you (who have decided to ascend in this lifetime) to be this embodiment of the Christ consciousness as well, in your every day life. Let go of all false beliefs based in fear, lack and limitation. Lower your guard and let God in. Let your Higher Selves in to take over and lead the way. You will always be safe, protected and guided to the ‘best, highest, most joyful and peaceful’ path that is the blueprint for your new 5D life.
Based on today’s planetary light frequency levels, Nova Gaia will be fully established as a physical, manifested reality in approximately 25 of your Earth years. This estimate is based on the ‘relatively incorrect’ assumption that the small group of 5% (mentioned earlier in this message) will: never grow any bigger/never welcome new members into the group. In other words, if the percentage number of people ‘who are consciously embodying their Higher Selves’ ALWAYS remains stationary at 5%, Nova Gaia will become a reality in 25 years. Now, WHAT IF, that percentage rises? The answer is obvious. Utopia Earth will be manifested into your actual, physical reality faster than 25 years.
Knowing that, what will you choose to do, to be and to create next, my dear friends? Are you ready for your massive move into the higher dimensions, and join many of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters of Light?
Out of the INFINITE number of potential futures/timelines currently lying in wait, in the realm of potential, which one will the Human Collective choose to manifest? Will you consciously choose the easiest, safest, less chaotic, and smoothest timeline where Ascension happens so naturally? Or will you let others make the decision for you, by NOT participating in the process of creating and manifesting Nova Gaia? Your powerful, conscious participation in this grand endeavor is needed to ensure that YOUR path will be less rocky, less stormy and less stressful. The choice is yours.
The image this channel had chosen to represent this message is very appropriate. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Let your Higher Selves take over and take control. They will help to align yourselves with the best, brightest, most peaceful future you all deserve to have! Your Higher Selves will do this by helping you CREATE the future Nova Gaia of your dreams. Reclaim your Sovereignty; your Divine, Godly powers of Creation and Manifestation and then make Heaven on Earth come true!
You have all chosen to be here, on-planet, in this Great Divine Moment of Gaia’s (and all of her inhabitants) massive move from the lower to the upper dimensions of consciousness. You have chosen to be here to participate in the creation of Nova Gaia. You eagerly came from many corners of the Universe and chose to be born here, not only to have a front row seat to watch this ‘Grand Show’ currently playing on Earth, but also to contribute, get involved and take part in MAKING IT HAPPEN!
So let’s get started, shall we?
I, Sananda, your brother in Light, promise to walk with you every step of the way. Call on me whenever you start to forget ‘who you truly are’ and ‘your very important reason/purpose for being here’. You are, at every moment, completely loved, guided and surrounded by higher dimensional light beings who only want the best for you.
Please call for our assistance whenever and wherever you need it. Talk to us, and talk to your spirit team. Make the intention to establish a direct line of communication between you and us, so that in time, you can become less and less reliant on higher dimensional information that comes from the ‘outside’ of you. You are Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Within you the Wisdom of the Universe resides.
Sending out much Love and Light to you all,
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.


Think of your life like a garden.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Gardening for the Soul

Think of your life like a garden. There are seasons of planting your dreams, seasons of tending and weeding them, and seasons of harvest. There are seasons of rest, and seasons of growth.

There are seasons of allowing yourself to dream. There are seasons of tending to your dreams and weeding out the thoughts and obstacles that prevent their growth. There are seasons of enjoying the fruits of your labors and seasons of rest before you begin anew.

There are long seasons of your life such as going to school, being in a marriage, healing from a serious illness, or raising a child, and there are quick seasons, such as dreaming up, cooking, and eating your dinner.

Each thought is a seed that you plant in the garden of your life. You water your thoughts when you think of them with love. You deny them water and allow the weeds to grow when you think of them with fear. The sun of Divine love is always there to shine upon the and coax them to grow, whether you see it or not.

Play with us now. Think of a dream you have – a thought that gives you great joy to imagine! It may be a future vacation, a relationship, a home, your ideal career (even if you don’t know what that is), or simply peace of mind.

Now imagine you hold a tiny seed in your hand. Take moment and imagine what it would feel like to have this dream in your life, right here and now. Imagine you can put all those feelings of love into this seed.

Next, imagine you are going outside to plant this seed in moist, fertile, and nourishing soil. Carefully dig a hole for the seed. Place it in the ground with reverence, and cover it gently. Place your palms upon the earth and bless your seed. Imagine all those good feelings you just had running as energy into the ground. Fertilize the earth around your little seed with loving anticipation.

Imagine that you can see this tiny seed growing. Every day imagine you go out and check on it’s progress. As you imagine looking at the little patch of soil, sit and dream. Feel the feelings of having this dream come to fruition. As you dream your dream and think about it with love, your love becomes the water that nourishes the soil. The tiny plant bursts forth reaching for the light of love. It wants to ripen and come to fruition. You have planted it. You are watering it with love. The sunshine light of Divine love beckons it to grow.

Every day, in your imagination, look around. Do you see any weeds?Those are your fears and doubts. Imagine you pull them. You don’t even have to know what they represent. Simply pluck there from the soil of your soul.

If you continue this process daily, in your imagination, you will witness your little plant growing and eventually blossoming or bearing fruit. Water it with love. Weed it daily. Watch as your little plant grows into maturity – blossoming or bearing fruit.

Notice what is happening in your mind, heart, the soil of your soul and your daily life. 

This little game is a wonderful way to keep the energies within you watering and weeding your dreams. Plant the seeds of love at every moment in your life dear ones. Water you dreams with your loving attention to them when they arise in your minds. Weed out your doubts and fears.

Then, like the greatest of gardeners, your life, your dreams, and your heart will blossom in a glorious expression of beautiful love!

The Angels

You no longer need to rely on someone in the heavens to forgive you for that entity has always been you.

“Are You in Nowhere Land?” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blogfor

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

The next few days will be noteworthy for many. For those of you who have tapped into your biggest fears or regrets will sense a shift in your being and outcomes you did not anticipate even a few days ago.

You are learning to direct your being to continue or create your path.

So it is pieces you do not remember or imagine were holding you to your present life will present themselves for review. Do you wish to berate yourself for that piece or do you wish to move beyond? That will be your decision for you have held yourself responsible for that “mistake” for years, maybe eons.

You might have already noted the whispers of that deeply hidden secret holding you in a place you no longer wish to be. The question is what do you do with that memory? The answer is whatever you want.

For if you wish to continue your penance, you can. Or you can move beyond that piece. You merely need to allow yourself to KNOW you no longer are that entity whether of the past, present, or future life.

If you are of a religious nature, you learned from early childhood that Jesus entered 3D earth to forgive your sins. In truth, you forgive yourself for you are part of all God interpretations.

It is time for you to truly understand one of your recently accepted powers. The power to forgive yourself the same way you once hoped someone outside of your being would.

Such a thought will make some angry. For you accept you are part of God, the Universes, or any entity you believe more powerful than you, but you cannot yet accept that you are equal.

So those of you who refuse to fully accept your new totality will continue to mire yourselves in self-blame waiting forever for someone outside of you to forgive and tell you that you are a good boy or girl.

You have always had the power to forgive yourself. You merely negated that power to fit within the confines of the 3D world that depended on any and all outside forces to teach you how to live, pray, forgive – how to be.

Once you declare yourself free from those self-made and self-accepted obstacles, you will allow yourself to grow into the powerful being you are. For those pieces that hold you in fear, those deepest secrets are yours to expose and clear – not God, your partner, friends, community, or family.

You also believe you have the power to shame or blame others as well as yourself. Such is not true and never was. You hold people like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin in contempt, telling yourself that you are better than them. Not because you necessarily are, but because you need to blame someone for your discomfort.

You believe you are not as “bad” as they are so you can accept your fears. Whether that be a mass murderer, a financial or political thief, an abuser or on and on. Not because you accept their actions, but because you need them to prove to yourself that you are not as bad.

In truth, all of you have backgrounds with multiple occasions for shame. Most of which you have dissected and removed. But for many, there is that one deep shame that you have been afraid to explore for you believe that one shame is too terrible to expose or express.

That shame might be what you review the next few days. Not in the pain and remorse you have had about that issue, but in the sense of forgiving yourself. Knowing that forgiveness is your right and responsibility, and not that of any other person or entity. An understanding of who you were and what you felt you needed to explore at that time.

The following few days will be about self-forgiveness. A trait or skill you always had but did not use when you were a 3D entity believing that there was someone bigger or better than you.

Now you are concerned that this self-forgiveness, this rehash of something you are afraid or ashamed of will be too painful to contemplate.

Contrary to your fears, you merely have to expose the fear and then forgive yourself. Some of you might not even know what that fear is for it might have occurred in a different 3D life. You just need to allow yourself the power to know you are the one to forgive you.

You no longer need to rely on someone in the heavens to forgive you for that entity has always been you. Your 3D God concept was first experienced through religious stories you heard as a child encouraging you to believe someone had the power to forgive you.

Now that you are learning to accept your power in this lifetime, it is time to quash another 3D myth. You are the only entity who can forgive you. For your life is yours. It does not belong to another and never has even though you, en masse, created that myth to allow yourself to be of 3D.

Why do you suppose karma was created and that, according to your myths, once you transitioned beyond earth, you reviewed your 3D life and then re-entered to play out the karma you created? Do you see the difference in belief patterns? At one end, you must plead with God to forgive you. And at the other, you must leave earth to forgive yourself only to replay a similar role in reverse before you can forgive yourself and allow others to exit that storyline.

In a sense, the two forgiveness concepts are not compatible, and in another, they are completely compatible. For indeed, in both scenarios, you are not strong enough to forgive yourself while of the earth. Such has never been true.

Allow that deep shame to expose itself and know that you are the only entity who can clear that pain and always have been. The difference is you are starting to believe you can do so while of the earth. A large step forward indeed. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogswhen posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog& Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blogby E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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a transition to a new lighter body

6th April 2018. Mike Quinsey

Dear Friends, I came across this message in my file, and in view of the period of change we have just entered it is now more relevant than ever, by giving us a clear view of what to expect in the near future.



Questions put to the Andromedan Council.

How will Earth people change as we become new 4D humans?

ANSWER: the most important thing to realise is that the transformation, the transition from 3D to 4D, from being a 3D person to a 4D person will be a smooth, “seamless”, “painless” process. This experience will be a simple transformation of cellular structure, from the slower, more dense, heavier existing 3D vibratory body you have today. – to a higher, faster, lighter 4D vibratory rate. You will have a body that is taller, literally lighter in terms of mass, weight and density, about one tenth of what you weigh now. Keep in mind your body’s molecular cellular structure will actually change. Think crystal based molecules. Your existing 3D cell walls will transmute into being crystalline based. Your 4D body will be based on crystalline molecules, no longer carbon based, but crystal based. Within the core, the centre of each cell, it will be infused with light. Your 4D bodies will really be very translucent. This is a natural 4th dimensional, 4th density state. 

Everyone will be relatively tall and slim in stature. This is simply the nature of having a crystalline cellular structure. You will also be “lighter” in terms of being infused with light, not opaque as you are like today, not completely translucent, but very translucent. Your children will transform as well. But in terms of age appearance they will continue to develop as young adults, only now along the adjusted, normal, “time line” of thousands of years for 4th dimensional people. For most adults who chose to remain on Earth during this time of change, you will look approximately in the 32 to 35 year old age range. In terms of height, for a comparison, an average 3D male will be about 7ft. tall, this is the average height for a 4D man. A 5’ 5” to 5’ 6” 3D Earth woman will likely be about 6’ 2” living a 4D life. An average 4D Earth man will weigh in Earth terms about: 10 to 15 pounds. An average 4D Earth woman will weigh about: 5 to 7 pounds. Everyone will be relatively trim, tall, slim in stature. Again this is due to the nature of having a body composed of a crystalline cellular structure. In terms of overall health, 4D Earth humans will be healthy, very healthy, full of light. With your solar system and Earth’s migration into the 4th dimension zone of space, 3D diseases will all be literally eradicated.

If we are this healthy, and with the eradication of 3D Earth diseases, how long will we live as 4D Earth humans?

ANSWER: You will like this answer. Typically, as you currently measure time on Earth, human beings living a 4D life spend a minimum of 6000 years – to - a maximum of 10,000 years, living a 4th dimensional life. Also understand, that there are 12 octaves of awareness and learning in each dimension, from the 4D fourth dimension on up. There is a lot to experience. Please keep in mind the use of these numbers in years, is to give you an approximation based on how Earth people measure time today. However, also keep in mind the way you currently measure time on Earth – this will change once Earth becomes a completely 4D planet. Watching, measuring, experiencing time – this will virtually go away. . In any case, you will live very, very long lives before you move on to the 5D, 5th dimension. The plan for this to completely come into effect was originally by the 20th January 2014.


We understand the complete curing of physical health. But again, what about people with autism, retardation, syndromes, people who are mentally ill?

ANSWER: I certainly understand the seriousness of this issue. The “medical/healthcare team on the primary biosphere who will help, assist and counsel people who are having a difficult time adjusting to the differences of 4th dimensional life, and in addition what we would consider either severe psychiatric, deep emotional issues, shock or trauma, or people with autism, retardation, syndromes, varying degrees of mental illness, people with these afflictions who you are rightfully concerned about, they have the ability to choose (or a responsible party can choose for them), to heal their fine matter consciousness, this thing we call “the mind” where these issues are lodged. Please understand this is literally a spiritual vibratory issue, and the “medical/healthcare” team on the primary biosphere, or any of the other 11 Andromeda Council flagged biospheres stationed in Earth’s solar system, these teams can use various resonating sonic frequencies and techniques to attenuate, adjust and correct the “dysfunctions” and repair the broken pathways of the fine matter “wiring” of these people’s minds. There are a variety of modalities that can be used in combination to help cure these people. They are curable. It will take some counseling, a little extra care and gentle attention after the “medical” work, the attunements are done and completed. These people, like everyone else, will be fine.

If our current bodies are transforming into new 4D bodies, and you have said that 3D Earth diseases will be eradicated, what about those of us with bad or missing teeth, various syndromes, muscular dystrophy, ALS, cerebral palsy, or those people with mental illness, those of us who are back from the various Gulf Wars and Afghanistan with missing hands, fingers, arms, legs. What about all of us?

ANSWER: From the Chief Medical Officer of the Andromeda Council biosphere she says “Many people have asked this kind of question. Yes, transformation of your 3D body into a 4D body will eradicate the existing illnesses and all diseases, and your bodies including birth defects, various syndromes, your loss of limbs, bad or missing teeth, malfunctioning hearing or defective eyes, and old age – all of these will all be remedied. Again, remember you are being transformed. You will have a full, complete, healthy body.

What do you mean we move on to the 5D, onto the fifth dimension – when do we die?

ANSWER: No, no ,you misunderstand. That’s the point. You don’t die. Remember, time doesn’t exist from the 4D, fourth dimension on upwards. You don’t experience time. And people, Earth people living a 4D life do not die. A person can choose by really extraordinary circumstances to be “extinguished” but this is very, very rare. When a 4D person gets to the point when he or she is 6,000 – 10,000 years old, when he or she feels they have learned enough and contributed enough to society, when the moment is right for them, they simply choose to move on, and transition to 5D, the fifth dimension, a slightly higher frequency of vibratory awareness. For a new set of challenges, a new set of learning experiences. It is a transition, a change in vibration. This transition from 4D, the fourth, to 5D, the fifth, is simply about moving into a higher vibration and capabilities – when the moment is right for him/her. Further, the actual capabilities one has once he/she becomes a 5D, a fifth dimensional human, are only a couple of degrees enhanced above the upper capabilities of the 4D, the fourth dimension. In any case, moving on from one dimension to the next is only about having many experiences, learning many, many things and then making a simple choice to move on, to change. You do not die - I repeat “you do not die” but experience a transition to a new lighter body.


I feel quite excited at the thought of the changes that are coming. Ill health and death will be eliminated and we will enjoy all of the benefits that a New Age can bring us. The Andromedans are one of the four main groups of Extraterrestrials that are closely connected to us and our development.

It is very uplifting to know that our future path is already in place. It may be a way off now, but it is waiting for our arrival. The Light on Earth is increasing and drawing away from all that is of the lower vibrations. Think positively and help manifest the higher vibrations and our peaceful future as quick as possible.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.




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choose love and compassion over fear and hatred

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have determined that the best course of our non-action when it comes to humanity is to sit back in our non-physical chairs and summon help from physical beings who are capable of stepping in. You are not the only ones who are in contact with us at this time. We are very busy non-physical beings, going wherever we are summoned with our consciousness and our attention.

We have agreed to provide a substantial amount of our love, our light, and our codes and information to a species of extra-terrestrials that act as your guardians. Now, they would have done it even if we hadn’t sweetened the pot, but we just wanted them to know that we were available to support them in their supporting of you. So we reached out and let them know. You will simply know them as ‘the guardians.’

If any of you see them in your dreams, or even in your waking moments, they are very tall, thin, and to you they will give off a glow of white light. They are beautiful beings who are still physical at this time and who can help to ensure that there is no interference in your development and in your shift in consciousness.

These are beings who you will meet someday, and you will be able to thank in person. They are you, in a sense, and so there is no real interference on their part in helping you. You are still being given the opportunity to develop naturally, and evolve on your own.

You still need to choose love and compassion over fear and hatred, and you are being given that opportunity by those who are still playing in the dark. They are not to be defeated. They are to be loved back into the whole of who we all are, as we are all on the same team.

It does not matter how things might look. It does not matter what has been done. This is a universal shift, and through the delivery of that love and compassion, all beings can be brought back into the light.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Find a butterfly and become one yourself.

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: The Butterfly Effect on the Awakening of the Consciousness of Man

The butterfly has long been the symbol of change, both in the scientific and spiritual worlds. Butterflies begin life in a form that bears no resemblance to their eventual appearance. The beauty that eventuates after the change happens is both breathtaking and spectacular and the sight of a butterfly inspires joy and happiness in people in a way that a caterpillar does not. While a caterpillar will usually repel people with its perceived ugliness, a butterfly will attract attention because of its delicate structure and stunning colours.

In the same way a butterfly attracts positive reactions in people, so too can a spiritually awakened person who sees the blessings in everything around them. This kind of person accepts people for who they are and has a kind, warm and welcoming nature that makes people feel comfortable and at home. The way a spiritually awakened person thinks, speaks and acts will generally be of a much higher vibration than an unawakened person. People who have not yet awakened to their own spiritual self are generally a lot less aware of the impact that their negative thoughts, words and actions may have on the world around them. Like attracts like, so people who live and interact with harsh words and actions will bring about a reality that is stark in comparison to that of a person who is kind-hearted and generous to others without expectation or need of reward.

To become awakened, one must raise their consciousness to a higher level; to do this one must be mindful of their thoughts, words and actions and work hard to temper their ego. The awareness of self and of how one reacts to others is a necessary step to allow one to see the world with love and compassion rather than with judgement and condemnation. When one can see the journey of another as spiritual growth rather than human transgression, the absence of judgement will lead to an ability to see the world with unconditional love. Awakened souls hold a willingness to serve others for the greater good that transcends their own needs. In treating others with love and respect, the flow on effect is to inspire gratitude and appreciation from those with whom they interact and a lightness of heart that is infectious. These people will find others drawn them because their hearts are full and radiate a love and warmth that attracts people like a moth to a flame. They are likely to meditate and to practice mindfulness and be spiritual practitioners, but they are just as likely to be Christians, Buddhists, Muslim or Hindu or other of religious faiths. Whatever their race, creed or religion or lack of it, an awakened soul is one who has learnt to love and accept themselves and, in doing so, needs no other recognition of self.

Every thought goes out into the human collective consciousness and the ratio of negative to positive emotions can have either wonderful or catastrophic influences on the events of the world and on the way people interact with one another. Every positive change a person makes to the way they think, act and react has a direct affect on other people through our connected consciousness. The power of a thought can never be underestimated. Every thought creates form and enlightened or awakened people are generally more able to temper their thoughts and to recover from disappointment and dramatic interactions with others more easily.

As the light in one person’s heart grows to allow them to operate from a place of love and service to others, those who have not yet reached this state will find themselves attracted to and influenced by these people’s non-judgemental ways and positive attitudes. They may even begin to find that their interactions help them to see the other side of the coin and to see the blessings in life rather than always focusing on the negative aspects. They begin to emerge from their caterpillar state into a butterfly and then their demeanour begins to rub off on others. What a wonderful cycle to perpetuate for the ascension of the world.

Be that person. Be the beautiful butterfly who, by changing your thoughts from negative to positive, can create happiness and harmony around you instead of drama and tears. Be kind and grateful instead of blaming others for your misfortunes. Take responsibility for the choices you have made and begin to think more carefully about the ones you make in the future. Learn to accept others for who they are instead of criticising and judging them…. and soon you will find that they will do the same for you. Bit by bit, thought by thought, create change in your world. Read, meditate, grow. Find a butterfly and become one yourself. That is how it works.

I AM Archangel Michael

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: The Butterfly Effect on the Awakening of the Consciousness of Man

It is the perfect time for all of you to consider how you would like to be moving forward in this next phase of your evolution.


The Next 5-10 Years ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is the perfect time for all of you to consider how you would like to be moving forward in this next phase of your evolution. You are getting to decide how you move forward, in spite of what you might be told from others, others who make it seem as though the next five to ten years are set in stone for all of you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You are the pioneers here. You are the creators and co-creators, and it is your time to be the deciders, the ones who actualize your own evolution. You can, of course, just wait and see what happens. You can look for new predictions to tell you what’s going to happen next, or you can take the wheel and decide for yourselves what it’s going to take for you as individuals to evolve.

Do you need drama and trauma in your life to be inspired, to feel your emotions? Do you need hardship in order to create? Do you need to see evidence of the rest of humanity lagging behind in order to do something about the evolution of your consciousness? When we talk about the evolution of your consciousness, we want you to know that it is something that happens automatically, but it is also something that you can facilitate.

You can put your foot on the gas pedal and bring yourselves to a heightened sense of awareness. You can choose to love more, to meditate more, to connect more with nature and Mother Earth. You can reach out to other aspects of yourself. You can reach out to higher dimensional beings. You can be an active participant in the evolution of your consciousness, and you can steer the rest of humanity in that direction as well.

You don’t have to sit around and wait for something to happen. You don’t even have to wait for some grand, inspired idea. Just stop what you’re doing from time to time and check in with how you’re feeling, how you’re vibrating. Do some conscious breathing. Meditate if you have to. But just be sure you’re taking care of the evolution of your consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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The 8,000 Global Meditation.

After the welcome, Jared Rand states: “As far as our meditation today, I think that it would be a good direction to send peace, security, peace-prosperity, love, tenderness, kindness, caring, compassion.All these words balled up into one energy wave that we can create….. As far as planet Earth, in our immediate solar system. Calmis another word that comes to mind, calming those on planet Earth. Feeling the energy. I know some of you feel it every day, most of us feel it every day. The different occurrences that are taking place, the rapidity and the rapidness, I should say.How rapid things are the increasing frequency of happenings across the planet, different land occurrences… the waterways disappearing, fish beaching themselves, birds from the sky.

People want to know what’s going on and what’s taking place in occurrences that are taking place. These are part of the fringe areas of the earth-changes that are taking place that no one has seen in over 10,000 years, that we are now experiencing.

Some of us have been here, for those times and that’s why some of us feel familiar. We are in an “advanced stage of evolution.” The Human Race, The Planet Earth… our solar system, this part of the galaxy is in an advanced stage of evolution and we are all changing at a rapid pace. I know that some you can feel it. You don’t discuss outwardly but we are. We are changing. All of us are and it’s for the better. It’s good, it’s a good change, it’s not a negative change and to calm and add peace and love and prosperity, and kindness and compassion… to all of humanity in this meditation.

To have the Golden-White-Pink-Rain soak everything and everyone, to touch, penetrate every surface. The atmosphere,

the waters, the soil and to add this unending love, prosperity, peace, abundance, joy. Great wealth. I mean just happy, fulfilling, progressive, massive, major changes…. with that energy.

And we can just picture it and see it is saturating everywhere. Nothing can be protected from it. It is an endless, loving rain. It will penetrate everything, everywhere, every place and in addition to that because of the “Golden-White-Pink Light sphere”, that we created several weeks ago. We…. Once we start these meditations, they are connected and interlinked, so there are constantly operating in the sphereupon the planet.

So that we were reinforcing and adding the power and the strength of Prime –Source-Creator-God. Each time we do a meditation, it gives it another shot in the arm. So we continually increase, the basically the unending love-power, the compassion-power, the wealth, the abundance, the prosperity, the happiness, the joy. It all keeps increasing at a rapid pace and we keep strengthening it, with these daily meditations and that’s why I said in the beginning of these meditations. It is a lifelong commitment for humanity.

Humanity in the future will meditate every day.It will be just a regular occurrence, every day. So there won’t be any “once in a while” “once a month” “once every other day” It will be every day. The human race will gladly participate in it and want to be a part of it. Right now, we are pioneering it, to the extent where everybody we can find, to join. Everywhere!

We’ve got people sitting in rooms with one line, bringing 500 people in. We ’ve got people that are setting up hall’s, meeting halls where they can come every day and get on the line, on the speaker line and listen in on the meditation and participate. There are many ways that this can be done without everybody having to call in. You could have one person with 500, one with 2000, one with 3000.

Across the plane… from everywhere …and that’s the direction that we are working towards so that the increase … We’re like 50 some? Away from 8000 call participantsand a lot of those are coming in with groups of people and listening from different parts of the planet and participating in the meditations.

So, that’s just food for thought, for those of you who are very creative and start thinking “How can we increase the number of meditators for the planet for humanity. How can we do this?” So that’s why I reach out to everybody and say “ Get your creative juices flowing and figure out how you think you can get more people to come to these daily meditations”

Three is a powerful number that’s why 3 PM Eastern was picked, during the Central… during the day. Some people can’t make it but I think an eventuality… the majority of people will make it every day because it’s a lifelong commitment. We are affecting change for our entire brothers and sisters on the planet. So “the more… as the saying goes… the more the merrier.”

And now, as we get ready here for this meditation…. Understand that the Golden-White-Pink-Light -Rain is filled with… from Creator-Source-God… Unending Love and prosperity, great wealth. I should say “perfect wealth, perfect abundance, perfect prosperity, perfect order, perfect health… Just overall tremendous well being.

All the positions are filled… with compassion and love and appreciation, honesty and this is…. remember, this is saturating everything, penetrating everywhere, filling the atmosphere, filling the surface, covering the surface of the planet… everywhere, we will have this happening.”

Once again, I remind you that this is not a complete transcription. I’m merely trying to help raise the world’s vibration, by sharing information about this Mass Meditation process.
Many blessings to you all…. May all of your dreams come true!

Juli Joy

Notes by Juli Joy of The Young Lightworkers.

*The Guided Global Meditation will start on Everyday @ 3pm EST & continue on a DAILY basis at the same time.

**Number to call in is 641-715-0857 Code is 303471#

** If you are unable to make it at that time the playback number is 641-715-3579 (same code)

Prayer for the Inner Child

Prayer for the Inner Child by Master Kuthumi

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 30thMarch 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

The deepest of love extends from my soul, Master Kuthumi, to all existing upon the Earth and experiencing ascension consciously or unconsciously. For those conscious of their ascension their responsibility to anchor, embody and deliver the high frequency vibrations of the Creator is greater. Not only are you responsible for your personal ascension, you play a key role in the ascension of the planet. Your awareness of the presence of the Creator within and around you as well as within all assists in encouraging unconscious souls to remember the Creator. The more light you can anchor through your being, embody and radiate into the world not only will your life enhance you will be creating the perfect environment for the transitions and shifts of others. The ascension of others is not your responsibility, the expression of your truth is.

It is my purpose to highlight to you the power you hold within your being and the positive influence you have upon the world especially when you focus upon your own spiritual evolution. Resolving energies within, healing your being and recognising your truth is akin to showering the world with blessings. This is a beautiful concept to remind yourself of as if you wish to be of service to the Earth and her humanity, first be of service to yourself, then the blessings you shower upon the Earth and her humanity will be far greater. When you recognise the connection between your spiritual evolution and the positive impact this has upon the world around you without you even communicating with the world, you recognise a key which will always encourage you to delve deeper within your being.

The suffering you may recognise within others, humanity and the world also exists in some form or consciousness within your own being; this is the case especially if you experience a reaction of any form to the suffering of others. The more you heal the suffering within your being the less likely you are to even see or sense suffering in your surrounding world, this I know seems impossible. When a complete healing of suffering takes place within your being it will only be your connection with the collective consciousness of humanity which is where you would be able to access the energy of suffering from. Being alerted to the suffering within the collective consciousness of humanity would be a signal to you that your healing skills are required to bring forth transformation to the consciousness of humanity and therefore all souls who have existed upon the Earth.

It is the inner child who often absorbs energies of suffering. Your inner child is a reflection of your childhood, of wounds carried forth from past lifetimes and represents the essence/ innocence of your soul. It is within the inner child that the truth of the Creator can be seen plainly while limitations and suffering of any form are evident as well. The inner child feels and experiences energies deeply and profoundly which means that spiritual experience can be intense while suffering can feel crippling. If negative or limiting experiences occurred in your childhood, then it is often that the inner child reacts from the age, awareness and consciousness of those limiting points even when the body is fully grown to an adult. Issues from childhood or even past lifetimes continue to impact your reality and stunt the growth of your inner child. This can cause deeply painful experiences, inability to think clearly and being unable to regulate limiting reactions. The purpose of the inner child is to be fully grown exuding the peace, balance and innocence of the Creator. When the inner child is healed and balanced any age of the inner child can be accessed and merged with the current adult reality to create a positive impact.

The War of the Inner Child

Imagine a world where adults are interacting and reacting with themselves and each other from the core of their suffering inner child. The inner child wants to feel loved, supported, nurtured and fulfilled, if this is not satisfied then the inner child becomes needy, demands attention, blames, hurts others and thinks in forms of separation and self-importance. Again, I invite you to return to imagining a world where all adults are acting and reacting from this aspect of their inner child, the world created is one of suffering for all. Not only are adults suffering and causing suffering to others they are impacting the consciousness and energy of souls born as babies upon the Earth. The suffering is projected into the collective consciousness of humanity, so a person of any age can be influenced by the energy. When a person as an adult or a child embodied the wounds of their inner child they can cause suffering to themselves, adults, children and animals and may not be conscious of their actions. Children who radiate the innocence of the Creator can become victims of the wounds of the inner children of others.

It is important to realise that the wounds of your inner child and that of others impact the way you act and react towards others, whether adult, child, animal or even plant. It is the wounds of the inner child that explains why so many adults, children, animals and plants suffer upon the Earth. When, I, Master Kuthumi, am speaking of suffering, I am referring to the abuse or mistreatment of others. The person causing the abuse or mistreatment may hold many inner child wounds.

The Roles Souls Play

When we are speaking of suffering, abuse and mistreatment of any kind there is a need to realise that victims and perpetrators have often unconsciously created an energetic contract of learning together.  This I know seems impossible, who would consent to such a thing? The old consciousness and energetic patterning of learning and growing spiritually through pain and suffering still remains upon the Earth; many are releasing this patterning in favour of growth through love. However, it is still present within the lives of many. It was previously used as a way of jolting the soul into remembrance of the Creator; now this is no longer needed as a process of inner awakening.

Prayer for the Inner Child

When observing the suffering of yourself, inner child or others there is always a need to anchor light and love of the purest vibration; this erases any contracts, brings wounds forth to be healed and awakens inner remembrance of the Creator. This is also why we encourage you to anchor your light as a lightworker into the Earth because you assist in the healing of others automatically and without your awareness when you do so.

I, Master Kuthumi believe there is a link between the suffering that some children experience on the Earth and the suffering of the inner child within many adults, even if their pathways do not cross. When adults heal their inner child so the suffering of children on the Earth will transform and become non-existent.  I, Master Kuthumi wish to share with you an invocation which will support the healing of your own inner child, the inner children of all upon the Earth, the collective consciousness of humanity and the physical children of the Earth.

‘I invite Master Kuthumi and his healing team to come forth to me, sharing your energy, love, healing and truth. I open myself fully to receive the sacred vibrations being directed to me now. I invite my entire being to embody and radiate the light and love being shared with me, so that it may touch my being deeply as well as the Earth.

I invite my inner child to be receptive and absorb the light, love and healing flowing through me. Now is your time to heal and receive all you require to fulfil yourself. My beloved inner child please know you are deserving, absorb what you need and bring to my conscious awareness anything you wish to release. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.

(You may wish to take time to experience with your inner child, or you can read this as a prayer and allow the transition to occur afterwards.)

I am a beacon of light, radiating healing vibrations across the entire Earth. May the light I share penetrate each being touching and bringing light to their inner child. May the inner child of every person heal and receive all they require to fulfil themselves. Please know you are deserving, absorb what you need and release what is no longer needed. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.

I am a beacon of light, radiating healing vibrations across the entire Earth. May the light I share penetrate each child that is experiencing or has experienced suffering, abuse or mistreatment of any kind. Dear children open to receive the light we share with you now, let it surround you and safeguard you. May the inner child of every child be healed and receive all they require to be fulfilled. Please know you are deserving, absorb what you need and release what is no longer needed. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.

My light is always present to support the inner children of the world; however, I invite Master Kuthumi and his healing team to deliver your healing energy for the inner children of the world as a constant, continuing to magnify and touch all deeply, creating beautiful transformations and liberations.

(See, sense or acknowledge every child upon the Earth embraced in supreme light, encouraging them to be the light that they are in the world.)

In love always,

Master Kuthumi

Prayer for the Inner Child