4 words that can make your life better if you apply it now. You are the creator of your life in every aspect and the grade of happiness you feel is depending of the choices you make now. Feeling good in every moment is vital for every decision you make in your life. In other words the more you feel happy the more you will follow the right path which will lead you to your personal growth and success. But where to start from?how can you be sure you are making the right choice? How can you guide yourself? FEEL MORE THAN FINE is all about this: Helping you to understand how to do it now. We are all ONE and each one of us has to make their own experience in the proces of evolving. The feeling or Instinct is a form of vibration,it is a wave. We emit and receive waves from everything around us at all times no matter where we are. In the scale of emotions ‘feel more than fine’ is the highest you can get,it is an explosion of joy where your cells vibrate in the highest level. We feel more than fine when we laugh and dance, when we love and are loved,when we are surrounded by happy and honest people,where we feel safe and can express our REAL selves; when we find ourselves in an environment where exterior stimulis as for example sea, sandsun, natural drinks, great food and quality music are capable of bringing you in that state. Being conscious of theĀ  way you feel at every moment is a great start benefiting your personal evolution. The tricky part is what to do when come theseĀ  moments where we have no other choice than to accept what is,some “bad” news or a “problem” coming can affect our mood on a various scale depending on our capacity of absorbing the information and the speed we digeste it in order to find our balance.In other words it is about finding the way in us to turn any problem or bad situtation to our favor,learning to become a fast problem solver! Because today more than ever,humans are called to adapt to the rapid change of the evolution taking place right now in and out of our bodies while at the same time we learn to use the new tools Nature is giving to us.We are right in the middle of the cyclone of evolution and nothing can stop it as a new world is getting born out of the ashes of the old one.
Our DNA is our antenna processing the changes and adapting to the higher vibrations reaching our planet which has a direct impact on manifesting in all of us all kind of inner abilities.
And that’s awesome news so Feel More Than Fine!:)