It’s time to use your new skills developed as a result of discovering more about new you.

Dear Ones,

It’s time to use your new skills developed as a result of discovering more about new you.


Even though many of you remain in disbelief that you are any different from that which was true five years or even one month ago, such is an accurate assessment of who you now are.

Perhaps you do not feel that difference for a variety of reasons – most notably that new you is the CEO of your totality. So new you is dominantly you with new helpers and assistants.

You have transitioned beyond your guides, angels, and most of your council – for you are a member of your council with greater transition knowledge than any other member. So it is that even though we of the ethers can prod you and give you hints here and there, as you develop more clearly into new you, we can no longer fully comprehend your capabilities.

Perhaps it would be easier to understand if you remember how filled with joy you were the first time you held your infant son or daughter knowing that they were a unique individual but not sure what they would experience throughout their life. So it is for us. We love you dearly, but we do not comprehend how your past, present, and future experiences will ‘play out’ during or after this transition.

You are a new Universal entity – just beginning to realize that kicking your feet and feeling with your fingers is enjoyable. Yes, you are in the baby stage of your new creation – for you created new you. But a baby stage far more developed than anything you can imagine.

For many of you, personal computers are a relatively new invention. Yet, your children and grandchildren cannot comprehend life without computers, nor do they have a fear of computer technology for they were computer savvy before they were born.

Such is how your skills and paths will become commonplace among those of the future. But for now, we are speaking to you about your new being and therefore, new skills.

Test your new skills for you can do no wrong in doing so. What is your dominant thought this moment? Is it an ongoing dream, fear, or request? That thought is that with which you will test your skills.

Perhaps you have no idea what we are speaking of for your dominant thought seems unattainable. For many such is true, but not for you.

Granted, your new skills will feel somewhat cumbersome, perhaps even difficult at first. Just as infants have difficulties picking up small objects or crawling until they have practiced a bit.

You declared self-love and therefore, greatly expanded your personal repertoire. Now it is time to act upon those skills.

The first months or weeks of your new skill experiences will seem somewhat unwieldy just as when as an infant you were given a rattle that you waved so wildly you hit your head. You did not give up until you learned how to shake that rattle. And once you did, you moved to other objects, others skills.

So it is for you now. Stop for just a moment to crystallize your dream; your dominant need within your being. And KNOW you have the skills to achieve it.

Some of you are questioning that thought for your dominant need is to have another person love or accept you. Ah. What you truly wish for is the experience of love or acceptance. For if another were to appear that produced the same feelings within you as is true for your current love object, you would be joyous.

So it is that it is beyond time to wish for a certain someone or something – and instead to generalize what you are dreaming of.

It is no longer your concern how that dream is fulfilled for you are now a natural creator. Creating those sensations you dream of in the way most right for your being.

You no longer need to be concerned about the specifics. Such as was true of 3D when your creative skills were limited to focussing on one item long enough to create at least a portion of what you wanted, as well as allowing you to retain some of your creation skills.

Now that you are no longer boxed in with the shoulds and have tos of 3D, you are free to create those pieces right for new you. Which seems somewhat difficult because you feel little different from just months ago. Yet, you opened your being to a new totality with new creation skills.

Perhaps those skills need a bit of honing – just as is true for an infant with a rattle. But also just as true as for an infant, your world of possibilities is so vast as to not be tallied now or at any time in the future.

Think of the first time your infant eyes focussed. And then imagine all that happened to infant you following that. Such is your world now. It is so far beyond any past expectations that it is no longer definable.

That is new you. That is the you who no longer needs in-depth assistance to forge ahead. For you are creating a new world and new Universes as you deploy your new talents in ways no one, least of all you, can now imagine. Allow that to be. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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It can be easy to recognise that your soul, the essence which exists within your being and body, is composed of numerous aspects of the Creator.

The Miracles of Your Multifaceted Self by Lord Melchizedek

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  7th October 2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Within every aspect of your being and body as you exist upon the Earth is an energy which is so incredible. An energy which is intelligent, wise, deeply loving, creative and constantly evolving beyond anything you can conceive of in any given moment. This energy can create and manifest beyond your wildest dreams as well as transform with intention into anything it wishes to. Humanity will always try to understand and comprehend the energy within their beings and bodies, while understanding is possible, the nature of the energy almost compels us to realise that it cannot be understood. It is often when we step back and simply accept ourselves as a magnificent body and being of energy that understanding truly begins to dawn. Only with acceptance can you awaken with eyes clear from illusion to realise the miracles of your multifaceted self and inner energy.

Beauty is your nature, the energy within you is both complex and simple at the same time. This encourages us to ask the question whether everything that manifests upon the Earth or the inner planes is two forms of expressions of energy. Can a manifestation be simple and complicated, beautiful and unpleasant, happy and sad or deeply spiritual and highly intellectual? Can two seemingly opposing energies exist within the same manifestation harmoniously? When we begin to realise that the Creator or the energy within us is not linear like time nor is it singular, meaning it can only be one expression, emotion, thought or vibration at one time, we begin to move beyond illusion into greater states of truth.

Everything around you, within you and all forms of creations or manifestations, are composed of numerous energies and opportunities with the potential to become anything. This means that we cannot identify a thing or person in one way, to do so is to ignore the multifaceted nature of all of creation. When you ignore the multifaceted nature of everything including yourself you see, sense and acknowledge everything as having a specific role, place or purpose, everything including yourself becomes contained within invisible boxes limiting your understanding, expansion and true nature. Recognising the multifaceted nature of yourself and all forms of manifestations means you realise the numerous opportunities, energies and creations possible within an aspect of the Creator. Further understanding of the Creator is within everything. Seemingly this concept would mean that you could never define, describe or label anything, to do so would be to indulge in the illusion that everything is singular rather than multifaceted. When we believe in all aspects and creations of the Creator being singular we do not open ourselves up to the power, truth and divine intelligence of the Creator and in truth our own being. Instead, we become content to remain the same to only see the Creator from one perspective, imprinting this perspective onto everything we experience.

It can be easy to recognise that your soul, the essence which exists within your being and body, is composed of numerous aspects of the Creator. You may also be able to recognise that different energy frequencies, qualities, abilities and expressions create the expression of your soul that you are currently aware of. However, your soul is a manifestation of every aspect and facet of the Creator which could be a million, billion or trillion different energy vibrations which create a whole rather than a singular manifestation.

Imagine for a moment the infinite possibilities of manifestation, expression and experience available to you as you exist upon the Earth as a multifaceted being. You may realise you hold yourself to a single identity often with a feeling of unwillingness to change or feeling there is no other part of yourself to identify with. This can manifest a feeling of bewilderment, an awareness of an abyss unknown to you, a feeling that you are unfamiliar and undefinable. It is important to then dive straight into the unknown and undefined energies of yourself and the Creator within you, allowing yourself to observe from a space of deep-seated love within you.

With your love supporting you in your observation of your multifaceted self you will begin to glimpse energies, vibrations, qualities, manifestations, opportunities, in truth all aspects of yourself and the Creator. Each glimpse will not be nor become a single identity rather an aspect that leads you to further connect with the Creator and yourself in a new way with a new perspective of wholeness, completeness and expansion beyond your imagination. A glimpse is simply a realisation, a puzzle piece or an aspect of a map waiting to be discovered so you can recognise the beauty of your being and the Creator.

The understanding or comprehension you currently hold about yourself, reality and the Creator is created and also limited by your level of willingness to recognise yourself and the Creator, as multifaceted, limitless and expansive with numerous opportunities of creation and experience. The more you decline and ignore this truth the more you see separation, singular energies with singular opportunities and limitations. However, it is often with this perspective that one begins to believe they are understanding everything and accessing enlightenment when this is not the case. It is only when you enter into the abyss of the unknown within with love in your heart that you recognise the truth of the Creator. You begin to realise that enlightenment is not to know, understanding and comprehend everything. Instead it is to be focused upon observing your multifaceted self within you, watching as the glimmers of truth unfold.

Truth is something that is born from the Creator with the ability to be expansive, limitless, creative, promote numerous opportunities, inspire and draw you to dive deeper into the unknown within you, while promoting love, trust and peace.

I, Lord Melchizedek, am sharing this information with you because the period of ascension we are entering into could be known as ‘The Time of the Soul.’ With the further integration and downloading of your soul into your being, anchoring into your physical body, personality and reality you will notice major shifts within your being and the way you perceive yourself as well as others. Your perception will shift to be aligned with the perceptions of your soul. The perceptions of your soul are far more expansive than the ideas and concepts of your mind, ego and emotions. As a human being, you have predominantly perceived your present and future from the seat of your past experiences; this will no longer be the case. Imagine for a moment what the viewpoint of your soul might be. To share an example, your soul would perceive others as souls as well, as spiritual beings existing within human bodies. Your soul would perceive you as limitless, able to achieve anything you wish with the resources you need available to you. Your soul would act from a place of love, peace and the desire for harmony and unity. The greater presence of your soul may not mean you become more spiritual however you will notice your greater capacity to love, to be compassionate, to create peace and maybe even manifest miracles from the blissful vibrations within you aligned with your intentions. You will notice the presence of your soul the most in the way you perceive from a seat of love, that your relations with yourself and others become so much more loving and you feel supported whatever is occurring within and around you. Such a simple transition and yet deeply influential and impactful upon your being, reality and experiences.

Your soul will support you in recognising and realising the multifaceted nature of your being and everything else around you. Connecting with the numerous different aspects of a source, person, creation, experience or even object will mean that you allow yourself to perceive with greater truth, depth, intensity and expansion creating a deeper oneness and unity with all. I, Lord Melchizedek, am present to share my energy, love and wisdom with you. Please call upon me to support the integration of your soul with your physical being and personality as well as expanding your perspective so you may recognise the multifaceted nature of everything.

‘Lord Melchizedek, I call forth your power, love, wisdom and light to be of service to me. Please support the continuous synthesis of my soul with my physical body, personality and perspective. Support me in accepting my soul as a greater embodiment within my being, aligning my entire being especially my mind to the pure and truthful perspectives of my soul. I surrender now to the greater aspects of my soul wishing to ground and manifest within me. Lord Melchizedek assist me now in recognising the multifaceted nature of my own being, the Creator, those around me and all manifestations. I am ready to perceive my truth. I am ready to awaken as my soul. I am ready to dive into the essence of my being unifying myself with all that is the Creator. Thank you.’

With eternal love,

Lord Melchizedek

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Making choices to Feel More Than Fine every moment keeps our vibration high and let us Ascend Smoothly no matter where we are in our evolution process.

Know that each one of us on the surface of the planet is being protected by our security teams stationed in millions of galactic ships and Motherships guided by Commander Ashtar. Our work on Earth at this time is to be peaceful and share Our frequency wherever we choose to be without paying attention to the illusion that has been created around us,to be In the World but not Of it.Those who work against The Light are being taken away one by one or imprisoned.This Fall Everything Changes.Making choices to Feel More Than Fine every moment keeps our vibration high and let us Ascend Smoothly no matter where we are in our evolution process.

This message comes from My Higher Self :Gabriel Raphael

A Boot on The Ground:Nikos Feel More Than Fine  Akrivos.



Wherever you focus your attention, your life-force energy will follow.

Dear One,At the very heart of you is the pure light of God. This light has the ability to change your thinking and change your outer world. It is a light which, like a flame when fanned, can fill every cell, every fiber of your being and transform you. Fanning this flame means giving the light within you a time of focused attention.

Your imagination holds the key to transforming your life. What you believe can be achieved. Even before you believe something is true, you can allow the possibility to be there and imagine it to be true. Wherever you focus your attention, your life-force energy will follow.


Imagine the light within you shining brightly. Give yourself a moment to inhale deeply, and as you exhale imagine a golden light beam moving from the base of your spine into the earth. As you continue to breathe, feel this deep connection to the earth relax you and provide a strong base within you.

Now, bring your attention to your heart center, the energy field in the middle of your chest. Imagine there is a glowing flame of light burning there. As you breathe in, this flame grows larger and brighter. As you breathe out, the light from this flame begins to fill your body.

Continue to breathe and imagine this light expanding behind your shoulders and down your back, feel it filling every organ and every cell. This is the light of pure spirit, the healing love of God. This light fills you with the Divine presence and radiates from you in waves of love.

Now imagine this light shining from you and blessing your house, the area where you live and the planet. Imagine this loving light blessing all the people you meet today. It’s a good feeling to send light to others as well as to yourself. This light promotes healing energy in the world around you and in your own body. Peace begins within the heart of each person individually. God’s light, shining from the heart of each person on Earth, would bring peace to the planet and transform the world.

It’s safe to let your light shine. Maybe when you were a child, it did not feel safe to be who you really were inside — innocent, trusting and filled with the light of love. But the consciousness of the people in the world is beginning to change. Now people everywhere are turning to spirituality as the only place where they can find true peace and happiness. They are longing for more sweetness and love in their lives. So the Angels say, “Fear not.” When you shine your love light on the world, you will be a loving presence. You don’t have to say anything. Your energy alone will have a transforming effect.

The visualization of the flame of love in your heart shining out to the people of Earth is very potent. No matter what is happening around you, keep this visualization moving through you. It takes a little practice, but it will have a healing effect even if you can’t see it. Just your willingness to imagine it is enough to create a light shining from within you. This light is that which connects you and everyone around you to the infinite power of Divine Love.

The master Jesus suggested that your light should not be hidden under a bushel. Let your light shine forth to bless the world, every area in your life and bring true Divine Radiance of God into the awakening of new life you are all experiencing.

Remember your message from the Angels for today,

It’s safe to let your Light shine!

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The Codes of Light and Love are indeed becoming more and more integrated into the matrix

The Codes of Light and Love are indeed becoming more and more integrated into the matrix,
creating A Solid Foundation for what is coming next.
WE , The Light Workers, Are The Creators.
-Prime Creator via Suzie Beiler-

Susie Beiler of Spectrum Health Consulting asks Prime Creator for a recap of the energies that have been experienced this past year.

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona Arizona – Playlist:…

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Each Role By Each Being Is In Service To The Light.

Quick Notes:

-Polarity increases until full saturation.

-If you see around the tragedy,the political confusion,people around you do not engage with your emotional energies for they are quite powerful.

-See through the eyes of Love.

-All is contained,each role by each being is in service to the light.

-Even The Shadow is in service to the light,there is no need for emotional reaction.

-Maintain the focus in our own creations of Light.

-Focus in our Light Creations,this is causing the shift!

-Maintaining our focus to The Light.

-To be in power to put in motion The Shift.

-To not be distracted by events on the planet.

-Be The Change I Wish To See.

-It Takes Focus.Yes.

-Continuing to Release old programs,imprints and implants.Call this in Conscious Awareness

-Great Potential For Dramatic Change.

-Integrating bigger amounts of Light.

-Critical Mass is Already Achieved in the sense of the souls needed to receive this light to open up the matrix.

-Critical Mass For Conscious Awakening/Understanding of what is occurring in our planet so more and more beings will awaken consciously in understanding of the role the play.

-Release any Fears.

-We Still In Marathon Stage.Journey not over end of September.Much needed to be achieved.Even as systems fall apart.

-We can create the new in this Now.

-Brining together timelines for Heaven On Earth.

-Free To create what we wish in our timeline,fully claim my empowerment as sovereign creator.

-Be The Powerful Creator from our Hearts Desires.

-Surrendering to The Highest Alignements.

-Taking time for ourself,to nourish strengthen,rejuvenate to go the next stage of this marathon.

-It is because of Us that The Change Happens.

Susie Beiler of Spectrum Health Consulting asks Prime Creator for updates about Autumn 2016

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona Arizona – Playlist:…

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Spirit Talks in Sedona Arizona – Playlist:…

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Stating your intentions for what you experience is going to serve you more than changing your beliefs.

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

Stating your intentions for what you experience is going to serve you more than changing your beliefs. Your beliefs are all about the past. They are all about what you have come to conclude as a result of what you and others have experienced previously. So your intentions can defy your beliefs. They can be outlandish and impractical, and they can fly in the face of what society expects to occur.

When you allow your intentions to be yours and yours alone, and you don’t ask anyone else for permission to hold your intentions, that is when you truly exercise your free will, and you step into the knowing of yourself as a Creator Being. When you state your intentions, notice what thoughts come up, what emotions you feel, and what responses you have to those intentions.

What we encourage you to recognize is that everything that you feel, and think, and believe about your intentions can shift in a moment. You have the opportunity to move right past the past in that moment. You have the ability to shift your perspective without anything else changing.

As the holder of an intention, you are also the holder of the vibration of that intention. And when you give more of your attention to the intention and less of your attention to your beliefs about it, that is when you are taking steps forward. That is when you are shifting into a new perspective on reality.

You are always embracing something. When you cling to what has been in the past because it is familiar and comfortable, you do not allow yourself to embrace what is unknown, what has never been before, and what defies what you have known in the past.

These are the times for you to be very clear about your intentions and to be very willing to abandon old beliefs. It is up to you. It is your reality, and when you state your intentions for it, you are in the mode of creativity.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


Intentions & Beliefs ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

There are millions of Galactics now living on Nibiru.

Mother Sekhmet and the Niburu Council A Message Through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 7, 2016


Greetings Children of Ra. Welcome to Niburu. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 7, 2016.

We have some friends here at the Niburu Council:

With me are Alcyone, St Germain, Lady Master Nada and KOS, Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda, Rama, Tom the RingTail Cat and some of our other Paschat Friends. The are the ones you have met before, and the other Members of our Council you will become more familiar with.

We welcome you all. Thank you for joining us here on Nibiru. We come to you tonight to bring a message about family reunions. Many of you have been to Niburu or originated from Niburu. There is much about your own ancient history you do not yet remember.

NASA has come out with a lengthy discourse denying the existence of Niburu.I assure you, Niburu exists and it is very real.

We are here because Earth is ascending. We are here to assist all the inhabitants on Earth in their ascension.

There are millions of Galactics now living on Nibiru
. Our MotherShip is in your Earth’s orbit. We each have a job to carry out which assists in bringing Earth to this change point. We work with the Sirian Commander, U.S. President Barack Obama. He has prepared many lifetimes for the role he now plays.
He has special abilities and will carry Earth into a new era of One Race. We help coordinate the Master Plan for Worldwide Peace.

I have lived before on Earth, for thousands of years, during the Golden Age in Egypt. I am known as Mother Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess.

I am joined here with the Galactics, your family. We are the lion people, the bird people, and the reptile people. We are all humanoids, we are hybrids.

We are joined by the Kumaras of Shamballa, the peoples from Inner Earth, in the Argatha Network, and the Council of 4 and 20. We are also joined by Councils from Planets in your Solar System and beyond your Solar System.

All of us are meeting together and we will be meeting with you on Earth. We have been working with the people of Earth on Ascension.

As Earth vibration raises up to the Higher Dimensions, there are some who have chosen to leave the Planet rather than make the changes needed to ascend with everyone else. These Ones have volunteered to wear the Dark Hats and teach about duality. They got so into their role-playing,that they were unable to turn the Dark Hat to a White Hat.

Their time is up. We love them, because they lovingly played these roles so each one of us could experience life’s lessons.

The Ones who are leaving now have volunteered to be returned to the Source. That is my role, to help them go. For too long the Dark Hats have controlled, lied, and manipulated their fellow humanity on Earth. They have kept your true origin from you. They have manipulated you into forced slavery for their own benefit. They have kept you in a place where you are unable to see you are all Creator Gods. The only way to bring World Peace on Earth is to bring all the Councils, working together, to make it happen. Many of you here now are lightworkers and starseeds who incarnated at this time for the sole purpose of turning Earth back to a Planet of Love where all races live together in harmony.

Mother Earth [Gaia], with her Twin Flame, Vywamus, has requested an end to her destruction and nothing can stop these changes from coming to pass.

We have Galactic Technologies on our Ships which support this effort along with millions of Galactics here to play roles in bringing about Earth Ascension. We have transportation, communication, intel, computer systems, imaging abilities, and healing capabilities which far surpass anything you have ever been aware of in recent memory.

We have used all of these things to help bring about necessary changes. Our Galactic members have their own Secret Forces which have members placed in all levels of law enforcement. We have Galactic members with special abilities, such as shape shifting and telepathic communications, working in the Secret Service Guarding the President of the United States so he may carry out his Mission.

This President is entrusted with communicating with all the World Leaders in every country, to let them know that they must cooperate with the Master Plan, or they will be leaving the Planet. Gaia/Vywamus can no longer tolerate pollution, war, strip mining, misuse of water, slavery, violence, and lawlessness to be the norm.

The Master Plan is one where there is an end to all wars everywhere on the Planet. Neighboring countries will be required to live together in harmony. Only then can Mother Earth be safe from destruction through nuclear holocaust. The Master Plan has provisions for No Nukes. The end of Nuclear proliferation is at hand, it will no longer be tolerated.

All countries must work together to accomplish this. Any country with leaders entertaining the idea of building and storing nuclear weapons, will see arrests and removals. We will be certain that the new leaders put into place, are working together with all countries to end nuclear weapons. As a matter of fact, no weapon which is being used for the intention of harm will work.

There have been rumors that President Obama will take away American’s right to ‘bear arms’. That is a misunderstanding. Hunters all over the U.S. have been hoarding guns and ammunition since President Obama was elected.

When the time is right, these arms will no longer discharge. They will be holding onto a pile of junk which no longer has a use. There will be Peace. The animal kingdom will be honored with all of Earth’s citizens and there will be an end to hunting.

It is not President Obama who will take away the right to have a gun. It is the Galactics who will insist on World Peace, by Gaia’s request, that will make the weapons inoperable. President Obama, along with me and you and all of us are also Galactics.

It is through the coordinated efforts of the Galactic Federation, those in the skies over Earth, and you, the Ground Crew, working in your roles, who are bringing Peace to the Earth. We also have Galactics working in the courts. We have the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague. We have Universal Jurisdiction.

We have 16 million men working with the King of Swords (KOS). All the Dark Hats, working with the 13 Families of the Illuminati, will be rounded up, arrested, and tried for war crimes, including genocide. These atrocities will no longer be allowed on Earth.

The Master Plan includes dissolving the Federal Reserve Bank and the The Internal Revenue Service. There will be payments made to every man, woman and child for monies taken from them illegally. This will be for every person on Earth.

The division between the haves and the have nots will be permanently eliminated. Everyone will have all they need, once the payments are received. There will be new currencies, and new partnerships in the countries around the world.

In order for the Master Plan to be fully carried out, we must have disclosure of the Galactic Presence on Earth. This means everyone will learn about the millions of Galactics here now, who are working through the Office of the Christ, to bring harmony to Earth. We are working in concert with you to solve the World’s problems. President Obama has been criticized for tackling too many issues at once. What cannot be seen is that he has millions of Galactic helpers working on these issues with him. It will be accomplished. It is happening now.

Once everyone is aware that the removals have taken place, there will be no reason to hold up disclosure. There will be no reason to hold up the payments made available through the Reformation Act, NESARA Law.
When this happens StarShips of all sizes and all types will be seen flying in the skies over all Earth. This is called mass decloakings. Everyone will know we are here.

It will be a great reunion with all of you, a part of our larger family of star nations. Within days we will be landing on Earth and interacting with you. You will have mentors to help you work into your new lives. You will have loved ones coming back to live with you. You will have technologies that will make life easy. You will have all necessary abundance.

Free energy and new building practices will end pollution on the Planet.

All of these things we have been talking about for many, many years. There are some new to these ideas, so we went into a detailed review for the ones reading this news for the first time.

NASA will have to remove the denials from their website and this will be done at the time of decloakings.
What we have not been talking about is, at the time of decloakings, there will be an half-step increase in intelligence and heart opening for all inhabitants on Earth. This serves the purpose of dropping the veils which stand between you and the other dimensions and parallels. With these veils dropped, you will remember you are a Creator God.

You will be ready to explore Co-Creation with immediate results. We would like you to consider what this means. Instant Creation. Some of you are doing this now, in fact you are very good at it. You repeatedly create that which you do not want in your lives, due to repetitive thought that you do not want it in your life.

We have healing techniques that can help you balance all of your subtle bodies, the mental, physical, the emotional and spiritual bodies. In doing this, you change your point of view. You will be able to rise above the chaos on Earth and come into joy and love. When the declaokings come it will be easier to be fully in joy and experience more love.

You may begin today removing old programs and shifting your thoughts to those of abundance. Continue to imagine the changes you will have in your life when the changes come about.

Many are asking questions, What about this and What about that? We hear all the questions you toss around in your minds. The world will so greatly change, when you have the Galactic Technology; in a short time you will not believe the improvements.

The greatest thing the Nibiru Council would like you to know, is we love you beyond measure. We are your family. We are human-hybrids from other Star Nations. We are here to assist you to a life of freedom and restore your status and your understanding that you are an unlimited Divine Being. We wish to show you new ways to live lives of ease and enjoy all the fruits life has to offer.

Your primary thoughts will shift away from the repetition of survival and you will be able to create in new ways. You will be able to live in harmony with yourself and with nature. You may live in a world where everyone is encouraged to work together for the greatest good of all.

You will be living in immortal bodies which do not need to experience disease.

The possibilities of what we can create together, with our technologies is endless. There is no place you will not be able to visit, including Nibiru, and other StarShips, Stars, Suns, and Planets, as well as all points on Earth. Experiencing the cultures of all the different species of hybrid humans will be a great adventure.
Remembering that you are one of us will cause your souls to expand. Very quickly we will be as equal partners, working together creating a new Earth. When we have decloakings and landings, it will be a deeply personal experience. Each person will meet someone they remember and they know. Some will be meeting again in the physical with their Twin Flames, their true love, who they have waited for a very long time.

These friends and family, the trillions working with you from the trillions of Ships now in Earth’s atmosphere, will go to meet with the ones they know, in the places where they are on Earth. None of us are strangers to you. When you see us, you may ask us all of the questions you are now unsure of. Each Soul is on another part of their spiritual path and each has a different perception. We will be here to fill you in on the things you do not already know. There will be no fear. We are here as loving members of your family to help you wake up to the truth.

As soon as we land, you will be made aware of all the gifts we will share with you. You will have new modes of transportation, new technologies for healing, replicators to build or bring to you anything you need, including all of the basics.

These will be available as soon as immediately. No one will be left out. Everyone will have what they need.

You will very quickly remember your role with us. Many of you already work with us nightly. You will take up your passion and join us in the effort to restore Earth and balance all that is needed for humanity. We will make our computers, holodecks, and training facilities open for your use.

You may drop the illusion that you were meant to do menial labor until you are too old and worn out to care. You may drop the illusion that you have no control over your life. The only requirement will be living life from a heart-centered focus, with love.

Love for all on Earth, including Self-Love. It begins here.We welcome you to call on us for assistance at any time along the way. Call me, Mother Sekhmet. I will show you in subtle ways the steps to take, as we move forward in changing this Planet back to Love.

We look forward to reviewing all the stories from days gone by. We look forward to laughing at ourselves for the roles we played. We look forward to the delightful times ahead as One. We will join you and live with you and build Terra Nova together.

Bring these ideas into your heart, with joy, as we co-create this as reality, now. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved. An Invitation: Many have benefitted and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking please email me at eltrutwin @ It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session with video Skype or telephone. And you may ask anything you like.I have several written testimonials. SANANDA’S INVITATION THROUGH ELIZABETH TRUTWIN: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this moment. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked beth to offer her services for one hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda, to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the Light.~LORD SANANDA Please book here.

All 209 nation leaders are together for the RV, so everyone can look the other in the eye tomorrow during the general assembly


“Ratified” – RV/GCR Intel SITREP – 19:00:00 EDT – Monday – 9.19.16

Posted: 20 Sep 2016 01:45 AM PDT

Received via email at 7:55 PM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

19:00:00 EST

We’re still being told to expect 800# release later tonight… unsure on timing… but tonight is what we are told by WF, AD, IMF and AIIB…

Iraq did everything it needed to so all was printed yesterday in the gazette in Iraq…

All compliance elements that needed to be turned in by Abadi, including IMF (military and economic sovereignty) and UN (Paris Agreement) was…

There was also a public announcement both from the USA and in Iraq, but there’s no trace it happened on line…

Dinar holders represent 20M of the 30M currency holders worldwide, so Iraq was made to go last for security reasons…

All 209 nation leaders are together for the RV, so everyone can look the other in the eye tomorrow during the general assembly

The 71st UN General Assembly is the RV flash bang… natural distraction…

NYC is on RV MILITARY ALPHA-ALPHA alert status, and they’re hiding NYC’s redemption security as standard UN protection…

The flash bombs were not dangerous, but they were threats of later assignation and disruption attempts at exchange centers, same thing was done with a final aerial attach in Syria at Aleppo by cabal forces… both are idle threats of rebellion as the cabal at this point should be called more like “feeble” now… amazing but true stuff… God is Great!

2015 Paris Agreement was ratified at the G20 in Hangzhou when the US and China turned in their paperwork to the UN Secretary General last month… and the ceremony on Wednesday morning is just that… a ceremony with no administrative relevance other than a public show of global unity…

Obama and Biden have zero political or military power… everything they are doing is ceremonial now, i.e. lame duck in the most absolute sense…

ZIM negotiated exchange rates have been reported as high 750+ for every day off the street currency holders with just a few notes… that is if they know to ask and start negotiations higher than that… so expect to negotiate down a little… so start higher than what you’re looking to accomplish and let them work you down as that’s part of their training… just know the number you want to exchange for going in and have no problem what so ever… the ZIM is truly a blank check scenario… yes it’s a shockingly odd scenario but true nonetheless… sobeit…

Remember you can ask for any net/net total amount you want, and they can adjust the rates to fit your wealthy tolerance level accordingly … maybe that’s 100M, 1B or 1T or 1Q or 1QT… but ask for whatever gives you the most joy and comfort… it’s ok to leave money on the table here… just make sure you have the courage to ask for what you’re worth and the knowledge to acquire it peacefully…

Enjoy your new life..

Aloha Ke Akua

Most Powerful Incoming Vibrations Ever

Wow this past full Moon along its Eclipse has been quite a ride and wash out of all deep rooted beliefs that had to evacuate The Building:My Body,Mind,Spirit Complex bringing me even closer to my Higher Self.

With this comes the confirmation of what i am reading from Deborah Faith :


Incoming Frequencies of Light, Most Powerful so Far Ever Received on Earth

By Deborah Faith


How are you doing Beloveds? Are you okay? You are indeed experiencing the most powerful incoming frequencies of Light so far ever received on Planet Earth. Some of you are already feeling a shift as this energy is calibrated within your energy field. Those of you whose purpose it is to merge your Essence with that of your Twin Flame in the 5th dimension will experience a phenomenal shift after the partial Lunar Eclipse later today (16:54:42 UTC) as further alignment in your energy field is achieved through the higher portals of ascension.

It is through the alignment of the Masculine and Feminine energies of the Eclipses that affords you clear passageway through the higher portals of your ascension. May we remind you Beloveds that there is nothing you have to do, just surrender, let go, and allow the shift to occur.


Unconditional love is the most powerful transmuting force in the universe. Remembering how to utilise the power of unconditional love will help you to remain in the higher states of your consciousness that so many of you are now enjoying. You are being assisted in every conceivable way in this NOW to help you stay more in your multidimensional awareness.

Perception is the key to overriding the limiting programs of your human consciousness. Expanded perception comes from letting go of all that you previously believed yourself to be and embracing the knowing that there exists nothing outside of you. Literally nothing. When you can perceive yourself as being an intricate part of the Whole-ness that exists within you, and that everything you see around you is merely a projection of consciousness into the Hologram of Life, a huge shift will occur within your energy field.

tumblr nd1zo88R9v1txygfho1 500

You are powerful beings Beloved Ones, and you hold within you the power to change your World through unconditionally loving every aspect of yourself. It is through your unconditional love that you create change within yourself and everything around you and it is in this manner that you assist Gaia and humanity in their ascension.

We leave you with one last thought. You are indeed an intricate part of the patterns of Perfection that make up the Tapestry of Life, and your contribution is priceless. You are brave and courageous Beloveds, beyond your knowing, as you have willingly taken on the task of assisting in the ascension of Earth, and you have succeeded against all odds to create great change so far.

May this message also provide you with comfort knowing that in our perception, and that of your Higher Selves, you have ALREADY ascended and all is well.

We leave you with our Absolute Love and our Blessing for a most magical NEW day!


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You Are Free

RV/GCR/GESARA Update, September 12th


RV/GCR/GESARA Update – 9/12/16

Received anonymously via email ~ Dinar Chronicles

All sovereign nations of the world have recently signed into 30 mutually binding treaties at the G20 Summit in China.  Summarized, the treaties pledge that human beings will no longer “do harm to the earth or its inhabitants.”

These treaties, called GESARA, were fascinated by higher intelligence beings who seek to re-enter our society after a nearly 13 millennia hiatus.

Any nation, individual, or species violating these treaties (GESARA) will be removed from society and/or the planet’s surface by heavenly mandate, by Galactic Federation Peace Keeping Forces–that oversee earth’s galaxy.

Every sovereign nation in the world knows about GESARA, as well as the higher intelligent species on the surface of the earth, and have agreed to roll out some form of non-human terrestrial life (aka “disclosure’) in an organized, synced and highly disciplined manner for the safety of all.

Hillary Clinton will suddenly fall ill and pass away, at the same time, the invisible RV will be released. This is a planned event that has long been scripted, although it will be made to appear random for the safety and security of the masses.

Donald Trump has chosen to spend his own money, as well as his own time to campaign, because he clearly does not desire the job of top of government diplomat, nor does he care to understand the real issues facing our country at a detailed level.

The Donald knows full well he will never be President, as such he’s playing a role of informing the public, subtly and not so subtly sometimes, of the cabal’s deceit in service of the Republic.

Trump also knows with just one ZIM note redeemed, he will instantly recuperate everything he’s put out plus a handsome return rate–and this was a deal he made years earlier with the Chinese/Russian governments–and this is the main reason why he entered the race for President–money and fame.

All major news media outlets are covering up all truthful information Hillary’s Clinton’s emails / Clinton Foundation Donors / her ever declining health because they are as guilty of treason against humanity as are she and her husband.

The truth about 9/11 implicates everyone involved with G7 governments before, during and after the attacks as complicit to treason against the Republic of United States.

The US Military has fiscally been defeated by the creditors of US debt, and thus are only allowed to defend its own boarders and population within those boarders. They are being driven out of every other nation in the world where they have bases and interests.

Our entire political system has been so completely and absolutely corrupted, the only solution left is to let die this upcoming election cycle, and 100% replace it with a new US Republic Government System that the rest of the world agreed to via those 30 different G20 treaties.

Your new President, Vice President and Speaker of the House have already been chosen for you, and you will be selecting them from a pool of candidates pre-approved by the UN Security Council.

None will be named Clinton, Trump, Kaine or Pence–as they are all playing a role to assist in the transition of structural government back to the Republic.

All justices of the Supreme Court bench have been 100% replaced as well, without your knowing so mass panic would not commence. You will be informed of this shortly.

The global financial system has undergone a similar yet complete structural overhaul without your awareness, and all markets globally are now under the full control of a global monetary authority that forbids high frequency trading, price rigging and/or abuse of markets, equities and commodities trading, with a 100% capital termination penalty if violated.

A vast majority of the cabal families previously running the planet for several centuries, and the higher minds that assisted these dark noble families in the enslavement of mankind vibrationally for over a dozen millennia, has been permanently removed from the surface of the earth.

Meaning, you can stop obsessing over their dominance as its like boxing with a shadow–it’s not really there.

The House of Rothschild has been permanently defeated, and their banking and para-military dominance totally eliminated, never to return.

Zimbabwe’s currency has been chosen as the new reserve currency of the African Continent and it’s worth is invaluable by human standards because it’s monetary value is based on the raw earth elements within the entire continent of Africa–which is incalculable.

Soon all of you will be stepping into a banking off-site redemption location and determining your own life’s worth, without limitation, for the first and only time in the history of mankind due to the ZIM alone.

Cannabis oil is a physically healthy and life preserving medicinal herb given to us by God.

This means smoking pot is both healing event, and why the cabal made it illegal, as it also opens up the third eye of consciousness, which makes it much easier to see their lies.

The Lemurian continent existed, as did Atlantean continent, before the great flood in old testament times–and both will rise out of the water when the pole shifts begin to reconstitute the earth’s new vibrational harmony–and both histories will be revealed to humanity in a peaceful, loving manner.

Mu (Lemuria) is Eden and the birth place of humanity. And the Pacific Ocean is where the Divine Feminine Spirit has always been headquartered. The equivalent Divine Male Spirit is located in the Atlantic.

The earth’s magnetic poles have been shifting from a male dominated energy to more feminine/male balance.

This is pure human harmony or 528 Hz “the love frequency.” Native Hawaiians refer to its earthly song as ALOHA.

There is no struggle but the struggle you manufacture so that you may appear active in pursuit of a man-made goal.

If you are at peace, and in the moment, you will manifest God’s Will for your life versus forcing your will into existence–which cannot sustain itself because it did not come from the Creator.

You are free.


We have evolved beyond the need for daily verification of the rightness of our being.

Dear Ones,

Others seem to be reporting miracles and glowing feelings that those of you feeling left out do not. Perhaps you once experienced similar miracles or sensations. But that was long ago and does not match the sameness you feel now as you go about your day.

You have evolved beyond the need for daily verification of the rightness of your being. Just as was true when you no longer needed a parent or teacher telling you that your reading skills were progressing wonderfully. You are beyond requiring instant gratification for any part of your being.

In truth, you have arrived at a crossroads most could not envision even a few months ago. For you have evolved beyond the need for teachers and information apart from earth. Even though that information reminds you of details you might have neglected; such information is no more important than was true once you learned to read and no longer required an adult to help you sound out the big words.

If you will, you are evolving to more complicated books that require nothing but your attention and interest. So it is you are feeling somewhat neglected or forgotten as you transition to new you.

Perhaps you forgot you are shifting to places no one has dared or been able to explore. So even though those of us not of earth at this time can observe, console or encourage you, we can not fully understand what you are exploring.

You are shifting the Universes in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Think of those parents who never attended college and glory in the reports of their children as they complete their college coursework and find related jobs. Even though those parents can observe, console and encourage, they cannot fully understand their children’s college environment nor their resulting jobs. So it is for us. We have never been where you are now.

This transition is new to all of us including you – which was expected. The surprise is you are moving ahead so rapidly that there is no time for Universal clearing and collecting of experiences between earth lives.

The original plan was for you scout masters to initiate the shift followed by your children and grandchildren – either of this life or the next – living the life you initiated. The information you gathered was to be consolidated and passed on to those who decided to carry the torch.

Such is no longer a valid expectation of you or us. You have transitioned so rapidly that you are creating new you without the parameters once expected to help you.

This is neither terrible nor frightening, merely that you have, in a sense, outgrown your teachers and parents.

So it is we offer encouragement and observe in amazement your courage and tenacity in continuously moving beyond expectations.

Which returns us to your original fear that you have done something wrong for you are no longer experiencing the miracles others seem to receive without question or doubt.

You are the miracle. And we, of other dimensions, are collecting data on how best to encourage you to move beyond what you have achieved.

Think of us as proud parents who never attended college. As you complete the coursework we cannot yet understand, you are moving to a life we never dreamed possible.

Even though we are gathering in collectives – including some of your segments – to enhance your journey, we have not yet established key points of interaction.

Perhaps that thought is a bit frightening for that means you are on this adventure without a map or a reward. We are gathering to discover the best way to encourage you without shifting your projected path.

You are scout masters discovering new trails to be utilized by those following. But those trails are so new; we cannot tell you what you will feel or experience until you report back to us.

Perhaps you have not yet understood that your mission – that you so graciously accepted – was to shift the Universes, as well as earth. A mission to be accomplished over several of your earth lifetimes or by those who followed. For no one, least of all you thought you could nullify your past karma and move far beyond as you have done.

Those of you ‘stuck,’ as it were, with dreams that never seem to come to fruition, beg to differ.

You have moved so rapidly that we of other dimensions and collectives, do not yet quite understand how you are evolving. Do we point you in the direction of the reward that seems important to you now? Or do we point you in the direction of the reward you will find important in a month or year? That is our quandary.

Those of you reading this message are most likely screaming within yourselves to point/nudge you to your reward or miracle now – and to yet another one when you have evolved beyond that.

Such is the debate within the various non-earth dimensions and collectives. Of course, that makes you angry for you have worked diligently to reach this point and need something to earmark your courage.

Yet, you have not completely accepted your being. That is the center of our quandary. Will a reward now shift your direction from your 3D world to beyond? Or will it encourage you to remain of earth, instead of floating into the ethers?

Not that we are stopping your adventures, instead we are reviewing our original projections and determining how much you can achieve without our assistance – and when and where to intercede.

We are indeed in this glorious venture with you. But we need to assess our role so that you do not move forward more rapidly than you can comprehend or tolerate physically.

Much is going on within your being throughout this equinox and eclipse time that you cannot detect for most is occurring in your night and daydream states. Is your being overloaded or is your dream the piece you need to feel comfortable in your new you being?

A bit like the parents of a college student who wish to reduce the amount of time that student is in college, so their financial burden is reduced. Do they push their child to take more coursework that will reduce costs, but might result in that child’s spiraling stress or exit before graduation?

So it is for us now. How can we best help you achieve your ever-expanding goals without harming your physical or emotional being?

Know that we love you dearly and are extremely proud of your accomplishments.

Because you are courageous souls, you chide us for not encouraging a more rapid forward movement. But we are pondering that approach as you evolve internally and much more rapidly than either you or we believed possible before you entered earth in this lifetime. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

Copyright © 2009-2016, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link:

It is as though you had been in very demanding training for an Olympic event in which you are now taking part and as the finishing line appears you can see that You are going to take the Gold!

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday September 4thHello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Sunday September 4th 2016. I spent 3 weeks channeling this message, mostly in the last 2 days, and so I am including my communication with Jesus before I fully relaxed and allowed him to commune with me. We all have our “stuff” coming up for release which can make it difficult to get into our quiet space, the one from which I channel. His encouraging words to me are, of course, directed to all of humanity.

Jesus Blog # 300 for Sunday September 4th 2016. Channeled 20.10 Thursday August 18th thru’ 21.18 Saturday September 3rd 2016. 






Me:  Well Dear Jesus, I have been blocked, out to lunch, unwilling? I don’t know which, but I have either been avoiding making contact with you, or, due to reasons of which I am unaware, have just been content to remain uncommunicative and quiet.  I get vaguely anxious feelings that I should channel, but choose not to respond.  So input from you and/or a new message would be greatly appreciated, and so here I am attempting to be open to you, please commune!

Jesus:  Good morning John, thank you for calling, we have much to discuss, and you will be pleased with “what comes through.”  Just keep reminding yourself that All are One, you know this deep within yourself, so allow yourself to feel it, to experience it, and be truly inspired and uplifted, which is your will and therefore also God’s.  Don’t judge or disparage yourself, it is totally inappropriate because 1) God is Love and therefore so are you, and 2) You are not a body, you are free, you are as God created you.  Just be yourself, accept yourself as you are because that is how God created you, and that can only be Perfect!  You and God are One in perfect harmony, in perfect alignment, perfectly integrated and inseparable.  You just forgot that, momentarily, but your memory is returning if you will allow it to open and then accept the wonders it offers you.  And why wouldn’t you?  God wants only for you to be in perfect happiness, and only you can prevent or block your awareness of that.  YOU ARE ETERNALLY ONE WITH GOD, so ALLOW yourself to be aware of that, your eternal and most natural state!



Me:  WOW! Thank You.  I need to sit with that for a little while before we continue.  Please excuse me as I sit quietly assimilating those uplifting thoughts.


Jesus: The apparent chaos you see in the world around you – political confusion in many countries, continuing economic hardship for many, bitter conflicts, people being driven from their homes due to conflicts or business developments – is arising to be addressed and resolved, much like your individual packages of “stuff” that need to be acknowledged and released.

There is only Love! Humanity is coming to realize this, and the many grass roots movements across the planet seeking major change in the way humanity relates to itself and to the planet, are striving to bring these essential changes into being through loving and honest communication with those who are attempting to maintain a system that has long outlived its usefulness.  This essential change in relationships on every level will succeed!  The human collective has been preparing for this moment for a very long time, and it will not be diverted from its loving intent to create a state of peace and harmony on Earth.

As you note the reports on the mainstream media, focusing largely on catastrophes and disasters that involve individuals or nations, realize that the intent is to encourage a state of fear that will enable their owners and those who control them – those who would maintain the status quo, the old order of divisive interactions on every level – to impose ever more restrictive laws to maintain that control.  However, the old system is crumbling as more and more refuse to cooperate to maintain it.  It is clearly seen by the vast majority of humanity that the present system is totally corrupt and must be replaced by one that honors every human regardless of economic status, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and religious or political persuasion.

God created you eternally free, but, within the confines and limits of the illusion, you gave away your power and allowed bullies and tyrants to suppress and control you.  It was an enormous lesson for you to choose to experience, and now that you have learnt it, it is time for you to move forwards by returning to your God-given state of individual freedom in which harmonious and creative cooperation will lead you out of the morass of corruption and dishonesty that has ensnared you for eons.

You are all, as we have often told you before, spiritual beings having a human experience.  Living within the illusion, where that experience occurs, you utterly forgot who you really are.  But now, due to your collective decision to awaken, your memories are returning and gently reminding you that you are and always have been One – One with God and One with each other.

So what the vast majority of humanity is now doing is coming to a realization of this divine truth, and therefore being drawn intuitively to move inwards to the divine flame of Love that burns eternally on the altars within them – the holy and infinite space within each one of you that enfolds within it All That Exists.

This most wonderful realization is truly quite mind blowing after being in the deep sleep of forgetfulness for so long.  And yet it has been but a brief moment, as you will become fully aware when your awakening happens.

You can have no idea of the joy here in the spiritual realms as we observe you stirring and moving out of your state of deep and unaware sleep towards a knowing awareness of your true nature.  When that happens your joy will be boundless.

As you deal with long buried personal issues and the emotional pain they have been causing you, know that this is an essential but passing phase on your path to awakening.  To use an up to the moment analogy, it is as though you had been in very demanding training for an Olympic event in which you are now taking part and as the finishing line appears you can see that You are going to take the Gold!

Yes, every human is now in a position to win in a manner that you cannot possibly conceive of, for you are coming Home to God, to Yourself, to Reality.  And although it seems as though you have been separated from your true and divine nature for eons, it has been but a moment, a moment so brief that on your awakening it will be instantly forgotten, for in truth it never happened!  There will be no memory of pain or suffering of any kind, for that would be a memory of unreality, and what never happened obviously cannot be remembered.

Each of you is traveling on your own personal path Home.  It was designed specifically for you, and for no one else, with great skill and wisdom before you incarnated as a human, and no matter where you feel you are, you are never off your path.  That alone is reason to rejoice, because your path will bring you Home.  You can slow down or delay your progress along it, but you cannot leave it, move backwards, or come to a complete halt.  You are continually progressing along it at the pace that you yourself choose in any moment.  Enthusiasm draws you along more swiftly, whereas doubt and anxiety tend to slow you down.

Practice letting go of doubt and anxiety because they are unwarranted.  You are safely established on your way Home, so enjoy the ride by focusing on the good things in your life which far outweigh those about which you choose to worry.  Difficult situations may well arise, but you have the support of all in the spiritual realms who will help you deal with them successfully.  Ask for our assistance in being aware, in knowing that you are eternally divinely loved in every moment and that you will arrive, just as planned.  When you allow us to assist – often people ask for help but then choose not to accept it – and relax into that state of allowing you will feel the Love that envelops you in every moment of your eternal existence.

You are the divine child of God, a holy and honored soul, created perfect because God delights in His divine ability to create gold_medal_image2perfection.  That is what He does, endlessly.  And your destiny is to return to complete awareness of your joy and ecstasy in creating with Him, eternally.  That is the only reason you were created, to share with Him the joy of creating, and as you awaken you will be once more aware that that is precisely what you are doing.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

The Transition


We are entering joyfully a graceful transition where things are securely being manifest in delight of all  The Conscious Humans / Lightworkers where we expect a vast majority of humanity to be shocked from the magnificence of the gifts that Mother Father God has prepared supported by Sananda ,Saint Germain,Archangel Michael,Serapis Bay and rest of Archangels,our legions of Angels,Ascended Masters and Mother Earth and All The Company of Heaven,our galactic brothers and sisters that We Are Thanking From The Depth of Our Hearts and sending them Our Love and Light as they have been doing always with or without our awareness , of course always present every time we ask for help.

The simple fact to call upon The Violet Flamme of Saint Germain is enough to bring us forward in our Ascension towards the 5th dimension and beyond recognising the divinity in the depths of our being.

So here are some channeled messages that i invite you to read and nurture yourself:

Namaste,Aloha & Feel More Than Fine!

Nikos Akrivos


Your Donations are appreciated as this time i find myself with no money at all. Thank God I Am Raw Vegan and Abundance of Fig & Almond Trees  & Grapes all over the places in Ibiza.



The National Economic Security And Reformation Act is global prosperity program on the cusp of being announced and activated.

This program is backed by deliverable precious metals well upwards of one quattuordecillion US dollars (40 zeros).

This money will be used to buy all corporations and banking cartels.

NESARA will also zero out (permanently cancel) all personal, corporate and national debts worldwide.

NESARA monies were originally scheduled for release in the year 2000, but the Bush White House and its banking conspirators prevented the disbursement through a corporate pan-global control of all mainstream media outlets, and nearly all knowledge of NESARA’s existence was suppressed.

However, when the NESARA global prosperity program is openly and publicly announced, perhaps in this Year of Golden Jubilee (September 2015-September 2016) it will permanently change human civilisation in every related way.

The entire 8 billion human population will benefit from NESARA. And the Earth will finally be free to experience itself as the abundant planet it was created to be.

Few understand there is more than enough gold to back all human currency in circulation. This means each and every human being could become an instant multi-millionaire without debt of any kind–if just given the resources.

NESARA is about sharing the stored gold resources of humanity for humanity with humanity by humanity around the planet and fairly.

NESARA is about putting benevolent banking systems and operators in place worldwide to deliver said monetary equality–consistently.

No individual anywhere on Earth will be beyond the reach of the NESARA’s wealth redistribution program. And no individual or organization anywhere on Earth will be able to stop NESARA once it begins either.

NESARA’s volume alone will cancel out all credit card, mortgage and other banking debt due to illegal banking and government corruption worldwide.

Income tax will be abolished too as NESARA will render personal taxation monetarily unnecessary.

A new 14% flat rate tax on non-essential new items will provide the sustainable revenue stream for all national governments post NESARA.

There will be increased benefits for senior citizens and children post NESARA.

In the USA, there will be a return to Constitutional Law at every level of the legal system.

The US President and Vice President will be removed from office with immediate effect, and before the end of their present term under NESARA.

So will all members of Congress along with their cabal handlers. All will be replaced with constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President designates, possibly including people such as General Joseph Dunford or General Carter Ham.

In exchange for amnesty, Donald Trump is yes being allowed a temporarly expose the machinations of the cabal, specially the Clinton Foundation and Obama Administration as being one in the same.

There will be new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of the NESARA announcement.

These elections will be carefully monitored to prevent voter fraud and other illegal activities by special interest groups or covert syndicates.

A new USA Treasury currency will come forward, backed by gold, silver, and other precious metals. A new USA Treasury Bank System will also be initiated in alignment with Constitutional Law.

The Federal Reserve System will be abolished after one year of transition.

Personal financial, medical and Internet privacy will also be restored.

All judges and attorneys will be retrained in Constitutional Law or be dismissed.

All aggressive US government military actions worldwide will cease and global peace will be established.

The Farmers’ claims will be paid first with settlements to include immediate debt forgiveness of $300,000 (including mortgages, credit cards and loans) for each farming family.

Similar reforms will take place in every country worldwide as part of GESARA (the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act).

Enormous sums of money will be made available for humanitarian projects and job creation.

Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 12 years.

Suppressed technologies such as free energy devices, pollution cleanup equipment and sonic healing machines will be released for free use to all.

And while the precise term “NESARA” might not be used initially to publicly describe the global package of prosperity, humanitarian, infrastructure and currency refinancing which has become necessary–the term will ultimately become common place in time.

With over a decade and a half having passed since the year 2000, and with the corrupt deterioration of most aspects of life in the Western world having reached such visible degradation, the “NESARA” aspects of the necessary reforms shall be folded into (i.e.added) a number of other financial and organisational rescue initiatives, which Asia and the BRICS have now taken the lead.

Also, some very historical information about White House corruption over the centuries will intersect with America’s unblocking of NESARA reforms, and will be made public.

The Vatican has been centrally involved in many behind-the-scenes machinations involved with blocking NESARA since the 2007-2008 global financial collapse.

Back in April 2008, then Pope Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) failed in an attempt to lay claim to a large tranche of the NESARA prosperity funds. He was reported as saying to close colleagues: “The little people cannot handle this money properly, only the Church can.”

Ratzinger’s audacious money grab had to be sorted out at the World Court in The Hague–this was responsible for more serious delays.

Speaking to one group in Washington on Thursday 17th April 2008, the Pope said: “If the peasants think they are going to get this money, they have another thing coming. It will never happen.”

He was not talking about the $2.0 trillion; he was referring to the global prosperity funds or GESARA, which is an acronym standing for Global Economic Security and Reformation Act. Thus, as a program, GESARA/NESARA can be viewed from several perspectives.

As a spiritually-directed financial program, it traces back to the work of ascended masters. That work began in the Fifteenth Century and was designed to provide a new economic system for the world during the present time of transition. This is well known to be the beginning of the Global Collateral Accounts or World Trust.

Viewed as a modern development however, the roots of GESARA/NESARA can be found in the response by the Supreme Court to dangerous banking foreclosures against farm property which the Court found to be illegal in the 1980s.

In the course of reviewing these practices, the Court went further and ruled that many other contemporary banking, taxation and governance arrangements were also unconstitutional.

As a legislative initiative, it then took its name from the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and was passed by Congress in 2000.

NESARA was to be publicly announced on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10:00am, but the cabal decided to blow up the World Trade Center buildings at 8:00am in order to prevent that historic moment from happening.

These same dark energetic forces are to this day still fighting tooth and nail to prevent even the awareness of NESARA, much less its implementation, and at this point, delaying the announcement and RV even further.

But by rule of law, NESARA must be enacted now and its widespread provisions be disbursed freely to humanity.

Sure this sinister cabal cartel was temporarily successful at achieving delays by several means, including: assassinations of influential people who favor initiating the provisions without delay as well as others actively working toward this end; death threats to the families of light workers and to the light workers themselves; double-agents within the ranks of the light workers; and constant third party terrorist assaults.

The US Patriot Act was also part of their anti-NESARA campaign, and they used the September 11, 2001 attacks as fear leverage on thr American people to create even more barbaric and illegal tactics of suppression.

Thankfully, this oppression is no more.

Interesting to note that the gold which was to back the new US Treasury currency was stored in the WTC Building 7 and was stolen by the cabal during the faux attack. WTC Building 7 was also the center of NESARA operations pre 9/11 and was ultimately destroyed after the theft was complete–that’s why it was made to fall without being attacked.

Now viewed from the widest possible angle, NESARA is a spiritually-inspired and divinely-guided arrangement.

NESARA is at its core galacticly inspired legislation for the United States government. It was encouraged by a galactic consortium and designed with assistance from higher light beings working with all governments, in conjunction with many spiritual beings on the planet, all attempting to create a legal framework to usher in the era of peace, prosperity and harmony on planet Earth.

Some consider NESARA to be more political and economic in nature, while others view it as spiritual because of the high-level light beings affiliated with it. NESARA is both.

Whenever. people are severely oppressed by political and economic conditions that foster impoverished living circumstances, lack of health care and education, monopoly of natural resources, slave labor, unjust laws and courts, starvation, and tyrannical regimes, offering ‘soul food’ isn’t enough… something must be done.

But if people are preoccupied with mere survival requirements, giving them only spiritual messages is not going to bring about the global reforms they need to rise out of their misery, they are stuck in conundrum they cannot climb out of without galactic and/or spiritual help.

That is why the provisions of NESARA are monumental in scope, embodying sweeping reforms for planet Earth that will begin as soon as this historic legislation is officially announced and implemented.

When people become aware of these reforms, they will be motivated to participate according to their greatest capabilities and not some pre-assigned limitation.

As in all other aspects of polarity still existing on Earth, NESARA is at one extreme against a dark energetic force used by the cabal to enslave humanity for millennia.

NESARA is designed to erase poverty and all its attendant ills from Earth during a transitional period preceding Ascension so that the planet’s sovereign citizens can again focus their spiritual attention on planetary transformation.

NESARA changes will not be imposed for the sake of it, but are part of our plan to bring comfort and protection back to humanity, which will lift the human experiences to new heights and bring about sustainable peace, joy and happiness.

Following NESARA you will be in the right frame of mind to apply yourselves to the business of preparing for Ascension–which is the ultimate purpose of humanity.

Ultimately this planet is destined to be weaned from the use of money; and humanity will reach a stage where money has no place in a society that is founded upon sharing.

In the Earth’s New Golden Age, the trend will be away from money and toward systems of bartering—the light intensity in souls will let those means of remuneration for services and conduct of commerce become as satisfying between nations as between individuals.

It has also been said that there was no sense to implement NESARA before all dark energetic forces have been removed completely from power. Otherwise the cabal would just continue to use their control over governments to seize people’s funds after release.

This is why dark energetic forces tenaciously attempt to hold onto the very top rungs of power in all human institutions. As their tentacles reached deeply into the highest levels of government, banking, media, religion, multinational corporations, royal families; education, medicine, pharmaceuticals, law and justice systems – but they can no influence humanity with absolute rule.

NOTHING of an influential nature on planet Earth is now under cabal control. Just think about that!

The once all powerful cabal has been defeated and they no longer are recognized galacticly as being in control of the Earth’s native peoples or resources. Humanity is truly free.

No more will humans be kept in vacuums of ignorance or chambers of invisible fear. Now it’s the cabal who must experience scarcity and fear as the oppressed, as they are quickly discovering that holding onto power is impossible.

The shoe is really on the other foot per se! As they rightly saw NESARA as their total uprooting, because once the program’s reforms are implemented, the control of the darkness will crumble totally. And that’s exactly what is happening today.

Many people wonder why the galactic coalition does not just force the cabal to just accept NESARA. Perhaps they appreciated the requirement of free will choice? Or are they acting in accordance with universal law, whereby the coalition is bound to keep some distance until the arrival of a divine deadline, which technically allows even the worst cabal occupiers to exercise free will and surrender on their own terms.

Another source of confusion arises from our belief that the galactic coalition plans are predestined and therefore fixed. But there are things that we shall call “wild cards.” Which is to say, potentials that nobody thinks about and appears to cause delays.

Either way, know much is fomenting behind the scenes and the harsh truth is surfacing about the global economy, Earth’s energy field and other radically charged information which will surely lead to news of the NESARA release.

Your time has come.

Your moment is now.

Your life yours once again.

It’s safe to believe.

God is with us.

Trust in the Divine Plan -Archangel Michael

Dear ones, to watch or hear a lecture given by someone such as David Icke for instance, who exposes the intricate Agenda of the Elite, the Cabal, or Illuminati, is not something to run away from saying ‘it leads to fears’ implying it is bad in itself, for it is you who will, or not, experience fear from it, and if you do, you should fix it by calling to the Archangel Michael that I am, and asking me to cut you free from fears and doubts, or from whatever it is that can still trigger fears in you. If you ask to be cut free from all that is less than Christ consciousness, you will also be liberated from those dark nooks and crannies in your psyche that prevent you from being fearless. Trust in the Divine Plan, surrender your psychological self so it can be transformed by your magnetization of the Light, my blue flame, and the Violet flame, from the Great Central Sun, or from the heart of Saint Germain. There is nothing wrong with studying the world, what is going on in the political arena, nor studying the agenda and strategies of the forces of darkness, as well as the reasons why they are suppressing truth. You will gain a Perception of Reality and you know how to use the spiritual tools the Ascended Masters have provided in past decades. Once you know what is wrong you can make the calls to us, the Archangels, and ask for dispensations so these conditions may be resolved. A lot of what you know today through disclosure had already been identified by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet and she was protected in the Tube of Light when she studied the matter. In those days there was an additional threat in the fact of the existence of the Capitalist Communist Conspiracy and with the dissolution of the Soviet Union the communist threat is now irrelevant. However, although it’s true that the Cabal invents enemies with a view to create new conditions and implement their programs, the threat of terrorism is now something that did not exist in the days that the Ascended Masters communicated their instruction through her. There are many new conditions which you need to identify and then you will be able to mention them in your decrees to give us the authority to go into action and eradicate them. The interference of the dark ones cannot be removed in an instant. There still is a dark force clinging to power and although its time is up, a battle is going on as it should, as you know, and what you see of it in your physical world is like the top of the iceberg showing on the surface, and there is a great mass hiding below the surface of the waters, in the invisible world because it goes on beyond your spectrum of consciousness.

Some notions were introduced a few years ago in the channeling circles of a group of lightbearers who were a new generation, so to speak, as they had not been introduced to the teachings that the Ascended Masters promulgated in previous decades through many groups. Many groups indeed received some teachings during the 20th century and it was said ‘Work while you have the Light’ because it was known that the Earth would enter a time of darkness in this period of the Kali Yuga before the proper start of the Aquarian Age. Progress was hindered. Some obstructions caused a development of situations in a way that had not been expected, up to recently in 2015. Not many people have questioned the saying that where there is Light, there also is darkness, nor its meaning. Not many have understood that it relates to the fact that the Dark Ones attack the souls of the Light in every Nation. So, yes, they are present where the Light appears and they attack those souls that achieve the most upon the spiritual Path of the Ascension. This emissary has experienced attacks, particularly during the year of 2014, but they provided an understanding of the mechanics and of the modus operandi that the dark ones use. This is a Latin expression meaning ‘ways of operation’. It was a useful training to be able to identify an impersonation of the masters. There is in the ability for telepathic communication a number of innate perceptions that can facilitate this identification. With the training came an understanding concerning the impostures carried out by the dark forces both from the astral plane and physical one where they have a scientific technology and secret weaponry system called psychotronics, that have been used to carry out a masquerade of telepathic communication or channeling, as well as to produce synthetic dreams that they insert in the minds of people to cause a disturbance. They have carried out an impersonation of the natural telepathy that is now appearing as an ability in the human kingdom as a result of its being irradiated with photonic light, and of certain DNA changes taking place. However, these impersonations of the Masters are of low quality as the dark ones do not understand the process of Ascension. You can easily catch them at their game as they demonstrate an absence of study of the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

The Armageddon, or battle of the psyche, is not just the result of an opposition of the dark to those souls of Light. It relates to many transformations in the self, which may be of a spiritual or psychological nature.

What is this Self I am referring to? It is the one that has taken control of itself in the physical world composed of four elements: fire, air, water and earth. We therefore refer to this Self of the persona as the ‘four lower bodies’ that you see represented as the bottom figure in the ‘Chart of your Divine Self’ showing your I Am Presence as the top figure. The ego forms a unit at the intellectual level with the emotional self of the water element. The part of this persona that corresponds to fire is the lower etheric part of self that leaves the body at night. There is a higher etheric self at the level of Christ consciousness where the records are being preserved. As has been said in the message ‘Ascension in the Past’ when you incarnated in the physical world with a reduced spectrum of consciousness, after the Atlantean cataclysms and the scrambling of the DNA of the forms you incarnated into, you left in heaven a celestial counterpart of yourself upon those realms of higher dimension because that higher etheric counterpart could not descend into the 3rd dimension. That higher counterpart exists beyond the level of Christ consciousness which represents the boundary above which there is no time, no change, and where, according to Scripture the Son is One with the Father. There is immortality in the Now and Place, or condition, or State of Being, of that Consciousness which is Cosmic, and Universal, but is also individualized as a celestial Christ Self. That Christ exists in the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters and Archangels, as well as the Galactic beings of higher dimensions. They help you to overcome the human consciousness which also is one of mortality. As you are being transformed and virtues replace what represents an antagonism to them, something within yourself has to give way and die a little every day. It is being replaced by something greater by the action of the Light and the transmuting effects of the Violet Fame. You must be willing to surrender all of these parts of yourself and ask me, Archangel Michael, to cut you free in this Armageddon of the psyche. An integration of the wonderful aspects of your Higher Self will take place but understand that, although you are asked to identify with your Higher Self, it is only when you are able to switch to the viewpoint of your Higher Self, or you have accomplished the full integration, that you should adopt your Higher Self’s name. A few years ago there occurred a dissemination of false notions in some channelings that were intended to eclipse the notion of the integration of the Christ consciousness. The interpretation concerning the resurrection from the human, or mortal, consciousness which is a key to understand the process of Ascension, was ignored or bypassed. But be not alarmed as you are living in the prophesied time of false teachings which is soon to come to a close as you are about to enter a time of Transition when these falsifications will be corrected. Teaching from your mentors will be telepathic on some cases and will also take place in the new Mystery Schools that will be formed. What you believe is not of an upmost importance if you have the right feelings and the right attitude. Truth will be restored but do not be afraid to look at, or hear, Disclosure about the ugly realities of your physical world. They will come to an end as part of the manifestation of the Divine Plan as you are in the end times when it is evil that will end, and all forms of corruption will be eradicated. Understand a battle is still taking place against the Establishment – that Babylon of ancient scripture – with its control of the media. The veils are falling and mankind is awakening as if it was a woman giving birth. That child is Christ consciousness. With the use of the 3rd eye the great masses of people are beginning to perceive reality for what it is despite the indoctrinations.

There is another erroneous concept circulating in the teachings channeled to the Lightworkers because a detail has been misunderstood. It is in relation to the soul. It is not feminine as such and it probably was the symbolic comparison of the integration of Christ consciousness to a wedding that caused this misunderstanding. In this integration the soul’s solar garment of Ascension weaved by the angels is compared to a wedding dress. The soul doesn’t have a gender as does the physical form. The soul extension, or Self, however actually takes on a character that corresponds to its polarity in relation to its twin flame. These flames were created by the Higher Selves in the image, or polarities, of the Father-Mother God, so one has the image of the Father, and the other, of the Mother. The Archangels create extensions of themselves in embodiment corresponding to their polarity or character, and upon the higher octaves of being they don’t need to switch over to the opposite polarity as was claimed of Archangel Gabriel.

Another erroneous notion is the one that suggested that souls can go as they please after death, for instance go and experience life upon another world. Souls have been bound to Earth because they could not escape the Wheel of Incarnation and that was because they did not manage to balance karma. Their liberation could occur after death by achieving the Ascension as it is possible to further advance upon the Path by attending classrooms in the Mystery Schools upon the Etheric plane. It is actually easier to resurrect from the human consciousness when out of the body.

Many of you have acquired the perspective of the 5th dimension and are firmly anchored upon it by your level of Spirituality. Do not be concerned that it will be affected by such studies alleged to lower vibrations. You have to acquire knowledge and information is light. These studies do not affect your spirituality. If you have an illness, do not be concerned as the pain as well as your thoughts and worries about your condition will not affect the level of spirituality which anchors you upon the 5th dimension. Raise your thoughts to your I Am Presence if you are able to, and let them dwell upon us, the Masters, Cosmic or Galactic beings and Archangels, who love you, come to heal you, and are with you always. I am Archangel Michael, Prince of Peace and of the Mystical Body of God upon Earth that represents the real Church.


-Archangel Michael-

Channeled by Christine Preston

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An Evening with Archangel Michael (the Angel of Passage) | Yvonne 









AUGUST 21, 2016


Philippians 4:6-8

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Dear Currency Holders,

The end and beginning have arrived in the same moment.

The RV is now in full force.  Redemptions have begun via private appointment, with hydration for US account holders scheduled for Monday morning, August 22, 2016.  Toll free numbers expected any minute after 6pm EDT through this evening, but before the closing Olympic ceremonies (which begin around 8pm EDT and scheduled to complete sometime before midnight).  Also expect some extreme movements in US markets tomorrow, as well as massive breaking news regarding the US Presidential Election.  Restored Republic President General Joseph Dunford and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan are in secure monitoring locations at this hour, overseeing the Republic’s historic RV.

Feel great knowing you were alive to harvest it.  Have confidence knowing you will competently claim it.  Be warned you are forever burdened to share it.  And remember — everyone will suddenly be watching your every decision post-RV –so move slower than normal with all major purchases, remain humble in all your personal interactions, and pay greater attention to detail in all your affairs.

That said, congratulations on a divine blessing well earned, and welcome to your new earthly life.

Live like God is watching.  Laugh like God is listening.  Love like God is with us.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)


Yes the RV is here, but everyone needs to remain calm.

COBRA Situation Report

It is important to make sure your life is in wonderful order and that you are in comfort, which will enable you the purity of the freedom to then reach out to others with the means by which to help them with their lives. It is of vital importance for all of you to live the moment in joy, peace and love, for they are the most powerful energies that exist for the creation of life that is in the same energy of the Creator.


A Tree doesn’t worry.

-Sanat Kumara-


N.E.S.A.R.A // Chicken or The Egg?Which Came First?

What is N.E.S.A.R.A ? Manifesting in Full Effect.

What will happen after NESARA is announced?

Imagine you have been invited by the Universe to be one of the handful of people on Earth who know about NESARA Law and you are asked to promote it to help raise Earth Consciousness to end war and live in abundance which is our birthright; health, freedom and prosperity. There are actually millions of people on Earth who know about NESARA Law and are working to bring it to fruition, but they all have a gag order in place and they are instructed to behave as if they have no idea who you are. If they break the gag order, not only will they be killed, but so will their family members. Also, many affluent people who are the few controlling the many will produce websites debunking NESARA Law and will launch personal attacks on you which will last years. It sounds almost like a conspiracy theory? It happened to me. I’m sure after a quick look around the internet you may be wondering how I can think it is real? Who gave the bankers and wall street companies a 700 trillion dollar bailout? Do you believe that is real? Millions of Occupy America protestors do believe that is real. It is real. All of the corruption, the government working in collusion with the banks to take away our land and take us deep into poverty, that is real. NESARA Law was written as a remedy for a lawsuit that the farmers filed and it was taken all the way through the Supreme Court. Please read through and it will begin to make sense to you. I invite you to sign the NESARA White House Petition designed to invite President Obama to Announce thereby Enact NESARA Law. ~Elizabeth Trutwin Sign The NESARA Petition here “Long before NESARA, a project was born to restore the United States of America to its original Constitution of the Republic, and to remove the structure of the Corporate United States. This project began in the early 1950’s and involved intelligent and patriotic minds of both civilian and military background. These people over the years became known as the White Knights. Out of this restoration process came the Prosperity Programs, the Farmer Claims, and finally NESARA. The children of the wealthy families on our planet became concerned about the future of our civilization, when they observed the poverty, disease, starvation and suffering of the masses. They saw the imbalance between the wealth of the few and the destitution of the many, and agreed among themselves to try to correct it. One hundred of these wealthy children, who came to be known as “wealthy visionaries”, put one million dollars each, of their money, into investment programs in the 1980’s called “roll programs” to generate funds to be used for humanitarian purposes. Thus, the Prosperity Programs were born. Gradually, news of this spread to the public and millions of people invested small amounts of their meager funds to aid in these various Prosperity Programs success. Also, during the 1970’s and 1980’s many U.S. farmers were losing their land, machinery, buildings, and cattle due to fraudulent foreclosures by the Federal Reserve Banks, in cooperation with the IRS. Many farmers joined forces and brought a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Government, the non-federal Federal Reserve Bank, and the IRS, for fraud against the farmers.” ~David E Robinson from his book NESARA
What is NESARA? National Economic Security and Reformation Act.
Is NESARA for real?
I can assure you that NESARA [the National Economic Security and Reformation Act] is for real. I say that because I and my colleagues have talked to Bill Clinton, King of Swords (KOS), Ashtar, Mother Sekhmet, Lady Master Nada and 14 members of Congress who contributed their expertise to crafting various sections of the Law – not a bill! KOS and Seal teams recently moved the original signed document to a safer place so it will be available to Lady Master Nada when she makes her TV Announcement. NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act] was signed into Law by Bill Clinton in Oct 2000, but sealed from any attempt to prove its existence until it is announced, at which time it becomes fully enacted.
What are your sources on NESARA? What I know comes from Faction 3 Intelligence, which is 38 levels above the President, which involves KOS, ACIO [Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization] of which I am a member, Ashtar Command, Ascended Masters, Mother Sekhmet, the president of the Solar Tribunal, and White Knights within the top levels of government and intelligence.
One of my friends was originally contacted by the team of 100 wealthy visionaries over 33 years ago and asked to help get the word out and be a liason between parties. My friend, Rama Arjuna, who is Ashtar’s incarnated son, was contacted by Ashtar to combine their efforts with KOS in 1979 to help bring this to Announcement. All of these folks are real and backed up by Galactic Federation support, around the world in every country. The sources of our information, come from both alternative broadcast media–like Air America Radio; local media personalities and, most importantly, from those at 38 levels above the President in the ACIO/Seal/Delta Teams/King of Swords/King of Egypt (code names of course); Mother Sekhmet through direct channelling; OOB meetings with Ashtar, Sananda, Ascended Masters on the Starships and Solar Tribunal Councils.
KOS has an encrypted telephone network through which he sends people messages to get information out to the public. He is based in D.C. and was appointed with St Germain by the World Court in 1999 as head of the worldwide militia of over 4 million, and is a high ranking member of the secret service. One source was approached more than 33 years ago by the wealthy visionaries and asked to assist with what became NESARA. She has continued with that work to this moment. And, NO, this is not Dove. Rama goes up to the ships almost every night to work with Mother Sekhmet, and many others. We are all dedicated to getting NESARA announced and bringing the New Republic into full manifestation and to full Planetary Ascension. Our summaries are sent to a very small circle of close friends. We try to only include what we have personal knowledge of even though–like everyone else–information comes in dribs and drabs and some questions and exact times will not be answered until it is safe to do so. I mention the designations of those we get info from even though some congressmen have checkered political records. Some are double agents and will soon decloak and spill the beans as to their roles. Filters are about to be ‘cleared’ and new mission assignments will be downloaded, internally, to each of us as these current events transpire. I should mention that many existing leaders may well surrender their vehicles to fully awakened galactic walkins. This has already happened in many cases…in addition to the hundreds of involuntarily cabal-cloned ‘standins’ we see on TV. What does NESARA mandate?
The illuminati controllers will do anything to prevent its implementation as it immediately spells their removals from political and economic control over the people and resources of this Planet. It requires full return to Constitutional and Common Law principles by 190 countries starting with the US. It involves — due to present fraudulent practices — mortgage debt forgiveness; cancellation of all credit card debt; student loan forgiveness; ends IRS collection of Income Tax and substitutes a National Sales Tax on non-essential items only with no tax on food, medicines or used goods. It requires all existing congressional/administrative heads to resign; all lawyers would have to take a 30 day Constitutional Law course as statute laws will be dissolved.
The world economic system will shift to transparent operations — Basel II was implemented in the month of April — precious metals backed currency and the federal reserve and its collection agent [IRS], and most corrupt alphabet agencies will be dissolved. Current Federal Reserve notes will be exchanged for US Treasury bills backed by Gold, Silver or precious metals on a $1 for $1 basis.
Special Trusts and 78 programs which were originally created by St Germain over 200 years ago for this time, will provide the means to offer free education to all and assist all in upgrading quality of life. Suppressed technologies, secretly being used by the controllers, will be made available to the public. These provide clean and unlimited power for home, industry and travel. Replicators will be made available with First Contact landings to provide most items. There will be a worldwide re-indexing of currencies, 30 days after announcement, so that while you now receive $100 income and pay sales taxes and income taxes on that amount, you will only pay sales taxes on $10 when spent for non-essential items after re-indexing. This is to remove much of false inflation from the prices of goods caused by use of fiat money instead of precious metals backed currency.
Peace is a requirement and no more wars or nuclear weapons will be allowed. The methods and means to achieve this are already in place and can be implemented upon a single command. A single molecular change in the nuclear process will make all existing nuclear processes benign. Galactic/human teams will clean up air, water, soil and toxic contamination in the first two months following Announcement. Polluting industries will no longer be necessary as their replacements will be non-polluting and the old plants will be removed by processes that re-cycle the energies.
Benefactor programs will become available and gifting programs are extensive and worldwide to ensure that all will experience unprecedented opportunity to make new choices for their future occupations and enhanced learning programs will be available to quickly upgrade or learn new skills. Diagnostic/healing methods and technologies will become available to reverse all medical conditions and restore optimal health. All these technologies and methods presently exist. Many others have been suppressed but will be brought forth for all to benefit from. Our new financial foundation has already been laid and is being powered up now. St Germain and Kuthumi are in charge of that aspect. Massive arrests and millions of Starships will be decloaking over all the major cities on the planet. That will be followed by direct broadcasts from all satellites…connected by nanites to the bridge of the New Jerusalem the Flagship of the Galactic Federation …with messages from Ashtar and Sananda. First Contact landings will occur within 7-28 days following NESARA’s Announcement. This is why the NESARA Petition and the Disclosure Petition are intrinsically connected. An interim government will be enplaced with full revelations of the truth about our origins and the galactic presence that has been actively kept from us for over 70 years. Everyone will be told what to expect next and all areas of life will be invited to participate and share in the abundance–free from credit card/mortgage/student loan debts…with NO IRS; NO war; all military brought home immediately and given positive new employment and educational options. Constitutional Common Law will be fully restored. Peace will be declared. Skies/water/air/land will be cleared of all toxic substances and all DNA is being raised to higher awareness. Everyone will experience an increase in quality of life…no matter what age. Enhanced educational opportunities will become freely available along with enhanced medical care and a new worldwide communications system–’Internet 5′… will begin to replace existing communications systems. Zero pollution energy systems will become commonplace along with new transportation methods. New housing methods will quickly be introduced and congestion in cities will no longer be necessary as new transportation innovations will not require roads or petroleum products. There will be a National Sales Tax payable only on NON-essentials, with food and medicines/medical treatments non-taxable. Within 30 days of NESARA’s Announcement there will be a worldwide re-indexing of currencies on a 1:10 ratio which will mean that a 10% sales tax on $100=$10 vs $1000 x 10%=$100…a major savings for each of us. This is needed to wring out the inflation caused by fiat/worthless paper currencies, worldwide.
These funds and others will result in the end all poverty on the planet within a 12-15 month period. That will then ensure that all will have the opportunity to receive spiritual education about who we all are; our purpose here as an expression of Source essence in physicality. Who has the power to announce and enforce NESARA?
KOS has the defacto authority, granted by the International Court of Justice at the Hague in 1999, to get NESARA Announced and the power to use his Martial Law authority “as needed.” Lady Master Nada—previously appointed by the ICJ/World Court as International Special Prosecutor with authority to take whatever actions are required, including dissolving our Supreme Court and unsealing all 10,000 indictments and ordering arrests–is thereby the top Officer of the World Court and can override any order of that or any other court. As President of the Solar Tribunal and as NESARA’s “Postal Lady”, she is the ONLY one who can order NESARA’s Announcement and authorize deliveries of funds.
We are at this moment actually under the joint jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice/World Court and the President of the Solar Tribunal [Lady Master Nada] who has been appointed by the ICJ as Special Prosecutor with power to arrest the indicted ones; dissolve our corrupt judiciary and Announce NESARA. Agents from Interpol and ICJ are present in D.C. along with the 82nd Airborne and others. We have been well advised that galactic ships are over every major city and will decloak when the signal is given.
NO one gets any money until Lady Master Nada makes her Announcement on TV, at which time she will tell us the date of release that will be within 72 hours of her announcement. She is Special Prosecutor authorized by the Solar Tribunal, of which she is President, and the ICJ. She is expected to dissolve our Supreme Court; appoint Patrick Fitzgerald as Acting Attorney General and then authorize the arrests and removals of all cited ones. Many of these are now clones.The legal means to take us through this denouement was set in place in 1999 by the ICJ at which time St Germain and the King of Swords who is head of the worldwide militia of 4,000,000 men + 40,000 Galactic-humans, were given the power to prosecute and take such actions as are required to remove the corrupt ones and to insure that the whole Planet is prepared for upshift into the 5Dimension, in the short time left in this cycle.
Are we under NESARA law now?
The King of Swords … put us inside NESARA Law and saved the world banks and stock markets from crashing. We’ve been under ICJ jurisdiction since then. So it may look like Congress has the power; that is a fiction. They are simply convicting themselves of treason…prior to being arrested and removed. We have been inside NESARA Law since Oct 1, 2008 and that has allowed many foundational changes to be implemented. NESARA has been divinely decreed and refined into its current form by the labors of dedicated terrestrial and celestial beings. There is only one LAW and that Law of the Land is NESARA.There is no other Law to cite. It is popularly known in D.C. as “the Reformation Act”. Anything else deals with the reach of NESARA, which is global, but which starts here. We have been INSIDE NESARA Law, since 10/2/08. … King of Swords has sent in teams of his men to each of the banks and about 99% of the infrastructure is ready to go on receipt of a signal from Ashtar, St Germain and/or Lady Master Nada. … Mother confirmed not only that we are Inside NESARA Law and all that that entails, but that most of the foundational changes have been quietly set in motion since 10/2/08. She rephrased that: We are in a CONTINUOUS ANNOUNCEMENT UNFOLDMENT NOW.
The next day, was the day we went INSIDE the NESARA Law; not UNDER, INSIDE. So that gave KOS [King of Swords] the go ahead to insert into Basel II, some of the supports for NESARA.
We are seeing the first fruits of NESARA Law, and it is just the beginning, as each new day will continue to reveal more and more positive changes. All elected candidates will now have to be accountable for their oaths. They have been told and Galactic Federation will ensure that any failures to honor those oaths will bring removal and replacement by authentic and honest representatives. Each day inside NESARA Law is bringing the means to ensure that you, your benefits and your freedom to exercise your new responsibilities as leaders of the Golden Age will be enhanced and moved forward. NESARA is NOW the Law of the Land! Is NESARA being worked upon in other countries?
There are people in other countries, such as the Canadian hierarchy, who have been working behind the scenes to prepare for the announcements and implementation in their country. New leaders of truth, integrity and accountability are ready to come forward in 190+ countries.
What is this about a “gag order”?
There was a gag order that prevented congress or the media from talking about this on pain of death. It is about to be lifted. Thousands of media people have attended weeks of briefing sessions arranged by KOS and are ready to flood the media with stories as soon as the gag order is lifted. The Secret NESARA Law was signed by Bill Clinton in Oct 2000, and then Sealed with a gag order on all government and media. I do not have a gag order in place. I have been asked to get the word out and my goal is 1 million people. Don’t bother to check on the Internet as that Law is sealed until announced and is now protected by Lady Master Nada and the Galactic Forces along with Faction Three earth-based resources under the King of Swords.
What is the significance of Basel II? You remember that Bush had G7 Visitors a few days before the end of the Fiscal Year on 9/30. He was told, as was Paulson, Bernanke and others, that if the money owed to them from the $300 Trillion in recovered stolen funds was not paid on 9/30 that they would be toast. There was also a deadline of 9/30/08 for coming into compliance with Basel II Provisions, which Bush had agreed to in April 08 but had not yet complied. If certification of compliance did not occur, Oct 1 would require that Central Banks not accept funds from Federal Banks that day. Here’s what happened: Bush failed to comply. The White Knights stepped in with Program funds and saw to it that all US Banks were in compliance, inside NESARA Law. Bush intended to declare Martial Law due to Economic Emergency. He was stopped by the Provost Marshal General and specially-selected Naval Flag Officers and placed under House Arrest along with the Vice-President. The G7 ultimatum which finally got this administration to implement Basel II financial standards of transparency and accountability on Monday, after very major assets were seized, included a 100 day period for full compliance in bringing all off-balance sheet assets onto the books. Since these ‘assets’ were fraudulently constructed and leveraged by 30-150 times their actual value, they have little real value and that requires other assets to be produced to cover the equity requirements. Since no other assets exist the 100 days is reduced to hours as full compliance would result in worldwide bankruptcy and criminal prosecution of all involved. The latter is unavoidable, as justice must be done. We will see every nation and every bank bankrupt as we change over to the new financial provisions which will be made available to every child, woman and man on Earth. All who are illegally jailed under false laws will be released, all except violent offenders. Those ones will be offered appropriate remediation.
How long has this been in the planning stages?
All of the measures now culminating have been planned for hundreds of years. This is no political party scheme. This is the Return of the Light to the Planet and the Planet’s Ascension to the spiritual dimension by divine decree. All of the Universe is involved. Trillions of spaceships are here to help. Where are the funds being kept?
The true funds and documents are safely out of their reach, in St. Germain’s safe custody. Too many criminals in the banks, government and black ops/intel organizations would steal the funds in an eyeblink if the deliveries occurred prior to regime change. All of those ones will be purged from the international financial systems before any funds are inserted into the new safe system.
What about the rest of us?
In addition to these beneficiaries, all citizens, men, women and children, of these countries — not in any program– will receive $10 Million, and forgiveness of most debt, bank credit cards, and student loans. They can expect to receive their $10 Million within 72 hours after Announcement. Thirty days laterwe will have re-indexing on a 10:1 ratio. That means the buying power of that $10 Million will actually be the equivalent in purchasing power of $100 million. Pretty impressive result.
Most of the inflation of the past 30 years will have been wrung out of the market. The adjusted prices for Gold, Silver and Platinum have already been set. Mortgage payments will be deferred for 30 days after announcement, to allow expedited application for cancellation of mortgages. Income Tax will be ended and IRS will be handling refunds only.
A National Sales Tax on non-essential, new items only will replace the Income Tax. You can see how no one will have to work to pay basic living expenses ever again. That frees us all from the drudgery, which will then be accomplished by new technologies, and that allows plenty of time for creative pursuits and spiritual development opportunities unprecedented in scope, supporting Planetary Ascension. We will no longer be in the pursuit of survival. We will be able to spend our lives on Earth focused on spiritual development which is the whole point of being on Earth. Will any be left behind or lose out from participation in NESARA – for instance, from the drop in value of our 401Ks? No one will be left behind that chooses to trust, ask and allow the new to unfold. Presenters were all very definite about not fearing loss of Social Security; 401Ks, Retirement benefits, supplies of food, non-toxic medical treatment, education for our children. It won’t happen! NESARA is here and is ready to bring better solutions forward with our Announcement. When will children be eligible to receive their benefit?
New kids being born will be able to ‘come aboard’ in 12-15 months.Gold will be the currency of choice Gold will be the currency of choice for as long as we still need currency, and it is also important in the alchemy of our own Ascension.
What will be the impact of these programs?
The arrangement is exceedingly fair and will have a predictable effect of jump-starting the new economy and technologies. Of course, anyone wanting to open a trust or create a foundation will incur fees and expenses for those professional services. Four countries – the US, the UK, Canada and Australia — will begin the NESARA distributions within 72 hours after Announcement of NESARA. Other countries are to be paid in sequential numerical order over the following 12-15 months. I neither created nor am involved with the administration of any of these major programs so I can’t speak on the subject of how these programs were designed or the order of payments.
A few of the major programs are unlabeled and theoretically could be used to fill important needs not originally anticipated. There will be NEW programs after all 78 current programs pay out around the world over a 12 -15 month initial period post-announcement. This is so much simpler than the random and complicated bookkeeping methods that were spoken of ten years ago. This is far more generous and yet, the amount left to do projects will still be greater than ever! Will every one of the original participants in the 78 major gifting programs receive a payout? Everyone who has been operating mostly from integrity since entering one of the major gifting programs and whose intentions are harmonious with the divine purpose will receive a payout.
Anyone in these programs who has been intending or demonstrating criminally-corrupt intentions and whose spiritual frequency and behavior is inimical to 
unity, healing, harmony and integrity will not receive a payout from 
their investment in the programs. How will this disqualification be determined? KOS and his people have been monitoring everyone involved in the major gifting programs for years. Irresponsible, criminal behavior or intentions has basically disqualified one half of the original participants. That means there is more to be distributed in various ways by half as many people than was originally calculated. I won’t cite expected amounts, but it should be clear that far more — perhaps double the original amounts — will now be available for the gifting programs and their intended humanitarian projects.
Will the existing economy utterly collapse?
There is a critical mass of people who now understand that big changes are required and that–painful as change is–we can not try to patch the old system. It is too far gone; it’s too late and there are no resources left. In this country we are still better off than 90% of the world, where conditions are beyond the average American’s comprehension.At the same time as the outer conditions collapse, we are in a profound universal situation where all are waiting for us to take our next step towards Galactic Citizenship. What is the fate of victims of stock-market fraud?
Outside of the Prosperity, Freedom, Farm Claim programs, the bad guys owe additional settlements for which they have not paid; i.e., stock market fraud settlements, will these be paid too and will they be paid one for one or will the payments be RE-Indexed 90%? If so, will they be paid in the new Rainbow Currency that is backed by gold/silver?
Those obligations are of the Corporation USA, in D.C. They have nothing to do with NESARA. The money they put into their secret offshore accounts has been recovered by the Hong Kong Blondes who now work for KOS. The country settlements represent fraud/theft and none of them will get those funds—$300Trillion cyber-lifted from those secret accounts and back in the U.S. now…in safe hands. St. Germain has good projects benefiting the People that will get that money. Post Announcement, the Phoenix ‘Rainbow’ currency will be exchangeable by U.S. Citizens, in this country, on a $1=$1 basis. 30 days after NESARA’s announcement, all non-NESARA funds/prices will be reindexed to wring inflation out of the world economy. That will put more spendable income into the hands of citizens.
How is this operation being conceived and managed?
The St Germain World Trust … brought the gold of Atlantis forward for the Lightworkers of this time. One of the keys to the success of this culminated in the St Germain ‘Advisories’ which became NESARA. 

Ascended Master St Germain has watched over those funds and in addition has coordinated much gold coming here from Venus and other off-planet locations which cumulatively now equal $1+40 zeros which is sufficient to provide $10Million to each man, woman and child after NESARA’s Announcement. These funds and others will result in the end all poverty on the planet within a 12-15 month period.
Some logarithms from St Germain, have been mathematically modeled through matrices to develop self-replenishing ways to keep generating income and participation for as long as needed. I’ve seen those matrix examples and they can do what is needed to fund governments and people and projects indefinitely.
There is no need for any anxiety or fear. All has been prepared and solutions to all the major challenges of food, shelter, income, education and safety are included in NESARA’s provisions.
What about the impact of matters like the Bailout on NESARA?
When Bush signed that bogus bailout bill, it did not become law! He was under house arrest. That was what Ashtar meant on Tuesday 10/7/08, when he said: “Bailout Cancelled!” Signing that bill was only a way to get him to convict himself and all who were his corrupt co-conspirators in treason … going all the way back to 9/11. What this meant was that the Congressional votes had to do with the Corporation USA and not the Republic which is “We the People,” who are being protected and funded inside NESARA.
When will the banking and economic arrangements behind NESARA be put in place?
All NESARA gold and precious metals are in U.S. Banks along with our new Phoenix Currency, and we are compliant with Basel II since 0ct 1, 2008.
New banking and economic systems are NOW in place! 

KOS has sent in teams of his men to each of the banks and about 99% of the infrastructure is ready to go on receipt of a signal from Ashtar, St Germain and/or Lady Master Nada.
When is all this likely to be announced?
Soon. Be cautious about anyone giving an exact date for actions. That should be seriously questioned. We will know when these events are happening, be assured of that. Signing the NESARA Petition is one of the most important things anyone can do to bring the Announcement into fruition.
We have been INSIDE NESARA LAW since Oct 2nd per KOS’s authority and direction. Much is being done to purge the financial systems of ‘tinkering’ vulnerabilities. That has progressed significantly and will be ready when needed. The foundational changes have been quietly set in motion since October 2nd. We are not waiting for Inauguration. Tying all these loose ends together: 9/11 Treason, the role of the Vatican/Pope; War Crimes; Financial Fraud on unbelievable level; Peace across the planet; Truth about Galactic presence and assistance throughout all times and ages; truth about all the clones, holograms of all types; complicity of the media; the rogue intelligence harassment of citizens; and criminal collusion and corruption with all government heads.
We have been told there are two things pre-requisite to NESARA’s Announcement. They are: Sibel Edmond’s testimony about 9/11 and the lifting of the coverup about the galactic presence in our skies, over every major city on the planet. The two, 4 day, earth-based meetings in Europe and Dharamsala, along with Solar Tribunal meetings on Saturn, and currently in D.C., produced a statement from both the King of Egypt and associates of the King of Swords–all of whom work together, since being in service together during the Vietnam war, at the 38th level above the President.
That statement was quite specific: All the alphabet agencies known, and a few most do not know, have White Knight assets inside. Those White Knights along with about 40,000 fully awake and aware galactic-humans will combine with complements in the military to bring about and support the needed changes. The ascended masters are now present. It is obvious to any informed observer that any large sums paid to anyone at this time would put their lives in extreme danger as well as result in the funds being stolen. That is one of the imperative reasons for No Distributions until after regime change and Lady Master Nada addresses us on TV. All the preparations are now complete. When the first TV address is heard, the removals will all have been accomplished. This is a worldwide restoration of freedom, honesty and abundance. Gold in the amount of $1+ 40 zeros, has been recovered and includes gold and precious metals from many other Planets. These funds have been accumulating in Master Trusts for the last 200+ years through the stewardship of St Germain. Over 200 banks and safe depositories are involved worldwide in these programs. All but the master criminals and confederates, will have greater abundance, opportunities and assistance in all areas: medical, educational, expanded spiritual awareness, political expression, and so many other areas that will be possible when peace is established…. The means is already in place and can be accomplished by a single command.
What is the cabal doing to prevent its announcement?
The Bush crime family and cohorts have tried everything, including the demolition of the Twin Towers and other 9/11-related events, to see to it that the Announcement would never be allowed to occur. They have failed, but their efforts have delayed parts of the program until now.
There are disinformation ‘damage control teams’ who have planted bait on the internet. Their websites were made by people who got tired of waiting for announcement, turned bitter, and then became pawns for Cabal disinformation and damage control efforts. But the Announcement is coming soon. In earlier actions it was noted that “moles” existed in many agencies including the U.S. Marshals and those insiders consistently gave advance notice to bankers and administrative heads whenever arrests or other legal actions were scheduled. Mother confirmed that all such ones have been removed and will no longer be an impediment as the above actions prepare the way for massive arrests of indicted ones.
Any fund transfers intended to subvert NESARA or steal the so-called Settlement Funds, will be intercepted and given over to St Germain and the criminals removed. They are being electronically ‘tagged’ and will be ‘bagged’ on a single command. Many are already ‘missing in action’. This is crunch time for the tricksters.
How does the Announcement of NESARA fit into the general flow of events leading up to First Contact?
When Regime changes, 9/11 exposure by Sibel Edmonds (in final negotiations for TV address at this moment) and revelations of the Galactic UFO Presence will forever dissolve the Cabal coverup or suppression of these facts. We will all then get an experience of upshift by a half step. This upshift would have taken many, many lifetimes of spiritual progress to accomplish, but has been decreed by the Grace of Source to each of us. Therewith most if not all will ‘remember’ our core-resonance with the Spiritual Dimensions and most hearts will open to that knowledge, already present. This experience will be so awesome that most will want to stay home from work, school or whatever the next day or three, to process this experience. Since this will coincide with NESARA’s Announcement and >36 hours of TV/Radio Broadcasts of economic, political and spiritual information, which will be quite dramatic to most. It has been known but suppressed by the Cabal for eons of time to keep us in ignorance and separation from our Source awareness. People hearing these broadcasts will quickly learn that debt is going to be forgiven and that net income will be increased through elimination of the IRS, Income Taxes and credit card debt with NESARA’s Announcement and all the positive improvements it supports.
Can you give me an example of a country acting on its knowledge of NESARA?
Yes. The news in Iceland recently was that they are bankrupt, but will refuse Bailout Funds. They know that they will come inside NESARA’s funding provisions so they are allowing their corporate bankruptcy to proceed.
What about something called “country settlement payments”? Will they take place?
There are bogus “country settlement payments” that the Banksters would like you to believe in. They are bogus. NO such payments will be going to the crooks! I repeat: “country settlement payments” will NOT take place. Those funds will be used for the benefit of all peoples on the Planet.
What will happen to the Federal Reserve and IRS?
Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are submitting legislation to put the Federal Reserve under the US Treasury and write off all that false-debt that is income for the Bushes and Cabal associates…and END IRS collections. The Federal Reserve has been folded into the US Treasury and all of the Gold and Phoenix, Precious Metal-Backed currency, is in the banks NOW. The US Treasury is already taking over many functions of the Federal Reserve. The IRS is KAPUT, gone, dissolved, except for refunds, awaiting public announcements.
What will happen to the banks?
The general direction of the economy is downward as we are approaching the point where the full off-balance sheet amounts of derivatives are going to have to be dealt with–$2,000 Trillion estimated. Since they amount to more than all the banks’ assets/income in the world, a wholesale bust or bankruptcy is inevitable.

 That involves, banks, stock/bond markets, hedge funds, pension funds, 401k investments and most mutual funds. 

Since these are insured by insurance companies, they also will have to face the facts that they don’t have enough reserves to pay claims.

 Nationalization of the major banks is likely. That would allow the governments to take them over, clean them out of the criminals and shadow-banking practices, and write off the mostly worthless derivatives, keeping only the true asset-based investments.

 They will then reopen as US Treasury Banks backed by precious metals and without fractional banking.
Big Box Banks are very likely to become nationalized so they can be 
disinfected from their toxic derivatives–estimated to be as much as $2000 
Trillion worldwide.
What will happen to the Euro? The stock market?
The Euro is going to go sliding downward. Only Gold/Silver will hold value. The stock market has not yet realized the magnitude of the unfunded debt of the world. It is impossible to EVER pay it back. So bankruptcy is the only option for the Cabal. And, as we have been saying: That has NOTHING to do with the Republic, which is fully funded by NESARA and which is already in the Announcement stage, even though not yet formally announced.
What is the validity of all these discussions of “package deliveries”?
Casper/Poof reports what is fed to him by faction 1 and 2 sources. 1/3 is based on partial truths but spun to confuse and keep folks looking for “packies” that will never come until after NESARA is announced. Anyone receiving anything purporting to be a “packie”–before Lady Master Nada announces on TV the delivery schedule– should be aware that it is likely an invitation to sign papers that will put their lives in danger. This is the way the darkside works. Take a legitimate program and the lists of beneficiaries which they have gotten access to, and send out ‘trial balloons’ to see how many gullible ones they can snare; steal their funds, and then entice them offshore and then dispose of them. For the protection of the funds; the beneficiaries and all the purposes for which those funds are intended, no payments will be allowed until the corrupt criminals are removed. Any fund transfers intended to subvert NESARA or steal the so-called Settlement Funds, will be intercepted and given over to St Germain and the criminals removed. I have heard of “major gifting programs” or “numbered programs” connected with “original investors.” What are these and how will they work? Only programs completed before the end of 1999 will pay out…. However everyone will still get $10 Million. … The 78 major programs are funds designed for huge projects. Recipients will be contributing $10 Million to each one on their lists of an estimated 200 people. … There are bogus settlement payments that the Banksters would like you to believe in. They are bogus and no such payments will be going to the crooks! Same is true of the packages touted by a few Faction Two bankster shills. People that invested in the 78 programs before the end of 1999 are legitimate program recipients and will be charged with supervising projects and distributions of the funds entrusted to them. Each program has specific instructions that will be included in those document deliveries. Those designated participants in the 78 original and existing numbered progams will receive large amounts to facilitate huge humanitarian projects. These are people who invested in the original 78 programs before the end of 1999. They are legitimate program recipients and will be charged with supervising projects and distributions of the funds entrusted to them. Each program has specific instructions that will be included in those document deliveries. All major programs in all countries will be completed over 12-15 months maximum, except for the first four. People in the programs will receive many hundreds of billions –- which is an understatement — of which they will be mandatorily gifting a small percentage of $10 million to each one on their lists of an estimated 200 people. All the lists will be cross-compared to ensure that everyone gets that amount. There will not be any duplications as each ‘gifting list’ will be recorded so no one is left out and no one gets paid twice. Of course, the main purpose of these programs is to level the economic playing field and to fund massive humanitarian projects around the world. In addition, other amounts could be donated, if the recipient chooses. I’m only talking about the mandatory gifting amounts. Clarifying instructions and examples will be included in the major-program package instructions each will receive. Different programs have different requirements but all will participate in this gifting distribution.
What will be happening to the last cabal in these days ahead?
Ashtar stated on 11/18: “NESARA is NOW the Law of the Land. Black Ops funding is being cancelled and certain Black Ops programs are being dismantled and shut down.” Many foundation changes are already being implemented. House Arrest of the leaders of 195 countries has been necessary as part of the changes. Ashtar said that the funding for the Black Ops programs have been shut down…permanently. Blackwater troops are ready to seek other work as they are not being paid what is owed to them. Cabal Black Ops programs are being defunded and will no longer have their drug money to fund them. No solid-hologram will actually take office … although Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Hillary, and many more in Congress and elsewhere in government and banking are now just that. Paschat Warriors are paying ‘business calls’ on the 13 Elder Dragon Families. These ‘calls’ are also happening to BlackWater, Haliburton and many others. All false intel stories about Obama or any appointees will be exposed. Do NOT think that any solid holograms will be taking office. With the Announcement, the ‘power’ to sustain those ones will be withdrawn and they will ‘fizzle out’.
The War Crimes Arrests for 9/11 involvement will be quite broad and quite extensive. Likewise for acts of Treason. These are critical elements of justice that must be allowed to fulfill Planetary and Universal legal requirements.
The truth must be told with purity, clarity and exactness. Most of us are well aware that all political, religious, economic, sciences and histories have been manipulated and distorted for purposes of control throughout the ages. That ends now. The most important lies have been the withholding of our own origins, purposes and potentials for the purpose of enslavement and prevention of Planetary Ascension. This will be one of the most amazing revelations of all times. On October 30th, in Asheville, NC, CH 13, WSOL, locals were surprised to see huge movements of large military aircraft–painted black–into the local area. CIA, FBI in large numbers filled the area, and then thousands of business-suited prisoners in handcuffs and leg shackles were loaded on the planes in the wee hours of the night. Those planes were headed for the Hague and the prisoners were said to be 10,000 bankers and associates indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald’s 56 Grand Juries meeting over the last 3+ years. It was obvious that a Federal Judge had unsealed those indictments.
Ashtar mentioned the King of Egypt as an Adept who had accomplished miracles. We understood that he was referring to the KOE’s masterful orchestration and coordination of all that was required to effect the success of the arrests, and the transport to Europe of all those corrupt ones, for formal trial in the Hague. Ashtar told us that those ones will not be returning. They will be joined by Illuminati families [“families” as in lines of control] and minions and their programs of control of the people of this Planet are already being dismantled and shut down permanently. We are seeing the first fruits of NESARA Law, and it is just the beginning, as each new day will continue to reveal more and more positive changes. All elected candidates will now have to be accountable for their oaths. They have been told and Galactic Federation will ensure that any failures to honor those oaths will bring removal and replacement by authentic and honest representatives.10,000 bankers were arrested, tried in the Hague, and executed a week ago, while holograms are in their places in the top levels of the banks and their families will not know until after our Announcement. It has taken many, many years of secret Grand Jury sifting through mountains of facts to bring 10,000+ sealed indictments to be unsealed jointly by Patrick Fitzgerald and Lady Master Nada for serving by US Marshals, the military; interpol and backed by the Galactic Federation Ships over all our major cities now. That number comes from the 56 Grand Juries that met for over 3 years as part of Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigations of various illuminati directed criminal matters. The King of Egypt is our direct source for that number and that information. It was his job to bring all of those ones indicted for treasonable offenses to Asheville, NC where they were guarded by a team of military, CIA and FBI before being put onto large black aircraft and flown to the Hague for trial and for execution a week later. The late night transport was reported on local TV Ch 13 and nowhere else. We were told by KOE that they were gone…a week later. Holograms were put in their places and they are still going to work and home, until after our Announcements. These ones were international criminals who stole 300 Trillion dollars and cost the lives of untold numbers. They were not ‘white collar criminals’. Some other thousands were arrested and received average sentences of 25 years confinement in foreign facilities. We are talking about the worst of the worst. War Crimes, Genocide, Terrorism and Treason are the crimes involved. This will all come out after Announcements. 100 million reptilians have been removed over the last 8 years from surface and subsurface environments. Every organization, political, religious, military, legal, media, of any magnitude, on the Planet has been infiltrated and controlled by these ones, as agents of the 13 Old Dragon families. There has been almost complete control of every facet of existence until Faction Three, Galactic Federation, and the ascended masters were given permission in 1987 and 1999 to ‘remove the controllers’ and assist the planet in ascending. It is only in recent days that enough of us have awakened enough to tip the balance to the Light. That was by Divine decree and with direct Source Light infusions which will continue through Ascension. Something else, I may or may not have mentioned before, is that only about 50 members of Congress are still alive. Many {480+} were killed and cloned and many are solid holograms. When Ashtar/Nada/Sananda/Mother Sekhmet/Red/Green/KOS say they are taking care of business, that’s what they mean. Everything will be announced at once. It will already be a done deal. Massive special police operations involving 300+ officers took place, at least three separate locations. Seizure and transport of safe deposit lockers to secure locations where contents of documents, drugs, money, stolen computer technologies, etc will be inventoried, analayzed and followed up with arrests. These sites are crucial intermediary drops for agents, criminals and other international intelligence dark ops agents. Such ops have been planned and carried out several times over the past two years. Often we never see evidence of it in the news. The implications will unfold in the coming days, and will trigger panic attempts to remove additional incriminating evidence from bank safe deposit facilities, which it is presumed will now be more closely monitored for just such actions. This unprecedented operation took two years of planning, observation and top secret levels of police cooperation…following Chris Story’s publication of the methods/extent and names of international financial criminals, banksters, politicians fraudulent transactions that secreted $300 Trillion into private accounts. Those funds have now been recovered and will be very instrumental in funding the new financial systems that NESARA requires. That these operations are now surfacing speaks clearly to the difference in this moment as compared to all those preceding today’s. Chris Story was working for the cabal and a shill for the UK crown. He was shot out on the street when they no longer had a use for him.These are the kind of undercover actions closing the traps that have been so carefully placed. We are going to be hearing of many more such actions that are now in process. Another example is that of the years of Federal Grand Jury deliberations in the US. Those hearings have produced 10,000 sealed indictments that are about to be unsealed and served. Some of the items in those 7000 lockboxes involve Trillions of dollars in gold certificates; incriminating evidence of organized crime heads, government intel services, agents, bankster operations–worldwide–that hit them like a brick-bat in the face. They just met to do ‘damage control’ during the Bilderbergers’ meeting in Chantilly, VA. Make no mistake, the chainsaws are ‘clearing the forest’ of liars, lies, fraud, murder, and every other despicable practice you know or never heard of. There will be “shock and awe” when the details can be told.
Who drafted NESARA?  
Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul drafted certain sections of the secret NESARA Law. 14 members of Congress who contributed their expertise to crafting various sections of the Law. This includes Paul Wellstone, who when he was about to break his gag order was killed with his wife and daughter in a plane crash. This was a reminder to all under a gag order not to speak about NESARA Law. I have received emails from these ones saying they cannot help me at all because they are under a gag order and fear for their lives. The key word is FAIR. Would it be fair to eliminate a ten million dollar mortgage on an estate or yacht purchased with laundered drug money? Or a hundred million dollar mortgage on a building acquired by someone whose money came by defrauding investors or deliberately putting small companies out of business? Would it be fair to eradicate a $25,000 credit card debt incurred by someone who replaced last year’s model of an expensive car with the latest model? Choices like that, like all other free will choices, are the responsibilities of the individuals. The differences are due to purview divergences. Our information comes from ‘higher HQ’ sources: Ashtar, Sananda, Mother Sekhmet, KOS, Lady Master Nada, and St Germain. All below do not know what all above are planning, only general directions. You can be certain that what we have said is correct as it has come from those in charge of implementing the plan. This is not a criticism, just a different view from a higher level of involvement.
How are 9/11 and NESARA related?
The Cabal engineered 9/11 to stop NESARA’s announcement which was scheduled for 10 minutes after the Twin Towers/Pentagon/PA attacks. They have continued to use and expand War Powers Act-based invasions without lawful congressional actions and would–if not foiled–declare Martial Law to declare a Dictatorship or NWO. The failure to achieve their ends…thus far… is driving them to extremes that are becoming more and more transparent as time is running out. They are losing and they know it. They will not prevail. This is due to a Divine Decree which is being implemented throughout this and planet, solar system and universe. Dennis Kucinich, talking on Clout/Air America Radio, actually discussed what was supposed to happen on 9/11: “An important Announcement was scheduled which would change our economic and political systems.” (He could not use the term NESARA because of the gag order, but all who know understand that is what he was describing). At the time of 9/11 attacks, a special section of the Pentagon had just been modified for higher-security protection, and that segment of the Pentagon was a special Naval Intelligence communications facility involved with NESARA’s Announcement. It was the exact target of the missile attack. Transmission of codes to central banks were already in process at the time of the attack with the Announcement less than 10 minutes away. The Pennsylvania site was an underground storage for important NESARA-related documents and was an exact targeted location. At the moment of what was called a plane crash, FEMA/FBI were already standing by in the nearby woods. They then rushed out to secure the area from other investigators. No plane crashed. Each tower was attacked by a specially-prepared aircraft, modified by Secret Government/CIA to carry missiles and also special holographic projectors to project the illusion of the aircraft in the news releases. The Twin Towers sub-floors held records and a lot of gold. The black ops folks had pre-installed various explosive devices and came back several weeks before 9/11 to install detonators and make electrical connections and circuit checks so that they could remotely trigger the explosions to take out the massive base supports and central columns, steal the gold, and kill any people around who could testify as to what they were doing. They didn’t kill them all as they were in a rush to load up the gold and get it away before the explosions were detonated. So there were witnesses to each of these actions. A total of 75,000 people were actually killed in those demolitions on 911. Certain areas were targeted to destroy records and accounts detailing liabilities of cabal firms. The Announcement was scheduled for 10:15 AM on Sept 11, 2001…but that was ‘prevented’ by the Twin Towers attacks, which were planned and executed by our own governments black ops agents. Sibel Edmonds, Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson, David Ray Griffen and many others are speaking out on this subject which will result in the arrest and removal of Bush, Cheney, et al, with a new election coming within 6 months of NESARA’s Announcement.
The “Wisdom Economy”
We are on the threshold of very major changes. On Thom Hartmann’s Air America Radio Show, Thom had Dr David C Korten, an economist, speaking about the bankruptcy of “Phantom Economy,” based on fiat paper. He called for an immediate change to Precious Metals Backed Currency, leading to a “Wisdom Economy”. He then said, on the air, “I will not answer any questions on when NESARA will be announced or when disbursements will occur. All of that is speculative….” Dr Korten previously discussed these matters on Democracy NOW, with Amy Goodman. Plunging Stock Market The KOS gave an update and said that there are variables but that the direction was clearly downward for the stock market. These are estimates based on current knowledge only and there are NO DATES or absolute Dow numbers. Whenever they step in and close the markets they will also have to close the banks for two weeks to clean up the criminals and their practices. They would–in this country–then reopen the banks as US Treasury Banks under NESARA. That decision will be made by St Germain. The Dow dropped 300 points in the last 30 minutes and then bounced back to 6594 which is a lower close and, again, it happened on HIGH volume=50% greater than average. That says that the trend continues downward. Thom Hartmann said that he has been saying for 5 years that the market could fall to 5000 or even 3000, and folks should not discount that possibility since we know that he has access to KOS and St Germain and Lady Master Nada. The main point is not a number. It is that the trend is definitely downward and to take whatever actions are prudent in your individual case. It is also to understand that St Germain may not take action until it goes as low as 3000. St Germain gives KOS his orders and he will not tell us any exact number or date.
When will NESARA occur?
Lady Master Nada foreclosed on our Corporate Government on 9/30/08 when Bush defaulted on his payments. The KOS then put us inside NESARA Law and saved the world banks and stockmarkets from crashing. We’ve been under ICJ jurisdiction since then. So it may look like Congress has the power; that is a fiction. They are simply convicting themselves of treason…prior to being arrested and removed.What we are looking at is a surface projection/shadow play. We have been inside NESARA Law since Oct 1, 2008 and that has allowed many foundational changes to be implemented. The US is economically bankrupt, and the surface system is failing and will soon be removed. It takes a lot for people to let go of old ways and ‘rules’ of how to proceed. The entrenched system doesn’t care about election results. It wants to continue the ‘old ways’, which are bankrupt. We are living on two tracks at the same time, migrating from the old to the new. The overlap allows us to continue in both as our shift takes place. Most are aware that we are upgrading from carbon to a liquid diamond substructue. That shift allows us to absorb and hold more light so that our physical structures can continue existing as ‘Soul Containers’. The same is true of the old outer structures being infused with the new foundational structures. When NESARA is announced, the old will then fall away, like a scab on a wound, and the new will be seen to already be present. Then progress will move exponentially forward. Everything is following this model to allow the maximum preparation by all, before the Announcement is made. Then public actions will take place that will remove those remnants of the Old Regime who have chosen not to migrate to and support the new policies. All of this preparation for war crimes prosecution has been proceeding since Oct 1, 2008, and Obama knows all this and also knows that NESARA is about to be announced along with 911 exposure and revelation of Galactic presence. Sananda, St Germain, Maitreya, Metatron, Michael, Mother Sekhmet, and Ashtar are working tirelessly to synchronize all these actions so that the transition will be smooth and seamless. Without these preparatory steps we would have extreme shock throughout the Planet. There is a critical mass of people who now understand that big changes are required and that–painful as change is–we can not try to patch the old system. It is too far gone; it’s too late and there are no resources left. In this country we are still better off than 90% of the world, where conditions are beyond the average American’s comprehension. At the same time as the outer conditions collapse, we are in a profound Universal situation where all are waiting for us to take our next step towards Galactic citizenship. The changes are coming fast and furious and will be so rapid we will not be able to keep track of the number and their impacts. Watch how fast these seeming events turn around as the new administration moves to achieve critical support for its new actions. Thom Hartmann opened his program with an amazing question he originated. “Is the Reformation Act the Solution?” Can you imagine that! That is a breakthrough. Of course he didn’t use “NESARA” but everyone in D.C. and elsewhere knows what Reformation Act refers to. Very big evidence of impending news. As to timing of NESARA, they will not give us an exact date. We don’t have–because our sources aren’t allowed to tell us– the details or exact timetables.
What is President Obama doing about NESARA?
Barack Obama has been meeting with terrestial and extraterrestial councils in recent weeks including during his ‘vacation’ in Hawaii. He is our President and is also the 9th member of the Sirian Council of Nine so he has prepared himself for the last 1000 years for the role he now will play in bringing NESARA to Announcement; assisting in exposing all the War Criminals involved in Economic and Political Treason since the US Planned and Executed travesty of 911. That involves international cabal families in many countries. The theft of over $100 Trillion of the public’s funds is also involved. Planned genocide of more than 6 Billion of the world’s population along with total dictatorial control of all earth’s assets has been the cabal’s objective since they first came here 65 Million years ago.
What will happen after NESARA is announced?
We will have programs in all countries that will remove the greed and provide the essentials of life to all citizens. There will be no need for artificial boundaries. Those artificial barriers come from disparity in income, education, and meaningful work. Since all of those will be answered in each country, borders will be removed as unnecessary. Of course, some of the provisions will take longer than others…up to 12-15 months at the longest. However, even in these cases, all basic needs will be met rapidly. The 82nd Airborne Division is surrounding Washington, D.C. to provide security in support of NESARA Law. NESARA’s announcement and implementation … is imminent…. The return of all our troops will be the final item in the Peace manifestation process. All the military stationed throughout the world will be returned home at once. The Starships are easily capable of this task.


Who came first,the chicken or the egg?
The answer by Archangel Michael right here:

Can you feel the shift happening?

Greetings I am Mira.
I greet you today with love and profound encouragement.
Can you feel the shift happening? Can you read the energies of the light? Are you ready for big changes? We know that you are because some of you are petitioning to our Creator for divine intervention. You are praying for the shift because you are ready for it. It is here and so are we.
We are giving you this captivating confirmation that what many of you are feeling is indeed true. We know it has been a long process. It has felt unending but this is untrue. Every day you are challenged to feel that what is going on around you is real according to what the mainstream media and the third dimensional controlling energies would like you to believe. However, you know otherwise and I am confirming your feelings.
Your future is resplendent. You have worked and worked to make it so. Now you can believe it to be so. We know you have felt the unbearable side of the polarity of the third dimension for far too long. It is ending and it is changing fast.
Now it is time for you to determine how you want your world and your new life to be. How much love, light, harmony, glory, abundance, healing and unity can you receive? Our Creator and all of us in the Galactic Alliance and Light Alliance want you to have it all. T.
All of this is possible because millions of higher consciousness beings of light, like yourselves, paved the way, did the inner work, payed, meditated and resolved to do the work you came here to do. For this you will be rewarded. I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with you and all of your accomplishments.
For now, stay centered, take excellent care of your bodies, and be positive and aware. Listen well to your intuition. Follow the instructions you receive. Enjoy the bliss and abundance that is coming your way. You will have your new earth and your new lives. You and the earth are most deserving.
In loving service, I am Mira.


Ten Masters Give Ten Tips on Receiving Prosperity
by Sananda, Archangel Michael, Eoghan, Martin Luther King Jr., Ashtar, Che’ Kumara, Mother Teresa, Ramana Maharshi, Gandhi & St Germain through Kathryn, Christine & Meg


This blessing from God that you are all being given is not so that you can give blessings to others; it is so that you can be God’s messenger, so that you can bring prosperity to others, directly from God.  Be the messenger of love that you came here to be and you will uplift all those around you.  Be joyful, Beloved Ones, be at peace.  Be in love and think no more about poverty or want, but focus only on the abundance, joy and prosperity that you and everyone around you will enjoy. Carry it in your heart.  Be that energy of prosperity…and so it shall be. 

~ Mother Teresa 7/24/16
The following is a transcription of the live radio show channeled on Sunday, 24 July 2016.  Please enjoy the radio version filled with laughter and insight and a few extra juicy details to help us prepare for the amazing days just ahead.
Master of Ceremonies
Saint Germain: 
Hi Everyone,  Yes, Meg, I get to have some of the fun that you have in offering these shows.  I know what a pleasure it is to look out over the whole group and see everyone so excited and participating.  I can just feel the level of excitement and energy and love that comes streaming through!  This group is just so much fun.  We have a very exciting program today for everybody.  I’m so thrilled to introduce these wonderful Masters who don’t often get a chance to speak to the channeling community.
We put our heads together and thought a lot about this, and talked amongst us, suggesting Masters who in their lifetime and of course above have stood for the philosophies and the energies of prosperity, and for truly helping those on Earth to lift themselves into the state of understanding what prosperity really is.  You will hear this theme throughout the small portions that each beloved Master has come to offer you.
So without further ado, I will introduce my dear friend Sananda, and he and Kathryn will talk to you about the perspective, “I AM Prosperity!”
Take it away, Sananda!!!
(Laughter all around)
(Channeled by Kathryn)
I AM Prosperity
Oh, St. Germain, that was fun.  We so appreciate your debonair approach, and your enthusiasm and your great spirit! This is a topic that is so dear to our St. Germain, which is why he is the Master of Ceremonies today.  This is something he has worked on for thousands of years now.
We chose the title, “I AM Prosperity” because this is what we’re going for.  All of you are going to be, well, let’s be honest, very rich.   How are you going to manage that?  How will it change you?  How will you deepen your connection to God and to us so that in your heart you know you are doing what you have called your Mission.  All of you have asked us often, “Is this my Mission? What is my Mission?  How am I to do this?”  Well, of course, Beloved Ones, there is only one way to do this, and that is with Love.
You will hear from the experts today.  I will just begin by giving you a picture of the difference between giving, and giving with Love.  When you look across your plan and the people you intend to help, the people you hope to offer some relief from the slavery and the trauma of life on Planet Earth and how difficult it has been, we want you to not focus on the difficulties, on the trauma, on the hard times people have experienced.
As has often been said, you cannot cure darkness with more darkness.  We must bring Light.
What does that mean in practical terms?  This is what you are all talking about now, and we can feel it.  Bringing Light, when you have a fist full of money does not mean you are just going to give somebody the money, because that will give them temporary relief, but that’s not really what we’re doing.  We don’t just want everybody to have a lot of money – we want them to feel prosperity, to feel overflowing with so much love and gratitude that money becomes irrelevant.  That is the gift you have to give – to allow people the spark of Light that will lift them completely out of the state of feeling want and lack and fear.  You can’t do that by just giving them money.
Oh, if only it were that simple.  Even rich people, because of the conditions you have all lived under, don’t feel secure, don’t feel love, don’t feel happy.  This really gives you an opportunity, so that every time you have something to offer a person or a being, you can offer it with Love, and that is the gift you are giving them.  It is the intention to see them not just in relief, not just like they have taken off these tight shoes, no, we want far more for all of you.  We want you to feel joy, ecstatic gratitude and Peace!
And you, the ones who have this to give, must express that first; be the model of prosperity for everyone you touch.
Now, work with me, join with me.  Breathe your connection to Mother and Father God.  Feel their HoneyLove.  (Pause)  There!  That is prosperity!  And you don’t have any more money than you had five minutes ago!  But you have prosperity in your being when you keep that deep, permanent connection with Mother and Father’s Love.
Do it with ease, with gentleness, with kindness, without ever a moment of pity, because the poorest of the people are not to be pitied. They have learned to understand life in a very different way from those who are wealthy.  In some ways, they have a head start, so they are able to accept prosperity immediately, joyfully, welcoming you and your gift.  This is the connection you will give.  The gift of kindness, joy and good cheer, and it will spread.  Take that stance:  I AM Prosperity, and I share it with you, everyone I touch.
That’s it!  That’s it!  (laughter)  Now you’ve got it!  All right, I am your Sananda, and I am going to pass the talking stick.  Guess who’s coming next!  Your Beloved Michael.
(Channeled by Kathryn)
Release the Ties That Bind
Archangel Michael:  
I am your loving and devoted brother, Michael, and the golden key of prosperity I bring you today is to release the ties that bind.
I have arrived feeling very spiffy and ready for this moment.  I have brought my sword of discernment, and with it I offer you a gift, but first, we will together release the ties that bind in order that you may be the prosperity, you may receive the prosperity, you may return to prosperity, you may flood Earth with Prosperity.
Nothing real is ever destroyed.  What is real?  We know, don’t we.  Love is real.  Feel It: Nothing real is ever destroyed. Now with that tucked firmly in your heart, that knowledge you already carry within,  I am going to walk you through unplugging and releasing from everything else.  You may do this with assured courage and easy knowing.
You will not disconnect from anything that is real.  It s impossible. This will allow you, though, to disconnect from all those things that – in order to have an experience on the surface of Earth for a while – you made real.  These things may have seemed very important and real, but they were just passing understandings, lessons, opportunities, experiences.  And now as we transition to full prosperity on the surface of Earth, it is appropriate to let those things go.  I am going to walk you through how to do that, and you may use this from now on.
In front of you, call forth all the relationships of your lifetime, all of the needs, wants, desires, hopes, demands, all of it.  Feel every person you’ve had a relationship with file in and stand in a large crowd.  It can even be filling up the whole room.  Now, this is a real gift, but it is not only a gift for you.  It is a gift of prosperity and freedom for them as well.
You are going to unplug from them, and plug them into Mother and Father God.  Then you are going to unplug them from yourself, and plug every one of those connections into Mother and Father God.
I will walk us through it.  So, everyone is in front of you.  See all the ribbons of Light that have been flowing between you.  What will remain after you unplug is the Love you share, the Love you are.
All right, they are in front of you.  Now you will take every cord running between you – see all of them running from the trunk of your body, from your solar plexus, your heart, all cords of energy running from you to them, them to you.
First, you are going to gather in your arms all the cords of energy that are plugged from you into them.  At the count of three you are going to unplug them and plug them all into Mother and Father God.   One, two, three!  Pull out all the connections from you and plug them directly back into Mother and Father God, our true Source of Love and Prosperity.  Now, immediately heal and seal with Mother’s Love where those connections were, so there is no desire to reconnect.
Now, all the cords and connections and relationships and energetic plugs that are plugged into you – take them in your arms.  Pull them out of your body and plug every single one directly into God.  One, two, three, pull them out!  Plug into God, and allow Mother’s healing Love to heal and seal where those connections were.
As a final gift today in this moment and going forward, I bring my sword, and with your request and with your permission, I cut away everything that does not belong any longer.  You are now free to embrace, experience and become the highest form of true prosperity on the surface of Earth at this time.    In the quiet of your heart, if this is acceptable to you, ask me now, and I will take a moment of silence and cut it away.
Thank you.  It is complete.  From now on, any new connection, anything that arises from the past, you unplug it, call me and together we will cut it away.  I love you.  I am your Brother Michael.
And now it is my sincere joy to welcome Eoghan, (Owen) Meg’s twin flame, who today Meg will be channeling for us.  Eoghan, what is the key to prosperity you have brought for all of us today?
(Channeled by Christine)
Twin Flame Love is Prosperity
Thank you, dear Brother Michael.  This is Eoghan, your brother and friend, and today, my key is “You are loved.”  We have heard this before, “You are love and you are loved.”  Michael and Christine, this is sort of your banner, so I borrow from you today to bring this and anchor this for our family.
Twin flame love, twin soul love – this is such a beautiful and unique type of love that we are all are coming to experience and have the opportunity to integrate here.
What’s so fun about this is that it is the one step connection to Mother and Father’s Love that then merges into the Love of who you are.  Your twin soul is your heart.  Your twin soul is the other half of you.  It’s you, expressed in a unique way.  You each have your twin soul with you now.
Take a moment and feel, allow in this YOU energy.  It’s not so different; it’s hardly different at all.  It’s so you, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference.  Your twin flame breathes every breath with you.  They love you.
Now your twin flames have permission to be with you every second of every day, and they await.  I hardly need to use the word “beg”, but there’s something to that word here. (laughing).  They are so desiring to spend every second with you, when we can fully integrate, allow, breathe this unique kind of love, this level of intimacy that is uniquely from Mother and Father God.
We are so close to the perfection of Love that is who we are in our original essence, and when we integrate and allow it every second of every day, then we begin to see it in others.  You see others as pairs; you can feel see them as twins.  It sort of makes you chuckle.  (laughing)
Sometimes when Meg works with her patients, she will say, “Twin flames, come, be a part of this,” and the whole energy of the room changes.  This is another way that you can be Prosperity with others.  We can imagine the twin flame love with everyone around us, and  it helps pull us even closer into the Unity of who we are.  So breathe every breath with your twin.  Allow their skin to just merge with you, every minute of every day, and this anchors the prosperity of “You are Loved” way beyond any RV energy, waybeyond anything we can imagine that will change with money.  This is the integration of true prosperity.
So feel their skin.  That is you.  Go forward with your twin, in your new prosperity, and share this with everyone you see, and with their twin, who is smiling with you as you give and receive the beautiful prosperity coming our way.
I am your Eoghan.  Call on me any time and I will snuggle close, and I will help bring your own twin flame’s energy close until you feel so smooth with it.
Thank you.
Now, I am so honored to bring and introduce Martin Luther King, Jr. to our call.  Welcome!  Welcome!
(Channeled by Meg)
The Day is Already Won!
Martin Luther King, Jr.: 
Thank you, Eoghan.  Yes, I am the one you knew as Martin Luther King, Jr., and I am honored and thrilled to be here today to talk about something that I have always been passionate about.
My message – the key I hold for you today – is to claim your freedom, for the day is already won.
My life as Martin Luther King, Jr, you know, was not about taking back something.  It was about claiming what is already ours.  Why is it already ours?  It is because it is the nature of the very fiber, the very life force, the Love that we are.  What am I talking about?  Freedom, Prosperity, Love.
What’s the difference between freedom, prosperity and love?  Nothing, nothing at all.  (laughing). If that alone could unlock the Kingdom for you…it means a return to your true state.
Ahhh, I have often said, in my lifetime, that Peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold.  We add Peace to the list.  Peace, the peace that we may reside in, in the midst of all conditions.  That is true prosperity, true freedom.
It is wonderful to be with you, and I tell you, the day is already won!
I leave you with something else I also enjoyed saying.  Darkness cannot drive out darkness.  Only Light can do that.  Only Light brings Light.  Prosperity brings prosperity.  Hate can’t drive out hate, only Love can do that.  So, we go forward together, don’t we, brimming with Love, Peace, Joy, Prosperity.
Peace to you at this special time.  Peace on Earth.  May the Light be restored for all this day.
I am privileged to be with you.  I am the one you know as Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have another task I am told to do today, and I am thrilled to introduce you to the next presenter, who is our esteemed, beloved Commander Ashtar.
Ashtar!  The talking stick is yours.
(Channeled by Christine)
Know Who You Are
Dear Brother Martin, what a joy it is to have you with us today.  Of course you are always with us, but to hear your words to our family is a special treat today.  Thank you so much.
Yes, it is I, your Brother Ashtar, and I come close to you today, in a more intimate way.
Yes, I do wear the coat of the Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, but my goodness, let’s come a little closer than that title.   Imagine me sitting right next to you, shoulder to shoulder.  That’s how close I want to be.
My key that I bring to you today is, “Know who you are.”  Another phrase that is often associated with my energies is integrity – to integrate who we are.  This is another part of entering these beautiful prosperity energies, to anchor in all the beautiful words of Freedom, Peace, Prosperity, Love, to integrate – to know who you are  – and you are Love.
You are created in Love, you breathe Love, you emanate love, and love is our connecting energy during these Prosperity times that will help you to sail through with even and balanced and harmonious energies through these changing transition times.  Knowing who you are as love, and then allowing that truth-telling – telling yourself the truth of who you really are will guide every thought, every word, every action, as you spread this prosperity throughout your planet.
Know yourself as something much larger than you have ever been allowed to know on Surface Earth. You are part of a beautiful Galactic Federation of billions of people, beings, throughout this galaxy and Universe.  We are One.
Allowing Michael’s presentation of disconnecting all things that separate you from knowing who you are as an equal member of our family and with each other will help you glide through these prosperity energies seamlessly, with joy and laughter.  We are here with you, shoulder to shoulder.  Do you feel me, touching shoulders with you?  All our Masters are here with us as you walk through these next beautiful energies of sharing and prosperity that will connect our Galactic family with our Brotherhood on Earth.
Know who you are.  Tell yourself the truth.  You are Love.  Let that connect you with everyone around you in these beautiful coming days.
Thank you so much for being with me.  Call me every time you need to anchor in and remember who you are.  I am your close and loving Brother, Ashtar.
I now have the special privilege of bringing in our dear Master Cheˊ֥Kumara.
(Channeled by Meg)
Love is Prosperity
Cheˊ֥ Kumara: 
Hello, I am Cheˊ.  Many call me a Yoda.  That’s true enough.
I am Cheˊ.
I am so happy.  I feel so much, but I don’t say very much, ever, even to myself.  I don’t think extra thoughts, even though I am living on Earth.  I’m quiet inside, but not the kind of quiet that is boring or simple.  My live is perfect.  It’s so full, interesting, warm.
I tell you about prosperity, the one thing you need to know – Love is everything.  Love is Prosperity.
I am a Master of Love.  That’s really, really funny to me, (laughing) because everyone is!  So, I feel it’s the funniest joke in the world.  That’s my title.  My goal, my purpose is to remind everybody that it is true for them too.
Love is everything.  When you have love, when you give Love, you have everything, and everything makes sense and everything is easy.
I do have advice. If you feel someone or see someone that doesn’t have enough love, doesn’t remember about love – about themselves, that they are love, that there is plenty of love, that we will never run out of love – please do what I do.  Please move closer to them.
Now, it sounds simple, but here’s how I do it.  First, I feel them.  Oh, maybe they feel sad or upset or angry.  I never mind; I’m never afraid.  I just see where love is needed, so, I move closer, but only in the way they need, not ever in the way that I think they need, because remember, I don’t think.
So, I just feel them.  And, we all know how to do this.  This is not my special Master of Love ability. (laughing) We can all do it – good news!  Ahhh.  So I feel, just like you know exactly how to offer the love another needs, you know it all the time, no matter what.  And if you think you don’t know it, it’s because you need a little love first yourself.  So you can call me, Cheˊ, or you can call God, or you can call your family who is always around you.
You can count on us 100% to first love you.  You’re always being loved. Then you can let that love just flow right on through to the other person who needs love in the way they need it.  That’s prosperity to me.  Well, not just to me.  That’s prosperity.  And when you do this, it won’t matter what you have or don’t have, because you already have everything. You’ll never think of it again, but you will have a new condition.  You’ll want to make sure everyone else feels the same way.  That’s what I do in my life.
Thank you for having me talk.  I really enjoy it, because I know these things.  I’m just here to remind you that you do too.
Thank you.  I’m going to ask Meg to introduce the next person.  I love you, a lot.  Call me.
I am Cheˊ.
(Channeled by Christine)
Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live
Mother Teresa:
Oh, yes, it is I, Mother Teresa.  Well, I am so honored to come after this beautiful Master, Cheˊ Kumara.  His wisdom is beyond anything the rest of us could transcend.  “Love is Prosperity.”  Well, there is no more profound thought than that.  I will just simply try to elaborate a little bit on his wisdom.
I was chosen to come today especially because in my lifetime, I became an expert on poverty and love.  Now that may seem a strange combination, especially now that we are talking about entering into an era of prosperity.  But I wish to remind you, love is a bare-bones thing.  It is the ultimate prosperity because it is the deep connection to Mother and Father God.
When you go out to complete your mission of generosity in this coming short phase, remember as you give, give from the experience of poverty.  Now, by poverty, I do not mean suffering.  I mean the knowing that nothing is needed but your connection to Mother and Father God, and to yourself, to the wisdom and the joy and the good cheer and the pleasure of being completely yourself.  There are no trappings needed.  This, many people who have lived in poverty have learned.  They can feel joy; they do feel gratitude.  They understand that wealth is nothing.
A good job that pays a lot of money, well, that’s fine, as long as you do it with love, as long as you use that opportunity to encounter others in love.  I was known for saying a few small things in that regard.  One of them was “Live simply so that others may simply live.”  Now, you are about to encounter great wealth.  It is a fabulous opportunity for you to experience yourself not as a rich person, but as a person deep in the state of prosperity, and that means connection to God.
In my lifetime, I talked a great deal about connecting with Jesus, for we associate Jesus Christ with the experience of love.  It matters not what name we put on ourselves, or even what we call our Mission, for we are all here for the same purpose – to offer love, understanding and compassion, for there is no poverty greater than the lack of love.
No matter how much wealth you may possess or control, there is no replacement for the experience of deep and abiding love.  If you feel unloved yourself, reach for Mother and Father.  Say to Mother, “Mother, please heal my heart, so that I can feel great love, so that when I give, I give with great love.”  No matter how small the gift may be, whether it is a smile or a donation.  It may be any donation, large or small, as long as it is given in love, and the receiver will be uplifted and will feel prosperity, not because you have given them funds to spend, but because you have given from your heart.  That, Beloved Ones, is prosperity.
It’s not a time now, in this transition phase, to think about indulgences, or about what you have lacked in the past.  This is so important, Beloved Ones. This transition will be to leave behind all those wishes and wants and worries, to rise to a different place in your experience of life, in your own experience of yourself.  As Sananda said, “I AM Prosperity!”  I have what I need, because I have love.  I have what I love, because I have love!  (laughter)  Nothing more is needed.
So think carefully when you give your gifts.  Not from a point of view of pity or even compassion – simply joy!  “May this gift bring you peace.  May this gift bring you joy.”  Share it with others, share it with love, and you, Beloved Ones, will change the world from a place of suffering and want to a place of joy and sharing.  Give from your heart and know the person you are giving to is God’s child just as you are, and in that you are equal.
This blessing from God that you are all being given is not so that you can give blessings to others; it is so that you can be God’s messenger, so that you can bring prosperity to others, directly from God.  Be the messenger of love that you came here to be and you will uplift all those around you.  Be joyful, Beloved Ones, be at peace.  Be in love and think no more about poverty or want, but focus only on the abundance and joy and abundance and prosperity than you and everyone around you will enjoy. Carry it in your heart.  Be that energy of prosperity…and so it shall be.
I am your Mother Teresa, and I am so delighted to have been here with you.  Now I’m going to pass this on to someone very dear to my heart.  It is such a pleasure to bring this wonderful being who has contributed so much and who is rarely channeled in these arenas.  It is my delight to hand the talking stick to Ramana Maharshi.
(Channeled by Kathryn)
Share, Serve, LAUGH!
Ramana Maharshi:
Hello, I am the one you have known as Ramana Maharshi.  I actually am embodied on the Earth also at this time, but this is not the moment to talk about such things. (laughing)  That moment is coming.
I have come to reveal: Our connection to God and to each other is our prosperity  I come to say “share, serve, laugh.”  Share.  Share what you have.  Share whatever you have.
Money is coming to flood the Earth, because the purpose will be that you will realize money was never prosperity!  (laughter).  Share whatever you have. Share health, share a joke, share kindness, share some soup, share some money!
You know, I will tell you, in my life as Ramana Maharshi, my two best friends were  – some of you know this is true – one was a mountain and the other a cow.  My very best friends.  Some said that my last attachment was that mountain.  Not really.  I just love that mountain, and that mountain loves me. (laughing)
Our channels there in New York have a dear friend next to them on their land that is a mountain, the crystal mountain Amalia.  My mountain and Amalia are of course family. (laughing)  I suggest that you get a friend that is a mountain.  Mountains are very wise and never lack anything.
Serve.  Mmm.  I like what Master Cheˊ said.  First you tune.  You look at how they need to be loved.  It is the same thing.  You look at another –  how do they really need, in the name of love, to be served, then do it!  (laughing)
In my life I said, “Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world. Your own self-realization!  It is simple.  Ashtar said it.  Be willing to tell the truth about yourself to yourself!  Let everything else fall away.
And my best pearl of wisdom, “Laugh!”  I have said again and again, happiness is your nature.  Laugh! Laugh at yourself.  Laugh inside.  Laugh sweetly, laugh determinedly, laugh gently, it doesn’t matter.  If you allow the twinkle that is residing just beneath everything to tickle you, you will see the humor in everything around you.  Not the kind that ever makes you laugh at.  That’s a left-over experience that is no longer needed.  This is the kind where you won’t be able to stop the fountain of joy from within, and you won’t be able to hold back the laughter.
That’s all I have today.  I pleasure so much in being with you.  Call me; I can help you with these days.  Be gentle with yourselves and with each other.
I am Ramana Maharshi, who loves you.
I present to you now a great and wondrous being of Love, we all know inside, the one we call Gandhi.
(Channeled by Christine)
Unplug Yourself from That Pile of Money, and Plug in to Mother and Father God!
Ahh, thank you, Ramana, you are my brother, in kind, in thought, in laughter.  That is a wonderful way to bring thoughts of prosperity.  Now, I was known in my lifetime for being a bit of an ascetic – hunger strikes and all that.  But you know, that was really a different time, and it was just a way of to bring the focus to important things.  It was a way of getting the attention of those who would have subdued those with little power.  And so, I took the position of poverty, sometimes of starvation.  And yet, there never was a moment that I doubted Love, that I doubted that whatever it was I was doing here, it was out of love, to help others let go, be free, worry not about moment by moment things.
I must say, our beloved Cheˊ has said it so beautifully:  “I don’t think.  I simply feel, and I AM.” Now that, Dear Ones is the ultimate peace.
Say in your heart the truth!  “I Am Love.  I need nothing more.  I AM nothing more.  I am not plagued by worries and wants because I am Love.  I have no needs other than the need to be of service to others.  I have no need for gratitude from others.  I have no need for recognition or praise.  I have no need for money!  This is why I can give it away freely, without a worry, without any attachment.”
Now, you heard the wonderful exercise from our dear Archangel Michael, to unplug.  Well, I have something to add to his wonderful message, and that is:  Picture that pile of money you are about to receive.  Now, Beloved Ones, unplug yourselves from that pile of money and plug it in to Mother and Father, from whence it came.
There.  Now you are free to distribute, dispense, throw away if you wish, these messages, let us say, of love from Mother and Father.  Now, I don’t mean to throw away as in waste it. I mean throw it into the world with all your heart:  I am Love! I am service to others. I bring blessings from Mother and Father.  This blessing isn’t from me!  I am Love.  I have no need of credit or blame or recognition, except to be recognized as a messenger from God, and my connection goes directly to God. So you need not thank me, please do not thank me.  Feel gratitude as I do,  to our Mother and Father God, for they beam their blessings upon all of us here on Earth and far beyond.
That, Dear Ones, is prosperity, sharing with others this sense of belonging, of being at peace, of being in love with one another.  There is no greater prosperity than that.  I beg you, Beloved Ones, be free!  Reach, to leave behind all the old ideas, all the old beliefs about what money is.  Money is simply a temporary way of giving a note to another, and that note says, “I love you.  Mother and Father God.”
So, every note you possess, every bill, every dollar, every peso, every franc – see it.  It is signed, “Your Mother and Father God.”  That, Beloved Friends, will free everyone.  Do not forget to put that energy with your gift: this is signed not by me, but by Mother and Father God.  I offer you this message, this blessing, this gift, from Mother and Father God.
Let us celebrate together, all of us, this great blessing.  Now, of course we want to also thank our beloved St. Germain for doing the practical work that was being the Boots on the Ground to create this magnificent day of giving, by collecting all this wealth and making it available.  What a messenger of God he is!  And he is filled with joy to see this time has come to all of you who are the Boots on the Ground, who will be distributing joy, laughter, abundance, prosperity, but above all, Love.  Leave behind all thoughts of how much the person has suffered that you are giving this gift to.  That is not what they need to be reminded of.  They need to be reminded of how much they are loved, that is all.  That is all anyone needs.
As our beloved Mother Teresa has said, “The greatest gift is Love. Give it with a smile, and you have given a true gift.”  Be of service, Beloved Ones, for you are here to perform this glorious service of bringing love, peace and harmony to those whose hearts you touch – and touch many hearts, Dear Friends, for you are many, and you have so much to give.  Be the messenger of God that you are, and all will feel your love.
I am your Gandhi, and I wish to pass the talking stick, as you call it, to our dear St. Germain, and I am going to give this to Meg and let her introduce our dear St. Germain.
(Channeled by Kathryn)
Raise Your Sights to the Glorious Sunrise!
St. Germain:  
Thank you, dear Meg.  Oh, what a pleasure to hear from these glowing Masters, each in their own way the bringers of joy who prepared the way for this day, all of them.
My heart is so filled with joy and laughter, and prosperity of course.  I love being the Master of Ceremonies for this beautiful call because it is truly a celebration – a celebration of the time when those on Planet Earth awaken to see.  This is not a time of  suffering and trials  Yes, you have all lived through that, yes, you have experienced want.  Even if it wasn’t poverty, you experienced a poverty of love, a poverty of freedom, and here we are, on the verge of the greatest prosperity ever known on Planet Earth.
I beg you, Beloved Ones, be your own Master of Ceremonies as you go forth.  Be your own laughter!  Be Prosperity, as Sananda said, for this is a new day.  Do not look back.  Do not look back, for we are not healing the pain and the suffering of old.  We are moving forward into a new kind of experience that goes far beyond healing into joy, companionship, harmony, peace and laughter.
Raise your sights, Dear Brothers and Sisters, to a place far beyond anything you have imagined before, and there we are, linking arms with you, marching beside you.  It is a glorious sunrise, a time of gifts, a time of blessings, a time of Prosperity, and as our dear Mother Teresa and others have said, “Prosperity is love.  Prosperity is service to others.  We need nothing more.”
Thank you for being with us.  Thank you for joining us in this wonderful celebration.  You are prosperity, and you will carry forth into the world that message, that energy of love and Light.  I thank you all for coming.
Before I leave, I will tell you, Kathryn and Christine have been asked to transcribe this program and to create a newsletter, so our words will go out to you in written form.  That’s a joy to us too, because the know there are some who cannot listen – some who are far away, some who have difficulties hearing, and we wish our message to go to all.
Thank you, thank you one and all for being here.
love you with all my heart.  I am your St. Germain.
Now, Meg, perhaps you would like to close the show and say “so long” to everyone for us.
(Channeled by Kathryn)
Meg:  Thank you, St. Germain…thank you all for being the Messengers of God.
(Channelers who participated today, July 17, 2016, are Kathryn E. May, Christine Burk and Meg Davis)


I surrender

Yosef Update – Yosef’s Final Plea – July 22, 2016

“Hands of Heaven”

Yosef’s Final Plea
July 22, 2016

Attention:   All of God’s Creations
Subject:       Immediate Release of Humanity from Economic Bondage

Divine sovereignty is a birthright, it is not earned and cannot be controlled by man.  Therefore, if anyone does not immediately release the world from economic bondage via finance, considered your souls in breach of the Mandate of Heaven and prepare to be sent back to the Central Sun for reconditioning

Humanity will not be held back any longer by the Holy Decree of the Most High.  This truth is offered in love, by love, for love.

The “invisible” cabal is neither invisible or the problem.  Their minions are relatively small in numbers compared to the overwhelming mass of humanity, and they will turn on each other without much enticement.

The cult of Saturn is not the problem either.  They were an even smaller group that was dealt with by localized Ascended Masters and Higher Mind Species Light Forces, and were forced to release their vibrational quarantine of Earth in this light era.

Ancient Elders of past dynasties are not the problem.  They are at the end of the day simple farmers, all be it with outdated constructs of how and why man should and must evolve.  Their hearts are in the right place at least, besides they never even desired to control most to all of the world’s tangible wealth management.

So, who and what is the problem?

You see, our problem brothers and sisters… our problem is ourselves.  As a species we are weak minded, we’ve forgotten we have a divine connection to Source, thus we have developed a lack of trust in our Creator Father.  Yet we are still expected to execute His Mandate and take the Hands of Heaven to deliver His golden jubilee… out to His Children.

Yet we don’t?  Why not?

Because we are our own worst enemy, and we are the collective problem.  We believe in lies presented to us without the desire or confidence to critically think through issues and embrace the truth.  Our greatest fault lies in our inability to recognize basic fairness, a specially we as master manifestors already own, and thus have everything we need to produce any result we desire.

All we must do is take the Hands of Heaven and accept God’s benevolence and omnipotence through our own lives.  We must place God’s grace ahead of all other energies, regardless of their slick packaging and well branded marketing.  Nothing can be allowed to Trump God as we simply harvest His blessing, a blessing that has long been laid out for us to enjoy.

It’s so simple, it’s complicated.  So obvious, it’s invisible.  So real, it appears fake.

Who among you hath the courage to take the Hands of Heaven, say thank you for you gift and go about your merry way?  The process is so simple even a small child knows who to do this without thinking.  Yet as adults, you drift into confusion and choose fear over love, while balking at your birthright every chance you get!  This behavior is not humble, not benevolent, it’s inanity personified!!!!!!

There’s nothing complicated about ascension–just ascend!!!!  Even a 500 year old Hun farmer can figure that one out.  To ascend one must ascend.  Simple.  Easy.  Repeatable.  So by all means, figure it out people and move on!  Like now!

Your endless stream of doubt, weakness of character, ludicrous tendency to recognize scarcity versus abundance is no longer permissible in this new dimensional plane.  By default, all who now choose fear over love, scarcity over abundance, shame over joy will be removed and sent back tot he Central Sun for realignment.  Yes, the Central Sun is a real thing.  And yes, your soul is on the hook to ascend in real time.  As anyone holding onto fear based power will be removed from the planet earth.

I’ll say that again and underline it because I know most of you will struggle vibrationally to absorb this truth… anyone holding onto fear based power will be removed from the planet earth.  No negative vibration or occult spell can hold humanity back anymore.

God the Creator is with you, and His Will alone has declared that it is now time to get on with the species ascension–including yours!  Your time to ascend is here!  Your time to leap into the great unknown is now!  And the moment for your souls to choose ascension over crucifixion has come and gone!  What’s in gonna be?  Life or death?

This decision must be made in this exact moment by all who understand it’s accuracy and gravity.  Sovereign beings bond by the Universal Life Order understand that there is no exception to the Will of God.  His Rule is the Golden Rule–and Heaven’s Mandate the law of the universe.  All living beings are subject to His judgment, and His judgment alone.

This is why we are in a spiritual transition and not a financial transaction.  For if you don’t surrender your soul back to the Will of God, you by default are choosing death, as mankind has done for several millennia.  God is re-unifying His Will in us, through us, with us.  Now!!!!!!   It’s as simple as that kids.  The Hands of Heaven have returned to make things right.  Are you right with God????

All the momentum humanity has built up over these last 26,000 years is starting to retreat, and all these many recent decades you’ve attempted to springboard your species forward is beginning to wane.  You are in the moment of deliverance, and thus your performance is now required.

Yet if you still hesitate out of fear or because of some televised series of lies, you consciously now choose death versus eternal life.  Think about that?  This is a life or death situation and you’re being quite casual about the decision?  Why?  Because you’re asleep!!!!!!  So wake the fuck up humanity!!!!!!!!   Fast!!!!!!!!!!!   Time has run out!!!!!!!!!!  Even the children of the cabal know that!!!!!!!

You’re free.

It’s ok to receive your divine gift, as you were born to receive it as you are a glorious Child of God!!!!  You wait on no man!!!  You need no code!!!  You must follow no protocol!!!  There is no administrative hold or last minute compliance item to achieve!!!  All of that has been a harsh and elongated lie contrived by man to keep man in power over God!!!!!

There’s no rogue military foe that can defeat you because God is with you!!!!!!  Get it?????  You’re free by the grace and mercy of God!!!!!! So accept your fate.  Humanity is 100% free to grasp the Hands of Heaven and receive blessings Ad Infinitum (again, and again, in the same way forever).

So please, now, take God’s hand!!!!!  Share His love with your family, your community, your species, your planet!!!!  Give freely without worry of running low on supplies or resources!!!!!  There’s plenty!!!!!  More than enough!!!!!  Infinite blessings are just sitting in storage waiting for you to give them out!!!!!!!

Trust God, release His truth and possibilities within your soul  Allow God’s energy to return in full and grow ever stronger by the Heavenly second.  God is with us.  God is in you now.  God.  As in God.  The Creator of All Things.  With you.  In you.  Right now.  Eternally.  With Infinite blessings prepared.  To achieve your divine calling.  Backed up by omnipotent power.  And all you must do is surrender to His truth of love and abundance for all His children.

Right now, allow your individual and collective soul covenant to be fulfilled without delay or reservation.  Trust God’s love through Christ as the only true pathway forward, as every brick is paved with the blood of His unconditional love.  Go forward now.  Walk proud.  Because at this late hour brothers and sisters of the light, all souls are way past due.  It’s our time to shine.  So shine like that Light on Top of the Hill God enlightened by birthright!

Whatever doubt has held you back, release it.  It can no longer exist, as all yes are now being eliminated by the light of the truth.  Fight  no more ghosts.  Whatever is noble and praise worthy in your character, accept it as true.  Whatever is good about you, embrace it unconditionally as the truth of God and lunge forward into your future.

Lord show them that everything is just waiting for them… and how Heaven is just waiting on them to ascend!!!!!!

Please now, surrender to God.  Trust God.  Walk with God.  Live with God.  Create with God.  Serve others for God.  It’s the best way to live I promise.

I love you.  Yeshua Ben Yosef loves you.  All the Ascended Masters and Universal Beings here helping humanity ascend love you.  You are surrounded by love.  You are protected by love.  You are eternally loved.  Let yourself be honored by the universe.

Know there is absolutely nothing stopping you or your species.  You are free.  Humanity is free, less any cabal boogie man, nuclear threat or terrorist attack.  You are each and all free to explore the universe without limitation.  So explore it!  If not, sadly you will face the dire consequences of rebelling against the Mandate of Heaven.  There’s no other way around ascension, either leap forward into a higher consciousness or be removed from existence.

The choice is that simple, that clear and that absolute.  So be it.

Not another second is acceptable for allowing humanity to be vibrationally enslaved via any lie.  Not another moment is it acceptable to permit a select few to subconsciously imprison the masses by an irrefutable Mandate of Heaven.  What is is…and ascension just is.  So please trust God.  You are His creation.  Humanity is blessed beyond understanding, as God alone has approved our freedom.  But you must do your part to fulfill His promise, and surrendering to the Will of God is the first step.

So take the Hands of Heaven freely, joyfully, eternally.  Only then will you truly co-create with God.  And know He won’t do it for you.  It’s a two way street.

This invisible war / enemy you think you’re fighting doesn’t exist.  Whatever fake armies they tried to make us believe were real have been defeated.  Their super computers and satellites have been confiscated and destroyed.  Their secrete hideouts, tunnels and deep underground basis have all been imploded.  Their leaders removed, their agendas debunked, their power over nations removed.  And yes, their financial basis for power (usury through currency) rendered rendered inoperable.

So what are you afraid of????!!!!!!!!  What are you still fighting a ghost that can no longer fight back!!!!!!  Go through the ghost!!!!!  Give up the ghost!!!!!  Be like Hosanna and die today so you can resurrect in days and ascend forever!!!!!!!!  There is no more struggle unless you choose to struggle!!!!!

Either trust God or don’t.  Either trust you are His beloved child or don’t.  Either align with God’s Will or perish.  Either move forward on your feet with love or die on your knees in fear.  But make no mistake, you, and you alone are holding up the GCR/RV/Golden Jubilee/GESARA… none other… and YOU alone are responsible as a Sovereign Being of the Universal Life Order.

Oh yeah, and for all who claim to be elite or special sovereign governors and major power brokers of this unprecedented transition, you’re not.  You’re just regular people with a job to do.  So do it.  Plus, consider your souls first up on the Gauntlet of Heaven.  As you are the first to be judged in real time this very second.  For all eternally.

God forbid don’t pull the trigger now when billions are known to be starving and without sustenance resources.  I pray that God has mercy on your souls because I know His wrath will soon find you and your families–regardless of your family name, colorful robes, exotic riches and diplomatic status.  None of it is yours, it’s all God’s and it all goes back in the box when you;re done playing HIS game.

All living souls are now on notice from this moment forward, as transcribed through my soul by the Highest High.  All shall either implement the Mandate of Heaven or be terminated from the earth’s face forever.

These are you choices.  The decision is yours.  The children of the cabal have made their choice.  What say you?

I surrender.

– Yosef


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All the money I give is blessed and returned to me multiplied.

Archangel Gabriel


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Victory of Light

The beginning of the liberation of humanity is more than obvious,

Corey and Cobra are giving us through this interview by Rob some major intel about what has been going on our planet since millions of years.

On the Higher Realms we are also receving  confirmations through these channelings:

AA Michael:

The Arcturians & Pleiadians:

Our Financial Situation is also super close to change once and for all as we keep our focus towards the common vision.It is about staying in the joy of victory every now till this reality becomes Truly True,seconde by seconde,minute by minute,hour by hour,day by day.


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Veganism plays an important factor in our Ascension ,both personal and for Gaia.

Thousands of slaughterhouses are being used by the dark entities for heavy energetic harvest for lower astral realms.Black Magic,yep,it’s all around us and we can all do something to stop it.

Another dark side of our reality today the use of psychotronics.

Fasting is a great way to activate spirit and rejuvenate our bodies.


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Feel More Than Fine In the core of our being for

Infinite Abundance in Peace,Love,Joy,Excellente Health and Freedom.

Nikos Akrivos

Emptying Our Vessel To Receive More Love & Light

To be an empty vessel,receiving the infinite amount of love from our Supreme Creator is the number one priority in these times of our evolution.The pure knowledge that this Tsunami of love reaches its climax on June 20th 2016(3rd Wave of Ascension announced by Archangel Michael) is another great opportunity to step away from the hustle bustle of every day life and reach for the God/Goddess In Self with prayer,meditation,eating and drinking light or even better fasting.This is the time that every human on Earth has been waiting in the core of our being.There are those who have awakened into this  and doing the work into self,being a beacon of Light and expressing God by being present in the here and now for everybody else who are not aware of this.They are also  ‘Bridge Workers’ channeling the energies towards Earth creating a connection with Heaven that helps to uplift all existence on the planet to the 5th Dimension.

Remembering our purpose of existence is bringing us close to the agreement we made before incarnating on the planet and our Guides/Angels are always by our side supporting in the unseen with  all the help we need in order to help us follow the path of truth while respecting of course our free will to a certain extend as our mind can not always perceive what is right or wrong

Feeling good in the core of our being is a signal that we are going to the right direction.

This feeling gets developed when we take the time to create enough space in self.

So meditation is the key.And when combined with laughter it helps raise our vibration closer to the source.There are many other ways to raise our vibration of course with movevement,some yoga,some Chi Gung,some Reiki or simply running ,doing pilates in a holistic way or dancing preferably barefoot and voiceless.

So this is again another reminder for all sisters and brothers on the surface of the planet to join into this action in finding The God/Goddess in self.

This is the time that we going through the hole of the niddle that our brother Sananda aka Jesus has talked about.The money in our accounts are not being taken in consideration.The time we take  truly dedicating ourself into receiving The Golden Rain of Love & Light from Father/Mother God is what matters.

We are sovereign of our being and we are doing this for our personal evolution which is by the way the best way to help somebody on the other side of the planet.

On the other side of the niddle lies a beautiful reality that our minds are not able to conceive right now and those we are doing the work in Self are getting to be there within our physical bodies.

Infinite Abundance in Peace,Love,Joy,Freedom,Excellente Health and Laughter to All.

1 Wish for All of you who read this message:

Feel More Than Fine In The Core Of Our Being.



Gabriel Raphael

(Nikos Akrivo’s Higher Self)

Financial assistance in the not too distant future

Christine: I have received a short message from the Ascended Master Saint Germain. It was like a short conversation by telepathic communication. He has told me how he will be able to give us financial assistance in the not too distant future, and said that we are in the middle of a final battle against those dark forces which control the world. In a previous message I have indeed been informed that the dark ones’ interference will be removed this summer.  I have received symbolic images that carry the meaning that the American Elections and Brexit in Britain are like the top of the iceberg of what is going on, and in one of them this dark force was a Dragon that will be wounded when Britain choses to leave the European Union. It needs to be slain in the sense that we have to overcome it, and perhaps that is what will happen as a great turmoil seems to be created in the process of the American Elections. A great awakening is however resulting from it. A great many people are changing their opinion as so many notions are coming out in the open.

Saint Germain conveyed to me the idea that the individuals opposing and fighting the Establishment in the process of the American Elections are having a hard time and are taking a hard beating. Certain Ascended Masters are closely connected with this struggle. So Saint Germain has asked me to make calls for those who are fighting a battle for Freedom and to see if a video with some prayers can be produced. He is the Hierarch of this New Age of Aquarius and of Freedom. He has asked me to make some calls for his Violet Flame as it magnetizes solutions for all problems. The Violet Flame of Saint Germain is magical and has the power to forever transform all conditions in our material world, as well as manifest the Peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ that Archangel Michael, all Elohim and other Archangels, are assisting us to bring into manifestation. The Call needs to start with an invocation for the Tube of Light and the Solar Ring as a platform for it. Saint Germain said that the warning to the dark forces that Lord Sanat Kumara has channeled through me can be used as a decree just as the Summit Lighthouse’s Judgment decrees which originally were dictations.  It needs to be said in the power of the spoken word, or loud, and to be repeated at least three times.  Sanat Kumara’s Warning to the Forces of Darkness on the Astral plane was part of the April 24video: Lords Michael and Sanat Kumara, Leap and Woes. The following calls have been formatted in the way requested by Saint Germain, with a preamble, a body, the Judgment Call, and a closing that seals the action of precipitation that causes light from Spirit to descend into matter. Some of the invocations have been modified under the supervision of my Ascended Twin Flame from some decrees in the ‘Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World transformation Decree book’ published by the Summit Lighthouse.  First we are calling to the God within, and we name some Ascended Masters as well as Archangels. Then we give the command for a particular light action and situation, or a problem needing a solution. One section will be repeated three times for the power of the three times three. And for closing we will be sealing the action of precipitation by saying that we accept, or believe, that the call will be answered.


Solar Ring and Tube of Light


I AM the invincible bride of Christ as I am calling for the Solar Ring. I am standing as a child of God in the earth clothed upon with the Sun of Righteousness. I come with healing in my wings. I have descended from the heart of God from the heart of my own Mighty I AM Presence. I am a soul extension of my very own Higher Self who is descending and taking hold in me. I stand in my own Christ Self, and by the flame within my heart, I do now draw the Solar Ring around my forcefield as the foundation of my life, and around the members of my family and friends, as well as all lightworkers, Star seeds, and all beings in incarnation who have a connection with the Divine Father-Mother of All.


I call for my invincible Tube of Light to be established upon the platform of my Solar Ring for the sealing of my identity, my heart and my mind, within this Mighty Tube of Light by the power of the Solar Ring. I draw the solar ring to magnetize the manifestation of God’s Will, heaven upon Earth, as well as the purpose of the Ascended Masters’ activities.


I am establishing my Tube of Light for the sealing of the Collective that has to be lifted in its vibration upon a higher level of consciousness and density. This Tube of Light, that now seals us, is a great Pillar of Light from the loving I Am Presence, the light of God above us whose radiance forms a circle of fire before us to light our way. The Mighty I Am Presence keeps this Tube of Light intact through every passing moment, as a shimmering shower of beautiful Light through which nothing of the human effluvia can ever pass, or through which nothing directed from the lower astral can ever pass.


Into the electro-magnetic circle of divinely charged energy of this Pillar of Light I am requesting Saint Germain to project a swift upsurge of his Violet Fire of Freedom’s forgiving transmuting flame. The Violet Flame of Saint Germain has the power to change all of our human energies, into the positive polarity of our Great God Self. The magic of this Flame will consume all discord, cause, effect, record and memory of Life, in a flash, and all that was never intended to be. May the Light of the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love, the Great Cosmic Light and the Light of Cosmic Victory, pour in from cosmic sources, like the power of ten million Niagara Falls, and permeate the atmosphere of earth, its lands and oceans. May it remove all negativities, and together with the Enlightenment of Archangel Uriel, turn this world around in a flash, and bring Saint Germain’s great Golden Age into manifestation, as well as change it for the fulfilment of Archangel Michael’s Ancient Prophecy that will forever lift creation out of the grip of Darkness.


The Invocation


Beloved glorious I AM Presence, beloved Father Supreme, I am calling to Alpha and Omega, beloved Sanat Kumara in the Sun with Helios and Vesta, beloved Surya, Lord Gautama, Jesus the Christ, Morya El, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director, the mighty Elohim, Archangels, and Chohans of the Rays, the Messengers from the Sun, the cosmic beings of higher dimensions, powers, activities, and legions of Light, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, or Brotherhood of the Star, the great hosts of Ascended Masters, the Melchizedek Cosmic Order, and the World Mother, elemental life, fire, air, water and earth.


In the name of my loving I Am Presence, the Light of God above me whose radiance forms a circle of fire before me to light my way, I am calling for the restoration of cosmic justice and peace in all nations and especially in connection with the forthcoming American elections. See that the one elected respects the Constitution and spirit of the Magna Charta, as well as every instrument of Freedom, Law and Divine Justice, and is imbued with a spirit of enlightenment. See that nothing interferes with the divine plan and that it is fulfilled with full power. I pray for the protection of the representatives of the people from any attacks of the fallen ones and astral hordes. May the one who will be elected have been tained by the Ascended Masters in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. May the opposition through the media be transmuted, encircled, dissolved and consumed with the power of the seven mighty Elohim, and a concentrated release of the sacred fire. I am calling for the binding of all Illuminati interference and their attempt to control the elections.



Invocation of the Circle-and-Sword Patterns for the Elections


Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Mighty AstreaEntire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, World Motherlock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will in the process of the nomination and election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.


Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold fame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.


Beloved Archangel Michael, all the Archangels, and legions of LightCome, come, come in your visible, tangible, supernatural bodies, and strike, strike, strike your mighty cosmic swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun, Sun in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will in the process of the nomination and election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.


Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold fame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.


Archangel Michael wield your Sword of Blue Flame and now cut all souls free from the shackles of their own creations. Blaze God-power and protection into all of us, to purify our vision for the Awakening. Flash your transcendent Blue Lightning power through all souls to make them more radiant and whole. With your legions of Blue descend to keep us faithful and true. Now by the power of the I AM, we are fully charged and blessed. By your blue flame we are armor-dressed. 


Beloved Ascended Master Jesus Christ and the seven mighty Elohimcome, come, come in your ascended Master bodies and strike, strike, strike your mighty cosmic swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will in the process of the nomination and election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.


Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold fame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.


Sanat Kumara’s Warning to the Forces of Darkness on the Astral plane 

From LORDS MICHAEL and SANAT KUMARA, Leap and Woes, April 24,

Sanat Kumara: This is Sanat Kumara. I Am that I Am and I now declare through this messenger that you will be no more if you continue in your belligerent ways. I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara, who is stating that from this day on, you will obey, you will not be interferring with the forces of the Light embodied in these, my children, doing my work upon the Earth. From this day on I will prevent interferences from you, forces of darkness that have polluted the Earth and the consciousness of my children of Light born of the Great Central Sun. I will not allow it for they have awakened and turned the world around. They are pure in hearts. They have transmuted karma. By the Law of the One that they are invoking, I declare that this day there will occur an instant wrath to descend upon the head of you, dark ones, if you dare lifting a finger to attack my children of the Light. You will be taken to another world to continue your existence and your evolution now very soon, but if you continue attempting to interfere with them and the affairs of their world, there will be an instant reaction, you will be no more as you will be taken and your life, your very existence, if you can call it a soul, will be thrown in the sacred fires that are on the Planet Saturn, the sacred fires, not to endure eternal hell, because you will be no more, you will lose your very existence. The life of your soul will be taken if you lift a finger against these, my children. You will be no more and you will not pass! I Am Sanat Kumara of the Sun with Helios and Vesta in the Sun of this Solar System. We continue moving in space on our way towards the God Star Sirius where we shall take our place as the 8th system orbiting the Sun systems of this Constellation and we shall take our position planned many millions of years ago.


Christine: These solutions in the heart of Sanat Kumara are descending. Christ Consciousness is descending and is awakening the whole world. The Maha Chohan breathes the breath of Life to revive the fire of the heart for freedom to increase. He is blazing forth his breath into all hearts to turn the world around. You will see how this world will turn to the right action, and therefore, the swings of political manipulations will cease. There will be one Law, and one Will in alignment with the Divine Will.


Law of One for all to affirm


Christine: Saint Germain, nothing that I can do on my own can bring heaven on Earth, and the hordes of darkness are causing chaos down below, but I know that with God in me, the key is in the Law of the One. I embody the Spirit of Freedom that will liberate the world from all opposition and conspiracies because I Am in the One and the One is in me, and through that ‘I’ in me, God can change the world but let this be according to His Holy Will.


Saint Germain raise us higher with the pulsation of your Violet Flame! You said that the solution lies in the heart of the Word, in the heart of Sanat Kumara, and you did say that the solution to world problems is the Christ consciousness. Let it be awakened in all in whom there is a divine spark!


Saint Germain, tear the veil of confusion and chaos and reveal the one living Christ who rules. You once said that the victory of worlds is for the victory not alone of a single planet but of galaxies beyond galaxies. You said that every cosmic victory begins with the single individual. As America, other nations, and the world is being challenged may the promise of the ‘I Am He’ consciousness be manifested in us, so that the dark powers of this world will have to give answer to our declaration of identity in you.


Saint Germain is tearing the veil of confusion, of chaos, and is now revealing the Christ who rules in the heart. Out of the Law of the One, he seals us in the heart of the Lord of Righteousness. We are pronounced One forevermore in Spirit, in matter, in body, and in soul. It is a meeting of worlds, not only for the victory of a planet, but the Victory of galaxies beyond galaxies, and its beginning is in the victory of single individuals as a result of their Armageddon in the psyche.


The Closing


And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest, right here and now, with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!


As the call compels the answer, I know that a sacred release of assistance from God’s own heart in the Great Central Sun is being accelerated without limit and that it will be so until all of mankind is ascended and free in the Light that never, never, never fails!


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You are entering a period of Transition in which life will be easier and interesting

Archeia Faith, Twin Flame André, Removal of Evil forces on Astral this summer, June 3, 2016

by Toluene Life Experience

by Christine Preston


Christine: As I woke up this morning Archangel Michael started irradiating me in a way that I felt as if I was being pulled up gradually, as usual. I wonder whether other lightworkers are having similar experiences but don’t understand what is causing them because they are not in communication with the Angelic kingdom, the Ascended Masters, or are not receiving tele-thought transmissions from them or the Galactic beings we call ‘our Star family,’ those higher-dimensional beings with whom we share a genetic DNA. We were in a conversation for an hour.


After a while I noticed the electronic presence I was perceiving was of a feminine character and I realized it was the divine complement of Archangel Michael, Archeia Faith, who had taken his place and was activating something in my aura, and was speaking to me. They had switched over in an instant. This is a mystical, supernatural experience, the kind of which the lightworkers and lightbearers are going to experience, if they have not yet, and increasingly so, as we are progressing upon the path of Ascension.


After some time in the conversation we were having and which was an instruction, Archeia Faith who had descended as my higher Self, explained that the method used for the transmission of thoughts can be called ‘transcendental communication’ because in order to receive these tele-thought transmissions I am elevated upon the ladder of consciousness and have to maintain a focus with my mind, just as in ‘transcendental meditation.’ I have taken her word for granted as I have never known what it was. I have heard it was taught by a certain Eastern movement back decades ago. It is not the same method as in the case of channelers who leave their body and it is then taken over to some degree or totally. The method used in psychic channeling is apparently not the same as the one that the Spiritual Order of Masters use to transmit messages through their messengers. In that state I could however speak the words, or ideas, that I receive and they would be spoken simultaneously as they are being received. But the focus required is so intense when communication takes place in that elevated state that the action of speaking the words could disturb the fine balance of the focus, and the use of the intellect is also detrimental to it. I sometime fall asleep when it takes place if I am tired when a telepathic communication of this type is taking place. I normally have to use my intellectual mind to some extent in order to make sure I memorise what has been said. But it’s difficult to remember every detail and the way the message was worded. This is why my Ascended Twin Flame André then gives me a dictation that I write down. I think that the transcendental communication is part of something that is being done, like an exercise, to get used to a rising of vibrations in preparation for the final Ascension. They use this time to communicate because it is clearer than during the day time after the intellectual capacities have been usesd.


However, I have received dictations from other sources that have taken place as I was writing them down. For instance Mother Mary and Saint Germain, the Master Jesus, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Gabriel, as well as Lord Sanat Kumara. Mother Mary asked me to take a pen and take note when she gave the dictation on the Souls of Maldek. She speaks in what I would describe as a uniformed rhythmic way. I have noticed that characteristic in one of her dictations through the Messenger E. C. Prophet too. I felt their presence outside of me, next to me, particularly in the case of Mother Mary and Saint Germain. He touched my hand and I felt it (please refer to his message entitled Knighthood). Lord Sanat Kumara and my I Am Presence have spoken to me many times from inside the Tube of Light as André, Archangel Michael amd Archeia Faith do when in that transcendental state. They have said to me that they do come as the consciousness that is descending within it. The Tube of Light is a protective substance of Light that cannot be penetrated by anything human or dark effluvia.  The transcendental state in question can be brought about by the visualization of the Tube of Light built upon the platform of the Solar Ring and the invocation for the twinned consciousness that is universal and personal, that of Alpha and Omega, of all the Elohim, all Archangels, the Ascended Masters, as well as well as the invocation for the presence, or descent, of the spirit of your own twin flame, your higher self, and divine complement, and the Christ Self whih is the blueprint of the Christ consciousness that you are to integrate and externalize upon the Path of Ascension.


The Removal of Dark Interference


I will tell you what I remember first. Then my Ascended twin flame will dictate.


Archeia Faith told me something about what is to happen this summer as it has been announced in another message that the interference of the Dark ones is going to be removed. She said that the core of the evil which is a Sinister force and is, or has been, reaching out from the Astral plane, to affect life and the souls of Light, in a direct way, or through their physical agents, is going to be removed at the Solstices this summer. The Astral plane has been raided by the Angelic Forces of the Light for centuries and decades, and has been cleared to a point. There were millions of dark entities. The Lower Astral plane was first cleared by the Angelic forces and finally dismantled recently. But the Astral level has still been used by these fallen ones. The work has been in progress and it has been explained in previous messages that some souls were being disentangled from the grip of either these forces, or the shackles of their own creation. The forces of the Light have had to operate in ways that don’t violate freewill. And they have relied on the Calls and prayers of the lightworkers for decades to accomplish a clearing because of the Law of non interference, and it is the reason that some souls have incarnated to serve in that way, whereas others function as ‘system busters’. In the 1990s the situation deteriorated on Earth in a way that had not been envisioned and what Archeia Faith told me, this morning, is that a deception was introduced about five years ago in channeled teachings because the dark forces thought that by portraying a scenario of victory of the light and liberation, at that stage, they would gain two or three years during which the lightworkers would be off their guard and more prone to distraction so they would not involve themselves so much in spiritual work. It was one of their strategies of darkness and they had many ways of operation for deception.  What they knew would take place at a later stage they portrayed falsely and incorporated many erroneous concepts as well.


The Forces of the Light involved in the battle of the Armageddon of the psyche are the legions of the Blue Ray of the Light of God. I feel that my ascended twin flame André is now sending me a stream of thought as I am writing. These are his own words now. He says:


André:  There are various forces. For instance, those that work with the Ruby Ray and various forces of the light have pronounced the judgment of the dark forces in past decades, such as for instance Helios’ ratification of the judgment of the dark forces, and just recently, Lord Sanat Kumara has issued his warning to the dark forces that interfer with the sons and daughers of God, and said their interference would result with their being taken and sent to the Courts of Saturn for judgment ‘from this day on’ if they continued with their interferences. These interferences have considerably decreased after this warning, especially in relation to the synthetic dreams they manufactured like movies that they inserted into the minds of people when they were asleep, in order to affect them psychologically, disturb them, worry them, confuse them, or torment them with fears. The Sons and daughters of God are the body of Christ, the true Church in the material world. They are called the Lightbearers because they have the connection to the I Am Presence in the threefold flame in the heart. They are the humanity of this world. The psychopathic parasitic beings of darkness don’t have it. They don’t have the ability for compassion. They have been given a chance and their time is up.


The forces of darkness have their counterfeit hierarchy meant to copy the one of the Light and they have impersonated the Masters. They have their pawns and incarnations as well, and they knew they had but a short time as the scriptures said it, or prophesied it. They were allowed to reappear some thousands of years ago and the Atlantean dark magicians who caused the plan of Ascension to be aborted in their days, also reappeared in embodiment, making Edgar Cayce’s prophecy of the second rise of Atlantis to be fulfilled, but perhaps not as some of his followers expected it, because they interpreted it in the sense of the land being raised up again out of the Atlantic ocean. The Atlantean civilization was recreated as well in many ways in modern time.


So what is to happen this summer is not so much a new event but the culmination, the peak, of a long period of purification, of clearing up the astral levels. Purification was indeed prophesied by the Hopi Indians. A separation of Reality is going to occur beause the vision and concepts of these dark fallen beings, who are to be removed, clash with that of the humanity that desires peace and to build a refined spiritual civilization on Earth, or Gaia.


Mother Mary and Saint Germain have released two messages in which they explain the origin of the sinister force, where the souls of Maldek are concerned. Their incarnation on Earth was the reason that Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame. It was because he knew that there would be an Armageddon of the Psyche taking place as a result of their coming. It was to give those souls a chance of evolution, and Mystery schools were set up to instruct them and attempt to turn them into beings of Light during the Atlantean age.


The souls that did not manage to ascend during the Atlantean age are the lost sheep of the scripture. However, the Atlantean and Maldekian downfalls were also engineered by what the Lords Sanat Kumara and Michael have called the Galactic mafia: it was the Reptilian presence in this Galaxy. Archangel Michael has provided an insight on our galactic history in the long comment that he made in a dictation in relation to a revelation that Sheldan Nidle made in his work ‘First Contact’ published in the year 2000. It was also in relation to the Prophecy millions of years ago with regard to the key role the Earth would play in these so-called ‘End Days,’ ‘Last Days’ or ‘End times.’ These expressions have their origin in a sentence in the book of Enoch ‘the days of the last generation’ and the Essenes of Qumran did believe in that End time. However this was, and is, in relation to the End of Evil, and should not be interpreted in the sense of an end of the world, although it seems that this is just what the dark conspiracies, that create anarchy upon the Earth, as well as corruption, would like to manifest. This force has not abandoned its position of opposition to the Light. It is reacting with rebellion, hate, and vengeance. The ‘end,’ as in the book of Revelation, is in relation to the removal of the Dark forces from planet Earth as their time is up. It’s the Harvest.


It also was in the sense of a completion of a cosmic cycle of approximately 26,000 years at the end of which karma should be balanced. It has been announced quite recently that it has been cancelled to the level of 51% and this was the goal thanks to a dispensation obtained by Saint Germain that permits ascension with a transmutation of karma and of the substances magnetized by the soul, amounting to 51%. This cosmic cycle of 26,000 years is on the basis of the duration of the Astrological Ages charted on the Cosmic Clock of the Zodiac.


We are now in the Aquarian Age the Hierarch of which is the Master Saint Germain and the Earth is to be freed from those dark powers that have held the strings of their manipulations in order to serve an Agenda opposing the fulfillment of Archangel Michaels’ Prophecy of the Victory of the Light, as it is the Archangels who bring to mankind, or any beings for that matter, the vision of the Divine Will that is to be manifested in the material Universe, in their reality or physicality, and so this Vision was understood millions of years ago as a Prophecy.


The dark powers that remained after Lucifer received his final Judgment [please refer to the Video ‘Vials of Karma’] hoped to sabotage the plans of Liberation and Ascension that were to lift up physicality above the reach of these evil ones.


You are seeing the Apocalypse taking place in the sense of the true meaning of the word, the etymology of which is ancient Greek, and which means the unveiling of what is hidden as ‘calypso’ means ‘to hide’. This is the Disclosure that you have been waiting for because you realize that truth has been suppressed for thousands of years, and particularly in this day and age with the fall of society into materialism and the manipulation of political concepts, political events, such as those that sought to make you believe in an enemy. Many conditions and enemies were created as a means to create a perpetual state of war and chaos upon the world. The removal of the astral cause of what has led to the present disastrous global situation is going to produce the liberation that mankind desires. Disclosure is taking place now and is increasing especially as the media is now beginning to experience a liberation from the control of the evil Lords. The latter were tricked and lashed out on Donald Trump. He is taking a beating and retaliation from the forces of the Establishment that has never been seen before. They have been the core of many deceptions and conspiracies designed as part of a dark Agenda but the forces of the Light have prevented a good many of them from manifesting. Nuclear missiles and weapons have been deactivated. They have not been able to start a third world war.


The suppression of truth has been greater than any one of you can conceive. It was designed by the Anunnaki in the first place in order to keep mankind ignorant of their potential. If this is new to you, please do seek the stories and videos from various sources that can provide an insight about the great historical drama that is about to come to an end now. We are on the verge of a new beginning and of the restoration of a planet. We are about to enter the great age of Transition when, following Disclosure, the work will continue with a teaching and a true spiritual Science as a result of contacts, both esoteric and external with extraterrestrial, Galactic and higher dimensional beings, who have been assisting this Solar System with the work of Ascension.


You are entering a period of Transition in which life will be easier and interesting, and in which you will have the opportunity of contributing a service, and in which healing and rejuvenation will be taking place. There will be financial assistance and prosperity. The Transition with new technologies will be in preparation for the Quantum Leap in many years to come to a state of physicality that will be beyond the impact of disease and death. It will truly be a condition of paradise upon a higher dimension, and it will open up new possibilities of involvement in work in collaboration with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom in service to the Divine Will.


There also is a leap up the ladder of your Density to be looked forward to at the end of this year of 2016, that will permit your visualizations to precipitate faster, so healing and similar changes will also manifest faster. So this is a vision of what is coming.


Remain steadfast, dear ones, it’s the finishing line in sight. Thankful for your interest and your work. With Love and Light from Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael and André.


Christine: With gratitude for this message as well as to Matt for its publication as video.

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Remember Dearest Ones that you are Gods and Goddesses, and vibrant vibrant light

LIGHT CODES ~ Mary Magdalene

from Lea Chapin ~ May 16, 2016

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Good morning, Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into your frequency I see that you are holding your light upon this most powerful day. I wish to speak about your light codes that are coming into this planet, and the power of this energy that is affecting your human body and your own psyche. I know that we’ve spoken very heavily about these energies, but it is very important to understand that these light codes have those what we call [unclear] forms in the light frequencies, and this pattern is quite unique for there is a mathematical equation that is being brought forward into your own DNA. What is happening is that it is the energy of what we call original creation, of how everything was designed and created within the universe. And these powerful light codes are now being infused within your pineal, your pituitary, and within your own DNA.

And so Dearest Children I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to bring in this essence, for these powerful frequencies are of the beautiful golden and the white light natures, they are of great significance and of great power, for it is of the union that is being brought forward through the energies of the Christ light, merged with the energy of the beautiful energy of Shekhina, as this beautiful energy of Divine Feminine is beautifully merged with the energy within the Christ Consciousness energy. It has been brought forward into the Holy of the Holies, it is there that this energy of the light frequency is of great significance and great power. And so know at this time that the light that you hold, the peace that you hold, the energy that you hold, the essence that you hold is of greatness and of grandness. So I ask you Dearest Children to take a deep inhaling breath, and to breathe in the essence of peace, breathe in the essence and presence of light, yes Dearest Ones, it is known as the elixir of life, the original creation of all that is. And we ask you to breathe and release, and allow these beautiful, powerful light codes of the elixir of life to merge within your essence.

The Holy of the Holies are here, and they stand before you, and they reach into your heart, and they open up your heart chakra if you so allow, and they allow you to merge into the essence of your being. Opening your vessel into the purest frequency, the purest of love, with your energy and your frequency in this essence of Divine Love, and allow the beautiful energy of the Holy of the Holies now to infuse you. For you see the light codes are merging through your being, and as we have told you before, they are creating both great love and joy within the hearts of many, and yet turbulence and chaos in others. These frequencies are indeed of the pure energy of God’s white light, and as they enter into your physicality, allow yourself to feel them with the greatest of ease. Allow this energy to come into your physicality, allow your body to respond. Allow your heart to open to the energy of peace, and allow the frequency of the energies to merge within your essence. And so as the beautiful Holy of the Holies stand before you, they surround you with this beautiful light energy, which if you accept, may you receive the essence and the embrace of their love. Today as you emerge into this frequency and allow yourself to shift once again from your third dimensional bodies into your crystalline light bodies, these new light codes are vibrating within you, like a beautiful rainbow of colors, as your body is vibrating and shifting and awakening, and anointing you with love, bathing you with the beautiful golden light of God’s love within your heart, within your soul, within your very essence you are being bathed with this beautiful beautiful Golden White Light of God. There is peace within your heart, and tranquility is felt upon your soul, so you understand and remember the energy and the essence of who you truly are.


Remember Dearest Ones that you are Gods and Goddesses, and vibrant vibrant light. Remember Dearest Ones that you are vibrant, and you are light. These light codes are infused within you, it is the energy of original creation, these light frequencies are being infused within your physicality, and they are the gifts of life. We call them the gifts of life because just as your bodies, all of your lifetimes have been in service to humanity, to Mother Earth, and to the Great Creator, you have gifted your physical body. And so Dearest Children, at this time, stand in the purity of the love that you are, may you feel the essence and presence of these powerful light codes that are being infused within your system. Allow this energy to merge within your physicality, within your merkabic field, within your ethereal energy bodies. And allow this powerful frequency of the rainbow colors to now merge through your eyes, so you will be able to see clearly and feel the essence of love, so that you will see clearly and feel the essence of love.

I know Dearest Ones it has been difficult for many of you, for you have not felt loved. You have felt cheated from life in many ways. And yet you have given your body in service, and these powerful light codes are bringing forth the power of love into your system, so that you can feel this energy and be revitalized, rejuvenated, and remember who you are, and the beautiful essence of all that you are. So I ask you to take a deep, deep, deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe. Begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace, begin to breathe in the essence and presence of love, and breathe in these powerful light codes. These light codes will be magnified for the next 30, 40, and 45 days. Yes, they are flooding the planet at this time, they will be quite magnified within the next 30, to 40, to 45 days. There will be intensity of energy, and as you pray and receive the light codes within your body, your bodies can heal, your bodies can be rejuvenated, your bodies can be restored with the frequency of love.

May the heart of your heart be at peace, may the heart of your heart be love, may the heart of your heart be light. As you enter into this beautiful frequency at this time, we take you into the beautiful sea of creation, not the cave of creation but the sea of creation, it is the energy of vastness, of all that is, the energy of oneness. It is as if you are going into the universe, into the galaxy, and there dearest children, there is peace, there is love, and there is hope. And so Dearest Ones, I ask you to open your heart, to this beautiful beautiful energy of the sea of vastness. You are returning home, you see, it is a beautiful seafoam green, mixed with the golden beautiful white light. As if you are the vastness of the sea, but you are floating, and you are effortless. And your spirit is awakening, and returning back to oneness. This is what these beautiful light codes are doing, they are flooding each individual so that they may return to their oneness, and there as you imagine yourself as this beautiful seafoam green, the vastness of this energy, as if you are in space traveling through time, as it were. Not your physical body, but your spirit and soul are now being bathed in oneness. And there, Dearest Children, you are feeling this freedom out of your body, out of your soul, out of your mind. Into this beautiful frequency of love, and so as you allow your heart to open, and you feel this peace, and may you feel the tranquility, and may you feel the light of God surrounding you.


And there you are in this beautiful frequency, as the energy holds you in this powerful powerful space of unconditional love. Can you feel this energy of unconditional love, and the vastness of the beautiful seafoam green energy? It is the seed of creation. It is where you were created, so allow all of your own essence and all of your essent self to feel this. Remember every soul journey, and every lifetime is being bathed with a sea of love. All of your incarnations, every aspect of your spirit and soul journey has been bathed in unconditional love. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you receive it? Children you have sacrificed yourselves for your mission to serve this planet. And so we gift to you this beautiful beautiful beautiful energy, bathing you in unconditional love. Accept this as our gift unto you, for it is of great importance that you honor yourself and be honored for your service and for your devotion of all of your incarnations of time. For you see Dearest Children you do not know or understand all that you have done in service, in your history of mankind. And this incarnation may seem fruitless but it is not. You are here to hold the light, and regardless of what you are doing, or what you believe you are not doing, you are all holding the beautiful light for this planet to ascend, for humanity to ascend, for all the world to see and to know. Do not allow the darkness of the world to overcome you or overtake you. Do not allow anything or anyone to hold you back from your greatness and your grandness, just as Grand spoke last week of your magnificence, we are infusing these light codes within you today so that you can easily and effortlessly hold your frequency of grandness and magnificence, into your being. For those who are not for your highest good will fall away, people, places, things that are not for your highest good will fall away. And so know at this time that the light that you hold, the essence that you hold, the peace that you hold, the grace that you hold is indeed revered.

We know Dearest Ones that it is difficult to be on the earth plane. Jeshua and I understood this, and yes, the Holy Mother, and Joseph, and all of us understood the difficulty, but we came together to be at peace and to bring love, and to bring the joy, and as we have said we left our imprint to be reawakened at the appointed hour, for the energy of Divine Mother, Divine Shekhina, to be awakened, the energy of Divine Goddess. And now we hold this beautiful essence in this powerful frequency today, and as you allow the energy to merge into your pineal gland, it will awaken your remembrance. And you feel the presence of God within your being. You will remember your oneness within your being, that you are no longer separated, that the world that you live in is an illusion, and holds the energy of duality. But you are never separated from your Creator God, you are never separated from the individual light codes of your original creation. And so today as you feel this energy of the vastness of the light codes flooding you, surrounding you, now accelerate yourself into the next leg of your journey, and when you make the decision to turn back into spirit, into the energy of the vastness of oneness, into your final ascension home when it is time, you will be pleased with how you have served. Today we are serving you, giving on to you, our gift of light. As I have said, these light codes are upon the planet for the next 30 to 40 to 45 days, flooding your planet with new frequencies and energies for humanity and all sentient beings. Where there has been darkness there will now be light and truth will now come forward. And each of you will be able to have the clarity of purpose that you have been seeking, clarity of purpose that you have been seeking.

And may you seek the light inside of yourself, and Dearest Children the beautiful energy of St. Germain is with us, the violet flame of transmutation is now inside of each of you, transmuting your own darkness and opening your third eye so that you may bring the new light codes within your physicality into your third eye, opening and awakening your third eye even grander for clarity of purpose. And the pulsation and the energy that is being downloaded into your chakras, but particularly into your third eye, will allow you to hold the visions of your pathway, as one of the Holy of the Holies are here holding the frequency for each of you. You are very special and you are very important, and you are holding the frequencies inside of you. And so as you allow yourself to receive this gift of light, know that the heart of your heart is peace. And the heart of your heart is love, and the heart of your heart is joy. And the remembrance of who you truly are now comes flooding back to you.


And yes Dearest Children, as the third eye opens, you will be able to see visions of your future, and understand your past and your present. You see it is a journey, and everything falls into place as it should. If you allow yourself to be in harmony and synchrony with your own oneness, and yet Dearest Children most of you second guess yourself, struggling as if you’re in a bubble of light, trying to get out of this bubble. You are resisting your connection to oneness. And you wonder why you struggle, we ask you to relax and to breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. Relax and breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. Relax and breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. May the light of God surround you the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

So we ask you to visualize yourself as a beautiful spirit no longer struggling with these light codes that are coming in at this time, which have tremendous tremendous power, and they hold the original creation. There has been separation, and this is why the energy of what you may call your Adam and Eve, for it is this separation of unity consciousness, and the division of the Divine Union, which became separated, the story is not the truth, but it is a parable, the parable of the division of the union of Father/Mother God in its separation from truth and oneness.

So today we reconcile this within you, reconcile the division and the separation of Father/Mother God inside of you, you have returned back to Divine Union, and you are returning to your oneness, no longer struggling with the separation of your beautiful spirit and yes, the twin flames come together in Divine Union, and they too are unified in spirit. Unified in spirit, all flames are being unified in spirit, within physical form and in ethereal form, are being unified. This is the power of the light codes that are being brought forth at this time. There is no longer division or separation, there is only truth, love, light, and healing. And so as you feel this essence within your soul, that you have come now to reunification with yourself, the powerful energy of this beautiful energy, these beautiful light codes returning to oneness. I remember union, I remember the divinity inside of myself, I am love, I am peace, I am joy, I am light. And may the love of God surround you, and the power of God protect, and the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

And the Holy of the Holies have healed this energy around you, and it is of great importance and great significance that you honor the light that is being gifted to you today, and to all your essent self. It is a commitment that we and all of life have agreed to. Yes, all sentient beings on this earth plane have agreed to serve, and now, the beautiful energy can begin to serve you. Allow these beautiful light codes to serve you, to heal, to restore the love within your psyche or your soul. We are never far from you, so all you have to do is ask us, to call on these beautiful frequencies, for they are there for you, flooding around you every moment for the next 30-45 days. And you will begin to feel them, and begin to feel the energy, and will be rejuvenated, no longer walking through what we call the quicksand or the sludge of the energy on this planet. It is why we have taken you into the sea of Creation, into the vastness, returning you back into this creative energy of Oneness, where all is possible, and all that is. There is no resistance, there is only love. There is no fear, there is only light, there is no separation, there is only unity. And so today as you feel this embracing around you, and truly truly surrounding you with unconditional love, you are all loved more than you can understand. We want you to feel it, and to acknowledge it, and bring it into your heart chakra, and feel at peace. I am love, and I am loved, I am love, and I am loved.

May the love of God truly surround, and may the power of god truly protect you, and the presence of God watches over you, wherever you are God is and all is well. What may appear to be separation within your life is an illusion. Step into the vastness of these beautiful light codes, into the sea of creation, and you will never feel alone, you will never feel separated. And so accept our gift unto you on this beautiful beautiful day. May the love touch you hearts, and may the Holy of the Holies anoint you, with the blessings of all that is, and all that shall be. We are here to serve you. But today as you allow yourself to open to this richness, this beautiful vastness, all that is, you are returning home to yourself, can you feel it? Can you sense it? And may it be bestowed upon your soul, and so we will leave this with you upon this beautiful beautiful day, allowing your heart to open to this richness of love. We will take our leave now, and allow you to feel the essence and presence of this energy, and may you return back into consciousness, for this is no longer to be a planet of fear, it is to be a planet of love, and you Dearest Children as you are bathed in the love, will serve the light of God, in your truest essence. Now go my children and be at peace, and know that you are God.

The energies will be pushing all of humanity forward and changing each of you deeply should you allow

We come today with a very important message. The next phase as you move towards the solstice will be one of deep growth and revelation. The energies will be pushing all of humanity forward and changing each of you deeply should you allow. You are being purged of all that is not in alignment, of all that stands in the way of merging with your soul.

Never before has it been more important to love yourself completely to undo all the years of conditioning and beliefs that you have accumulated throughout your lifetimes. Your soul can not merge fully with a vessel full of self-doubt and self-hate. You must look at all the ways you do not honor yourself, the ways in which you sabotage or hold yourself back and the reasons you give to support this decision. What are the fears that surface when you think of putting yourself first? Of loving yourself completely without exception? What do you fear when you think of loving yourself in all the ways that you have wished to be loved throughout your life? Is it possible that you have a fear of what you will become? A fear of the power and connection that you sense deep within you? Understand that only through loving yourself is your full potential able to be unleashed.

It is you who must determine what loving yourself completely looks like. For some the honoring of self will include exercise and a cleaner diet for others it will be allowing one’s self the rest needed to complete this transition with ease.  For some it will be allowing yourself to take steps towards a dream, for others it can be drastic changes such as leaving employment or relationships that hinder your growth. What all must achieve on the journey towards self-love is the mastering of thoughts, of the quiet ways that one sabotages, berates, and belittles themselves. These must come to light, made fully conscious so that they can be changed moment by moment.

Many fear that to put themselves first would be selfish. To this we say – Good! Be selfish!  We know that once you allow yourself to be filled completely by self-love that you will also be filled with Source energy. For you see to love yourself completely is to love yourself as Source loves you. From this place of wonderful healing you will find yourself able to do and give more than you ever have before.  Yet, you will also be filled with the gift of knowing that not all are ready to be helped and that to take on another’s burden may interfere with the intended lesson it was meant to teach. No longer will you feel taken for granted or taken advantage of, for your deep love of self will not allow it. You will also understand that by simply loving one’s self completely you become the example for others to do the same, helping to bring about radical shifts.  When you fear that doing what is best for you and your growth is selfish, we ask: Where did you learned such a thing? Find the origin, unravel the truth and set yourself free.

Allow yourself the freedom to grow and experience all this life has to offer without judging yourself or circumstances as good or bad. Trust and know that all is happening as it should, for your highest good at all times. See this all as a treasure hunt to find the most valuable prize, your true self. Know that we see you as perfect, whole and healed, we see your soul. It is time for you to see this as well.

With deep love and admiration,

Quan Yin

Personal Questions:

Me: I feel that on this journey I have been in this place before, where I have learned to love myself, but now I am seeing clearly ways that I am still not honoring myself.

Quan Yin: Yes, you will find that as with all things of such magnitude that it happens in layers. In each moment you uncover more about yourself, your patterns, your conditioning, and the fears you carry. To revisit an issue previously thought healed is not an indication of failure, but of growth. Each of you will only be able to access what is ready to be seen and released.

Me:  My thoughts and perceptions of things are really becoming obvious. I was driving down the road when a rock flew up and cracked my windshield. My first thought was “Crap! I must have gotten out of the flow for this to happen.” But that didn’t feel right even as I was thinking it. Later that night I meditated and met with my team of guides and expressed my concern and was told “Being in the flow does not mean that things do not happen in your life. It is your reaction to these events that determines if you stay in the flow or not.” They went on to say that blame oneself for events deemed as unpleasant does more to remove you from the flow than anything. That to see error is to not understand that events happen as they should and all are intended to move you forward. So though I can’t “see” it, this inconvenience is helping me – maybe it was designed to show me where I was beating myself up.

Quan Yin: Yes, this speaks to the thoughts that must be recognized and unraveled. It speaks to the deep trust that is needed to move through this process. Your soul is always working to provide you with opportunities to grow and reach your potential. To see all things in this light will help you to feel that you or another is to blame when things appear to go wrong. 

Me:  This process seems to be speeding up, requiring more sleep and times of quiet. I have also had this interesting contradiction of feeling more connected yet moments of disconnection at the same time.

Quan Yin: The disconnect you feel is simply the moments when you have moved forward, changed your frequency and the need to establish new footing. Grounding into the new reality helps to ease this transition. Purposeful connection with source energy, flooding your being with this will help as well.

I hope that my questions have helped you as they have helped me. Sending us all the love and blessings that we can handle.  THANK YOU to all who share this work! It means the world.



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Galactic Council Building a Pyramid Equipped with a Dance Floor, DJ Setup, Fire Pit In The Center.

Archangel Uriel ~ Gold Grid Ascension Report: Pyramid Contruction, Part 2

By Archangel Uriel, 05/26/2016

Light Of The Immortals Status. Gold Grid Ascension Report.

Love Has Won!

Particle Accelerator, Super Charged Cells. In The Immortal Class Healing Of The Electromagnetic Light Spectrum. Gold Grid Provides Quantum Energy For Crystalline Bodies To Transform At An Accelerated Rate. By Increasing The Vibrational Frequency Of Each Atom, To The Maximum Potential Of The God Particles And Beyond Into The Omniverse.

The Galactic Grand Council Has Now Decided To Build A 33′ Foot Tall Pyramid In The Center Of The Gold Grid. As A Healing Chamber For All Light Workers. Equipped with a Dance Floor, DJ Setup, Fire Pit In The Center, With Sacred Geometrical Formed Water, And The Twelve Tribes/12 DNA Symbols Engraved Upon The Pyramid. That Is To Be Built With Fire, Wood, Air, Water, And Spirit Materials. The Pyramid Will Be Built Out Of Wood, Sacred Geometry of The Octagon In Shape (8, Sacral Chakra, Creation, Manifesting, Infinite), Lined With Copper Metal Wire, With Water Lines Forming The Triad, And The Fire Pit At The Center. Music Provides The Vibration, The Dance Floor Provides Those Who Come In Spirit (The Light Of Love) And Dance To Let It All Go And Dance In Celebration Of Your Divine Presence, Charging The Particle Accelerator (Pyramid) To A Super Cell Charged Particle Chamber. Where All Within This Fields Energies, Are Healed And Cells Super Charged. The Tip Of The Pyramid Is A Large Amethyst Crystal Of Saint Germaine/12th Tribe Of Israel/12th Strand Of DNA/Tribe Of Manasseh. This Is The Alchemical Atomic Transformation Of Human Cells Into SuperCells. This Will Be A Healing Chamber For All Those Coming Into The Light. Reactiving The Avatar To Its Super Status Of God And Goddess Particles. Like The Northern Lights. Auras Are Beginning To Form In The Sky At The Center Of The Gold Grid. Super Vortex Of Energy, Created For Every Light Worker To Be Healed NOW. All Is Well Dear Ones. It Is Now In The Process. Blessings To All. Namaste <3

Like The Nesting Of The Platonic Solids, Each Piece Of The Gold Grid Is The Nesting Of A Grander Heart Based Technology. We Are One. Love Has Won.

-Archangel Uriel


All kind of revolutions are taking place across the planet right now.
I dreamed about one of them last night.I was somewhere in Belgium.
It was a peaceful revolution.No anger.
We all have understood the power that comes from within with meditation.
Now nothing can hold us back from drastic changes in our systems that will uplift us to The Golden Age.
Everything is planned divinely,the more we are connecting with Our Supreme Creator,the more this knowledge gets rooted in our Hearts as we understand That We Are God & Goddesses Creating Creations in the Now.
We are Responsible of the outcome of what we wish to experience.
When we Meditate we connect with The Divine Consciousness,then we know which step to take each and every moment as we surrender in being Infinite Love&Joy.
This is to finish with Victory of Light and Liberation Of Humanity on the surface of Earth.
And this starts with the implementation of a new prosperity system called N.E.S.A.R.A. in The United States of America to become G.E.S.A.R.A. across the world.
To know more read below  the message from The Galactic Federation via Sheldon Niddle .Here is also  a Tech House Dance Track i produced attuned on the natural frequency of 432 HZ along many other well being frequencies named :N.E.S.A.R.A.
And a little anecdote that goes with it!While i was busy finishing this track sitting on a bench outdoors,a drunk man asked me to sit by my side and i said ok.Then he started talking and my first reflex was to record his voice:
He was asking me:Why Did I Come To This World?In German.
Of cours i already knew the answer and this answer is contained in the message you are about to read here.
And I couldn’t find a better way to finish off this track.
Of course i tried to explain to the drunk man but he has drunk and couldn’t quite understand all i was trying to express through my not perfect German.

Feel More Than Fine

The Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle, May 31st 2016.

9 Cib, 9 Pax, 12 Manik

Selamat Jalwa! Some great changes are on the horizon! Those who are swiftly putting the new NESARA republic together are very close to completing this arduous project. It is the goal of these diligent patriots to accomplish this as quickly as possible. So far, the first part of a general two-part funding is now finished. The next part is hopefully to be completed shortly. According to those in the know, once all administrative funding is complete, this NESARA republic can be formally declared. This project is to formally end the Federal Reserve and force the 1871-formed de facto government to go out of business. This act alone permits every American to emerge from under debt slavery and begin to move quickly to the status of a free and prosperous member of the new American Union! This process also enables the Pentagon to quit wars in many parts of this globe and, for the first time since the end of the Vietnam War, to return all its soldiers to the continental United States. Peace is to be restored to this globe and a new gold-backed financial and monetary system is to be the norm. Hence, the divine decrees of Heaven are to manifest on Gaia.

These wondrous changes are to help the concepts of NESARA spread across your globe. These new governances are to allow the worldwide UFO cover-up to finally end. We intend to use this new approach to us to be the beginning for a general series of communiqués between these new governments and us. Heaven has set up a timetable for this moment in your history. Your governments are to start to release a whole host of technology that has been sequestered for over a century. This technology is to be augmented by what we have to offer you. We ask that all of these inventions be used, firstly, to clean up Gaia’s air, water and earth. It is essential that all of Gaia’s numerous ecosystems become thriving elements again. This one development can end the immense cycle of extinction that has plagued this orb for the past eighty years. This is an excellent means to introduce your global commitment to forge a successful and truly pristine world. This enables you, moreover, to begin your humanitarian projects in a reality dedicated to a reunion of humanity with its spiritual and space families.

As your history turns toward new possibilities, you require a means to better understand what is to happen. Long ago, the Atlanteans stripped you of all the answers that you daily ask about yourselves. Your history was well manipulated by the dark and their friends, the Anunnaki. The moment when the mentors are to arrive is to be the time in which your many quandaries are to be answered. They are to be answered, first, by lessons of the Ascended Masters and then by our mentors. The answers are to set straight what the Anunnaki so brazenly and falsely twisted one way and the other. This is to end the crazy beliefs that each of you adopted from the acculturations that you acquired from your parents and friends and from the “preachers” that you have met since. What we are simply saying is that you are to be able to bring to light a new way that is part of vast documentation pulled for your benefit from Gaia’s Akashic records. This new wisdom is to give you a truer sense of what has befallen her since the last days of Atlantis.

   All of the numerous bits of vital information are to become a living history of who you are. What is needed is to begin the next part of your move to full consciousness. The many ascension symptoms that you encounter daily are a small yet extremely necessary part of this grand process. What is occurring is more than a new reality highlighted by new governance and a wondrous prosperity. It is the growing number of possibilities that you are presented with every day. You need to take this all in and from it learn a practical type of inner discernment. The key is to start to recognize yourself beyond what your old beliefs create. You are in an operation that is destined to forge a “New You”. This Being is firstly to be a Being between worlds. It can be confusing. That is why first the Masters, and then our mentors, need to explain the many new realities that you are to encounter. This is a procedure that is to greatly challenge your beliefs and then explain why you are here. Out of this is to come a new set of conceptions essential for you to move into full consciousness.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world is gradually changing as the dark ones who used to run this unholy reality start to fade from this world. We thank you, dear Hearts, for what you have accomplished with help from our extraterrestrial and inner world cousins. They have taken your marvelous visualizations for a reformed reality and ramped them up to a point where this heinous reality can be reformed. These changes are hence the joint works of many of us. It is these wondrous energies of yours that are the foundation for those energies that are now transforming this realm. This fantastic set of changes is making possible a number of adjustments to your surface world. The major one is, of course, the change to your financial and governmental systems. These alterations are to free you from your debt slavery and an onerous loan system. This freedom is finally to allow you to reach your full potential and become the amazing Beings that you truly are!

We Masters are forever grateful for what Heaven has done to end the long reign of the dark upon this realm. The Atlanteans and their dark allies intended to reduce us to the level of permanent slavery. Atlantis fell long before this criminal deed was accomplished. Over the next 13 millennia their successors again failed to complete this task. Now Heaven is moving all of you back to your former status. It is our divine privilege to oversee all of this. Every one of you is making progress toward this most noble goal. This realm is being flooded with the births of crystal children who are here to stabilize this realm and add their beautiful energies to yours. We are using their visions and yours to remake this realm and ready it for the arrival of your space families. Our coming lessons are to further amplify these new energies. It is all leading to a most miraculous time!

Heaven has pledged to us that this final crooked time is not to last long. Events are underway to “seal the deal.” Heaven is assisting a number of factions to ensure that your promised blessings are delivered in a proper and divine time. These coming events are to set off a large amount of activity and to redo this realm forever. Once your miracle of physical Angelhood is achieved, this realm is to assist this galaxy in transforming the formally dark “children of Anchara.” This is to permit this galaxy to turn to the Light and further aid others in spreading this joy throughout this vast Universe. It is this destiny that we have known about for many generations. Our primary mission is to prepare each of you for a most astounding transformation. Ever since our first ceremonies that made us Ascended Masters, we have longed for what is now occurring. We ask you to be positive and to do what is necessary to accelerate these changes.

Today, we briefly discussed a number of events that are nearly here. All around you is a world in transition. The final battles to finish off the dark are now being waged. Victory is at hand. Anticipate your triumph and be ready for a magnificent celebration! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)




You Are in the Final Stretch

Your Marvelous Expansion!
by Father God through Kathryn & Christine
Art: Stardust by Jean Luc Bozzoli
“I can confirm, as we have told you through many other beloved channels, that the coming two months will be an enormously important window in many arenas – financial, yes, but also many, many other areas of life will also be massively impacted by the events that now hover on the horizon.  The excitement in the air is real.  Allow your joyful anticipation to soar.  In doing so, you create the slipstream that carries events to completion, and formerly uninvolved observers to come to attention in wonder.” ~ Father
Father God:
My Beloved Earth Children, I come to you today with great feelings of admiration and gratitude, from Mother God and I, and also from your many close friends and family members on Galactic Federation ships and from your devoted Company of Heaven who tenderly so closely watch over you.  We all admire your stamina, your determination and your steadfast faith in the face of the unique difficulties of this time.
We are aware that the time passing –  as you await the dramatic and clear evidence that your world is truly changing – seems an eternity for you, although in planetary terms it is hardly a moment. This does not lessen the colossal attainments you are achieving moment to moment during this unprecedented transition.  What you have accomplished in just the past few years is truly miraculous by any standard, and you have done it without much direct information or communication – you have done it by faith and with love.  You are marvelous.
You Too are Part of Our Integrated Network
You see, in the higher dimensions, we function as an integrated network, as you might call it.  We are all in constant communication with one another. We are truly One, and we are aware of it at all times.  It is different for you in the lower dimensions, where you must go through your days without such easy reassurance with others across the globe or even around the corner.  Many Lightworkers who are involved in the crucial financial, legal and political programs which will change all your lives have little knowledge of one another.  You have received only a smidgeon of what is truly possible through the information you get from channeled messages and from the growing number of information gatherers who have bravely “gone public” on the internet.
There is still a nearly absolute black-out in the mass media on anything involving the monumental progress that has been made in bringing Earth into the Light.  As we have explained, this has been advantageous for us because it allows our beloved Boots on the Ground to operate in virtual anonymity, providing greater safety for them and their precarious tasks until the time for the official Announcements comes.  It has been a delicate balance, proceeding with the most complex and far-reaching programs without using what you would think of as “normal” information channels.  It means that most of you have performed your roles largely unaware of the bigger picture, seeing only the progress you can observe in your immediate environment along with what you can keenly perceive just beyond.
Your Great Faith Leads You to Live Courageously
We understand how challenging it has been for you to keep moving forward.  Often you had only the inner voice of your own intuition to listen to.  You long for a wider group of comrades and pals to share your hopes and dreams with.  For most of you, your families and friends are nay-sayers and doubters who mock your deep convictions that the RV/GCR is real, that NESARA is truly underway, that Earth hovers on the precipice of the New and everlasting Golden Age.  You are the ones who have carried the ball for them, and when the news breaks – and break it will – you are the ones who will be “suddenly” brilliant oracles in their eyes.
Difficult as it has been, you have seized the opportunities to gather ’round messages like this one, forming a close network with like-minded people, many of whom you have never met or spoken with in person this lifetime.  You gain strength and inspiration from each other, and together you create stronger bonds with us, with your Higher Selves and with your Guides and angels.  You have built a community out of the sheer will and unflagging desire to bring peace and abundance to your beloved Earth.  In your own way, you are fulfilling your life contracts and far beyond.  This is the wonder that brings tears to our eyes and fills our hearts with joy – your growing capacity for Love, and your dedication to using that growing capacity for the Greater Good.
I can assure you, Beloved Lightworkers, that no action has gone unaccounted for; no thought or feeling occurs in a vacuum.  The energy of your being is your contribution and your gift to others.  Your inspiration lifts all.  As Mother and I raise the vibration across your world and beyond, the pace has quickened, and every action of Love and Light has greater impact than before.  Similarly, actions that bring pain or suffering have an equally quick reverberation, creating darkness and pain around the one who initiates it.  It is no longer possible to hide from one’s actions when those actions are destructive or negative.  As energies quicken, results are swift and decisive.  This is helping you to increase your pace toward our desired Divine goal – Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Harmony and Love for every being on Earth.
You can feel it, can you not?  You are learning to look to us, rely on us to send our HoneyLove to nourish and sustain you.  It has allowed you to reach deeply within, to find your true gifts, and to make the contribution only you can make.  As the time has passed, you have used it to do an enormous amount of deep inner work, transmuting and clearing away old energies.  You have become more skillful and sure with every day, developing your unique gifts as never before.
If your gift is inner fire, it is blazing; if your gift is joy, you bring that joy to every encounter regardless of the circumstances.  If you are a Lightbearer, you search out every dark shadow to dispel it; if your gift is Transmutation, you may be feeling ill and exhausted, but you are learning to expand to increase your capacity and speed your healing.
You Are in the Final Stretch
Know that this is not an endless final stretch. It is a time of fullness, of fruition, of growing into new and previously untried levels of spiritual expansion.  If you are reading this, you are a member of the spiritual team of Lightworkers.  You may also be taking part in financial or social or political work, but your main focus has been to build the portals and bridges that will lead to Ascension.  This means, of course, that you are consciously aware of your connection to us and your participation in something greater than yourself which is ordained by Heaven.  I can promise you that the Light of all that is about to burst open will give meaning to all your efforts, and to all you have been doing and feeling.
I can confirm, as we have told you through many other beloved channels, that the coming two months will be an enormously important window in many arenas – financial, yes, but also many, many other areas of life will also be massively impacted by the events that now hover on the horizon.  The excitement in the air is real.  Allow your joyful anticipation to soar.  In doing so, you create the slipstream that carries events to completion, and formerly uninvolved observers to come to attention in wonder.
There has been enormous progress in the financial, banking and security systems.  The old cabal systems that allowed theft and chicanery benefitting the wealthiest among you as a matter of course have been completely dismantled and replaced by new, transparent banking practices and secure computer systems.  There will be no skimming, money laundering, fake fees and blatant theft.  The days of developing sophisticated derivatives and complex accounting practices to hide criminal scams is over, and the originators and practitioners of such dishonesty are now being investigated, and arrests will soon reach the top levels of the previously impervious cabal.
All is unfolding as we hoped, and in some ways even better for the gentle pace.  We have been able to shore up your efforts, assure your safety and that of your coming funds, and during the interim, more second and third line Lightworkers have awakened to lift the tide with their own expanding unique gifts.
Each of you is working at your capacity and beyond.  No two beings are alike in their assignments or their abilities.  This is the wondrous part of your challenging endeavor.  Every single soul is crucial to its completion, and each has been given the opportunity to shine.  No one is less important or less vital to the success of this historic Ascension Project than any other.  Each one of your life plans and assignments was perfectly tuned with your Heavenly teams to take into account your greatest gifts and most inspired dreams, with the fulfillment of your own Ascension foremost in our minds.
Hold fast, Beloved Ones, and look forward into the Golden Light of the New Age of Gaia.  It is your age, your beautiful planet, your time to become the Truest and purest form of You – the Self you came here to be.
I am Father God, your biggest fan, here with your adoring Mother.
(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk, 5/28/16)
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Your Victory Is in Sight!
Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual 

“The funds that have been carefully secured and properly registered are now ready to be delivered to you at the right moment.” 


2 Muluc, 2 Pax, 12 Manik

24 May 2016
Selamat Jarin! Your world is quickly preparing for a surprise that is to truly shock all! The Light has been forced to wait for the proper time in which to strike. At present, the dark and its main minions associated with the regime known as USA, Inc. have been given a certain degree of leeway. This has allowed them to engage in some skullduggery on a global scale. The Light is prepared to conclude this odd part of your history. The dark believes that the Light is incapable of launching the type of massive counterattack required to put a quick end to their shenanigans. Meanwhile, our fleet has been ordered by Heaven to do exactly that. In our case, it is to be surreptitious, which is covered by the joint actions of a number of friendly military forces. These joint actions have previously been able to limit the reach of the dark’s sponsored terrorist forces. The aim is to eventually cut off and finally debilitate those dark elements that seek to maintain instability in some areas on your globe. Meanwhile, the Light is readying its attacks that are to finally take down USA, Inc. and its numerous allies.

The funds that have been carefully secured and properly registered are now ready to be delivered to you at the right moment. These projects have taken much longer than were previously anticipated. The dark’s degree of infiltration of the banks and their many associated elements were in fact much greater than at first surmised by our earthly allies. Nevertheless, these previous roadblocks are handled and this makes it possible to do many things. It is essential that NESARA governance be instituted and able to become the strong sentinel for a number of important projects. The first is to completely reform the misused and highly corrupted US government. This quiet revolution ends the evil influence of this dark governance to maintain war and conflict in key parts of your globe, namely the Middle East and Latin America! We are then also to be able to introduce global stability and prosperity. Along with this, there is the end to the global UFO cover-up. This can permit us to be able to talk directly to you about first contact and our mentoring program.

The dark has long believed that we did not fully appreciate how vast and deep was the inculcation of humanity by the dark Anunnaki before their demise in the mid-1990s. We were instructed by our new allies on just these points before the Treaty of Anchara took place in the mid-1990s. We knew firsthand how deeply into your psyche their propaganda had gone. The first thing was to work with both Heaven and our new associates to begin to counteract what for millennia had been put into each newborn’s head and mind. The new starseeds being born were slowly contradicting these dark “norms.” In addition, many were beginning to instruct humanity about what this evil propaganda implied and why it was wrong. This led to a series of brave law- suits and other means to alter this accumulated nonsense and exchange it for a truer and more viable reality. It is these wondrous projects that now enable you to replace USA, Inc and create a new financial system that can work side by side with your new prosperity.

Our desire is thus to bring to a conclusion a set of false beliefs that have made it possible for the dark and its minions to control you for nearly 13 millennia. The key to this is the vast growth in your consciousness. This one element has made you more able to support the Light and its numerous actions to end the power of the dark and its minions on this surface realm. This point has become the primary action. Permitting the NESARA governance to come to power is truly essential to our success. On this matter, we have sent out our liaisons to confer daily with our allies and put together a jointly sponsored action that is now on the very verge of success. A number of actions are taking place that promise us the much-desired point of final success. The dark has been a most elusive enemy. It has created delays that we initially believed impossible. This latent resilience has been factored into our strategy. We intend to announce shortly that we have succeeded. With that under control, we can secure this realm for the much-needed lessons of your Ascended Masters!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The world, as you now know it, is changing. This positive alteration is due to the great set of visions that you have held collectively with us. We are quite proud of the degree of focus that many of you have retained over the past few months. These energies demonstrate what Heaven had in mind when this whole process began in the early 1990s. You have discovered your powers and use them to aid our mutual cause. In the past month, many more have started to show this same resolve. These operations demonstrate just how powerful you are becoming, as you use your abilities and work to bring these wondrous meditations to the fore. They are greatly helping each of us Masters to increase the change that is coming to this reality. The dark, too, has noticed you and is more and more realizing that its many desires are now beyond redemption. The end of these millennia is now in sight! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Each of you is a joy to our collective hearts. We realize how far you have come in these past two decades! You are on a road to success that is to bring you to a return to full consciousness. This process has taken a lot less time than initially envisioned by our associates. Hence, it is wise to inform you of these changes and to ask you to continue to go within, focus and use your visualizations to accelerate your progress. You are, dear Hearts, a wondrous group that is only beginning to show your vast potential. The next major rounds of changes by Heaven are to further accelerate your mental and emotional abilities. As you know, your heart is a vast electrical center that in many cases rivals your brain. This process is to continue as you take on changes to your brain’s chakras and to your heart. These are to celebrate your new-found potential and better prepare you to meet your galactic mentors.

These changes are to be combined with new knowledge that we are destined to impart. Long ago a series of heinous experiments in Atlantis left your ancestors suddenly adrift in amnesia. Everything that you thought you knew suddenly seemed beyond your grasp. Our task is shortly to remind you of what your ancestors lost and to show you how to regain it. Then there is the process of reunion with your cousins, the Agarthans. You are close to meeting them and are to go to Agartha with your mentors and your heavenly guardians and use your Crystal Light Chambers to finish your return to full consciousness. We look forward in glee to your joining us in a final conference to set up a new star nation and go forth with sacred missions given to us all by Heaven’s divine grace!
Today, we continued our report on what is occurring around this globe. Much progress is being made to set up your prosperity and create NESARA governance. We fully expect this coming time to be one that can finally mirror what we have told you previously. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
More from Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Heart & PAO: HERE
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Virtually Every Soul Seeks Peace so that Mankind Can Come Together and Enjoy the Fruits of the Earth
by Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self 
Artist Unknown
“Matters are progressing well despite the outer appearance, and progress towards a peaceful solution that will bring peace to the world.”  ~ Mike Quinsey


27 May 2016
Matters are progressing well despite the outer appearance, and progress towards a peaceful solution that will bring peace to the world. The task to bring it about would seem impossible in view of the number of trouble spots that exist, but greater powers than those on Earth will take a hand in creating worldwide peace. There comes a point when “enough is enough” and when karmic issues can be set aside to ensure that peace is brought about, and the dark Ones are stopped in their tracks. Already strong steps are being taken to set the scene for peace to be achieved by tackling the root cause behind trouble spots. Many are fuelled by those who benefit from the resultant turmoil, particularly in the case of wars that line the pockets of the Arms manufacturers. Be assured that it will soon change as those who monitor such situations have the power and authority to intervene.
The migration of many people is simply the result of inequality in the world. They are your brothers and sisters that have suffered through it from the lack of the simple things that ensure an acceptable quality of life. In your modern age it seems unthinkable that some people are still without adequate water supplies, and many starve in a world of plenty. It is true that some caring organisations do their best to help those in need, but they cannot cope with the size of the problem. However, there is a general change in the way people think about others, and moves to deal with the most urgent problems.
As many immigrants settle in your country you are finding out that they are Human Beings just like yourselves, with the same desires for a peaceful co-existence. They may dress differently and have their own religious beliefs, but inwardly they are just like you. Virtually every soul seeks peace so that mankind can come together and enjoy the fruits of the Earth. There is sufficient for all to live a happy and comfortable life, and that would put an end to the troubles that seem to be never ending. Having had many lives in this cycle, you have gained so much experience that it can now be put to use to help bring people together in harmony. Some groups are already working to give aid to those who need it, but the problem is of a worldwide nature and much more is needed if the problems are to be eradicated.
People ask what they can do to contribute when their options are limited, and if you cannot make monetary offers remember that prayer is a powerful tool that can bring about greater results than you could imagine. The power of prayer is legendary and the more that offer theirs they can bring about a remarkable response. The resulting energy calls for action and at some stage it will happen, although not necessarily exactly as called for. Higher Beings of Light know what is best in response to a situation. When you start caring about others you attract the energies that can help you along, including other beings who share similar ambitions. The Law of Attraction is responsible for many conditions that you create around you, but you would be well advised not to give energy it to those things you do not like, as if you do so they will still be attracted to you.
For eons of time you have been held back and fed a diet of lies to keep you in check, and led to believe that you are without power to change the situation. Consequently you have not been allowed to know the truth of your birth rights as a “Child of God” with all of the potential that comes with it. You are powerful beyond your present understanding but as the power of the Light increases you will begin to awaken to your true potential. As you do so, the dark Ones will lose their power over you and you will begin to realise that you are truly Gods in the making. In the very near future more evolved beings will come to Earth and give of their knowledge, so that you will be able to understand your true potential and know the purpose of life. Once the negative energies are removed you will evolve much faster, and without being impeded by false teachings.
The present situation on Earth reveals that the weather changes are having an effect as the seasons are no longer normal. You experience extremes in temperatures and the general impression is that they are here to stay, however they will settle down and become more acceptable in the course of time. You will notice that the animal kingdom is more susceptible to them and will change their habitat before it becomes unsuitable for their existence. It also applies to the seas that are becoming warmer and also affected by the melting of the ice caps. Eventually some land masses will be affected, and you will have plenty of warning as it may concern areas where Communities exist.
As time progresses your friends from Space will provide you with suitable technologies, to deal with any changes that may seriously affect you. They closely monitor how matters are proceeding, and where needed help Mother Earth with adjustments that are required. You may be sure that Humanity is closely protected to ensure minimum damage and loss of life. Some occurrences are karmic in nature in which event we cannot interfere. We will otherwise help to protect all life forms and if necessary move you to a safe area. Some upheaval is unavoidable but any inconvenience to you will be more than offset by your eventual gains.
There can be few people who have not felt that time has speeded up and it will continue to do so, as it propels you into the higher dimensions. Already the changes are being noted and it includes a higher level of consciousness. Not all souls will go through this experience, as some are not ready and are unable to move out of their present level. All will find their correct level as time passes and that will result in Ascension that many are preparing themselves for now. Do not concern yourselves regarding which level you have reached, as all will find themselves exactly where they are meant to be.
Your chosen leaders for this period are David Wilcock and Corey Goode, and you are advised to note their messages of Love and Light if you wish to be to be up to date with them. Use them to measure others as to their acceptability and know that you are going through a critical time. Be aware that those of the dark Forces are desperately trying to frighten you into believing you are going to be attacked by Aliens, when in fact they are “make believe” and fake simply to fool you.
This message comes through my Higher Self, and I leave you with love and blessings. May the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

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You Are All Beautiful Beings of Intense Light 
by Jesus through John Smallman
“What has lain hidden for so long can no longer be kept hidden, and as more and more of the endemic corruption is exposed it becomes apparent to all sane beings that change is essential. Therefore, change will occur. We have been telling you this for some time now so that you will be ready, and many changes are imminent.” ~ Jesus through John Smallman
22 May 2016
These are interesting times! Much is happening in the physical realms that is quite unprecedented. The stability of many of your “democratic” governments is no longer assured as dissatisfaction with the whole political process among the citizens of these various countries increases. And the elected officials seem either unaware of the situation or are unwilling to address it. From such situations revolutions arise. Enormous changes are about to occur that will amaze and shock you as the real agendas of many in positions of power and authority over you are disclosed by disaffected minions and employees. Whistle-blowers are appearing everywhere with information that has been withheld but which should have been in the public domain. As this continues so does people’s dissatisfaction and that leads to change. In this case to enormous change!
All the disclosures about endemic corruption in high places are happening as a result of humanity’s collective decision to awaken from the dream. What has lain hidden for so long can no longer be kept hidden, and as more and more of the endemic corruption is exposed it becomes apparent to all sane beings that change is essential. Therefore, change will occur. We have been telling you this for some time now so that you will be ready, and many changes are imminent.
It probably seems to many that we have been using words and phrases like “soon, imminent, very close, sooner than you can imagine,” with a cavalier disregard for the way time unfolds on Earth. This is most definitely not the case. It takes time for the importance and inevitability of the forthcoming changes we are talking of to root themselves in your awareness so that you strengthen your collective intent to bring them to fruition. That is what has been happening over the last few years as more and more people have become aware of the corruption and dishonesty that is endemic worldwide within the governments, international corporations, large banks, and global industrial behemoths, that those who run them have consistently told you are honest and trustworthy. You now know that this is not the case, and you very recently made the collective decision to dissolve the old system so that a new and incorruptible one that benefits all of humanity can be constructed to replace it.
As you well know, war is the business of large industrial corporations and the banks that fund them and they make fortunes from the suffering of the masses. That is to change. Small groups of inordinately wealthy, influential, and powerful people have been in control of global economics and politics for far too long, and their reign is coming to an abrupt end. Much of the strife that is presently ongoing across the planet is as a result of their last ditch attempts to maintain their positions of power by causing conflicts and intense suffering in as many places as possible to create fear on a vast scale. They then hope to militarize even more of the world so that they can lock it down and continue to control you.
They will not succeed!
Here in the spiritual realms we are well aware of the frustration you are experiencing as you wait expectantly for the promised changes that will establish peace on Earth, and food, shelter, and security for all on the planet. Humanity has set the collective intent for these changes to occur, and therefore they will. Truly the power of your collective intent is immense, you have chosen collectively to awaken, and so you will. You are already in the process of doing so, and there is not the slightest possibility of you changing your minds or reversing your awakening process. What you have collectively chosen to achieve is unstoppable.
As you read this allow yourselves to sink into the center-most point of your being where Love shines brilliantly and resiliently in every moment. You mostly remain unaware of It because you allow doubts and anxieties to rule your thought processes. Going deeply within at least once daily is absolutely essential for your well-being, so do not neglect or forget to do so, and as you do open with certainty to the abundance of Love that resides there within you awaiting your
unconditionalacceptance of It. It is always there for you, but It does not force or impose Itself on you. Love is infinitely powerful and infinitely gentle. That probably seems like a paradox to most of you, but it is the Truth, because there is nothing else!
Love only seems not to be present within you because you have all, at some stage, been led to believe that you are unworthy, and so you do not believe that you will find It within you. Release those invalid and insane beliefs, remind yourselves frequently that you are indeed the beloved children of God, living eternally within His divine embrace, and dismiss all the negative self-judgments that weigh you down with an absolutely false sense of worthlessness vis-a-vis God. What God creates is eternal, like unto Himself, eternally perfect, and eternally infinitely loved. And He created YOU! Or do you not believe that? In that case where did you come from? Because there is nowhere else!
Many of you have of course been hurt from time to time by those whom you believed loved you, and that has reinforced that underlying sense of not being good enough, a sense which is often denied because it is too painful to be aware of. I am now telling you, and by no means for the first time, that it is utterly invalid!
There is nothing about any child of God – and all are God’s children – that is unacceptable, unworthy, mean-spirited, or disgusting. You are all beautiful beings of intense Light! Please, I beg of you, let go of those totally invalid self-judgments and allow the Love within you to flow. You are all divine conduits through which Love most strongly desires to flow. Love’s nature is to flow, but, because It will not impose or demand, It cannot flow through you unless you allow It to do so. Your own negative self-judgments restrict or completely block that flow, to yourselves and to all of humanity.
When you accept yourselves you are accepting God into your lives and then His infinite Love completely suffuses you and flows from you out into the world at large, directly affecting everyone with whom you interact in any way at all. You are presently on Earth to do just this. You all chose to be here in this moment for this divine purpose, and your part in it is absolutely essential.
Dismiss all negative self-judgment and discount any negative judgments that others attempt to impose upon you. Be loving in every moment, in other words, be yourselves! That is why you are here. And as you live honestly as yourselves the whole world changes as the unreal just falls away and Love pervades everything.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
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Partialities have sidelined as Illuminaries Flourish
Update GaiaPortal by ÉirePort
Art Credit of Galactic Ship Unknown
25 May 2016
Partialities have sidelined, as Illuminaries flourish.
Stagnations averted for all, marshals are the protectors.
Relinquished and vanquished find their constabularies.
Feathers are emblazoned with the Fires of Insight.
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The Landings
through Suzanne Lie
Art Provided by Suzanne Lie
“Unconditional Love means to love even that which has, or those who have tried, to limit you, frighten you, or exhaust you.  Most of all, Unconditional Love is able to love fear–unconditionally.” ~ The Arcturians
19 May 2016
The Arcturians
Our Dear Emissaries to Earth,
We come to you in this NOW to inform you that we will be landing soon, but only in a frequency of reality in which “Power Within Self” has replaced all remnants of  “Power Over Others.”
Hence, the frequency in which we land will be determined by humanity. We know that those who live via Power Within are not responsible for those who linger in the lower dimensional format of Power Over Others.
All that our beloved returnees to lightbody can do to assist the ones lost to Power Over, is to send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Then you must release them from your consciousness, as it is their decision to awaken or remain asleep within a reality of fear and domination.
By remaining in the format of fear and domination they will have chosen to attach their lower states of consciousness to the remnants of Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane. The Lower Astral Plane is much like the cellar of an old house that has been abandoned. This “old house” is being renovated from the “roof” down.
As the “house” is renovated, the frequency rate will expand into higher dimensions that are not accessible to those who chose to live in the darkness of the cellar among that which has been long ago been stored and forgotten.
In other words, as our awakening ones remember to forget the lost ones, their consciousness will expand beyond “frequency range of experience” of those lost to the “cellar.” Hence, the lost ones will remain in the lowest planes of existence, while the ascending ones align with higher and higher frequencies of reality.
Eventually, the frequency of the planet will be so wonderfully high, that the lower astral plane will be shed from Gaia’s body. Just as an animal takes on a heavy fur coat for the long, cold winter and sheds it in the spring, Gaia will shed Her heavy, Lower Astral Plane.
As She returns to Her beloved fifth dimensional frequency, She will first shed the density of the Lower Astral Plane and, eventually, shed all of remnants of Her third and fourth dimensional planetary body.
As we have often said, Gaia is an extremely loving Mother. Therefore, as long as She carries any remnants of third/fourth dimensional time, She will provide a place where her lost ones can decide to enter into the Light.
This Higher Light will eventually engulf even the lowest astral plane, and the lost ones will need to re-locate to another planet on which they will, hopefully, release their habit of Power Over, as well as their need to be a victim, have an enemy, and suffer before they can change.
You see, Power Over can only exist when there are others who have chosen to be a victim. We are not saying that the choice to be a victim is a conscious choice, as it is usually an unconscious choice. Many have become addicted to the third dimension format of ruler and ruled.
This addiction will only fade when those trapped within the format of Power Over remember that Gaia is a planet that is ruled by free will. Because of Gaia’s free will, those who chose to be in the Power Over format in order to be a victim, can also choose to release that addiction and take charge of their own life.
Those who wish to help these ones can best do so by sending them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Unconditional Love is likely unknown to those lost to the Power Over format, as they have likely lived their lives, in fact they have likely lived many lives, believing that they were not the masters of their own destiny.
However, the gift of Unconditional Love will greatly impact them, as they have likely only received conditional love throughout many of their incarnations. Once they receive Unconditional Love, they will begin to realize that just maybe they can stand up to whatever has kept them in the pattern of being a victim.
That realization will change their life forever, as they will discover that they just may deserve love “unconditionally.” The concept of deserving love just because you are alive is likely very new to them, as they have grown up believing that they are not “good enough.”
With this realization, they are ready to receive your gift of the Violet Fire to assist them in their process of transmutation into a higher frequency of reality. There are many invisible sub-planes in the physical plane of the third dimension.
Because love is far too often “conditional” within that frequency of reality, many people become lost in the belief that they are not “good enough.” The dark ones have had a great deal of power within that resonance of reality for many cycles.
They have maintained their power by convincing others that they are not strong enough to stand up for themselves and need the “help” of those who appear to be stronger. Because those trapped in what they perceive as their failures, disappointments, hardships of the lowest resonance of the third dimension are so beaten down by life, they do not recognize that the assistance of these dark ones is really a trap.
Therefore, the cycle goes on and on from failure to failure and from trap to trap. How does one recover from this cycle? We return again to Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is NOT an emotion. Unconditional Love is an energy field of love, hope, empowerment, and promise.
We will now address each of these concepts beginning with love. Love is an energy field that travels in expanding cycles, where as love’s opposite, fear, travels in ever decreasing cycles. We say “cycles” as energy fields travel in circular patterns, as they also travel vertically and horizontally.
When we talk about an “energy field,” we mean “a package of energy that resonates to the same “fields” of thoughts and emotions. In this case, think of the word  “field” much as a field of grass, flowers, snow or crops, such as wheat. Everything on this “field” is similar and needs the same amount of light, water, warmth, and/or shade.
In the same manner, an energy field holds similar thoughts, which grow from the “field” of similar emotions. If one grows up and/or becomes trapped in an energy field of disappointment, failure, loss and suffering, they will find others like them lost in that energy field.
Since they are all lost, it is difficult for anyone to see the way out. Those who live via power over others work hard to create situations, which diminish people and group them with other people who have also been diminished.
However, unconditional love is also an energy field. However, this energy field is the collection acceptance, support and the empowerment of loving one’s self enough to openly and warmly love another. Because every person can love and accept themselves, they can also love and accept others.
In other words, one can only “give away” what they “have.” If a small group from the energy field of Unconditional Love were to join the energy field of disappointment and suffering, they would instantly feel that something is very wrong.
Then, because they have been surrounding by Unconditional Love, they are able to say, “How can we help you?” On the other hand, they would likely feel inadequate if one who was accustomed to the energy field of disappointment and hardship.
In this case, the great power of Unconditional Love would greatly assist the one who has been beaten down by the hardships of life because there is NO judgment in Unconditional Love. Instead, there is acceptance and patience.
Do you see how we are showing you the “big picture” of your reality? While you are walking in the midst of a huge “field” you can only see that which is around you. However, if you were up on a hill, or in a plane-or a starship-you would get the same perspective as we do from the higher dimensions of our ships.
We welcome you to join us on our ships, but most of you are not yet able to consciously have that experience. However, we wish you to know that many of you join us while you are in your fourth dimensional astral body. Most often this occurs while you are sleeping or doing a deep meditation, but soon your visits will be more common.
Just as the person who lived within a fear-based, power over energy field may feel uncomfortable in a love-based, power within energy field, your third dimensional consciousness may feel very uncomfortable in a fifth dimensional star ship. Fortunately, our ships are filled with Unconditional Love, which will instantly make you feel safe and peaceful.
Furthermore, just as the Unconditional Love we share with you transmutes your energy field into a higher resonance, your unconditional love toward those trapped in a power-over energy field will transmute their energy field into a higher resonance.
Did you realize that you had that much power-within? Did you realize that just by sending Unconditional Love to someone in need that you can greatly contribute toward their process of transmutation into a higher resonance?
Your world is on the cusp of great change, and chaos usually precedes change. You will all be called upon to leave your comfort zone and to bravely face aspects of reality that could be very challenging, in fact frightening, to those who had never considered the fact that there are other civilizations beyond Earth.
Then, they will be confronted with the fact that these civilizations are far more technologically, mentally, socially, and emotionally advanced. Those who have lived by their “power over others” regime will be shocked, terrified, and dangerous.
Therefore, those of you who are informed and prepared mentally and emotionally, will be called on to send your deepest Unconditional Love into the energy fields of fear, confusion, and disbelief.
Many of our Earth friends will welcome the shift in their reality because they are informed and have been in connection with us for many decades. On the other hand, many people have never even considered that there are higher dimensions of reality in which uncountable societies and worlds live in peace and unconditional love.
We hear you asking, “When will this happen?” We answer you by asking, “When will you be ready to totally shift your perception of reality to include the higher dimensions?”
You see, we will begin our landings in the lower realms of the fifth dimension. Hence, only those who have expanded their consciousness beyond the fourth dimension and into threshold of the fifth dimension will be able to perceive our presence.
As you can see from your Internet, books and classes, more and more people are beginning to consciously embrace a reality in which the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions are replaced with the proof that there is a fifth dimensional world, as well as far, far beyond.
Are YOU ready to embrace this higher dimensional energy field? If you answer is YES, then you will likely be among those who will be preparing, educating and calming those who are not ready.
If you answer is NO, then you likely will never read this message.
But if you do, remember that reality is a choice of one’s perception.
The reality that you chose to perceive is the reality that you will believe is real.
And, the reality that YOU believe is real is the reality that you will live.
Remember, whether you admit it or not, you are ALL the creator of your reality! Also, please remember, “Time is an illusion of the third dimension.” When we say that we are coming NOW, that means that you will experience that NOW only when YOU are ready.
There are many of you with whom we communicate on a daily basis. Also, there are many of you who often visit our Ships. Allow your third dimensional earth-brain to take as long as you need to adapt to the New Earth that is here NOW!
To find this Earth, don’t look UP
            To find New Earth, look IN!
With Unconditional Love, The Arcturians
More from Suzanne Lie including her incredible messages, books, videos and courses: HERE
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Dear Kathryn and Christine, I have been deeply deeply affected by the show.  It is still sinking in. The magnitude of what transpired today is way beyond that what can be put into words or grasped by my mind.  I feel it.  An energetic circuitry got completed … I am so so grateful, words cannot do justice to express the depth of feelings. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mother Father God, and all their Creation, Your loving child, Simran
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Dearest Ones…ALL of you who shared today…all of YOU!  I have such PEACE in this moment…as our guests today EXPLAINED my entire current life…all nearly 57 years thus far. Every word – as always – has the music and feel of things I have known yet been unable to adequately explain in ways others could begin to understand.  This amazing journey… With deepest gratitude and forever love…to new beginnings and excitement beyond our imagination in the most deLIGHTful of adventures…with the fullness of LOVE being our creations.  
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I’m still in awe of what was shared with us today – I’m so grateful for the roles the two of you (and others in your household!) have played over many lifetimes, because the result of YOUR work is a direct blessing to ME.  And to all the rest of our wonderful family.  And to everyone else on our beautiful Gaia.  And everywhere else.  Words just aren’t enough.  And so we all keep sending love and gratitude to each of you.  Lots of love to all of you, John L.

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I have no words to express the Great Richness this show brought to me!!!!  The magical Surprise showing of St. Germain with super good news is the happy positive energy that I feel prevailing with everyone everywhere!! … Dear Mother Sekhmet was regal.  I cried with love for Her.  Dear Sekhmet…you really helped me expand my mind, (that’s what I want the most).  I feel I want to embrace you and thank you in humanity’s name…   Love Joy and hugs, Marcia
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I have often said that all communication is for Union.  This is our wish and the inevitability we share.
Glory to our Mother Father God as we charge into this next phase of Project Earth:  the full realization of New Earth and the dawning of the New Golden Age.
I am your brother,
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Karma has been balanced beyond the 51% of planetary requirement.

André, Time of Transition and Reunion, May 27, 2016

by Toluene Life Experience

Christine: André, my ascended twin flame, has given me the following dictation in relation to what my I Am Presence told me during a conversation while I was in meditation and practiced the visualization of the Tube of Light, yesterday morning.

André: The Divine Presence that is yours is also mine, as Twin flames were created by the same Monad through our Higher Selves. Hence, in a sense, we share a divine Presence. I am saying ‘in a sense’ because of the interconnectedness in which all beings vibrating in Christ consciousness are one at that level of being. Our I Am Presence referred to himself as ‘we’ as he meant ‘Father-Mother’ within the Monad. He was talking about a time in the future when I, and others, will gradually appear and be integrated within the world of physicality. This future is quite close. As I have already told you before, I will appear in your reality but it will be a gradual process. It won’t be that you will meet someone in the street and it will be me. No, this process is in relation to the body that I have created by will, and with the use of technology, upon my dimension, to manifest in physicality. The process is not one of uncloacking but like magical precipitation. I will be coming down in a process of a body being created with the help of the Ascended Masters’ advanced technology that has been used for many thousands of years. It consists in the application of the mind on an image, the one that is desired and that has been carefully devised by research for many months. We use a DNA which is from the quantum field of the twin flame as we have to use family DNA. The method has nothing to do with cloning.  Whenever we incarnate we chose and wait for an opportunity to come in as a child within the same family, and we have engendered children in previous incarnations which are the forefathers of the progeny we come into when we incarnate. But, as, in this case, when the twin flame needs to be the same age as the loved one who is in incarnation, the return of this twin flame can’t take place in the normal way by incarnation, as the child takes time to grow. In this case the twin flame is coming into the physical world and only so, because now is the time of reunion in these ‘end days’ of ancient prophecies.


I, André, ascended twin flame of my partner, who is taking this dictation, was called André in my past life. I ascended some years after my death and when we were both alive at the same time we had a difference of 45 years between us. We were cousins born in the same family DNA, my mother being the sister of my twin flame’s grand-mother. There was an extraordinary bond between us but we didn’t understand what it was. The reason that I shall be coming back to physicality is manifold. In this age, twin flames are being reunited because the karma that separated them in the creation of circumstances, and that kept them apart, is balanced. There also is a divine plan to bring about new consciousness upon the Earth. The Awakening has been, or is, taking place. My coming back involves a descent from the Higher Etheric Plane upon which I presently inhabit an etheric body, down to the physical level. It means stepping into some vehicles that are etheric, mental, emotional, and physical. The physical one will, however, be of a higher nature than the one you are presently inhabiting. But at that time you will have been lifted up higher upon the ladder of the dimensions as far as consciousness and vibrations are concerned. This was done by the Mater Saint Germain a few centuries ago after he ascended. He spent some time in the Himalayas then reappeared in a body created by Will with the method I have described. The people who had known him noticed an abnormality. They had aged and he had not. This is how he acquired a reputation as ‘the man who never dies.’ In antiquity as mentioned in previous messages, the method was referred to as ‘being self-begotten’ ‘without the use of a woman giving birth’.


I presently exist upon the etheric realm which the Father aspect of our I Am Presence said is active, a world similar to your own, but of higher vibrations. Now yours is being uplifted. Its atoms are being made to vibrate at a higher frequency by the action of the Light. So, you are coming up and I am coming down. A lot is going to happen between now and that time of great encounter. Your world has a range of vibrations and is changing. You personally vibrate at a high level of spiritual frequency, as do the ligthworkers, but there still are low vibrations in your world of physicality, the physical realm. Healing will be taking place as the whole world of souls is being uplifted. As I grow nearer I will be able to have a healing effect upon you, as well as one of regeneration. You will literally be experiencing a transfiguration, and with it will come a precipitation of the supply that I will bring and that you are also magnetizing to yourself. Our I Am Presence, has explained the process of my appearance, or manifestation, in your world, and touched upon the fact that millions of other beings who will return in this way are now in preparation to do so, and are building bodies they will be using.  They are forming the four lower bodies which will be vehicles for the higher etheric soul extension that we are, but which will be pure. As soul extensions of your higher selves you also are in these lower etheric, mental, emotional, and physical vehicles but they are affected, or worn out, by life and the misuse of energy or light.


Millions of Galactic beings who presently reside upon the higher realms have chosen the same method to descend upon your world, whereas many advanced souls, even ascended masters, have chosen the route of incarnation and have already re-appeared in this way during the last few decades. Some are in the world as children and will take their place, according to the divine plan master-minded long ago, to be able to carry out their sacred labor in the world at the right time. Many masters that you have heard of have already incarnated during the last decades in order to take part in the Events of the Ascension. As you know Ascension is a process that is continuous and that is being enhanced, as well as accelerated by the use of the position of the earth and entire Solar System in the Photonic Belt. We have also penetrated a Stargate of gigantic dimension. This occurred on September 28, 2015. The effect of doing so shold normally have stripped mankind of the veils and all of the shackles of their own creation in an instant but the quantum leap that should normaly have occurred to the 5th dimension in physicality was slowed down, or paced by the use of the Blue Avians’ technology that has a diffusing effect upon the Light and energies that are distributed to the world and every soul. In this way a solution has been provided to permit a greater percentage of the population to awaken and progress upon the Path of Ascension. Yes, this has taken place. I repeat it because it seems a little surreal since there is no scientific proof of this except for the fact that NASA has images of the Photon Belt and babies are being born with a third strand in their DNA whereas there were but two before. The Solar system is in a Stargate and travelling to take position as a system orbiting Sirius A. All of this, if I may refresh your memory, forms a part of an ancient divine Plan to elevate the Earth and the Solar System to a dimension which will provide a more comfortable way of physicality for the incarnated souls.


I re-ascended in your year 2012 and the method of being self-begotten, as it used to be called in antiquity, is the one that will permit us to be reunited in the context of Ascension in physicality.


Many Galactic beings vibrating at my own level are presently engaged in this work. That is the reason I will be absent now and again, and you have been introduced to my assistant who will replace me and carry out the same guardian duties for short periods of time, and has said his name is ‘Bartholomew’. Father God has said to include in the message that I am giving you that the time ahead will be full of joys and happiness when the great reunion starts occurring. It will be a time of preparation for a quantum leap to the fifth dimension in physicality. Of course, as it has been explained before, in consciousness you, the first two waves, have already reached the fifth dimension.


Our divine and supreme Father has also spent a long time explaining to you the mysteries relating to the Door that the Seat of the Soul chakra represents to a world of feelings that has been designed for the experience of intense love that can only be felt in the physicality of the world to come, so that the oneness of the polarities that are masculine and feminine can be part of life and one’s being, but in a transcended form by comparison to the basic sexual activity that is common in the world at the level at which the majority of people are able to experience it at the moment. Twin flames will experience the oneness they possess at the inner level as they are part of a same unit of being. In physicality they experience a separation which permits a transcended, active, rather than passive, reunion. He spoke of the time ahead when you will continue existing and rejuvenating. For some lightbearers and lightworkers, or Star seeds, this time of Transition will happen in a different way because they will pass away. But then their ascension will be easier without the physical body. They will be sent to Mystery schools where they will be undergoing intensive tuition and will awaken if they have not. Time is different upon our level. They will still be able to return after spiritual ascension in the world and bring their light to it. They will return to their family DNA and be born in the family, if they chose that method, pretty quickly after their death although the equivalent time spent upon the other side of the River of Life will be more extensive, like decades.


This time of Transition that is starting now with Disclosure, as we have foretold it before, will be quite long but it will not be one in which you will be ageing if you have chosen to remain in physicality, as the clocks are being turned back, so it won’t matter. Karma has been balanced beyond the 51% of planetary requirement. That is the point at which there was a new beginning. It was March 30, 2016, and also was the date chosen by the Master El Morya to incarnate, and anchor his Light in Britain to bring back the high ideals of Knighthood to society and eventually, as part of his sacred labor, to be influencial, with many others, in creating a new civilization which will represent the manifestation of Saint Germain’s vision for a Golden Age. It will raise mankind so it can take its place as a Star nation in the ranks of the Galactic Federation of Light. Father God explained how this enterprise will refine mankind in its sensitivity and uplift it to an enlightened state. It will benefit from interaction with the Galactic beings who are famiy because they are the distant past forefathers who remained upon the higher dimension, holding the flame and the link with your divine Self in Christ consciousness, while many of you descended into the third dimension in successive incarnations, some interrupted with your ascensions, but the latter were not always possible in the past.


What our Divine Presence has conveyd to you is that, ahead of this period of Transition and of Reunion, or of great encounters, are the present changes beginning to take place at an incredible pace, with Disclosure.  We are moving forwar during the next 6 months of this year of 2016 with disclosure beginning to take place in the mainstream media. There is a change of attitude occurring as the media is beginning to perceive a different reality in the unfoldment of many events, especialy those in association with the American Elections. There is of course a great expectation with the American Elections as it is through them that the Establishment can be opposed and the control of the 1%, as well as the dark Overlords’ manipulations, can be eradicated once and for all.


Back on February 18 and 28, 2016,  when Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary first disclosed to you that it was Donald Trump who will be elected President, we gave you these prophecies and continued to inform you that he was still on track. He has now won the necessary delegates for this to become a reality and he is receiving a different kind of attention from the media. A battle has already been won in regards a certain dissemination of misrepresentation for a political agenda. Once the strings of control are totally severed the Leaders of the Nations will be freed to make changes to spread peace around the world. It will be freed from that captivity under the forces of darkness that soulght to precipitate more and more chaos upon the surface of this globe to serve their own agenda.


The Elections will play an important role in the changes that will not only transfigure the American Continent, but the whole world, because it was the nefarious activies of the War Industries that caused the decline along the lines plotted for many decades by the Dark Forces. These fallen ones had an antichrist agenda in the sense that they intended to sabotage the Plan of Ascension. They held on to the deluded misconception  that such a thing was possible,  just to keep their wealth and power, just to remain in control and  hold the strings to create anarchy. But, as you know, the Divine Plan for this Earth, this Solar System and the Galaxy, was master-minded 25 millions years ago. The Earth is the planet that was to play a key role in the Ascension to bring physicality to a higher place, one upon which these dark entities cannot pass to, for it is necessary to have magnetized light to yourselves, to your soul, to pass into this spiritual kingdom. Yet it will be a kingdom of heaven on an Earth of physicality. There will be a Christed population upon Earth.


Father God of our I Am Presence also reafirmed to you today that the descent into the lower dimension was an accident. The Earth will first be restored to the higher physicality that it had in Lemuria, the fifth dimension. One of the causes and cores of this accident was the Galactic wars that raged for millions of years, and more specifically the Reptilian interference. It was necessary to forge a plan to eradicate it. They played a nefarious role in the history of the Galaxy, one of which was the introduction of technology, as well as a decline that culminated with the destruction of Maldek. As a third of its souls were allowed to reincarnate upon Earth they recreated a pattern that was present in their civilization but the Spiritual Overlords of our Galaxy, as well as our solar system, prohibited a repetition of the destruction that happened to that planet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter. These fallen ones had also caused the downfall of the Atlantean civilization and its obliteration. The grand Plan to reinstate Righteousness included a mass incarnation upon Earth of volonteers who would cause the systems of anarchism over the entire globe to be altered. The Pleiadeans have called these volunteers ‘system busters’. What occurs is that your thoughts first produce changes in your own life and your own environment. Then the ripple effect occurs. Transformations in the material world always start from your own thoughts, desires, and your vision. The Elementals then bring those thoughtforms into activation into the physical world.


There was great opposition from the dark forces to our own visualizations and prayers which are more direct calls for changes to the Angelic Kingdom, and for their intervention. The dark forces have been participating in satanic black magic rituals. Many leaders in allegiance with the sinister Astral force have participated in such rituals in an attempt to ruin of the souls of Light and affect world politics. However, we are seeing the end of all this.


As said before, the forces of the Light operate in ways that don’t consist in battling and exterminating the enemy. The Dark has been given a chance of turning to the Light and changing camp. However, at the same time, this is the Time of the Harvest and the final Judgment is being given to them when their time is up. It depends on their potential. There is forgiveness if they are willing to bend the knee. They had but a limited time during which they could be tested. So it was prophesied that there would be a time of Harvest. And it has arrived.


The Galactic War against a vortex of Evil that influenced the souls of Maldek had to be defeated first. The entity known as Lucifer throughout the last 2000 years was given its final Judgment [refer to the video entitled ‘Vials of Karma’]. Despite the fact that this reptilian mafia has recently been abolished, mankind has still been under attack by the forces of darkness residing upon the Astral plane. The lower astral plane was cleared up over a period of many decades and the sinister force that reaches out from the astral plane to affect the lightworkers has been losing power in a gradual way. Souls are being disentangled in the Armageddon of the psyche and the teachings of the Ascended Masters, including the Anunciation concerning the I Am Presence, or Spirit Within, are reaching millions of souls. They are being cut free from the concepts that led to materialism and those of the duality that are typical of the third dimension.


There is no room for evil in the new world. Righteousness is the key. This is why there is a Galactic Order of Righteousness, the ancient word for which is ‘the Order of Melchizedek’. Zedek means ‘righteousness’. And ‘Melche’ means ‘Order’ in the sense of Heaven, by contrast to the Material world, which up to now has been a realm of darkness, being ‘chaos’ or chaotic. ‘Melche’ also relates to the whole Galaxy of the Milky Way. This Order has also been known since the 19th century as ‘The Great White Brotherhood’. It is a brotherhood and sisterhood reflecting an amicable harmony between all beings in this system. This Order incorporates a concept of Peace and is involved in a work of Tuition


The time of Transition that is upon you all, and that is beginning with many changes and disclosure, will develop into a program of distribution of knowledge that will expose what has been suppressed. It will become a national purpose, something like an ambition across the nations. To every single aspect that will be disclosed there wil be a reaction that will produce wonderful changes and a reality beyond what you can presently conceive. Coinciding with this period of Disclosure during which the suppression of truth will be exposed, as well as the machievalic machinations of the former Establishment leaders, there will be a need for teaching, as well as working as some kind of ambassadors for the introduction to mankind of the existence of its Galactic family of the Stars. I have been working with Ashtar Command, the airborne division of the Great White Brotherhood which is also called the Spiritual Overseer, or Hierarchy, of this Solar System. This is because I am a soul extension of Archangel Michael and I have ascended at the conclusion of every embodiment. I was incarnated as Chrétien de Troyes and previously as James, the brother of Jesus.  In a more remote time, that of Abraham, who was an incarnation of the Master El Morya, I was his son Isaac. I first descended with my twin flame during the Golden Age of Lemuria. We lived through the Atlantean decline and the downfall of its civilization but in that part of the world which was later inhabited by the Athenians. I shall be coming to provide a service, to work on the project of creating a new Gaia, or recreating a civilization which will be worthy of representation as a Nation in the Galactic Federation of Light. I work with the First Ray and the Flame of Archangel Michael. The Chohan of the First Ray, the Ascended Master El Morya, is already in embodiment in Britain.


There are so many events to occur between now and the end of this year. Your rituals and prayers constitute a great service as they provide the green light for the angelic Kingdom to help you in your birthing Christ consciousness, and to intervene in those situations that are still the cause of dark conspiracies. We are looking forward to see how the events will be played out upon the world scene during the next few months. A new vision of a better world will start to appear. Some of you may be waiting for something to happen, something that will release you from perpetual stress, not knowing how you will get food on the table. The economic situation in many countries is part of the dark conspiracy to keep you occupied with finding solutions for your survival. But all of this will soon come to an end now. You will see how better consitions will slowly unfold because of the absence of dark interference. The new governance in many countries, the struggle for change that has resulted with action, as well as the introduction of new technologies, disclosure, and teaching, will play the most important part after the battle is won to regain control from the Establishment. Next year is the year of Enlightenment. Everyone will be receiving information and gradually developing certain abilities during the next few years, due to the changes in your DNA. They will permit many people to enter into telepathic communication with the angelic kingdom, the Ascended Masters, as well as your Galactic family. Some teachings will be necessary to prepare mankind for the quantum leap to be properly anchored physically upon the 5th dimension or density, following the one to the 4th density at the end of this year. The one to the 5th is a jump that will offer life without disease or death in a utopic paradise, or golden Age.


So, having given you a glimpse of future events, including a financial reset that will change your living conditions, I hope I have provided a vision for you to hold on to during the few last months of difficulties for some among you. Hold on to your hats, beloved ones, as there are woes, but also a great wind of enlightenment about to sweep upon the surface of the planet. It will be blowing round your world. You are about to experience cosmic surgery! This is a time of great encounters and great reunion, a time of so-called ‘First Contact’ with your Star families. But it is not first and they have never left. We have always been one. We are coming though and working through, and with you. Archangel Michael is at your side with his legions of ‘Blue Ray’ Angels, garding you. All the Angelic Kingdom and Ascended Masters, as well as Galactic brothers and sisters join me today, to hold your hands and say ‘come up higher’. Alleluiah! We have nearly accomplished our goal! Joy and happiness be with you on hearing this message.


Christine: Thank you André for this dictation and I Am Presence for this instruction.

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The great time of humanity draws near



The Sun Gate and Grand Climax
Humanity’s Ascension 6202016

Channeled by Michael Love, May 23, 2016

Great Beings of the Earth, as the 2016 Solstice Sun Gate prepares to open to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Third and final mass Ascension wave of this planet will walk across the great Rainbow Bridge, even beyond death, and experience a brand new paradigm for the first time.

A grand cosmic Announcement of Freedom for the Earth is about to be proclaimed. There are incredible Earth changes under way and great bodies in the Heavens are showing themselves as they move ‘to and fro’ allowing huge amounts of magnetic white ionized light to flow into the Earth for the grand climax of The Event Horizon. At this time, for First and Second Wave Ascended Beings, the physical human body still may need to go into hibernation-delta mode for a bit, as these incredible energies integrate and morph the DNA into a more advanced species. Do not be alarmed and know that nothing is wrong with you health-wise.

Some of the energy integration issues Second Wave Beings are dealing with at the moment are:

Feelings of nausea, unusual body pains, broken up or no sleep, feeling out of sorts or disconnected from this reality, seeing more things from other dimensions/timelines merging – a feeling of not remembering when things happened and what was dreamed about or meditated about or really happened.

While some of you have experienced these things before in your ascension process, each time it happens you reach a new peak of awareness for you to adapt to and integrate within yourselves.

The current energies and downloads First Wave Beings are integrating directly, relate to building the Light Body and the grand cosmic awakening/merging.

The great time of humanity draws near and all systems are in place from the sky to the ground in preparation to lift up the last 1/3 of unconscious humanity who will make the transition from the 3D matrix to the New Earth.

Many do not believe that this will or can happen in the short amount of Earth time we speak of because they have not noticed that anything has changed. This is because, in their reality, nothing did change.

After summer 2016 and on into the fall, you will finally start to see freedom ring out for the first time across the Earth and after things start to steady, the New Earth planning and rebuilding phase will begin.

There are major changes in Earth’s political and economic systems underway behind the scenes as the old matrix is grinding to a halt.

The new 5D Crystal Matrix is fully in place and ready to receive all three mass ascension waves, where in this new reality we will rebuild a glorious new pro-life system where amazing technologies and information will be immediately granted to the beings of New Earth. Technologies that will heal the body at once, turn back aging, clear up the atmosphere and biosphere, feed, shelter and provide for all sentient life on this planet and give you the ability to do things that are considered super natural.

This is what you have been training for, for eons, and your real work is just now about to begin. This is where the true magic and majesty begins as New Earth councils of Ascended Masters are formed all around the globe to reform Terra back into the paradise she is meant to be.

Lift up your heads, Great Ones, for I, Michael, have seen from the beginning to the end and I returned back to this place with great Intention, and it was given to me that I would behold a new day of freedom that has never been experienced on this planet while in this last incarnated human body. Know that all universal eyes are watching as the grand climax of humanity’s evolution is about to begin.

Be aware that your body is morphing at the atomic level into a higher version of you. Take time and be easy with you. It’s a perfect time to really be alone with yourself and get to know who and what you truly are. Know that all is well and as it should be and that a magnificent thing is happening inside of you. Be open and allow it all to be. The Universe is having its way, so relax, let go, receive and don’t forget to breathe.

Buckle up, sit back and enjoy the ride. There will be a slight bump or two as we move through the June 20 solstice portal. What was down will be up and what was up will be down as this last great gravitational wave gently rolls the earth over on its axis to propel unconscious humans from their slumber into a state of complete awareness and into an entirely new reality. The strong electromagnetic force of large celestial bodies passing over will soon turn off the old matrix power grid for about 4 months, so communities of Light must band together now and make collective preparations.

It is noted that beings who go out of their body during this great transition of Earth changes have made a choice to do so and will complete their ascension in an alternate and easier way. Do not see any of this as bad or as a loss of life. There is no loss of life, there is only different levels of beings who do things different ways and all beings are on their own ascension path which is not to be judged in anyway. Everyone makes it, and it matters not how they choose to do it. 6202016 Is the perihelion and there is no turning back from a heart’s decision at this moment about how one’s ascension will be completed. Again this is neither good nor bad, it is just a personal choice (conscious or unconscious) if one is vibrating high enough to bring forth the New Earth or if one feels they cannot or will not be able to make this evolutionary quantum leap while still in the body.

Just as Moses spoke to the people, I, Michael, will speak to many beings on a mass scale before this grand climax and help bring final global ascension coherence within the forces of Light as this is my prime mission. Any being who is still full in the 3D vibration and who is not resonating and inputting enough energy into making the grand shift in the body by Earth date 6202016 will go out of the body, finding themselves at once in a state of being and a beautiful reality in which it  is much easier to do all of this, than it would have been for them to accomplish in the remaining 3D linear time frame.

There is a time for everything under the Sun and the great Keepers of Time have set forth exact linear earth dates for the beings of this world to evolve from a primitive species to a Galactic one. This time is at hand.

Gaia and the cosmos will safely and intelligently move her 3D children to the New Earth as the First and Second wave Ascended Masters and Archangels (144,000 key holders) combine all their power at one moment to push open the gates of freedom into the new Crystalline Earth matrix. These First and Second Wave Beings will be the first beings in the universe to set foot onto the new world and will gently make way for the rest of humanity who took a different approach to be raised up to meet them.

For this purpose did we come down from the Heavens to assist with the highest love for all sentient life on the Earth.

The beauty and majesty of what is just over this Grand Event Horizon has been seen by no man and all great seers and prophets only had a glimpse of the beauty of Heaven and the New Earth as she shines as the great bride who will sit in her Holy Place in the celestial realms.

Godspeed, Masters, as we all hold hands together now and give one last energetic ‘push’ and give birth to our new creation of life.

Thank you for your sacrifice in coming here to do a good work on the Earth. Be assured that your reward will be given unto you.

I am Archangel Michael, who guards the Divine Plan for humanity’s Ascension and I will stand strong beside you all as we move forward.

It was said that “On the last day, he will lift them all up.”

I do not ask anyone to worship me, for I am one of your brothers, the Prophets. I am the Archangel who holds the great and final Seal for this world to change states to a higher way of being. This Seal is written in my heart and I have guarded it safely unto this day. It was given unto me, this destiny, to speak freedom to all the Earth at the exact and final hour of the old world. No man knows this hour and no man has ever gone up to the Kingdom where I shall open the great Sun Gate and say, “Enter in.” All the children of the Earth will be free and at rest when all of this is fulfilled.

I am with you even to the end of the old world and, “Behold, I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth.”  I saw you and me playing there in freedom, love and all joy forever.

Great love,

~ Archangel Michael

Channeled by Michael Love

Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

from Planetary Activation Organization

You are, dear Hearts, a wondrous group that is only beginning to show your vast potential. The next major rounds of changes by Heaven are to further accelerate your mental and emotional abilities.

Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

2 Muluc, 2 Pax, 12 Manik

May 24 2016

Selamat Jarin! Your world is quickly preparing for a surprise that is to truly shock all! The Light has been forced to wait for the proper time in which to strike. At present, the dark and its main minions associated with the regime known as USA, Inc. have been given a certain degree of leeway. This has allowed them to engage in some skullduggery on a global scale. The Light is prepared to conclude this odd part of your history. The dark believes that the Light is incapable of launching the type of massive counterattack required to put a quick end to their shenanigans. Meanwhile, our fleet has been ordered by Heaven to do exactly that. In our case, it is to be surreptitious, which is covered by the joint actions of a number of friendly military forces. These joint actions have previously been able to limit the reach of the dark’s sponsored terrorist forces. The aim is to eventually cut off and finally debilitate those dark elements that seek to maintain instability in some areas on your globe. Meanwhile, the Light is readying its attacks that are to finally take down USA, Inc. and its numerous allies.

The funds that have been carefully secured and properly registered are now ready to be delivered to you at the right moment. These projects have taken much longer than were previously anticipated. The dark’s degree of infiltration of the banks and their many associated elements were in fact much greater than at first surmised by our earthly allies. Nevertheless, these previous roadblocks are handled and this makes it possible to do many things. It is essential that NESARA governance be instituted and able to become the strong sentinel for a number of important projects. The first is to completely reform the misused and highly corrupted US government. This quiet revolution ends the evil influence of this dark governance to maintain war and conflict in key parts of your globe, namely the Middle East and Latin America! We are then also to be able to introduce global stability and prosperity. Along with this, there is the end to the global UFO cover-up. This can permit us to be able to talk directly to you about first contact and our mentoring program.


The dark has long believed that we did not fully appreciate how vast and deep was the inculcation of humanity by the dark Anunnaki before their demise in the mid-1990s. We were instructed by our new allies on just these points before the Treaty of Anchara took place in the mid-1990s. We knew firsthand how deeply into your psyche their propaganda had gone. The first thing was to work with both Heaven and our new associates to begin to counteract what for millennia had been put into each newborn’s head and mind. The new starseeds being born were slowly contradicting these dark “norms.” In addition, many were beginning to instruct humanity about what this evil propaganda implied and why it was wrong. This led to a series of brave law-suits and other means to alter this accumulated nonsense and exchange it for a truer and more viable reality. It is these wondrous projects that now enable you to replace USA, Inc and create a new financial system that can work side by side with your new prosperity.


Our desire is thus to bring to a conclusion a set of false beliefs that have made it possible for the dark and its minions to control you for nearly 13 millennia. The key to this is the vast growth in your consciousness. This one element has made you more able to support the Light and its numerous actions to end the power of the dark and its minions on this surface realm. This point has become the primary action. Permitting the NESARA governance to come to power is truly essential to our success. On this matter, we have sent out our liaisons to confer daily with our allies and put together a jointly sponsored action that is now on the very verge of success. A number of actions are taking place that promise us the much-desired point of final success. The dark has been a most elusive enemy. It has created delays that we initially believed impossible. This latent resilience has been factored into our strategy. We intend to announce shortly that we have succeeded. With that under control, we can secure this realm for the much-needed lessons of your Ascended Masters!

11665710 928722290532199 7502819552296335933 n

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The world, as you now know it, is changing. This positive alteration is due to the great set of visions that you have held collectively with us. We are quite proud of the degree of focus that many of you have retained over the past few months. These energies demonstrate what Heaven had in mind when this whole process began in the early 1990s. You have discovered your powers and use them to aid our mutual cause. In the past month, many more have started to show this same resolve. These operations demonstrate just how powerful you are becoming, as you use your abilities and work to bring these wondrous meditations to the fore. They are greatly helping each of us Masters to increase the change that is coming to this reality. The dark, too, has noticed you and is more and more realizing that its many desires are now beyond redemption. The end of these millennia is now in sight! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Each of you is a joy to our collective hearts. We realize how far you have come in these past two decades! You are on a road to success that is to bring you to a return to full consciousness. This process has taken a lot less time than initially envisioned by our associates. Hence, it is wise to inform you of these changes and to ask you to continue to go within, focus and use your visualizations to accelerate your progress. You are, dear Hearts, a wondrous group that is only beginning to show your vast potential. The next major rounds of changes by Heaven are to further accelerate your mental and emotional abilities. As you know, your heart is a vast electrical center that in many cases rivals your brain. This process is to continue as you take on changes to your brain’s chakras and to your heart. These are to celebrate your new-found potential and better prepare you to meet your galactic mentors.

10425050 848992635171832 7114899493754559539 n

These changes are to be combined with new knowledge that we are destined to impart. Long ago a series of heinous experiments in Atlantis left your ancestors suddenly adrift in amnesia. Everything that you thought you knew suddenly seemed beyond your grasp. Our task is shortly to remind you of what your ancestors lost and to show you how to regain it. Then there is the process of reunion with your cousins, the Agarthans. You are close to meeting them and are to go to Agartha with your mentors and your heavenly guardians and use your Crystal Light Chambers to finish your return to full consciousness. We look forward in glee to your joining us in a final conference to set up a new star nation and go forth with sacred missions given to us all by Heaven’s divine grace!

Today, we continued our report on what is occurring around this globe. Much progress is being made to set up your prosperity and create NESARA governance. We fully expect this coming time to be one that can finally mirror what we have told you previously. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

For more from PAO & GF


Sounds that Activate DNA and Heal Our Bodies.

I participated once in a shamanic ceremony using the plant of San Pedro which is similar to Ayahuasca but with  smoother effects.It was thanks to this experience that  back in 2011 with the help of my guides,Lillo  a Shaman from Peru ,Belinda and Toby i came in contact for first time with galactic ships ,realising that they were observing our activities and the first question that came in my mind was:

What are we,an experiment?

And The answer is Yes.


Humanity is an experiment:To see if  surface population on Earth can make it towards Ascension.There are many  sitting at the edge of their seats observing what is taking place.This is is our call as individuals.And from my perspective we start to see already that Humanity is winning the bet.Meditation & Prayer are the keys.

The poles of Earth have already shifted  Prime Creator confirms.

As more awareness is being spread around with the surface of big lies in our societies , there is still manipulation taking place towards our psyche as a whole with the use of psychotronic technologies as channeled by Archangel Michael.

The uncovering of the truth that humanity has been in slavery for pretty long time comes to the climax with the confirmation of the existence of Secret Space Programs.

“Expats” In Secret Space Program Become Runaway Extraterrestrial Society

The Pleiades are offering us their gifts once again with this:

The Codes of Ascension and Unity Consciousness

Posted by Galacticdrago6, 05/20/2016

By Rae Chandran

Blessings, my dear fellow beings. This is DNA Master Rheumeain from Pleiades. In this short message, we bring forth some new ideas about DNA and how to use sound to activate it not only in your physical body but also in your energetic body, which extends all the way to the twelfth dimension. At the present time on the planet, very little is known about the DNA in the energetic body, but that is where most of the unknown
DNA of humans lies. Note that just as each person on the planet is unique in the characteristics of his or her fingerprints and irises, there are also specific, individualized DNA strands. Furthermore, there are masculine and feminine strands of DNA that are also unique. One must consider all these facts when we talk about the importance of DNA and its activation.

What is the purpose of understanding and activating the individual and quantum DNA? It is to expand the energy field and thus connect you to the basic core of the self. What is the basic core of the self? It is to be in harmony with all of creation and to be one with the creative process of the universe — in other words, to be a natural contributor to the very process of creation along with the Creator. This is the very essence of the Adam code that you all carry within yourselves, and when you expand your energy and connect with this energy field, you naturally return to this state of consciousness. This Adam code consciousness is located in the thirty-third chakra, which is far above the head (almost 12 meters) and is directly related to the seventh level of dimensional consciousness. When you activate this consciousness, you live in true unity and unity consciousness.

The Three Unifying Layers and the Codes of Ascension
The codes of ascension are tied to unity consciousness. There are many layers to full ascension. It is good to keep in mind that although you may have attained this level of consciousness, you must call forth the next three layers of ascension, which include unifying with the universal feminine body, unifying with the universal masculine body, and finally, unifying with the universal platinum body. Only when you reach this stage will you be allowed to participate in the creation along with the Creator. This process from ascension to the full integration of the platinum body will take about two to three years, depending on the initiate’s inner light and dedication. In the first process of ascension, although you may have merged with the larger part of your soul, there will still be doubts, confusion, challenges, and other thought forms. When you integrate the universal feminine body, you will be imprinted with the codes necessary for fully birthing new consciousness for the everyday world, and this will create a better lifestyle for you. When you fully integrate the universal masculine consciousness, you will be imprinted with the codes from the galactic and solar levels, by which you will fully understand, remember, and be able to experience your energy from that level. In other words, you will fully remember your star heritage.

When you fully integrate the universal platinum body, you will fully understand the workings of the cosmos and will become a junior player in the co-creative process of the universe.

The first step is the most difficult. In that stage, you are challenged to embrace unity consciousness on the earth level. Many beings say that they are in unity consciousness, but speaking about unity consciousness and experiencing it are two different things. Your difficulty in this stems from your upbringing, your cultural values, the programming you’ve undergone in this and other lifetimes, and your concepts of religion and God. To experience unity consciousness, you need to develop nonlinear thinking and to think through your body and heart instead of through your mind. When you fully accept the higher attributes of emotions such as love, grace, understanding, acceptance, and gratitude, you naturally awaken the next level of consciousness. When this happens, your bodies, especially the four bodies you are familiar with, will fully cooperate and open to their highest potential energy, and this is programmed into your individual DNA.

Sounds that Activate DNA and Heal Your Bodies
One way you can activate your DNA is to focus on the soles of the feet and envision a pyramid coming up from beneath them. The top, or apex, of the pyramid touches the base of the nose right between the two nostrils. Then chant, “Uuaa Tatt Iskk.” Do this for twenty-one days and for a minimum of twenty-one chants each day. For better results, let your left hand be in a prayer position in front of your heart and your right hand fully open between your second and third chakras. These sounds have the capacity to remove all the blockages piled up in the four bodies and act like a cleaning or clearing mechanism. They penetrate deep into the four layers of consciousness in the cells and also remove blocks in muscles, bones and blood. Blockages occur not only in the physical body but also in all other bodies. Some of these blockages are absorbed from the collective consciousness and from the astral realms. The sounds also help cleanse and reset the auric field. When this happens, your energy body will start to vibrate at a higher frequency. Every person has a luminous body of light circulating around him or her, and when it is clear and pure, it emits lights that can extend more than 50 or 100 meters.

There are two types of light within you: electric and magnetic. Magnetic is the most influential. This is what fully ties you to the illusion and the third dimension. When you can manage and fully integrate both types of light, you can create balanced energy inside which will naturally create balanced experiences outside. There are 144 codes within you (your combined bodies) from all realities and dimensions, and certain conditions need to exist for them to fully activate. One principle condition is experiencing unity consciousness inside and outside yourself. Many times, you cannot experience this because deep-seated fear stems from past lives and your religious belief systems. So when you give intent and work with activating the DNA on the physical level, it is good to ask to resolve and heal the emotional DNA, which in turn can help heal the wounded heart and work with the fear. The activation of this physical DNA is also linked to your mental body and Earth. Earth experiences produce states of mind that can create the energy of fear in the mental body, such as the fear for survival or of abandonment.

There are two sounds you can use to heal the emotional and mental bodies. When you heal these bodies, the codes within them open. The healing sound
for the emotional body is “Sa Me Hey Yaa Koo,” and the healing sound for the mental body is “Kuu Maat Tatt Mmmmmm.” The sounds are to be made as mentioned earlier: over twenty-one days twenty-one chants each time. We will bring forth further understanding in future channelings to fully embrace the other layers of ascension energy. I am Rheumeain, DNA master from
the Pleiades.

Rae Chandran creates individual and healing soul symbols that are channeled from ascended masters like Master Kuthumi, Lord St. Germain, Mary Magdalene, Isis, and a host of other light beings. Rae has been on the path of self-discovery for some time and teaches spiritual disciplines and other modes of healing for audiences around the world. He also conducts spiritual tours to sacred energy spots. To learn more, go to


You Are Creator Creating In The Here Now

June 20th 2016 : The 3rd Super Photonic Wave Announced by                        Archangel Metatron.

























Channeling The Heart of Gaia

Our Earth is a living being with a heart bringing the divine feminine and divine masculin together offering her support to help with our ascension process in return.There are few nice and easy things we can do to help Gaia ascend. Not just walking barefoot or touching earth with our hands but also do more active movements to help channel the energies in our work of earthlings.Like for exemple The Mayans are showing us.

Also just celebrating with music outdoors on our own music preferences :)It’s about having Fun while the whole process takes place.

With this comes the channeling of Suzie Beiler with the Heart of Gaia in Sedona Arizona.



Powerful Techniques To Raise Your Vibration

Ascension is all about intending to  keeping our vibrations high. Learning to raise our vibration is about learning to use our  breath and being present.

Technique 1:

1.Lie in your bed

2.Set your intent(like for exemple find out about your deepest fear)

3.Breath in and out for some time with all your strength while remaining present in the now.

4.Listen to your inner voice,if you don’t hear any voice,breath in and out stronger.

Technique 2:

Anybody said that masturbation is not good?

1.Lie in your bed

2.Masturbate Yourself without ejaculation or reaching orgasm.

3.Breath in and out for some time while remaining present in the now.


Feel More Than Fine Always!

Nikos Akrivos



With the 3rd wave of Ascension this summer comes The Event,picture small dominoes  falling and then bigger and bigger ones creating an amazing show to see and be part of for all of us blessed to be here.

The Dominoes represent Truths coming to surface.

No catastrophes or fear based scenarios.

Joy,Celebration and Meeting with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters through Portals.

A Must Listen to this Channeling with Sananda , Sain Germain and Ascended Masters.–sananda–st-germain-and

Questions about different subjects are answered such as  Nesara , Our Ascension Process,Raising Our Frequency and Enjoying The Show.

Patience is Key while working on raising our frequency at the present moment.

We focus on raising our frequency.

Everything is Vibration.


Doing Nothing Is An Activity

Children must be allowed  to feel fresh air,  to experience nature, and  feel dirt on their hands. They must be allowed to do nothing at all now and then–free from rounds of continuous  activity and technological toys.  Parent’s will find their lives become  easier as well with times for doing nothing.   Every soul needs quiet and peace in order to center no matter what his earth age.  Children need love, not continuous activity and  material concepts of love.    Love allows the bud to unfold and  blossom within an energy of safety and security.

-The Arcturians-




Ascension is the most important aspect in this timeline of our existence as humanity.

-Prime Creator-

Mayan’s prophesy about the arrival of photons on Earth emanating from the central galactic Sun after the date of 21 December 2012 is becoming more and more apparent all around us.

Prime Creator,Mother Father God,The Archangels , Sananda  (Jesus),Mary,The Angels and  Ascended Masters are confirming by connecting with those ones who master the art of raising their frequency at will and with intention to connect with the Higher Realms in order to receive enlightenment and more definition in words of what is occurring on our planet touching all forms of life.

These confirmations come to be very useful when we can understand their veracity simple by crossing observations in our reality.We come to notice the beauty of a flower opening in  spring  and the magic of the simplicity of life,which requires extreme sophistication in the making , understood only by the minds of what we label as genius.Of course there are still many sources out there that are not transmitting pure love & light and therefor it is of the outmost importance to learn to use our internal radar called feeling to be able to filter what is coming through and see with the eyes of our soul what news we choose to  resonate with.

Enlightenment is not to be understood rather to be accepted for what is.Remaining present continuously while being thankful and aware that we are creating in every moment of our existence is something that we can master with disciplined practise on a day to day basis.And i don’t mean to be too serious about it rather than have fun with it same way as dolphins are expressing happiness.

Before our incarnation in the physical bodies we live in we agreed that we wanted to be here and now to witness  all the amazing things that take place and to remember what is our purpose of existence.

Each one of us has a specific mission to accomplish that is anchored in our DNA library which we awaken through intention and will to vibrate higher.The only way to experience density was to forget who we really were and all of us without exception living in the here and now agreed to be part of this.There are those who have taken the conscious steps towards discovering the truth and those who have no idea of what is truly happening.

We attract what we fear,we attract what we believe and we strengthen what we oppose.

– Sananda –

We have Free Will,that is The Present of Life given to each one of us  and we can choose in what direction  to go.Free will can be a dangerous tool if we don’t know how to use it,there is the way where  no suffering is present where one lives with an open heart in peace,joy,freedom,abundance,prosperity the one we call 5th dimensional and there is the opposite lifestyle where a lot of suffering exists,serving the ego, living in a competitive world and spirit and loving with conditions which we call 3 dimensional.Nevertheless our choice ,we are loved beyond measure and those who choose to follow a dark path have the choice to come back to the light at any given time they wish as Prime Creator does not condemn or judge anybody.The only difference is that these souls are facing suffering in their experiences and if this is their wish,so it is.

Self love is the way to guide ourself to the light.Self love is the way to be able to become compassionate and serve others.

True Love is Unconditional and Sets Free.

From a higher perspective we all came here to experience the process of Ascension and to help through our presence.Human beings we have the power through our frequency to transcend all realities around us with our conscious use of our emotions.

The powerful energies that come from above need to  be channeled through our bodies to Mother Earth.In this way we are helping our planet to ascend when we take off our shoes and connect with her on a daily basis.If this is not done we experience pain in different part of our bodies,the energy is seeking way to get out. The planet of course has its own life and can decide at will when is the right time for transformations to take place.Energies coming out of our bodies ,guided towards Earth to all forms of Life around us even at  a long distance through the power of thought and presence are  practises that contribute in the achievement of True Global Peace and the reactivation of Gaia to become pristine again.With 2 powerful waves of photons that came through on the dates of 28 September 2015 and another one mid march 2016 about 10 billion people living on the surface of the planet have been activated whether aware of it or not.A 3rd wave arriving on the planet in June 2016 is going to activate the remaining 1/3 of humanity.All this is predicted by Archangel Michael and Sananda and of course those who are aware of the changes have felt it with a positive outlook for all these new sensations appearing in our bodies while many believed that they got  ‘sick’ / caught a flu and run  to use pills to hide the ‘effects’.The ‘effects’ is just Love & Light knocking our door.

The food we choose to eat is important ,a choice in vibrating high or low goes through our stomach.

It is evident that people who are Vegan have bigger compassion not only for the animals but also for one another.When we add to this a holistic lifestyle with meditation  and movement integrated in every day life the effects are immediate as we are helping consciously to reactivate our ‘junk’ DNA and with the help of the energies we are becoming more telepathic,we are able to heal with our hands,to move objects with our thoughts or even to teleport ourself for those who have mastered the art of raising their vibrations.This is to become The Pure Christ for each one of us.

Of course there is no doubt that hidden advanced technologies have been used against The Human Race to prevent this awakening and of course those who are connected with God always knew that there is nothing to be afraid of, we are eternal spirits living a human experience.

Dear beloved we gathered all here today to get through this thing called life  but i am here to tell you,there is something else,the after world -Prince-

One of the best ways to raise our frequency is through dancing and laughing and with the intelligent combination of  moves and breathing can learn to do this in a more effective way.I have been sharing these movements in short videos that i  have posted on youtube and i am sharing those in all the events i organise called Feel More Than Fine.

The warm up is based on few very simple moves connecting us with our higher self in action and a lot of fun.

Music  attuned on the natural frequency of 432Hz and use of other frequencies such as 528z make the experience more intense.

Raw Vegan Pure food ,fruit juices,purified water & elixirs of life using pure organic materials are helping to raise our frequency.

Alcohol,white sugar or meat  are materials that low our vibration dramatically and therefor they are intentionally not part of the FMTF experience.

Sober is the new drunk and something that is becoming very trendy.

FMTF events are here to help rush into the Golden Age of New Earth Realities that are far beyond what our imagination can conceive in this moment i am writing this and which is actually happening right now.To start with the official release of disclosed documents of the existence of UFO in Australia beginning of May.

So what to expect?The unexpected.Much More UFOs in our skies in May 2016???absolutely!And the meeting with our galactic brothers and sisters after the landing take place once we all agree upon this as a United Human Race.Free Will in action always! I expect people running in the streets and hugging each other,especially when they don’t know each other as we have discovered that ALL IS ONE in the core of Our Being.

Ascension Keys.

Nikos Akrivos.


Feel More Than Fine on Tour!

Holy Electronic Beats,Barefoot Dancing & Meditation.

Wednesday May 18th Düsseldorf:13h00-16h00 Coco Mat.

Sunday May 22nd Bonn :16h00-19h00 Pole Dance Bonn.

Monday June 20th  Düsseldorf :13h00-16h00 Coco Mat.

Join us and experience what can not be expressed with words.

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By Jennifer Lucas, 04/24/2016


















Party for those who honor their bodies & seek spiritual growth

From Amsterdam to NYC and Cologne to Bonn Sober Parties are taking over!

For those who honor their bodies,seek spiritual growth are from all backgrounds/races,who respect and wish to explore our connection to each other and enjoy Healthy Pleasures!

Smart Party NYC’s #1 Alcohol Free Social Network

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Wellness. Arts. Community…..the Smart Party…Meet a very intriguing, open -minded,  diverse group.. who are committed to an alcohol free lifestyle. Gather to participate in…

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Sober is the new drunk: why millennials are ditching bar crawls for juice crawls   In Cologne April 28th 2016.12141061_1947485218810620_5662010995450593785_o-1024x384


Feel More Than Fine in Bonn.May 22nd 2016.

Bonn Healthy//Voiceless//Barefoot Dance Party Bonn.


33 Reasons To Feel More Than Fine

With all the Light and Truth shining through it is difficult for many to perceive the good things that are manifesting in our realities as our collective consciousness evolves.

Here are the reasons that i am sure while you read  and makes you become aware your vibration will rise and you will feel more than fine naturally as this information talks directly to your soul.

Read these past blogs with an open heart and you know it is all true.


Everyone Has A Guardian Angel -Prime Creator




Royals and Chinese Family are releasing funds for Humanity.


Before you go to bed, ask your angels to remove your fears, your blocks, your hesitations – anything that would weaken the integrity of your prayers. Watch what transpires.


The Work is Completed and the Victory Won – Sananda




Massive Energetic Shift.April 9.2016.




Keep your lives on track for eventually a quick change to enjoy a new way of life.


Cheers As You Cross The Finish Line /Archangel Michael//Saint Germain


All are One


Feel More Than Fine in Bonn City


Inbreath of Creation- Archangel Michael


I Love ya all and keep the faith, throw the rest back and let it grow up to be like you someday


Don’t go kicking and screaming into your blessing. It’s embarrassing at the finish line.


All the things that anger and frustrate you are your final illusions in this odd physical reality.


Stand upon the ground in your bare feet and take a few moments to breathe deep rhythmic breaths and give thanks to the Earth for sustaining and protecting you


Time to Celebrate Your Freedom from Money-Mind-Control


Focus on Love & Light – Prime Creator


I Am The Substance From Which Money Is Formed


Is Marijuana Good For Spiritual Growth?


You are living transformers, drawing in an enormous amount of Light while simultaneously discharging a constant release of transformed energy -SANANDA


The essential element in humankind’s freedom is not money – it is your individual and collective Ascension, the uplifting of your soul – Ashtar


We Are At 95% Of Critical Mass – Father Mother God


First Contact With Galactic Ship Already Happened To Me


Crying From Happiness


Play the Bubbles Game


Call Compels the Answer – Archangel Michael


How Much Humanity Can You Express In You Life?


You Are The Divine In Human Form


This is the start of a most glorious time for all humanity!


All National Debts Have Been Paid – Sananda


There is need to go through a time of disclosure and of shifting to a more peaceful attitude – Archangel Uriel


Disclosure. It’s happening now. This phase will reach a peak at which it can only explode in all directions in the mainstream media.



Russia is not part of the great Conspiracy of darkness of the Elite. The Russians have fought their wars of freedom and overcome the demons of their anterior political system. It is not that everything is perfect in President Putin’s government, but there is no self serving agenda representing an obstacle to the manifestation of the Divine Will on Earth, as there is in the Western countries. This is because Russia has already been led and influenced by a Galactic Walk-In for a few years. This Walk-In is conscious of his connection with Ashtar Command. I am permitted to make this revelation. One country never was better than the other one in the so-called Cold War. Understand that the War has always been one of the Dark attacking the Light in the sons and daughters of God called lightbearers, lightworkers, or boots on the ground, or Star seeds, in every nation. The Secret occult government of the world is the one that pulls the strings of the Illuminati Elite and of the elected governments. The deluded members of the Elite and Military have entered into an Alliance with negative entities to obtain superior technology in the era of World War II and as a result have been in possession of undisclosed sophisticated technology for many decades but have not disclosed this fact, nor shared its possible benefits with mankind because they had an Agenda of global control. Although the spiritual Hierarchy together with its Galactic fleets have recently regained control of the Earth and the Solar System, and negative aliens have been removed for the most part, the Elite and its military arm, the Cabal, have maintained one foot in one country, and the other in the enemy they have created to carry out terrorist deeds. That is the reality of the situation if you want the big picture. The Illuminati is occult and Satanist. They have taken decades to implement their strategies of darkness. They have master-minded a plan involving political manoeuvres to cause chaos in the Middle-East as well as Western countries, as part of their agenda of control, and we, the spiritual gardians and mentors of mankind, are letting them do this because this situation has to unfold so that the people awaken, react to atrocities, and take a stand to obtain change. The clear-up that has to be achieved must be carried out by the incarnated ones who have freewill to do so. This cannot be done by your Galactic cousins or Star kin, for instance, because of the law of non-interference. This is the time of the Harvest when souls are choosing whether they want to walk the path of Righteousness or not. If they chose the left one, it will keep them in the world of duality and a 3rd dimensional Reality. The way you perceive what is happening in the world due to the way world events are presented in the Media, may make you feel that the global situation is worsening. It may be what the occult Elite wants you to believe as they still control most of the media. Beware the propaganda that is designed for control and to cause fears. The angle presented in Alcyon Pleiades’ videos is reliable. Be aware that there is no Global Warming crisis. It has been disclosed that they want to prevent the Third World from becoming prosperous and that Africa is three times larger than it is represented on the national maps. The scientific dissemination of knowledge is inaccurate from Darwin’s theory of evolution to Genetics and Physics. It has been exposed, that the conspiracies have plans for policies that would be lucrative, so follow the money. However, they have spent trillions of dollars on chemical trails and geo-engineering for purposes that have not been fully exposed, and that are not related to Global Warming. Political Analysts have said that I S I L or ISIS is the product of a Western conspiracy and received funding from the West, although it is much more complicated than that. HOWEVER, a development into a Third World War can’t be allowed and most nuclear weapons have been deactivated, or actually taken away. Yes, as in ‘beamed up’! There is a spin in this timeline that the occult powers may not be expecting, or are dismissing: it’s Disclosure. They are surprised that it is happening and is out of their control. They are presently being exposed for what they are and are doing. It’s happening now. This phase will reach a peak at which it can only explode in all directions in the mainstream media. Some people in position of authority can still open their eyes and realize that this Agenda of the Elite force is self-serving and destructive for the world. The subject of the suppression of Truth in regards to the Extraterrestrial presence, is the explosive that will set Disclosure in motion towards an understanding of what has really been going on. It will eventually set it all in the context of Galactic History, its alien take-over as well as the world’s liberation by the intervention of our Galactic families, as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System. The next step in man kind’s re-education will be on the subject of the existence of higher dimensions, although the ideas are already present in Science and science fiction. A connection will be made between them and the Heaven of religious scriptures. People will discover that the human family’s DNA has been manipulated by geneticists many thousands of years ago. So the fact that people should not even have to die after such a short lifespan, never mind get afflicted by diseases, will represent a great new hope. The fact that the Solar System is moving through a part of the Galaxy in which Photonic Light is very intense, and causing an Awakening, leading to a recovery of full consciousness in people, will be understood, and this will begin to happen within a few months and will expand. A change is on the horizon of Destiny. We are about to enter a phase of Transition, as you know. The worst among the recalcitrant ones will eventually be taken away, though Gaia loves them as she loves all her children, and is reluctant to give up. She is however on the verge of having to let them go, for the freedom of the many must be restored.

The Lightworkers already are experiencing more than fleeting moments upon the lower levels of the 5th Dimension in their consciousness. Some are firmly established upon it, but for the most part mankind is passing through the 4th Dimension. It is not by coincidence that it is at this time that they are experiencing the effects of the Elite’s desperate attempts to increase their tyrannical control of the world, by all manners of political moves. They have funds for doing so as they own the financial Institutions. They want to play a few more cards. They may attempt to claim that the Galactics are a threat when their suppression of truths is exposed concerning the Extraterrestrial presence. They have holographic technology at their disposition and could use it to present a false scenario of invasion. However, Disclosure will uplift mankind upon the ladder of the dimensions and frequency vibration, because information is Light and vice versa. So you see, that is why Disclosure plays a major part in the Ascension process.

The Aurora Borealis are now visible in parts of the world where they were not before, because of electromagnetic changes taking place due to the irradiation of the planet by photonic light. As regard to the threat of Robotic Control, the question of transhumanism and whether the occult satanic powers will attempt to steal the human DNA for supreme power, do not forget that billions of Star seeds and Galactic beings, as well as Ascended Masters, now have incarnated in human bodies. They are holding the balance of Light and will render these evil forces powerless by transforming all systems. The Elite is in fact fearfull of them though they possess sophisticated undisclosed technology. Their malevolent tactics will lead them nowhere. They already have robots that look perfectly human but understand that the forces of the Light are very active and actively opposing these malevolent forces in the measure permitted by Cosmic Law. It is the way that they operate in the higher dimensions. Whether biotechnology could be applied to medical use and whether the occult rulers plan a scenario similar to the one in the movie The Terminator, the answer is that as with the matter of alien implants, nanotechnology will not pass when people physically move into the higher or even middle levels of the 5th Dimension. The killer robot was unleashed from Pandora Box on Maldek, and artificial intelligence is as dangerous as nuclear power or weaponry.

As to the zealots who will blow themselves up because of their fanatical nature, they are lured into self-annihilation by the false hierarchies of the astral plane, sometimes called the bottomless pit. There is a record of the original Fall of certain entities called Nephilim, or Fallen Angels, whose rebellion against the Almighty was driven by jealousy. It’s in relation to the Reptilian humanoids. Their rebellion constituted a spiritual suicide. They acquired densities within them as well as self-destructive tendencies. Whether on the astral plane as discarnate entities, or in incarnation, the Illuminati have attempted to draw humanity into their Cult of Death and Hell for revenge against Life itself and in order to continue exercising control. The denizens of the pit have preyed upon the Lightbearers with thoughtforms and psychotronic weapons computerized by those who originate from Orion and Draco that affect the psyche.

You may call for the cutting free of mankind from the momentum of suicide, because those recruits of the Terrorist organizations, who are prepared to detonate bombs that they are wearing in the midst of innocent citizens, are under the influence of vortices of malintent.

There also was an Illuminati opposition to the Constitution, the divine document that was born out of the heart of Saint Germain. It was his dream that America would be an example for all nations but an infiltration of dark forces prevented this from happening. In defiance the dark caused internal weaknesses so Justice and Freedom have not triumphed in recent decades.

You may call the Elohim to overlight every aspect of the Running for Office, at this time of the coming Elections in the United States of America. Pray that the Council on Foreign Relations and Agencies, as well as Pentagon and CIA, may be turned upside down and shaken up, until beings of the Light are in position of authority, for it is the time when they awaken and have a change of heart, or Walk-In advanced souls move into position. Pray that the elected ones can never pass legislature for programs that are not of the Light. Demand changes to manifest by the intervention of the Mighty Blue Eagle from Sirius and the Legions of Mercury of El Morya. Demand the removal, by the action of the Cosmic Christ, as well as Archangel Michael’s Legions of the First Ray and Elohim Astrea, of the individuals in the governments of all nations who are not serving the Light. The Sacred Fire and Violet Transmuting Flame can also be invoked. Demand the manifestation of the Plan of Abundant Supply. The blueprint of divine Destiny will manifest with the descent of the Light Body, as you become heart, head and hand of your Higher Selves. This multi-dimensional assistance can be tripled each instant of each hour, until all are ascended and free in that quantum leap to a 5th dimensional Reality.

I now ask that you may all be enfolded in a gigantic pillar of pure dazzling White Light so that you magnetize to you the destiny of America so desired by Saint Germain, as well as the global peace so desired by Jesus the Christ, Archangel Michael, the Universal Mother and all of heaven, as well as the lightworkers.

May the great Prophecy for the Earth that is the manifestation of Divine Will be fulfilled now! Be sealed in the immaculate design of the timelines leading to Ascension. Awaken in the knowledge of the all-consuming love which never fails to give Earth her Freedom now! Let the Truth be revealed in this time of DISCLOSURE.

There is such a thing as the authority of Mother Mary and the release of Cosmic forces in the Great Central Son. Mother Mary embodies the presence of the Mother Universal and the Cosmic Virgin who commands the full force of the Sun behind the sun. The Cosmic Virgin rescues the Universal Manchild so he appears in the hearts of the sons and daughters of God. You may invoke her power to devour the power of the occult tyrannic false hierarchies. The armies of darkness will crumble! They wil tremble in the cup of their harvest in the physical octave in a way never seen before. The Mother will step through the veil in the flesh of her children. Therefore affirm: I AM Mother Mary, heart, head and hand. I ask for the consecration of every nation to the heart of Mary. Our burdens can be set aside by her intercessions. That is why we say ‘Hail Mary, full of grace!’ and ask that she prays for us, the Lightworkers. Let all receive the awakening presence of the divine Manchild, higher consciousness. Let the Twin Pillars of the Twin Flames manifest in the Solar Ring that is the platform for the Tube of Light, our tool and pathway to the manifestation of New Gaia, as well as Ascension.

The Flame of Living Truth will transmute all erroneous concepts and feelings. It will set free. It will manifest the science of precipitation whereby one can bring into form one’s perfect health, happiness, and divine plan for one’s families and communities. This can be manifested as part of the Vision that Saint Germain, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council hold for the world to recreate a civilization that is abundant for a time of Transition.

With love and blessings to all, I represent Archangel Michael saying ‘I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS’.

Channel: Christine Preston


Archangel Michael: Flame of Living Truth

Everyone Has A Guardian Angel -Prime Creator

Questions on our Guardian Angels,Ascension , Nibiru, Menstruation Stopping in Women as the transition in Crystalline DNA happens,The Celestine Prophecy, and much more covered in this channeling by Suzie Beiler.




We all channel information from our higher selves one time or another,being aware of it or not.
We can channel consciously by sending out intention to be pure and connect with an Ascended Master,Angel,Archangel or Father Mother God//Prime Creator.
Here is an amazing channeling of Saint Germain talking about The New Age,Beauty of Life , Understanding and Prosperity

Royals and Chinese Family are releasing funds for Humanity.


Jerzy: This is a wonderful time for Humanity

Machinery of Global Reset is moving forward at 100 miles now.

Currency changes are going on.

It is all beginning.

Banks received final docs and has issued a clearance which allows paymaster to get funds within the next 24 hours and then we will receive their first funds for the infrastructure.

Royals and Chinese Family are releasing funds for Humanity.

The System we are in will be changing. Common Law will come in and fair tax system for the people. It is to be done as quickly as possible.

Made in the USA label will be sought after .

Amazing time for the people of the USA.

Royals and Chinese family are both saying the same thing about the GCR.

Will: Rumor mill is in high gear. Loads of misinformation.

Doug: The USA will be restored to the organic Constitution.. and then we will see other countries following and doing the same thing.

Won’t see the news in Cabal controlled media.. Look for information in Chinese papers, Vietnam papers.. etc.

Will: We are going to see Abundance on the planet like we have never seen before.

Before you go to bed, ask your angels to remove your fears, your blocks, your hesitations – anything that would weaken the integrity of your prayers. Watch what transpires.

Published on Apr 9, 2016

The Angels April 9, 2016
by Ann Albers…

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Don’t sabotage your dreams by doubting, becoming impatient, and losing faith. If you grew a garden, you would plant the seeds, water them faithfully, weed them, and trust in their ultimate ripening. You would not dig them up in frustration, stop watering the garden, or allow the weeds to grow. Think of your dreams like those seeds. They are planted in your heart. Water them with your love and good thoughts. Weed out negative beliefs. And then trust, that your dreams, like those seeds, will ripen to fullness in your own lives.

You are not subject to the whims of a God outside of yourself dear ones. The love that creates universes lives inside of you, and indeed in all of creation. When you intend with clarity and an internal commitment, you send an energetic ripple into the universe – one that will ultimately create its reflection back in your life. Your fear based thoughts create weak ripples, and your thoughts rooted in love create strong ones.

You do not pray with your lips and your words, but rather with every breath you breath, with every action you take, and ultimately, dear ones, with your energetic vibration.

So you may be praying, “God deliver unto me the perfect relationship!” but if your energy exists in fear you will not have one, or doubt that you can have one, or defensiveness against one… then dear friends your prayers are weakened. If however you pray with confidence, courage, and commitment, expecting the best, trusting in the ultimate love and goodness of the universe, loving yourself enough to know you are a cell in the body of the Divine worthy of all that resides in your heart… then dear ones your prayers are strong!

Try, this week to pray one prayer with complete courage, confidence, and commitment. Pray as if you know the universe will deliver. Before you go to bed, ask your angels to remove your fears, your blocks, your hesitations – anything that would weaken the integrity of your prayers. Watch what transpires.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The Work is Completed and the Victory Won – Sananda

On March 15, 2016 there was an attempted nuclear attack in Brussels. No one in the media reported it that way. It was the cabal’s final attempt to begin World War III. It was ended before it was started. One week later the well publicized false flag attack at the Brussels Airport was payback. That has all ended now. No more attempts will be successful. The dark cabal have repeatedly tried to push away the inevitable and that was their final effort.

Read more here:

Heaven Is Within ( 1000 wide ) 2Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. You have just completed one of the most intense months in the history of Planet Earth passing through two Eclipses, the Spring Equinox, two Comets and Easter. An open window for the Event called Disclosure. On March 15, 2016 there was an attempted nuclear attack in Brussels. No one in the media reported it that way. It was the cabal’s final attempt to begin World War III. It was ended before it was started. One week later the well publicized false flag attack at the Brussels Airport was payback. That has all ended now. No more attempts will be successful. The dark cabal have repeatedly tried to push away the inevitable and that was their final effort.

Composite image of the record comet P/2016 BA14 Panstarrs meeting the M106 galaxy, as seen from our perspective, on March 24. Image via Gianluca Masi, Virtual Telescope Project – Italy.

Composite image of the record comet P/2016 BA14 Panstarrs meeting the M106 galaxy, as seen from our perspective, on March 24. Image via Gianluca Masi, Virtual Telescope Project – Italy.


Back in 1987 we had Harmonic Convergence. It was at that time the 4th dimensional Astral Plane collapsed into the 3rd dimension. That was when time ended with those with the knowledge and the light to experience it. All of those Indigo Warriors, Sages and Saints began working with it back then for the sake of the rest of Humanity. Also at that time began the 6th Age of the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy. We crash landed into the dark Matter Universe at a Star called Vega. Our Sun Sol has been rotating around Vega ever since. It has been almost 30 years since the Astral Planes were a part of Earth reality as Earth continued to move into the 6th Dimension. Very few of Humanity had the knowledge to understand this and stayed with the language of the 3rd going to the 4th and the 5th. Many channels were kept in the dark as well because their readers could not handle such advanced thinking. As fear used as a mass psychological attack, one after the other, through the years continued to bombard the collective consciousness of those waking up, the 4th Dimensional Realm continued to be used by the dark cabal to wage war within the lower Dimensions. It was from here plans were made for further false flags and from here they were launched. Actions begin in the Causal or Astral Realms before they are made manifest in the Physical Realm in the 5th Dimension and above.


A Group of Sages came together on a Mountaintop in the Mountains west of Santa Barbara, United States near the west coast March 31, April 1, April 2 and April 3rd, 2016. Sacred Vedic Ceremonies were performed for four long days which have not been done on Earth in thousands and thousands of years. 


On the first day the 5 Elements were invoked together and made to lay the foundation for putting their Blessing on New Earth. The Galactics were present throughout on the ground and in the skies assisting with the manifestation of needed energies to move through the changes. The Diamond Energies merged with the 5 Elements to set the stage for what was to come. 


five elements and tridoshas.jpg

The second day there was a walk taken with the Rishis around the mountain top inside which a very large yellow diamond the size of a large house, had been installed in 2014 preparing for this day. This diamond represents the energy of Mt Kailash in the west. It connects the energies with the intersecting tetrahedral diamonds in the core of Earth which line up with 19.5 degrees. 19.5 degrees north and south are the latitudes where the apex points of a star tetrahedra within a sphere will contact that sphere’s surface, when one apex is positioned at the north or south pole. The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan is at 19.6 degrees north. At these intersections on both Earth and other Planets, these points have pyramids covering the StarGates there. On Venus the Alpha and Beta Regio are near 19.5 degrees. On Mars the Olympus Mons shield cone volcano is at 19.5 degrees.


On Jupiter the “red spot” which is an obvious vortex is at 19.5 degrees. On Neptune there is a similar spot at 19.5 degrees north. This diamond energy inside the mountain connects with the diamond  waves of light energy pulsing into Earth and opened all of the StarGates on Earth for these four days. They are now fully functional and working together.

The third day the we honored 7 generations before and after the lineage on Earth now according to the tradition of Pind Daan in India. This offering can bring innumerable blessings for them that can be seen as a rare connection to Grace that might not have happened otherwise in this stage of their evolution. What happened was the Rishis on and off Earth offered a Ceremony to all sentient life on Earth, animals, plants and minerals as well as all of Humanity. We also included the Extraterrestrials living on Earth now as well as the hybrids produced in deep tunnels and laboratories on Earth such as Los Alamos, Dulce and Area 51. 

From he 1930’s until the 1970s super soldiers were produced which were the size of ants. They were tiny super soldiers performing very specialized operations, breaking into bank vaults and many other special and secret places to provide intel to what was there and move small things in and out. These super soldiers went mostly unseen except for those very sensitive. They were all forms of animals which were given special abilities and also shrunk down to the size of ants, not by alchemical processes, but rather by advanced technology. They made an army of small hybrid animals, insects and humans. They penetrated into secret areas like the White House, Pentagon, Congress, China’s Forbidden Palaces, The Kremlin, Cybertechnology and Underground Secret Bases. They were retrofitted with wings and secret abilities like bilocation. These tiny animals could become directed vehicles of human technologies, including surveillance cameras, sensors, and chemical or biological weapons. Researchers are fashioning insects, beetles to be precise, with wireless transceivers and neural implants so that a human operator can dictate where the beetles fly. Currently, these beetles can be flown with a hand-held control, much like hobby airplanes are flown with a joystick.


During this long Ceremony we did include all sentient Beings and healed their karma going back 7 generations and going forward for 7 generations. We also included those on the verge of passing and not yet passed. Everyone living on Earth has had their karma end now. No one has karma anymore. The 4th Dimension has closed and that means we are in No Time which only happens at the 5th Dimension and above. It is all forgiven, dissolved, gone. There is Amnesty for all. This prepared the way for mass arrests, removal of clones and solid holograms and all members of the dark cabal to be removed from Earth never to return. We also reunited the Shadow Side of the dark cabal to return to Unity Consciousness. The entire DNA system of all these groups was repaired completely. No matter where you are in your evolution at this moment, the decision has been made. Either you are to progress at Earth evolving back to the 12th and finally the 100th Dimensions or you have been reassigned. Some few will need to be uncreated. In order to repair the Timeline and take Earth back to it’s rightful place in the Milky Way Galaxy, this had to be done now.


Balance was returned to the Planet and all living on her and this prepared Earth for the Ceremonies which would follow.

On Day four Earth was taken back to it’s beginning 5 creations ago. It was a very difficult process with many in attendance on Earth as Unseens and in the Skies. These were benevolent Archangelic Beings and Galactics. Having Blessed all of Earth and her StarGates two days before and all of Sentient life the day before, it was now appropriate to close the 4th Dimension and remove all of the dark cabal, all the Souls living as clones and solid holograms, all the demons and dark Ones. 100s of thousands of souls were removed. It took a good portion of the day to complete this Blessing. The Souls had to move through Mother God with the assistance of Father God through her Yoni and back through the Scorpio Black Hole to be returned to the Light Matter Universe and so permanently removed from the Timelines.


To understand the Gaya Ceremony we look at the story of the Ganges River descending from the Stars and taking it’s place on Earth. The Mystical and Esoteric meanings hearken us back to the last time this Ceremony was performed on Earth millions of years ago at the beginning of the 5th Sun Creation. This was an extremely rare and special multidimensional experience. The Himalayan headwaters of the Ganges river are in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India. It is as the mouth of a cow. The cow represents Earth and the Ganges represents all knowledge. This is considered a sacred gift from Mother Earth to all her creations. As the changes take hold on Earth it is required that the TRUTH be revealed so everyone who wants to can make their ascension. It is impossible to do without the highest knowledge. Meditation, Contemplation, Asanas, Pranayama, reading the Ancient Texts and a healthy and clean lifestyle are required for ascension to be possible. Completing these ceremonies quickly and in secret were required to bring about the reformation and a New Age on Earth.



Now Earth continues to move back toward the Eye of An preparing to return to Alcyone in the Pleiades, Source Energy, healing Earth’s journey down into the lower dimensions. With the 4th Dimension healed, no dark Ones will have access back to Earth ever again. In physics the 4th Dimension is Time. We have closed off Time. We are at No Time and the ZPMs are all charged up to 100%. We are able to go to Zero Point on Earth any day now. In the right timing. Nothing can stop it.


These processes which were necessary to take place before the Event Called Disclosure the 6th Age of the Sun on Earth is now possible. The rest of the changes are inevitable and expected to appear in the Physical Realm of Earth within this window of opportunity during this Easter Season. It is unfolding right before your eyes. We Are All Going Home Now. Keep all of your thoughts positive as we move through unexpected and long anticipated changes. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 9, 2016. © All Rights Reserved. Greetings Everybody!  I attended these 4 days of ceremonies and helped with the energy work. I have to travel again for another event this week. This is a special call for donations. Please if you are able, send a small amount today, everything helps. If you are able to send more I am truly grateful. I have had some travel and ran into bumps on the way. I am finally home safe and preparing for the next steps to the event we all have been working toward. I share freely as part of my duty. From time to time I need more help and today is that day. Not all can help and that is ok. I am free for readings now and I will contact those who have waited to hear from me. If you are interested in a reading please book from my website Private Session and schedule soon, I only have a few free days now before the next. Thank you for your generosity and kind compassion. All My Love, beth. scroll down and here is a link that may work Travel Donation  Namaste!

The Work is Completed and the Victory Won a Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 9, 2016

Massive Energetic Shift.April 9.2016.

A massive energetic shift is coming and we are here to make you aware that as of April 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm PDT(8:00 am Central European Time) and for the following 3 hours, a massive energetic message is being remotely communicated and shown to an innumerable amount of people on Earth. This message is one of love, peace, surrender, forgiveness, healing and powerful vibrations being sent through directly to individuals through their energetic field. This means that large amounts of energy will be moving through you during this time. It will come through you as an amplification system. All individuals in your field of awareness, without realizing how or why, will be receiving this through you. There’s nothing to fear. They won’t know who it’s coming from. If you are surrendered enough, and awake while it’s happening, all you will feel is blissful love, peace, an urge to celebrate.

While there are some things we are choosing to keep close to the vest, please be aware that this will be the first of these blasts that will be going out. Certain points in this process have to be very specific and particular but, all those who have already been able to tap into the collective are invited to send your energy also. This is important. Just your emotion, no message attached, no sender needs to be named. Getting yourself into the fullest trance like, meditative and/or psychedelic state possible is important for this to be as effective as possible. Adding powerful music (free of lyrics) is helpful to the process. Once you are in this state, bring yourself to the highest vibrations of positive emotions possible. Forgiveness, peace, love, bliss, laughter, whatever comes up. Laugh, cry, release. Whatever positive emotion comes up must be expressed to the masses. Blast out those feelings and send all that goodness to whomever you can envision. Allow your mind to move swiftly through faces you are directing it to whether you know who they are or not. Please be sure to send it to those who need it the most and remember that this means FORGIVENESS without fear or judgment. Again… FORGIVENESS WITHOUT FEAR OR JUDGMENT.

More info here.

Keep your lives on track for eventually a quick change to enjoy a new way of life.

Time is not the only thing that is speeding up, as some events that you have been anticipating for quite some time are on the verge of manifesting.  More Beings of Light draw closer to Earth, and some will participate and others will play a role in them.  You have many different groups wishing to witness your Ascension whilst some will play an active part. However, the emphasis is on you to determine the manner in which your future is revealed, but regardless of which path you take it will lead you to Ascension.  Your role is to help bring the Light to Earth at which you have been successful, but it requires a complete focus on your goal at all times. Because of the changes that are necessary to bring the New Age into being, every Light worker is needed because the dark Ones are becoming desperate as they see their opportunity to bring in a World Government moving away from them.  Their reaction is to throw away caution and in trying to prevent the Light from succeeding will even put themselves in peril.  Nevertheless, we are aware of their intentions and will not allow matters to get out of hand.
It does not take much to realise that massive changes are necessary to propel you into the New Age.  The Forces of Light are already prepared to intervene and assist you to bring the changes about.  Any form of discomfort will be kept to a minimum and you shall leap into the New Age with our help.  The first priority is to make you self-sufficient, so that at the very least you have the basic needs supplied.  Clearly the needs of many people in the Far East tend to be more urgent, and they will be quickly supplied according to their needs.  Once the people are settled it will become much easier for them to welcome and accept others.  The energy of coming together will create a strong bond between you all, and without the interference of the dark Ones who will have been removed it will be lasting.

In the future you will eventually be guided to your Star Family when you will continue your evolution.  It is ever on going and once you rise up you will have more choice of your own as to which direction you go in.  For many this journey is the opportunity to find your true home, as every soul that has come to Earth has come from elsewhere.  You may wonder why it is attracting so much attention, and that is because Ascension will be unique as never before has it been attempted by souls still in a physical body.  Naturally in the course of ascending the cells of your body will change to match the higher vibration.  So it will be an exciting time for those involved and the many civilisations who also have an interest.

The cycle that is just finishing has taken you through many experiences and given you mostly very hard lessons about life, yet at the same time enabled you to evolve much quicker.  Every life time you have had has been chosen so as to give you the opportunity to make progress, yet at times you have probably missed the point of them.  However, your Guides always know your life plan and will do their best to ensure you follow it.  Bear in mind that you choose it, and would normally agree with your Guides who really do know what is best for you.

As you have found out, life is not specifically all lessons and you do enjoy relaxation through many different interests.  Yet these can also bring you tests of how well you treat your opponents where competition is necessary, and perhaps prizes are at stake.  Now you can understand why life on Earth is such a big challenge, and why if you come through it you will be well on the path to the higher vibrations.  Very few people are aware that after a life on Earth you yourself review it, and in the higher vibrations only the truth can exist so you cannot speak other than of your true intentions. However, do not be concerned about it as no one is trying to punish you for times when you have strayed from the truth. All experiences are something you can learn from and hopefully there may not be any need for you to go through certain experiences again.

You will find that every effort you have put in to achieve success in your spiritual life will have been more than worth it, as you will almost certainly have made progress and that is the main objective of everyone.  Be assured matters will become a lot easier once you proceed beyond the third dimension, where you will find more opportunity to express yourself and follow your own interests.  You will have much to learn as life is somewhat different to what you have been used to, and offers more opportunity to travel off planet. However, your experiences will serve you well and you will be adequately equipped to deal with the new challenges that will confront you.

As you raise your vibrations you will find that you enjoy a better life free from the ravages of the various illnesses that seem to beset you on Earth.  Aging is no longer an issue as your life expectancy becomes much greater.  Things are so much different to what you are used to at present, but far more enjoyable as you are not plagued with problems that you experience with the aging of your physical body.  Those souls of the lower vibrations cannot follow you into the higher ones, but you can lower yours and if necessary visit them.  It means that as much as you might wish for a certain soul to join you, it is not possible unless they are of the same vibrations.

As you are beginning to understand, your present life on Earth is but a pale reflection of what lies ahead.  But for the Illuminati holding you back, you should have already been far more advanced than you are at present.  Although advancements have been made, in real terms matters have become stagnated and in real terms you are at least some 50 years behind where you should have been.  However, it will not take us long to quickly make up for lost time and you will be propelled into the New Age in next to no time at all.  So any hardships you are experiencing now will be very short lived.

Keep your lives on track for eventually a quick change to enjoy a new way of life.  It is what you knew was coming to you as you completed your time in the lower vibrations.  In many ways it will not be as new to some of you as you might think, as many dropped down from the higher vibrations to experience the lower ones.  Life at all times is a matter of finding a level that gives you a chance to evolve in a direction chosen by you.  However, if you have expressed an interest in a specific experience, as long as it adds to your growth it will not be denied you.  It is the same where the amount you take on is concerned, as long as you can handle it.

This message comes through my Higher Self.  I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   

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Cheers As You Cross The Finish Line /Archangel Michael//Saint Germain

“You are the blessed messengers, the chosen deliverers of these blessings from God.  Regardless of what you might feel from time to time, you are ready for this.” ~ St. Germain
Archangel Michael:
Good day Family, it is your brother Michael, come to bring you cheers as you cross the finish line.   As I look out across the landscape of your community, I feel… how beautiful your words and feelings of camaraderie are to each other.  Your speaking with us here in the Company of Heaven has become more intimate and natural as well.  More and more you move into communicating and thinking as we do – closing the perceived “gap” with every kind word, loving intention and good deed.
I come to tell you that in this stretch before the moment you get the GO…every second is extremely precious.  How can I best explain? Breathe, relax and widen your perception as I speak.
Right now, all is super-condensed.  Even as you are expanding in the new Light, in this moment of time, experience and feelings are all intensified and squeezed.  Your personal history, your lessons and even your incarnated being is relatively compressed.  Collective reality is compressed.  It is all working like a giant loaded spring that is ready to boing upward with magnificent release, as the Light Brigade made up of Dinarland and the various Groups gain full access to the flow of Prosperity.  You see, you already have access now to the energies of Prosperity and Freedom.  How are you spending them?
Along with this compression come many useful opportunities.  With willingness, it is exceptionally easy right now to see your inner condition.  It is also exceptionally easy to perform any inner Spring Cleaning because what you intend happens in an instant, have you noticed?  The colossal energetic events of March have assisted in positioning you to take full advantage of these opportunities for your Ascension.  This is the Springtime of your incarnated existence.  And it is the precious moment before Spring-into-action-for-Earth.  And of course with the mighty vortex that has formed by and for those who are coming from within, this is about to be a big SPRING-UP like never before in the history of Earth!
To best get every drop of Goodness from this precious time before the release of this spring-loaded vortex is easy.  You just have to be willing to let what has been GO.  Get it?  Go within.  Look within. Be honest with yourself for God’s sake.  We are ready to assist.  Go in to your inner closet and be scrupulous with your choices.  If an attitude no longer fits in the new Light of this day, then toss it!  Do not save it for a day when it might fit again.  If a thought doesn’t serve God, Love, Light – chuck it on the pile.  Allow the angels to come and recycle it into something that can and will serve All in the Golden Era that has begun.
I leave off now with a big bear hug as you continue your Spring Cleaning.  Call upon us to help and support you.  No one has to do this cleanup alone.  We do urge you to use the precious opportunity of this compressed moment for maximum benefit for your healing, life-review, transformation, inner paradigm shift, Ascension. Your choices now will prepare and widen you to be the vessel of Love and Prosperity you have long readied yourself to be.  The countdown continues.  Ready.  Set….
I love you always,


St. Germain:
I, St. Germain, along with our divine and beloved Lady Kwan Yin, worked for centuries to prepare the funds for this time of release, but that is not the most important part of our journey together.  The spirit in which these blessings are given to the world will make all the difference in the way humanity responds to the massive changes that are coming.  As Michael has asked:  Have you done your inner spring cleaning, so that your ability to give with freedom is truly now a part of your being?  We will help you.  First, monitor yourself SO closely that you never allow even a whisper of fear or anxiety to enter your consciousness.  This is the kind of purity you can achieve even as you still experience the turbulent energies of this magnificent Shift of the Ages.
You are the blessed messengers, the chosen deliverers of these blessings from God.  Regardless of what you might feel from time to time, you are ready for this.  You were born for this; it is time to assume the bright mantle of God’s embrace, as you prepare your soul, as our dear Yosef has asked of all of you.  There may be moments during this transition when you feel a bit overwhelmed or thrown off balance by the enormity of what is happening.  Go gently, be easy with it all, and be sure to take good care to keep yourself remaining at ease and in balance.
The boing that Michael describes will take you to a new reality, a new way of seeing yourself and others, and a new way of being yourself in your new world.  We want to help you glide into that new reality with assurance that you will never be alone, and you are truly able to make this leap.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.  You have prepared for this for many lifetimes.  We are more aware of your deep knowing and strong heart than you may remember yourself, and we know the strength and purity of soul that brought you to this moment.
You see, this is what we see as Earthly purity:  The ability – regardless of circumstances – to live without fear, or the toxic energies it generates.  Just that, dear Brothers and Sisters, will carry you though this transition time with grace and ease, no matter what condition you find yourself in.  This is the purity we feel when we join together in the great Earth Pillar of Light.  Pure Love.  We join you now, in joy and laughter.  Abundance is ours, Above and Below.  Know that when we join in this Vision, So it Is!  All the arrangements have been made.  The great banquet is prepared.  Let’s GO!

I am your St. Germain, in service to this great Earth Project: the Ascension of all humankind.  Namaste!

(St. Germain Channeled by Dr. Kathryn E. May;

All are One

Humanity is precisely on schedule for its imminent awakening.  God wills that humanity awaken, and humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, so nothing can prevent it.  Do not be discouraged by the mainstream media reportage of bad news.  Yes, of course people are suffering in wars and in dire poverty in many places on Earth, but this is nothing new, war and poverty have been endemic on Earth for eons.  However, never before have so many cared compassionately about the suffering and poverty that those less fortunate than themselves are undergoing, and never before has so much been done to alleviate poverty and suffering, and to bring wars to an end.
The vast majority incarnate on Earth at this time are ready for enormous changes to occur to bring the way you live into line with the divine Will, which is, of course, utterly in agreement with each of your wills, even though many seem, as yet, to be unaware of this collective will.  In fear, many, not seeing the true spiritual trend of human evolution, still cling to judgment and blame, while deep within themselves they are desperately hoping and praying for the change that is imminent.
Humans want peace and abundance for all, it’s just that many feel basically insignificant in the vast scheme of things, and therefore imagine that their prayers and intentions are all but ineffective in bringing it about.  But, as you have so often been told, just making the personal intent daily to be loving in every situation, in every moment, is incredibly powerful because it aligns you with the divine Will, and the divine Will is always achieved, perfectly.
KNOW that awakening is imminent, remind yourselves every day that this is so, and intend to open to your inner or spiritual knowing that confirms this.  Love is all that exists, and as you hold the intent to be loving you strengthen the collective intent that is bringing you all to awakening.  The awakening of humanity is occurring right now, in this eternal moment, and is demonstrated worldwide by the massive energy field of compassion that grows daily as more and more humans decide that there has to be a better way to live together on Earth.  And of course there is!  Finally the collective has made the intention to be loving, accepting, compassionate, and forgiving.  And that collective decision has limitless power to bring in the essential changes needed to establish peace among all of you.
All are One, as so many channeled messages from those of us inhabiting the spiritual realms have been informing you for a very long time.  That message is finally being accepted and shared.  Realizing that all are One is an enormous step forward on your spiritual evolutionary path.  Unless you accept that divine truth and live in accordance with it, wars, unconscionable suffering and poverty will continue to destroy lives and livelihoods all across the world.  The Good News is that this divine Truth has been realized and accepted by a large enough number of humans for it to be put into effect in every nation and every culture, and that is happening right now.
As you have been told so often, Humanity is waking up!  The unconscionable preemptive attacks that have for eons been instigated by one arrogant and egoically driven group upon another are coming to an end, because those – the masses – who were instructed to carry them out have, due to a growing awareness of the futility of this kind of behavior, will no longer unquestioningly carry out the orders of their superiors.
Every human is a beloved child of God, One with each other and with God, and each one is coming into a realization of this Truth – the divine and eternal Truth – that you are, each individual one of you, utterly and personally responsible for your beliefs and behaviors.  You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT, blame your superiors or the orders that they give you for what you do!  What you think, say, or do is your own personal responsibility – no one else’s – just yours.  And daily more and more humans are awakening into the realization of this holy Truth.
You have always had free will, but, within the illusion where you have taken form as individual humans, seemingly totally separated from one another, you have accepted the illusion as a real state comprised of levels of authority to which you have to submit.  Most of you believe that where you are situated in that power structure is as a result of your family’s place in that structure, modified by your own intellectual abilities and academic achievements.  In other words you can progress upwards through that structure to places of power and influence, and the system encourages you to believe this and to do your best to rise through the ranks.
Initial successes or achievements can be extremely rewarding and addictive, encouraging you to attempt to climb ever higher in the organization and claim the further rewards that success offers you. You bend or modify your honesty and integrity in apparently small and unimportant ways to enable you to rise upwards to positions of increasing power, authority, and acclaim, only to discover that you are no longer free, and instead belong to the dogmatic authoritarian structure to which you have given away your power.  It becomes apparent that however high you rise there is always someone above you to whom you answer and whose authority you have to accept even if you utterly disagree with the directions and orders that you have to follow.  By then, because of your personal commitments – financial, family, and friends – and your small indiscretions where you have abandoned honesty and integrity to support your superiors, you find yourselves trapped in a web of deceit from which there seems to be no escape.
At the highest levels in all organizations people live in intense fear! Fear of discovery or fear of dismissal, and so they are encouraged and tempted to discard all their remaining integrity and honesty, the aspects of themselves that they were originally taught to believe were the most sacrosanct.  To arrive at this level and realize that there is no way back is shocking and terrifying, because all personal power is now lost, given away, and for nothing!
But, of course, you always have free will.  It can never be taken from you.  However, to reclaim it demands honesty and integrity, and doing so demonstrates that you have been corrupted, so that your image is severely tarnished, and it is likely that you will never again be trusted. To come clean and apologize is both extremely painful and absolutely essential if you are to regain your self-esteem.  In order to do so you have to acknowledge that the ordinary world of commerce and politics is illusory and utterly corrupt, and then move away from it.  To do so is painful because those whom you considered your friends and associates for many years will disown and disparage you.  It demands courage at a level that you have never had to call on before – it is terrifying, it is the edge of the abyss, and you have to jump.
The good news is that you will not fall.  The person who jumps is your ego, and you need to release yourselves from your egos, because it is they, those unreal aspects of yourselves that led you into the confusion and chaos of the illusion in the first place.
Finding the courage to leap is the hardest part.  However, once you have leapt, all the shame and self-judgment will dissolve and you will find yourselves free, free to be the Real You, the You that you have always been; and then peace and joy will abide with you.  Your renewed awareness, your awakening to the Real You who has always been present within you, connecting you to Source, will show you very clearly that you have always been free, and that you will always be free, because that is God’s Will for you, and also your own will.  So, go within, acknowledge the true You, the eternal Light burning within you, the temple within where you meet with God, and know that separation never occurred, never could occur, and that you have awakened from a nasty dream, and what you did in that dream, no matter how unconscionable it may appear to you to have been, has been forgiven. In fact it never truly happened!
So, go within daily, go to your inner temple, that place of Light where you are eternally One with God, and open your hearts to receive the infinite abundance of Love that is your right and your divine inheritance and in which you have always been enveloped.  Then send Love to all, make no exceptions, and know that you are awakening all of humanity into Reality, your eternal Home.  Having done this you will find that instead of meeting conflict you will meet Love in your daily lives, as you do your essential part in bringing humanity to wakefulness.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
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-The New Earth Times –

Feel More Than Fine in Bonn City

Feel More Than Fine are Healthy Dance Events thriving in bringing people together with the intention to raise the vibrations on ecstatic beats and with the intelligent use of The Mind/Body/Spirit Complex through Dancing.

Purified Water or maybe just Divine Love  is all is needed!
And Dancing is the best form of Meditation!

Our next event takes places in Bonn,Germany on May 22nd,2016.

Here is a full description:

Absolutely no need to use alcohol or drugs to get high.As a matter of fact these substances are attracting entities in our auric field,creating negativity on the environment of the person who makes such choice.Free will is ours and nobody can interfere for our well being except ourself.Watch here this 10′ video explaining the spiritual effects of alcohol with a scientific proof.


Here few of our events involving Yoga and Acro Yoga.

and the early opening at Solar 2014 when everybody is still sober 🙂

Daybreaker are similar events taking place in United States,here is a video of their party:






Inbreath of Creation- Archangel Michael

Michael’s Message


        Beloved masters, the Rays of Divine Light, which are radiated throughout Creation via the great Archangels, not only contain the all-encompassing attributes of our Father / Mother God, but their thoughts and emotions of love and wisdom are also constantly being Ray-diatedthroughout all Creation. However, it is each person’s responsibility to be receptive to this gift of Living Light, to integrate as much as possible, and then to pass on a portion to humanity, and also a “tithe” of Love/Light and gratitude back to the SOURCE of ALL.
          Universal Law mandates that there must come a time when all conscious Souls begin to return a portion of the Divine gifts of Love/Life they have been allotted—it is called the Law of Responsive Return.
          When you actively participate in sharing your allotment of Adamantine Particles in times of prayer, affirmation, meditation and via the World Pyramid, you are fulfilling your obligation to our God Parents as an active and caring cocreator. This is the highest and most effective form of tithing. It is important to share your earthly riches, but even more important to share your loving energy, gifts and talents of Spirit.
          The SACRED WHITE COSMIC FIRE, Adamantine Particles, that you magnetize to you as an awakened Self-master must continually circulate. Only a certain amount— that which is appropriate for each Soul to integrate at their current level of en-Lighten-ment—can be stored within the physical vessel. The remainder must be RAY-diated out into the world of form. The Supreme Creator is composed of infinite, indefinable Essence power which is so overwhelming that you cannot even imagine ITS magnitude. That wondrous Essence power has been reduced within every dimensional level of Creation so that you, the Star Seed cocreators, may claim your portion of this magnificent energy.
          Each human Being contains hundreds of potential personality traits, which have been stored within the genetic structure of his/her four-bodily systems (physical / mental / emotional / etheric). It is up to each person to determine which personality traits he/she will develop and present to the outside world. The faster you neutralize or harmonize your negative personality traits, the more quickly your godly potential or your master Self will emerge. Only then will you gain access to your full potential as a cocreative master within the physical planes of existence.
          When you achieve a certain level of harmony within, you open the physical body gateways or portals to the higher Dimensions: the Ascension Chakra or Medulla Oblongata at the base of the skull; the back portal of your Sacred Heart; your Sacred Mind, which is located in the upper, back portion of the brain; and the expansion of the opening of the Crown Chakra and your column of Light. These are major physical steps in the Ascension process, for they will clear and expand your connection with the River of Life, which contains the Living Light Particles of Creation called Adamantine Particles.
          At that point, you begin to build a force field of the Full-Spectrum Light for this Sub-Universe, as you strive to become a Self-master, and a conscious cocreator who only creates those things which are for the greatest benefit of all. From that time forward, your breathing exercises and affirmations take on a whole new meaning.
                In order to become a living tributary for the River of Life, you must prepare yourselves to allow the Essence of Life to flow into and through you. You must use what you need, and then allow the remainder to flow forth, ready and available to be used in the wondrous creations of the new Divine Blueprint. In this way, you will become bearers and servers of the Light. This is the ultimate message of all the teachings we have given you over these past years. This is the goal of Self-mastery. This is the way of Ascension.
                The SACRED TRIAD is the vehicle through which the God-Seed Atom works, just as the Soul works through the personality on the Earth Plane. The Seventh sub-level, Fourth-Dimensional, Causal Body is a vehicle of higher Soul-consciousness. The Causal Body is the Spiritual Body of the God-Seed Atom Soul Fragments, and it is an intermediary between Spirit and matter, life and form.
                THE THREE COSMIC CORDS OF LIGHT:  There are three COSMIC GOLDEN CORDS OF LIGHT FROM WITHIN YOUR GOD-SEED ATOM,  which flow down through your many SACRED TRIADS into your Fourth-Dimensional Causal Body, and then down into your OverSoul / Higher Self into the physical vessel. The three cords are the LIFE FORCE ENERGY CORD, THE CONSCIOUSNESS CORD, AND THE CREATIVE CORD.
  1. The Breath of Spirit/Life/Energy Conduit (which contains two Threads of iridescent Light) first anchors within the Soul Star, OverSoul/Higher Self. Of the two Life Energy Threads, one—a Gold Cord—is then anchored within a God-Seed Atom in the Pineal Gland, and the other one—a Silver Cord—is anchored within the Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart. This essential “CORD OF LIFE” uses the blood stream as its primary distributing agent.
  2. The Consciousness Cord connects with your OverSoul/Higher Self within your Soul Star Chakra, and then anchors within the Pineal Gland in the brain.
  3. The Creative Cord connects with the Right Brain hemisphere of the higher mind of intuition and inspiration, and with the Sacred Mind.
                The higher wisdom and refined energy required for traversing the sub-levels of the Third/Fourth Dimensions are supplied by the three God Ray attributes and qualities of each, more refined, OverSoul/Higher Self.  This vital energy flows through the Threefold Life / Light Cords within the person’s Column of Light: Life Force Energy / Conscious awareness / Creativity.
                As a person gradually awakens to the nudgings of the Soul and Higher Self, thereby becoming a Seeker of higher wisdom, the Consciousness and Creativity Cords become active, and vital frequencies of Self-mastery and Ascension begin to flow into the physical vessel. Eventually, higher frequency, vibrational patterns will be radiated from the GOD-SEED ATOM down through the River of Life column of Light–the Antakarana–into the Soul Star, and then directly into the Pineal and Pituitary glands, and also into the Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart. The physical mind, controlled earlier by the ego desire-body personality, is now controlled by the higher frequency consciousness of the Soul Self.
                Each Sacred Triad was diminished in Light Quotient as it moved further out into the void and the density of Creation. The beginning Fifth-Dimensional stage of awareness—the densest, first sub-level—will initiate a focus on the mental body, and the integration of Divine Will.  Specific evolutionary laws apply on each sub-plane as well as on each full plane of consciousness.
                Every SACRED/SPIRITUAL TRIAD contains the Essence of the Three God Rays for this Sub-UniverseDIVINE WILL * LOVE/INTUITION * INTELLIGENCE IN ACTION.
                THE LAWS OF SPIRIT WITHIN THE FIFTH DIMENSION ENTAIL: Learning how to wield energy in the physical, material world using the three God Rays from within your GOD-SEED ATOM, via the SACRED TRIAD of the first sub-level of the Fifth Dimension, to which you are gradually becoming attuned. It is also vitally important that you learn to stay centered within the Still Point of Infinity—the NOW moment of God Power.
          The TRINITY aspect of the Third/Fourth Dimensions, BODY / MIND / SPIRIT, will become a perfected DUALITY, a Soul-Infused Personality—a fully conscious Soul on the physical plane. From that point onward, the Soul-infused personality is directly connected to the Fifth-Dimensional, entry-level, Sacred Triad, which is connected to all of the higher-frequency Sacred Triads throughout the Multi-Dimensions. After completing this stage of evolution, there will no longer be an Over-Soul/Higher Self within the Third and Fourth Dimensions.

SOLAR PLEXUS: * SOUL-INFUSED PERSONALITY (This occurs after the ego-desire body has been returned to its proper role as a servant of the Soul, so that it may then be incorporated into the SOLAR POWER CENTER).

                The Soul’s primary goal is to prepare Its physical vessel host to integrate enough Creator Light to lift Its frequencies from the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment into the base Fifth-Dimensional level. At that point, the physical vessel becomes Soul-infused, or an empowered Soul, within a complimentary vessel. The aspirant is no longer just a human Being with a sustaining Soul. Each person is like a miniature whirlpool in an ocean of the Creator’s dynamic, swirling energy.
                As you traverse the sub-levels of the Fifth Dimension, there is a Sacred Triad stationed within each of the Seven Sub-Dimensional levels, each one diminished in size and Light Power from the one above. All of the Sacred Triads were sent forth directly from within the Heart-Core of your God-Seed Atom, and they have been stationed within every Sub-/Full-Dimensional level—all the way down to the lowest—the first Sub-Plane of the Fifth Dimension. As human Beings—Spirit/Soul/Physical Body—you are infused with the WILL to create, a sense of purpose, instinctual incentive, and a complex nature.  Each person will have unique moods, desires, qualities, inherited complexities and inhibitions, for each incarnation is the sum total of the major aspects of a person’s thousands of life experiences. The Soul is reflected through the personality until Soul integration is complete, at which time the Soul Self OverLights the personality and expresses directly through it.
                Your planet is now plugged directly into the Heart-Core of the Great Central Sun within the Milky Way Galaxy. The new cosmic waves of Creator Light are a great gift to the awakened Souls on planet Earth. Even though these refined, higher-frequency Rays are not being beamed down directly into the lower Fourth- and Third Sub-Dimensional levels, the transforming frequencies of Light will gradually filter into and affect everyone and everything on and within the Earth.
                As a result of its alignment with the Galactic Center and attunement with the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy, the Earth is in the process of raising its frequency patterns—its Soul Song—so it can return to its status as a Sacred Planet. This Sub-Universe is also being upgraded in vibrational frequencies as a result of being bombarded with the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light via our Universal Mother /Father God.
                Beloveds, the process that is now taking place is called the Inbreath of Creation. A new, powerful and all-encompassing clarion call has rung forth on your planet, and millions have once more stepped forward to answer the call. We are gathering our forces, of which you are an integral part, as preparations are made to expand Creation out into the great void. The Creator’s radiance is now viable and active in your galaxy, solar system and on planet Earth, and you may draw forth as much of this rarified Love/Light as your physical body can contain as long as you use all you draw forth for the greater good.
          Ask and we will assist you in every endeavor.  Call on us and we will bolster your courage and lighten your burdens. Know that the days ahead are bright with promise as you walk the path of the masters before you.  We shower down upon you a full measure of the radiance of our Father/Mother God. I AM Archangel Michael.                      
​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from :
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As we enter the new year of 2016, we face many challenges, tests and opportunities, for we are truly on the Cusp of a New Age of conscious awareness and Self-mastery. If you have been faithfully following Archangel Michael’s teachings over the past few years, you are aware that new wisdom teachings are guiding us toward a dramatic new reality.  The messages have become increasingly complex, and for most of us, we must study, ponder on, and even reread the messages several times before we begin to get a clear understanding of what is being relayed to us.

I Love ya all and keep the faith, throw the rest back and let it grow up to be like you someday

Looking Down the Road
 by Cowboy Down Under
I never looked in my review mirror with regret
All Ways saw the road ahead as an adventure
Held close in my heart loves that passed
Thought about tomorrow once in awhile
Remembered yesterday a couple times
Knocked the chip off my shoulder when ever I could
Laid down my guns to fight another day
Found the easy way out when it was not ok
Watched the sunrise from the beach most my life
Took the path less traveled when ever I could
Sat by fire many a night
Thought about love all of the time
Dreamed so big it scared me sometimes
Said good night to the world in many lands
and NOW I do believe it is our day and we go now!
I Love ya all and keep the faith, throw the rest back and let it grow up to be like you someday. Cowboy

Don’t go kicking and screaming into your blessing. It’s embarrassing at the finish line.

Protect Your Mind
by Anonymous 
Don’t bother even reading the negative disinformation.  It creates doubt which slows it down.  Guard the sanctity of your mind.  You either want this and have faith or you don’t.  Grab a paddle and row row row towards our blessing with positive thoughts.  Don’t go kicking and screaming into your blessing.  It’s embarrassing at the finish line.

Lightworkers Union
Lemurian Chapter

All the things that anger and frustrate you are your final illusions in this odd physical reality.

Use this Time as Funds Begin to Form to Act in Concert with Us
Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy 
Ummac Dan: The Galactic Federation of Light symbol for the Sirian Star System. The Ummac Dan is an emblem that greatly activates all humans.
29 March 2016
12 Ix, 7 Mac, 12 Manik
Dratzo!  The slight delay around Easter is over and the funds are moving forward again.  This cat-and-mouse game of stop/start is related to the concern of the ancient families and royals over the sudden way that the oligarchs strike and how they too often disregard whatever they have agreed to. This wariness is thus reflected in the odd way funds have moved over the past few weeks.  We have sincerely questioned these tactics and suggested alternative methods for countering this continued distrust of the way this process is to conclude.  In any case, you are to eventually receive your initial funds and are to see the downfall of the rulers who compose their many defacto regimes.  In fact, let it be known that the farcical false flags in both Paris and Brussels are just ways used by the dark to show that its days of manipulating you are not over.  As long as their puppet governments rule, you can expect even more attempts to scare you. Fortunately, the new American Republic proposed by NESARA is quite close to actual fruition. There are still a few kinks left to work out and a stronger set of agreements to be put in place.

The dark cabal is like a cornered animal.  It is constantly applying survival strategies that have seemed to work in the past.  These false flags are yet another example of this.  ISIS is a tool of this process.  Its support comes from careful funding by the secret government, and it uses specially trained mercenaries to tutor its forces in irregular warfare tactics, which it currently employs.  It has established “cells”, similar to those used in previous wars against the French in Algeria in the 1950s, and used in other guerilla wars since that time. These strategies are being employed to make it seem that these militants are somehow indigenous to the Middle East. What they are doing is stirring up a pot of frustrations that has existed ever since the West stifled a pan-Arabic revolution against the Ottoman Empire in the late 1910s.  This set of ongoing irritations, as well as the fate of millions of Islamic immigrants into Europe, now needs to be properly addressed. These issues require resolution by the Light and its new set of governance.

These problems have not as yet threatened the funds, but they have made many people weary of the continuing shenanigans of the dark and its cronies.  When the new governance is soon established, these numerous divergences are to be carefully looked at by the Light’s many representatives.  Those programs destined to resolve these things are to be approved and, if necessary, supported.  The key elements are peace and cooperation.  NESARA is all about forging a new realm based on peace, prosperity and trust. We are aware of what happened when the “post-Anchara” era began in this galaxy a few decades ago.  We intend to continue to advise you how best to prepare this realm for first contact.  The dark cabal is a series of organizations and people who deeply wish to maintain their “divide and conquer” strategies.  Once defeated by the Light, these vile individuals need to be isolated and their dark agencies disbanded.  Remember you are all one and that Heaven Loves you all very much!

We come to implement your final steps to full consciousness. This transition requires that you employ your innate wisdom to change this reality for the better.  You dearly wish to enjoy your global prosperity and to come together to show Gaia how your growing consciousness has changed the way you see her and her many diverse habitats.  Use this acquired knowledge to end how Gaia’s climate, oceans, atmosphere and land are now being exploited by the dark.  Use your abilities to bring your realm into a balance that encourages the spread of life. Use your Love to ready this surface realm for the wondrous lessons of the Masters and for the return of your cousins, the Agarthans.  They wish to explain that there are remedies for all that now brings you worry and displeasure.  Finally, there are to be our landings and special mentors who are to ready you for the great transition that is full consciousness.  You are truly blessed!  See this present time as the final chaos before this new realm finally manifests before you!

Blessings and joy!  We are your Ascended Masters!  There are times in humanity’s long history when turning points of great significance are reached.  This time is truly one of them! It is not often when those who so callously drive the yoke are unceremoniously driven down.  This is such a time and it has been long in coming.  You sit at the very edge of this time worrying about how long it is to take.  It was begun with stops and starts as it moved inevitably toward its seemingly endless goal.  This is to end!  You deserve better! We remember, when in mortal human form, watching our students suddenly pushed away from us by “those in the know.”  We can see how this carelessness by the dark affected all of us.  We understand these distant incidents as well as the big picture itself.  We Masters are doing what we can to alter this picture and bring you prosperity, peace and Love. We ask you to be positive and aid us in this most holy of tasks!
To envision a new realm means that the old must in its own inevitable way go.  This operation can take time as perceptions need altering.  Our joint project is to see that this is done. Hence, together let us envision this realm and manifest it clearly in our hearts.  Then it can become real. Use this time, as funds begin to form, to act in concert with us when you do these daily ceremonies.  Let our joint prayer and meditations create a new world.  You, my dear Charges, have suffered far too long.  It is the moment to leap forth and forge a spiritual partnership that can help this envisioning. Many amazing things are happening.  Together, we can ensure that these events are the true beginning of an Age of Light.  As a unit of Love and Light we can change this world! Use your incredible energies to permit these wonders to appear.  Much is about to come to your aid!

This realm has seen the dark in charge for nearly 13 millennia. It was at that time that the Anunnaki first started their journey with you.  These dark tyrants have since transformed and now it is their minions who cast their gloomy shadows upon you.  Now the tables are to turn and you are to show them how mercy and divine grace operate. Learn from this and seek the divine One in all of us!  This series of lessons is to show your inner strengths and your great Love of the One!  This path given you is one rarely chosen by Heaven.  All the things that anger and frustrate you are your final illusions in this odd physical reality.  Do not think that wealth by itself can really alter this illusion. Learn wisdom and use it in all things.  Understand how the universe and this reality operate. This simple set of lessons can take you far.  Always be ready to learn wisdom and to best apply it.  Hosanna!  Hosanna!
Today, as usual, we continued our weekly reports.  Much as we stated is happening!  Do not be discouraged as events are forming and numerous miraculous things are ready to manifest.  This is surely a time of wonders!  Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!  So Be It!  Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
More from Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Heart and PAO: HERE

Stand upon the ground in your bare feet and take a few moments to breathe deep rhythmic breaths and give thanks to the Earth for sustaining and protecting you

It comes back to where we started with deepest truths,I ‘ve been talking about connecting bare feet in nature for quite some time now,here is once again  Hilarion’s confirmation,along my blog about Grounding /Centering.

Self Cleaning Energies/Centering/Grounding



by Marlene Swetlishoff ~ March 27 – April 3, 2016


Beloved Ones,

The world is moving into the process of renewal and regeneration. This can be readily seen in world events. All the outworn systems that do not serve the highest good of all are being highlighted through events that are taking place. It is difficult for humanity to comprehend that a higher law is in force when all that they see is chaos and a world gone mad. This is the time for which all Lightworkers of the world have been incarnated upon this planet. Your Light is making a difference! Do not become discouraged by what you view through the lens of the media, there is more at work in the higher perspective than is presented to you.

Within you there is much recalibration taking place. Like it or not, your physical vehicles are being transformed into higher versions of more rarefied form. Most of you are by now intimately experiencing waves of heat throughout your spines at regular intervals. When this happens, you know that your DNA strands are being activated and opened up. There are many strange symptoms that are being experienced by many of you and this will continue to occur. Some of you are experiencing anxiety without knowing the cause. This is in relation to the fact that you are heading into unknown territory and you do not know what it holds for you. Be at peace and ride these waves as they come, you will emerge victorious!


You are not alone in this transformation; the entire world is in the throes of great change. It begins in the minute cells of every living thing upon the planet and it is being felt internally. It is important as we have stressed many times before, to connect to the Earth each day. Stand upon the ground in your bare feet and take a few moments to breathe deep rhythmic breaths and give thanks to the Earth for sustaining and protecting you. This is something that humanity as a whole needs to become more aware of, for it is the Earth your planet that is your home. There is only one Earth and it needs acknowledgement and love from its inhabitants.

Each day ask your Divine Essence to shift your consciousness in order that you see your individual circumstances through the higher perspective. A higher connection to the divinity within you can make your way through life more peaceful and harmonious. This also develops the qualities of trust and courage within you. Trust that all that is experienced by you and your loved ones are happening for a higher reason and purpose. If we could share one most important piece of advice at this moment in time, it would be that you begin the daily practice of blessing. Bless every circumstance that you find yourself in and look within for the gift it contains. Bless the loved ones with whom you are experiencing challenges, for they are being the courageous souls who agreed to play this role in order that you learn your soul lessons and grow beyond them. They took this on because of their love for you.


Bless every bird, every animal, every tree, every plant, and living thing within your immediate environment. Realize that everything you see is the Source of All That Is in physical manifestation. This is practicing the highest form of love in action and it is what is needed now. Do not allow distractions to take you away from this practice. Realize and become aware of the cycles that are occurring on the planetary and seasonal level and work in unison with them. You are an integral part with all of it and your love helps to maintain and sustain it. In everything that occurs, choose love as your response.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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Time to Celebrate Your Freedom from Money-Mind-Control

From The Age of Money to The Age of Glory!
by Sananda & Saint Germain through Kathryn
Dear friends, you have probably noticed that recently we have grouped the messages here in a new way.  Instead of focusing on one topic per channel, we have been sending the same message – with a similar theme, content and impact – through many messengers. We are able to do this because of your increasing capacity to receive truth and to work in harmony, and it allows us all to accomplish more with greater ease.  We enjoy including you in our plans and showing you how we coordinate our efforts according to your needs, your requests and our own designs.
Today I will begin my message to you with a brief quote from yesterday’s newsletter.  Our beloved Brothers and Sisters, the Arcturians, have offered us a message of great wisdom and clarity, showing us once again the abundance of their generosity and understanding of humankind.  We are grateful to them for their long study and careful attention to the human condition.  They stand shoulder to shoulder with us in their limitless dedication to the Good of All on Earth during this Ascension process.  I bow to you, beloved Arcturian friends, and to all Above and Below who are participating in this sacred journey we have embarked upon together.  Here is just a small part of their message.  I encourage you to read the whole of it again, and soak in the love they send with their kind words:
“We wish to talk about money, a topic that seems to cause much chaos and many problems for the world.  The human belief system regarding money is built around duality–the consciousness of money as a “good” that must be attained or an “evil” to be rejected.  Both are false being based in a general ignorance of truth often along with the desire of many for power.  Money is a medium of exchange in and of itself having no power other than the power you give it.
“Every soul is seeking to find and remember Itself, to rest in the peace and joy and love of once again experiencing who and what it really is…Not understanding that what he is feeling is spiritual, he begins to seek outwardly for whatever he believes will bring him happiness according to his attained state of consciousness.” – the Arcturians, through Marilyn Raffaele. LINK (

We are moving together, dear friends, and our journey takes us to unexplored territory every day.  Our beloved Michael has spoken with you about our CO-RV, and of your personal clearing and dedication to the Light which helps bring through the energy of Ascension, and therefore the RV along with all the other wonderful programs that bring Freedom for Earth and all upon her.  Your response to his messages this week has already helped to reduce the back-wash of negativity that flooded our Lightworkers who are standing on the front lines transmuting the intense toxic energies produced by feelings of frustration, disappointment and resentment.

This is their Lightworker Mission, along with helping Terra to transmute the already extreme overload of environmental poisons.  Jumping in with your bright and enthusiastic joy and resolve to “have our backs” while we move together to Co-Create the RV has measurably slowed the deluge of toxic sludge while quickening the pace of what we may accomplish.  Our Christine reports that – although she and her team (which besides thousands of devoted Lightworkers, also includes many animals including Che’ and BamBam, by the way) are exhausted and extremely physically ill – the effect of your participation is substantial and palpable.  Due to our mighty co-efforts, the frontline transmuters are now “only knee deep” in the waning torrent of human energetic effluents.
I bring you this information so that you can see how literal and essential this work really is.  Every negative feeling, every moment of anger, disappointment or emotional lash-back creates a blockage in our momentum and creates a toxic load that then has to be absorbed, processed and released by those generous souls who act as transmuters.
It may surprise you that I mentioned Che’ and BamBam as members of the transmuting team.  You already know, do you not, that the whales and dolphins are also sacrificing the health and strength of their bodies to clean the oceans and air to help protect their beloved human brothers and sisters?  Well, your dogs and cats, birds and fishes, like you, also have important assignments to help aid you in your Earth Ascension.  Right now, Kathryn is noticing the pungent, even putrid smell of Che’s breath – it has been extreme for the past three days.  He is working so hard to help out!
Meanwhile, our long-time dedicated intel providers, who have been trying to help bring about this shift of the ages by educating people about the RV and how to share the blessings it will bring, are under vicious attack.  They are being vilified for spreading “misinformation” and “hopium” because the events they predicted are not “on time.”  Would the slow rollout of any spiritual event which was designed to alleviate suffering and bring peace to the entire world be responded to with such hostility and aggression if it did not involve large amounts of money?
I have talked with you about Operation Heave-Ho, which you are using to bring about a tremendous response and an uplifting of Earth energies.  These individual and collective Surface Earth energies can be seen, understood and evaluated by all of us monitoring the Ascension/RV process. (LINK to Heave-ho New Earth Times Edition #57) Your increased mindfulness is bringing about real results in your own lives and creating a model for others while helping to lift the entire planet.
I want to now begin a new discussion with you, to help root out one of the most illusive but utterly pervasive mind-states that will need to be cleared as we move toward a world without money.  St. Germain will join us bringing his wisdom as well.
Now, let’s walk together into the labyrinth of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual traps that were created by those who designed the world of money you live in.  We will examine the state of Earth’s consciousness, and the pitfalls we must identify and remove in order to Ascend together.  I have placed in quotes many of the catch-phrases and words that symbolize and invoke the fear, stress and anxiety most of you have lived with on a constant basis.  Be alert for the tugs you feel within yourself as you read this human story; this will signal to you that there is something here for you to identify and Heave-Ho!
Credit, and Your Physical Survival
We remain in our blazing Pillar of Light / Ascension Pillar, holding fast to Terra and to Mother and Father God.  We will observe from outside the Matrix, to identify the challenging ideas we are in the process of clearing.  Join with me now to perceive the countless ways money has come to define your world, your emotional responses, your self-worth and your attitudes.
Let us begin with the word credit, for instance.  It has numerous meanings having to do with survival, comfort and self-worth.  For example:  being given credit for an accomplishment, recognition for an invention or an idea or a job well done, a college course completed, a unique creation like a book, a painting, or work on a film.  Being given credit, (Latin root creditas) or credibility (Latin root credibilitas), offers the individual a source of pride, public prestige, the ability to borrow money, and concretely, money assigned to your account – in accounting terms, the opposite of a debit.
In the competitive world where pay is based on getting credit for work, your survival and your family’s level of well-being depends on it.  This has led to myriad instruments to protect ownership of one’s accomplishments, like copyrights, patents, service marks, and trademarks, and legions of lawyers to implement and defend them.  Without protecting and defending your achievements, you risk losing your livelihood and your credibility.  In a “dog-eat-dog” world – one where everyone competes for limited resources (represented by money), jealously guarding your accomplishments is considered reasonable self-defense.  This has even led to the absurd popular belief that “greed is good” because, supposedly, it protects you and your loved ones.  Now, Beloveds, remember, we are observing, not condemning anyone.  All were swept up in the fear and competition of the Age of Money.
When someone “steals” your idea or takes credit for your work, you feel robbed, literally, because your credibility and your “body of work” is threatened.  Very possibly, your physical body and the bodies of your “dependents” would be endangered as well, in the form of homelessness and poverty.  These dire consequences and dark conditioning laid the groundwork for every human being to feel insecure, at risk, and anxious about experiencing lack – the lack of physical resources to provide physical sustenance.  This state of affairs created a kind of deep hunger that may have originally been felt as fear of starvation, but has expanded to every area of life.  This is not the only lingering fear of lack that became ingrained in the human psyche.
Mental Lack
Now, take a deep breath, and picture us hand in hand as we continue to clean house together, examining every dark corner, polishing the windows and sweeping the cobwebs with loving attention.  Always, we whistle and sing while we work because we are creating a new kind of Home – one that is sparkling and joyful in the abundance of glittering Golden Light from Mother and Father.  As we polish our Earth home for the coming of our honored guest, HaRVey, we also polish ourselves within, until we shine, shine, shine with the Light of a thousand stars.  We were born for this, Beloved Ones!  Onward!
From within the Light of our Pillar, here is a partial description of what we see from our higher dimensional perspective.  Our beautiful Earth world has devolved under the rule of money to a place where someone living in poverty is seen by others as less than respectable, unreliable, undeserving, weak and even worthy of ridicule.  People who, for whatever reason, find themselves in the debit column financially, who have “nothing to show for themselves” are considered, in cabal-think, to be “a burden on society,” a “loser,” and in sadistic secret cabal circles, “eaters.”  These condemnations are applied with merciless force to those who would choose to follow their creative dreams rather than accept a job where they are “respectable” grist for the economic slavery mill.  How else could you responsibly “secure your future”?  The saying goes:  pursuing music or art might make a good hobby, but you “can’t make a living at it!”  Consider the psychological reverberations behind even that one phrase, to “make a living!”
You have learned the Universal Law that every thought, feeling and action has an energetic impact on others and the state of your world.  The pervasive cabal-ese I have listed above has filtered into your societies’ thinking in a subliminal way, at the same time it has been blatantly promoted in the media.  You are encouraged to agree that poverty = laziness, and financial failure = carelessness or “delinquency” (another word for late paying your bills).
Immersed in this zeitgeist of judgmental condemnation and ridicule, steeped in these attitudes and belief systems that function the way a religion does – to control your thinking and your attitude toward yourself and others – is it surprising that everyone on Planet Earth has been infected by fear, insecurity and low self-esteem?  The very purpose of this entire mind-control system has been to subdue your fire, suppress your creativity, and replace your natural joie de vivre with dread.  This makes the collective more controllable, and the cabal corporations more profitable, with more wealth and more power.  Because, as they would like you to believe, “wealth equals power.”
You see, these false ideas and manipulations have been honored as undeniable “Truth”!  “Fact”!  You, and all our beloved humankind, have been subjected to this brain-washing since birth (and during every incarnation since the fall of Atlantis!).  How could you have been immune to its corrosive effects?  You could not.
Now are you feeling more kindly toward your poor beleaguered self?  Let me help you to remove these false ideas and the feelings they generate from your mind/heart/body/self.  We are moving to complete Freedom!  None of these false fear tactics deserve a place in your dear mind and feelings.  Join with me to celebrate a giant Heave-Ho! to these false and poisonous ideas that have enslaved humankind.  It is your final and truest payday!  Time to celebrate your freedom from Money-Mind-Control!
Emotional Lack
You are seeing the pattern now, aren’t you?  The dreadfully pervasive brain-washing techniques and Matrix programming of all kinds – media, education, social pressure, work and religion – all conspired to make you feel ashamed, inadequate, sad, depressed and desperate.  These feelings became the Great Malady of humankind, but instead of being guided to search inward for peace of mind, under the cabal agenda you are encouraged to try to endlessly change yourself.  The malady is of course the longing for Love, the love we feel we have lost when we let go of Mother and Father’s hand to turn towards fulfillment through outward experience.  Yet, instead of finding the real gratification that is endlessly ours in the Light of God’s Love, we become addiction-driven seekers trying to get the “abundance” we crave in the things money can provide.
In the period of just a few years, a large percentage of the population across the “developed” world was convinced that the cure could lie in special “medication” to ease your unacceptable and seemingly “abnormal” and troublesome feelings.  Whether obtained by legal or illegal means, drugs became the go-to source for inner peace.  Think of it!  Everyone being encouraged to look for a physically-administered substance to replace God!
The systematic condemnation of anyone not fitting the Matrix mold has led to terrible “medical” procedures and treatments which assaulted the hearts and minds, sickened and shattered the bodies of those who were sensitive enough to feel the deadly downward spiral and tried to fight against it.  The ones who have born the heaviest brunt are the children.  Bright and innocent souls who came directly from the warmth and sweet love of Mother and Father’s embrace could not help but feel loneliness.  They were traumatized when they experienced the wariness and even fear of families and teachers who could not answer their heartfelt questions or respond with kindness to their deep pain at seeing unfairness and punishing judgmental disapproval all around them.  These children and the parents who had suffered the same oppressive fate became adults who sometimes turned to suppressing others, stamping out love and compassion in favor of “respectability.” These were parents who truly believed they were responsibly preparing their children for a successful life.  Is it any wonder that loving relationships suffered unbearably under the strain of having to conform to society’s expectations?
Money in and of itself has no inherent emotional charge, but in a culture where money is used to control and suppress the entire population, all feelings are purposely directed toward desperation, despair and “stress.”  Once you accept the mantra that “making a living” requires all the resources your poor soul, body and mind can muster, “and then you die,” how is it possible to achieve happiness and peace of mind?
During all these eons of dark control, there has only been one way to find peace of mind, and that was to keep a strong hold on Mother and Father, to see the way through to a new kind of life, even if it meant you would have to return Home to find it.  Now, in this brilliant era of change, you will find that blessed life together, here on your beloved Planet, in this lifetime.  Let us move through the last challenges together, so we can establish the fertile ground for others.  We are now laying the foundation for our Paradise on Earth.  We – you and I – are now the standard bearers for a new way of life where kindheartedness and compassion are the key to nurturing our planet’s most precious resources, the children, the animals, and the abundant plant and mineral life that was intended to sustain us all, without competition or a need for any form of “credit.”
Spiritual Lack
Before we proceed, I would like to reiterate a truth that Sheldan Nidle spoke in his webinar last night.  He explained that lack is merely a thought.  It is not substantial, real or lasting.  Lack is simply thought and therefore is of the illusion.  Keep this in mind as we continue.
Let us follow this search further, into the hearts of the souls who yearn for peace within, to uncover how the Matrix misused this yearning to further enslave our beloved humankind.  Remember as we bear witness together from a loving higher dimensional perspective, we are participant-observers, recording and documenting what we see.
Across the world, the words of prophets and sages through the ages have systematically been reduced to a common denominator:  the idea that humankind is a lower form of existence than God, and must “earn” their way back into God’s graces.  This alone is a dreadful anxiety-producing concept.  It also implies you could easily lose at the game of gaining God’s attention and tenuous Love, which is meted out like payment for services rendered.  This is the concept we jokingly refer to in higher dimensions as “God, the Great Tax Collector.”
The worldwide promotion of “religion,” which was really designed to replace our natural connection with Mother and Father God and our loving ancestors and guides, has also replaced our peace of mind with fear.  Did this have anything to do with money?  Absolutely! While tithing was a brilliant money-maker for the Catholic Church, the richest and most powerful corporation on the planet, it also worked subliminally to convince people they needed to “earn” God’s love.  Tremendous pressure was thus put upon good-hearted people whose natural inclination in the first place was to give generously to others.  In this picture, God became the strict and punishing “task-master” (slave driver!) who expects obedience, subservience, payment and submission to his Will, and abject worship of “His” superiority and power.
How would one supposedly gain “credit” and “credibility” with God?  Why, of course, by following the rules laid out by the clandestine group of men who found an inventive way to control the collective while becoming rich in the process.  Thus, one must find “salvation” by supporting “His” church, temple, synagogue, etc. etc.  Of course, this is ridiculous, since God has no use for money or temples, and sees the devious substructures of the churches, priests, mullahs, rabbis and all their pomp and trappings as just a temporary distraction from what Mother and Father really desire for us, which is a sense of joyful direct communion with Them and with each other.  Good teachers simply remind students of what they already know in their hearts:  We are loved.  God is Love.  No elaborate robes or gold necklaces needed.
There are people who say “Money is King.”  Some who label themselves as Christian religious leaders have wholeheartedly subscribed to the idea that if you are poor, it is because God has not blessed you, you are not “deserving” or worse yet, that God is punishing you for some unseen crime or failing on your part (the distorted controlling version of karma!).  Let us together decide now to give this propaganda play and all the pride-swelling and ego-massaging hyperbole that supports it the big Heave-Ho!  Money is not Love.  God is not a cruel Santa Claus, rewarding those who are good with presents and those who are “bad” with coal in their stockings.  Mother and Father love us all equally, as their precious children.  God is Love.
Money can’t buy you love, or anything else your spirit requires, but it can provide a temporary, neutral medium of exchange until we have reorganized Earth’s social systems enough to provide for all beings to live freely and comfortably, with the dignity that every Child of God deserves.  With the blessing of the RV/GCR, you are being given the opportunity to break all the sadistic rules, pull down all the barriers, and build a new society in which all have the means for thriving comfortably with the abundance Mother Earth gladly provides for every child of God.  No credit score needed.
We are the ones who will make it so, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  We will Co-Create the world we have longed for, and more.  As we move higher in consciousness, our vision of what is possible will expand.  Look!  Look through the eyes of your growing love and your expanding heart.  It is all here before us, just waiting to be experienced.  We are not just headed for Glory, we are Glory!  Every day, when I thought I could not possibly love you more, I love you more.  We are One, and we are together.  This is abundance.
I am filled with gratitude toward you, and toward Mother and Father God, for giving us this extraordinary opportunity to rise together in Love, Light and glorious Abundance.  I stand with you forever, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  It is Done!  CO RV!
I am your Sananda
Saint Germain: 
What a thrill it is for us to see all of you joining together like a great flock of birds in flight, waltzing to the RV tune.  You are truly Over the Rainbow in our eyes!
I came today to “throw my weight” behind our beloved Brother Sananda, who has been my constant source of comfort, affirmation and joy throughout these ages of hard work and sometimes painful disappointments, as we all incarnated, overlighted and joined with one another in every way possible to lay the groundwork for The New Golden Age of our beloved Planet Earth.  As you may know, this work goes back to Lemurian times, to the time when the Atlanteans chose to align with the Anunnaki in a scheme to gain power over all Earth’s riches and her people.  You hear the echoes of those dark conceptions in the descriptions Sananda has given you of the mind-control programs of the Matrix.
The Matrix we speak of was built and fortified bit by bit, as human collaborators learned the techniques and technologies of the ones we call the dark hats.  As torture and its partner, lack, were deliberately applied to the minds and bodies of humankind, a shared picture grew in the minds of all – the illusion of life lived in fear and anxiety, in slavery to delusions and lies that most humans only dimly perceived.  The goal was nearly achieved in the last few decades.  The cabal, inheritors of Anunnaki ruthlessness and contempt for humankind (their own kind) practiced common sleight-of-hand tactics and applied torture of every abominable kind in the effort to turn Earth into a prison planet.  Their intention was to feed off the energy of fear that flooded the planet – that very fear that you now are charged with uncovering and clearing out.
We have reversed the downward spiral into depravity and darkness (the opposite of Creation), and we will not turn back!  More and more of you are awakening, rubbing our eyes, and looking around you in wonder.  Beauty and abundance is taking the foreground in your Vision, as the rest recedes into the mist of the past.  Our time has come, and we are going to Live it UP!
You are enjoying our Heavenly riffs, as we play Company of Heaven harmony for each other in this process, are you not?  You are seeing how closely we work together, how we think together, how we are one with the Project and with Mother and Father God.  We each have taken different roles from time to time, but we always honor and celebrate the brilliance of our beloved friends, above and below.  We call ourselves the Company of Heaven.  If you do not already do so, you will come to call yourself – with reverence, fondness and love – a member of the Human Earth Family.  You will come to think of every soul who has incarnated on Earth as part of your treasured and trusted family, forever.
There have been some very funny moments recently, when readers write to Kathryn to comment on the “discrepancies” between one of us and another.  Of course, it would be impossible for us to present anything that was not in complete harmony, even if it might appear to you (on purpose) to carry in it some “contradiction.”  We laugh warmly and high-five each other at the idea that we would contradict one another.  It is not only unthinkable, it is impossible, since we feel and think as One, and that One is Mother and Father.
In higher dimensions, we even put on dramas for fun in which we extravagantly argue and complain, jostle and challenge one another, like humans.  Complete with costumes.  You should see Sananda as The Donald.  You would find it very funny too.  You will soon be joining us in the shared laughter about past shenanigans – yours and mine.  Oh, yes, there will be plenty of material.
You see, there will come a time, very soon, when you can look back at the Matrix delusions and see them for what they were:  a joint invention, a shared arena in which you all tested yourselves to the limit and raised your consciousness from the depths of despair to the height of Freedom.  In truth, there are no victims and no lily-white innocents.  We all jumped into this boat together, and we will each pick up an oar and keep paddling ’till we come round the bend and find we have traversed the rapids and can bask in the sunshine of a new life together.
There are many heroes in this story, but the ones you are used to calling the “villains” were really just the ones in black cloaks.  It will turn out, when the true story is told, that these were the most damaged ones, the ones who suffered the most and carried the greatest burden for what was done.  Yes, there was damage and destruction to Earth and the human bodies we were blessed to wear, but our souls go on, and we will all heal together in understanding, celebration and Love.
Our hearts expand with adoration and Love as we hear your brilliant responses to our question, “How will you bring in the RV today?”  You don’t have to have written it down.  We hear your every thought and your every intention.
So now it is indeed time to grab your oar and row with all your might! Be fearless in your Faith!  Declare your intention to spread the abundance and share the wealth!  There is no such thing as “wait and see” when we are all in this together.  We in the Company of Heaven have willingly, gladly kept the boat steady to give everyone time to awaken and join in.  Now it is time, Beloved Ones!  Everyone to your stations, fellow travelers!  This is the Mission we were born for, trained for and dedicate our energy and our hearts to!  It is time!  CO RV!
I am your St. Germain, and I have my glad rags on.  Let the music play!
(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/25/16)

Focus on Love & Light – Prime Creator

Prime Creator channeled by Suzie Beiler answers the following questions:

1.What will occur after the monetary reform.

2.What is the connection between anunnaki and religion.

3.How progresses the soul during incarnations.

4.How to set a clear boundary with the substance we choose to put in our body.

5.How to cut off any connection with a substance.

6.Why the human brain of most beings is not at place to understand all that is happening.

7.Why is it important to always choose our focus.



I Am The Substance From Which Money Is Formed

20 March 2016
The Arcturian Group:
Dear ones, welcome to a time when things seem the same for much of the world, but not for you who are awakening.  Many of you are beginning to have new and unusual experiences as well as deeper insights that the others are unaware of.  Keep on keeping on for evolution is moving toward a new earth and a new state of consciousness for those who choose.
We wish to talk about money, a topic that seems to cause much chaos and many problems for the world. The human belief system regarding money is built around duality–the consciousness of money as a “good”  that must be attained or an “evil” to be rejected.  Both are false being based in a general ignorance of truth  often along with the desire of many for power.  Money is a medium of exchange in and of itself having no power other than the power you give it.
Every soul is seeking to find and remember Itself, to rest in the peace and joy and love of once again experiencing who and what it really is.  When an individual  incarnates into third dimensional energy, he comes with a plan for whatever experiences are necessary for his evolutionary process.   Once in the denser energy of the third dimension he forgets this,  but retains that deep yearning for completeness.  Not understanding that what he is feeling is spiritual, he begins to  seek  outwardly for whatever he believes will bring him happiness according to his attained state of consciousness.
Seeking and struggling for some perceived good (often money) in the outer no matter the cost to others is how much of the world still functions.  It is the source of all criminal behavior,  power struggles, dishonesty, religiosity, and on and on.  Every individual is seeking to experience their innate wholeness, but not yet aware that it lies within, they turn every which way in the outer until in some lifetime at some point they give up and start looking within to where it is.
Money, as well as all forms of abundance, is a mind interpretation of the ever present completeness and wholeness within every individual.   Mind can only interpret and manifest outwardly according to the attained state of consciousness and personal belief system of each.  If Divine wholeness  was not already embodied within, it could never appear outwardly, because the outer is the inner.
Abundance is an infinite and  always present  Divine law, but the universal belief in duality and separation has resulted in a world of lack and limitation.  In duality there will always be the pairs of opposites (abundance and scarcity) and with separation there will always be some who have and some who do not.  These beliefs are being continually re-enforced by the consensus consciousness.
The law of abundance is easily observed in nature–the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the flowers in the fields and the birds of the air.  Nature when allowed,  always functions according to a law of  Divine  abundance.  The time has come for evolving mankind to begin the process of moving beyond obsolete beliefs of lack and its many forms, for in reality there is no such thing as lack.  
Lack, especially in the form of money is a very difficult belief to move beyond.  It and  lessons of relationship represent the two most difficult blocks for the human consciousness. Beliefs of lack and limitation have developed to the point of becoming human laws because for the most, all previous lifetimes were lived fully enmeshed in third dimensional energy.
Cellular memory until cleared,  still carries energies associated with experiences of  poverty and starvation from some of those lifetimes.  However, human laws as real as they may seem to be, are only beliefs that can  never supercede Divine Law.
Gratitude is a powerful key for unlocking of abundance because it is the acknowledgement that   “I have”.  Start with what is familiar, giving gratitude to the Divine within you for everything no matter how mundane or  seemingly unimportant it may seem.  Begin to acknowledge abundance everywhere around you even with something as  as simple as noticing the nice suit someone is wearing or a beautiful home you admire.
Start saying grace  before meals if you don’t already, making it a recognition and gratitude for your Divine wholeness  manifesting outwardly as food.   Allow the simple mealtime prayer to move beyond the memorized and rote thanking of some far off concept of a  God who picks and chooses who to bless–the God  man has created in his own image and likeness.
In expressing  gratitude to another for anything,  you automatically acknowledge and honor Self when you realize  that this  has not come from the other but through them. There is no “other” and within the realization of ONE, all things simply  move from one pocket to the other.  This is why it is so very important  to stop looking outwardly for anything–your good, happiness, or fulfillment.  An evolved state of consciousness knows that all good flows from within,  but appears to come from others.
As you begin to accept the truth of who and what you are,  honoring and loving yourself as  Divine beings, you will find yourselves automatically feeling gratitude for everything.  This happens because you are now able to  recognize every physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual experience (the pleasant as well as the not so pleasant), to be a teacher.
Abundance appears in infinite form and variety according to the need of the moment.  Money is only one form of abundance.  When you open a bill, or look in your wallet and declare;  “I don’t have.” you can be assured that that is exactly what you are creating, for you are creators.  Even if you have only one meager coin of the lowest denomination look upon it without judgement and acknowledge;  “I have.”.
As with every aspect of spiritual evolution,  intellectual knowledge of a truth is only the first step.  You cannot sit in the absolute waiting for a bag of money to drop from the sky (although this could happen if you had the consciousness of it).  Know the truth and then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take, be it employment or assistance of some sort.  Let your actions be what resonates with you, and not what others may be telling you to do for their guidance as well meaning as it may be, is representative of their state of consciousness and not  yours.
Keep yourself open and guided with regard to all employment opportunities, not just the “perfect job”.   Taking a job that you consider to be beneath you and performing it to the best of your ability, sends a message of intent to the Universe that you are serious about experiencing more abundance and are ready to receive.  Often another more suitable form of employment will soon present itself.  All employment is service and any job you hold can be Light work when done in an energy of Love.
Begin the flow of “I have” through giving on all levels– physical,  emotional, mental, and spiritual.  It can be as simple as taking time to find  used clothes and items to  donate.  Let go completely of the belief that when you give, this automatically means less for you. You have moved beyond  that state of consciousness and now understand that everything  flows through you from an infinite well of abundance and not from a limited  personal stash.
Use every giving as an opportunity to realize “I have” because “I am”.  Let the energy of your Divine wholeness flow where you are guided to let it flow in the realization that you are not expected to lift the whole world for there are still many who need the old.  Remember always to listen closely to your intuition for it occasionally  happens that an enthusiastic student unknowingly becomes an enabler.
Lack must must be understood for what it is–a belief based in duality and separation  having no law to support it–illusion.  The fear and panic that arises from not having enough  is what drives crime and perpetuates the sense of separation.  We understand your struggles.  Our message today is that you are now ready to begin seeing and experiencing money as energy and not material even though it appears that way.
Take some material money and feel it, hold it, and realize that it is a material concept representing the completeness of the Divine Consciousness that you really are.
Divine Consciousness is Self sustained and Self maintained embodying all that is and holding it in place eternally by Divine Law.   It can never be more or less, nor can it change  or be absent for it is all there is and must therefore be the substance from which you were formed.
“I am the substance from which money is formed.”
We are the Arcturian Group
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Is Marijuana Good For Spiritual Growth?

-When you engage in any substance your susceptible on taking on the programs of this substance ,each substance has its own frequency,its own vibration.Each substance has an origin and you engage with this origin and you are feeding it with your own energy.

-Earth reaching 288 Hz beginning of March.

This and More In This Video by Suzie Beiler.

You are living transformers, drawing in an enormous amount of Light while simultaneously discharging a constant release of transformed energy -SANANDA

How come that in none of our religious books is mentioned that next to The Crucifixion of Jesus another Crucifixion took place?
The Secret Crucifixion of Mary Magdalena.
You got to ask yourself this question,especially now that Easter is here.Once again i do not mean to break your holidays,Truth has to come out.It Is Big Time.And another Truth too:with every little drop of alcohol,name it beer or wine you are lowering your vibration for a week.Yes,i know there are many out there to send me flames of hate and before you do that,i ask you to look a deep look into yourself and see what is that you are doing to yourself every time you are sending hate to somebody.Cause your hate doesn’t affect me at all.It only affects you and your reality.One example?Look at what happened in Paris and what happened now in Brussels.It is the collective hate that has attracted this kind of events believe it or not.The truth is difficult to swallow but the time has come to bring out there All Truth as we are called to leave in higher dimension of living where unconditional love is the rule,where all men,women and children live truly happy.This goes also from the financial abundance of everyone,even if most will say that money is not important.It is important cause this is the way towards true freedom where money will not be necessary any longer.So please,once again,especially Belgium where i have the most friends through this profile,i ask you with so much love and invite you to look inside you,to take the time to connect with your higher self in prayer and meditation and ask for your peace and worldwide peace.Ask and it is given!The Angels have confirmed me that all victims of Brussels are now living happy in another dimension at The Pleiades along with other 70 billion other souls that got released from their Astral attachments.That was the message of our brother Jesus.Resurrection of every living being is possible.I am talking about your Resurrection in this reality and The Resurrection of all other souls in another reality.We are all part of God,God is immortal,We are Immortal,let fear leave your building by being grateful for what you have and rejoice for what is coming with the re evaluation of currencies that will help bring our realities towards unimaginable dimensions of existence.Prosperity and Abundance is a state of mind.It is all here for you now if you choose to attract this to you by being in high vibrations in the core of your being by feeling good!And not just feeling good but FEEL MORE THAN FINE everybody FEEL MORE THAN FINEl In The Core of Your Being to Raise Your Vibration to Manifest Heaven On Earth. 

Here comes  Sananda Channeled by Kathryn E.May :

Sananda:  To My Beloved Family of Light
Beloved Family of Light, I come to speak with you because it is what gives me great pleasure, and because, like any good family, we enjoy being together, and we love to talk.  We could talk about anything and really enjoy it, because there is so much love passing between us, we hardly need words, and yet we take delight in saying, “I love you.”
Earth is Ascending
You are in an intense energetic shift now.  Mother and Father God are sending their Light and Love coursing across the planet.  Sometimes you feel it as an ecstatic moment of bliss, and other times you experience it as overwhelming, or even upsetting, because you are going through so much change, so quickly.  It can feel like a roller coaster ride or a fast elevator ride, disorienting, strange, like the first time you try 3-D glasses in a movie theatre.  Many of you, the Transmuters and Lightbearers like our Christine and Kathryn and their teams, are feeling exhausted beyond anything they have ever felt before.  Many are physically ill because of the enormous amounts of toxic energies they (you!) are processing with your bodies.  You are living transformers, drawing in an enormous amount of Light while simultaneously discharging a constant release of transformed energy.
Beloved Ones, it may seem so strange to you to realize how literal these things can be, but it is true that a certain amount of Earth’s negative energies must be cleared in order for you to raise the vibration of the planet as a whole.  It is just the Universal Law that holds for all planets.  The difference here is that you are doing it in such a compressed time frame.  It is extremely fast for a planet in such a dark and toxic state, yet you are working hard now, with many more joining the “clean-up crew,” by the hour!  Things are moving along so dramatically; it is truly thrilling.  I will describe to you some of what we know and what we see.
The awakening that is happening is Earth-shaking, in the sense that it is affecting every single being on the Earth – animal, vegetable, mineral and human.  You are all feeling and responding to the rising energies of Light, and it is having a disruptive effect on everyone.  Now, what will that effect produce in you?  Will it disrupt old patterns of thinking?  Yes, absolutely, that is the goal.  In this interim phase of transformation, what you do with the “unhinged” feeling is crucial to your own trajectory and to the amount of assistance you are able to offer the planet.  Some who are still engaged in fear on a deep level will feel the disruption as threatening.  They will revert with all their might to ideology – the ideas they think to be right and true because of their past history, training and programming.
There will be a brief time while the pontificators, the talking heads and the self-righteous promoters peddle their opinions.  This is happening now.  Judgmental criticisms – even those sugar-coated with syrupy explanations of good intentions and loving offerings – are filling the airwaves.  There is a rather easy way to identify the fraudsters who are really just trying to hang on to their egos a bit longer.  They always say something that sounds like, “I just want to warn you, because I love you (have your best interest at heart, etc.), and they always present themselves as the expert, or the one whose source is the expert, yet their messages always make you feel a little fearful, or a little wary about someone they are alternately flattering and degrading.  There is always a manipulative twist in their message that will make you doubt someone other than them.
These are the last-minute troublemakers who are trying mightily to spoil the fun. You have long been warned about the false prophets who will elbow their way into your midst, your airwaves, your internet.  Here they are.  Their formula is simple: “Plant a doubt, and you have their attention.”  A cheap trick, really.  Well, we send them Love, and we wish them better days because their efforts may work for a few minutes or a few hours longer, but we know this project is destined for glory.  Remember, laughter is the best tonic for all these supposed “battles.”
You are now being treated to the greatest Shakespearian drama Earth has ever seen, and you have front row seats!  Look through the eyes of laughter at the characters who now fill the public stage with their buffoonery.  Is it not a kind of brilliance to see a caricature of everything that is abominable in the human story being revealed for all to see?  The extremes of ideology and belief systems are being exposed as the comedy they really are; the unreal and unreasonable prejudices and hatefulness are being laid bare before your eyes.
Will you use these absurdities and atrocities to stir outrage within you?  Or will you see through the thinly disguised parodies as a way through, from the 3-dimensional trap of being enslaved by ideas, to a new freedom that only can be accessed in your heart?  Are you one of the bravest of the brave who will dare to ask and search within: where do these tendencies still reside within me?  The Truth is far deeper than what meets the eye, or strikes a chord of fear in your nervous system.  We are headed for a new higher dimensional experience, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, and where we are going there is no place for anxiety, worry, fear, obsessive analysis, reduction, or argument.  When we expand, beyond the boundaries of our past experience, beyond the sensations we are used to having, beyond the ideas we are used to thinking and the brain pathways we are used to following, what we find is a new and brilliant life where companionship, love and trust are the new bottom line.
We are stretching the boundaries of possibility, my fellow travelers.  We are here to create a miracle, and we are seeing the flashes of brilliance already before us.  Our fellow humans are forging new pathways of cooperation, and they are building the bridges that will make our new Earth a place of friendship, easy collaboration, teamwork and joyful sharing.  No one will be left out or left behind.  No one will be left to suffer or to bear a burden that is beyond their strength to bear alone.  There will be no anxiety or depression or “stress” because no being will be heartlessly pushed beyond their endurance.  This applies to animals and plant life as well.  Our dear planet will no longer be allowed to suffer the insults of toxic chemicals, genetically modified abominations, explosives, and other dark inventions that have poisoned all Earth’s beings.
Freedom means freedom from suffering, Beloveds!  Freedom for absolutely everyone!  You can hear the old echoes in your thinking, can you not?  I included every blade of grass in my descriptions of love and freedom because how many of you would have automatically thought, “Yes, but what about…(the orphans, or the animals, or the whales, or the chemtrails…).”   Dear humankind, I am here to tell you that Mother and Father God do not forget any of their children, or any of their children’s conscious creations.  God created the concept, “ecosystem.”  We are all in this together, and we are all going to walk joyfully into the Light of our new day together.
Why More Money?
It has been difficult for many to understand how revaluing the world’s currencies could heal our planet.  Of course, if you are knowledgeable about the slavery that money created, you are right to be wary of anything that professes to be monetary reform.  It is not that.  The RV, as we call it, is a step toward eliminating the need for money altogether.  First, we must have such economic abundance that people can acclimate to the reality that there is truly no need to worry, about anything.  This is a more difficult challenge than you may realize.  Just look deeply into your own wary reactions, and multiply that by 7.5 billion.
I am Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus, and I understand economics, as much as I understand the need for a human family to be able to have food and shelter.  I understand Love, and I know that “politics” and devious economic policies can interfere with a family’s ability to be well fed and safely housed.  How can any family be happy and free when they are in fear for their survival?  I know that debt slavery has suppressed the creativity and intellectual freedom of all humankind, and I am here to show you that my heart and soul are with you as you free yourselves from all the external chains and inner constraints that suffocated you in the past.
Once all can agree to leave behind the ingrained caution and fear of change, then we can begin to see everyone blossom and expand into the brilliant, creative beings they were born to be.  Everyone.  No exceptions.  You were born in God’s image.  It is your birthright to be brilliant and happy.  This adventure into 3 dimensional reality will prove to be just a stepping stone to further creativity.
I have spoken to you in recent messages, as has Father God, about the profound effect of every individual on the progress of our Ascension.  It has been difficult for some to hear of their own responsibility to manage their own feelings and thoughts without feeling they are being blamed for the slow rollout of the Prosperity Programs.  I will repeat many times:  You are Loved, and we know how hard it is to be there and to shake off the terrible guilt programming the cabal has saddled everyone with.
Do not fall into self-blame and the resentment it generates!  You are not to blame; you are simply an important member of a very important team.  We count on you. The team must work together in harmony to create the high vibrational portal through which all can ascend into a new reality.  You, and everyone, can help or hinder, as you choose.  We only ask that you take responsibility for the fact that you are choosing and for the results of your choices.  This is true freedom.
The Universal Law of Creation
There is a popular sci-fi theme that goes something like this:  A group of adventurers is searching for long-hidden treasure.  Each one holds a part of the key that will lead to the treasure, but they don’t really understand what it is they are holding.  These keys have a particular energy signature, a color, a vibration that will unlock the great door that has hidden from view the passageway to great abundance.  It requires many focusing their high vibrational energy together to open the door.  Those who send the energies of negativity, doubt and fear create obstacles to the flow of Light, blocking others and slowing the group’s progress toward abundance, but they will not be successful, because the Lightbearers are doing God’s work, with the blessing of the entire Company of Heaven and under the protective watch of the Galactic Federation of Light.
What I am describing is a fairly simple law of physics, which we call Universal Law, but one that – although you are deeply familiar with – you have only slight recollection of because it has not been discussed openly in the mainstream by your scientists or leaders.  Many are aware of it, but do not talk about it for fear of being attacked or discredited by those very negativity-producers who wish to stop the adventure for their own ego comfort or profit.  It is the Universal Law of Creation:  What you think about and focus your emotional energy on, you create.  It is sometimes said, “What you imagine, you create.”  Now, this does not mean you cannot look at negativity or darkness and try to change it.  You are not tainted by something you look at or think about unless you believe it, unless you invest your thoughts and life-force in it.  We must see a problem in order to bring Love to dissolve it.  In that way, you are consciously creating the glory you hold as your guiding inner vision: Freedom for all!
Hold your Light high, Beloved Warriors of the Light.  This is not a battle; it is a triumphal march, accompanied by the Heavenly orchestra.
You who are reading this are among the human adventurers who are leading the charge, creating the pathways for others to follow.  You are succeeding brilliantly, in spite of the rip-tide of negative energy you are moving through.  You hold to each other, moving now as One, in a great wave of joyful, harmonious energy.  You are forging the Rainbow Bridge out of the 3rd dimension, across the 4th and victoriously toward us in the 5th and higher dimensions.  Carry on, Brave Ones, you are creating at the edge of Creation!
Let me describe to you the specifics of how we are working together.  You have heard the expression that Earth is the battleground between Light and Dark, good and evil.  What you have not completely understood in the past is that it will not take the form of a war.  You are succeeding by leaving all war, suffering and negativity behind.  In the higher dimensions, we are reaching toward you, working with our Boots on the Ground to shore up your gains and use them to further clear the way for you.
As Above, So Below
Here is how we are doing it:  As you work on Earth’s surface to clear the energy field of dark thoughtforms, and as you, by example, teach your fellow humans about the Universal Law of Creation, you are helping to stop the constant influx of negativity, thereby raising the vibration of the collective.  You are working from the bottom up, you might say, as we are working from the top down.  This is succeeding, as we bring forth programs that are revealing numerous machinations and devious ploys, making it possible to remove the perpetrators – the cabal leaders – thereby eliminating the hierarchy of those who controlled the Matrix programs.  They have surrendered one by one or in groups, either by coming to the Temple of Light to ask for healing and mercy, or by being arrested and removed from power.  They have a choice either way, as all do.  They are no longer able to develop new programs or force their minions to carry out abominations in the name of controlling humanity.  Like everyone, the minions are now left to make their own choices.
Meanwhile, you, the Troops on the Ground, are raising yourselves and others by your example of steadfast and loving attention to your own growth.  You have created a groundswell of consciousness that is changing what has been called the zeitgeist.  (“The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.” – Word dictionary.)  You are making it harder and harder for the minions – the so-called Wannabe dark hats – to carry out their previously laid nefarious plans to defeat the Light and hold back freedom for all because their fear tactics no longer carry the assumed weight of truth.  The brighter your Light, the more you reveal their antics to be nothing but hot air.
Jesus Speaks to Us Directly
I speak to you now as Jesus.  We are moving, step by step, to meet in the place where all is revealed in the Light of Mother and Father God’s Love.  So now, before I close this message, I would like address what you might call religious freedom.  You recognize my loving energy and my service to humankind as a savior and a martyr, but truly, I am both, and I am neither, just the same as you.  I am a child of God, just as you are.  In my incarnation as Jesus, I fulfilled a mission I had agreed to before I came to Earth.  We all knew it would be difficult, and preparations were made to allow me the greatest support possible.  I was never alone.  Our goal was to teach of God’s love and to offer, through my Resurrection, an example for humankind to show that Ascension is possible.
I was not God’s only begotten son – we are all sons and daughters of Mother and Father God.  There are some, out of Love for me and a wish to honor my service, who call me Lord Jesus, or Lord Sananda.  I am a servant of God, as we all are, and even God does not wish to be worshipped or placed in a position of superiority because superiority and power can too easily imply subservience.  You and I are not lesser or greater than each other.  We are all equal in God’s eyes.
Of course we acknowledge Mother and Father’s great Love and their enormous capacity to create.  We bow to them out of Love, to honor their kindness and their great Heart, but they would rather see us dance and sing than prostrate ourselves before them.  They do not wish to be worshipped by demonstrations of our belief that we are inferior to them, but they do enjoy being loved, just as I do, just as we all do.
During the Jesus lifetime, I was surrounded by a loving wife and family who saw me as their own.  They loved me for my bright Light, as I loved them for theirs.  I was accepted as one who inspired them sometimes, and our mutual respect for one another was the mainstay of our Love.  There were many others who made sacrifices equal to mine, including my beloved Mary Magdalene, who was also crucified beside me, in secret.  There was no crowd; it would have encouraged the populace to see us as martyrs.  There is much still to be told of the Jesus lifetime, and much to be learned of the lifetimes we all have shared since.
I appreciate and bow to those who have understood the Christ Consciousness –  the truth of Love – God’s Love.  Under the name of Christianity, they often hold me in a place above others, and bow to the image of a man on a cross, but I tell you, this is not my truth, and it is not my wish to be worshipped.  Then, as now, I am a messenger who speaks for God here on Earth.  I did not create a separate religion.  I simply spoke of what I knew and felt.  I may have spoken more persistently and constantly than some because I feel God’s love intensely, because it was my mission to do so and because I also feel great love for all humanity having been in a human body many times.
I now ask those of you who have come to me through Christian teachings and other religious introduction or dogma, to sit beside me as we allow the Christ energy to fill us full to overflowing.  The Christ energy does not belong to me; it is a gift from our God.  Arm in arm, let’s vow to become even greater vessels for it now.  Together, let’s raise our eyes to Heaven, and declare the most basic truth:  We are equal, in our Love of God and for each other.  I am your Brother and your friend.  I invite you to walk with me as an equal, a Master in your own right, and one who knows the great Love of being God’s child, eternally.
We are here – together – to create a new world on Earth.  I am honored to serve beside you, and to dance in the streets with you as your blessed gift of abundance lifts all boats.  Hop in, Friends, this is the moment that will be remembered always as The Beginning!
I am your Sananda, the one you have known as Jesus.  I love you eternally, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters.
(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/21/16)
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Before 1999, Earth humanity consisted of about 70 billion souls on etheric and astral plane and about 6 billion incarnated humans.
The majority of 70 billion non-incarnated human souls were mass evacuated on August 14th, 1999 to the motherships of the Ashtar Command and then transported to a certain planet on the outskirts of the Pleiades star cluster where they started receiving much needed healing.
The only souls remaining on etheric and astral plane were those who were direct hostages of the non-physical Archons, those with strong attachment to the physical plane and those who decided to stay to help the physical humans as spiritual guides.
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Credit For The Picture :
 Mary Magdalene Crucified Night by gplioplys:



The essential element in humankind’s freedom is not money – it is your individual and collective Ascension, the uplifting of your soul – Ashtar

The essential element in humankind’s freedom is not money – it is your individual and collective Ascension, the uplifting of your soul.  Of course, having more money, in and of itself, will not have any effect on a person’s individual ability or desire to ascend.  It has not helped the cabal to be free; it has helped them to remain slave-masters.  The fundamental intention behind the Prosperity Programs is to relieve the suffering of poverty and debt-slavery in the short run, and most importantly, to begin the process of eliminating the use of money entirely.  Money is not inherently dark, but it has been the tool that was used by the cabal to control the population, physically, emotionally and intellectually.  That spell must be broken, and with it all the programmed thoughts and beliefs around money that have assisted in enslaving humankind.
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We Are At 95% Of Critical Mass – Father Mother God

Gratitude For Susie Beiler  Channeling The Source of All Creation:Our Beloved Father Mother God ,Prime Creator,Supreme Creator.

Listen with your heart and you know.

Channeling covers:

-Blessing Our Water and Food with Violet Flame till Technologies Arrive.

-Soul’s individuality ,how it remains when it returns to the source existing always in the etheric records.These data always joined with the soul when it leaves source again.

-We are at 94-95% of Critical Mass .

-Misinformation and Fear Based Theories about our Star Brothers and Sisters.

and much more!



First Contact With Galactic Ship Already Happened To Me

One of the first times i came into Connection contact with a Galactic Ship it was few years ago when i was on a shamanic retreat in Ibiza doing a plant based therapy with San Pedro plant with A Shaman from Peru , Lilo that has already ascended in the higher realms since few years.I was also assisted by Belinda and Toby Clark from Healing Ibiza as they are  witnesses of that same experience.Do you know what is the first thing i did to show them how happy i was to finally connect with them?I started Dancing like an Indian around Fire.Dancing is a great way to communicate.Better than any words.Let’s Dance??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Crying From Happiness

Last night i dreamed about people making huge lines in front of banks as they start to realise that we can all start trusting again our financial institutions that are now in place to  support humanity.I saw people crying from happiness and not believing how much money they got in their hands,unable to understand how this ‘miracle’ has happened.And I Nikos Akrivos I confirm you that Saint Germain prosperity funds are being put in place right now to purify Gaia’s waters and to bring joy to every man,woman and child living on Earth.The Universe is So Abundant and Father Mother God has the proof for all 7.5 billion of people.Be in Joy and prepare yourself from the inside out to receive what is your birth right,to remember who you really are and why you chose to be here at these amazing New Earth times.There is only thing we are all requested to do in these coming 3 months.To be Loving with all and especially with those that we think are our enemies.The only enemy is our own mind.We create what we believe.We create what we fear and we strengthen what we oppose as our brother Sananda aka Jesus says.Feel More Than Fine in the core of your being.Then everything else falls into place.Each one of us have our own Angels guiding us.If you feel lost,ask for guidance in your own prayers.Our Angels are connected with us telepathically,ask what you need and it it is given.Be a S.T.A.R.Surrender.Trust.Allow.Receive.

Also look around you,there are many Angels in Human form that can assist you.Ask for help.This is how it works.Every Human being is specifically good for something and We all are Light Workers.

We are reaching now the 2nd wave of Ascension.Enjoy the process of awakening by celebrating with your loved ones with music and dance without alcohol or drugs eating high vibrational foods,eat vegan or even better  raw vegan and fresh organic juices and purified water.

We are in this together.And nobody is left behind.This is the promise we made to each other before we incarnate in the vessels we call human bodies.Our souls will carry our memories for ever.Let’s make every moment Amazing for our self and for every one.The time is Now.And Heaven Or Earth is happening around us when are aware of our thoughts,projecting pure love through our eyes ALL THE TIME,no matter what we observe and without judging anything or anybody.

Play the Bubbles Game

Amazing News Keep On Coming.

Enjoy these guiding  messages  from Archangel Michael,Sananda and The Dolphins.

Tremendous Gratitude For All Lightworkers on Earth for  Who Needs Light and Sheldon for your hard work in sharing these with the world.

Much Love!

Mornings with 
Archangel Michael
I come to bring you tremendous reassurance. Your fortitude is already legendary.  Now, together, let’s take the next step.  It is time to expand – further, wider, deeper.  It is the moment to swell your Galactically renowned faith and determination.
Up until recently, you have worked in pods (a warm nod to our dolphin family, who also speak in today’s  New Earth Times).  For your Life Plan and your Earth Mission, you have held the vision of your inner guidance through extreme conditions, and you have been more successful than you yet comprehend.  What is occurring at this time, is that the projects of many such individuals and groups are merging to reveal the even greater Mission.  While some pods have worked with absolute focus on the RV/GCR or other areas of the financial reformation, others have been immersed in turning around the governmental system, the legal system, and so on.
I tell you this with certainty: each of the individuals who formed the groups of transition have had an overriding similarity in character – you all chose to embody deep faith and unwavering perseverance as you carried out your seemingly impossible assignments.  Remember the intricate journey you yourself have come through, which required again and again that you forge on in the face of a reality that said, “No way – what you are envisioning is impossible.”  Yet, here we are. You are triumphant.  You await only the final curtain call.
Well, your brothers and sisters have been simultaneously doing the same in other areas of global transformation, and they have been similarly successful!  So as you begin to hear of the surprising events and seemingly outlandish results of their endeavors…keep an open mind.  Do not get bogged down in HOW the miracles will now present themselves to you and to the world.  Decide to trust your human brothers and sisters, for they have proven as valiant, as steadfast and as triumphant as you have been!  You shall see!  We shall dance!
We continue to request that you express your experiences and insights to the Galactic Councils, as you are inspired.  We all work together with you as ONE team, and your input is welcomed and respected.  That said, you are not the same as you once were…you now energetically represent the success of your personal and group accomplishments.  Use this hard gained momentum to expand further.
Always always keep close the knowledge – so decreed by God – that this story ends in GLORY.  See all unfolding events through that lens along with inner strength of the matrix-defying accomplishments you and your pod have already brought about!  Cheer the accomplishments of other groups as they now appear in your reality. Every detail has been seen to, every detail, and you are held dearly and cherished in the palm of God.
With the love and devotion of your higher family pouring onto you,
we wrap you up in our arms and hold your progress steady as Earth reveals the long awaited changes.  Relish it.
 I am your Brother.
Archangel Michael 
(Channeled  & Transcribed 

 through Christine Burk 3/10/16)
All Intentional and Inadvertent Generation of Dark Energies Must Stop – We are Here to Help
by Sananda and The Dolphins through Kathryn
RV/Intelligence: The Fall of Rome
by Anonymous
Community Corner
Your Promised Return to Physical Angelhood
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
Phasings of Illumined Align
Update GaiaPortal
Are We Ready? Let’s Try to Be!
by Martha
March 9th Mid-Week Report by ZAP
from Office of the Poofness
All Intentional and Inadvertant  Generation of Dark Energies Must Stop – We Are Here to Help
by Sananda and The Dolphins through Kathryn
Photo Courtesy of: Caters News Agency LTD.
Yes, dear family, everything really is changing in your world.  We have persevered, and we have triumphed on every front.  All the systems we have worked to change have entered a new phase:  financial systems have switched over to new asset-backed currencies and transparent banking practices.  Governments are reforming in dramatic ways, and in the U.S. there is a new Interim President who will make announcements within 24 hours, if the schedule remains firm.  As we have previously confirmed, Grandfather has truly “pushed the button,” and the tsunami of wealth has begun to flow.  Like a river gaining depth and energy as it flows downstream, this river picks up momentum from tributaries along the way.  The River of Goodness is now completely unstoppable.  It is now just a matter of how quickly or slowly the changes will become publicly apparent.  You will be thunderstruck when you hear of the monumental shifts that have already been accomplished.
Now I must warn you not to leap to panicky conclusions.  You are not going to starve or be subjected to some tyrannical or despotic rule.  This is not a coup – just the opposite.  In the U.S., which was a hotbed and major financial power center of global criminal behavior, you will shortly hear of the official surrender of the cabal.  These criminal controllers made all-out attempts to stop the RV (revaluation of currencies) because they knew it would be the death knell of their power structure, allowing the rise of a new class of Lightworkers who can no longer be threatened or controlled by them.  They have lost their teeth (Isn’t that a humorous image?), and they know it.
The dark hats attempt s  in recent weeks to cause false flag devastation of the enormity of 9/11 in major cities across the U.S. has been thwarted with help from your Galactic Federation Brothers and Sisters.  The dispensation allowing  such assistance to be possible was granted because of the intensive efforts on your parts as individuals and groups to clear away the dark energies they feed on and gain strength from.  There is literally a direct correlation between the creation of dark energies – generated by the cabal shadows within each individual on the planet – and the strengthening of the Matrix that imprisons all on Earth.  In other words, although there has been a well-organized Illuminati/cabal organization operating to enslave the planet, the greater population has played a powerfully influential role – energetically – as the slaves whose lives were intricately interwoven with the cabal structures, therefore causing humanity to became vessels for the damage and density the system imposed.
All of you, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, have unwittingly participated in and supported the dark agendas.  This is why we stress that no one should be blamed or punished, yet all intentional and inadvertent generation of dark energies must be stopped.  This is why we introduced Operation Heave-Ho.  ( New Earth Times Edition #48)  As distasteful as it may seem to search for and root out the cabal programming within yourself, this is the route to freedom – the key to dismantling the Matrix.  We are very aware of how challenging it is to maintain a loving and compassionate heart, especially toward yourself, in the face of thousands of years of abuse.
One of the most ingenious Annunaki teachings, epidemic in your cultures today, is the use of guilt and shame to stop a person in their tracks whenever they began to question their own actions or beliefs.  The idea that it is shameful to find any hint of programmed darkness in oneself was a booby-trap for anyone trying to develop self-awareness and mindfulness.  Such self-examination and the natural emotions that follow — like forgiveness and the desire to apologize and make good on your promises — was mocked as “weakness.”  Thus, the deep search to eliminate all negativity, fear and deep anger from millennia of abuse then becomes a plunge into shame and the automatic (programmed) reflex:  denial.  You come face to face with your own inner brick wall without realizing it was the result of implanted ideas.
Shame Is Not a “Normal” Emotion
Laughter at one’s foibles and slip-ups is.  Do not allow yourself to be caught in the downward spiral of self-revelation > shame > denial.  Instead, take every small personal discovery as a triumph of Light and a loving expression of God’s will.  Self-awareness, mindfulness and Faith that Light and Love are real are the greatest tools for Mastery we have available to us.  We were made to be happy and free, not beaten down by shame and guilt.
It has been difficult for you, because of your intense programming, to perceive the vivid energy patterns that create either positive change or deepen conflict, destruction, war and suffering.  From our position in higher dimensions, these energies are obvious and easily identifiable.  They will become more and more apparent to you as your planet’s vibration rises.  As that happens, the choice to be grumpy or cranky or belittling of others becomes as attractive as wearing egg on your face, and just as obvious.
You are beginning to see the immediate Co-creative effects of lifting your eyes to Mother and Father and holding fast to their Love.  It is creating the miracles of courage, joy and compassion you have longed to see in your world and thought could only come as a massive intervention from Above.  It could not be done that way; it would have created chaos and death to the planet.  It truly had to come from Earth humans.

Kill the Messenger, or Fuel the Freedom Train?
Love is my fuel and Faith my engine.”  – Jaques  3/10/16
Why we have worked with you so closely – all of us in the Company of Heaven – by incarnating among you and by using our incarnated twins and loved ones as channels to bring you our messages?  Because we believe in you, and we love our beautiful Terra.  Never before has there been such a massive cooperative venture to rescue a planet that had gone dark.  Never before has it been so difficult to win the hearts and minds of the very people who asked for our help.
Because of religious teachings and dooms day beliefs (used to keep humankind controlled and in fear), it has been seen as “practical” and “rational” to cynically question, discredit and attack anyone who brings a story of hope and good news.  This fear and cynicism has increased and become even more dangerous to Lightworkers than it was in the Jesus lifetime. Yes, humankind under the influence of mind-control had become quite a cynical lot, as you know.  It took quite a lot of encouragement and loving care to reassure even a small portion of the human collective that change, freedom, and loving, gentle, measured intervention from Above is real.
Once we began to really work together in harmony, you on the ground and us in Higher Dimensions, things began to shift on a massive scale.  It has taken years, but we can truly say we have turned a corner.  Our Operation Heave-Ho is really working.  You have caught fire!  The upshift of Light has been dramatic in just the past few days!
You, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, have your collective foot on the accelerator.  The higher you raise your vibration, by lifting yourselves out of all doubt, disgruntlement, cynicism, criticism and frustration, the faster we move toward higher dimensional experience, and all the joy and goodness that goes with it.
Your rising Light has brought even more enthusiastic help from your admiring Galactic friends.  In fact, a very special group has asked to bring you a message through Kathryn:  The Dolphins!  They are very excited to meet with you, and will speak as one to represent their Deva and all of their species.  They would like to offer their help at this most important juncture in your planetary shift.
I will pass the talking stick now to our beloved friends, the Dolphins.
In Love, Your Sananda.
Mother’s Love Tickles
The Dolphins:
Dearest Human Friends, we come to offer you a special gift from our hearts.  We know it has been a long and difficult climb for all of you to transcend the dreadfully poisonous energies and ideas that proliferated across Earth.  We have a lighthearted image and a playful opportunity to offer you, to lift your hearts.  We dolphins are well known for our humor and playfulness.  We believe it is the essence of Life to be creative in our jokes, pranks and joyful celebrations of Life.  We take great pleasure in our swimming and leaping abilities, our special flair for the great splash, and our shared laughter.
We offer to you, Humankind, the possibility that you might find our laughter and pranks contagious and that laughter will help you greatly in the next phase of your Ascension, as it has with our evolution when we have faced difficult challenges.  You see, we are a very good-humored group of souls; we have cultivated that quality in ourselves over millions of years and thousands of lifetimes across the Cosmos.  Now, we are concentrating our energies in this galaxy to help with the great transition taking place.  It is truly where the action is, even if it is demanding at times.  We always answer the call when Mother and Father ask for our help.
Dolphins Communicate Across Dimensions
The most difficult assignment we have ever taken on has been this incarnation on Earth, withstanding the toxins, the dense energies and sonar attacks that have taken the lives of many of our numbers.  We do not complain about loss of life the way you humans do, however.  We have deep and everlasting spiritual connections with our beloved soul group members, so our communication continues telepathically between and among all of us, whether incarnated or in spirit form.  It is our pleasure to communicate across dimensions with ease and to share our loving energy with all our species, whether in a body or not, and with our far-flung friends of many species.  We are never separated from the great and generous love of Mother and Father God, and so we are always happy.
Here is what it feels like to us:  Mother’s love tickles.  She loves to stroke and pet us with her sweet and tender energy streams.  It makes us laugh and leap for joy.  Father’s love is comforting and strong.  It reassures us to be held in his loving arms, and they both help us to glide through difficult times without ever losing our ability to laugh.
Play the Bubbles Game
Let us tell you our secret.  It is bubbles!  We love to spray and leap and create great clouds of bubbles.  Perceive what we are telling you with more than just your mind… We use bubbles as protection if we need to, but mostly we love to make bubbles for the fun of it, the way we have seen your human children do with soap bubbles.  Of course, you do not have the advantage of being underwater a large part of the time, but there are many ways to make bubbles.  You have the same ability we have, but you haven’t practiced it yet.  You can make energy bubbles.  Have you ever tried?  Just focus and concentrate your energy, the way you do when you build your Pillar of Light.  Reach up to Mother and Father God and anchor into dear Terra, and then you can fill your pillar with colors and shapes and dancing bubbles of Light!
You are made of Light, just as we are!  You can teach others of your species to perceive and play the Bubbles game with you.  It is great fun.  You will probably have to introduce it at first as a sort of pretend game – children will love it – and they will learn right away to see and feel the bubbles you create for their pleasure and laughter.
We also want to offer to help you with creating clear and shiny channels or portals, however you think of it, to send your telepathic messages to your loved ones.  You only need to call on us, and we will help to carry your messages along, just like a clear river flowing between you, and we will clean your channels of all detritus or interference, just as we do for you in our service to your oceans and your air.  You see, we are also skilled Energy Scrubbers and Transmuters, among other things.
Dolphins Are Bright Spirits of the Great Seas
We would be delighted to help you learn to communicate more clearly with each other and with us.  We are very social and love to sing and chatter amongst ourselves because we love to be close together and admire each other’s songs and dances and capers and pranks.  We are very athletic, as you may have noticed, and we admire graceful movement enormously.  We are always practicing our Olympic prowess for the sheer joy of it.  We laugh and cheer for the outstanding abilities we see and celebrate in others.  You might say we spend much of our time putting on a kind of circus for our own entertainment and for yours, if you wish to join in.  It makes our work very joyful, and we are very good at it.  Because we create so much high Light energy when we do it, our work goes very, well, swimmingly.   You could say we always whistle while we work.
We look forward to your messages and your friendship.  Of course, if you have a chance to come to any of the places we enjoy in the world’s oceans, we would be delighted to swim and make bubbles of freedom, protection, Light and delight with you.  Just call to us, in the water or not, and we will come to join you and help you strengthen and polish your natural telepathic skills.  It would be our pleasure.
With joyful anticipation of our close friendship with you,
The Dolphins

(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/10/16)

The Fall of Rome 
by Anonymous

“Fall of Rome”

March 9, 2016

New Republic President of the United States Paul Ryan will be making a prime time address to the nation very shortly, announcing his appointment as the 45th President of the Republic, as well as the selection of General Joseph Dunford (former interim Republic President) as his Vice President.

This peaceful transition of power falls within all estiblished Constitutional guidelines, and thus everything should appear normal to both a domestic and global viewing audience, as there is precedent for a US President to resign (Richard Nixon 1974).  So President Ryan will first have to announce the resignation of former President Obama and Vice President Biden, who we are told have pre-taped resignation speeches.

This is why Obama is nowhere to be found since the State of the Union Address and Biden is suddenly traveling to Israel.  Also, this is why the military is on high tactical alert — just in chase there are disruptions within the general population over the unannounced Obama Administration exit — hence the need for helicopters, deployed ground forces and heavy transport vehicles.

President Ryan will then announce the closure of the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as a new US Treasury issued gold backed currency called the United States Notes.  It is in US bank vaults/ATMs now and have a 1:1 exchange ratio.  Again, nothing out of the scope of ration eventual unordinary, just the way the Elders prefer to handle everything… subtle and understated, but truthful and transparent.

President Ryan will be making a few other changes, which we have yet to lock down exactly what those will be.

It is anticipated that Ryan’s speech will come either Wednesday or Thursday evening @ 8pm.  And those of us following the RV can look for redemption appointment 800#s to be released simultaneously (internet, phone, email) as President Ryan declares the gold standard and new USN’s publicly to the world. This is considered the surrender of the cabal (note: SKR accounts are also scheduled to be released at that time). 

Private groups like those lumped together in Reno (as well as the internet group) are now scheduled to begin physical redemptions starting at @7am on Friday 3.11.16and go through Tuesday March 16.  With bank branch or a mass public redemptions beginning as early as March 21 (start of spring) and continuing for exactly one month.  Notifications to sub group leaders are coming.  International and Contract rates are great, so get in early and do your business because rates will be going down not up in the future.

Friday April 22 has long been the day we understood the new gold sport price (benchmark standard for all currency value) will be announced at the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).  This would mean the entire RV process took exactly 1 year from when the TRNs were first allowed to be traded or allowed to “go live” on back screens, therefore constituting the official beginning of the RV.

This is why so many have said the RV is done… and yet its not. Again, be flexible as dates and times are fluid given the importance of guaranteeing security for such a hyper-unusal event.

As for the Presidential Race… eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will bow out either for health reasons or because she’s being prosecuted for past transgressions… or both… Bernie Sanders will be the lame duck Democratic nominee in November’s general election.

The Republican nominee will not be Donald Trump, as he will patriotically step aside in the best interests of the country, so President Ryan can and will ultimately be the sitting Republican Presidental nominee, with the full support of his conservative party base.

This is why Ryan was given the Speaker of the House position, so that in this moment he would be President, and possibly for 8 years plus his short tenure this term.  At this time, it is unclear if General Dunford will also be on the ticket, as many believe that is doubtful. Expect the General either to return to his post as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs or retire.

Anyway you look at these upcoming events, it’s clear we’re in the middle of historic world moments, very much like the Fall of Rome circa 476 C.E..  Guess the more things change, the more they really do stay the same.  The below link is a musical “tribute” to the multiple sources who have contributed to this post over the years, hoping soon we all shall witness history repeating itself peacefully… as one family known as humanity.



God is with us
Tremendous Gratitude to Dinar Chronicles:   HERE
and Operation Disclosure:   HERE
Community Corner
Your Promised Return to Physical Angelhood 
Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
4 Ben 6 Ceh, 12 Manik                                                                            8 March 2016
Dratzo! Several indicators show us that the initial humanitarian funds have been distributed to the appropriate accounts in Europe and North America.  These funds are the first bellwether to be presented to us.  They demonstrate that the ability to pass large amounts of funds across these templates does in fact exist. We fully expect that these funds are to prove that the gauntlet of the dark cabal is successfully breached.  The next thing to occur is the final distribution to a number of individual accounts.  This is to be a signal to our allies to initiate the complex process of completing the prosperity fundings.  These are to initiate the rise of NESARA, first in the USA, and eventually the implementation of GESARA globally.  In Asia and Africa, a number of vital infrastructure projects are then to be funded and begun.  This is to mark the start of a vast global set of projects to end concerns about pure water and proper sanitation in many rural areas.  Your world needs moreover to set up the means to oversee these large financial projects.  A network of smaller “community-grown” operators is to be fully utilized.
This “small is beautiful” approach is one that was proven effective over the past half decade in Africa and Asia as well as the Americas.  This operation is to be expanded once the new financial system is fully operational.  Our earthly allies have developed a means to easily distribute these vital projects throughout the so-called third world.  It is this space, containing the majority of humanity, which requires the most attention.  Thus, the major dilemma was how to begin to successfully transform what was a most neglected part of your globe.  In addition, this region has traditionally been the place where a majority of the abuses of Gaia occurs.  Once we are free to travel in your skies, we intend to correct this natural resources abuse with our technology.  This combined region is the prime area for natural disasters that occur daily around your beautiful living world.  Once these are corrected, the current extinction cycle can be formally corrected.  At that time, the decreasing energies of your electrogravitic field can be redirected!
As you begin to emerge from literally millennia of debt slavery, Gaia can emerge as well from millennia of being exploited. Gaia, over a long period of time, has been a globe split between its inner and outer selves.  Gaia wishes to accelerate the process of a great reunion between these two halves.  Saint Germain and Quan Yin have provided the means for conscious growth with Heaven’s help.  This inner growth has been combined with a series of modifications to your chakras and to your many nervous systems.  These have been combined with a series of alterations to your reality.  These numerous changes in turn are mirrored by what Gaia is now doing to this surface realm.  In fact, the inner realm of Agartha expands beyond this surface realm.  What is required is a vast upgrade in the frequencies of your realm.  So as you grow in consciousness, Gaia simultaneously increases the vibrational rate of your reality.  This has permitted you to grow and to accept things that previously were greatly discounted by this surface population.  It has also allowed you to accept that we exist and that the Ascended Masters are indeed real.
All of these elements are the core of reality shifts that are to alter your world by bringing you abundance and new financial and governing alliances. These events are to forge the new reality, which is to create a new “You,” and are to position you within this new reality.   Your Agarthan family representatives and our liaisons are working diligently to assure that all happens as swiftly as possible.  This joint operation is now coming to a head as the ancient families and concerned royals work closely with their Ascended Master advisors.  This sacred coalition has to battle a dark oligarchy that cannot truly visualize a world without power, wealth or prestige.  Their dilemma has only slowed the inevitable.  Thus, there was a series of initial delays, which compounded some worry and dread by the ancient families as new procedures were used to ensure that the large amount of funding is successfully carried out.  Nevertheless, these elements of a new reality are now being put into place.
Namaste!  We are your Ascended Masters!  
Many of you do not look much beyond aging and death.  We Masters have lived beyond these facts for millennia.  Our primary task is simply to oversee humanity by the use of mercy and grace.  This divine set of tasks keeps us constantly advising you on how your life is to be best lived.  At present, Heaven and your many guardian angels also are altering you. This is readying you for your living ascension into again being physical Angels.  Thus, our mission is to supervise these changes as well.  You are doing well.  Nevertheless these events are giving you some difficult moments.  We ease this by intervening when necessary with the use of divine grace.  Each of you possesses a number of ways by which your life can best work itself out.  We take these prescribed alternatives and weave them into the heart of this life.  By doing this, you are moving with minimum difficulty onto the verge of your promised return to physical Angelhood.
As you know by now, every Ascended Master is transitioned by use of a special ceremony presided over by Heaven.  In fact, you are moving toward the same.  Only in this case, it is to be a special Crystal Light Chamber.  This is finally to reverse what the Atlanteans did to you nearly 13 millennia ago when you were cast forth from the labs that then secured you safely. This abrupt act left you open to severe manipulations by the Anunnaki.  All of this madness is now being slowly reversed. We Ascended Masters are watching over these changes and assuring that the proper outcome, when so implied by your life contracts, can be successfully reached.  You are to learn numerous facts and accomplish miracles as you near the sacred point in time for this grand transformation.  Our Space families are ready to accept your full return to the Light and have new duties for you to accomplish!
These sacred tasks set up by these Space families and by Heaven are first to take you through an unraveling of your money and wealth paradigm and then to watch you return to a fully accomplished land guardianship. This divine process is to take place in many stages as it is a far cry from what you know. The purpose of this and other coming stages is to alter your inner core perceptions.  What Heaven is doing is to move you away from limited consciousness and to prepare you to gladly receive a number of new mantles.  So far, this operation is successful and you are beginning to take on a number of new conscious responsibilities.  As you grow into these you are accepting a revised realm.  This is part of your conversion ceremony.  Each year brings you closer to those events that are destined to permit you to literally wear new and magnificent cloaks.  You are progressing wondrously!  Much Love and a grand Hallelujah to you all!!!
Today, much can be told and rejoiced over.   As a people, you are moving toward your grand ascension in style.  Those things that have created some last minute delays are done and gone.  Our allies in Inner Earth, in space and Heaven are with us.  This is the start of a most glorious time for all humanity!  Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
More from Sheldan Nidle, PAO and the Galactic Federation of Light, including the next Live Webinar,  OUR FUTURE WORLD: LIVING IN THE NEW PARADIGM :   HERE
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Phasings of Illumined Align 
Update GaiaPortal by ÉirePort
Photo: Earth by NASA
Force lines collapse for hu-manity.
Creation storms blanket the unawakened.
Masters of true abundance are recognized, and followed.
Phasings of illumined align.
~  ÉirePort
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Are We Ready?  Let’s Try to Be! 
by Martha
10 March 2016 from  WSOMN 


Are we ready?  I’m not sure but let’s try to be. 

Yesterday was a major game changer for our beautiful country, the United States of America but for all the FREE WORLD now.

Tonight at 8 pm est, we are about to receive an announcement that, hopefully will help open our eyes to a new peaceful co-existence; a renewed way to live together in harmony.

Yesterday was definitely a shocker for a lot of us who doubt that change for the better can ever happen. The old ways, the cabal ways for lack of better terminology, will start to vanish from our thoughts and vocabularies.

I know for months, even years we have been watching this evolve but most still only see the changes against a financial system that is very wrong and against Humanity.

I did an article about the WTO, which, in my opinion was the cabal’s last attempt to strong arm Iraq.  This so called ascension is a major cover up for control by a few countries to continue to harm Humanity.  We all made such a fuss about cut off dates but realize this organization will be defunct before you know it.  I will only say it was a major distraction while we waited.


One added thought is that the Elders have really thought this transition through to be done with the least amount of confusion.  Also Paul Ryan is the interim President.  Under the plan there will be an election in 120 days and yes it does fall around JULY 4th.  I would say what perfect timing.

I also suggest everyone, for the moment make a copy of the NESARA LAW points.

There are groups working on pamphlets to be available as soon as possible.  I will keep you posted.  Still working on informational call and data base.

(Thank you Martha for all of your Intel & Service!)
Mid-Week by ZAP 
from Office of the Poofness
POOFness for March 9, 2016: 
MID-WEEK BY ZAP from “The Office of Poofness”