Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Anxiety or Excitement?

May 8, 2021,

Anxiety is a common ascension symptom for many enlightening human beings. Most of you consider anxiety to be a negative experience, and we do understand it can be quite uncomfortable for you. But today we wish to give you another perspective about anxiety for you to explore.

There is a very fine line between anxiety and excitement. Is it possible some of what you are feeling is excitement? Excitement for being part of this profound shift on your planet? Excitement for the fact that you are in the throes of transformation? Excitement for what is opening for you, and what can become possible as you move forward into the new?

Think of being the lead character in a play. You know it is a great honour to be the star of the show. You know it is something you absolutely want. And you also know it is your destiny to play this role. But even though it is something you want and can’t wait to experience, your excitement can get mixed up with anxiety of wanting to give a great performance and bring your best to the role.

It is the same with the times you are in now. Your soul is so excited to be experiencing the shift on the planet. It is a tremendous success that you have made it this far! But you are also concerned about how it will go and experiencing the new. This is a very normal response. The fact that you are approaching it with such care and diligence is complete assurance that you will do a magnificent job.

It is time to drop into your hearts and listen deeply to what feels right, good, and loving to you in a given moment, then do that, focus on that, marinate in those thoughts and actions.


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is time to let go of your expectations for yourselves, your future, and one another. It is time to create instead, to dream. It is time to drop into your hearts and listen deeply to what feels right, good, and loving to you in a given moment, then do that, focus on that, marinate in those thoughts and actions.

The world, and everyone else in it, is quick to offer you a multitude of ideas, opinions, and suggestions for how you should live your life, solve your problems, and manifest your dreams. The problem is that no one else lives in your body. No one else has your exact mind, nor do they know the deepest desires of your own soul. No one else can dictate to you what is best for you. People can offer suggestions and ideas with which you may resonate. They can also offer many with which you don’t. What you do, how you choose to think, and how you feel as a result, is all up to you.

There are so many streams of thought upon your planet. Some people are happily seeing the end of your pandemic. Others are seeing the potential for it to go on forever. Some people are truly done with the fearful energy of the pandemic, while others will hold onto it forever. Does this mean the world will have a pandemic forever? Absolutely not. Does this mean covid will be around forever in one mutated form or another? Absolutely yes. So, what to do dear ones?

There is only one answer… Do what feels right, authentic, and loving inside of you. Do what feels uplifting and inspiring, safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy. Do you feel like staying home and ordering in? Then do it. Do you feel like going to gatherings and hugging people? When you are inspired, guided, and permitted, do it. Choose. Learn from your choices. Make new ones. In this fashion, you find yourself in the stream of life that you, yourself, have directed.

The Divine offers an endless stream of love to every aspect of creation from the smallest components of your cells to entire galaxies and universes. The Divine coordinates the dreams and desires of all creation. All beings, from the smallest components in your cells to the vast galaxies are consciousness and have needs for their continued existence. You have the free will to express your desires as well. If you can imagine, the Source weaves all dreams and desires into streams of grace for every particle of consciousness on the planet, for every system, and for every being.

You, dear ones have called forth a very unique stream of love and grace from the Source – one that you can either float with or struggle against. With your desires – both explicit expressed and those subtly wished for as a result of seeing the things you don’t care for – you have directed the unconditional love of God in a stream that will guide you, if you line up with its currents, towards all that you’ve asked for.

You do indeed have to go with a flow, but not just any flow… your flow, your unique, perfect, individually designed, and constantly updated flow!

It is easy to tell if you are aligned with your very own stream of grace. When your energy is flowing with your stream, you feel good. When your energy is resisting your stream, you feel bad.

Imagine yourself in a river. If you are floating unimpeded, the ride is exhilarating or gentle and peaceful. You are carried easily downstream. If the river is blocked with boulders, or if you try to cling to the trees on the banks, you’re fighting a mighty current. You’ll wear yourself out, bang yourself up and maybe even feel as if you are drowning. You know these feelings in your own life. You know the exhilaration of being “at one” with the flow of love. You know the pain of hanging on to something that was once a part of your life but needs to be let go. You know the frustrating feeling of obstacles created by fear and doubt. And you know the drowning sensation that ensues when you focus on what is not working in an endless eddy of frustration. Dear ones you can feel your relationship to the stream that you, yourself, called forth.

So how do you get back in the flow that leads to all you seek, when you feel you’ve strayed? The answer is simpler than you might imagine. Right in the moment when you notice you are feeling bad, frustrated, angry, upset, sad, worried, doubtful, or any other unpleasant emotion, imagine yourself in that stream. Try out thoughts that feel better. Flow love towards anything you see in front of you. Do something that you enjoy as soon as possible. Relax. Release the obsession with the problem by focusing on something that feels better. Give yourself permission, as you would do with an upset child, to distract yourself with something better for the time being. You’ll know when you are aligned with the stream again because you’ll feel relief. You’ll start to feel energy moving through you. Maybe you won’t yet feel positive, but you’ll feel better.

Dear ones, surrender to your natural desire to feel better. Surrender to your natural desire to focus on more pleasant things. If reality “sucks” as you might say, stop facing reality. Focus forward. Find the stream, by searching for better thoughts. If you can’t pay a bill and you’ve done what you know to do, focus on a better thought, “The universe has access to infinite possibility. I am still here, alive, and have paid many bills I didn’t know how to pay.” Or “Wow, look at that sunset. Gorgeous. For just a moment I think I’ll sit here and give thanks for all the beauty around me.” Worry might try to grab you again. People might tell you to be “more responsible,” but dear ones, respond to your own hearts first! The stream wishes to carry you to your solutions.

There are many streams of thought in your world now. There will never ever be one right one. The common denominator in all of them however is love. Choose to love yourself enough to do what feels best now, to think the thought that feels best now, to take the actions that feel inspired and joyful. Free yourself from the bondage of pleasing others and floating down their streams, and instead find and align with your own, one better feeling thought and action at a time.

Many small currents join to make a stream. Many small streams join to make a river. Then, dear ones, many rivers travel, as you travel, back to the Ocean of Love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You have evolved to the point where you are becoming immortal, and when you can demonstrate to others how good it feels to not be afraid of dying and to not be afraid of what others think, you can lead society into a new age, into an entirely new dimension.

Note from Nikos:hahahaha ,just as i wrote the earlier note on Mike Quincey’s message The Arcturians drop this channeling about immortality.There is no coincidence,we create our own reality with our belief systems.

Leading Society into the Fifth Dimension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a very good picture of what it looks like for a human being to try to fit in to society, and we also have a very picture of what it looks like when someone is making a statement that is counter to societal norms. We also notice when one of you is willing to just be yourself and when being yourself is not an act of resistance to the societal norms that you’ve been made aware of. You find yourself in a sweet spot. The sweet spot is a place where you give yourself permission to be who you want to be and you don’t really care what anyone thinks. You are neither a conformist nor a rebel. You are just you.

And most people get there at some point in their lives, one way or another. There is a shedding of the skin of who you thought you were supposed to be or who your parents wanted you to be. There are even many adults who are single who are running around trying to be what their preferred gender wants them to be. Or at least they’re doing what they think the gender they prefer wants them to do, looking like they think they need to look in order to attract someone.

Now, there also comes a time in a person’s life when it’s time to examine whether you are operating as the part of yourself that lives in fear, or whether you are operating as that part of yourself that seeks out joy. You also have a survival instinct, in addition to this desire to fit in or stand out as someone who is purposefully not fitting in. The survival instinct means that you have to compete with others. It means you have to have more than enough, just in case. It’s the part of you that never really feels relaxed because something bad could happen. You could get a disease, or the economy could tank. Any number of things could happen that would potentially put your survival at risk.

We are speaking to those of you who recognized that survival instinct a long time ago and have shed that skin as well so that you could simply pursue your joy. You are meant to live in bliss and to be eager and enthusiastic when you wake up in the morning, but you still see people around you who are living in fear, and it’s very hard for you. It’s even harder to convince them that they no longer need to be afraid. And so, what can you do? You can live your life fully, shine your light brightly, and invite anyone and everyone who wants to come along with you on the joy parade to march.

You can be an example to others of how to live proudly as you are and to not fear your mortal nature. You have evolved to the put where you needn’t worry so much about survival. You have evolved to the point where you are becoming immortal, and when you can demonstrate to others how good it feels to not be afraid of dying and to not be afraid of what others think, you can lead society into a new age, into an entirely new dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

In Europe the Covid19 virus seems to be in decline and relaxation of the measures to end its effect, are beginning to take place

Note from Nikos:i resonate with mostly everything at this channeling except from the fact that one should be happy because doing the work in this life means there will live in future lives no longer in lower vibrations. For some of us,we are taking our bodies with us,we are ascending within our physical bodies and can and will live hundreds if not at least thousand years. Mebdeds are going to be here and so much more. I want to clarify this as message coming from My Higher Self.Namaste.

7th May 2021. Mike Quinsey.

In Europe the Covid19 virus seems to be in decline and relaxation of the measures to end its effect, are beginning to take place. Freewill and karma are in play so that some souls will have a totally different experience to others. Even a soul’s life plan is involved so you cannot say for certain how things will work out. However, on a greater scale for humanity in general, all will be affected in one way or another as things cannot return to the way they were before the lockdowns.

Many changes are envisaged that in the long run will prove beneficial to everyone. It may not seem so at the moment but given time you will see the making of a new society that cares for each other and brings more equality into being. For too long a privileged group of people have used their position and wealth to try and create a system that makes all of you subservient to them. Their last attempt has failed and whilst it will take time to create a fairer society the intention is present and it will succeed.

There is a plan for humanity that will eventually right the wrongs of recent times, and the promise of a happy and satisfying life. It cannot happen overnight but the mould has been cast and you will see the signs of the changes mentioned. For too long you have been held back and not allowed to develop in a way that would have lifted up your quality of life. The dark Ones have purposefully placed obstacles in your way and created friction between nations sometimes resulting in wars. You can imagine the harm they cause and not least of all the cost of human life, the damage to your dwellings and facilities.

Matters are changing for the better but give it time as centuries of war and the destruction that comes with it, cannot be put right over night. Know that happier times are coming along with peace and answers to your problems. Eventually all will live in peace and friendship whilst accepting the difference in views and opinions that add to the great variety and spice of life. Long standing customs will not change overnight and should be welcomed as part of the character of those involved.  Much hinges upon how quickly you can accept each other’s differences, and come together as a community whilst welcoming them as an equal part of the Human Race.

For you who know the future will bring peace to all nations, lays the task of uniting those who are your neighbours regardless of their colour or creed. At heart every soul seeks peace and happiness, and it is destined to come within many of your lives. It is planned and is being helped by the desires of the people, who desperately want to see a permanent end to disputes and differences that in the past have led to confrontation and hostilities. The mood of the people will enable them to stand up to those who are warmongers and stop their activities. In the past they have played one side against the other and profited from backing the war machine. The people have “spoken” and will not tolerate those who believe that “might is right”. Permanent  peace will come for certain as the level of consciousness rises and rejects warlike actions or words.

In the midst of chaos we are of the Light that will lift people up and bring peace about for everyone. Those of the lower vibrations will have no place in such a future, and will have their own path to follow that will give them another opportunity to rise up through a greater understanding and appreciation of how a harmonious life should be. Those dear souls who oversee your lives have never ending patience and love for you and are always ready to assist when you call for their help. There are many unseen helpers who help you follow your life plan and arrange opportunities accordingly.

Many of you have reached a level of evolution that enables you to rise up with the increasing vibrations and continue to do so all of the way to Ascension. In doing so you are also helping those who follow you and can learn from your example. We salute and bless those of you who hold your heads up high, and with determination march ever onwards prepared to face whatever obstacles are placed in your way. You are the ones creating a path that others can follow and are to be thanked for your resolute intentions to drive ever forward. It should be comforting to know that you will not have to spend any future lives in the lower vibrations.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

It is time for a European Basic Income scheme.

When EU leaders meet for the Porto Social Summit this weekend, they should show real commitment to the needs of European citizens facing hardship and precarious situations. Rather than expecting wonders from the failed workfare paradigm, they should embrace a new concept of social citizenship. It is time to move towards an unconditional guarantee of economic existence and dignity for all.

Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) welcomes the Portuguese EU presidency’s focus on EU citizens’ social rights and protection across the Union. We appreciate the ambition of the European Commission to go beyond symbolic declarations and set measurable targets for the proposed Action Plan. The scope of the planned measures, however, is regrettably weak. The poverty reduction proposals are shamefully unambitious, especially since the  Union failed to meet its poverty reduction goals for 2020.

Rather than giving millions of Europeans in precarious situations new hope with ambitious new ideas, the draft Plan merely contains a summary of ongoing policies as well as adding a few that are already “under construction”. Worst of all, it is locked in the failed and discredited workfare logic, as it expects significant improvements on all areas of social protection from a moderate five percentage point increase of the employment rate. 

“I must wonder where the EU Commission and Member States governments have spent the last year, if all their answers to the existential fears of millions of Europeans consist of the old ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ mantra,” says Alessandra Bianchi, Chair of UBIE. “For a sustainable recovery path from the pandemic that guarantees everyone’s economic security and human dignity, and in order to make society resilient against similar shocks in the future, we need a paradigm shift towards a social citizenship for all.” 

Improving working conditions for those in employment is a policy objective that certainly deserves support. However, access to social protection in the 21st century should not solely rest on people’s ability to access the labor market. The “job avenue” as the only way out of poverty has proven to be a delusion, and ignores the huge amount of unpaid work people need to do for their families, their communities and even just to find a job themselves. We need a reliable social safety net based on rights – and not on more conditionality – for all citizens, regardless of their individual skills and personal situations. 

The introduction of Unconditional Basic Income throughout the European Union could form the base for a much needed guaranteed security for all. A representative poll carried out by UBIE, WeMove Europe and YouGov at the end of 2020 showed that around two-thirds of Europeans (in the six major EU member states surveyed) want governments to put in place a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

European institutions have shown in the past that they can be capable of coming up with historic solutions to face unprecedented challenges. The European Union is one of the wealthiest regions of the world. The Social Pillar Action Plan should therefore aim at ending poverty in Europe rather than just managing it. It is now time to support the people, and to support them directly. It is time for a European Basic Income scheme.

Linda Dillon: Archangel Jophiel asks, “What Are the Keys to Nova Earth?”

Let us start with compassion, and let us take this quality and this concept, this belief system, and expand it one hundred, one thousand-fold.


Greetings, I AM Jophiel, angel of the future, Archangel of Completion, Archangel of New Beginnings, and in many ways, Archangel of Structure, of Sacred Geometry, of Repositioning. Welcome. You may call me Jophiel, you may call me Jophie, as you recall the dust that I have given you for transformation eons and ages ago. You may call me Yo, you may call me YoYo. All I am saying, my invitation to your heart and to your head is to call upon me, my beloveds, as I now call upon you, as I call upon you and every single being upon this beautiful planet to step forward in the wonder, in the delight, in the bliss, and in the truth of who you truly are.

You are not some misguided, distracted, lost lamb… you are the Mother’s ground crew. The extraordinary nature of that honor is not always known, or accepted, or realized, and so I bring this to your attention yet again.

Long ago you have asked my sister, Gabrielle, what the keys to heaven are. And that has not changed… it is love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and whole-hearted balance. But there is a next question, is there not? What are the keys to Nova Earth? It is not just the keys to your heart… think of it as the combination to open the portals to full capacity, to step forward in the creation… and yes, I am going to be talking to you about this time, and time, and time again… but this day, let us begin. Yes, your keys are love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance… and unity consciousness is the state of being in the higher realms and in this time of new normal.

Now, you say to me, this channel says to me, “And Jophiel, how exactly do we go about achieving this?” So, I am bringing you back to your Blessings and Virtues, and in many ways to the laws of One, the laws of love.

Let us start with compassion, and let us take this quality and this concept, this belief system, and expand it one hundred, one thousand-fold. Because in unity consciousness there can be no unity consciousness, there can be no connectedness, there can be no balance unless phenomenal, extraordinary compassion is fully integrated… not just present but so deeply integrated into your sacred self, and into the fibers, the existence, not of this or that society, this or that religion or belief system, but into the very fiber of the air you breathe.

Now, very often compassion is thought of as the quality of saints, or that it is a stand-back quality. The reason we call this a blessing and a virtue, is that it is a virtue that you hold, and it is a blessing that you bestow, and you bestow upon everybody equally… and that includes yourself. We have been saying, this entire Council has been saying, that it is a time… yes, you will call me a very plain-spoken archangel, even more so than Gabrielle… it is a time to rise above what you think of as petty differences into the glory of truth. Not that you have truth and somebody else doesn’t… but into the truth of love, into the truth of compassion.

An aspect of compassion is the deep profound honoring of another’s journey, of the path that they choose, of the incredible qualities unique to that person that they bring forth, whether they are earth-keeper, or gatekeeper, angelic, star-being… it matters not… you admire them. Inside compassion is the honoring and admiration.

Now, where does this begin? Well, first of all, it begins with a balance of head and heart, of your brilliant, intelligent self. This life is not about dumbing down… it is taking extraordinary leaps into the full brilliance of what you are fully capable of, and that only occurs in the balance of head and heart. Too often, the heart had been completely forgotten, ignored, ruptured, tortured. Now you have learned to be in the truth of your heart… but it does not mean ignoring your brain… the same way you wouldn’t ignore your hands, or your fingers, or your feet. You do not wish to atrophy any part of your sacred self. And so, you have compassion for your sweet self, for that totality of who you are. And in seeing, in every meaning of that word, in seeing and accepting with heart-compassion this truth, then you are able… you enable, you activate yourself… to be able to give, receive, work with, play with compassion for all beings. Not in the quality of mercy… which is very important, and we will talk about that as well… but in the honoring, the admiration, of each being. Not that they are in or out, above or below, they are sacred.

So, I begin, my beloved family, I begin my work with you, my play with you. I bring you compassion, and I bring you the balance of compassion. Go with my magenta love. Go with my joy… my joy… as I see you, I see who you are, and I invite you to do the same. Go in peace, and go, go play, unpack those presents for they are waiting.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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How do i destroy chemtrails?

As soon as i see a plane flying by, i am having first a good laugh thinking : oh there you are again, you are so afraid of Humanity waking up that you now are trying once again to hide the sunrays even though you know you already lost the game and that Love has won. Then i am sending love to the pilot and then i call upon The Violet Flame of Saint Germain, The Angels of the Violet Flame and The Crystals and The Ascended Golden Eyed Dragons(only those are of the light) and Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst asking them to support the expansion of these clearing energies to transmute all and to raise the frequency for all.A few minutes staying in these energies and voila the work is done.

I Speak Only of What I Want.

One can choose to speak for ever about what doesn’t go well at any level personal or global. And one can choose to notice and speak of only of the GOod stuff he/she notices and only of what she/he wants. Both are right in their perspectives, with the first the big majority or part of the world agrees while the 2nd is called a happy dreamer. Only one of the 2 is a Master Creator. Can the Master Creator demonstrate this to the rest of world ?

yes, at some point when enough momentum is reached and when this happens, the world will say : what a lucky guy/gal. But a true creator knows that he/she had to work on it from their depths of their being feeling GOod to the very deepest of their guts, he/she has practised for so long feeling good that at the end all projects and manifestations happen like a domino falling at geometric speed and when this happens the whole world is uplifted, simply because the Master Creator has focused enough to make what he/she wants TRUE.


Nikos Akrivos

Awakening Collective Success by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 
Greetings and love, I am Saint Germain. I come forth with my love, truth and all that I am to share with you. I am an expression of the Creator, I am an expression of divine magic, love, truth, peace, all that is the Creator. As this expression, I wish to inspire the same within your being, not only this, I wish to inspire that your expression of the Creator inspires and positively impacts the world and reality you exist within at this time.

You are a powerful tool in the ascension process you have the ability to express the ascension process and all that is the Creator, bringing forth the activations, insights, remembrance, and the truth that is necessary. Every being will increase their vibration, awaken their hearts, and come to remember the truth of the Creator because of you. You are creating a reality of love for all to experience and are a powerful force in this ascension process that is unfolding. Everything that you do, every thought you have assists in the ascension process of all, the collective. When I speak of the collective, I am speaking of the consciousness, the mind, the remembrance and the beings or presence of all upon the Earth, every single soul, every single being upon the Earth is the collective. This includes humanity, animals, insects, tree spirits and so forth. You all create a collective energy, a collective consciousness and vibration. Past generations also add to the collective vibration, all beings who have existed upon the Earth in the past or simultaneous lifetimes have gifted their energy, and their experiences to this collective vibration and collective consciousness.

The collective vibration and consciousness of the Earth’s reality is so vast and expansive, it is like a library. It is immensely healing for all, it also holds all the wounds that have been unresolved within your own being and within others, whether they are on the Earth now or not. Therefore, we recognise that this collective vibration, or collective body, has so much power and influence not only over your reality, but everyone. It is my understanding at this stage of ascension that there is a need to awaken the collective success. When we awaken the success energy within the collective body, we will transform the perspective and the beliefs of the collective. We will heal wounds, we will be able to let go of many things that are hindering, negatively impacting, or holding all of humanity and all beings upon the Earth back.

What is Success?

When we speak of success, we are speaking of achieving one’s purpose, manifesting dreams, desires, embodying fulfilment, embodying the energy of completion and being a beacon of love. As well as enjoying your time upon the Earth in every given moment. We recognise success in many ways, it can be money, prosperity, time, love, objects, friendship, relationships, health, or vitality. There are so many ways that success can manifest. As I, Saint Germain, speak of success I am referring to the vibration of success, the highest vibration of the Creator that is able to be embedded within the Earth, and within your being.

Take a few moments just to acknowledge the highest vibration of the Creator.

We are not even speaking of success here, we are speaking of the highest vibration of the Creator that can manifest at the physical reality level, within your being, and through your being. When you embody the highest vibration of the Creator that is available to you in this moment you will automatically recognise the presence of success. You will automatically recognise that success or fulfilment begins to manifest in your reality and so, this is something that we are inviting you to achieve now.

Ask your soul to download into your being the highest vibration of the Creator available to you now.

Then simply allow it to be present with you, take time even if it is only a few minutes, to allow this to be downloaded, to be embedded and grounded into your being. It is a process of awakening, and remembrance. As you achieve this so you will already begin to impact the collective body that we spoke of.
Imagine the collective body. The collective body holds within it everyone’s success and what every being who has existed on the Earth recognises as failure, mistakes, or wounds. These wounds within the Collective body are holding humanity back, creating limitations, boundaries, and baggage. You are influenced by this energy from the collective body whether you are aware of it or not. Even if you feel yourself to be an embodiment of fulfilment, success, and completion, those wounds are still impacting your being. Even if you have healed all the wounds within your being the collective body may still impact your being. The collective body is so powerful it seems important to create an awakening of success within the collective body, therefore dissolving, dispersing, and erasing anything and everything that any being upon the Earth has recognised as a failure, a wound, or a mistake. You have the power to achieve this within the collective body. You have the power to awaken collective success, therefore the collective body will be influencing you and all beings with the energy of success. You will experience a limitless energy, that is empowering, strengthening, and nurturing.  You will experience everything that you need to support yourself and to allow others to be supported upon the Earth, beginning to recognise the true nature and the true purpose of the collective body. The transformation will offer wisdom and knowledge that is needed so that all beings who exist upon the Earth can navigate the Earth using these tools and more importantly to offer success, and fulfilment as normal, as given, a natural aspect of the Earth. You are deserving, the collective body will support you and all beings through the ascension process navigating the journey of the Earth in a physical reality.

How to Awaken Collective Success

I, Saint Germain, wish to share with you how you can create this shift. First, as I have stated, there is a need to create the download within and from your soul into your being. Once you have achieved this and embodied it then you may focus upon the collective body.

Send your energy or love, your truth to the collective body. Imagine it as a well of light that is connected to every being upon the Earth, like a library or a source of information, you could even imagine it as a computer that is connected to all beings. As you send your energy to the collective body there is a need for you to state your intention:

‘It is my purpose with my guides, soul and soul group to awaken the collective success for myself, and for all.’

Then say:

‘I call upon the highest vibration of the Creator to flow into the collective body now.’

You may wish to imagine, sense, or acknowledge this occurring as the highest vibration available from the Creator flows and downloads into the collective body.

Then say:

‘The collective body now awakens the vibration of success dissolving dispersing, and erasing wounds, failures and mistakes, all energies that hinder, limit and block all beings upon the Earth.’

Then, please say:

‘I call upon all loving beings throughout the entire Universe of the Creator to now surround the collective body of the Earth and all beings, please send your highest vibration of love into the collective body. Please continue to do so until the awakening is complete, and the transformation and healing has taken place. Thank you.’

In the coming days, we invite you to practice this for yourself and for the collective body. You will begin to know when the process is being completed because you will receive the energy of fulfilment, success, and completion. You may receive it as you achieve this process, or you may receive it in your daily reality. It is important to notice it and celebrate it as well. To celebrate you can simply say thank you or express your gratitude.

Once you notice the energy of success flowing more freely within your being, your reality, and the world, ask all the beings that have been supporting this transformation to ground it, to ground the success energy into all beings upon the Earth and into Mother Earth herself as well. This is an immensely powerful and important process and practice. It will create tremendous shifts not only in your perspectives and beliefs, but in the perspective, and beliefs of all beings. How wonderful if all beings recognise success, fulfilment, and completion as a natural part of everyday life letting go of old baggage that has been unresolved.

I am present to serve you, I thank you.

I Am Saint Germain

More Saint Germain

Your skies overhead are now literally filled with our spacecraft!

by Beth Stormont

Greetings, Dear Ones! We are so very pleased to be back with you as we bring a message that may be somewhat new to you.

The new message is that Galactic Fleet Command is much expanded over the seven patrol ships that we have been in the past.

We now have many more from other planets and galaxies that have joined with us in these final days of the Ascension process… both spaceships and personnel! Your skies overhead are now literally filled with our spacecraft! All of this is added to the fleet of Ashtar Command, which has existed for eons of time.

An interesting aspect of this expansion is the addition of many humans who have left Planet Earth to become a part of our patrolling endeavors.

Many of them were living lives of great struggle and sacrifice, and so they were given this opportunity to join forces with us in a more positive way. Since they have themselves experienced such a difficult way of life, they have chosen to now aid their Earth brothers and sisters by working with us from the Higher realms.

We feel deeply honored that they have made this choice — and we have welcomed them with the greatest of joy and love!

These new members of our fleet bring great benefit to us, for they can bring first-hand knowledge of what you on the planet are actually experiencing… a perspective that can come only from the experiencing itself. The painful memories of what they had experienced before leaving the planet received amelioration from a healing orientation before they joined us. But there will naturally be an empathic connection of pain that will be revived in them as their work with you on the ground commences.

We hope you realize what a sacrifice this is that they are making for you with such loving intent. They could have chosen to go on to a more pleasing planet than is this current one – or even to the 5D Earth planet itself – but they chose instead to stay to help bring the final victory of Ascension to Mother Gaia and her Humanity.

This is the message we were anxious to bring to you, so that you might also rejoice with us, Dear Ones. We are so very proud of you who have so bravely chosen to take on Human form at this time… whether working among the ground forces or in the air!

If you have the privilege of living a life that is not with extreme difficulty or suffering – (when seen from the 5D perspective, of course) – we wish for you to know how very much your efforts are needed and appreciated as members of the ground crews. We could not carry out the work needed in the air without the efforts and support of those of you on the ground — please know this!

We hold you ever in the Love and Light of the Cosmic Christ — and send you all the love, light, and joy that we are capable of sending!

Blessings, Dear Ones.


the only ones that finished the race were those that chose to focus only on themselves and the one foot in front of the other.

May 4, 2021,

I woke from a dream and knew I needed to share it. I shared it with the Aura Cleansing group, but wanted to share it with everyone else as well. In the dream I was watching a race. It was a foot race. There were four distinct groupings with staggered starts.

The first group upon the fire of the gun, took off and ran without being concerned about anything other than completing the race.

The second group started out strong. Half the group were inspired by the first group and kept their head down and focused on one foot in front of the other. The other half of the other group got completely distracted in trying to help the third bunch.

The third group were struggling. Some sat on the track and cried. Some were losing their shoes, some fell down and injured themselves. Some were so distracted by the audience, and what was going on around them that they totally forgot that they were in a race.

The fourth group refused to move. They were completely content not running a race at all. Many were locked into the digital world and were content with the illusion it created.

I watched quite a few of the second group stop their race to assist the ones in the third group that were struggling. At first this looked kind and noble, but then it became obvious that instead of helping, they exasperated the issues that the third group was struggling with.

What the third group really needed was someone to show the way, to light the path, to give them hope that it could be done. Instead, many of the second grouping were pointing out the potholes, inequities of the race and the thousands of things to avoid. It only led to the 3rd group feeling afraid, disempowered and that they couldn’t finish the race.

In the end the only ones that finished the race were those that chose to focus only on themselves and the one foot in front of the other.

My team requested that I share this because May will be very intense. Our focus on the steps ahead and our journey will be required so that we don’t trip and fall.

What we allow in through our senses, the 5 senses in particular but also the extra senses of energy impacts us tremendously. Not only does it do damage as it comes in but then it changes our own worldview, and that changes the reality that we project from our own chakras.

We are being asked to put ourselves first. Only you know what that looks like. It may mean that you have to pull away from society, from the worry about the future and from the increased division. Only YOU know what it really looks like for you to put yourself and this journey first. That is being asked of us now.

Hope this transmission finds you well and surfing the energetic waves. Thank you to all that share and support this work. You are very appreciated.

When you have a desire and incorporate even the smallest action into your life that matches that intention, it becomes a part of who you are and sends out energetic ripples that the universe will respond to.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Energetic Alchemy

May 4, 2021,

When you have a desire and incorporate even the smallest action into your life that matches that intention, it becomes a part of who you are and sends out energetic ripples that the universe will respond to. What we want you to understand is you don’t have to climb an entire mountain to create change. You simply have to take small consistent steps.

You are in a phase where you are learning the power of working with subtle energies. You are energetic alchemists! By choosing what you prefer and infusing that preference into your life in whatever way is available to you right now, you are adjusting your energy and making a new energetic declaration of your beingness.

Don’t hold yourselves back waiting to be ready to make grandiose changes, Dear Ones. Slow and steady wins the race. What one thing can you add to your experience today, that holds the energy of where you wish to go?

We want you to understand that even one small action has the power to create big shifts because the essence of that desire has gone from being something that might happen one day to something you are experiencing in your now moment, and you can, with your love and consistency, grow it from there with the full support of the universe.

This is what is most important.

Dear Ground Crew:

This is a message from Apollo from April 29, 2021: “If you compare the lackluster of yesteryear to what is occurring now on the planet, you will realize you are living in a different world. Yes, these realizations can be challenging and discordant but you are playing a role in the movie. This is part of your ascension. The past must be cleaned out which is necessary for your evolution. Hanging onto the past is not an option. Moving upward and onward while reaching for the 5D energies and greater, is your destination. With each moment you are guided to stay present in the now. It is like trying to swat a fly. If you miss the fly, life continues. Burdens of the past are unnecessary for you to pack around. Use your focus to seize the opportunity that presents itself on your spiraling upward journey in consciousness. This is what is most important.”

you are beginning to have knowledge and clarity of who you truly are as divine beings, masters, avatars, angels and archangels.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council for Valerie Donner May 2, 2021

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I bring you good tidings today from all of us on the Earth Council and from everyone who is working for the betterment of the planet.

Again, I want to reiterate how important your presence on the earth is right now. You are doing some amazing things of which most of you are unaware. You were blocked from your connection with God; you lived in a veil of forgetfulness; your DNA was changed and you lost memory of who you really are and why you are on the earth.

You are powerful warriors of light. Right now, the veils have been lifted and you are beginning to have knowledge and clarity of who you truly are as divine beings, masters, avatars, angels and archangels. For too long on the earth you were taught to feel as if you were worthless. Society reinforced this through programming in a myriad of ways. As of this now moment, we recommend you eliminate any thoughts of being less than the I AM God presence that you are.

As you continue to hold the light on earth, major inroads are being made for the freedom of the planet. It is happening with powerful beings as well as technology that has been set aside for this perfect time.

Many of these resources are surprising the dark ones who thought they would have control forever. I can happily announce that their control is diminishing rapidly along with their presence on the earth. Your prayers and meditations are powerful and are assisting massively with this harmonizing shift.

We understand your fatigue and desire to be living fully in the Golden Age. I reassure you that this is where you are going. You are gifted and talented beings who can constantly bring these 5th dimensional and higher energies into your life. This focus assists us and the planet. It enables the consciousness to rise and when you claim your new world you will find yourselves living in that consciousness.

Spread the word and spread the light. Connect with us in the Pleiadian star system and with the Earth council. Call forth your galactic family and your remembrance of your origins. Participate in the divine action that you were called to take in this now moment.

Let go of fear and welcome joy, peace, beauty, harmony, and lots of love into your life and onto the earth. Please know that abundance is yours and that everything you need will be provided.

We send you our love and gratitude. I am Mira.

Message from John F. Kennedy through Losha – A Transcription


Greetings to all my beloved Patriots and Lightworkers…and all others who are listening to my message at this time.

Losha and I would like to address a different topic today. She and I have been speaking of the event called “9/11.”

I have my own understanding of what happened at that time and I would like to pass along those understandings at this time. I found out some of this after the fact, however I would like to address it anyway because I believe it is important for you all to know.

The primary piece of information I would like to pass along is that…and this will be shocking to many…however, the Alliance, or the White Hats as they’ve been called, actually knew about the 9/11 event beforehand.

Now, at this time, back in 2001, the Alliance did not have the measure of control that they do at this time. They were unable to control the different agencies. So, they heard about this event being planned but they were unable to stop it.

There are reasons that it did go forward…and one of the reasons that it was “allowed” (by the galactics) to go forward is because it was to be a huge “wakeup call” for so many Americans and international citizens.

The event went ahead as planned…however, the Alliance did what they could to diminish the casualties. Even though they couldn’t stop the event from happening, they put out rumors beforehand indicating that the Alliance knew about the event and they were going to stop it…even though they really couldn’t. So, because of all those insistent rumors the Cabal decided to move their time frame up to make sure it happened as they wanted it to.

So, they moved it up just an hour, but because they moved it up one hour…if you think about the time it actually happened…that one hour saved a lot of lives. So, that is what the Alliance did…that was all they could do at the time.

They also were aware that the Americans needed to be “awakened”, and this was the event that was to do it…and it did work that way. If you speak to many Lightworkers now, and Truthers as they are called, and all the different people who are working toward “Disclosure” and to the Truth coming out…many, many of them were awakened because of 9/11.

So, it may sound bad that the Alliance knew about it and allowed it to happen, however there is always a bigger picture and I have been learning that in my time since I have been on Earth.

The other topic I wanted to mention was that I had a behind-the-scenes role in 9/11, after the fact. Right after it happened, I was on assignment you might say, with the Galactic Federation. We went and visited and spoke with all the neighboring countries to Iraq, as Iraq was attacked by the “Americans” shortly after 9/11 happened.

Because of the fact that when I was on Earth, I had great international knowledge and understandings, I joined the Galactic Federation and we appeared to the different country’s leaders via a “holographic” image…and we talked to them because we wanted to dissuade them from joining in to help Iraq “defeat” the Americans. Some might think that might have been a “good” thing however, again…and this might sound trite to say, but this war had to happen the way that it did. As the American military attacked Iraq so relentlessly, the Americans became pretty “hated” in the countries of Iraq and the neighboring countries.

So, when the news came back on the mainstream media here in America that the Americans were basically hated by all these countries and they didn’t like that the military over there…the American “government” primarily…were being so relentless in their attacks from all phases of the military…land, sea, and air…that the neighboring countries grew to not like the Americans, also.

That news came back to the American citizens and they didn’t like that they were hated…and it did wake them up to their own government being basically a “despot” government…a tyrannical government, with the way they were waging this war so relentlessly against Iraq and Hussein.

Hence, that all had to happen as it did, also…so, my role was to help talk to the other countries so they would stay put and not involve themselves in the war against America, even though they truly wanted to do so. I enjoyed being “useful” in that way, even though it was under dire circumstances.

Those were the things I wanted to mention…two somewhat different topics about 9/11…those are the areas where I have knowledge and I wanted to pass it along to all of you…and to say that the 9/11 event happened as it was supposed to…and it worked to help awaken many, many souls.

The 9/11 event was the biggest wakeup call in the history of the United States. My assassination was also a wakeup call to Americans, but it was a smaller one as compared to the 9/11 event.

Hence, everything happened as it should and we have grown so much since the time of 9/11! We understand so much more…we know the Truth about our government and how they have programmed us to not question things. However, in the last ten, twenty years there have been lots of questions being asked, and answered, via the alternative media.

We are now very, very close to finally learning the Truth…and those who are still asleep, will also be learning the Truth. It is time for us all to embrace each other no matter what “side” of this matter we are on…whether they be awakened or sleeping, we all must embrace each other when the Truth comes out. Those who are awakened are going to need to be there, and be compassionate, with those people who are just waking up.

There should never be “I told you so”’s, or “I don’t want to help you because I already told you about this”…please just come from the Love in your heart to assist all of those who are awakening. We must help each other because that is where our future lies…by helping each other and caring for each other…so, all these “bad” events…terrible events which have happened in the past are finally going to have meaning in a positive way.

We have learned from all of these tragedies…and we have learned that Loving one another is where we are headed. We need to speak from our hearts, not from our heads.

I want to end this message on a very positive note…that we are so very close to the Truth coming out and I want you all to be prepared to help each other, so that we can all go into the future…our new, beautiful future, together, with Love in our hearts for each other…as I have Love for all of you!

I thank you for listening to my message today…I know it was rather different, however I felt it was important for me to address it. I thank you very much, and as always, I Love you all, I am watching over you, and I am here for you.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

The combined light beamed to Earth from powerful civilizations and the light you generate has been exposing one layer after another of darkness.

Matthew’s Message, May 3, 2021

May 3, 2021

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Evolving in spiritual and conscious awareness is a self-discovery process that removes one layer after another of forgetfulness about your very being, Creator’s love-light energy. That will continue until you remember your Beginnings and return to Creator Source.

What is going on throughout your world is a different kind of discovery process. The combined light beamed to Earth from powerful civilizations and the light you generate has been exposing one layer after another of darkness. That will continue until every layer has been vanquished and its energy transmuted into light.

Numerous times during the seventeen years of our messages we have said their purpose is to offer enlightenment, spiritual guidance and encouragement. In this moment, encouragement may be the most helpful to all who are distressed because the exposure process is showing little evidence of progress and no official acknowledgement.

We want to assure you that a great deal is progressing on target behind the scenes, and we want to uplift all who are feeling like these dear lightworkers: “I do not plan on reincarnating on this planet ever again!!” “I’m old, tired and my patience has been used up.” “I promise to do my service, and when it is finished, I can’t wait to go home—and I am NEVER coming back!” “I’m exhausted… I want Matthew to tell me WHY I chose this miserable planet to incarnate.”

This is a layer of forgetfulness that is only temporary. You don’t remember that when you eagerly volunteered to come to Earth and help the civilization awaken, you knew life in a third density world would be difficult. You knew, too, that you were chosen when many, many others were not because your multiple lifetime experiencing would provide the spiritual strength, wisdom and perseverance to surmount obstacles you would encounter.

You don’t remember that you knew billions of souls would choose to complete third density karmic lessons during your Earth incarnation and those lessons would entail widespread hardships and suffering. You also knew how joyful those souls would be after transitioning to spirit life and realizing they had attained the balanced experiencing they needed to evolve. Further, you knew that you would advance by helping universal family members on Earth manifest the better world they want— and, dear brothers and sisters, you are indeed leaping forward!

A number of you have written about “feeling alone” because friends and family give no credibility to what you know is true. Another reason you were selected to help Earth’s peoples when so many other volunteers were not is, you do know that never are you alone! You just need to remember that myriad guides and angels always are with you, eager to assist, and so are dear ones living in spirit worlds. You are known, loved and honored by all light beings in this universe, and entire civilizations are beaming light to help you along your pathway.

More down to Earth, so to say, when truths come forth, people who in this moment ridicule what you have told them will have their minds widely opened. It will behoove you to refrain from saying aloud, “I told you so!” as tempting as that could be. And, you may discover that acquaintances you never suspected could be kindred spirits have been all along.

Now then, the successively higher vibratory levels that are exposing layers of darkness also are changing carbon-based cells into crystalline in all souls who are absorbing the light, and both of those are developments for rejoicing. However, energy changes can cause disconcerting physical, emotional and mental effects, and more than a year of severe restrictions has intensified them—the populace is dealing with “double stress.” [November 20, 2017 message mentions the effects and offers suggestions to lessen them.]

We empathize with all of you dear brothers and sisters who are feeling distressed! We lived in civilizations where the battle between the light and dark forces raged, and we experienced pain, setbacks, anguish and anger. The knowledge and inner strength we gained in those lifetimes is why we were chosen to help other civilizations discover their power to change their lives and worlds for the better.

What we experienced applies equally to you—simply, we remember those lifetimes and you don’t. But you do know the source of the severe restrictions is vastly different from the grand benefits heralded by ever-rising vibrations, and most people don’t. Consequently, they’re feeling frustrated, anxious and despondent, and when they realize they have been lied to, rage and guilt will be common reactions.

So it is that steadfastness in the light is as essential to your wellbeing as to the wellbeing and forward movement of the society. Your light will help foundering souls replace negative feelings with optimism and determination to transform their world.

Let us mention another reason you were chosen when many others were not: You know who you are. You know you are ever so much more than a person with ideas, beliefs, experiences, personality, skills, talents, desires and accomplishments. Please think of yourself and everyone else, whether or not you admire or agree with them, as who you all are: multidimensional immortal souls, inviolate and independent, yet inseparably interconnected with all other life throughout the cosmos. Each and every life is the love-light essence of Creator Source, the most powerful force in existence.

May 1st was Global Love Day, sponsored by The Love Foundation. Twenty-one years ago the Foundation was established to celebrate humanity’s diversity through education, research and cultural artistry, and to inspire people worldwide to love unconditionally. The “ingredient” of every soul on Earth is Creator’s unconditional love, and we can think of no worthier mission than inspiring people to BE who they ARE.

“My parents who are kindhearted and generous believe people who don’t share their fundamentalist religious beliefs are doomed to eternal hell. I don’t want to upset them so don’t tell them I no longer believe that but feel guilty about my deception. Mainly I’m afraid of what will happen to them when they make transition. How can I convince them to change their judgmental belief?” Our reply to this dear soul applies to everyone who has similar concerns about family or friends.

First we say, the energy of guilt and fear dims your light. Loving your parents without attaching those feelings will lift your spirits and the higher vibrations you send forth will benefit them, too. It isn’t your responsibility or your right to change what they believe. Everyone has the divine right to move toward enlightenment at their own pace, and if beloved persons have chosen a pace slower than yours, please honor their decision.

As for your parents’ transition, like everyone else on Earth, they will make the lightning-swift trip to the part of Nirvana that corresponds to their lifetime energy registration. The match-up, which is in accordance with the universal law of physics, has to do with living in godly ways or not and how closely free will choices adhered to or departed from soul contracts.

Your parents’ kind hearts and generous nature are godly indeed, and you don’t know what they chose in their contracts. Perhaps rigid beliefs are a stabilizing faith after lifetimes of struggling to make sense of what was experienced. Possibly the contracts call for shared convictions to balance lifetimes when opposing religious leaders sent them into battle. Or, in the family’s pre-birth agreement, your parents may have agreed to believe as they do as a means of motivating you to grow spiritually and consciously.

There is more to say about entering Nirvana. Each soul’s unique frequency lets the realm’s welcomers know whose arrival is imminent and each is personally greeted by name. Persons whose etheric bodies or psyches are seriously debilitated are given constant customed treatment by medical assisters, and while they are attaining full strength and wellness, they become aware of this and other realities that are “the afterlife.” To ease introduction to life in spirit for people who do not need that kind of attention, Nirvana will appear to be what they believe comes after “death.”

For instance, individuals who expect a dark void will enter silent nothingness. If persons believe they will waken in an endless field of fragrant flowers, they will. People who believe “the dead” arrive at a magnificent gate where St. Peter is holding a list of names will see him there. Whoever believes heaven is filled with winged angels playing harps suddenly will be in their midst.

Whatever each person expects is holographically reproduced, but since those are “theatrical performances” in a manner of speaking, they cannot last long. Only truth and love can prevail in Nirvana—it is their high vibrations that maintain the stability and flexibility of all parts of the realm.

This is how the actuality of that world might be revealed to a man who was engulfed in the nothingness he anticipated. A diffused light appears in the distance and becomes brighter as it slowly moves toward him. Now he can see someone he loved and, in his mind, was long dead—his grandmother, who died in old age twenty years previously. Appearing as the smiling, white-haired, wrinkle-faced lady he knew, she takes his hand and gently pulls him into the light. During the several days in your concept of time she shows him the realm’s beauty and diversity, gradually she changes into a vibrant young woman. Elderly persons become younger until they reach what you consider “prime” years of early thirties and children grow older until they reach that stage.

Reunions with persons dear to new arrivals always are joyous, but adjustment to Nirvana varies in accordance with people’s beliefs about the “afterlife.” People who quickly remember other lifetimes there are excited about returning. Others are hesitant about living in a world that is different from the one they entered, but as they see the realm’s wondrous offerings, they become active residents. Individuals who cling to their ideas of eternal life in heaven or hell decide to sleep rather than accept something they don’t believe exists; they are lovingly tended until they want to waken and learn about Earth’s spirit world.

To the dear soul who wrote about her parents, whatever they expect the afterlife to be, so it will be at the outset. In time, each will embrace the reality of life in spirit and, like all other residents, plan their next incarnation with the knowledge of cumulative experiences in multiple lifetimes.

Beloved family, all light beings in this universe honor you for helping Earth’s peoples manifest a true heaven on the planet.



Suzanne Ward

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Ashtar Sheran – Update May 2 2021

I am Ashtar Sheran with a message to those of the planet Earth.

Reviewing your round table discussions, reviewing the news put forth by those in the know in your alternative communities, we must say to you that you are all doing a wonderful job in informing the public. News is being passed on despite large levels of censorship, and the message is getting through to many, not all, but many.

Of course on the planet, you are not privy to all of the Light, and this is as I have stated before: because your collective can only carry so much Light as a collective. To provide information to those who cannot hold it is a futile effort. Some have access to more information than others, and that is because these pockets can hold that Light quotient.

And this is the reason that the dark system has not yet been dissolved: because many are still upholding it. There are delays as we wait for more to wake up, as you say, and as has been noted, this is a slow process. However, focusing on and lamenting the time it takes only increases the delay. Focus on what you wish to see manifest instead and be grateful for every day that has gone by revealing to you the progress that has been made. With this month’s increasing frequencies on the 5th, more will join the Light and that is the case with each successive month.

This is a process that you would describe as being “fragile”. It is something we are spearheading and being very careful about so that we achieve the correct reaction from the people of your planet. Obviously the evil ones are trying to create war. In doing so, this would distract the people who are still asleep, using your terminology, that there is no other war going on, and there is no reason to listen to the alternative news community as they are simply theorizing. Yes, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Wars always draw energy, especially since they are displayed in vivid colour on your television sets, the more energy that is drawn from the viewers, the more the viewers remain hypnotized and the more energy is put into the war. The DS knows that to start a war anywhere on earth can create a global war soon enough. They have started that way before. We are putting our efforts into calming these war zones and finding peace. We do not wish another physical world war for the people of Earth.

The first milestone in the journey was the Quantum Financial System (QFS), which has already been implemented. Disruption and dissolution of the old Fiat monetary system is underway, and will progress as it is allowed to do so. The more people realize that their money is coming from this new source, the QFS, the more the old system will collapse. If one believes that it is what it always was and no change has been made, then the old system will prevail for them. Believe it. Change your thinking to align with this Truth. Which system do you wish to provide your income to you? You have a choice now.

Implementation of the QFS program for the peoples will continue this year, and project monies will be dispensed on the provision that your frequency aligns with a fifth dimensional frequency. If you are not so aligned, you will not receive your project funding.

Supplemental income is forthcoming for the people of earth. The exact date remains undeclared.

Your world leaders are largely on board. Many of the evil rulers have been arrested and replaced with substitutes or they are cooperating with the Light forces. This has been well noted by your alternative news community.

There is still a DS population at large, who are fighting to retain their power. They are still the culprits behind the sabotage, extortion and bribery, and these people must be brought to Light. They remain out of the mainstream but there are still others who know who they are and these others must come forward to declare them as enemies of the public. You still rely too much upon your mainstream news. Other sources must come forward to blow the whistle on those still working dark magic upon Earth.

As for your vee’s, all is your choice. Unfortunately, some make the wrong choice. We are mobilizing med beds for public use however at this time they are being used for those doing service in the deep underground bases.

We of the Light forces approach your planet ever more. Look up to see us in the skies at night. We are there. We are so close now. Your frequency brings us ever closer. It is the frequency of love for us and for all that journey upon earth now, that moves our ships to you. This is a journey of love and the wider your hearts open, the more you connect with us and with others upon the planet.

Be at peace, all is progressing well. Remember we love you all.



Channeled by Sharon Stewart