What is interesting to you at this moment – eating, sleeping, resting, jumping, dancing, interacting, creating? Follow your yellow brick road of interests, for that, is the only way you will discover your new skills.

Dear Ones,

Your new life will be different, but not wrong as you are perhaps beginning to believe. For before your recent hibernation, whether self-imposed or not, you had a regimen of activities that mostly felt right. Now that you are exiting your hibernation site, you are discovering new interests from food selections to interactions with others.

What was is no longer.

An equivalent in nature is the caterpillar exiting its cocoon to discover it is no longer a ground creature. 

Who you were is no more. And who you are becoming is still somewhat hazy. Your cocoon stage is starting to irritate a bit. Even though you feel you need to break out of that shell, you have no idea why you wish to, for seemingly not much has changed.

Perhaps you question our reference to a butterfly, for once the butterfly exits its cocoon, it is ready for its new life. Such is not necessarily true for you.

New you is indeed a multifaceted being with new skills and interests. Yet, your physical being is adjusting minute by minute to new thoughts and actions. In a sense, you are evolving from an embryo to adulthood within days or weeks. Even though you might look the same to friends and relatives, your interior is rapidly changing.

Your transition began as a few cells calling you forward to your new being. A new being that has little in common with your original cells. This concept is likely easily understood by those who initiated their transition decades ago but not necessarily so for those who began transitioning a few months ago. 

You are a new adult in a new world. 

It is time to move to your next phase of flying from your cocoon – or in more human terms, testing your new skills. But you can only achieve such if you follow your interests.

What is interesting to you at this moment – eating, sleeping, resting, jumping, dancing, interacting, creating? Follow your yellow brick road of interests, for that, is the only way you will discover your new skills.

The skills required by you in this lifetime have been practiced in bits and pieces throughout your earth lives. It is as if you have twitched your nose numerous lifetimes for unknown reasons only to discover, similar to the US television show Bewitched, you need that skill to evolve into dimension-hopping or whatever skill pieces are yours. Bits and pieces that are finally making sense even though such was not necessarily true when you first activated them in past lives. 

Your personal puzzle pieces fit together, just as is true for the Universal puzzle pieces we described on several occasions. Nothing you experienced before this life was an accident or wrong; it was merely a building block for this time.

It is time to negate any fears, anger, shame, guilt, or angst you created throughout your prior earth lives – for none were accidents or wrong.

Even so, in 3D, you felt a need to punish yourself lifetime after lifetime. Such can be demonstrated by the time and energy required of you in this lifetime to clear those pieces that held you in emotional or physical pain for eons. Your past life slate is clear, not only because this is a new world but also because you completed each action to prepare for this life.

Without each past action, thought, and interaction, you would not be fully prepared for now. Allow yourself to process that for a bit, and then allow yourself to follow your interests minute by minute.

Who are you becoming? Only you know. Whoever that is, it is completely correct for this time. You have worked diligently for eons to be ready to exit your 3D cocoon for this new you of the new earth.

Perhaps you harmed someone in a previous life, and doing so returned them to you in this lifetime. It is no accident that the two of you have found one another. For not only did you complete that interaction during your transition clearing phases, but they have also given you something you require now to complete your Universal puzzle piece.

There are no Universal accidents, merely learning experiences that build upon one another. It is similar to having difficulties learning to read in first grade only to receive a Ph.D. in English Literature as an adult. Those first reading difficulties pushed you to not only master reading but to enjoy doing so.

There are no accidents. You have never been bad or mean, no matter what images you discovered in past life regressions.

Those of you awakened or awakening are leveling the playing field from “you are bad and so am I” to “you are my loving sibling, as I am yours.” Anything you or anyone has done before or during this life is to perfect your puzzle piece – whether that be a 3D or beyond 3D piece. 

There is no longer good nor bad, merely different. If that difference has little to do with your current interests and energies, you will have little to do with them, for you are on a focused mission.

A mission that has little to do with good or bad – and everything to do with shifting the earth to love with your actions and reactions. So be it. Amen.

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Your Safe Space: means stepping back from any situation you know is not safe for you, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. It also means making the sacred commitment to not be abusive towards yourself through your negative self talk or poor choices.-AA Gabriel-

April 11, 2021, trinityesoterics.com


Creating a safe space is essential for your growth and evolution. If you do not have a space of safety created for yourself, any wounded aspects of self will continue to be triggered. You must create still waters so they can settle, and from there they will find the courage to come forward and finally have their needs acknowledged and met.

This means stepping back from any situation you know is not safe for you, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. It also means making the sacred commitment to not be abusive towards yourself through your negative self talk or poor choices.

It is time, Dear Ones. It is time, as your own loving parent and guide, to assume responsibility for creating the environment that will support you in becoming all you can be. This does not mean shunning others, but rather wisely withdrawing from situations that you know are not healthy or empowering, understanding that to do so supports the highest good of all because it is never loving to support another in showing up in a lesser version of themselves, either.

It means allowing your wisdom to take the lead because the foundational work you are doing now will set you up beautifully for the phase of your incarnation you have just entered.

It is time.

everything there on Earth will get easier as you let the big and beautiful events that are to come find their way to you

Big & Beautiful Events to Come on Planet Earth ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are establishing very strong bonds, very strong connections, with those of you who have taken an interest in us while in your waking state. But even those who are unaware of our existence while in their waking state do sometimes come and visit us in the astral plane. That means we are establishing connections with billions of humans at this time, most of which are unaware that the connection has been established and that there is a strong bond between us. They are unaware when they are awake and very aware when they are asleep at night.

What this means for humankind is that you are getting closer and closer every day to being ready for full and open extra-terrestrial contact. It does take the human mind time to catch up to what is going on energetically, and these individuals who do not know about their conversations with us in the astral plane are still carrying the positive effects of their conversations in their energy fields. And in the exact perfect timing, they will receive in their waking state what they have already received while in their sleep state.

These are complex times that you are living in there on planet Earth, and those of us who are helpers, who have agreed to be that for you, have to do everything that we can. Now, those of you who receive our transmissions and connect with us while you are in your waking state also connect with other beings and other collectives while you travel the astral plane, and some of you remember those interactions, but most of you don’t. Most of you are also waiting for that moment when what’s in your energy field seeps in to your waking consciousness.

These are also very exciting times there on planet Earth, as you have all of that to look forward to and so much more. There is so much more to uncover for humanity, and everything there on Earth will get easier as you let the big and beautiful events that are to come find their way to you. In the meantime, we know that you sometimes fail to find the purpose of being there, or you struggle to be in your joy with the monotony of day-to-day life there on planet Earth. Believe us when we say that with everything that is happening while human beings are asleep, you are in for some giant leaps forward there on planet Earth, and they are coming soon.

All you have to do is live your lives, and from time to time reflect upon them, and then when you drift off to sleep, put forth the intention that you remember what occurs as you leave your physical bodies behind and go off into other star systems and dimensions. The fun that you have and the stories that you will tell someday will absolutely blow your minds.

We are

You have reached the place where you know that YOU ALREADY ARE that which you were seeking.

APRIL 11, 2021

Dear readers, we along with many from the higher dimensions, are working to assist, remind, and help the people of earth understand that something profound is taking place that far exceeds appearances and the understanding of most.

Fear and separation will always be present in the third dimension regardless of how many “wars against” something take place because third dimensional energy consists of the belief in two powers which will always express as duality and separation. Remember, consciousness is the substance of form because consciousness is all that exists.

Personally and globally, mind automatically draws from consciousness to form the material. Mind is matter. Over time the masters have taught that the world is illusion but this has been not been correctly understood by most. The world is not illusion, it is a perfect spiritual expression of Source. It is the false hypnotized sense of the spiritual universe that constitutes the illusion.

You have outgrown third dimensional living. You would not be reading or even understanding these messages if you were still fully in third dimensional consciousness. This can make being around family, friends, employers, and so called experts who are fully enmeshed in third dimensional energy, difficult. There will be times when you must “play the game” but by silently holding the truth in every situation, you bring Light to it.

Over the course of many, many lifetimes, everyone has experienced fear, loss, torture, and occasionally happiness. You have experienced both poverty and wealth, disease and health, killed and been killed. You were both peacemaker and war monger. You were taught that you were better and more valuable than others and acted accordingly but then returned to experience lives in which you were considered to be and treated as worthless.

Religions have and continue to teach that everyone is born tainted with sin until “saved” through certain three dimensional actions, words, or ceremonies.

Many and varied experiences constitute everyone’s journey to realization. Even the smallest life experiences expand awareness and become one’s state of consciousness. Everyone is at their own unique place along the journey toward realization so the negative experiences that you may lovingly want to remove from another, may very well be the very experiences the person needs and chose pre-birth for spiritual growth.

This never means ignoring suffering while shouting “It’s just illusion.”. Rather it means that you do what you are intuitively guided to do, while keeping in mind that something more than what outer appearances would indicate is taking place. Always allow your intuition to guide you in these matters because for some, the experience of total failure may be an integral part of their soul plan. Always honor the free will of others even when you can easily see a better way.

You are prepared to move beyond old three dimensional ways of learning and no longer need experiences of pain and suffering in order to learn what you are ready to learn. However, old painful experiences of the past often form pockets of dense energy that are carried with you for long periods of time. You have paid your dues, learned, evolved, and are ready to move into spiritual empowerment if you choose, but for most it includes a period of releasing and clearing remaining pockets of old energy.

Spiritual empowerment brings a sense of freedom not experienced when living as a three dimensional human. It the ability to accept or reject without fear, news facts, societal beliefs of right and wrong, religious doctrine, etc. along with the hundreds of other concepts believed to be truth that have been imposed upon mankind. It is freedom from actions that arise solely from obligation, guilt, or because others consider it your “duty”.

Freedom is letting go of concepts that assign certain jobs, characteristics, and “duties” to one gender or the other. It is knowing that it is ok choose who to love or be with in partnership and to stop warring with people simply because their beliefs may be different. It is the freedom to choose your life, beliefs, and actions through the realization that you are not a powerless human who must please some old man in the sky.

Spiritual freedom is not license to do whatever one feels like doing at the expense of another but rather allows one to take empowered actions with love.

You have done the work and are prepared to fully embrace that there is only ONE and therefore because there is nothing else, you can only be of that ONE. No more dancing around truth, by continuing with classes, rituals, and ceremonies designed to get the attention of a God separate from you.

Most of you have done these things and they were an important and necessary facets of your journey. They helped you evolve to where you are now, but you no longer need the metaphysical tools. You have reached the place where you know that YOU ALREADY ARE that which you were seeking through them and until you can truly accept this, you remain in the energy of duality and separation.

There is much yet to come, dear ones. These are the times of tremendous change that you hoped, prayed, and longed for even though it may not seem that way or be what you were expecting. The increasing presence and integration of high resonating energy is affecting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of all–those who understand what is going on as well as those who do not.

People are experiencing aches and pains in the physical that often come and go. For many, deep and painful emotions are surfacing seemingly from nowhere. Mentally, the whole world is beginning to examine and evaluate personal and global belief systems that no longer seem to be working.

Because the increasing presence of high frequency energy on earth is exposing dense energies that have lain hidden and dormant through lifetimes, some of those living fully in three dimensional energy are acting out with violence and negative actions. This is because as long buried, denied, or held in check energies surface, those of that state of consciousness can easily align with them. They are not always aware of the impact of their actions because the denser energies feel new and valid to them.

Most people are unable to see their guides , higher dimensional beings, or deceased friends and relatives because the higher resonating energy of the higher dimensions is invisible to most physical eyes. Some have carried the ability to see higher dimensional energy with them into this lifetime but psychic does not always mean spiritual. Be alert to what you accept as truth just because someone who has psychic gifts says it. Always trust your intuition.

You begin to align with the higher dimensional energies as your personal energy becomes higher and lighter through spiritual growth. Meditation becomes a living moving way of life rather than a separate part of your day and you may find yourself increasingly seeking out quiet and solitude rather than the noisy activities you once enjoyed.

Allow the process to unfold without personal intervention in the belief that you must personally (ego) manage and control everything in order for it to be right according to some concept of spirituality. Everyone’s journey and experiences are different. Begin to truly accept that you are a Divine Being on earth to bring in and hold the Light of transformation for a world that is mostly unaware that it is in the process of shifting to a higher dimensional energy level.

Be patient and trust that all is proceeding according to plan in the knowledge that things simply cannot change in a minute. The reality of Divine perfection is and has always been fully present, but the collective majority must attain a certain level of awareness before it can be understood or experienced. For the most part collective consciousness is still asleep, but each day more awaken and begin to understand that something is taking place other than what the news is reporting.

Most news sources believe what they are reporting because it is what they have been told to report. Become intuitively selective as to what you accept into consciousness as truth. Your ability to do this is why you were one of those chosen to be on earth at this time. Not everyone who wanted to come was allowed to come. Your strength and spiritual gifts were considerations as to who would be on earth during these times.

Present times are not about a virus, politics, or obsolete rules and traditions. These things are simply facets of the process of a three dimensional planet shifting to a higher dimensional one through the collective spiritual evolution of mankind.

Do not attempt to keep what is old and finished personally or globally alive regardless of how pleasant it may of been. Letting go of those parts of your life that are finished need not mean “taking a stand” with regard to friends and family. Rather simply allow it to be the silent secret living of your highest sense of truth as you go about the day doing seemingly ordinary things.

No one needs to know what is going on within you, this is between you and your Higher Self. Those receptive may feel your energy and be drawn to you seeking what it is you know or have. Strangers may start asking questions or seeking guidance from you and this is when spiritual discernment becomes very important.

Always serve those (strangers or friends) who come to you for advice from a level of compassion and not sympathy. Sympathy ( “Poor you, I feel your pain.”) will cause you to align with the other person’s energy whereas in compassion you remain empowered in your own energy. Alignment with energy that is denser than yours will leave you feeling drained and confused. This is especially important for those who work in fields of guidance.

Know that rather than life becoming easier, life may become more difficult after making the choice to embrace and live truth. This is because in choosing to evolve, you give permission for the opening of the inner doors you ignorantly built for yourself over lifetimes. These doors have acted as blocks to spiritual awareness and must be removed. Opening them allows the release of everything behind them–all that is old, finished, and in need of clearing.

Ordinary life for an already awake and aware person may fall completely apart physically, emotionally and mentally and spiritually. Often they come to a point at which they simply want to go back to where they had no knowledge of truth and where life seemed much simpler and easier. However, once the door blocking some facet of awareness a person is now ready to understand is opened, it does not close.

Try to remember that if struggle and failure appear seemingly out of nowhere when you thought your spiritual journey was flowing along just fine, it actually represents a graduation, a shift away from, the clearing of false beliefs now manifesting outwardly that you would not otherwise be aware of.

A person can never return to their old state of consciousness because Divine Consciousness is the reality, all that exists, and thus any small crack through which it can express will remain. The shadow cannot remake itself in the presence of Light.

Spiritual evolution is the journey of fully opening every door and window, removing every barrier, and lifting every self protecting shield ever created to stop pain but which in reality served only to hide self from SELF.

Allow the reality of who and what you are to once again shine in ITs full glory and expression.

We are the Arcturian Group 4/11/21

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Your feelings are perfect indicators as to whether or not you are allowing or resisting the flow of Love through the universe and through yourself.

Messages from the AngelsMessages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Upon your earth there is an unprecedented flow of love creating movement and change. You have, collectively called for it. In the confinement of quarantine, you longed for freedom. In months of separation, you cried for connection. Watching the horrors of racism you prayed for unity. Going within and creating better futures in your inner world, your desires were prayers that called to the heavens for support!

Unlike any time ever before in human history, love is flowing to you, through you, and when permitted, from you! Love is flowing into a world that is ready to rebirth itself into a brighter, greater, grander, more glorious, kinder, unified, creative future! You are the ones creating this change by your willingness to dream it. You are the ones allowing for it by your willingness to tune yourself to the frequency of love. You start with love and kindness for yourselves, and then you spiral outward, expressing your love for the world according to the dictates of your own Divine inspiration.

As you move forward, it is good to understand that the greater the flow of Love, the greater the magnitude of your feelings – both positive and negative.

If you watch a physical river, there is little disturbance when a gentle flow reaches a boulder in its path. However, a rushing river suddenly creates massive gurgling, bubbling, frothing waves when its powerful current runs into a boulder. So too, in a greater flow of love you notice your own boulders of resistance ever so much more strongly!

Your feelings are perfect indicators as to whether or not you are allowing or resisting the flow of Love through the universe and through yourself.

When you allow love to flow to you and through you, you feel bliss. In resistance, you feel pain. Most of you feel varying degrees in between, with occasional peaks on both ends of the spectrum.

For example, when you are immersed in the present moment, genuinely enjoying and appreciating what is in front of you, and not thinking any thoughts that would block the rushing torrent of love, you can feel a bliss that was once accessible only to those who worked diligently on their spiritual practice and meditation for decades! Many of you will find yourself seeing energy, perceiving spirit more clearly, and being bombarded by inspired thoughts that guide you to your dreams. These are the moments, dear ones, when you have no resistance whatsoever to the flow of love. These are your moments of heaven on earth!

When you experience (as so many of you are!) what we call emotional eruptions 
or sudden outbursts of intense “negative” emotion, this is simply an indicator that you have run up against a pocket of your own resistance to the flow of love.

Perhaps you’re focusing on something that bothers you, rather than something that pleases you. Perhaps you’re trying to push yourself to feel a certain way or do something that someone else says you should… but you don’t feel this way. Perhaps you need rest, food, or recreation but you’ve been ignoring your own needs. Perhaps you’re judging yourself or another or trying to impose your will on another. In any of those cases, you’re resisting the natural flow towards greater love and joy. These behaviors and thought patterns are taught, conditioned, humanly accepted, and understandable, but the bottom line is that resisting love’s flow doesn’t make you happy.

In fact, resistance to love’s flow is at the root of all human pain and suffering.

Sometimes you can begin to shift out of this resistance easily. You can take a breath and imagine you’re breathing in light, love, and goodness. You can breathe out and imagine sending love out into the world. Sometimes it is truly that simple to return to the flow of love. In this very natural rhythm of breathing, of giving and receiving, you can easily return to its flow.

If you hold your breath, however, you start to feel a craving for air. Your body tightens. The circulation of nutrients, waste removal, and nerve signals is diminished. Likewise, if you refused to exhale you would want to burst.

Similarly, if you don’t shift your focus to take in a vibration of love offered to you in each moment, you crave love in ever-increasing measure. If you don’t flow love outward in some form on a regular basis, you will feel like you want to burst.

We’re not saying you have to like everything. We’re not saying you have to receive human love from everything or everyone, or even flow love outwards to everything and everyone at all times. This would be an ideal state, and while it is a lofty goal, we’re simply reminding you that you can re-enter the flow of love, much more easily, no matter what is going on around you.

Find an easy way to take in love, even if you simply focus on a single pleasing thought. Find an easy way to flow love outward if only by praying for, or appreciating anything or anyone in your life, especially yourself.

The object of your attention matters far less than finding the feeling and flow of love. This is an extremely different paradigm from the one most of you learned, and a critical understanding to help you navigate 5D reality with joy.

We’ll say it again:

The object of your attention matters far less than finding the feeling and flow of love.

Your objects of attention simply help you tune your energy. You can focus with internal or external attention on anything that pleases you and begin to experience the flow once again.

You can allow love to flow to you, by taking in the beauty of a single wildflower, a single beautiful thought, a wonderful song, a joyful video, a delicious meal, a kind thought – anything that plugs you into feeling love and enjoying the moment. Breath that in.

You can flow love outward by appreciating a beautiful color, sharing a kindness with someone, praying for anything or anyone, simply sitting and imagining light filling you and emanating from you in silent presence. You can do good deeds, think kind thoughts, and allow yourself to be a beacon. You can flow love first and foremost by being kind to yourself. Breathe out.

Opening to a small flow leads to a larger flow if you are willing to continue in this fashion, reaching for a focus that feels more like love. As you continue to open and release areas of resistance to love, simply by shifting your focus, you will soon tune to a more blissful feeling space.

We know there are times, especially during periods of “emotional eruption” when you feel it is nearly impossible to re-enter the flow of love by finding a single pleasing thought! When someone triggers your pain; when life seems unfair; when you have focused too long on something upsetting – in these cases, it can feel as if you are possessed by the very thing you do not want to see! These intensely unpleasant emotions arise from feeling disconnected from the flow of love.

In these cases, you have become temporary, obsessively entangled with your focus on a negative object of attention, and have therefore removed your focus from the multitude of things, people, situations, and inner conditions that would assist you in finding the feeling and flow of love.

It is oh-so-human to blame the triggers of your eruptions! 
If only he/she/it would be different you’d feel better! That may be very true, but in assigning blame, rather than re-entering the flow of love, you render yourself entirely, spiritually powerless. It doesn’t matter if what upsets you is a person, a situation, a republican, democrat, a vaccine, an unvaccinated person, one masked or unmasked, a rotten piece of fruit or a rotten behavior, a traffic jam, a horribly abusive people, or any one of millions of displeasing conditions.

We speak plainly here because we want to help you reclaim your power to feel joy. We want you to know your power to focus on a kinder feeling thought and thus to disentangle yourself from vibrations that do not please you. We want to support you in your soul’s bliss, your unfolding desires, and in living, breathing, and contributing to the flow of love!

In this flow of Love you are aligned with nothing less than the Creator of worlds! You become the change for the world. You become powerful creators. You become effective communicators. You become part of the solutions instead of vibrationally reinforcing the problems.

We know this isn’t always easy. There is plenty going on in the world to upset you right now, and many practiced negative emotions that are quite socially (but no SOUL-cially) acceptable.

Many of you have been asking us in your heart – What do I do when I experience an emotional eruption and I can’t find a better feeling thought? What do I do when I feel stuck in negativity? What do I do when my ex/mother/father/brother/sister/boss/child is being so terrible I can’t focus on any of the good people in my life? What do I do when I worry night and day about the country/the economy/my health/death, etc.? What do I do when I get stuck on a focus that feels terrible?

In these cases, dear ones, you can gently begin to release your resistance to love’s flow by first, being kind to yourself. Make the choice to accept yourself where you are and love yourself through it. There’s no need to berate yourself. There’s no need to criticize yourself because you’re a spiritual person who “should” know better. There’s no need to beat yourself up because you can’t find a single positive thought in the moment. You could only calm a screaming or crying child with distraction or, that failing, by soothing them until the emotion dissipates. When in an eruptive emotional state, you must grant yourself this same accepting, allowing, kindness.

Practically speaking, love yourself enough to allow the unpleasant feelings to flow through you in the healthiest and most responsible way that you can, and they will dissipate. Say to yourself, “Well I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m jealous. That’s where I’m at, and that’s OK for now.” Then vent in private – in a journal, to God, or your angels. Wrap a cozy blanket around yourself, and cry the tears, without judgment. Immerse yourself in your jealousy and journal it until you wear it out and realize you don’t want to feel powerless. Breathe deeply. Allow the unhappy energy to move and simply observe it flowing as if you are watching debris that was deeply lodged within you float up and out.

There will often be nuggets of loving gold once the intensity of the “negative” emotion dissipates. Under your sadness, comes a desire for comfort and kindness. Under your anger comes a desire for more balance or to move away from non-resonant conditions or beliefs. Underneath your jealousy is a desire to embrace your power to create.

As soon as you are able, gently steer your mind towards better feeling thoughts. Gently release your resistance to love. “I’m proud of myself. I allowed myself to feel and it didn’t kill me. That was brilliant to just feel and observe, rather than re-act in a hurtful way! I love myself no matter what. I accept myself no matter what. Strong feelings won’t kill me. Better out than in. I love myself. I have compassion for myself. I feel better now. I am going to create more comfort, to move closer towards what resonates and away from what doesn’t. I’m going to learn to create. I’m no longer resisting love…” Hug yourself. Get yourself a glass of water and imagine filling it with love. Drink it.Then, open to love’s flow. Imagine opening your heart like a flower to the sun. Breathe slowly and deeply and with each in-breath imagine that flow of love pouring into you and through you. If you continue in this fashion, you may fall asleep. You may still have resistance and want to retreat back into upset. You may want to distract. Do your best to sit, breathe, open, breathe, and receive. You want to feel better. You want to be happy. You want to feel loved.There are no “wrong” feelings dear friends. Your feelings simply indicate whether or not you are allowing or resisting love. They tell you what vibration you are currently tuned into, so you can choose whether or not that is the magnet with which you want to attract or allow your future.

There is no judgment from the heavens in this conversation. Resisting love does not diminish who you are in any way. It simply diminishes your experience of who you truly are.

In this very intense and beautiful flow of love, be kind and gentle with yourselves. Embrace yourselves where you are. Don’t push yourselves to do or feel what you do not. Don’t run from your feelings. When you can, gently shift to better feeling thoughts. When you are in the midst of emotional eruptions just observe the “debris” flowing through you in a kind and healthy way, until the “love” inevitably follows.

You are birthing yourselves anew. Your earth is birthing herself anew. Love is being birthed in a massive rushing flow right now. Enjoy the process. You are freeing yourselves from eons worth of conditioned resistance to love. You are freeing yourselves to see, be, experience, and express the love that you are made of.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Maybe time to change your diet?try raw and vegan.

Maybe time to change your diet? did you ever try raw vegan? it keeps your energy high at all times.It keeps your PH alcaline (under 7 ) and therefore your body has a super strong immune system at all times.

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changes will come so quickly you will hardly have time to take it all in

9th April 2021. Mike Quinsey.

More than once recently the Light has been in a position to take control over the dark Ones, only to be confronted with threats of carrying out atrocities on such a scale that thousands of lives could have been lost. But in conceding to them it has not stopped the plan that is still taking shape to weaken their power base. Furthermore the arrests of Illuminati members continues at a fast pace, and there will be no let up until their web of negativity is destroyed to allow peace to descend upon Earth. The Covid19 lockdown has created an opportunity for the Forces of Light to speed up actions being taken with record results in apprehending Illuminati members. Be assured that the Light continues to be the dominant force and is winning the battle for the freedom of the people of Earth.

Dear Ones, you are on the road to success as the plans of the dark Ones to achieve their objective have failed. In consequence the trillions of dollars spent on making a virus to spread their evil intent to kill millions of people has failed. It is why the virus does not have the potency intended or the ultimate aim for total control of the world’s population. There is of course a cost to be paid but it is miniscule compared to what it might have been. Your experiences have made you strong and many are ready to take their place in the higher vibrations. It gives them the experience needed to help other souls on their journey, so that those who feel ready to advance to the higher dimensions are given every opportunity to do so. However, no one is left behind without help and those who are still awakening to the truth are being led to give them the experience they need to rise up.

All souls on Earth at this time have been selected for the benefits that the experience will give them. It will speed up their evolution and avoid the necessity for many more lives on Earth. We know how tough it is to experience the negativity that comes with duality, but it is a quick way to face the challenges that will propel you forward. It is an opportunity too good to miss and we will do our best to help you successfully get through it. Few souls realise how much outside help is given to you on Earth, meaning that you are given as much help that you need to ascend.  Those who cannot make it this time around will get another chance with the greater possibility that they will make it with our help. After all, providing you learn from your experiences there is absolutely no reason why you should not be successful.

You have successfully come through the last Solar Cycle which is why this period is one of opportunity to carry on going forwards. It is also why it has attracted so much attention as it is such a special occasion resulting in Ascension on a mass level. Clearly not every soul is ready for it and the experience at this time is bound to help you expand your level of consciousness. It is the key to your continued evolution and the opportunity to become a Galactic Being. It is your destiny and something to greatly look forward to that will leave the negative energies behind never again to interfere with your evolution such as they have done previously.

Please remember to focus upon all that is positive, so as to avoid giving power to the dark Ones by becoming involved with negative energies that they thrive upon. Can you not see that all of their actions are calculated to cause negativity that feeds their needs, so keep calm in all circumstances and do not be drawn into arguments or disputes that might cause you to lose control of your feelings.  We know it is hard if you have been used to letting lose when goaded or pressurised by being taunted and abused. You can do it and it may take practise so do not give up if at first you do not succeed..

The dark Ones gambled on Covid19 as a last major attempt to control the world population, but have failed due to Man’s progress by becoming more of Light Beings. It enabled and allowed the Higher Forces to intervene on your behalf thus reducing its effects that were intended to wipe out millions of you. They will never get another opportunity of that magnitude, and now face a humiliating defeat. The net is drawing closer to their minions who have no way of escaping justice for their crimes against Humanity. Be assured that their dreams of world control lie in tatters and there is no chance whatsoever of them being able to avoid justice. 

Many souls still have one foot in the past and we say the sooner you forget it the quicker the New Age will come about. All of the good things you have been promised are on the horizon and you have much to look forward to that will greatly lift your quality of life. At such times many highly evolved souls enter your world with the task of raising your quality of life to levels that you have yet to experience. The drudgery and demands upon you in the lower vibrations are slowly being changed so that you are prepared for greater things that will give you enormous satisfaction and joy. Realise that the Light always wins in the end and all souls are all the greater for it. It is a way of preparing you for your future by raising your vibrations. It cannot be fairer as only those who have “qualified” can lift up through their success in achieving a higher level.

After a period of apparent stagnation you will find that matters will advance very quickly and many that have been held back will be released. You have much lost time to make up and changes will come so quickly you will hardly have time to take it all in. Life will change in such a way that a whole new vista will open up before you, enabling you to expand your consciousness so that you are literally a new person. You have been but a mere shadow of your true self that took on the challenge to experience the lower vibrations, yet so many have come through that can leave the old ways behind forever. We say well done and you deserve every reward that comes your way. 

The most exciting times are coming when you shall meet souls from your background who have known you for eons of time and celebrations will be in order. Old friendships will be renewed and your Galactic family will be present. It is all coming so forget the unpleasant times and difficulties of the past and leave them there. Start thinking of how it will be in the future and it should bring you much joy and happiness. Keep your spirits high and leave those who dwell in darkness to a life of their own making.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey.



You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Angels-on-the-Spot

April 8, 2021, trinityesoterics.com


Many of you think you must spend hours in contemplation, prayer, or meditation in order to connect with us, so you put it off until you have more time. Dear Ones, nothing could be further from the truth!

You don’t need a lot of time to connect. Any amount of time you are willing to align with us is adequate. We will gladly work with any window of opportunity you provide, no matter how small it is. In fact, we are very adept at making the most of such opportune moments.

Please don’t deny yourself the love and support that is always available to you because of a misconception about time. Incorporate us into your day, whenever it works for you, and we will joyfully meet you there.

Lord Melchizedek: Abundance in Its True Form

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am Lord Melchizedek greetings and welcome to all beings, I extend my light, truth, and my love, I am Lord Melchizedek. I am a collective energy and yet you may see me as a single source, a source of light that oversees the Universal Level and brings forth wisdom, love, knowledge, and the divine plan from the Creator. It is an honor to be in your presence today and I wish to speak of abundance, abundance in its true form.

What Is Abundance?

You may be able to clarify what abundance is within your reality as different products or objects, experiences, or situations that you might have or wish to have. These are known as creations, abundance can be known as creations, the creations that you recognize in your reality.

Abundance is the product of creations, the manifestation of your creations. Now abundance is so much more than this because if it is creations, it also is energy, thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and beliefs. In truth abundance is who you are, everything that you create, and everything that draws certain scenarios and outcomes into your reality. You are the energy of abundance, you are the essence of abundance, the form, and the experience of abundance. You are the one who creates abundance in your reality through your body, being, energy body, soul, thoughts, emotions, and your intentions.

Therefore, you are abundance.

As we again ask what abundance is, we recognize that abundance is a frequency and energy, a sensation, a flash of light or a sound, anything that is the Creator because the energy of abundance flows from the Creator. You are the Creator; you hold within your being and express the vibrations of the Creator, and your body like a machine creates.

You receive and embody the energy of abundance and your body like a well-oiled machine creates this abundance. You can recognize abundance in all areas of your reality maybe spring flowers blossoming, or maybe leaves growing upon the trees, ore children laughing as they pass you by. Abundance in those forms may seem impersonal because it may seem as if it does not belong to you and that it belongs to others, it belongs to the flowers, the trees, the children. However, you created that abundance, you created that you were present to experience the abundance, therefore you are in co-creation of the abundance and yes, you can claim that as abundance in your reality.

How Does Abundance Make You Feel?

If you imagine yourself experiencing the flow of abundance through your being, allowing it to manifest within your reality. What would you feel? Would you feel complete, would you feel full, would you feel delighted, overjoyed, excited? You may say that these feelings are only because you are experiencing abundance, however, these feelings are the abundance itself. If you manifest money for yourself and this money allows you to do whatever you need to do in your reality, you have beautiful, delightful feelings within you.

Is the money the abundance or are those feelings within your being the abundant energy?

It is an interesting question. We could say that both are abundance, the money is the abundant energy in form and the feelings, the delight, the joy, are the abundant energy flowing through your being, expressed through your body and your being. However, you can create the money, the abundance and maybe not have those abundant feelings within your being as maybe the money does not fulfil you. You can create those feelings within your being without the money. Therefore, we can recognize that the true abundance are the feelings within your being and yes, it can manifest into forms that fill you with delight. You can create abundance within your being, the feelings, sensation, and experience of abundance without the outer objects, experiences, situations.

What Is The True Form Of Abundance?

If these emotions, energies, experience within your being are recognized as abundance of which you are the creation or creator of these abundant feelings. This signifies you are the energy of abundance. Every cell, thought, energy body of your being is the energy of abundance.

This means you can access the energy of abundance whenever you want. You can access it always if you wish and it also means your inner experience is so important, more so than your outer experience, your experience within you will impact your outer experience.

It is so important to cultivate those inner vibrations, intentions, feelings, and thoughts, to create abundance, aligning with the abundant nature of your being. It is as if you have so many different coats to where, you could wear the coat of love or the coat of abundance, the coat of peace and it is all your choosing. You can wear them all at once if you create within you peace, love, abundance then it will automatically manifests into your reality.

If You Are Creating Within You A World Of Abundance What Does This Look Like?

An inner world of abundance could be described as self-love, loving thoughts, forgiveness, truth, honesty, peace, harmony with oneself and supporting yourself.

A inner world of abundance could be nourishing yourself, energetically and physically with nourishing food, nourishing exercise, nourishing thoughts and nourishing feelings. It is all about creating your inner world as a place of abundance and the greatest energy you can give yourself is forgiveness.

As you dissolve disagreement within your being, dissolving blame, dissolving any form of harm thus you begin to align with your true nature, the vibration of the Creator that you are. Your inner world becomes harmonious, it becomes abundant, and you feel within every aspect of your being that you are abundant. You are the energy of abundance. Thus, you recognize that you are whole, that you are complete, you are fulfilled, that you are aligned and connected with the Creator. You are the Creator.

Within your being there is no need to want for anything. When you meditate and focus your energy within you, do you lack things? Do you feel that you need things? If this is the case then call upon healing, you may call upon me, Lord Melchizedek and my Universal Medical Healing Team or the Universal Healing Team.

Ask us to fulfill you so that lack and hurt dissolve so that you experience a vibration where your inner world becomes so abundant, loving, and peaceful that you enjoy being in meditation. You enjoy gazing at yourself in the mirror, you enjoy who you are when you are with other people, you enjoy who you are when you are alone. Thus, you become an overflowing fountain of abundance, a fountain that gives abundant energy and the Creator’s love and peace and harmony to all beings and everything.

This is abundance in its true form, it is eternal forever and continuous. This is what I, Lord Melchizedek, wish to share with you because it is so important now and will create such healing across the entire world and within your being. The more you can be in a space of peace, abundance, and love within your being the easier your reality will be, the more you will be able to create what you want.

Take time to contemplate the true form of abundance, you may explore deeper. When you connect with the energy of the abundance of the Creator know it is your true form, you are an expression of abundant energy and you can create whatever you wish.

Your inner world requires to be abundant and nourished before you recognize it in your outer world.

I thank you,

I am Lord Melchizedek

Congratulations are in order, and we are here to hand them out to each and every one of you.

Your Spiritual Gifts, Abilities & Mastery Are Coming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are always tempted to overstep, to offer too much assistance to humanity, even though we know that it serves you very well to face your challenges head on and to access everything that you need from within. We know that this journey you are on is often seeming as though it is much too long and with far too many twists and turns, and we have so much compassion for you when we see you struggling there on Earth. But what we have also noticed recently is how much strength you have been drawing from your previous lifetimes and the integration work that you are doing is absolutely stunning to behold.

You see, every time you access a past life memory, or you process some past life trauma, you are aware of another aspect you, and that aspect of you has something very positive to add. Now, what we have been seeing recently there on Earth are the myriad ways that you have been able to access more of who you have been in those lifetimes when you were able to take your consciousness quite far in the third dimension.

Everyone there on Earth, even those who have yet to awaken, have had past lives where they have mastered their thoughts, their emotions, or the energies of your world. You have all been masters, and now is the perfect time to be accessing those lifetimes, those gifts and abilities that you have already attained in those previous versions of yourselves. Now, some of you are thinking that those lifetimes are really simultaneous ones, and they do not actually exist in ‘the past,’ and you would be correct. That is how you can access these other versions of you existing somewhere else in space/time.

And by the way, you are helping them as well by what you are living and what you are becoming there in your physical bodies in this lifetime. Do not underestimate yourselves or the work you have done. It is significant, and you are helping all of humanity and these past life versions of yourselves by facing your challenges, by going within, by processing what you need to process. This is a long and arduous journey because you have so many pieces of yourselves to pick and bring into the whole of who you are. And that is precisely what we see you doing, and that is why we are so excited about what you are accessing.

You are accessing mastery, spiritual gifts and abilities that seem like they are far out of reach from where you stand right now at this point in your spiritual evolution in this lifetime, but in fact they are well within your reach. And we see you all accessing them every single day, and we know that you are going to be able to create the great changes you want to see in your world and in your personal lives. We know it because we can see those timelines in front of you, and from where you are right now, you are already well on your way.

These are exciting times for those of you who are awake and have been doing the work on yourselves that you absolutely set out to do in this lifetime. Congratulations are in order, and we are here to hand them out to each and every one of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The needle eye you go through of lies, injustices and untruths that you also want to implement in humanity. You see it, you are awake and you know what truths must come to light before we can bring about change.-Ashtar-

by Beatrice Madsen


Honored light workers, light warriors, truth seekers, healers of Mother Earth and more. It can now be so frustrating for you, not to mention anything else.

The needle eye you go through of lies, injustices and untruths that you also want to implement in humanity. You see it, you are awake and you know what truths must come to light before we can bring about change.

So frustrating, dear ones. A symbolic image we can send you is as if you were teenage parents of children who choose drugs and you can just watch, and try to awaken and give them rehabilitation, but your teenagers choose again and again to take the drugs that do not show the truth as it is but rock their minds in illusory veils, where they think they feel good even though they do not really do it at all.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that it will take time. The veils must be pulled away step by step and, since the dark forces know that this is their only chance to maintain control over you, it is just before the veils are pulled away. It is impossible for them to have control over you. You are already too high-vibrating and see through, feel when there is false information and you are terribly dangerous .. Many are now expected on this page who [will] go over because the refraction becomes too great and too powerful for their soul to handle.

It may feel like a small consolation, but you will receive confirmation from them in various ways from this side that they now understand that you were right. They will see life on earth with a completely different perspective from this side. When they were incarnated on the ground, they were so identified with matter that it became impossible to see reality in any other way than what was offered in false arias.

The drama is right now both terrible and fantastic to watch and as above so also below. Now that your DNA strands have opened up to your true self and the crystalline forms have been activated, it can be even more strenuous and tiring for you to see the inertia and fatigue that those still lingering in the third dimension are rubbed in. We also see that you feel more alone than ever, and that you are seen as fools and [charlatans?] does not make it easier.

Your work is so magnificent and difficult to extinguish [and] we ask you from here to see your beauty and sacred pursuit. We humbly bow to your work effort and know that we actually cooperate. At night we take care of you and at certain particularly difficult times you may lie in our healing chambers for the restoration of energy and potent light.

If you feel tired and worn out, ask our ships to receive you before you go to sleep so that you can even, with a conscious will, let us receive your spiritual body.

We bless your steps and look forward to hearing from you again soon,

Ashtar with entourage.

Acceptance-AA Gabriel-

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Acceptance

Dear Ones, acceptance doesn’t mean you are committing to stay in energies that are not your preference. Quite the opposite!

Acceptance means you are choosing to not use your energy to continue to engage with the unwanted through resistance. Acceptance is being willing to keep moving with the flow, embodying your faith and trust, secure in the knowledge it is all serving you in one way or another.


There are the digital soldiers,there are those that are seen doing their best for the highest good of all humanity in mind,there are soldiers rescuing children in underground bases and there are those that are working in the silence.Now the first and second ones are seen and appreciated for what they do.I send my love to all and specifically to the soldiers in DUMBS and the ones that work silently,the ones that nobody knows,the ones that meditate and pray knowing fully their power as Source Energy Beings and doing the work in their ‘caves’.I specifically send my Love to you.And as you know you are never alone even if you are a loner.And yes there are all the Light beings assisting in the invisible that we indeed feel more and more,as you already know.You are doing extremely well,you are a champion,you are the best of the best,you are a multidimensional hooligan and this DJ Set is dedicated to you.Soon enough we will gather,soon enough we will get to know each other,soon enough we will celebrate.We Got This.We are Legion!Be empowered.I Love You.


Treat yourself like a tree-Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young-

April 6, 2021, trinityesoterics.com


If things become a little overwhelming, we have some very simple advice for you. Treat yourself like a tree.

Imagine your roots going into the earth below you. Face the sun and absorb the loving sustenance it provides. Hydrate yourself, not just a bit, but to the level you know is for your optimal wellness. Allow the wind to move over you, to caress and cleanse you. You might even want to hug yourself!

These basics will adjust your energy beautifully and provide you everything you need to ground into your Now moment with your ancient wisdom and self care, while embodying the energy of receiving and becoming one with the whole through your beingness. When you don’t know what to do, treat yourself like a tree.