Entertainment with a purpose.

Music at our record label is attuned on 432HZ the natural frequency and 528 HZ the cells regenerating frequency.When you attend one of our events while remaining clean in your body(drink fruit juice or water,no alcohol) you have the extra benefit of getting healthier from the vibration of the music.Your health matters to us through our passion.
Come dance with us and feel the difference in your energy levels
Saturday 17th October at Golden Temple,Amsterdam celebrating 8 years of our music label:Hontas Records.
To warm up properly we will start at 8am sharp with a mini dancing workshop combining Mayan Knowledge and Inter Galactic Centering by Holistic Dj and 22 Angels Channeler Nikos Akrivos aka Punk Buddha Clown.
More music provided  with the loving support of
Dj Niko Charidis.
The Party
 Compilation out on itunes and all other digital stores.

The Art of Ascension.


Hello everybody!!!
Yupiiii YES!1/3 of Humanity is now officially awake!
Here are 6 things i invite you to practice daily in order to evolve smoothly and make your ascension super fun.
1.Go to bed early the latest at 22h.
2.When you wake up:be grateful,center and ground yourself with your choice of meditation(Yoga,Reiki,Chi Gong,Dance etc)
3.Raise your vibration actively by turning 33 clockwise rounds as shown in my youtube video i share below.Best results if you do this 3 times a day.If you feel dizzy start with 11 then progressively go to 22 then 33.
4.Fast for 1 day/week by drinking only distilled water.You can find this in organic fresh juice or your urine.
In other words if you don’t have a juicer,our body produces already all we need to detoxify.Your urine is your blood purified.
Progressively try fasting for 3 days,7 days,21 day and 40 days.
Enjoy the process.Enjoy you.Your will against your ego.
5.Practice unconditional love with all and everything around you.
6.Supper the latest at 19h00.
It is always better to eat raw vegan food than cooked food.
Feel More Than Fine
Nikos Akrivos
Holistic Musician & Personal Trainer

A Holistic Personal Trainer in Your House.

You tried everything.

Wether it is  a dependency on something,loosing weight, feeling good with yourself or manifesting your dream,somehow you come back to where you started again and can’t  figure how to really get there practically.

You need a holistic personal trainer that will spend time with you, open your fridge, throw away what you don’t need,replace it with  what you need and share with you practical things to know adapted specifically to you.

Release the champion in you with a 1:1 Holistic Life Coaching Formula of your choice with Nikos.

Feel More Than Fine  Week (7 days)

Feel More Than Fine Intense Weekend(2 days)

Email :

info@feelmorethanfine.eu with your choice and available dates.




Nikos Akrivos lives a happy nomad life.He is a certificated personal trainer, Reiki Usui master,energetic therapist and musician  with extensive experience in providing treatment as well as personal training utilising various holistic practice techniques and sound.Founder of Feel More Than Fine and Hontas Records.




Dancing Mayan Workshop with Dj Nikos at Healing Ibiza,Atzaro.

Dj Nikos or Nikos Akrivos  is a Channel of 22 Angels and with his Dancing Mayan Workhop he shares  how  To Center ,Ground and Protect our Auric Field using  Ancien Mayan Knowledge and Pleiadian Wisdom alterning with active mediation,concert in silence  and dancing session using music attuned on the natural frequency of 432 Hz and Miracle Frequency of 528 Hz.

Enjoy few moments of the end of his workshop at Healing Ibiza Atzaro , May 10th 2015.



Self Healing/Centering/Grounding

Daily Practise  to SELF Center & Ground & Clean The Aura.

It is the first thing i do as soon as i wake up from bed.

Place your hands in meditation position,say Thank you to Your Self ,Your Angels/Higher Self/God,Goddess for Being Here and Now.

Visualize energy coming from the center of The Earth into your heart.Take your time and feel little by little YOUR connection with Mother Earth.Take Your Shoes off for a better connection.

When you feel you are present with this energy,focus your attention to the energy coming from our Sun to the Crown of your head and then to you Heart.Take your time.

When you are ready place your hands in various places as shown in these pictures.Visualize energy going from your heart to each position you place your hands.Take your time from 1-3′ for each position.

Visualize energy going from the center of each one of your cells around each one of your cells all over your body.

See you body being covered with White Blue Golden Light.

Bring back your hands in meditation position and BE THANKFUL.



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Release The Champion In You.


Author:Nikos Akrivos,

Holistic Life Coach & Musician

Crowdfunding East Community Amsterdam -Support & Get Rewarded

A lovely team of 20  people are coming together to  be trained for Social Entrepreneurship with the immediate task as practise to support  local social initiatives in Amsterdam .

To make all this possible, they have launched a Crowdfunding Campaign for which they need to  collect €20.000 before the 13th of April.

Support their campaign and  get  rewarded for your donation. with Festival tickets, A weekend in Amsterdam,A  Belly Dance Workshop, Dinners, and so on!

The rewards for the donations are presented here.

Contact in English:Samantha.vandenbos@gmail.com




Release the Champion in You